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good afternoon everyone this is amy of AJC magic TV i know it’s just a surprise type of thing I know at 3 p.m. usually Kenzie days goes line so look for spots I know she’s trying to do a premiere here that’ll be coming on I’ll use another device to watch it so I do welcome anyone in I’m just gonna be chatting about this any talk about myself to introduce myself I’m not always a a trivia type of channel I really like Disney and we’ll be talking about a lot of different things about myself so I do welcome anyone welcome to the stream say hello my name is amy of AJC magic TV i’m from western Pennsylvania Pennsylvania does have a lot of different people who follow YouTube hello just another dinner so there’s a lot of people that are on the Philadelphia side which is the eastern side and there’s the Pittsburgh who Lake your east side which is the western side of Pennsylvania and you have your State College middle of the road Somerset and everything hello penguin master thank you for joining welcome to the stream I was just going to talk about myself talk about why I like Disney and and just some various things I don’t want to be just known as a trivia channel I mean I know that’s just one aspect of myself and I know everybody says do what you like to do that is one aspect I do love trivia I love history so a lot of my stuff it scared I know that trivia helps different people I do thank everyone for joining I hope that you guys would hit the thumbs up button that would be much appreciated and I know it’s surprised scream thank you yeah this is from the opening of galaxies edge I actually was there for I got this during the annual past preview but then I was there for the opening weekend too to be there for I arrived on opening day so I wasn’t there with the masses I went later on in the day and did my olgas canteen and the rest of the park was pretty crowded I did a couple of my bus passes that day and then went on to the Magic Kingdom to meet up with a lot of different youtubers that’s where I met Myers and the mouse our Disney Adventures that they’re family bells southern Jill and Cesar and their family Donna and Nara tones were there so there was a whole lot of different people that evening hello candy mom 15 thank you for joining I was just going to be talking about myself why like Disney which parks I really enjoy and just kind of I’m doing a little bit of just chatting you can also chime in okay you know if you’ve been to Disney what did you like about what parks do you like what attractions like and everything I know penguin Esther we were on a trip when they were younger and probably one of the funniest things that had happened on that trip was we went on Dumbo and I had my backpack with me and when we start to go up in the air and take off I don’t know how it happened but my backpack actually fell out of the Dumbo Wow I’ll have that watched on this replay they’re just another dessert my job lost power so I was sent home oh sorry to hear that there now unfortunately for me I’m not a central part of my company and so I’m at home myself but at least some people do still get the work and whether they’re at home or if they do at the pincher and I hope they’re careful and everything like that so yeah the animal kingdom is your favorite candy mom it’s very hard for me to distinguish which ones are my favorite I will say that I always visit Magic Kingdom hello monarch moments thank you for

joining I do appreciate it I work for the hospital billing oh okay then that makes sense there oh that’s not good if you’re if you’re a hospital area lost power unless it’s been unless it’s just that area and they keep other parts were up and running somehow or you’re in another building because I know my aunt work for one of the big medical systems here in Pittsburgh and they worked in another built building for the building so they were actually not a since they have a own okay yeah they own several hospitals here in Pittsburgh so they were in a centralized building also so they but when she first started out she actually was in one of the hospitals because at that time they were independent and then they joined on with the big the one of the big medical systems in our area Magic Kingdom is my favorite but Animal Kingdom is definitely second that’s high yeah yeah for me I really magic England’s probably it’s hard to say unfortunately for me Animal Kingdom does not get the attention that I probably should put into it now when it first opened I was always going there and I know people always said oh it’s a half-day park well of course they only had the hours so four or five or six o’clock at the latest depending on what time of the year you visited and probably by if it was open till 6 o’clock by the time by the time 6 4 o’clock came the park was pretty much empty in a sense and you could walk on a lot of the different attractions that they had at that time whenever at first opened I know expedition ever us in Asia wasn’t there yet but they had the Lion King show there was of course it was called countdown to extinction which is now dinosaur they had of course it’s tough to be a bug the camp Minnie Mickey where you can meet the characters the Safari and that’s usually where everybody went at rope drop was the Safari not bad at candy moon 15 just getting a little work done how are you you can skip Epcot hey for me Epcot is probably my third one well cuz my first one is Magic Kingdom no matter if I only had one day I would probably go to the Magic Kingdom I know like if I stay especially if I was off property and say therefore something else hello it’s Traci Glen Kenzie days just a thank you for stopping by I know I’m Kenzie goes on at 3 p.m hopefully everything goes out and I know she was trying to get a premiere up which I will watch and put it on on my other device here and I know that was for big projects so I will definitely run that while she has it on and hit the like button for her and now I definitely will be watching the replay to pay attention to would ever deaf I only she is joking to start it in a minute Amy okay but yeah if I only had one day and I was in Orlando or whatever I would probably pick the Magic Kingdom I know it’s the hardest if you’re off property and out the drive you know you at the park at the TTC and take them on a row or the ferryboats but I that’s usually the park that’s easy I wear I would like to go of course that has all the different memories that a lot of the rides and everything like that I know if if you only had one day or two days and you had a car you would it would probably be easier to pull in the parking lot of Epcot or Animal Kingdom or Hollywood studios since you don’t have to actually transfer onto another mode of transportation to get there but my number four would be Animal Kingdom about like I said unfortunately it

doesn’t get the attention as I do my last two trips I did go to the Animal Kingdom for like a half a day just because I booked it totally last minute in a sense and really couldn’t find too many fast passes forward I did get one for the Animation Studios and Expedition Everest so I wanted to go over and check out the rafiki’s Planet and check out that animation area just to see how you draw and we did Shere Khan and so and then I could do Expedition Everest then I kind of walked around through Pandora and everything like that but that’s the only thing you for if I that was the whole disappointing thing with they I was was supposed to be leaving Thursday to do the Star Wars race this coming weekends but since that’s all been canceled and everything like that I had some good vibes passes like for Pandora area of course the safari Expedition Everest so there’s a couple times work I was able to get flight a passage and and some good ones from Hollywood Studios I actually had some really good fast passes for all the parks that I don’t normally get because they I usually will book last-minute going solo if I’m with my family hello Mike wheeler no problem so when when I booked with my sister’s family and everything I let her do all the planning and fast buy so she just stops me and we’re gonna go to this day is this restaurant good which five spices this is what we’re looking at I’m yes I definitely want to get out to California and go back to Disneyland when I went to Disneyland it was only the one park at the time and it was still the old style I went one day I was in Las Vegas and I decided to fly over to LA and on top I booked the Southwest trip and I got to go it was kind of weird because it was like a rainy day and an off-and-on rainy day and the place was empty in a sense even though it was like Christmas season but it was storing the weekday and it’s kind of empty I walked on a lot of the rides that people wait forever for like the Indiana Jones ride I love that I rode that at least three times hello Mariana mikado monarch I told PTV they have to be my guides s and monarch moment so it would be great to meet you down at Disneyland but I got the ride to Indiana Jones three times I love that ride did Space Mountain the Matterhorn did most of all all the rides but that was the only park at the time but it was interesting and now that I know a lot more about it oh yes I know monarch moments especially in with California Adventure I know when it first opened I was oh I need to go back out there by now after seeing tons of videos and people talk about it and just seeing it I definitely want to get back out there if I do I’m gonna try to combine ethical out the Hollywood Studios Universal Hollywood studios for at least a day just to check it out and everything I’ll have to figure out how I’ll do that transportation wise because I don’t plan on where are we wanting to drive around LA kind of kicking myself my brother had gone to they went out to California a couple years ago and got to do a lot of different things hello bozo Calvin jr. thank you for joining a little Timothy right we bring water there’s no problem I just jumped on real quick to say hello I’m just talking a little bit about myself why I like Disney I don’t want to just be known oh you do trivia I want people to be able to come in I’m hopefully oh and fight people on to talk about like with their favorite restaurants if you’ve been to Disney or maybe talked about your hometown like what are some attractions in your hometown because I know here in in my area there’s a lot of different attractions that we like it’ll be interesting when things go try to get back up and become a normal life to what we’re used to in a sense hello lucky three thank you for joining but I was going back to number four is animal

