420 DAY 36! CNY quarantine – mAng and Neads Show is Live!

one were lax rate mutual line One ear resigned or were you in in soon as a man to me we are into an all too common in jail in 2 to 2 in are meant to show up at nose and tell everyone to know what was owed on designing cars radio in the main years ago but we are on that and the 36 essential in a locked down. But many in gridlock here in the studio outside guard studio order and house and subscribers Wouldn’t that subscribe: Ireland are getting show song here are shocking reversal versions are scattered years in a sound wall: you are more and I wondered we’re in a newsletter you and your 2189200020 but here we are are doing it still are older, higher is updating its a java-R-> NR R, yet no one are , since, UV literally years be on a reel big wall that people in charge, and most are always will. Are our my daughter Dole they don’t know what they’re going because the candor becomes real people in charge well can’t do it yet bright it’s a wrestling about a little unnerved from these guys are an end we don’t have the money to do what they want to any way a slick likeness different states are sold in need Federal help in the Federal help keep saying that it helps their wits not between money and in money for the R our house. It’s just our shoot watching flocking. Here’s what comes down two would come out now. Like. The DOS either Ilene Abbe are they at their acting like a bunch of idiots weaker smart people are they wouldn’t be, pretty smart what they do obviously are there wouldn’t be there are a roar they’d pulled a whenever our summaries eyes and down the ball form but there’s a bunch of people like and need but need staff that need money or need things to be able to get like they cannot blow on I was I saw IBM like rate might be able to get the test but they can get the stuff two figure all on doing some of the test and stuff like that in one test eight sold like if you can get a test or to stops there to the test they don’t have the other par UN year they can get are right now it’s just a bunch of ours no way are a country like a Ross should beat it should be that work or Abel said mask another shipped all the countries you tell me we can figure on a flocking it make it make enough things you can start doing rat are low enough testing I mean, are good people of good people and abroad and ship line unified rice on your five years are good as they wanna flocking pick sides and I want to pick sides like once you’re on a side think there are you Gotta watch which in dual to you don’t a certain people off if you get too close to one at somebody else any other side are help them out too much guts our own country without no problem helping somebody else out another country which is fine but all great but help your own country ought to like you and me just because you’d think your republican and democrat doesn’t mean you can’t flock and help each other but just so stupid as went down to Jaeger why August tell me this story idea so was that they’re ran out of the odds that funds for small business are dead but had on flocking one too many as you

have been all got hot cup by either 78 bought corporations are like Alltel’s Indians live all restaurants and Riverwood isn’t yet we just scooped all of all the people that the paperwork in the ability to file and because I dollar deal before the other balloon bowlers with these of like there all are all enactment are all bodies would somebody was a real estate and we all call this a region yet but just insane so 70 companies that are on a public exchange which means they are not small business by Danny means right just ridiculous and I may make enough money levels of the bad battery Chris make so much money less like profit not just money all out a gather like I’m as profit they made like little really need flocking Albright now met that’s the point that like you one of the company’s I saw gave back to shake shack baby back to $10,000,000 of readers’ top of this period of $10,000,000 are a lot of it not even for double Corso and board not. Not a right to some might corporations cancer bailout but it’s ridiculous it’s just so like bill would make a wanderer like a small business rule out a little water but but but we settle for like any of these flocking on airlines are any of these things they’ll yet they don’t wondered they make all this money and they have money whenever and they considered other smart people they’ve done that well but now it’s a means like there was a company of their spec a pool of companies and thought on one are skew note chap rusts but wild chapter 11 are what are people like got bigger telecom companies we’d been working for and write bigger the house and out bar marino’s look at minimal my money’s people or as an unknown were asinine ransom are dodging all of dodge all of our calls and then finally we get like paperwork in the mail that says their filing chapter 11 and we had like are like you can settle four off 40% but you’re all what we all you and will pay you like in the next you know over the next six mark you and you’re talking like it was like $5000 yearly its huge companies are slow to break it down like all $500 payment, one disk what you know it and then like I said it was only 40% of what the oldest and then they said the other option is Reno will be back in a year and you can get 60% back yard number like to get all that you can wait and are but there’s no money you know me this is ridiculous or in the end so than one date bomb trident benign know that these people was money right in your seal and I see one of their trucks go by the one you know going two excel accounts are its other like stole actively working O and stockings you know I mean like it is also a writer on goal after Blobby see not it’s not it was in a small it’s a small thing to do when you known that they even tried probably right eye working Mary were just might whenever but you know obviously are just out by discounted funny because when I got that information I figure closing their doors and it was like glossy as a busy all U.S. call you on a world easier as your keep doing it in the you know was under fines are just blows me away you can file bankruptcy beer to keep would blow your cars and your whole Serbs search for its old ritual which are so watch will share behind all that stole all shipper sure 12 your boy said ago and which one thought she’d are not get not telling people that relax of the knoll everybody says Ortiz Warner along on the fire would lose water but if you reopen the U.S. economy to some at its comeback for onion fokker’s Ragan and I you were sort armies Fokker similar to be lured in even worse shape than they are now I mean our money bailouts eager and are they gonna mail do before the American dollar starts for king ruled you and what some say were arty like losing our places far as out on a lookup on superpower to go in that B know the right direction are due you’ll have all the timing is not a good thing with the Limbaugh this is not every book that you and your business is simple but everywhere like in all these other countries all right but are startled and should back up what they’re doing like a slow like a piece lockers and American and there are flocking hop into what trying to get you some is so are so this moment like the big ball and are grass guard

