Iddarammayilatho Telugu Full Movie | Allu Arjun, Amala Paul, Catherine Tresa

Everyone forced me to contest I did, won the elections and have become a minister Other than that, I don’t know much I want to do something! I would know only from counsel of IAS officers like you Sir, we may have a lot of ideas, but without support from People like you, we won’t be able to do anything! Whoever is involved in the mining scam I want to know the names of the wrongdoers! – Yes, sir Start your inquiry in such a way that It’ll deter the recurrence of such wrongs! Sure! – What is your name, sir? – Rahul Sharma! Mr. Sharma! What is your problem! People like you looting the country is my problem! In the guise of coal ore, are you guys not smuggling diamond? Mr. Sharma! Coal contains carbon! Diamonds too contain carbon! Because we are selling them because women like diamonds! Otherwise why do we need it You too have wife She too wants diamonds Listen to me Never! Give the phone to the guy standing next to you! Hail God of evil! Sir! Tell us, sir! What is this? Have all of you come here? What have you got to say about the high tech scam? What is your share in that? How many of you are there? It is true there was corruption in the deal! But I have nothing to do with that! – That is why I am still a minister! – Not that, sir! – We hear about lakhs and crores! – Who is that? Come here! Come! Lakhs and crores! How could you say that so casually? How could you talk about money like a video game score? Without knowing the facts, please don’t talk like that! – No, sir! – Let me finish! My daughter is on a tour! Let me talk to her for two minutes! After that I will answer all your queries! Please move a little! Sir, answer this before you go! If the minister’s daughter is going on A tour within 24 hours of the news about The scam breaking out, where she is going

And the reason behind it is very evident! Don’t hazard guesses! You talk as though I am sending crores of rupees through my daughter! She is going for higher studies! Deplorablei – Daddy! – What is it, dear? – What is all this? – Have you seen this? No more suitcases are available to pack her dresses! – This is the eighth suitcase! – Why so many suitcases? They will say it is all cash! – Why do you want so many dresses? – Daddy, don’t say no to me! I am the daughter of a central minister! – My God! You can even consider it my ego! That is why I am packing all these! You are going to do PG in psychology! I don’t know why you need to take all these dolls with you! Daddy, children find everything surprising Their desires are more They have more ideas too Do you know how much energy it gives us? Give me a kiss! – Best of luck, dear! – I love you, dad! Ola! Hi.. Akansha! India Nice house! -Welcome! Yes, coming So silly! Hello, ma’am There is a box, carton box under the bed! – Is it yours? – No! Must belong to the previous tenant’s! Just leave it there! Don’t worry! Mummy! I have reached safely! I have just come to the room! Everything is fantastic! Mummy, wait for a minute, please! The thing is The previous tenant has left a carton here! I don’t know whether they forgot to take it or discarded it What is inside? Don’t they want it? Will it be useful to us? Only after I open the box and find out, will I be peaceful Does it belong to a guy or a girl?

Girl’s only Nice color! She is beautiful! What is her name? Her name is Komali! Her name and photo are very fine! Komali! What is inside your golden box? Diary! Is this diary yours? Is it personal? Should no one read it? Then I will start reading it right now! Can you stop me? With dad’s permission, I came to Europe to learn music.’ ‘I feel this is a great achievement.’ ‘I like this Europe very much!’ ‘Fourth Avenue, 594 is my room!’ The balcony view from the right side is scenic! Really! I want to see! Wow! My God! Awesome! Really beautiful! As soon as I arrived, I called mom! – Dear, have you reached safely? – Yes, reached, mom! I heard you get good vegetables there! Get some, cook for yourself and eat! Don’t have food from the hotel! Your stomach might get upset! Don’t ever go for pizza or burger Dear, take care of the violin! Did you take it as cabin baggage or as luggage? – Don’t damage it – No issues, dad! I was keeping it in the bag with me! Take care of it. It belongs to your great grandpa’s period! First it was your great grandpa’s, then my dad’s, then me And in the future, you have to play it in concerts! It is the Goddess of learning and Goddess of wealth for us! Hello! It seems the lamp wick is burning up One minute! Let all propitious grace be showered Dear, he would say so many things! You don’t pay heed to all those sermons I am fed up with him playing the fiddle! From the day I was married to him Till the time you were born, this man was playing violin all the time Even at the hospital, he kept on playing the violin! You leave that aside and learn some other good instrument! Other than that, any other instrument is good enough! ‘Today is the first day of my college life!’ ‘I was going to college with the violin that dad gave me.’ ‘It was my bad luck that I saw him then!’ ‘What happened was totally unexpected!’ Wait. Wait. No! No! Wait, wait. No!

My God! Take care! – Yes. Yes ‘The violin of my great grandpa was shattered to pieces!’ ‘How will I inform my dad about this?’ All men are the same! They will do only what we expect them not to do! If we want them not to touch a thing” they will touch only that However careful you are, you will be out cleanly! The minds of boys are always like this! The name is nice! Sanju! A guy doing a bad thing for the sake of a good thing Is he a good boy or a bad boy? “Seetha seetha! Geetha geetha!” “Seetha, Geetha, Radha, Maya!” “Whatever is your name..” “Whatever is your country..” “if girls don’t exist in earth..” “Life becomes boring. Life is zero!” “Jeans, tops, shirt or skirt..” “..whatever dress you wear..” “ should capture the eyes!” “Don’t wait for the fashion to change!” “Start a new trend today!” “We should climb to the top through the ladder!” “We should run along with the nation, run fast.” “So run, run, run, run, run, run.” “Put your hands up and say let’s have some fun.” “Run, run, run, run, run!” “Got to win the heart of every sexy woman!” “if your tongue has the cocktail taste forever..” “..if there’s a scent within you..” “Top to bottom, I am with you..” “ a bee flying to taste the honey!” “if your heart is soft like a cotton lint..” “if your glances are sharp like a needle..” “..there is no dearth for anything!” “Spreading the net, young girls would line up!” “No point in being an onlooker with folded hands!” “Like a bullet from the gun, we should dart out!” “So run, run, run, run, run, run.” “Put your hands up and say let’s have some fun.” “Run, run, run, run, run!” “Got to win the heart of every sexy woman!” “Like a kerchief soaked in chloroform..”

