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Anaya Tell me about the accident in detail What happened and where did it happen? I am applying for a job right now I will tell you everything after this Kids these days don’t have time for their parents Mother! I will just tell you Give me fifteen minutes only Right now you don’t have time…Later I will not have any time God! Hello! Hello! I was about to send Muneeba’s beautiful pictures to her Father and her brother Before doing that I thought to call you Don’t you dare do that Police will beat you and fix you Police should have had arrived by now if they had to I can give you a chance considering your beauty I don’t want Muneeba anymore You will have to sacrifice for your friend I will break your face My pleasure Who has stopped you from breaking my face? But for that you have to meet me You will have to come to me Are you a human or an animal? Do you have any shame? Spare the poor girl and leave her Only you have the authority to spare her now And as long as the shame is considered, that too belongs to you The only thing I know is that the one who is shy loses destiny I will call again Think again Listen! Hello! Hasan! Hello! How are you? Sorry I am a bit late It is ok How are you feeling? I am better it is good Is everything ok? Yes, everything is ok He called He said that if I don’t meet him he will be a trouble for Muneeba I will kill him Calm down Hasan We have to be very careful…It is about Muneeba’s prestige Give me his number I will give you all the details but calm down and listen to me

He is black mailing Muneeba Killing the citizens and threatening you How can I calm down? What to do…we are helpless He can destroy Muneeba’s life Actually I should not have involved you in this problem I could not figure out whom to ask for help Don’t talk rubbish You don’t need to ask for anyone’s help when I am here What did Muneeba say? I have not told anything to Muneeba She is already very depressed She is ashamed of her mistakes I know that she is responsible for all this but we cannot leave her alone in this situation Don’t worry I know someone in the intelligence department I will talk to him and he will definitely find a solution Thank you Hasan Ok cheer up now I have to go home early because my family thinks that I am sleeping in my room Why? Would they have allowed me to leave in this condition? Oh! Should I drop you? No thank you This is not customer service…don’t say thank you for everything Ok then… bye! Dear, this world is a very weird place People are with you one moment and against you the next moment You should not make petty issues your ego problem my dear You should prepare yourself for every situation Understood? Miraal! What is wrong with you? You are not the Miraal I knew The time is also not the same Everything is fine It is fine as of now But what is the guarantee that it will remain the same forever? There is no guarantee for anything What is the use when everything has to finish What are you talking about? One cannot stop living just because of the fear of dying Miraal tell me honestly, what is going on in your mind Nothing I hate your habit of making assumptions I think you need a change So get married I will let you know when I would need an advice Keep it to yourself right now Hello! Come inside Hasan’s friend is coming Don’t say anything stupid in front of him Greetings! Greetings! How are you? I am good How are you? I am very well I am upset with you Have a seat Why are you upset? I asked you to do something being your elder sister but you could not do that What should I do? Hasan is not answering my calls since the university has ended I think that he has a doubt that I am in contact with you Hey Hasan! Be careful, be careful, be careful What happened brother? Nothing…just a little accident What are you doing here? I ….actually… I have been calling you since so many days and you are not answering my calls I was worried about my brother Thought to come to your place and meet you You left without informing Father He was very angry Go and get scolded by him now Have a seat, I will just come Ok This is really bad

But you should not have gone there alone I have told you about the entire situation I did not have another way out in that situation Ok, no problem Don’t worry and do me a favor Write an application I will talk to my seniors and we will figure out something He will not get away Thank you Shahzain brother But be careful See you Are you leaving? Yes, I should leave now Should I drop you? No, it is ok, I should leave Thank you Yes Is it him? What happened? Where are the pictures? Which pictures? Where is the data? What data? Where is the data? I don’t have any data…why are you beating me? I don’t have any data, honestly I don’t have any data You don’t have it Go onside Get the mobile, laptop and everything you find I don’t have any data The laptop is inside Don’t fire, don’t fire The laptop is inside Don’t fire Don’t fire You said there is no data…where did this come out from? You guys go I will do something about him This will not happen again Go Get up Forgive me, I have done nothing What is going on here? My documents are not safe in my own office Where is that file? Feroz I want that file Prepare your grave with your own hands if I don’t find that file Sir, how should I tell you that I am not responsible for this? This is a conspiracy You must have the back up Madam, apart from the file, all the back up in the computer is gone I am telling you, someone has planned all this So you mean to say that we don’t have any proof Greetings! Congratulations! I have been appointed as the regional manager of the new eagal constructions How dare you? You traitor! It is the traitor’s world sir The loyals are suffering as you can see Remember one thing… big chairs do move but a man becomes a joke when it falls down Be careful sir, you are also sitting on a big chair I should leave now May God protect you Who allowed him to come inside? Did you listen to what Shahzain brother said? What? That when are we getting married? I can understand It is not that easy It is the biggest decision of one’s life Shahzain brother was saying it just like that