kingdom hopefully though in future trips here I plan to spend a lot more time there I know a lot of you I to you it’s going on two years but I had a kidney transplant about two years ago in August and I decided before we go we’ll have that transplant I had a celebratory trip which was like four days down to Disney Disney World the kind of knowing that I be able to travel for a while and everything like that and so I was kind of itching the goal before that all happened so yes I do know bozo Calvin jr. no problem Thank You Tracie for coming back welcome back but um hello Pam thank you for joining oh I’m sorry bozo Calvin jr. but welcome here and so I I did get to spend a little bit of time and and the animal kingdom but the problem was the one night we decided to go and actually try to enjoy a thunderstorm a really bad storm hello Kenzie days thank you for joining yes you can drop the line for Kenzie’s announcements and if she’s going live at 3 p.m. so you can go ahead and drop those links Tracy yeah I hope everyone is doing well and staying seen as much as possible I know I try to stay in as much as possible but if I need to go I know I have to get out to the post office the mail couple packages and so I need to get that done that’s the only thing I’ve been getting kind of lazy and I should be a little more productive and what I’m doing on my time off there but um but going back to that so I hope we did get to spend some time we were ready to watch rivers of light and the storm really got through and the course of lightning so it cancelled and basically shut down the park for the evening because that was the last thing for the night and then the next day I got lucky in the early morning while I went to my dialysis appointment in Orlando I was able to pick up a flight of passage a flight of passage fast pass and I was like Oh that’ll be awesome and my niece actually was able to get one too because she was going to be able we so we decided we’ll go back to the animal kingdom later that evening for our fast passes and we she picked me up and then we decided we would go to Epcot for lunch and and do everything like that so so we are hoping to so and got to do flight of passage that day we did Epcot lunch Epcot it’s my third part that I enjoy I really enjoy got used to that whenever I would go down so low and is that my cousins who lived there and and work in the area we would pick Sunday afternoon they would go to church and no problem bozo Calvin jr. YouTube those Oh Calvin jr. no problem but we used to spend after they would go to church they would meet me at the parks and when we were usually chose up Cod it was always nice and quiet on Sunday afternoons oh you’re welcome Kenzie DS hi the major reservations for your October trip on that that’s always fun they’re like look around and see but it would be nice we would be nice and relaxing early-morning walking around and picking and choosing this is pretty fast past day so also a lot of times whenever my cousins and I would be together and meet up and walk and usually by the time they got there

and we’d walk around world showcase get something to eat we usually went to the little Mexican fast food place that was right there at the booth because they really liked a lot of the different choices there and sometimes we would go to seasons sunshine court there if it wasn’t too overly crowded it just depended on what we were doing these were pretty fast by say Syme during the Fastpass days usually my cousin we would still pick up cod because it was a lot easier for her to be able to pull into the parking lot park and be in the park and we would wander around she would either we would go and look at what fast passes because sometimes I had a bus pass and tried out or on or whatever or she would wait for me or I would just change our fast passes to something that we both can do but Epcot is my third choice I do like all four parks but pretty much equally in a sense but it just depends on the timeframe and what’s going on my last few trips I spent a lot more time at Hollywood Studios and Epcot and Epcot because of the sky liner it made it so much easier plus a lot of the Christmas activities were going on and I’ve caught with the candlelight processional and and the holidays around the world plus the holiday festivals trying out the foods and stuff and a lot of times when my niece would get off or she was up that thing without we we’d end up going to Epcot so she could enjoy the festival foods or we would pick a restaurant to go to because a lot of times if her whole family’s there you know you have picky eater so you can’t try certain places so you end up with the same same old places are somewhere off property to eat to satisfy everyone so or they that I’m not saying being a Polly isn’t good it’s a very good place but sometimes you get tired of pizza and and stuff so and the last couple times when I was with my niece we got to try tangerine Cafe which is very very good in Morocco and we’ve done we usually go to temp and II do for sit-down lunch or a sit-down dinner we’ve done the fish and chips we love the holiday boots oh the food boots around the world showcase during the festivals so we tried a lot of the holiday boots we did the cookie challenge that they had at the holiday time when we finished that around the world there but I would definitely try to I know next year I definitely want to do festival of the arts want to get down there for that I would have been here for the flower and garden festival I’d been there many years ago with my sister’s family we had a trip in May and we got to do some of the festivals of the art or the flower and garden festival but in those days they didn’t have the booths only the food and wine had the boots they just kind of started doing that over the years with the food booths because they figured hey you know it does really well with food and wine let’s add these food booths to these other two of course the Flower and Garden Festival and then they started the other stuff right now monarch moments since I’ve only right now I would say the food and wine festival is kind of my favorite I’ve been there twice three times I’m sorry I’ve been there three times for the food and wine I’m just trying to think of how my trips work for the food and wine festivals I’ve only been there once for the holiday festivals because that’s kind of new the holiday festivals and I was only there once for the Flower and Garden Festival and in those days and that was very old because my nephew and needs to were very young at that time so they didn’t have the food booze but they had a lot of demonstrations in the past some different like how horticulture is talking about planting stuff or how you use some of the different fruits and vegetable and stuff that you grow and things but it’s very beautiful from all the different like Volvo live streams that I seen people go around with the flower and garden festival with showing you the topiaries I remember going into the butterfly garden and and different things I probably been there a couple more times so but they didn’t have the food and and maybe it’s because of the food that I

like to try so I’ll probably be able to decide later when I do get to hit some of these other festivals or at least get back to the Flower and Garden Festival at some point I do like it was relaxing because I remember I’ve done like some spring trips were thorns Spring Break and March and remember the butterfly area and everything like that so so that’s that’s the thing and the holiday festival was pretty new for me because I’ve never been there and I think that’s a newer festival I’m not sure how long ago they actually started up but but that’s fairly new my number two park that I enjoy and it’s it’ll probably always be there is Hollywood studios which to me is always going to be nice in the MGM Studios I had been going there since it first opened I was a cast member there right after it opened so that’s always going to be in my heart I know there’s been a lot of changes over the years but that’s always going to probably be in that number two spot or it’s somewhere in there because that’s always gonna be in my heart no problem Pam’s fan that’s no problem and that slinky dog is one of my favorite rides there I enjoy that I got to go right after and opened at the end of July right before I had my kidney transplant and they were having the extra extra jerk mornings for Hollywood studios Oh No eat I hope it’ll be fixed there cuz bundle up there Pam I know it’s kind of chilly here in Pittsburgh it was kind of nice at one point but but it kind of turned cold so I don’t know where this cold weather is coming probably because we didn’t have much of a winter and now it’s going to be winter yes I I enjoy Hollywood studios too because of galaxies edge Toy Story land but I’ve seen it change in all its inceptions of going from that working studio to where you had the backlot tour and and then you know on the trams and then the walking back Latour and watching them why I got the ride the power terror when it was only like one drop I think it shot you up and then dropped you and that was the end of the ride and then they kind of changed it up to where it is now and and then you know that I’m changing it around you know taking out the backlot tour to put in the that stunt show the boat motor stunt show which is which is kind of hello Davey 98 TV thank you for joining be careful with that event on there Pam’s van but I I know people just be careful with that so but I worked at the Hollywood and Vine I started there as a cast member and this was before Hollywood and Vine became what it is now what it is now as a buff a character Buffy before you went in whenever I work there you went in they had different several choices of entrees and it was it was called Hollywood and Vine but it was more like a cafeteria you go up some what type of entrees you hide there I’d like ribs barbecue ribs they had half chickens they had salads pasta you could get mahi-mahi fish so they had all different things but then you picked and choose your beverage your entree and then if you want to dessert you can buy a dessert I don’t think it was included and that at that point and that was like that for many years until they needed other you know they decided hey character breakfast is and stuff like that what’s your dream place that work in Disney oh that’s always a tough one I it would be fun to be in the Imagineering department but but since I’m not in an engineering thing I know a

