An Animated Introduction to the Key HR Functions

welcome back this is the first video in lesson two the objective of lesson 2 is to convey an understanding that there are different ways of managing human resources the first step is to make sure that everybody has a basic understanding of the key functions of human resources HR welcome to my animation on the basics of human resources suppose somebody has an idea for a product or a service maybe a new line of kites so in order to make and sell these kites we need some materials like nylon fabric string some carbon-fiber rods but these inanimate objects aren’t going to make anything on their own how will the kites get constructed we need people how to market and sell them we need people how to collect revenue and pay expenses we need people how to deploy these people we need more people so Human Resources is critical to any organization the first HR task is to figure out what work needs to be done and how to break this work into effective jobs so we can start with a workflow analysis determine the business processes that need to be completed then HR does a job analysis to figure out how to construct jobs to complete these required business processes suppose there are some production tasks like measuring and cutting maybe there’s some business tasks that need to be completed in terms of accounting or inventory management or accounts receivable and so we need to figure out these tasks and then put them into sensible jobs so maybe in the small organization we put these production tasks together into jobs and these business tasks together into a job but now we need people for these jobs so the next HR function is recruitment and selection need to advertise these jobs get job applicants interview the applicants figure out who has the skills and the aptitude for these jobs whose going to be a good fit with the organization once employees are hired in an orientation program to onboard them integrate them into the team make sure they’re fitting into the organization and they know what their tasks are and how to get things done in appropriate way consistent with the organization’s values once people are part of the team their performance needs to be managed so you need to evaluate and assess what they’re contributing give them direction are they engaged are they motivated are they doing the correct things also do they have the needed skills and the needed skills to advance do they have career development goals within the organization so another key HR task is training and development employees need to be trained this can take all different kinds wait a minute not that kind of training yes this kind of trained employees can be trained in different ways formal classroom type training informal on-the-job training employees also need to be paid rewarded provider with benefits so some of this might seem functional in terms of making sure people get a paycheck but of course it’s a lot more complicated than that think about how MODY money might provide an incentive but also don’t limit your thinking to rewards only being monetary there’s a number of reward and recognition programs that HR can lead in an organization do all of this successfully and this idea or dream can be a reality and you can create good products and services that the market will value now there’s also some specialized HR roles that also take place in organizations need to pay attention to health and safety make sure that employees have the appropriate tools and safety practices make sure it’s a healthy work environment which includes stress as well as physical threats to safety and health also need to manage diversity make sure that diverse individuals are being recruit didn’t manage and your organization’s free of discrimination sometimes employees might choose to unionize so Labor Relations is another important function of Human Resources there’s also Human Resources information system using data and metrics to try to guide the organization but HR doesn’t stop here she continued to reassess how business is done how jobs are structured what’s the nature of tasks within the organization looking at this is called organizational development and so the cycle of Human Resources continues through making sure you have correct individuals who are motivated engaged and their performance is managed correctly and they’re rewarded and compensated in appropriate ways now you should have a basic understanding of the key HR tasks and any organization and this should reinforce the conclusions from the previous video that managing human resources is important strategic complex challenging and anything but boring but there are different ways of managing human resources in a particular organization and that will be the focus of the remaining three videos in this