“..the attires of these girls are a high danger!” “Like an organic foam mattress..” “..we need them to adjust to nature!” “Six packs do not suit everyone!” “Girls don’t look for them!” “Hey, girl, if you wear Salwar..” “..there is no one to surpass your beauty!” “if you underestimate, you always lose!” “if you don’t enjoy this life, it is difficult!” “So, run, run, run, run, run, run.” “Put your hands up and say let’s have some fun.” – Are you the new girl in that room? – Yes! Name? – Akansha. – Sanju! I know it How does he know I am staying in that room? He talks as if he doesn’t know the girl who stayed there earlier! But he doesn’t look like a guy of that sort Since her diary had his photo, I could recognize him! Let me check the diary now itself! I can attend college later – Excuse me! – Yes! New Joinee! Miss Komali Shankarabaranam! – I want to meet Mr. Brahmma! – Which Brahmma? – Fiddle Brahmma! – Fiddle Brahmma? Go inside! He is playing! Stop! Granddaughter of Pendyala Shankarabaranam! Daughter of Pingelli Shankarabaranam! Komali Shankarabaranam! Bless me, master! Stay like that for some more time, dear! Look, all western people should learn this! I was longing for this revered touch for 10 years, dear! ‘Physical harassment’ These people call this The girl sitting in front even lodged a complaint! Learn, learn this! Music starts from the feet of the teacher! Do you know that? You should know it! You Your great grandpa taught music to many stalwarts! I want to see that priceless fiddle of that great musician! Please permit me to see it I want to touch it! I want to feel it! That fiddle can never be seen again! What happened, dear? – It’s gone! – Where has it gone? Nowhere, master! It is broken! You mean broken! How? Whatever may be the problem Your dad should never come to know about this! Then not merely the fiddle, you will lose your dad too! You are right, master! Leave it! Was your fiddle broken by Sanju? – Who is Sanju? – He is a loafer! With a marked hairstyle Not lanky, at the same time, not too short A medium stature guy Might look like a guy who had six pack abs earlier But doesn’t have one now Is he the guy? Yes, master. He is the guy! I know about his monkey pranks! If I get a chance to talk to God My first question to Him would be Why He allowed an idiot like him to be born He is a fungus that affects music! He has a band and a few donkey groups to sing! I will tell you where they are! Go and get your fiddle! If you come back without the fiddle

I will peel and put you in.. Go Thank you! Thank you! Are you a Telugu girl? My God, seems to be a dumb girl Poor girl! No, there is nothing wrong with me! Can you talk? – Then why did you mime? Yesterday during that incident” didn’t you break a fiddle? That is my great grandpa’s When did I break a fiddle? Yesterday you chased a white man Hit him and broke his head Don’t you remember that? Then did you not hear the breaking sound of a wood? – Yes! – That wood was mine! That wasn’t an ordinary wood! It was our family food! I am sorry! Now you can’t get back what is gone! If you don’t have any issues, can I get you a new one? – Oh, thank you, sir!- You are welcome, ma’am! You are not as bad as I heard about you! – To me you look polite! – Who said we are bad? – My master said so.. – Whom do you mean? Our professor Fiddle Brahmma! Are you the student of Brahmma? – What’s your name, dear? – Komali! – Why did you come here? – To learn music! What will that fool teach you? He evokes boredom! Don’t talk ill of my master! – Return my fiddle! – I wanted to return But since you mentioned his name Now there’s no chance of you getting it back! I will complain about this to my master! – Are you our enemy? – My God! It’s nothing of that sort – Then do one thing! – Tell me Get on top of the music college compound wall And shout Brahmma is An International waste in college and music If you say that, I will get you five fiddles! If I whisper, will you get me one fiddle? If you whisper in his ears, I will agree! My God, give me another option There is an option You must go from here I will count up to three If you don’t go before I count to three, your case is finished! One Two Three My God! Hi! Hi! – What are you doing here? – I play guitar here! – Where is your band? – What do you mean by that? Where is your gang’? How do you know I have a gang? I am a psychology student! If I scan for two seconds I will get 100 printouts about you! Is psychology such a peachy thing? Is it possible to know about everything? Not everybody can do it! Only gifted personalities like me know it! Is it? What do you know about me? Tell me about me Whether I drink liquor or not Whether I am a sadist or not What is my profession? Do I know music? Or am I simply carrying a guitar? Tell me! Play my CD! Psychology is not about telling known facts! It is about telling what you don’t know! Anyway, your time is good! I have not analyzed it so keenly! Now I am going! I have escaped for the time being! If he had asked anything else, I would have been trapped! Why should I be so hasty! I could have done it after reading it fully! You loafers! Monkeys! You messy Instead of trembling at the sight of my student” you guys have insulted her? Was it not a despicable conduct? Because you guys are not sound in mind, will you guys swallow an ember? For the sake of a trivial fiddle, don’t bark like this! Whose fiddle is trivial? If my fiddle is trivial, what about yours? How about this guitar? How about these drums? How about this worthless keyboard? I tell you, these are loony instruments!

– Who are you to talk about them? – What? Did you ask me who I am? Western music shrouded our pure classical music’s glow! I protected that glow with my hands, like this I brought it up to Europe! Will you be able to blow it out? My God! He has blown it! Didn’t you see him blowing? He will never prosper. Never prosper! Seeing you guys, the Goddess of music has walked out weeping many times! For the sake of you guys Many times I have fallen at her feet and pleaded with her! I don’t know how many times more I may have to do it You blare like a damaged speaker! That makes me doubt your music credentials! Are you saying I don’t know music! Music and I are synonyms! I am the music and music is me! Okay! Let us check who is great. You or we? – Okay, let’s see! – See that your string doesn’t snap! Classical or western! We will prove today as to which is great! – Ready? – Ready! “Now the music concert of Sree Sree Ranga Ranga Rangacharula.” “First beat.. from Poonakumba Raga.” “Good!” “Come, let us immerse in raga Shankarabaranam!” “As! relish raga Keeravani, let me relish you!“ “Let us become turbulent like raga Ranjani!” “Let me scare you with raga Bairavi!” “Let me torment you with raga Hamsadwani!” “Let me tie you with raga Hindolam!” “Shankara. Shankara!” “Come, let us immerse in raga Shankarabaranam!” “As! relish raga Keeravani, let me relish you!“ “Let us become turbulent like raga Ranjani!” “Let me scare you with raga Bairavi!” “Do you want some music?” “Do you want some music?” “Do you want fusion? Do you want western?” “Do you want rousing beats?” “Will you count one, two, three, four?” “Let us start the contest!” “if you are smart, clash with me!” “Do you want some music?” “Do you want some music?” “Singing the rhythmic syllables..” “..I can bathe you in molten wax!” “Playing notes, do re mi fa..” “..I can effuse your mind!” “Don’t be obstinate, son!” “Go to Kasi, my son!” “I can play sitar in your guitar!” “Shankara. Shankara!” “Come, let us immerse in raga Shankarabaranam!” “As! relish raga Keeravani, let me relish you!“ “Hip hop or hippopotamus!” “Place him in a cage!” “Disco, disco, dance from left and right.” “Can we give him the command?” “Life is rock and roll!” “We need self-control!” “Who lost the contest?” “Do you want some music? Do you want some music?” Even as your lordship forgives us, you have won!