lot of that is you know you have to have that kind of imagination I remember as a cast member I would put in different ideas that I thought would be fun and they would send you a letter and stuff like that but I think probably one of the tour guides would like working for guest services I know that’s a pretty tough job in a sense but but it would be fun to be one of the tour guides or ambassador type of people to take around that different people wouldn’t talk about the parks and and everything like that but the ultimate goal would be great to be an Imagineer because there’s always some fun ideas the throw around and and different stuff and and through that but that would be that would be fun to be an Imagineer depending on what level you know you would actually beyond but but if I couldn’t do that then probably like one of the VIP tour guides or that would be a fun job in a sense I know yeah it’s a lot of work and you have to be you know on your game and everything like that but but it would be fun just somebody that magic yes I could see you wanting to do some do that that would be a great Greek cool especially for people who well bad thing I know you love Beauty and the Beast so that would be a great goal to want to do that I know I worked at Hollywood and Vine that I moved over to the primetime Cafe and that was also fun were you know in those days Beauty into anything period to be sick hey I don’t blame you you go for where are you were your interests and and stuff lies you know I know Mike was in entertainment I’m not sure what other areas he was in down there but he does seem to know a lot of different stuff so so yeah I would go for some time if you get the chance but working at the primetime Cafe that was fun I know it’s kind of changed over the years of course I menus change I know when I worked there I know people talk about the peanut butter shake I used to make those peanut butter and jelly shakes or chocolate shakes or vanilla shakes I was probably one of the areas that I could handle good but then whenever I had to work the sandwich bird and mac and cheese bird I got behind a lot of times but for me working the grill or the sautee area was great then also working out in the front restaurant where you can play around and say hey don’t put your elbows on the table with killers the soap and you didn’t need all your vegetables that’s EE or more and play that little playing game and I know the menus changed over the years I know for me when I worked there they had a great appetizer of a cheese fries with Vermont cheddar cheese and oh man that that was delicious there would be times that I would just go into the to lounge just to go eat those fries because they were delicious and they had steaks there was burgers for lunch time because their menu was a little bit different at lunchtime they offered sandwiches and burgers and stuff and now I think they pretty much keep it kind of uniform with maybe a special here or there I can’t remember if they do have semi like regular sandwiches like club sandwiches they had great club sandwich they had a a roast beef club that was really good Susan but they had great desserts they still do yes Hollywood and Vine became a buffet with characters they started off with the Playhouse Disney characters in the morning for breakfast so they were the only ones but then they left it as a dinner buffet and stuff then they added the fabulous five or well it all depends it’s not always the five five because I know when I was there the one time in the summertime it’s Donald speech bash and Donald’s there goofy Mickey I believe Daisy was there and many might have been there and they have Minnie’s yeah Christmas time dinner and she does a Halloween dinner yeah I would shoot for the stars I know you’re just

starting out and and doing your calling and going to college and and all that so you have time to try and do that Kenzi of becoming one of the entertainment people or Bell or whoever hello dis our dreams thank you for joining but yeah Hollywood and Vine became a character buffet area but I I didn’t work there whenever ever top off a area I then moved on to help up help them set up the sci-fi restaurant and the comma see restaurant they actually share the same kitchen area the commissary menu is a lot better now than it was when it first opened but it’s it’s a nice place for ibelieve lunches more quick service but then dinner they change it into kind of like a sit-down table service I’m not sure what type of credit you use there now and I know it was a nice place for lunch or whatever because they used to have a steak on that menu I didn’t notice it there but they did have really good ribs there the last time the last time I was when I was at Hollywood studios in December because of the rise of the resistance ride and everything I had of course the Ronco wraps I ate at the sci-fi Drive in which that evening was very good I had a nice milkshake and I did get the steak because I was on the Dining Plan and I mean I was surprised I was able to get in there usually I do try other places but since I was in the park and I was waiting around for the evening that was a nice time to just go and sit and rest and and everything I know the food can be hit or miss there are some places that are maybe a tad better but the state that I had that night was really good and the service and everything was really good but I know nowadays after watching a lot of different people on the shows talking about places I did try the hello Duke Family Chronicles thank you for joining I definitely want to try the Hollywood or the brown derbies outside service the lounge area that they have that they that you could just kind of walk up to and get they have some good sliders there the backlot Express is not a bad choice for a counter service we beaten their Bronto raps are good I didn’t I looked at the menu at docking bay seven I haven’t eaten there but I do know other people have eaten there and it’s been hit or miss for them yeah the Hollywood Brown Derby lounge the sliders and stuff is good I know that people love the Cobb salad at the Hollywood and Brown Brown Derby restaurants they have a great grapefruit cake unfortunately I can’t eat grapefruit because it interacts with medications I take but but it’s very good their mama rut Melrose is not too bad I haven’t eaten there in a while I tried to get in there this last trip when I was there in December but it was always booked and I would keep checking throughout the day but but that was some that there plus there’s just so many other things that I wanted to do or eat at especially getting over to Epcot and eating around and I know if you do the outside lunch you can get a mini sized cobb salad so you can just try that I want to do a lot more of the lounges next time around so if I may do a dining plan it might be just a quick service type of thing or just scrap it all together and put whatever I was going to spend on dining on the dining plan and put it on a gift card and go around and do I have an all-time favorite restaurant and all of Disney or is it too hard to pick in a way for me it’s oh it’s hard to pick but I do love oh ha ha’s and we if I’m with my sister’s family we usually try and do Ohana’s on our trip I think it depends on each place for me it it’s a little hard to pick there’s just too many different ones that I like I would say a favor go to and I know it’s not really authentic Japanese but temp and II do

because you can go places like that even around here but that’s usually a safe go to place for me favorite place and bein a police is a it’s one of my favorites also hello dis our dreams and pants Pam if I didn’t say hello earlier but when I’m with my sister’s family Ohana’s is one of the our favorites to go to so so that kind of gives you a choice I know Ohana’s I’ve read lately different people’s opinions where I’m thinking it’s a hit or miss of how things are or maybe you just don’t like it I’m not going to everybody has their own opinion I I do look up to see what people are saying about restaurants but a lot of times it doesn’t usually stop me unless it’s something I absolutely do not like I’m not a big fish per se person but I love seafood I will eat crab I will eat lobster and shrimp so going somewhere with that in mind is good I do eat the fish and chips in England at the England booth which is I like the fish and chips that’s just a nice sized piece of fish that you get so and I will say I don’t give dizzy Springs much justice anymore when it was in the days of Pleasure Island and the parks actually did close earlier I would go to Disney springs within those days they didn’t really have the brass for array of restaurants that they have now but the lie to my trips one that was when I went for the pass holder a preview of galaxies edge and when I went for my kidney transplant celebration trip before I had my transplant I did go to Disney springs my niece and I went there and we did go her and I went to Morimoto’s Asia the more Moto’s and we enjoyed that we were we did go into jock Lindsay’s that take a look around and it was happy hour and he showed us the menu and everything but we decided it was just too early too we wanna enjoy happy hour and and stuff so we did have to do that talking about food nowadays even the dog seems like a treat yes it does yeah the Ponderosa used to have seafood buffets and everything around here also whenever they had ponderosas I don’t think they have anymore they used to have one that was done in an area by us but that had closed I know my mom liked to go there and they do have one of those buffet places on the Golden Corral which is out in another area far from us used to be really good I haven’t been there in a while but and I don’t see him really advertising as much as they used to but they were fairly well I just wonder how they used to have chi Chi’s around here Griswold family bikini but they since left and went kind of bankrupt around here I don’t know if they have teachings where you live but they used to have chi Chi’s here but there was an outbreak of e.coli or something that pretty much put them out of business in our area because that one of the and I don’t know if that was a nationwide thing that happened but I love Chi Chi’s when we used to have chi Chi’s that was one of my go-to places with my friends we could go there hang out get appetizers eat chips and get the fried ice cream and they’re really there are Mexican restaurants around these days but nothing seems to come close to that Americanize type of Mexican that that Chi Chi set but I do know a good Mexican restaurant that’s outside on Disney property and it’s called Chuy’s or true it’s like CH o uy asks Troy Chuy’s or I’m not sure how they pronounce it but I do know a lot of cast members kind of go there and I know my cousin goes there a lot she loves Mexican and that’s one of the things yes I believe that’s the spelling marry Griswold CH Uys Jeff are you referring to a rig to the racing person but at Disney springs we have been to Morimoto’s when they when t-rex first opened plus a lot of

