HOW TO PLAN AN EASY MOVE: Using A Moving Checklist

hmm are you moving soon well I know there’s a lot of things going on whenever you do move whether it be your home or your office it doesn’t really matter it all comes down to the same thing one you need a plan ahead why because you need to find out the date that you’re gonna be moving who’s gonna pay for the move your work yourself are you gonna do your own move or if somebody else gonna do it for you and when should you do everything well in this video I’m gonna go ahead and talk about exactly what you will need in order to facilitate your move now my name is Eduardo Martinez I’m the owner we move moving company I want to be providing the same moving checklist by the way to will reject lists I’m be providing the same moving checklist on the link description below okay so that’s gonna get started first things first what do you need to do in order to actually get ready let’s you know what let let’s backtrack let’s talk about what the main thing is the moving checklist what it actually does for you it gives you a timeline of when you should be doing certain things but the first thing that you should be doing is get organized okay so how do you get organized first thing you need to do is create a moving planner inside your moving planner you’re gonna put things such as your storage contract in case you’re getting a storage or if you’re renting your own u-haul or moving truck that’s where you put the the paper to let you know what gas or fuel marker you should put it back up in same thing if you’re gonna be using a moving company the moving company you could put in the paperwork you can put in the the quo your order for service your schedule any any information that you think might be important for your move same thing if you’re gonna be moving in or out of a rental so are you gonna be needing your your lease agreement which by the way your movers are gonna need that information to know where they’re gonna be taking your things to or taking your things from it doesn’t matter right and they both work okay so first thing like I said it’s get organized and create a movie binder this is where you’re gonna keep all your information like I said oh by the way the same thing with receipts in case somebody else is gonna be paying for your move they want to know where you’re spending your money and that way they could reimburse that money back to you so quick tip number one okay so let’s start the timeline timeline let’s do it at two months before you move so what should you do at two months before you move first thing I said first thing like million times right anyways the first thing you should do it’s downsize reduce all your junk I get it I get it there’s a lot of things that you’ve accumulated that you you know that you just want to keep around like for example myself I’ve gone to plenty of quinceañeras and weddings and I’ve done my my dancing and everything and then by the time I get back to the table I see this awesome Center ornament that I just want to take to my house and put it right next to my microwave but I really don’t need it I mean truthfully it’s something that I don’t need is whatever I just want to keep it right and yeah you can’t always take that check with your poster or whoever anyways so keep what you need and get rid of what you don’t so how do you do this well what you can do is go inside your you’re out all I’ll give you an example kitchen or bedroom or whatever let’s say let’s start with the kitchen you go to a kitchen you’re gonna start putting in all the all the cups you know your coffee mugs and all the things you don’t really use that often but you like so a quick tip is using your old t-shirts or your current t-shirts wrap it up with those t-shirts to make sure that there’s enough cushion in between each mug also use small boxes for heavy things like dishes glassware and just you know bugs and things that could make the Box heavy so rule of thumb is you know use heavy things small boxes large boxes you could put big bulky items may be like in a bedroom you could put your pillowcases your your bed sheets and all that stuff that take up a lot of space but essentially you know they don’t weigh that much why because the Box the cardboard box will turn so anyways um another thing you can do to downsize its host garage cells so by hosting a garage cells selling on ebay selling on Facebook marketplace are just selling your things right what you’re gonna end up doing is creating some moolah so you can go ahead and pay for your move pay for the moving truck pay for the moving supplies the boxes or whatever expense you might expect during a move right second thing is that you

could also donate anything that you don’t really want to sell right so for example pots pans old t-shirts and stuff go ahead and take it over to your local charities The Salvation Army or whatever you feel comfortable with gonna take it over to them by the way for example you take a few things to Goodwill I know that they provide you some kind of tax deduction voucher I don’t know you need to ask them once you arrive you know just as a recommendation okay so once you’ve already downsized and kind of discarded what you don’t need anymore thrown away or whatever next thing is to start packing please please start packing as soon as possible why is this so important the reason is because it’s probably the most tedious task it’s time-consuming it’s super annoying I understand it you know if you have a lot of things that you need to put inside boxes more than likely what’s gonna happen is that you’re gonna look at whatever you’re gonna start packing and you just say oh my goodness I remember when I got this pen inside a Tony Robbins conference while speaking to Gary Vaynerchuk to bat whatever you know anyways start packing your things well of course not a pen mugs or whatever you’re gonna end up putting inside boxes I don’t free from that much again just start packing you had to wait right um it’ll definitely save you time at the end of your move or next option is if you’re gonna hire mover to do it let them know ahead of time they could bring all the supplies either they sell it sell them to you or it’s included together with your service as a mover you know it’s based on a company by company basis right okay so what else oh when you do the packing please make sure to label your boxes correctly this is gonna be so important both for yourself and for your movers so for example let’s say that box is coming in from your kitchen right down kitchen right down master