yo what’s up guys Terminator 2 you for here and this is the remake of the ps3 yellow light of death blow-dryer fix my mate the first video was really bad because I was young I didn’t have really good camera skills I didn’t really have a good camera but this is a remake I’ve been getting a lot of requests to remake the video so I’m here goes um before I get on with things I will tell you guys this I you need to watch the whole video because if you miss one step or miss like an important like detail or something it could damage your ps3 because I have gotten messages of people like melting their ps3 or stupid stuff like that because they’re not following the instructions so make sure you watch the whole video don’t skip around and this really short and sweet anyways I’m going to try and make it to the point another question that I get asked a lot is how long this lasts it can last up to five months it can last up to 10 minutes it’s really like one of those things we just try it and see see how long it lasts there’s nothing for sure about this it works most of the time but sometimes it doesn’t work but yeah mine lasted for about two and a half months but I really really I recommend this fix just for like fixed it put like you fix them on ps3 and you turn it in the game stop or whatever place but I will buy ps3s you know um just just fix it like this and just get a ps3 slim because that’s really the best thing they do I’m pretty sure game stop bias these things for around fifty or seventy bucks so you get a slim for about one hundred and fifty dollars or like 130 I’m pretty sure it’s a hundred and thirty so um yeah all you’re going to need is a box you can use your ps3 box you don’t want anything in it you want the box to be empty so have their box empty um you can use a ps3 box of the ps3 comes in or you can find a box like that’s close to the size you don’t want a box that’s too big because what we’re doing here is we’re trapping heat inside of the box so the heat still appears you can get like rewarmed up um but yeah get a box I’m using this size this size it’s probably as big as you want to go and anything smaller than this should be fine but you won’t you want to have a box a decent size where he can ventilate and get around but yeah you’re going to need a hair dryer you can it’s like I know I know most guys don’t having hair dryers but you can just get your girlfriends or your neighbors or your mom’s hair dryer I wouldn’t recommend buying one because I wouldn’t I wouldn’t want to I don’t want people to wasting the money doing this fix because it’s not permanent and you don’t know if it’s going to work so um yeah you need a box and your ps3 alright so first step you want to have your ps3 upside down turn your ps3 upside down and have the front go into the back of the box so there you go put the front of the ps3 towards the back of the box that’s good um next you want to have your ps3 on um I’m sorry your blow dryer um my setting says hot and one setting says hi you want to have it as hot as it can get and it’s as high as it can get people ask for substitutes for a hairdryer all the time there really isn’t because the hairdryer is like the perfect heat level a heat gun can get too hot and all your ps3 and that’s really the other thing I know about that blows heat out um but yeah get a hairdryer it’s the perfect thing to use but um when you’re doing this while what we’re going to be doing here is going to be um blowing the hairdryer into the back of the ps3 like blowing the heat that’s the girl that’s in the hairdryer we’re going to be blowing it into the back of the ps3 we’re going to be going side to side you don’t want to have it too close like right up to it because that could melt the back of the ps3 you want to have it about three to four inches away like right about here you want to have it pretty far away and you want to be going back and forth at around this paste you want to be going to slow you don’t want to hold it in one spot because I could damage your ps3 you want to have you want to have it going back and forth at a decent pace and um yeah so you want to have it going back and forth at a decent pace blow dry aren’t high and if you feel that the ps3 is getting too hot you can take breaks if you want to or if you see that the ps3 is starting to melt something or whatever is going on take breaks but most of the time you should be able to do it for work for 15 minutes that’s how long you’re supposed to do it for 15 minutes 15 to 20 20 20 is pushing it but 15 minutes for sure so I recommend doing it for around um 17 minutes but I’m yeah I’ll do that right now and I’ll come back when I’m done all right I just finished doing this for the ps3 um is my piston it’s pretty hot

right now but on the last step you guys want to do is to cooling down process you want to find a fan and you want to find something to put your ps3 on where the fan can blow air directly until the ps3 I’m just going to put the ps3 box on my dresser you want to leave the ps3 in the box and I have my fan right here already setup so I’m just going to move my box over to the dresser just right here and you just want to have the fan on high as cold as can get you want everything as cold as you can get you just won’t have them the fan just blowing some aren t there you know have it on high you want to do this around 30 to 40 minutes I know it’s a long way it’s times going to go by slow because you’re so anxious to see if it’s going to work but trust me the cooling down process is important so have it going in the back for around 30 to 40 minutes or you can have them throw your ps3 throw it in the fridge for around 30 to 40 minutes – or the freezer if you want to get things really cold it doesn’t matter as long as the phd cools down but um yeah and the last step after that is to just subscribe to my channel this piece was fixed on my I put a lot of work into it and it’s really the nicest thing you guys can do because it makes me happy that’s really why I’m giving you guys this content so I mean I fixed your ps3 so at least you can do is subscribe to me watch one of my videos my videos are pretty cool I got action videos you know shooting videos um I got everything so I’ll come back I’ll come back when um I’ll come back when this ps3 is done and then I’ll go ahead and throw it in the not throw it in there but I’ll go ahead and hook it up and see if it works so yeah all right it’s all done it’s been cooling down for a while now ps3 is pretty cool so put this right here and let’s hook it up and see if everything works it’s just sorry if I’m taking along I mean this is pretty cool and let’s see it should work and there we go ps3 is all good working fine and um yeah working ps3 you guys if yours work please subscribe and telling you that helps a bunch and them yes Terminator 2 you four and I’ll see you guys later