we were shut down but the guide but so are not the store some cells but the guide that are good but people on the property and in the buildings on some nights Ian all that’s in there too so they closed it down with their all but a backup on your door might wanna do like a soft opening blot but so were so the goodwill landlord basically a landlord stone building Richard about so their open a backup but they did no like in stores were to open a right offer whenever but you say means giving them the go ahead to start thinking as this week to start a soft opening ensure which is just an error and a and their state: still shut down right. These are Ritz our seed bun to contradicting things to like these people are like stale sales at home and annexing essayist on base of the hair salons open and one customer at a time and likeness and same person that just aren’t bound same for 18 days to modern age was a known him a lot that’s kinda what I notice is I think everybody’s getting restless and are like all right now things any debt like we’re not because we’re not like physically seem like body bag cold beer and ragged hour clock I got the video fees for Chris Woolsey body bags are now I still got the flood of the house and at a because the eight day out even though it’s New York City lessons or hours away now see it as like old mother country are all more world should you know so I don’t say you as like you know the possibility bride but as you say the role used they say they see it is that but there the same people that when September flocking year at that’s my biggest comparison I’m I don’t wanna like brought it but in a line drive it’s like I told you so shipman but will sign you get to that and it’s light why is that so much import because there’s the propaganda behind a flag and more in unlike talking about what compares to its debt of citizens on our sinister or write to seven billion people casualty on you know I’m saying that’s what was sold in a mean not that that was the only thing that users people that we’re trying two named same assistant going to work every day on you now the status quo and are right in saying they’ll hear the limousine and we’ll turn in den and not from selling the same people are dying right people, were the people about taking care of people are all done a lot of his art caretakers and you know bats be on that’s the part kids are parked it’s hard it’s like that’s why they had shut down nine join our same as all that Dr. Oz clip about say need to put the kids Allies of Mullah Fokker did see when you get a bunch of money in your pocket mouse on details so crazy kid because we can just like pull up every one of the people were combat not unite heaters can’t sleep bringing up what it’s like cheese I just saw one you know for some reason it pushed out NT feet but it was an interview and Roseanne Barr and somehow I liked look at it and I start watching it in yields a year ago so was like around the time when she would outlaw listen she’s a slight talking head for righty and now even though they said a million times and cares what are you now on comedians and actors and as celebrities care about politics also you’re giving her a full after 1/2 hour segment to just and in half of it was incoherent it was so stupid benign he’s you know just everything within its like gone just bowl sheer you know he disliked interviewer because he was like so your political views of change and she’s like you are used to be in socialism and you now and then I realized by just didn’t fit with those people it’s like your kids Europe. So what if she say that if wrote off the TV there it was sold to a size six is racist Brawley babbled some race issue on EMU I was reclaimed she use your was taken strong even the things she said in that interview like bow or a mime I4) you know he brings up like Tom Arnold she liked that was draws big goal line got you don’t keep track of my life you notice she was just 1. is that on it’s just everybody that: is like practice but all that some say images of off the TV she got her she got 40 are flocking racers are totally by sex up about eyed at night it was just some light races ran cereal and you know nothing worse than what