You are at a different level from ours! You guys are here and I am like an ocean! What did you guys think of me? Within five minutes, did I not make you guys tremble? If I were in my elements You guys would have been washed away in my musical Tsunami! I made a mistake, master! I am really, really Move away! Why apologize? To a great musician like me You guys don’t even deserve to say sorry If you insist on saying sorry Go to her, take her hand and give her the fiddle And say sorry, Go! I am sorry for disturbing you! For disturbing me, thanks! What? Why were you born so gorgeous? You were born in some other country! Why did you come to a country where I live? When there are so many people, why did you meet me? If I don’t get sleep at night, can I make a call to you? What is your number? If I feel like seeing you suddenly, shouldn’t I jump the walls? What is your address? My God! He is not an ordinary guy! If one praises a girl so much, which girl would not fall for that? Anyway, he didn’t say he lost the competition for her sake Do you know I lost it for your sake! My God! He is not like what we think of him! He is a brainy guy! ‘My mind is now filled solely by Sanju!’ ‘I want to meet him!’ ‘Truly speaking, I want to join his batch!’ ‘I am craving for that!’ Komali! If you lose control of your mind, concentration will become confusion! No confusion, master! – My concentration was on the guitar! – What? – I would like to learn guitar! – Do you want to learn guitar! I will whack you! Discarding the auspicious fiddle You are going to learn that wretched guitar? Do you know who you are? Are you aware of your lineage? You are from the Shankarabaranam family! I have a lot of expectations from you! To shatter western music, I have a design You are my missile to accomplish that! I will not agree for that even at the cost of my life! If you discard this and go to Sanju, I will not keep you here Bear in mind my warning! From Indian banks, unaccounted money Crores of rupees, I mean millions of US dollars Are to be transferred to your bank! To transfer such a large sum Indian embassy will ask for finance clearance from your embassy! My man has already gone there! Explain to him! When I make a proposal to someone I don’t like them saying ‘no’ I will give you 24 hours time! Fix a price and say yes! Get on The master has told me not to ride on your bike! I say get on to the bike! Don’t tell master! Where are we going? Tell me! – It won’t happen! – What is he saying? He is not agreeing! Do you know with how much difficulty We brought that much cash from India? Millions of dollars are waiting here A single account is enough to deposit that money in your bank If you say it is impossible, agree to it – Tell me! – Keep quiet! Where are we going?

Please tell me, Sanju! – Get down! – What happened? I said get down! Why did you ask me to get down here? When I take you with me with great love I don’t like you asking me questions like where and why! You stay here! Move! If you don’t come back within five minutes Let you and the bike blast! Go and get the girl! Bring her to me! I want her! Come, get on! Come! Let’s go in to the woods and talk! If boys wish to take me to the beach or woods I have been instructed not to accompany them! – My mom said so. – Is it? Did my mom ask me to take girls like this? Nothing will happen there! Don’t think only you have a mom! Come! Komali! I have been with a lot of girls! But I didn’t like any of them, but you Have you been flirting? Flirted with a lot of girls! Don’t let your imagination go wild! At a young age in school and college Don’t we sometimes flirt with some people? You must have also flirted around! I meant only that! You and your silly doubts! Komali! I like you so much! Our physical traits match! Both of us are doing music! Besides, we are in Europe! Let us enjoy life! – I don’t believe in love! – I too don’t believe That’s why I liked you after seeing your character! Not looking at your beauty! What! Am I not beautiful? Not so beautiful, that doesn’t matter! Is my character not superior than my beauty? Hundred percent! What is my character? When you are alone When you know no one is looking at you Whatever you feel is your character! I have understood that! That’s why I liked you! Is it? Then how will I understand your character? What do you do when you are alone? Should I tell everything openly? You can make a guess! Sometimes I may walk around naked! I may watch blue films! – My God! – Who knows? At that time, the ‘alien’ character within us comes out! If we study that character, we can understand who we are We are here together! Did we do anything wrong? That’s what I also said! Nothing happened! It is all mere gossips! So when youngsters like us call you Please come with us! We are terribly grieved! You must understand our plight! Dinner is over! I have changed to nightwear! Then what did I do? I can’t comprehend my own character! Then how did he comprehend? – Hello! – Hello! Hi! – Are you staying alone? – Yes! – What are you doing now? – I am opening the door! – Where? – At your house! Hi What is this, Sanju?

Why did you come here? Why are you removing your shirt? Why do you stare at me like this? Sanju, are you of our class? Are you a Brahmin? Bapnese! What is Bapnese? Is it Japanese? Converted Brahmins, Bapnese! Are there converted people among Brahmins? Why not? When everyone can convert, why not Brahmins? Why should you be so cast conscious? – Jeez! – To avoid future complications! What future complications would pop up? Komali! I love you! Please, Sanju Don’t do anything to me! What did I say and what are you talking? I said I love you! If I say okay, will you do something to me? It seems if I don’t do anything, you may feel very bad! You are expecting something from me, Komali! – No, Sanju! – Just one kiss! You wouldn’t stop with one kiss! What? I said Sanju wouldn’t stop with one kiss! So you agree for a kiss! But you wouldn’t stop! That’s my desire too! No, Sanju! – Silence! No!! Same room, same place, same bed! Talked like that. Talked like this Somehow boys convince Though he is soft He doesn’t fit in with my psychology test! I would stab you with this knife! Are you so courageous? Come on, man! If you have the courage, come on! Why did you ask me if I stay in the same room? Are you planning to come here? Come on, man! When I am alone, why is my character like this? Am I so wild? Hey you Oh, no! I have understood everything about you! Complete! What do you know about me? Do you have the habit of picking up girls standing alone on the road? You would cajole her And take her to the woods and converse with her! – Yes or no? – Yes! I know Your behavior pattern is worse than that! During nights, you would jump walls and go to the rooms of girls! Who said all these things to you? You said. Your face says everything! Did you believe psychology is drollery? It’s a science! I have understood it only now! Don’t tell this to anyone else! Please! Keep it a secret! Drop you? Okay! Let’s go! Thank you! – Bye! – Bye!