bedroom right down 20 toes a bedroom or whatever living room it doesn’t matter it’s a second thing is write down the contents you know for example microwave small appliances is the dishes or or bedroom you could put electronics DVDs or whatever you want to put in there just make sure you write down the context so contents so you can remember what’s inside the boxes because keep in mind by the time you’re done packing with everything there’s gonna be a lot of boxes okay so let me see oh also if there’s anything that’s fragile anything that you think can break well please write it down in big bold letters it’s gonna help you and the movers to know what to note or what to note first right so let’s say it’s gonna be um dishes I’m gonna put that in a place that I know for sure it’s gonna be in a safe spot or it won’t be at the very bottom of all the boxes with all the weight of the other boxes again and you know as a mover we’re gonna try to make the best use of the space inside the moving truck and we’re gonna be putting boxes on top of each other what I want to prevent is any damages that can be avoided is that does essentially we want to avoid damages right so what you do one month before you move so let’s ask who needs to know by your move who needs to be notified ok so let’s start off with you with your work with your school your your kids daycare whatever just make sure you let them know when you’re gonna be or yeah when you’re gonna move and also update them with the new address if you have that already let your utility providers know that you’re gonna be either transferring the service or cancelling the service whatever fits best are your own financial institutions your banks or credit cards or whoever else needs to know you let them know ahead of time once you already have your address also just let you know inside the at the very bottom I have the link to the website with our moving checklist that will show you or that has a link of where to submit at the u.s. post post office or on my mind god – burb all right once you get inside our website inside the movers checklist or moving checklist you could select the link that will take you to submit the form to the US Postal Service – pretty much forward all your mail to the to the new address okay sorry that was a lot okay who else do you want to let know again like I said our utilities providers a light water gas land I’m cable internet on and so forth service provider home service providers security alarms pest control cleaning help lawn maintenance so on and so forth you know just want to cover those bases there’s a lot more information by the way I’m using my

cheat sheet my own checklist to read what I got to go over in this video but again it’s available to you at the link below ok so what to do 3 weeks before you move what you want to do or you might want to do this a little bit before if you’re better yet let me rephrase this if we already have a date and a location start calling your your moving companies or start researching moving companies how do you do this first of all ask friends and family usually they’ll tell you how their experience has been in the past if they’ve ever used movers second thing go online go to Google type in movers in my city for example I’m in Laredo so movers in the radio Texas or moving companies to Laredo Texas more than likely you’re gonna find we move sorry that was the plugin okay so you’re gonna find the companies you know from the top-ranking or basically however they’re they’re set up in google make sure to look at the reviews find out what past customers have had to say visit their website if they have one read all the terms agreements and all that find out what your movers will be providing same thing follow their facebook page inside their facebook page you’re gonna be able to tell what kind of movers they are sometimes I’ll post pictures on any of these platforms it’ll just give you an idea of who you’re gonna be working with okay so let me see Oh so once you call your your representative most of the time they’ll give you a free moving estimate with that just make sure to ask them what will the rate cover so for example there are some companies that might be more expensive however they’re gonna provide a much larger moving truck or they’re gonna provide I don’t know just extra things as part of their rates or at the same in the same token and by the way I’m talking about hourly services so let’s say it’s already services and you find a cheaper moving cut or a more affordable moving company same thing ask them you know what they’re providing sometimes difference of a few dollars will make a huge difference it might provide a smaller truck they might just I don’t know there there’s just a lot of things to to kind of consider right but yeah essentially just ask them what they’re gonna be providing with whatever you’re gonna be paying for and also write these notes down they’re gonna be important whenever you’re cross-checking with other movers okay so and again this just kind of going over the top why because there’s some so much more information when I remove like I said I understand it’s a very stressful process whenever you do move okay so what to do two weeks before you move or before your move prepare your friends family I mean by this time most of them probably already know that you can be moving around but what can you do if you’re gonna be moving far away host going-away party I mean guys you know these are people that you’ve been interacted with for a long time I’m definitely positive that they’re gonna be missing you same thing with your kids sometimes you know it’s their final goodbyes depending on how far you’re moving um even if it’s within the city and there’s more specifically for kids if you’re moving around within the same city they’re going to be going to a different school different school district so again you know the likelihood of them seeing their friends it’s a little bit tighter so plan a party it’s definitely a big plus especially you know when you build up relationships over the years of wherever you’ve been okay so let me see um sorry I’m looking at my cheat sheet what you take on the road you could take your maps well in this case it’ll probably be like your your navigation device on your phone or something just make sure you’re not driving as you’re using it have some copilot tell you where where you’re gonna be going to okay snacks flashlight force a kid prescription drugs credit cards cash on hand cell phone charger just quick little things to keep make special arrangements