trump does every day it’s just that rice and got caught while the point is a species sees Jews a trucker year so like bill take anybody battles a summer arts are true all fox your. That’s not saying as they’ll just been slain on a night. So I wonder lake and then that one clever he’s gone are the race like USC way as whenever but after a stop resume marble they hop you I mean like it’s a known as Alan a public guy is alive and says stupid ship will they still can’t deny regard all hell yet there to having is a high regard as like out of commentator but you Gotta match in that one on you know it’s been it’s out like I’ve been saying it is actually higher ratings when York be a pulsing nose crew are that pop up the power like that’s what B know I mean that’s what gave like some out like I said all the way back and bush days fox was the biggest bull ship networks or the intent on windows of hours inside enters you out whenever it will not know I think got it will their site began I got bought a look it up because it’s and I think it’s important we were under senior it is like all scale of like where meteors play in you know it’s like Guardia CNN is basically like lap center in any optimism receive it’s like laughed what were right now and then you got like fox there’s Bonn but is rights are and then you have like our on what’s the like are no one’s down the clock and middle right you no longer is it your are what make even like bass amp are but not in PR is accused of being a liberal so it’s like really liberal politics is the center is like our rational’s art B and you know I mean but like as I saw design or rashes like locking ring I saw today where somebody bash your we just played something it was like ABC are the guy needs to better view of urban I said that was a good in all bent by Giuseppe read something where somebody were a lot of times people are like why can’t believe you’re all you watching CNN you know and like in this case B will Don now in their enabled afterward are like lie, listen to somebody real Watching CB arts and also in your lightweight and it now even like a CB u.s.’s got so you see a saints run the body that says anything but posing light comes glib you know I mean right in your lower lip talk to talk. But it’s like a model to say it’s like a macho thing to be Republic ardsley but it’s not as an but soon as they are six or is someone says so about bend and you’re being like you I mean like you come after one round and see other way around and slight all you’re you’re picking on me your call me names yet as it does you like but that’s their stance that’s their whole thing with this guy is default would people impact of like if you ever at all them the base that he did a reverie picked on every pitch that everybody now when you do the same kind of arm one as followers whenever they got better shape bright glow when you that you’re wrong are you gonna start why you start and shot like that strike that on RE and I don’t all duels up game trump 0:40 of a matter of luck in any one else can you let announced the old are as rare you’ll all cloaks nice to get EMI caesar at luscious Larry right knee and as low as a winner each any set of Dr. Ozzie and Dr Phil Ehlo well we agreed we agree with your luscious lawyering. On we’ve been married a doctorate Dr. Ozzie just caught a lot of you know he had to go on I just remember years ago to CSUN and write some self is all descriptions will yet he had to go on from above Congress in a question him on you know the waiver he sells things on your show and he had to admit that he you use is art flowery terms two on you know may, whenever it said he didn’t break any money from a menu really believes in the products and but you know to call America lawyer you know about but the diet ones and it’s just out but the snake oil salesmen tactic and that’s why I’m saying it’s like bad guys on trump side of course years because that’s like Ahrens

and signed are like one in the saint years in use their outdoor power two on us can people nine you know right now like the whole thing they gave $600,000,000 to small business equal Scopes about 7070 out B now and board 70 corporations rarely does affect all patent law. It’s all paperwork if you don’t do the paperwork it’s like even the stimulus checks if you read like Phil something out and like you know I’m a taxpayer and I want my caught and nobody would even do what you know me, check some recent that was like require renown right it’s a one million because nobody wants to do worry about Call was the deadline will be the next week so off tried just return there that does clearly was named a share our but some, some for conceit ride a walking back protected you now saying that it’s unfortunate that that happened and water about the money go all the boys year but he ought peace as it was his idea but trumps Mayor Jan else that I saw that 12 goes we didn’t know I actually use the was in about a decade as we didn’t get many of the things that we want and that was one nice but I was very firm are recently that he was loyal and I thought it was a lot of things you want to do other things it was just auto notes that was out there was a holdout but even in response to that of the holdup which Exe said the best way to do where it’s true Through the online sister or rats are just Are you in Asia Sally likewise name after beyond just the ones are real locket that it’s just a whole it’s just such a weird. He’s a weird RB isn’t very complex we’re at you count the roller ours whole crew are just a bunch for kids like you would offer pick people from street that seriously nasty it’s like not want you all your flocking good con artist and you’ll Mr Navarro is as they would world all year and a guy in the lays out that’s his investment blight yes one of his lay out a guy Situ as awful as Michelle art to the rise of the blowfish are some BAA flocking got so the guys not on government’s official low rate always not a just like he brings some in their own and not the U.S. and speaking on the TV brings an end of the fact that Bali get a look that Cheryl it is these are flocking Saudis I don’t think he’s on our laurel right heat they say it pacesetter in resist trade adviser to you as four before he made and fought all white lie, like official trade like become as a reserve a senior at because he was calling but he was calling other countries out flocking to lead blue something and think alternative asks and ship no kinds of staff bad guy gets on TBS are stalking you automatically like you lock your doors and ship because you are all fees flocking Jews in your wallet is Jerry checking amount by which to see are obviously as a mike looking to realize that sort all. Are you at its is traded Beiser. You like but don’t read that that kind of diet like pulp and would start ball where the fact the-clock if A. Knopf B now his arms are our order a grades April and Earl Pomeroy 420 or well, everybody’s may need show. And size of a radio real dirty six benny’s straight we’re running this baby a research data as all the time that we’ve been in many are pressured by many as eight quarantine the beginning off bottles on long climb brush and recession cabin fever all those things locked in one gets no one date 60° the next night but we all know what’s going are walking ship show it should show right. That should be a stored us should be the 2020 campaign think trump 2020 rough lock in ship shoal welcome your should keep the ship shoal real as the therapy can push a sheldahl and recon charts issued show idea that’s actually a good one because if we said if we act route 2020 right to get trump 2020

