A LEAKED Scream Fortress 2013 Trailer?

you may have heard about a little sfm animation called scream bloody fortress or perhaps even not because it seemingly blew up one day and then everyone absolutely forgot about it afterwards in fact they only heard about it this year and it’s five years old at this point it came out very shortly after the fifth annual Halloween special and follows the story of scout sniper soldier and have Viet marasmus with at school they mess around and eventually steal this from another Kahn and accidentally summoned the skeleton came from the hell to our map oops if you haven’t seen it yet here’s the video in its entirety he no just a silly little fan made video based on the update and for a fan made project it’s incredibly well made lots of good animation models and ideas and it came out just two days after the update launched what on a second two days that can’t be right yes it’s alarming isn’t it what if I told you that this innocent fan movie was actually not made by fans but rather by both themselves and you just never knew it yes my theory is that scream bloody fortress is a leaked unfinished as a fem trailer for the Halloween update at the same year all claim I know but who would I be if I didn’t bash on wealth news network for speculating if I didn’t over speculate myself well seeing s is this more of a quickie video and no one really cares about the intro to a video anyway let’s get right into the meat and let me show you all the proof I have to back up that statement and then at the end I’ll tell you why I think the video got leaked in the first place first of all there are a ton of custom made models and textures of the video like marasmus whose mouth isn’t even covered by scoff unlike in the game but it was fully animated other things are the wizard school both the interior and exterior which both have a lot of details like the shelves the chairs also the blackboard the paper dolls alphabet snipers pan Scouts ears and of course the giant tower that appears at the end really that’s a lot of work for such a simple video however there’s also some models that I think were not custom 8 for this video but rather unreleased ones from other official tf2 videos such as this trash can of pong vest golf pros which seems to be identical to the one from expiration dates and speaking of expiration date the video also features the red man with the same exact bullet holes broken windows and tents and look apparently it also appeared Amita medic it’s possible that these exists in the game’s file somewhere but I don’t think that’s the case I am willing to bear 20 German bucks that only 12 employees are able to get their hands on these models furthermore the entire thing seems to take place in a modified version of Hightower this cobblestone texture for example isn’t in the final version of the map where it’s just dirt or gravel granted it’s possible they quickly change it to make the transition from the tower to the map more fluid but it doesn’t stop there take a good look at the actual high toe itself how come that you can see this doorway from the bottom of the tower you can’t do that in the final version in fact the tower seems to be missing massive chunks such as a front part of it why even change all there just for a video that’s the point because the final map works just as well unless the creator was using an earlier version of it let’s keep going what about the never heard before tf2 a themed track ok sure SFM artists use custom music for the videos all the time that’s not really evidence yet still a bit fishy considering it sounds just like something that might rescuer and equally a skill composer would come up with but what about the boys lines I don’t recall Skoda having said this in the game nor do I remember sniper using this voice line which even seems to be cut off at the end take your seat or Scouts holy crap while he does say it often he never uses that exact voice line holy crap we ranking up holy crap we are awesome holy crap holy crap this goes on forever but this one that he says this one I have definitely heard before but where well oh my god oh right yeah get the sandwich all right no biggie they just flipped it from the video but then how can scream bloody fortress doesn’t also include heavy screams and footsteps those would be incredibly hard to filter out unless they use the original lines but how could they have gotten their hands on them now here’s where it gets really interesting the entire thing seems to be animated using motion capture which isn’t exactly easy to obtain and use for a hobby animator granted it’s been done before practical problems did it just fine but not every average Joe has access to it wait hold on practical problems the video that came out one year before the Halloween update which was also made by the same dude that made the another nine video who’s about page directly states that he worked for valve

at one point oh and what’s this valve apparently used motion capture for expiration date even the pacing and the humor especially the part with the raising tower reminds me a lot of well alright that’s just my opinion and not really any evidence but I have a question for you with all the effort that went into this video or the models textures music animation why is the final product so lackluster the lighting is incredibly simple even non-existent at times the audio is paired with a lot of missing sounds and ambience and so on it’s like they just stopped making the video after they were almost done with it but why all right maybe the Russia before the event was over after all it came out just two days after the update it launched but just two days who makes all of this custom content in just two days it would require an actual team to do that and even then two days is not nearly enough time they must have had to prepare everything in advance but that would have required them to know what would be in the update I mean even the channel itself is fishy it seems like a throwaway account it has a generic name the profile pic no other videos per activity and was created the same day that the video was even uploaded why not upload the video that’s still good to spite all the floors on the main channel where would gain much more popularity well my answer to these questions is that this video was in fact just an unfinished trailer for the helloween map then it was leaked by one of the guys that worked on it all the TF team themselves evening this is highly likely considering that Belle loves communicating by leagues instead of using more logical methods like I don’t know talking to the community directly for once now but wilykit compared the story of the video to the one from the extra screen photos update there’s no mention of the man brothers but there’s a much higher emphasis on Rasmus who isn’t even in the final map my theory is that this trailer was made while the update was still in his kiddie shoes before they expanded on different ideas the original idea was likely that the Merc stole the spell books from Rasmus who then wanted to revenge the boma nomicon in the trailer was probably just a placeholder for the actual spell books this would also explain why they even exist in the game mode considering they just randomly appear in the current version with no actual reason if that’s a case then the announce op would have likely also been marasmus another man the skeleton king himself also probably played a much larger role more something like the horseless headless horseman and less like the minor nuisance he is now he was likely supposed to look more like he did in the video instead of robbing nothing but a crown and also using a saw to attack people and others bare hands i theorize that the cosmetics that you see in the video we’re also placeholders but they weren’t able to finish his actual cosmetics and times when they ended up removing them the Cliff House most perhaps also supposed to be the wizard school mirroring the events from the video I mean if you take a look at high tower where you can see that it looks like a really rushed map that’s very different from the real one except for different lighting and some spooky towers haphazardly thrown in there so I thought things didn’t work out exactly as planned like no good are working ideas for the skeleton king and or they thought of something more interesting that is the men brothers going to hell and then made it about that instead the final product is much more interesting in my opinion though I would have loved to have played against a skeleton king from the video he just looked more threatening and menacing but this raises the question what other videos from valve did we also not see I mean powerhouse was supposed to release with the game and the end was in development for years and now this video all things we didn’t even know about there’s probably entire Maps weapons game modes maybe even classes we can see kind of makes you want to work at valve just so I can look at all that stuff hey guys yeah great to work your high game in that’s all great so where’s the hidden tf2 stuff but but but as much as I hyped in this video all of this is just my speculation I think I made a couple of good points but I might be completely wrong about some maybe even all of them none of this is confirmed so don’t take it as fact and certainly don’t harass anyone about it I mean of course guys this is huge this means that a team for the spore might be coming very soon in the future just kidding but eh it’s just a theory and I want to thank my patrons want rumah Alexa service dr. 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