Hello! Now he is dropping you! – Lucky guy! – Yes, he is! Yes ‘He is my courage.’ – Your name? – Komali! – Where are you from? – India, sir! Why do you shoot the company? Is it for time-pass? Do you know I am going to kidnap you? Leave me, please! ‘If he had not come there at that time..’ Hey, you! Who are you? Who are you 9″!/57 Who are you guys? What is it that you want? Who are they? They have come looking for you! I don’t know, Sanju! Why should they kidnap you? Have you made any mistake here? Why are you shouting like that? Am I shouting?What if something happened to you? Ifl had come a minute late, what would have been your plight? Fox-like, but smart! What a funny name! Did I not tell your mom about me reading a diary? This is the title I have given for that! At what stage is the story now? That girl could not be found yet! But he comes daily, sees and talks with me It is all happening! But even now he doesn’t know about me reading this diary! Why do you tell me in piecemeal? Can’t you read it fully and tell me? How will I, mom? Just after reading two or three pages, I become romantic! Come on. Shut up Hi, love! Why are you here alone? When there are so many people around, how will I be alone? Are you waiting for someone? No one to come! – Sanju! Will you teach me guitar? – No! – Please, can’t you teach me? – No! – Do you love someone? – Yes! Tell me something Who knows better about love? Boys or girls? What! What do girls know? Crap!

We only know! Hello The concept of ‘love at first sight’ was discovered by us! We only get love at first sight! The moment we see a girl Without any second thought, we only say ‘I love you’! From the day this world came into existence No girl has ever said ‘I love you’ to a boy at first sight! That will never happen! Then how is it that His character, background, foreground Only after cross-checking all these, she expresses her love to him If I have to add something more Even from a handsome hero, she would ask for an autograph Only after two or three of his movies become a box office hit Girls’ motives are so commercial! Why should you ask such questions to me And get replies like this? Do you have the habit of writing a diary? Why do you ask? Girls can’t keep anything in mind! So they may have to write! So I asked I doubt if he is also studying psychology Sit comfortably! Take this! Hold the guitar! Guitar is invented for the sake of girls! These curves are made for your contours! This curve is for your chest! Where do I keep the fingers? To start with, hold the guitar closely like this! Better to use the fingers! Let this go! Just close your eyes And the fingers should touch like this Just feel the music! When Sanju was teaching me guitar, I just lost myself ‘I myself don’t know what I was feeling then!’ In whatever way I look at, I am more beautiful than her! Then why didn’t he teach me guitar? Why should he teach only her? Komali! The guitar sits on you, but where are you seated now? Master! He gave his guitar to you only to embrace you like this! – He is teaching me! – Is this the way to teach? Your fashion and taste has changed! You forgot your tradition You have even changed the instrument fiddle! If you stay with him one more second Along with classical music, you will also lose your life! My God! What is this? Have you torn it? Have you broken her entirely? You fellow, you have broken her! How can I answer your dad? My God! Come here, come, girl! Dotty! You are going overboard! Am I going overboard? – Yes Do you know who I am? Brahmma! Brahmma, the fiddle! If you are Brahmma, I am Sanju, Sanju Raddy! Oh, God! Each one of them thinks they are all great people! I will show you who I am! I will show all of you. – Show me! Hello! Stop, master! – Sir! I can’t handle this pressure! What happened, man? Your daughter has gone out of your control! Shankarabaranam, Sagara sangamam Have all gone in vain! Considering your health condition” I am not telling you about the broken fiddle now! Is the fiddle broken? How? Here is a guy called Sanju! He laid his hands on the fiddle! Praise Lord Shiva! Now he has laid his hands on your daughter! – Praise Lord Shiva! – Who is he? What is his background? His background is guitar! Our background is fiddle! Western music has hit our classical music Our classical music was smashed! Oh, God! I don’t think I can do anything, sir! Have you heard what your daughter has done? She has broken my fiddle and our traditions too! How will I answer my grandpa? You can answer him when you go there! Now ask about her! Our daughter says ‘Praise Lord Shiva’! You never understand the head or tail of anything! He is harried because he is a bachelor! Why should you believe him? Is the mom chiding the daughter? He says this because of his concern for our daughter! Dammit! He is an eccentric person! Have you forgotten what he did? Thanjavur Kondekodu Vaidyanath has Gifted you a fiddle! Did he not steal and run away with that fiddle? Give the phone to me! I will talk to that chump! – Brother! Are you fine? – I don’t want reverence! A girl’s character reflects on how she was brought up by her mom! Your daughter has lost the fiddle! Now she can play the guitar! I will give the phone to your daughter! Say whatever you want! Talk, dear! Who is that boy, dear? He is Sanju. He is a good boy, mom! If he is such a good boy, what is the issue? What is he doing there? He is a famous guitar player here! What! Is he a famous guitar player? He plays in streets Do you call this famous? You may also go and applaud him! Don’t mind him! Give me his address! Dad will go and inquire everything! Go to the boy’s house and talk to them What should I say? – What if you talk?

Will you not talk to them? I ask, will you not talk to them? What do I do? All aged men at the hands of their wives are Have you gone mad? Who are you talking to, sitting alone? – Come! – No, Sanju! – I say come here! – No, Sanju! You just keep quiet! You said it would come when you press it – It is quite some time now. – It will come! Sanju! They are caste conscious It would create issues! – Hi. – Hi, everybody! Hi, Komali! I am Sanju’s dad She is my wife Sumathy! – Hi, darling! – Greetings! Pingili sir! That handsome boy is my son Sanju! – Greetings, uncle! – I have understood! This great guy has smashed our family fiddle! Why should you talk about that now? Please stay quiet! Me and Pingili sir discussed about everything! We will not object to your love We have accepted your love! We don’t have any reservations on this! But we do have. Tell them! Nothing big! Our daughter is a vegeterain! Your son eats meat So if my daughter is asked to cook them Occasionally he does that Not daily, only on Sundays. – Sunday – On Sundays, go out and dine!- Okay, dad! That is not a problem! Because it is an inter-caste marriage There is no question of me giving any dowry! Come on! That is already explained Let the boy also know about it! In case he demands it later One more thing! You are from Kurnool! Don’t keep bombs or explosives at home In case my daughter handles them unknowingly It would spell doom! She is our only daughter! If something happens, it’s all gone! Hear me, sir! Some incidents might have happened in this country! All of us are well-educated and very disciplined! I am an MBA graduate! He is a doctor and my son has a BTech degree! Whatever you say There will always be problems in inter-caste marriages! Mr. Pingili sir! First you leave that Chikkadapally Come and see Jubilee Hills World has progressed Times have changed! The other day a boy from Kapu caste married a Reddy girl Likewise, a Kamma girl married a boy from Kapu caste A Kamma boy from Guntur married a marathi girl Now they have two kids and lead a happy life! They are happy and prospoerous What is wrong? Wherever you check These days people marry among different castes! If you take that into account, why should we have caste feelings? Children are leading a happy life That is what we want! Okay, I agree! One last thing I’ve been playing fiddle for 40 years! I’ve become old too! Since you are in the ruling party If you can influence someone and get me a Padmashree award I can have a happy end to my life! You can’t get Padmashree like that! Don’t worry! I will try my best! Consider it done! – That is Raddy Give me your hand! “Hi, just let me be your man!” “I want to hold your hand.” “And take you to your fantasy.” “Eyes! When I look into your eyes..” “ make me realize, O baby! You are the only one for me.” “My dear seducer My passionate lover!” “Delightful, handsome canny love-torn guy!” “Would give you the pleasure today!” “Girl, given you a lightning flowery kiss on lips!” “Now I will acquire the entire world!” “You are a romantic ornate platter!” “From now on, it’s the blooming season always!” “Come sliding in this dreamy chariot!” “Every day, every night, every wrong, every right!” “With your plumy fingers, dish out honey!” “Propitious, bonny, soft cherubic lovely guy!” “When you hug me, joy fills me!”