in case of for example you’re gonna be moving within the city maybe somebody needs to take care of your pet keep in mind I mean I understand dogs I love dogs by the way I have dog I have dogs so I love dogs however not every dog is friendly which is great when they’re protecting your home but if somebody that they don’t know comes in their territory they’re gonna be defensive and of course the movers will not be working under hazardous conditions which this would fall under one of those even though it’s a chihuahua that’s just barking their little butts off whatever I mean I’m just saying putting it out there might just slow down the movers because they don’t want to spit step on the on the dog I don’t know just give me scenarios out there so make arrangements same thing with kids if you’re gonna be moving within the city or maybe even out of town you know how you’re gonna handle that situation okay so what else can you do start calling your new property your new location especially on rental properties and apartments sometimes you’re gonna have gate codes so make sure you write down the gate code the mover will be needing that the apartment number the the

building number and just maybe a simple instruction on how to get to your specific building I mean keep in mind as soon as they get there they’re gonna be driving around just looking for the building number and then finding your specific department so it saves a little bit of time makes it easier for for everybody okay so what to do one week before your move okay so the final touches it’s basically pact of personal suitcase well the personal suitcase is is where you’re gonna be taking during your travel whether it be and this is more specific I guess for for long-distance traveling or you know wait let’s go time push it and even with local you know from local moving or whatever right so what I’m getting out here it’s basically this you’re gonna be using certain things immediately one night to another so you’re gonna want to take a couple of you know change of clothes even work clothes toothbrush hygienic products maybe some cleaning supplies to clean up the new place or the old place you know these are just a couple of things that you can take for that personal suitcase let me see I start using items that can expire or you know non perishables right so things like these you know food inside your fridge the non personal isn’t that like countable perishable sorry so start eating whatever’s inside the fridge more than likely you’re not gonna have time to actually sit down a cook or full-blown meal why because everything’s already in boxes and it’s gonna be a lot of work to take everything out so you’re more than likely gonna be eating out again everybody treats their own you know what you’re doing but yeah just consume that I mean that way it doesn’t go to waste by the way a lot of movers will not move certain things and again because of the conditions they they pose so for example let’s say I load my my box truck my moving truck with all these out or your your food inside the fridge so it’s gonna take us a local move you’re gonna take as I don’t know half an hour to drive one from one location to another or let’s say where we loaded the food first and then everything else is going inside the truck so it’s been a couple of hours already so by the time we get to a new place you know not only has everything defrosted it might have even gone bad because of the heat by the way Laredo Texas the heat is insane for those of y’all that live here you know what I’m talking about okay so moving on to the next thing and start returning things that you’ve collected you know over time out or rent it or whatever movies library books I started getting back the things that you loaned out you know movies library books well maybe not like library books the books dry cleaner anything that you might have in layaway or its origin oh just save the safety deposit box you know just those kind of things be sure to remember those now what you do two to three days before your move so we’re right around the corner like it’s about to happen so what you sure you do well first of all preparing your home how do you prepare your home once everything is in boxes by this time everything should already be packed or at least most of it clean your home especially again if you’re renting if you’re renting you want your deposit back so how do you do this by providing a clean environment and giving and giving less reasons on why they should hold back certain amounts of your deposit or if you’re gonna be selling your home same thing you want to make sure that it’s ready for the new person that’s gonna be moving in thus essentially making it a lot easier to sell that home okay empty out your fridge and let it defrost so it’s gonna be I guess 24-48 hours to actually defrost keep in mind there’s a lot community inside especially if it’s going to be moved from one location to another what you want to do is make sure it’s dry pat it down use a wipey tissue cloth or whatever something dry just to make sure there’s not a lot of humidity inside in other words is connected and leave the doors open okay so let me see take down permanent fixings anything that you put on the walls art drapes light pictures sitting fountain or whatever situation is getting unplug appliances our or our electronic devices by the way just to let you know a lot of electronics need to be at room temperature same idea with the food so let’s say you have an awesome 65 inch TV you know it’s it’s a plasma or whatever you have it a nice cool environment because if you’re AC it’s nice and cold kind of like that one it’s it’s very awesome pretty decent anyways so let’s say you have your TV and then all of a sudden your movers take it into a hot moving truck so first of all that’s big no-no why because the glass itself were just the the screen itself can be damaged because of the huge difference in in temperatures right so just unplug it let it cool down and get to room temperature that doesn’t take a lot of time but again that’s why I recommend two to three days before I also take