Hasan! You can get married whenever you want to My sweet Mother! Oh my God What are you doing? The lentils will fall down Greetings! Greetings! May God bless you with a happy life Why are you showing so much love? The lentils will fall down What has happened to you? Why are you so happy? I am happy because I am with my Mother Carry on my dear You are with me for a few days and then somebody is going to take you away from me Celebrate I feel the same What did you say? Look at me Look at me What is going on? Mother, I have a class fellow, Hasan You have been very clever I did not expect this from you at all Mother! Listen to the whole story first Tell me Tell me! Come here…let me see your face Now tell me You are the most important part of my life I want your help I want you all to support me for the most important decision of my life I want you to go to Anaya’s house and ask for her proposal This could be your wish but not reality You want us to beg for a proposal for a girl whom we don’t even know This is actually the problem You have already started hating her before even knowing about her I know her very well She is a social climber She wants to be a billionaire without doing anything It is not like that Miraal The day you will get to know her, you will be proud of my choice Ya right…I will be proud, my foot Ok! I have always accepted your decisions, today you accept my decision What do you mean? Will you still marry that girl even if we say no? Both our religion and our country’s law allow me to do so You people decide if you want to support me or not And while deciding, keep this in mind, that whatever is your decision, I will marry Anaya only Hasan listen to me I have not seen such a stupid man like you What does he think of himself? Is he a kid? You keep telling me that he is a kid, talk to him politely, and make him understand How should I convince him? Did you see your kid now? He wants to destroy this house Stop him There is no point in talking to you Father did you listen to what he said? What is he going to do? Stop him We will have to go to Anaya’s house

Are you saying this? To that girl’s house! Darling, try to understand, he has already become a rebellion If we are not going to stand by him in this decision than I will lose my son and you will lose your brother I lost my brother the day he fell in love with that girl I have seen it in his eyes He will not stop We will have to go along with him I could never imagine that you will turn out to be so weak Miraal! Miraal what happened? Are you upset? Are you sad? Are you upset? Are you sad? Miraal come here Miraal! Miraal! I always use to tell you, to listen to me Understand what I am saying But you never listened, never The person who cannot be defeated by anyone, can be defeated by his own offspring Mr. Fareed… Greetings Please come inside Please come Do you know any professional murderer? Why would I know any murderer? Why are you asking for it? I want to get someone murdered Miraal Are you in your senses? People who come from village can do anything for money Find me a murderer soon Miraal, how can you even think like this? One man’s murder is the murder of whole humanity I don’t want to listen your lecture, please keep your mouth shut I have asked you to find a murderer, else I will kill Anaya myself Please relax Mr. Fareed Consider it your own house My house is not like this He is not feeling well What happened to him?

What could have happened? I have lost because of my own child I have lost my senses Where is Daughter dear? Please call her Yes, she is preparing tea I will call her Darling bring the tea Greetings! Greetings! May you live long dear Greetings! Greetings! God bless her, your daughter is so nice God keep the evil eye away Uncle how much sugar for you in tea? I do not drink tea oh! How much for you Aunty? Just put one teaspoon dear Ok Thank you Thank you dear Father Since the kids have already cooked up, so let us also fulfill our responsibilities What are you trying to say Mr. Fareed? There is nothing left to say It is time to act Why do I have a feeling that you people have come here because of some obligation? What bigger obligation can there be other than your own child? Look I am a simple man Whatever you want to say, please say it clearly Clearly, Anaya is our son’s choice, not ours We are not a match You can go out and see it for yourself, that the local kids of your area must be clicking pictures with our car And even your daughter really likes our car The thing is Mr. Fareed that neither my daughter is used to of a car nor she needs a car We belong to a middle class We have taken loans for our daughter’s education And we are not ashamed of it We are proud of it Mr. Fareed It is your choice, whatever you decide Anyways if I would have to take loans to fulfill my child’s basic needs, I would have been ashamed My daughter is not a fruit kept on a cart, which you can weigh and then bargain over it I did not earn black money to run my house We have paid more attention to our daughter’s brought up rather than money You could not even bring her up properly That is it! Stop it Mr. Fareed Get out of my house Get out right now I am really thankful to you Forgive us God knows what happens to him

He is not bad at heart Forgive us Do not curse us God listens to the parents of a daughter Have mercy on us I will not give up My name is Miraal How are you dear? Miraal! Is my child still upset? You should get used to it because I will always remain upset with you What if I say that Anaya’s parents have refused? What! Are you telling the truth? Yes I could not upset my daughter But Father how did you do all this? Dear this is what I try tell you It is not a compulsion that one should do all the things by himself Sometimes, you only have to create the circumstances Things happen For God’s sake Have mercy on your kids What are you doing? I know what I am doing Hasan has gone mad, not me And keep your mouth shut in front of him otherwise you will face the consequences Greetings! Greetings! What happened? They did not even have the worth to sit with us But we went there because of you What happened Mother? Why are you asking her? I will tell you

Anaya’s Father refused Before we could even finish, they asked us to get out But she wants to marry him only They are just increasing their price Mother, is father telling the truth?