times when I would stay off property with my sister’s family because they owned into the timeshare area so right outside the Disney springs usually like our first evening or maybe our last evening because usually our last day Friday it all depended on what we were doing and everything but a lot of times we would like our last day would be pick something what the kids want to do whether it was a water park or or some other types of things we would go to t-rex restaurants I’ve been to the rainforest got babe but the t-rex one is also nicely designed and and and the kids really enjoyed that they loved dinosaurs and stuff so we would go there for the kids the food wasn’t too bad and the the volcano dessert was fun to get they came out and made noises and different things like that but I know in Disney springs he says we have a blaze pizza around here so I know I did get the taste blades while I was down there before I went to go to blaze here hello mrs. J is cooking thank you for joining I didn’t know that Pam I’ll have to read up on my Disney news there if anybody wants to put Kenji days is linking I believe she’s going live at 3 p.m. so I don’t want to go over oh yes hi Brandi sorry about that I that just rang a bow and when one Mike just said brandy so thank you for joining brandy very nice look for words and you’re cooking stuff I know you guys okay you’re going fine up live at 4:30 okay thank you Kenzie I’m looking forward to your oh no problem brandy I’m looking forward to watching your videos or even your live streams I know some of the food and you guys have been making it really makes me hungry and boy I need to try some of them some of those recipes there but I try to go to Disney Springs but I don’t like to leave apart and a lot of times it all depends on my schedule the day that I went with my niece it was like I did go to the Magic Kingdom in the morning and then I said hey I’ll meet you cuz I had a late flight I’ll meet you at Disney springs cuz it was easier for her to meet me there or she picked me up at my resort and we went and spent the afternoon have lunch so called dinner and kind of walked around and looked around it’s certainly different than from oh it’s inceptions in the base but I can’t wait to go back there are a lot of places I know splitsville has very very good food be fun to go bowling with a bunch of all of you if I’m ever down there again with a lot of you there yeah that’s my problem I never want to leave the parks that go down to go eat at Disney spring so and a lot of times since I have an annual pass I booked my flights as early as possible unless I there’s no way I can do that I then maybe I would go there for an evening because the parks up close or Ivan close but I usually will go Rea to to a park when I get there after checking in and getting settled in or I might just eat at my resort real quick and then head out to a park so just depends on if my rooms ready or not the only way I would probably go to Disney springs on my arrival day as if if I had to work most of the day and then came later in that day I may choose to go to Disney springs and look around and everything like that so yes that that’s me with having an annual pass going to the magic Inc know there’s two hours left of the park being open I pretty much would drop off my luggage and head over I don’t you know and get there and even if it’s just sitting on Main Street and enjoying the view or walking up Main Street looking through the stores and maybe catch a ride on something probably the TTA would be would be something to do in the last few times I can’t wait for the railroad to get open because I’ve been known in past

trips to go over to the Magic Kingdom and ride the railroad around get off brought it all the way around and get off at frontier land go ride the Haunted Mansion and walk back through the park or ride the train again and leave so that’s one of the nice things of having the annual passes you don’t worry about hey I’m not gonna burn a day off on my pass or or whatever I would only go bowling at their bumpers fellow meet yeah it’s yeah I would play any with bumpers and I know like the bowling alley that that I go to you can each player can either have bumpers or not so they kind of switch off and on or everybody can have bumpers usually if you’re with kids or a birthday party yes I do miss the train there’s been many a times it I times use it as transportation to get back to fantasy land or the back of the park area and even if I was back in fantasy land and wanted to walk through circus storytime and I don’t feel like walking all the way back up front or over the frontier Lin it was always nice to hop on and ride over to frontier Lin because I just like riding the train I like trains I did get to do one of their train tours this was before 9/11 they actually gave out after the end of the tour one of the railroad spikes from that so I have one of the railroad spikes from the Walt Disney World real Road and it was a very nice tour I know the guy he talked about you know a lot of people he says is that their dream to be one of the conductor’s on you know on the railroad the work the Walt Disney World grill Roo and you know you could test the be one of the drivers and you know and he tell you how to do that and everything like that so yeah I’m not that you grab that one of these things to show you the railroad spike it looks like any other railroad spike when I was a kid we lived near thee they call it a trolley system and now it’s called the t system it’s kind of like a miniature subway here in Pittsburgh but when I was a kid we used to live near those tracks and we’d find those spikes all the time laying on the side or or whatever if they forgot to pick them up yes it is and you don’t feel pressured as much it benefited a lot of times when I did have the Annual Pass because if I was staying with my sister we would I would go with my sister’s family and we were staying at their timeshare and we’d ride in one car they didn’t have to pay for parking because I had that I had the tables in Wonderland so it we saved money on we some type of discount on our meals at different places they you know a lot of times when I would travel with them I would usually let them choose like what we do we do and my sister would ask and I said I have no problem and sometimes we’d all stay together or we would split up because different ages and heights of the kids and it was just fun being there with the kids and watching Disney through there and stuff I know people say you know kids don’t remember things but I know my nephew was like four years old and he remember we were actually in another park and you say we’re supposed like you’re right and stuff and you know I’m like well it’s not this park it’s another park but you know he remembered a lot of different stuff like that so but that was the thing okay candy mom thank you for joining I do appreciate that you know anything I said you were enjoying it I hope that you guys all would hit the thumbs-up button whether you’re here now or on your way out that would be great if you’re new to the channel please consider subscribing and and hit that notification bell I do we’ll go live every Sunday evening most of the time it would probably be trivia or chat I don’t know I do have other Show and Tell items that I’ll be taking care of and and stuff yes I do agreeing that they remember my nephew’s they would have been happy riding all the transportation at Disney World and swimming in all those in the pools because we get to the park and buy time we got up to Main Street or we were standing in line to get into the park they’d be like I want to go swimming and stuff but they would have been happy

riding the monorail the Train the boots all day long at the parks they loved the trains they love all the different transportation and airplanes and stuff like that so but yeah he would talk about that they enjoy they weren’t really keen on meeting the characters but if we were at a character dinner or meal they enjoyed that distance between them and everything like that yeah if you want to put mrs. J’s cooking in her link in there people would like the sub to cooking with brandy that would be great so you can and Tracy if you like to yeah they do do the vehicles at times I know early in the morning on Main Street at the wealthy at the Magic Kingdom and I know a couple of times I’ve seen on other streams of people who were there in the summertime they would actually they would actually have some of the smaller transportation running in the evenings I know Tanya from that crazy Disney lady the one time her and her friend were there I don’t know if it was a special event or whatever but they got the ride the double-decker bus and then there was another type of I think it was an automobile type of vehicle that they got the ride up up Main Street and then the guy wrote him back he asked if they wanted a ride so so that was that was a very neat thing to see I rode the trolley wants a lot of times usually you’re going in there and you’re just kind of wanting to get up to the end of the street depending on what time we arrived there I know I was always someone who was standing outside the gates waiting for the opening and I do remember before they for a long time you did go into the parking and you kind of stood around the hub and then for a while there they stopped doing that and had everybody line up outside the gates and through their opening show and then of course when things change for security reasons and other things they moved everybody back into the home and walked around and stuff and they do the opening show at the castle so so that that was um something there of course my number one park is the Magic Kingdom it’s where you can be not saying you can’t be a kid anywhere else but where you can be a kid and really enjoy and just like the scenes are when you walk under the train station and everything just just that magic I remember my first trip just walking in there mesmerized and when I first went to Disney only Epcot and the Magic Kingdom were open and of course the magic King there was the first perk we went to and you know oh you know you saw the monorail or you took the ferry boat across and it was just exciting when you got there out of the car I think we ended up riding the ferry boat in the morning just because it takes a lot more people and you just get on and go across it’s a nice relaxing ride across Lagoon there and then we did get the ride the monorail around so yes that’s fine yes that yes it is Thank You Tracy and Pam’s fan also she put in the banana bread one thank you yes and don’t forget to check out brandy and Dave and also I’m not going to just shout out a lot of different people but there are a lot of good creators right in my chopped go and check them all out monarch moments Tracy cleanse Kenzie days is that of course Tracy Glen our Kenzie days Pam spam had her first live stream with Mike wheeler if you want to put in the link to that live stream go right ahead Pam or Tracy or caret go check out them see her beautiful drawings and everything so that is and this our dreams and monarch moments not that I hopefully I didn’t forget anybody but there are a lot of great creators out there and a lot that have been in my chat so I do appreciate that Oh check them all out