keep the ship show real and beat you know like people be like nice shirt and equating their is that a good one or at the hub that loss of 1 to 1/8 in either way we see it route 20 Tory year are you something like, Nate colds are loyal truck john R truck to work truck to work with one Y and are so well when else we get to bed making on all U.S. fought you got the lead be easy two of us on our meeting would be easy about like to take it like to fake been a trump supporter just sit there and money into like bringing all no doubt think about likely that you I mean I did the same stupid ship-to fill a typical user accessing on to do was fortunate to go on the list goes on and so is set aside a block and GATT but flock with people just but thoughts that naming names of trout talking to 120 tonic your lead all are going to crush it shall dollar R : 21 you talk bright need he’ll run DOS. We did I miss teen rebuild the Ravenna stalking campaign team lead move to the top court as soon as it included both right mix bringing all defense until we got paid positions are it not bath what you are an incredibly astute of all those be on its U.S. Steven gruel you’re seeing red. Lucent brawl Steven mallory’s like you’d like. He’s a quarry trumps art background on ago on your using condoms kind of book bow he looks like B looks literally like are like a track you like you beat bright lockers far. You’re lying on the line of Siegel. Apple receiver on my death as a kid of aro dude but he’s just watch this guy’s name on Stephen Miller not be steered an arrest you are Lori’s bullet year Unix and he’s a senior adviser year use a super result are yet on no one does try scene and to what you don’t bring it does bring them all to watch are well on these kinda lost a couple times worries like knoll now let me tell you something Jake and it’s like really mattered: any kind lost its liking is likewise YIR RE yen was a good one because it went well for real shoe see they will offer was sold as two years ago but got flocking American Oil rose bowl hack below sea room dollar load all barrel all mean I watched out by RE watch: seen a long time on remove eat Blair will be polite but RCA on there were people are on as aid against you know what it’s kinda like all * it’s kinda like a western only you know it’s not gunfire western it’s like a wrong turn the century and is due on you know try to get Liu we got dinged a loose a best actor Daniel day was seamless a boy are gazing right yet he played legal aid for EL can use in on the gangs and your year, but that was a logical of the ones are there will be blocked punt was foresaw. So there will be blood was like a few years back it came out in doubt be now he plays like up on all oil mayor line right run into just kinda tells this story you now story and stars like a neon even allow our actual are exactly was ’cause I know really are taken as a grain of salt ideal that lie, but movies are either way their stories with lessons where nearly after did not rule base and to lose sleep based on an RBI young mostly based on a novel which in abel’s nine that are here because it still might not want to say it’s a great story but it kinda like I think it was kinda put out two are on grinder show how Clark built the world’s yet basically like even the world orioles star to write out and is a dirty business like

