How To Clean Dust From PS4 To Keep It From Overheating

you hello guys in this video I will show you how you can remove dust and things like that from your ps4 to keep it away from operating as that is something you don’t want to happen to your piece for and to do this you need your ps4 here and you’re a little vacuum cleaner with this little thing here in front or this is not necessary but I would recommend using it ps4 then you wait until lamb this and LED light is turned off that will take about 30 seconds after you turn off your console and we’re not just turned off you ahead just remove your piss-poor take it out from here and point all your papers that’s connected to it simply by that okay you know you have removed and unplugged your ps4 and when you have got it here the first thing you will do is to put your hands up in air and your thumbs down there and just push discover down at the same time you just pull it towards you and then this will make it come off and then you just lift it in the front first and take it off like this and we will just put this to the side for now so I’m here we got this the hard drive of the Buse floor here and as you see it’s not so much this is a place where it will be very much dust and things like that after a while but it’s not on my ps4 no because I just clean it and yes and so a place where Tufton gets a lot of dust is here around this area and Donen around the edges on it and I would just show you where to use your vacuum cleaner and that is around here with these ventilation openings and on the backside here on this openness here down here and up in here and on this side you with this a ventilation open is there and here you should clean just try to vacuum clean all over the whole area ok so I know I will just simply show you and with the vacuum cleaner how it’s supposed to be done [Applause] [Applause] okay so now that’s done so you the next thing you do it’s just to put this cover back on but first put it on behind there and then release it down there and just press it in until you’re this safely and that’s the whole process guys it’s not

harder than that and I will say thanks for watching and please subscribe to me if you want more tutorials or something like that and please leave a comment below if you have just any questions and Theresa you got any friends that has the ps4 please just share them share it to them to save them from overheating their ps4 and just another quick tips just to vacuum clean the area that you have got your eyepiece for into if you got a lot of dust inside this area there you will just that it will just get inside your playstation hand it will get overheated and it will just be destroyed yeah but I think what thanks for watching peace the secrets if you really look at yourself you would be speechless happening being doctors and teachers what happened to being your brother’s keeper