hey that’s fine for me because I don’t get into these I don’t get into the water not too complicated type of meals and by for me to even and yes Griswold family BK they have started their own live streams and they also have some premieres and videos out there that are really good for other places around the country here so that’s so go check them all out but yeah they can be basic foods are great because that’s where I’m basically at I mean most complicated thing I ever brought back for me from working at primetime Cafe is a Mexican chicken or you grill the chicken breasts on a grill or you could even cook it in your oven or however you want to and then you put the salsa and Mexican style cheese or cheddar cheese or whatever cheese you want and it’s pretty delicious so that’s probably the most complicated I’ve gotten I’ve also cooked a spaghetti sauce but I use canned tomatoes and sometimes fresh tomatoes but ground beef if I if we want meat or whatever in it or marinara so so it’s all the different stuff Brennan a brand banana brownies with brown butter frosting old man that sounds good trees Timothy but yeah being at the Magic Kingdom it’s just it’s just pretty awesome it seems like a lot of my Magic Kingdom days depending on or we do we seen the hit most of the attractions during today as long as they’re not down or refurbishing I know for a while there I know a lot of people I I know the Astro orbiter I very rarely get the right of it when we do yeah it seems a little scary because it does fly around us and it is up in the air to begin with and then of course you go away bonier but the views from there even though it goes fast you can really see a lot of the Contemporary Resort and around Tomorrowland and if that’s kind of lean a little bit so I could see where it feels scary and everything like that but you can always kind of like Garrett and Trey seem to do their daily push-ups but yeah so the azure orbiters is yes Mike did help you and he was great to be a good support for you Pam on your stream but all the rides are there fun I really enjoy now that they added the New Fantasyland Isle of mine during ride I wish it was just a time longer but it does do the trick I think it just you know it always felt like I needed to be longer but since slinky dog – its kind of setup on that same concept of the launch and stuff like that and it’s a little bit longer it just makes me wish it would be a little bit longer on the monitoring but it is enjoyable and when we were down in June we actually had kind of a magical moment from the cast members there where we were sitting towards the back of the ride and they asked if we wanted to go back on after we got off Thank You Tracy so they asked if we would like to go back on after we had gotten off the ride and so they escorted us right down to the think it’s nobody seen the one that sit towards the back and I actually ended up enjoying the back of the car because that even though I don’t know people know that those perils kind of like swing a little bit and everything and it just made that ride just more enjoyable sitting in the back of the ride our main train goes by miles and looks like a carnival right it just slapped up where do you guys have a mind train ride monarch moments by mine train of course a Little Mermaid area and of course beast castle the one attraction I haven’t been able to get into lately is that I haven’t been to the bells cottage I’ve seen it and stuff but my timing

just never was was able to go into the bells cottage yet so that’s something to put on my list I’ve seen various videos of different people or pictures and stuff inside there so it kind of gives me an idea of going in there I think though in a way maybe it’s a little strange going in there by yourself solo as an adult so I don’t know what other people feel like that but at times with that it’s called so wait scary adventure okay I didn’t know it was a roller coaster there actually when the Magic Kingdom actually had the Snow White scary adventures I actually enjoyed that ride and I do miss mr. Toad’s Wild Ride but when he the food was fun also the ride her version of the mine train okay so snitches are not getting those stitches okay yeah the snow-white ride was fun to ride now it’s the princess fairy tale halt hello Tina MacNeil thank you for joining I was just talking about my top four parks in the order okay Brandi thank you for joining and we’ll see you soon have a great day hello once upon an adventure Mel Melanie thank you for joining but my top 4 parks is of course Magic Kingdom is one number two is Hollywood studios number three is Epcot and number four is Animal Kingdom but I do like them all pretty much equally it’s just a matter of which parks I go to which parks sometimes I don’t get to it and like I said I don’t really do hello Shelly Starr Walker thank you for joining I don’t do the animal kingdom justice as much anymore as I used to when it first opened my last few trips I was lucky I even got there and one of the reasons why I went there and August so I could get the Simba magnet but I did do the Safari that day but I didn’t have much time because I wanted to make sure I got the meet Mike wheeler at the coca-cola store in August so I took my time to do the get my magnet go ride the Safari and head off the neat bike wheel it will err I did not want to miss that moment so it was a great reason to not give the animal kingdom much time but I do like the animal kingdom it is fun to wander around some of the paths I know when you go up through the oasis a little bit of a tunnel area and just walking around the Tree of Life I don’t know if any of you guys walk some of those different trails sometimes it looks like maybe you shouldn’t go down those trails but you know you can kind of wander around and just enjoy the animals it does yes in the summer does feel like a hundred degrees hotter than any of the other perks I remember that when I first used to go to the end I’m walking that would be like oh it’s hot and stuff yes yes I do believe I do that’s the best reason to ditch animal kingdom yes I am missing that that what’s the sea scene what animals seen them all yes Pam I am very lucky I was hoping during another trip that I would have been able to at least drive up to where you drive up to where Mike lives I used to live in Orlando so I knew that really it on i-4 could take anywhere from 20 minutes to a half hour to an hour to get to where he is depending on the Tropic and the so-called construction that they ever seemed to be doing there but I would have been willing to drive up to meet Mike wheeler somewhere around his neighborhood if he could get to the mall there or even a food place to sit there and chat or whatever I would have done that if he couldn’t get anywhere else yes so it was I Tracy so believe me it’s kind of sad I was sitting there thinking that I’m glad I had already moved my um my flights that I had or at least cancel them to put into the credit and now I’m kind of looking to see yeah it seems like a more be construction than anything in Orlando there but that would

I let me get the meet more people like Tracy and Kenzie and many others that would have been there and actually reunite and say hello to a lot of the local people like Samantha and Donna and are John’s and run into Cory meets world or resort TV one Josh and Jenna and company so that would have been fun to meet everyone plus be there with Angela this our dreams and the Myers and the mouse and I know a few other people are going to be there like Steve’s world and and some others that were planning on being down there this coming two weeks here because of Earth Day and everything like that yes I would have been able to meet Angela at this there’s our dreams at that time but yeah hopefully but if they’re not in Florida once they say it’s okay to start traveling I’ll get the at least maybe meet up with them for dinner something before they take off the to Florida for the summer or for whatever they plan on doing here you never know there are signs that I said there are like on the stream did they sneak off the Florida start driving down but but they’re there pretty much I know in Florida talking with my niece and seeing things from my cousin and stuff that they’re pretty much you know doing the same thing we’re pretty much doing except that oh this our dreams is working and and stuff but they’re kind of pretty much at their houses and deciding on options of what they’ll be able to do since they’ll be furloughed cast members here in the next week or so so I don’t know I’m not sure what my niece will do I know or parents or lovers or at least come back here and spend some time up here with them for a little bit I know you can’t really go around too much here but so she’s kind of looking at our options whether to what to do but still if she comes up here she’ll definitely apply for the Florida unemployment down there I told her at least start getting that together so when it’s time for you guys to do that you’ll at least have everything ready and send it out and I would probably send it out now because by time they probably get to everything you know yeah it’ll probably take a while anyway do see lanterns are magical though I heard that Disney lanterns are a lot better I remember the first time we had two rows and we couldn’t get enough of them I know at the Magic Kingdom that’s the only place we knew worried again I know at the Mexican pavilion and the lunch the counter service place you can get tours there but they would have people in line and they would bring up say 50 of them and they would be gone in an instant the terrorists because they were nice and warm and and hot so that’s that’s when the best time to get them is when they first come out of the oven and that’s just like the pretzels and everything Pam shot Kenji and I once said father/daughter team I was like there is another father-daughter gene never thought it was us till she showed the drawing okay fine Jeff you can go take animal kingdom and Angela will go hang out on her own then one of the things it’s hard I do love the animal kingdom and I love the safari and stuff but after going to actual Zimbabwe and real Safari Park which a lot of you have seen my lion picture and walking with the Lions and I actually got to stay at a real like animal park with with like a little tent cabin type of thing which was really really nice whenever they say a tent that actually had plumbing and stuff like that inside there but it was it was kind of hard to really want to go stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge I was like oh I’ve already seen that and not to say that the Safari is boring it’s always fun to go and look and see what animals you see and and I really want to do the wild track track trick Africa the Africa wild Trek that you can walk through parts of the Safari ride so that’s one