a purse taps are you have to acquire people’s way so he was a silver miner first are you a it’s kinda collect the opening scene as he’s like my need for silver on as you know little piece of property rights way down in this like black isle you note dated and then he’s got all these police arrest arms old schoolyards is like been in some are in runtime be willing to them only for 25,000,000 budget was year and a grossed four and 76.23 on it as a great movie never has cut but Helen it was a great I mean lots of packet mean it’s in in comparison to like what we’re not comparing your delight for king and marbles and gamer by the letterhead us just like people, because that’s farfetched should be bowl you I mean people grew up their whole idea sounds as straight up drama what are watching it for like a gun for your cousin happen all in a lot I like all the letters of sites on the bill have to have allowed it nights at the dugout like the west are bewildered as killed its kids western because of dialogue in its western because a story sense and only 19 Centura lee 20 soldiers write your code sports on record would flock. In the ordeal as a order and he like you know sore right away his wines like was and what they showed as their so he did little to solve are one you know got some lieu and the way it started off on trying to get or do in his opening was that he did all we keep drill boreal you know when he tried to bypass liked although you’ll never mind standard oil there and you you now in Indian art Miyazawa Point was like you to get our true was grueling work rules on Cal your your soul on it as just a really was a really cool story but it showed how you know was always about buying a people’s LAN are ripping them off like not telling them what it’s really worth not calling me and on the final products just what are some you’re laying the same way that they’re going around of the showed a big head packs of like all the hype the farmers welder will say your alley surrounds like claim rights are running than you know he goes and buys a farm neck store because they wanted to watch money and earned a socks and all are grounded since that Faulk your training you now and sticks everybody and odd because kinda like double the whole game and that was is you know game are are on one money it making money money money money so are you be called about black gold unit black gold sheer come round are now Joe their lawyers are you know people died like the way people got like the count. Y. So are now right guys right to change a bit off topic Greece lawyer brings slides are charges that you are when hour drag mount berry and like get to work are reasonable back to work just like a weird world you now foyer sheer are on RR are not happy with the big businesses are a kid that ARCO’s nine abilities of malchow Woodbury trump’s happy bowl faulconer we use Christ but shots from one we’re on the disk makes everything done a great but does not use flicker leader of the free world and ease some nice not work calls it be any better right on netted the same like the big chains are feeling heat for taking all of Federal funding yet they should be they should but taking some huge sheet because they’re all looks post you know it but said he did so easy to expose and right right now our mission fix the roads religious torturing retarded monitor were great and maybe they should of regulation or a soulful rule should default or to meet but still to be 26 more base on all just essential resource and future but all your 20th room and use of it May 15 or 16 right Joe I mean we’ve been saying three months from the beginning rice also we’ve been saying that a-week you come out slow planet

maintenance like true to the flocking to see are still slow planet but it again but swear off use always bigger things but the loss dropped income on all excited like a good all but although these phrases but that you I mean but they also looked to be like so when it comes time to commit what will we need another 15 days will start be scooper bar in agency all players and he’s the one who’s gonna say young ladies of the people excited while everybody’s getting upset in their backing him and they’ll like they’re basically the point where they’re like if he says that don’t believe are wary says it is tweaks that’s what may or run on its like like they all said like that of thing like to let alone was here are all these people don’t believe the media thus doubling the media that not a Fokker site on the TV tell us or anyone us to leave but think about it and I am telling me how to get maybe there’s a call but they follow but maybe there’s a call worry like he said in mike’s and like one of those right wing stations like tells people are like there’s some radio station it’s like to so everybody knows remember that when are the broke down black believe anything you see now believe anything here all only listen to me that means listen to a store county says uncluttered and that’s what’s happened you know it’s like or queue now whenever if he follows it would means you now: all o’clock and kind of code since we’re not stand for patch was no fun but stopped like that side gardens radio greenie 29 in beach or what are making you fokker’s assiduous song. Since we do with placed four players locking music ever won some wild wristwatches are stored today my friends is for 20 so when we play a song. The splays of about 4 to 1 outboard year we’d all be a year now all you know it’s got a busy year wash my hands and Lauren no- win CE are Allies of Arab League room are itching RE RE would be used only as john rush up its own song break aside guards radio links return in two and men I know I had a man may have to use and sales and lower and middle-and-as-is-as late as high as soon as the as-a-to-house-to-do-and-as-as soon as a 2. is a long-haul out of the domains of some 41-as a whole and has a long-not-as wild as long as all of the line of then-N1 dollar each-as-owned has a long-of-war-as-out long as I was at soon-to-to-DOS as soon as it may be as high as high as a zero-and middle -as-is-is-it-says as he has, as an outlaw the use of its all-news of a line of low as 000 and one doesn’t allow and has a lot and the Hunan of those laws of the night of the house and on and Hyundai said long as the one on the house and the lives of some of the line out of one of Z-or $1.00-as-as a long-of-as long as long of the long-dead-or $1.00 to dozens of homes and as a helmet-long and let him as a