“I am near you for you to realize your dreams!” “Gilded, moonlike, gentle, gives refuge, exudes valor!” “You are my golden twilight..” “ can forever sleep on my lap!” “Girl, given you a lightning flowery kiss on lips!” “Now I will acquire the entire world!” “You are a romantic ornate platter!” “From now on, it’s blooming season always!” “Come sliding in this dreamy chariot!” “Every word, every thought, every move, every blood.” “To effuse, dissolve, will you come within me?” “Infinite chivalrous, humble, noble, brave guy!” “When love gushes out like water from a braced dam ..” “ fill my body like a bright chill ray!” “Soft-spoken, mellifluous, comely humorous buff!” “Songs that slipped my memory..” “..I sing now and will be a boon!” “Girl, you’re like a quest to moon Such a refreshing tune.” “You got me singing every verse!” “Welcome into my galaxy Come, fly away with me.” “Our love is like the universe.” ‘Day after tomorrow, dad and mom are coming by the 9 o’clock flight!’ ‘Just a few days more for our marriage!’ ‘Sanju is taking care of shopping personally!’ ‘I am praying to god hopmg everything goes well!’ ‘In the mean time, I got a call!’ Why are the pages blank? Why has she not written the rest? Did she marry him or not? What must have happened? Sanju! Where is Komali? How do you know about Komali? I stay in the room where Komali lived! I got her diary! Till today I was reading your love story so curiously! It says you were about to get married What happened afterwards? Where is Komali? Did you break up? Did something happen to Komali? Hello! – Is it Komali? – Yes! ‘This is Dr Stephens from Hilton Hospitals!’ ‘Mr. Sanju had just met with an accident!’ ‘He is in a serious condition! Please come immediately!’ – Komali! – Sanju! – Sanju, did you.. – Come on! Sanju! Sanju! Sanju! Push her in. Go! Sanju! Check if she has the camera with her!

Got it! To whom did she send it. Ask her Who else did you send it to? I don’t know when this was shot Don’t you know? Tell me Bloody girl! She is acting smart Beat her and find it! Tell me Tell me. Whom did you give that to? You Sanju Sanju Sanju Komali!

Komali! Komali! Thank you!

– Good night, see you tomorrow. – See you! Sanju! Sanju, what happened to Komali? I want to meet her! Tell me, where is she? No! She is dead! She was killed! They killed my Komali! Though I do not personally know Komali, I fell very sad What about Sanju who loved her? I can understand how painful it is for him I don’t want Sanju to be alone like that He will not come out Of Komali’s memories unless I go close to his heart I will do that Whichever ministry it is, during their rule of five years They try to earn the maximum Other than that Do they think about our country for a minute? No reaction even after an IAS officer has been killed! I am a central minister! How many times can I tell them? What is the CBI doing? If the case is not decided, I will decide to resign! Mom, did I not tell you about a love story? Someone has killed that Komali! My God! How is it? Then how is that boy? He is very dull! What is it? What happened? Did she not tell about a love story? Poor girl, someone has killed her! – Our daughter is very dull.- Give it to me! Is what you said a story or a real one? True, daddy! It really happened really! Look, darling! Nothing happens the way we want! That is life! Life is not in our hands! If it is in our hands, it is not life! You are a psychology student! Think about that! Why should you be grieved? Sari, sari, sari. Ni sari ga Hey, master! Who are you, man? I am Krishna! I am from Gudiwada Your get-up does not match Gudiwada – You must help me!- What is that you want? You are an emperor of music! I have heard that by playing fiddle You have made a seed sprout and caused a down pour of rain! Is it a fact, master? I have even made coma patients get up from bed! I believe you! So I am making an appeal to you! What is it? Tell me! Back home everyone calls me mental Krishna! But you don’t look so Krishna! No, master! What they say is right! I am slightly nutsy! Master, you couldn’t make out! It is very simple! If I play two com positions“ your entire memory board will be cleaned! Thanks, master! I want to make an offering to you, master! That is not required, man! Give it after you get cured Please don’t say that! Please don’t decline! If you are so particular, then give me! Hi! Come – Master, this is the gift! – Is this a gift? No student of yours would have given such a gift! Thai is why I am giving this gift! – Accept it! – I don’t want a gift of this size! Even if you kindly accept, I will take it back later! – Until then, take care of her! – Okay! She looks skiny But she pinched my very hard How did you come here? Hi, Sanju. Coffee ready! – When did you come? – Questions later! Hi, Sanju! Good morning My God! What a great shock! Why have all of you come? Are you asking how we came? Ask her! – Where is Karim? – He is there! I am here, buddy! When you left us, everything was over, buddy!

When we were all together, we had some money! Now there is no band and no money in hand! We can start it again! If you brood all the time, will your grief be over? Move on, man! The Sanju I know is different! And the Sanju I see now is different! We can’t brook your glum! Start the music, baby! Come on! What is left to think about? Tomorrow is the festival day Let us start again. – Please! – Sanju! Please! “Praise Lord Ganesha Praise Lord Ganesha!” “Praise Lord Ganesha Praise Lord Ganesha!” “Praise Lord Ganesha Praise Lord Ganesha!” “Praise Lord Ganesha Praise Lord Ganesha!” “O Lord Ganesha with curved trunk and mighty body.” Praise Lord Ganesh “Magnificent with million suns!” Praise Lord Ganesh “Remove all obstacles, Lord!” Praise Lord Ganesh “Remove snags from everything I do!” “Praise Lord Ganesha Praise Lord Ganesha!” “Praise Lord Ganesha Praise Lord Ganesha!” “Praise Lord Ganesha Praise Lord Ganesha!” “Praise Lord Ganesha Praise Lord Ganesha!” “Hello. Hello. I will sing.” “Are you hearing me, girl? Hello.” “Tell me. Tell me with passion!” “Did you call me? Did you beckon me?” “Did you rap a string instrument to call me?” “Praise Lord Ganesha Praise Lord Ganesha!” “Praise Lord Ganesha Praise Lord Ganesha!” “When you look with enlarged eyes..” “ the left side of my chest visible?” “Do you feel like dancing to the throbbing beats?” “Did you fly like a pigeon?” “Did you come within me as a dulcet ocean?” “I feel like swimming there!” “Are you extending your dreams?” “Are we rushing towards heaven?” “We are from India With you ma mania!” “Every cool thing is moving upwards, my dear!” “Are you ready for the Indian dance?” “Praise Lord Ganesha Praise Lord Ganesha!” “Praise Lord Ganesha Praise Lord Ganesha!” “Praise Lord Ganesha Praise Lord Ganesha!” “Praise Lord Ganesha Praise Lord Ganesha!” Shankarabaranam. – Good morning Come! Come! What, master! You seem to be very pleasant! When I have students like you, I would be pleasant always! It seems like you are in a good mood! Shall we start the treatment? Come on! Done! “Sit down, Rang ” ‘In your mind, must you ponder.’ ‘In your mind, must you ponder.’ Master! What is it? What is the difference between a demented guy and a psycho? Demented is like you, small! Psycho is bigger than that! We don’t have music to heal that What, man? Why are you crying? This society has declared me a psycho Psycho? You must be called demented! Have I got into any problem?