of my bucket lists to do so so that would have them so it wouldn’t be that do you hear the lion’s roar at night I believe we did when we actually followed them in a Jeep on a hunting trip where we princess Jeep and yes you do hear various animals at night so yes so that would be deaf just bitter that I got to meet Angela and he has it yes yes he is oh no problem Griswold family became that’s no problem yeah that’s the thing when I was in Africa we did the elephant rides being short and then being way up on top of it was a way larger and higher than I ever expected to be off the ground it was a nice ride and stuff but it was it was also a little scary for me because it was super high off the ground there and even even the guy the people that I was with it you were still kind of high off the ground it was interesting when we were on they actually took a horseback ride through the Safari area and I decided not to do that because I was kind of tired from our tribal and I got up early to go meet the little tiger cubs in their pen and their pen and stuff like that and you got the pet home and it was kind of like petting like be careful with your items dangling from you because they could get ya but at the same time it’s like playing with kittens but I gotten up early to do that and then did the elephant ride so I was kind of tired at that time but believe it or not a zebra is a fuzzy animal when you get up close to a zebra when we were on the I did take the ride around in the Jeep African safari just kind of like the safari that they do have at the Animal Kingdom but remember I also did the Animal Kingdom before I actually went this amable Africa so so so it still was very rare interesting the lion part of it the park that we went to in Zimbabwe was called the antelope National Park there and they do specifically deal with lions and and various things that protect the Lions and stuff like that so like one afternoon our guide that took us around and was our guy that we would sign up for different things took us to a giant pen because they were getting ready to feed no I don’t think I want to be the next line Tiger king took us to a pen where they feed them the Lions and they put out this giant pile meat and then that’s how they see who’s the dominant lion also because they light them out they’ll paints around and then they just come charging at this pile and you’re kind of behind fences so you want to be careful didn’t see any crocodiles are alligators but I believe there probably were some in the waters that were by us I remember monkeys jumping on top of our tents but they were more like a hot type of tent they didn’t have indoor plumbing bathroom stuff so they were it was really nice there my outdoor kitchen and everything like that so it was a very good trip I do have a video I did do a stream about my trip where I showed some of the pictures and talked about it so it was a it was a fun time but I also was there because I was on a mission trip from a group that that is in this area I’m called the nadir II the MIDI reconnection there they made a partnership with a with one of the missions over there and been helping them out ever since a party pack of Oreos with hippos but yeah that’s one of the things I want to do is the wild African trek by it all the parts like I said are equally fun I try to get to all of them it just depends on the time I know my June trip since we did we decided I was with my sister and her husband and her mother-in-law and we were down there visiting my niece and hello Lena Paper Scissors vacations oh my hello to to real geeks we decided to go the SeaWorld my niece had an annual pass for SeaWorld we went to SeaWorld

one day we got tickets to Universal for they had and if you bought two days you got like three or four days free I forget what was I bought my tickets and my sister took their tickets and treated them in for annual passes because they did go back down to do Halloween Horror Nights with my niece and and my niece actually they got her annual pass for four Universal Studios I have thought about getting an annual pass because I was hoping to go back again because I still want to ride hangar it’s Hagrid’s ride so I know my next our Lando trip will include Universal Studios and do it I was planning on trying to go over there in December but every day I looked at Hagrid driver at real it wasn’t up and running and and the time just got kinda away from me and you know going back to Hollywood Studios I love the galaxy’s edge area I know it’s not the Star Wars that I grew up on and everything and it’s a new land and but it’s so immersive you walk in there and you’re just like in a different world the rise of the resistance ride I enjoyed that I did get in line five times got the right at three each time that I did get in the first time I got in it did break down they gave us a fast pass so I had to come back later that they turn in my Fast Pass so I got the ride it finally and then I tried another morning I got my boarding pass and everything and it wasn’t till later that evening that I was called and we got in line started sneaking all the way through I got all the way up to worry before you get to the one part and the ride broke down and I was like oh no and of course at the end of evening I knew it wasn’t going to come back up because it usually took them about an hour to repower everything back up as much as they could because I know there are some times there is an a part of the ride and a B plan to the ride so it just depends on if that particular animatronic is acting up or not or how it’s synced since it is trackless but that was an eye or I ended up getting a fast pass to come back and ride it the next day and a one-day hopper ticket to come back to Holly to come back to the park so everybody in that night got it and then got back in line another day and ended up having to come back because at birth town and then I finally did get the right at my last stage so so that was the thing I think Jungle Cruise when I hear hippos yeah they do have a lot of the hippos and that was the one ride that I was kind of afraid of first whenever I first moved the Jungle Cruise as a younger youngster first time at the Magic Kingdom the Jungle Cruise cuz wasn’t expecting what it was and he’d just wonder is that real or not but then you know you realize later that it really isn’t and the Haunted Mansion is probably one of my all-time favorite rides and that was the first time ever went to that what wasn’t sure how scary or is it funny scary the only thing that ever like had seen was a an Osman brother special it’s a Disneyland and they were going into the haunted mansion there which I know they’re both different because I did ride the on at Mansion at Disneyland I wish they would do the the over way that they do out in Disneyland hello Dennis al-ghazi thank you for joining hello Disney nerd herders thank you for joining I’m not gonna stay on too much longer as I’ve been kind of rambling I know probably other people or gonna be screaming I’m not sure but I know I don’t want to keep you all YK the oh no no I know I’m just rambling on but I do appreciate everyone for joining make sure you guys hit that thumbs up button if you haven’t already to subscribe please consider subscribing hit that notification bow and know when I go live today is Monday so happy Monday I hope you’re all having a good day staying safe relaxing inside finding various activities to do and I hope you have a good week I know the Danes keep running I know the other day I know it’s just coming Saturday and I was like what day is it and how could it be this day you know I’m like wait we haven’t celebrated Easter yet so but now I kind of got myself back to okay that’s Monday