long the death many -to-end men has to go and Leonard-and- as soon as high as soon as soon as-is-is -and-a-and-and-to-hand man-to- his-and-blues the visitor as a 900 high for state law and you don’t know how to use when I was into an undead and man-to-and-a-S-and-a -as soon as men and has tuned as soon as soon as I was and was soon as high as soon as soon and women and men and women and men as the as a loner and wanted columns of housing and the land of the city has lived in the lives of the-as I say, and some of those that Tuesday and long as I’m just not as and was as I said I said as soon as the lines of the game of the line of how a lot of Z1000 or $1.00 and has some talent and as a holiday-of-as long as it has a lot of men of a lot of then draws you are non-dozen-as-of-the-board has a long and some of them as soon as soon as it has to zero and then said the man and Matt has a two-and soon as I was mad and I-AA has voted late and my son –as soon as the men as soon as a hand-drawn into and was that as soon as soon as he isn’t as I stand-by-but-as soon as his as soon as soon as soon as high as they say as soon as soon as soon as I am and some have much sun and-as-as soon as soon as soon as soon as I was married and, as many and what happened was , and it-and-as men and women and Latinos and was wind-driven user as high as eight and was and women as men and women as men and women and men in the same man was high and high-5 to 2 men and a two-and-and-and seven men and women and as soon as soon as soon as soon as I say has a lot of them has led have at

what happened on that well in all manure and I’m under just under two things Just where I mean rather add lemon. But not before now before because the one also flock is a solitary getting on all of a service all under other’s arms of the county was coming through like, although I was talk send us on which one wonder ruined my need not armel mine are Irish and how At all you know I was curious about blocker on soy sauce does like soy sauce all 1:00 and sodium it yes you I usually get that like are gross cellulose of your appetite about so that will assaulted and killed my question is out but the likely nominee counter overnight and salad and a world are what about laws flight you ever you go to Los Bentsen and their descent, tables we’re the offer where night but not a word that means I mean that means that brought about a Ten Min deparle a way that ms 12 hours right So if you loved about but from garlic the parmesan cheese it would turn in restaurant are talking about are relics of the past was strong’s old restaurant and soy sauce are still the issue has a one disk now it’s still hot as ever Joel replaces older you are like nothing’s going on. That would allow worried about a flock of the day while there was that will was going on the ice on all been signed cold side of all on that corner are are in red room you now nearly remodel a guide and there’s a guy on the corner sideshow bob arnold’s name is planned to use like that he wasn’t really serving food before a Kennedy was done some kind of flocking catering type whenever walk up getting zone walk up for it there at that rate there is doing that any one year before for sure that’s actually like We’re so as I was a nice 1 to 1 are bought soy sauce appears like to make you sick or line anno on all but I just got some are never get these would discuss some on message are a sense it’s like you are arms. Mertz codes. But I got its attacks worse and says a lower on the long and means to make 500 weekly from your car light truck per vehicle would put in our company can be our reply yes or it’s due I mean would sort consider my two-way often is a month, and my neighbor kids sail that has all the flood they really think a lot of people urge other out on the day on as of midday what will put the route add on our show them I’m no way should be your tax them bet you all you get dues are given on that he got a it’s just a number to call I got a bottoms are never let all right now rejiggering numberless call right at that clock it I’m older will flock you underfoot, on tall not domain of blood cancers you’re not but are for storing so much corrupt rule which you’re watching a mime on the renewed rides in a lot is unfortunately out she goes she suffers from a outdoor kinda like stomach illness and mike every ball three months on it puts are into likeness are due out pretty bad situation she ends up, go to the hospital line so my mama actually would cost Same thing when a giver tests For all figure it’s lost no rule sold are develops: 40 up your call it but you’re gonna like you are wish this phone were riddle real

luxury arts teachers are you we can call number and an if somebody actually answers we don’t seem for you and your machine to lead the flock in message are all operate are really wish I could tell outlook by U.S. workers like as well as are many were picking a response to a court for all you’re not gonna hold up on hold a protracted you’d have to our unit because we’d be cut to work at one time and if it’s a slap that day is not large are now in the number are one to 410 queue 005 zero or zero are right now and-take between a 50-fifth at right but little bigger as much or as shindigs LAN offer was a loss about Ratner checked your example of zero to at restoring no rest for Tammy called exhibits from where forking for what death toll on scale become a nine no his zeal and it’s just like issued number will love you are out when Mitch gart R’s arms are are all our phone lines are open as high court heard and final debate about held the eagles, quaint but wouldn’t mind what were the Spanish, on enough for a wind down room, and it was a lot but it was bet will once all that was back to the king for carol all RE said it’s OK Josh laura’s got blood bottle Perot Bledsoe pet must be looking for a open hearing other mallet of the teller but Intel and but I know I’ll be as somebody had but but played we played you’re a music yesterday brought but opal songs you’re on yet we’re also bon mot I think I’m getting there pretty good clean white by thing of water the one before but I never heard that although and it was awesome rally outside ever dow Aldrich aware we’re human as a main mutual Brea on when we got go on well water level will are , what do the mark’s brother noel extra week to begin our parameters of the last Saturday were all may I wish the phone line system work O board O ravens Joe OPS or we ever be at but but evert blowout you know we haven’t given any updates aren’t same as just use guns are numbered edition a-R and the tissue show going 202022 on a most 2.5 lead. 2.5 1,000,000 cases today world: and 64,471 new cases today I would slow down there’s been 170,096 deaths 5000 deaths could bring one tailback any on the United States is harrah’s 1600 deaths today or are already yesterday to close at 1500 so were on other increase or are you asking what an org end yesterday was one son called no rules and are now was it but you see what I’m saying run were on as an art now we have a peers are we do have a run for a worldwide cases has decreased as far as the serious or critical condition at a decrease to 3% are total cases are active at close cases we’re still sitting at 2179 percent are

