Half-Life: Alyx – The Ending

you alright coordinate let’s get you out of this thing impressive work Gordon Freeman Gordon Lisbeth’s you wouldn’t need all that to imprison Gordon Freeman so who are you perhaps what I have is not as important as what I can offer you in exchange for coming all this way some believe the fate of our worlds is inflexible my employers dis they authorize meet in a particular direction from time to time what would you want me combine earth I want the combine off earth that would be a considerably large much too large given the interests of my employers well you asked what if I could offer you something you don’t know dad what is that me what is this what’s happening we are in the future this is the moment where you watch your father unless what unless what unless you were to take matters into your own hands release your

as a consequence of your action this entity will continue and this entity right so he’s okay right he lives my dad lives you are aware that you’ve proven yourself to be of extraordinary family a previous fire has been unable or unwilling to perform the tasks laid before him we struggle to find a suitable replacement until now no I just want to go home send me home I’m afraid illness understand the situation miss nurse wait hey wait wait wait you warning vital signs critical seek medical attention gone Gordon wait up Gordon she’s gone Gordon she’s gone son of exodus foreseen consequences I knew it