type of thing and I do thank all my moderators I should call them my magician sectionally but uh I do thank them all for helping out with the stream and keeping things safe this is a family-friendly environment and just keep the cha family for night oh you’re welcome I know I may not probably not this evening it just depends and that’s a big thing is I’ve been staying up kind of late but I’m a-okay this our dreams thank you enjoy your Oreos now I was looking last night to see what or Neos we have left I still have the green troll ones the other ones are great are pretty good and they go fastest and my family is the golden Oreos so I know if I get back down that might be something I’ll be looking at to see if they’re on sale and get golden Oreos but um so I may do some late night trivia one of these nights whether it’s late night up there know all and Tuesday like I did last Tuesday or it or maybe it all depends probably Tuesday evening late night trivia or cuz buy time pepper tree village usually gets off it’s a little too late and I’m tired by then so yes remember Kenzi day goes on at 4:30 p.m for her livestream don’t forget to watch her premiere video that she has so check that out okay Garrett thank you very much have a great day I would say we are the magician’s assistant but I’m not wearing a dress oh no problem like you wouldn’t have to wear a dress by monarch moments by Hanna Michelle and Garrett and gape yes Kenzie’s announcement video don’t forget to check out out I know I ran it while she was doing it but I definitely will go back and watch the replay and see what the big announcement is but um so I may do some late night trivia tomorrow evening it depends on how tired I am and everything and sometimes Saturday afternoons I try to go live as long as no one else is in that time spot or wanting to go live I like to try to be courteous with other streamers and give them a chance so so possibly tomorrow some late night trivia and then Sunday after Sunday evenings at 8 p.m. will be my more permanent spot and you can check out everything out at the live place.com Thank You Dean for hosting over 80 some creators and family-friendly channels and I do thank Dean that from the ligh place for hosting my channel and you can always find the scene who’s on a live it’s kind of like a TV Guide to YouTube at the LOD place calm but yes I I will say I was a cast member when I first went in I would think it was the summer of 1983 it was just magic Ingham and I’ve caught I was totally mesmerized I was a just got out of 9th grade completely mesmerized by the parks and that was something that I was like oh I would love to go back we did get to go back after another year before I grafter I graduated we went back down to Disney and that’s that trip we decided to go over to the Gulf Coast to check it out and look at some other types of things oh okay that’ll be cool and so that’ll be so we checked out the Gulf Coast and what’s going to check out some other things and it was actually around the fourth of July and we decided we were we were planning on going to Disney and we did stay and do up God and Magic Kingdom again and of course meeting the crowd

the crazy crowds up on the 4th of July and we had the park in the grass over at the Magic Kingdom parking lot so imagine what that was like I mean I know these days I’m guessing they still kind of do that but they probably have more parking than they probably did you know in the early days I do remember the racetrack that they used to have there that they were going to do NASCAR races I think they only got to do maybe one or two NASCAR races there before people were complaining of the noise and and stuff so I’m not sure what the whole story of how they ended up not doing that anymore Mike wheeler or maybe pepper tree Villa or somebody would know that story and then of course they had it there for a while maybe for smaller races and then I know Richard Petty had his driving school there my brother-in-law had participated in that twice for the ride around once for the ride around and he actually went to the school where you could drive my nephews they were there with their parents one time for Father’s Day and they actually had a special for dads and their kids so they finally got the ride and racecar that was a great dream of their type of things they love cars they love Queens and training so they’re they’re very big on transportation stuff but that was something exciting that they got to do it was a complete surprise for them that they were able to get the ride around in the race car so they did something with out with the kids so on father like that Father’s Day weekend so that was a fun surprise for them but I’m gonna go ahead and sign off I do appreciate everyone stopping in and and I hope you guys all have a great day I do thank everyone for joining like I said check out a lot of the people that were in my stream they are good creators they have a great channels of various features whether it’s Disney whether it’s art or places around their area because I know when I get back out I’m not going to be actually rushing the Disney I mean that’s that’s in the horizon of going back to Disney in fact I even said if they open up in stages and depending on how they handle the different things I probably wouldn’t mind and I know it’s very hard to go all the way to Florida and just hang out at a resort but I thought about hey if I got a nice deal and pick a resort that I know I would enjoy just hanging out at the pool and stuff like that might be something to do because I’m just as curious as everybody else how they’re gonna kind of reorganize and how they’re gonna reopen whether it’s just Disney springs and maybe one of the one of the parks and then eventually I add the other parks back in do it in stages which I’m kind of guessing how that will probably be done I’m curious if they’re actually going to have resorts that are full or they might even though they have 2,000 like a thousand rooms at our resort they I only fill it to 5-under rooms and and something just until they get started back again I don’t think they actually had any NASCAR races there but I know they did hold special events at practice trial runs okay thank you showing star Walker you have a great day also yeah I was wondering about that Mike I know the people complained about the noises and stuff but I wasn’t sure if they were going to actually have NASCAR events but I do remember some different special events himself there go to WWE after the mcdonald’s reopens yeah very you know and i know a couple people have said that in there things that they have no shame of going to the mcdonald’s i remember they did have a mcdonalds by the lego store down at dizzy springs and i remember kind of late night because in the olden days they didn’t really have too many restaurants like they do now at Disney Springs so there are only a few places where you could actually go and eat I know one time I was there on property and went that I in fact and went to that McDonald’s at Disney Springs and then whenever they decided that they worked on McDonald’s except keep the one that’s over by the All Stars in fact the one originally by the All Stars used to have the characters of

the McDonald’s fries and the hamburger ruler and stuff actually on top of their building and then they changed it to a normal-looking McDonald’s it wasn’t as whimsical and now they took it down completely and I don’t know what it’s going to look like now or or how they’re going to design it or or whatever and I’m not sure why they remodeled I guess because all the different McDonald’s because I know around here they all change and everything like that and I had friends on the opening of galaxy’s edge actually hung out at that McDonald’s Alma half the night before they were allowed to go over to Hollywood studios so but yeah that but yes and I’ve gone to the McDonald’s at the crossroads when we had stayed off property we were at like typhoon lagoon and then you know we had thought about eating there but then we were getting kind of hot and tired and thought well let’s head back and we just grabbed McDonald’s on the way back to our condo which was right outside of the Disney Springs area so I don’t have no shame I know there’s all those great places out there but if some of those places are closed at that point and McDonald’s was the only thing open oh I end up at McDonald’s every once in a while on different vacations I try not to do that but but sometimes you just have to do whether it’s picky kids or you want a late-night snack or something it’s always it’s kind of something there our area don’t have 24-hour McDonald’s or they do a late-night McDonald’s but not 24 hours or anything like that in fact I haven’t eaten McDonald’s in a while but not here making me hungry furniture no shame I stay at the surfs up sand yeah it is only that yeah if anything I’ll probably try and plan either see how it goes looking at August and not that October or just wait and go like the end of November into December for the Christmas stuff but it’ll be interesting to see you know if they aren’t even gonna have the late-night parties I know they’ve been selling tickets for the Halloween parties and Christmas parties but is that something that they’re going to still have or maybe because they could sell limited tickets that they would still have those going on so I mean the whole world not just Disney World it’s gonna be different I mean Universal is gonna have that same issue and so SeaWorld and I mean I live right by the amusement park that you know they’re gonna have that same issue they were supposed to open up May 2nd they haven’t been able to even get into the park to get it prepared even open in May maybe towards the end of May in the middle of the summer it may end up opening yes I guess Dennis I agree with that too that if I’m solo McDonald’s is fine or wherever so it’s not anywhere and I feel bad for buffet restaurants cuz I just wonder how they’re gonna handle the buffets and I know we have some places that offer Buffy brunches and stuff how our our that there’s not too many Buffy type restaurants around where I live there are places but they’re gonna have to change probably how they do things for a while till this all settles down and stuff so whether they have cast members at those buffets handing you the food or or whatever yeah it’s been a while since I’ve had McDonald’s sis because I’m not at work and that usually was a place that I could go and grab something not that I’d go there all the time because I usually mix it up bring food or whatever but that was probably the last time I’ve eaten McDonald’s as when I was actually at work yes I’m looking forward to seeing what the epic Universal will be like and everything so and we’ve we have eaten at the Golden Corral it’s not really a favorite but when we we’re staying off property and when you have picky kids sometimes it and and I know my sister’s father-in-law wanted to go there one time so we did go there and it worked out fine and it’s it’s just something in a pension and when you’re staying on property you know at those hotels and I’ve seen Steve’s show them you know you could pick up all those different magazines that they have and