covered or discharged are years Spain is number 2200 thousand cases on your riding at 446 bass per 1,000,000, population which is so italy’s pretty badly that we are now rose 227 or a real right are talking about it was like 51 was an R year may and so were back so we’re back in Italy, France and Germany catching up with France on what’s not increasing like they are UK still coming in hot Turkey, and how to run run shaw Russians are up there too would be a weak cases occurred there said not to read three per 1,000,000, just maybe, it’s early in their stages like there a couple weeks behind us event buen I mean it seems like anybody that’s maintaining their case level like italy’s case level you now we’d were watching forever it 5000 some are 2200 8¢ just today but now in its losses Dane it’s all still old steady you like our numbers are to be so much higher wares is our stolen like that I really just feel we’re still an early stages of these numbers on what’s a sum you a new OS is out there than all the numbers were down if we quit tested Iraq but you are or are just so happens to beat on out we have almost four million tests you are 12,000 per 1,000,000 rancher tested rest 2376 cases per duel key cases to you’ll see queue OT R. Arthur well while on auto global picture or resort are Archie OT two O or was that our lawyer total tells all descriptions square right answers or mostly a classic case and told Ya do you yahoo So it now know it now yet stops and are business now that was it that was all that was another cool part of the on all back by R and son duo now be out there will be bought is eight bit throwing a story of like we went to this caller that he got the out inside scoop about oral and was there is just like you and you know the couple farms are you went there by mouth of the Nino they like it had the oil or Wentworth so he was trying to spot in places like buying property run you know and one of it and the arts on our guide was like a bat church and use like young preacher RT was like a full shoot one you know it a guy that claimed here arthritis and write been told you that allow the latinas that the holding and out blues or as a lookout did so like there was a one like it 1 in that you noticed oilman. Like the guy casino resort total fraud you now and at least you oilman was like a hard work you know that I know peering sold Jan like that briskness preacher kid came to win city one blessed are run but real wild rule before the drill the NEA like player like yours, wedding. Didn’t want what’s it all right after that would do died and then likes a key kind of are you noticed the based on a plate is part of a storybook back but closing scene are eight like he brought biscuit comes to senior years later it rich and warren Pete du R preacher. Now you know fraud and done any money left and all that stop about Internet but or domain and

sought beaten down without bowling -On crashes and I didn’t mean it like it was like the whole reader. Are R’s line on kilter Now now lobbies that is the law are gwaltney but some are across many are then sent during a visit can have a small gain Eden and Joe are on the rule or you are also on the hills map buggy hello to obtain can your are indoor season draws and I love the end. Jamel when are these yacht but sorry Charlie Tsai ARI Charlie real and lack of tough and we need shows on a guard’s radio audit your me and on soul galling number 627373 eighths and won a call and talk two of the main needs share your opinion let us know what’s happening on learning or out in your territory carol hart B a man on year all day to their their all day for 20 a great date to celebrate the earth and supper super point and eight super points or write , Connell and I was right down right on until dinner go on to your was cadmium auditorium are you ID on art by doing everything I’d buy kind of bomb only to the store to grab those two items nine are giving lagged it midway only way you wanted to Baghdad forgot all the eggs I get tomatoes I’m not so long lines and cheese and there’s just so quarry and block now : bear all the mozzarella you do it so that also would I hit your first I got home and are canceled now running back gate was like all the lines are actual oil and opinions trying to try some chicken and watts all like R’s Dan Hotz and starts it just picking where do I have like that buyers are you’ll apple fryer little reward as many as a filler are chickens and kit boss here we are a lot city was gone gold and I use that panko breading which is like what the years are like got some perl idle had but it’s one thing only as the temporal you’ll want anything sushi or anything tempers are you, what about like add garlic shrimp are some Laura mean like a on coconut shrimp:: you and I had before by William nine in your carry our that I mean you’re giving how they lost a lot stops you react as a not that pain goal 22981 step and ease bread crumbs is like killer so I’d just the one I like slice oh yards and chick redo a tender about benign idea did almanac woman that any growing online market basket mayor it’s like the bastion like you you’re keeping gains front. It makes were two rulers are not that fryer basket but so easy Ras line I would that out. So it’s like the kid you know kids kids are all about chicken it’s like but it’s like the one time read beeline at chick are sticking nuns URL judge bobby goodman and are not selling real goals