Not that Krishna I meant you said you are demented When the society is calling me a psycho, you are calling me demented? Why are you taking out that knife? My God! Don’t trouble me! I am a poor guy! I will cut you into pieces with this knife And dry you like a fish You are a psycho! I have understood! Master! – What, man? Can we start the treatment? Sorry, man! It won’t help to cure a psycho Then how will I treat you? So is it not possible? I respect your decision, master! I am going back to Gudiwada! Thank you, man! Get up! So you return the gift I gave you the other day! Do you mean the gift you gave me? Where is it? She has gone with someone! You go and find out! Gift should be hidden Don’t let her go with anybody – Yes! Tell me where my gift is! What can I do? She was here at night! I saw her sending some message to someone! She left with someone this morning! If you return my gift, I will return to Gudiwada! Else after killing you, I will go to jail! All of them call me psycho! – What can I do about that? Please, man What’s your name? Akanksha! – Do you wanna go for a ride? – No! Come, baby. Let’s go! Leave me. Let me go! You stop there! At that moment, I felt like he is my army I will break your head! Okay, break! Break! I love you! Wait, man! This is a proposal! What did you say? I have already said it – Come again. – I love you! – I had to. – What? Any girl would be fortunate to get a bodyguard boyfriend! What is she saying? Some security problems, let’s go! Ou wouldn’t have said I love you if they had not come, right? Reddy, I opened up because the moment was like that Otherwise I had fallen for you long ago! That diary I read, I read it again and again Is it out of pity? What do you know about me to say you love me? Hello! It is psychology, man! Psychology! Go from here! This is not the right place! You come to the woods with me! We can talk there! No! Do you know who I am? I am the daughter of a central minister! If you don’t come with me to the woods, the woods will come to you! Don’t lose a good chance, man! Take hold of her! Look into my eyes! I am already doing that! I don’t have the mind or interest to love another girl now! Why do you say those words by coming so close? For effect Reddy, will you say no to me? I am the daughter of a central minister! Every man has his weakness and temptations! Just hit at that! There is sufficient money in your credit card! Then what is preventing you? We will be with you! What do you say? Call for you, sir! – Who is it? – Narasimhan! – Hello! – What is this, sir? As instructed by you, we have transferred the cash From Kochi to Singapore and from Singapore to Indonesia! Two months have passed since then My brother is an IAS officer, sir He lost his job and now languishing in jail You offered 5% But you didn’t pay a single rupee – What is this, sir? – Did that cash reach me? It has not. After keeping it in international waters For over two months, it was taken to Spain one month ago Do you know the stress I am undergoing? What if my brother opens his mouth in front of the police? Are you intimidating me? If it is leaked, he will be finished! Hello!

Is he still in coma? What is the doctor saying? He is not responding medically! But he says he can regain consciousness any minute! Save him quickly! 1 lakh crore rupees are blocked! He has not told anyone so far where he has kept that money! If we delay it any further, it would become an issue! Hey! Hey, you! What? Did he try to kidnap my brother from the hospital? – Yes, sir. – Who is he? I don’t know, sir! Someone who knows about the money is after him! Sir! It would be better to Get your brother out of the hospital as soon as possible No, let him be there! Only then will it be easy for us! I want that guy! Is there any improvement, man? Is it not? O Lord Shiva! Hello! Return my gift! I will return to Gudiwada Since night to this moment I have been playing the fiddle only for that! How can you still say that, man? Why do you stay motionless and stare at me? Then you come for bathing! – Me to bathe with you! – Follow my instructions, master! How will I take bath if you stand in front of me? Don’t I have any shame? You must bathe here! Bathe sans water! Bathing sans water? How is it possible, man? Bathe in Shankarabaranam! Can take a shower in Shanarabaranam (Raga) Afterwards Keeravani (Raga) Do you want me to bathe in Shankarabaranam? You are not a mere crazy guy! You are perverse too! You are not a mere psycho You are psycho square! I would kill and bury you! I have brought all of you here with great difficulty! Didn’t I bring you together? You said you will settle the matter. – What? You are drinking like animals but not doing anything Sanju! Your are missing a good figure? – Figure? – I mean don’t miss a good girl! Ponder over it! – I do not love anybody! – But I love you Akanksha, you love me because of your ego! Love means surrendering ego, sir! Correct! Even if you abuse me, I would love it! I like even if you spit at me! Even if you ask me to go I would never leave you Understood? That is called real love! Whatever you say, I can never forget those days You need not forget! Let it be there You take her and imagine she is Komali! You call her Komali! You come in a traditional dress! Stop it, man! I can’t do it! Why can’t you do it? If you consume two pegs, Komali and I would look alike! If you consume two more pegs Name will no longer be an issue! Any girl will do I know very well about you guys! No matter how many pegs I consume, you can never become Komali! Correct. That is the right thing! Have two pegs and prove your love! Prove it! – I am not in a mood!- Are you not in a mood? Play an old song Let me see if you get in the mood Four pegs would Oh! You have hit on my weakness Okay! Play the song “Baby Rita. Stop your hunting?”