they have coupons for restaurants oh okay yeah that’s that’s a good reason Pam believe me in fact I’m now thinking I may go to McDonough they make the holes fish the other day and I’m like no you got to get this other place but um you know he likes he rather just eat the McDonald’s fish so maybe that’ll be something I’ll go get that eh anyway cuz I’ve been thinking about it as it is and it is only drive-through and a lot of times that they get busy but um but yeah we’ve gone to the Golden Corral when you’ve done the there’s a good there’s a steak couple steak places that we’ve been to them the Miller’s place but yeah I look in those coupon books they have all kinds of different deals on the restaurants there you know early on and the trips you know Animal Kingdom was an openly but we’d stayed to a close and then go somewhere property since we were staying off property or we cook at our place like pasta and sauce or buy one of those chickens at Publix or winn-dixie or wherever we’re at yes I always look at the whenever I go to McDonald’s to see what’s the sale I’m not cutting up McDonald’s I don’t mind going there I like their french fries that’s probably the only fast food restaurant french fries I kind of enjoy even though they change them a little bit but that I’m not keen on the fries at Wendy’s or Burger King as much as McDonald’s and Arby’s has the curly fries that are seasoned yes Sonic we have a sonic near us it’s a little bit further it takes me about ten minutes to get there 10-15 minutes depending on which one I go to but I love their slush drinks they’re Timothy I love the slush drinks but yeah I we’ve i know early on when they first introduced a dining plan type of thing Mike trip in 1994 to stay on property because I wasn’t a cast member anymore I went with hood my mom my aunt my sister-in-law and myself went and we and that’s when the Wilderness Lodge first opened that summer that year and the All Stars open and I think old Key West might have been about a year old and trying to choose where we wanted to stay and I wanted to always stay at the beach club or the Yacht Club and it was like and that’s why I loved a lot of the extremes in YouTube with things that people show in the resorts and different resort reviews that find out because in the days that when and 1994 it really wasn’t much out there except the tour guide said you know there’s still out there the tour guides and stuff but there wasn’t a lot of pictures and stuff and I came across all ears dotnet the Deb Wills has started and now another her partner kind of keeps it going and some other people keep that going but all your scott net and then i met others from that group and another disney news group type of thing and met them all at disney world in december they usually have an event in December or kind of a meet-up and you know you kind of stay on your own and then they say hey we’re gonna be at the animal kingdom at this day and we’re gonna do this or if you want to join us at nomads lounge or something you can do that they put out a little schedule and but it’s it’s really cool and I know it was hard to decide Beachcomber yacht clubs but we chose the beach club but the Wilderness Lodge I really like that resort and it was a kind of a tie like so we stay at the new Wilderness Lodge or the beach club but what won me over for the beach club was the swimming pool and we were going in this summer so so that was the hands down we were going in August right before like greatest like the kids were getting ready to go back to school and everything and we actually had a plan that was called fun and more food fun and more and it actually included your three meals you could get breakfast lunch and dinner at any counter service or sit-down restaurant you were you had recreation in there so we got the rent the boats the the the water mice they they were fun I actually got my mom out on one and she enjoyed that a couple times they didn’t have enough water mice so we take

out a canopy boat and ride up the where the Riverside it was Porter leans Riverside and everything and Downtown Disney area the Disney springs we rode around on the Crescent Lake and the boats and stuff so it was fun happy Easter Sheena Hilton thank you for joining but that and we ate at incredible restaurants yes that was the one thing we loved we walked and this is even before the boardwalk opened when we stayed there in 1984 walked into Epcot it was a quick boat ride over to Hollywood studios sometimes we would drive over there just to get over there real quick but we always took the bus the Magic Kingdom Epcot we walk to or an M we would ride the monorail over the Magic Kingdom but we ate at Ariel’s which is no longer the beach club but that was the seafood restaurant we had lobster lobster there a whole lobster we actually booked annoyed at the yacht men’s steakhouse not what’s delicious but everything was included our meal I mean we walked out of probably a yacht men Steakhouse with a $500 bill that was already paid for because we had the the food fun and more package and now you know now they have a different dining plan packages but this included everything a you know you could do miniature golf you could do the boats they had merchandise that you could pick out if you wanted that I actually got the Lincoln Log set that they had out many years ago oh the the Wilderness Lodge Lincoln Logs set I have that somewhere they had like these crystal Mickey’s I’ll have to see where I have that I don’t know if I left it in a box or put it in my case but we each got a crystal Mickey so that they they’re a lot of different things we like the yacht men Steakhouse I know there are some other places I you know people can argue and say oh I had a terrible mill there it could be hit or miss or you did have it I’m don’t worry Mike I’m probably gonna be getting off here soon but thank you to let me know that you’ll be right back hello cm entertainment who knew all these years that there were Gators in those waters we have to take the mini boats out to the grand flow happy I never fell into seven seas ago yeah that’s true cuz I knew that there would be alligators around but I didn’t know how many or how bad it may have been and never really thought about it because I wonder if they were even out in that water while the boats were running and stuff like that cuz and in the older day now I don’t know if there’s a lot of boats out there now all those water mice but back in the 90s when I would rent on there would be people all over the place with those boats and stuff like that yeah I’ve heard good and bad from people but I’ve never had a bad a bad steak there at the Ottman steak house we we would go there and thought we still kind of go we’d still go there every when we can they Ottman steak us we like Ohana’s I’ve been did the California grill I would love to get a reservation for their Cali brunch for the California burn a grilled brunch that looks delicious I’ve heard brandy and Dean talk about that a few other people talk about the california grill brunch i like to try the weave I hear seeing good things on that like I said we’ve been the aerials restaurant which now is no longer that’s more meeting space and I’m not sure which way they did the they knew the peaches-and-cream remodel whether they took out more of the arcade which I’m kind of guessing yeah I never sever any warnings about the Gators and then you think about how many times I’ve been the river country back in the days when River Country was popular and stuff that was besides wet and wild I was one of maybe one of the first water parks I gone to I did get to go to wet and wild because one of my first trips we stayed on International Drive right by wet and wild so we did take a day to go over there since we had like coupon offers and stuff and I’ve been there when I lived down in Orlando as a cast member the wet and wild and I’ve been the typhoon lagoon and course River Country and then whenever they built Blizzard Beach and decided to shut it down Blizzard pH is good Thank You CM entertainment

I like this cap to like I kind of wish I would have picked my nephew one up also and I’m not sure if they still sell this particular one or not because this was from the opening day of galaxy’s edge but I should have went and picked him up one because that was an even I had a cousin that asked me because they blocked out of the Hollywood studios and I had already left Florida then and I was like I I wish I didn’t leave as early as I did for when the hurricane came but I was hoping to get something the Sunday and stab and leave Saturday evening because I would have went back they picked that up for them but thank you Oh welcome back Mike but yeah whoever thought all that and you never really thought about it I remember one time we were out on that Lake Tahoe I didn’t kissimmee a friend of mine had a boat and they were going in the water and I said something about out like aren’t you afraid I’ll get here or whatever but he said with a boat traffic I don’t know they I I would assume that they would still be out there somewhere sitting at the bottom and everything hello Rock and Robin thank you for joining but I’m going to go in and end my stream thank you for joining rocker I’m sorry I’m gonna probably get ready to end my stream Amy put bull and bear yes I do have that on my bucket lists of going to visit the bull and the bear I did see that on Tim trackers I’ve seen a couple other people go to the bull and bear and talk about it now the seven seas of goodness man-made but the one over by wilderness law and the Bay Lake Tower yeah Bay Lake is a natural lake they just connect them with a water bridge yes and that was one of the fun things when you were on the boats driving over across the water bridge that was that was always a fun thing driving those boats and riding all around and everything like that that’s what made me always wonder even though I was at River Country and I was kind of reading and watching some videos on the history of that and wondered like how did they keep those alligators out of there and stuff and you could see like on pictures that the water was different and they did say that it was up higher than than the actual Bay Lake itself they some I don’t know if it was a wall or whatever you to see em entertainment have a great afternoon but yes I’m gonna go ahead and end the stream have a good day Timothy and everyone else I do thank everyone for joining on your way out I hope you hit that thumbs up button it’s much appreciated it does help out the channel I’m subscribing if you’re new to the channel check out all the different people in the chat and check out them there and that they feature all different things also and have a great day have a great rest of the week and I will see you in the chats and let the adventures begin everyone have a great day and I do thank you you’re welcome Ruby princess gee thank you for joining I do appreciate that I have a great day everyone bye