pictures before you unplug anything why because it’ll help you remember where everything goes okay so also keep in mind for certain hazardous things that cannot be moved please read the terms and conditions for any mover but to give you a general idea oh by the way there are certain things you can we cannot legally move around so you need to be aware of that especially if you have it already packed inside boxes like propane tanks gasoline just certain things that cannot be moved so for example on that now drain your lawnmower stranger generators and all that soap from gasoline from all fluids fireworks throw those away cleaning fluids matches acid and whatnot just all that self we cannot move it so unless you can move moving yourself it still poses a risk so please take that into consideration whenever you’re moving anything okay so on the moving moving days here and you’re ready to to take on the world and just get it out of the way I understand there’s already been a whole lot of things that needed to be done just prepared to you know for this day but yeah the hardest part is over right about so talking about the moving game what are your responsibilities as the customer first of all whenever the the mover sends you a quote sheet or whatever more than likely if it’s not within the paper that they send you or email you or whatever check their website and they’ll probably have the your your rights and responsibilities as a consumer please feel free to read that it’s actually really important for every move actually but it’ll eventually say what the responsibilities that you hold what are the movers liabilities let me see well moving on let me see be available at time of pickup and delivery of your shipment which basically means take the day off if you can be available for the movers because even at that your movers will just get there they’ll be loading everything for you but they need to know how to get around to a new location if anybody else is gonna be acting on your part and signing the paper or whatever just keep in mind it’s not there things so so you better understand what the conditions of your items are so let’s say prezbo items you know compress would we move it for example we can move it for the customer but we do have a disclaimer that if they get damaged we cannot cover it or you know we might take some discretion on what to cover what not to cover but the reason is because once they’ve been assembled if you disassemble you know they’ll just become a whole lot more flimsy or even at that once you’re inside the moving truck you know and if they’re just moving around you know just the compressed wood is gonna eventually just break apart so i mean just a quick heads-up there’s just something to consider of course by the way my movers keep not and keep everything nice and tight to avoid all that shifting and moving around but again compressed wood is really really delicate okay so let’s go on to what to do before the mover arrives okay so actually when the mover arrive is better said point out any extra fragile items and again any extra or any furniture that might require more attention or that’s already kind of flimsy so why because the mover will know how to handle that specific um box or furniture piece you’ll walk through with a mover walk around take pictures your before and after why this is gonna help out in the event of a claim also make sure you understand your responsibilities your damages and and basically what the coverages are ask your mover they’ll definitely be able to tell you what they can and cannot cover but the overall I guess liabilities is sixty cents per pound which basically means if you have a hundred pound item they’re only gonna cover sixty cents of that item again if you read our articles or the or checkout or page you’re gonna be able to find more information on that for example and the frequently asked questions or ask your mover right they should definitely know okay so Morris arrival let me see be present to give directions or you went over that company the movers as things are being loaded I mean please don’t get involved as far as you know getting onto a truck or helping them physically why because we understand moving there’s a lot of things going around or not of heavy furniture that’s being over being moved around last thing we want to do is cause any kind of accidents to you as a person or even to our own movers you know for safety precautions let me see before you leave make sure that your water is shut off that you’ve that your ACS is of your breakers if you want to turn them off go for it your windows are shut and locked and if you need to turn in any keys that you’ve

already surrendered those those keys also if you want to go and drain now your boiler that’s another another idea okay so upon delivery once everything is loaded and inside the truck your movers need to know how to get to a new location also time is how you’re gonna be in the paper but just make sure you go over any details then they might need to know for example special parking arrangements that you’ve made with the property also be be ready with or with the payment you know it’s it’s a little uncomfortable kind of just waiting and seeing when you know which card should use you know because some cards have more funds than others I mean just just take that into consideration right again for hourly services you can’t really you know calculate the exact amount that you can be spending but just you know keep into consideration what you probably you know consider my how long it might take right and yeah I mean after the move out there everything’s unloaded go over your your items again you want to look out for any scratches damages or whatever as a mover what they do and don’t cover them okay so I feel like if I went over a lot more details than what I should have but it’s really important information again if we take a look at our page follow the link below it’s gonna really break it down for you again this moving checklist is to facilitate your move I understand there’s a lot going on but honestly you know just be safe as far as planning and and and taking caution before you move all right guys again like I said my name is Rosa Martinez I really appreciate you guys taking a look at the video by the way what I do want to know is this I want to know if you have any other tips or moving hacks that you might recommend I mean I would love to add it to to our to our blog or articles or whatever you know I want to help out as much as many people as possible whenever they move and your information would definitely help out also write down in the comments you know how your experience has been with previous movers if there are certain things that you saw in this video that made me didn’t do and the consequences if there were any on not doing them or improvements on what to do based on what I said anyways like I said there’s a lot to to say but there’s a little time to watch this video guys thanks so much pretty sure your time