“Playing games is his ploy” “GANG. Gang. Gang!” “Play.. Bang. Bang!” “Gang Leader!” “Shankar Dada MBBS. Cheer up!” “Shankar Dada MBBS. Cheer up!” “Shankar Dada MBBS. Cheer up!” “Shankar Dada MBBS. Cheer up!” “Shankar Dada MBBS. Cheer up!” “Shankar Dada MBBS. Cheer up!” “Shankar Dada MBBS. Cheer up!” “Shankar Dada MBBS. Cheer up!” “Shankar Dada MBBS. Cheer up!” “Shankar Dada MBBS. Cheer up!” “Shankar Dada..” My God! I boozed for our happiness Whatever people say No body can surpass boss Correct! Everyone left. It must be your plan Do you feel anything? Tell me. Don’t hide it inside No matter how many pegs I consume, Komali is different and you are different! Even though people like apple, will they abstain from eating manges? Bite once I like you! So you are beginning to fall in line! Do people booze for nothing? Will you drop me to my room? I am alone. I am scared! Anyway, you like that room very much! I need to agree I liked him very much Slowly He must slowly forget Komali And Sanju must become mine exclusively! Become mine exclusively! Komali! Komali! Why do you still call me Komali? Akanka! Say Akanksha If my people back home come to know about bringing you to my room They will severe my limbs! Severe my limbs Mummy! How did I come here? Why are you weeping? How is your dress torn? Don’t talk as if you don’t know anything! You boozed and have entered my room! You acted as if you were drunk! You slept here Took advantage..- My God! Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, no! Don’t act smart, Sanju! You need not say anything to me! Akanksha! In my inebriety, I am unable to remember what I did I am sure I just have done something! I am so sorry! I am so sorry, Akanksha! Will your sorry rectify what happened? There is a way out for that If that wrong is repeated, it will become right Only thing is We should do it exactly Tell me if something goes wrong You remember everything, right? Sanju! What are you doing? What is this? Akanksha! Anyways we did it last night Let us do it again Please Akanksha, let us repeat last night” Enough, Akanksha! Help! Help! I fall at your feet! Nothing happened! I know that too! All the time you girls say I am raped I have become a victim’

And emotionally blackmail men Does a boy ever lament” ‘I lost my respect I have been raped’ Have you ever seen a boy wail and lament like this? Why do girls play with the weakness of men? Will you not change? Raddy, if you fight with a girl Kings have become paupers And if a woman fights with a man Slop it, girl! Wear some clothes I am able to see you like this Master! How is this location? Why did you bring me here, crazy guy? If one slips from here, he is sure to reach the gorge! Is it? Are you afraid, master? Then? Then jump! My God! What is it? If you don’t listen to me, I will give you shock I will listen Go back! Go back! I say go back! When I say go back, why are you still standing there? Don’t you step back! – Okay I will give you a shock! Go back! – Okay! Go back! – Okay! If I go back again, I will fall down and die! Is it? Go back! Master! Do you know something? What is it? What are these sounds? I am Kamal Haasan’s fan! Oh! So you possess this talent too Master, today you are my Kamal Haasan! Me? Come on! Dance! If I dance here, I will fall down and die! Dance! Okay! I will do it. I will dance! Dance! “Depict a romantic mood!” “Dance is maneuvering the foot!” “Dance is Lord Shiva’s armor!” “Dance is Lord Natraj’s deftness of feet!” “It is an exotic music Dance is frolic!” “It is the ultimate bliss!” “Precepts of performance..” “..before a forum is honoring them!” Gift! Do you want a gift? Will you go to Gudiwada if I give you a gift? Who are you? Don’t you know who I am? Why are you giving me a shock? I have understood! What you need is not music therapy Shock! The person in the CCTV is Indian?! Is he alive by chance? – No, sir! I have a lot of doubts! Listen carefully! There is a guy called Sanju Raddy! Did you believe that if you cover your face, I will not recognize you? Where are you going? Akanksha, don’t come with me! I have something to talk! Akanksha, don’t disturb me, go I have changed my name! I am now Komali! I am Bapnese! When I talk to you, why do you look elsewhere! For what? Akansha, don’t trail me. Stay here! – Is this the guy? – Yes! When I was talking to you, where did you go? I know what you have got to say! That doesn’t help! You must understand too! I have my own problems! Leave me Where are you going? Hey! Hey, what are you doing? Are you mad? Hello! What? Life is not in our hands! If it is controlled by us, it is not life at all! Did you ever believe Komali would die? Did we ever think that we would meet?

I love you so much But you don’t understand it! You talk about problems all the lime! Others too have problems! Do you know how much risk I am taking? I am a central minister’s daughter! I’m already engaged to someone else My marriage is planned after four months This is my situation But I love you so much and am after you But you don’t seem to understand – Are you engaged? – Yes! – To whom? – Whoever it may be! Will you still marry me? – Yes! – What for? I have said this so many times I love you! If we don’t go along with the flow of life And try to swim against the current We will not move an inch forward! Raddy! I am talking to you! “Are you an apple girl or a gilded moon?” “Like an ocean wave pearl, you walk around” “I would play the instrument Will you sing?” “Beloved bird! Fluttering your pristine wings..” “..will you come and be with him forever?” “In a misty month, come to move around in a chariot!” “Come on, my darling! Let us build a nest far off!” “Can sing and dance forever! Can sing!” “Are you the King? Are your nights mine forever?” “Can sing and dance forever! Can sing!” “Can sing and dance forever! Can sing!” “Malgova Mango! You are my golden flower!” “Chocolate boys! Don’t ogle me!” “He will be with her always!” “Will sing and dance forever in the invisible palace!” “Will sing and dance forever in the glitter of towers!” “Will sing and dance forever in the love den!” “Forever Forever. Will sing and dance!” “Are you an apple girl or a gilded moon?” “Like an ocean wave pearl, you walk around!” “I would play the instrument Will you sing?” “During summer, you are buttermilk.” “During winter, you are coffee!” “Between us, when we meet..” “..a chariot carrying melodic tunes rides in my heart always!” “I am a nocturnal jasmine before you!” “You can even overcome Jacky Chan! You are a super man!” “You have mesmerised me.” “To become a part of you, I have come!” “Come on, my darling! Will you not be the lamp to edify me?” “Are you the King? You will kneel down when you face me!” “Will sing and dance forever! Can jump in joy like a butter?y!” “Will sing and dance forever! Can hum the tunes!” “Will sing and dance forever!” “Between us forever Forever. Let’s sing and dance!” “Do not forget the games played in childhood!” “I would give you love-burger!” “Golden bod, I’m the lovey-dovey who has come to own you!” “Are you a cop? I am rowdy!” “You can’t triumph me!” “You may have a gun!” “Don’t aim your gun to defeat me, boy!” “Come on, my darling! I welcome you playing flute!” “Who are you to host me a feast!” “Are you not the expert trying to woo me?” “Forever can sing and dance in an invisible cage!” “Forever can sing and dance marrying you, girl!” “Forever can sing and dance and climb unexplored mounts!” “Forever can sing and dance marrying you, boy!”

“Always fun and music!” “Come on, girl. Come!” “Can sing and dance forever!” Sir, this came by fax! It is him! Him! Didn’t I say he is stillalive? Sir, phone – Hello. – Daddy! Daddy, do you like me? You are my life, dear Will you fulfill a desire of mine? – What do you want, dear? – I want Sanju! Are you crazy? You read some book! Now you say you are in love! Don’t you know who your daddy is! Did you ever think about his position? – Daddy has agreed! – He has not agreed! He was finding it difficult to decline! Besides, you are engaged! Don’t force me to a marriage I don’t like! We fixed it after your consent! But I am not interested now If you behave like this Your dad will hang himself Then I agreed for the marriage for daddy’s sake! Now tell daddy to agree for my sake! He must agree to it! Will everything happen according to your wish? Yes. My wish If you say no, I will fall under something and die Sanju, I saw Komali! What! What! Komali is alive! I saw her! What are you saying? Sanju, I saw her Crossing my car near the signal! Akanksha, you have never seen Komali before! It must be your illusion! I did see Komali! Don’t you understand? Your Komali is alive! You grieve over Komali, but she is alive! I have given you good news! Why are you blank? No, no. No, don’t do anything! Are you shocked? They are the guys sent by your fiancee! What! They were sent by your I thought your boss will come! Bad luck! Why should you wait for my fiancee? I am waiting every second of my life only for him! I trapped you for him! Trap? Are you studying psychology? Do you know everything? Crap! To be precise Do you know I planted that diary in your room! Do you know I did everything For you to create an interest in me? I made you trail me only for that! Are you done? You have sent your goons to kill me? Do you know who I am? Who are you?

If you want to know so quickly Ask your brother lying in the hospital! Ask him. He will tell you Now the girl you are going To marry is deeply in love with me! She wants me to marry her! She is plaeding me Should I marry her? Hey! Sanju! If I marry her then the girl is mine And also the lakh crore rupees Swindled by you Did you trap me? Yes! Why? ‘I lied to you that Komali is dead!’ ‘She fell unconscious! I admitted her to a hospital!’ ‘Our parents came here in a good mood to fix our marriage!’ ‘They were shattered seeing her plight!’ Komali Oh, my God What is all this, sir? Those goons have commited the crime They have stabbed my innocent daughter Don’t feel sad! – What justice is this? I will not spare him! I know the central minister very well I will talk to him! Hello, Raddy! Sir, I have the video of a murder committed by Shawar! For getting that video, they have stabbed y daughter for no reason We shouldn’t spare him at any cost Talk to the Spain officials immediately. Please – I will do the needful! – Yes, sir! Do you know The murder video is with them! That single proof is enough for everything to crumble down! Do something immediately! Dad! – Oh! Dad! My God! No! ‘I was in a helpless condition and couldn’t save my family.’ ‘They killed everyone in front of my eyes.’ ‘Komali and I were left there.’ ‘I was waiting for him since then.’ From that moment” I was looking for him in every country! In India, your dad acts as a gentleman before the media He has looted a Iakh crore rupees! He is handling the scam money! Shawar is your father’s partner in crime Not just this money I will sell India for any amount Not only that, I will get my daughter married to you. You be with me To prevent him from cheating your dad Your dad arranged your engagement with him! Why did you agree? Love? No, it was for money! Am I not right? That is why your engagement was secretly held in Paris!

– Cheers! – Cheers! I was present there too! But I missed that scoundrel! He was trotting the globe To bring him to this place, I trapped you! That is howl managed to get his number! Later I faxed our photos to him! He was highly annoyed – Didn’t I tell you? He is alive. – Now your fiancee will come here with his men Not for you. For your money! Was that diary a fake one? That diary is real! What is written there is also true! Our love too was true! And my enmity is also true! Where is Komali? Hi What? He is your brother-in-law! He missed the engagement! See him now! – Hey! – You can’t wake him by tapping! He is in coma! Get up! Your sister-in-law has come! Get up, man No! – Get up, man! – No Let me see if I can make him get up! What are you doing? What are you doing? My God! My hand! Look at me! Do you know me? Where is that money? Will you not come out? I will make you come out with it! Listen carefully. You will not stay alive to hear again If you tell me where the money is, you will go there Or else everyone will go to god Do you want money or god? Money.. Money.. I will tell you Hey, This is Sanju Redy! I am taking your brother and your would-be To the place where the money is kept! You want all the three and I want you! Come with my girlfriend to the spot! Are you people so dauntless? Are you people trying to blackmail me? – If I kill you now.. -Will you be able to do it? First of all, I feel like killing you Will you kill me? I am ready! Kill me! Go and check I was waiting for this moment!

Blood has crossed the boiling point! Come on, guy! What will you do? What will you do? This is no time to talk Whatever I want to say, I will say only after killing you! Why do you laugh? You have brought all those who tormented my family I love you! Thank you, man! Hey, are you the same people? Tell me it is you Tell me that it was you then Where is the money? It is here! First kill him! You were engaged to me But are you entertaining him? First try to kill him! – Is she not sister-in-law? – Sister-in-law! If we give her the entire money, she will elope with him Don’t disturb me You Kill them, Sanju! No one should be left out! Kill them, Sanju! – Where is the money? – Come! Hey, brother! Hey!

Where’s the money? We can talk later. Now you come here! Come on! Where’s the money? Come on, man! Are you crazy? Kill him! Tell me, where is the money? Tell me! I said tell me! Talk, man! I say talk, man! I will not. Don’t even expect that! I will kill her! Are you scaring me? Then all of us will die! Sanju, it is okay if I die Go from here quickly! Please save me! I don’t want any money! Please save me! Thank you so much, man! Thank you! I don’t want to take a chance with your death That is why I helped you to climb! Now tell me what you wanted to say Speak, man! Minister is arrested in coal scam I felt proud for studying psychology But I could not study him! He first cheated me using that diary! He has killed my fiancee He sent my daddy behind bars! Your job is done! Now you are catching fishes here happily Akanksha! I did all these out of revenge But not deliberately It seems you are taking revenge against me I understand your pain for being a girl! No point in understanding that! Are you both going to marry now? Yes Do you want to live together until you die?

Will you not have fights and break up! Why should we break up? I have seen so many families Will not not break up? Will I not make entry? What are you saying? Haven’t you understood? There is a second part for this! I will come again What does she mean by that? Let her come It will be good with two girls “Come on, my darling! Let us build a nest far off!” “Can sing and dance forever! Can sing!” “Are you the King? Are your nights mine forever?” “Can sing and dance forever! Can sing!” “Malgova Mango! You are my golden flower!” “Chocolate boys! Don’t ogle me!” “He will be with her always!” “Will sing and dance forever in the invisible palace!” “Will sing and dance forever in the glitter of towers!” “Will sing and dance forever in the love den!” “Forever Forever. Will sing and dance!” “Can sing and dance forever! Can sing!”