it with their different on with your same as it’s a whole different ballgame and what are check if it starts are other words but doubts chicken nor I sought other words site at obviously are real check now use some shredded are chicken George user and go it whenever they add to it for like tastes are you I mean whenever they put out so taste market but I wouldn’t want to all or not it’s on chicken and a good friend Rick Donaldson drug rule 20 years are 15 was coming there basically it’s a hot are our chicken are old chicken hop are chicken hot dog was some like egg breading on that makes it a 1. being as a taste for a year on contenders are just stopped and likeness of arming words that so it’s a you know it’s quick and easy and it’s something that your knee like, right as far as like going all out making some yield kids are in need not a brick are your results were a recent break brokers are your shoes when you are too wary of ours are we just want to we also cites it. Our guys are mean you now we’re where figured out where you take it for grain rulers are gay or five are now you’re trying to put things together are you right now were everything still OK and see they were kinda low on all I mean like people can’t book people cannot four did what you how they’ll have choices like Header past rushing totals Food Banks your mean it’s not like shop and near flock to take away you get through all read your kids are too would not block. As our waters right or get word rather like really it’s like you’re grabbing whenever there is which ends up being one processed and you are, not black writer obviously are fresh and fry shorten Sabah bundles folks I’m Nina rules and water tomato said asp year lows and nine camera sauce. It’s like are human crazy Chris rising while that’s also how loud you know people manage two like something like the meatball was like a weed two make B know your meat bill further bright on and at falcon. Berger real dinner saw. Here are smart it was a smart people were soups you are radu some things like that joint use of a society was sort of the potatoes say like if you call Khachigian River after they could make chicken soup been army might lose all or pieces still are now on Curtis ensure right and still. In fact I was like out about does it without a regular ever I walk out with 28 on a chip making place are traveling telecom and a lighter laws like New Jersey years lawyers like a Jamaican restaurant Mike Gotta see hill are writing by literally like scoped out there was a trick like the holders are black and actress writing and broth chicken and I just never think it was kinda like resort when it holds in mice are you now like yours It was a cool line are I think about it but your drink bombs do We spoke. But falls off the bone and soup is what you are. Jurors were year and throat and there would be on boulder comes are when a cookie and was a jerk was it like spicy and so you can jerks and back jerk sauce and it’s like someone hits and the chair right spicer all owner in on it and a neat show side guards radio were looking get 1000 subscribers in a lot like allowed it to subscribe on ducky haven’t put his union we got lots of boats on the race are you can’t stop and as far as our 36 base rates are as us to resist manes 420 games won a Tony too old on B and are you notice keeping keeping this going outside guards say are you sick recording studio are Cle serene you are her souls. Private parties on

party and SP we’re trying two eventually out once a reading clears again killed me a music calendar would live music can do for acts that we can record unions out Bender yields on our different pockets Indians are you now live streams are prerecorded but rice king county get this channel up so that we can all run different counts are on the lee canyon near some of the jurors arms are you can subscribe on you wear it more, orderly stage is still use act out were unlike not been kind of rape and assault from last week since Ron SA beginning of the year pretty much all right was like on you now with the Sonics corner and that weekly numbing needs going again We’ll skip we’re on a hiatus tryout I sang this I scrolled through when caught that one that one weeded out a couple months back of the chrome by riskier for real figure eight 27th and I said the Olympics are to be close due up for endowed cancel out B and are you just interesting to see where we are now in how, we advance the show how we were looking into future year in its we can so we’ve come a long way even¢ so we’re like kind on this off, this is kinda triggered us to do this regularly so that on this king county’s become part are our regular date now locked its busy out there are trying keep this thing going on but are you now than when every surround of your top back in all poppy that’s down the road anyway so on till then write your we are some guards radio rain mutual yes error on Robledo up we got another hat from 1971 drooled: 1971 here trees look four Rules don’t you were They are you are into looking lawyer are not exceed Glory tool is where you are no real way are rule ended up running as high as am a way, IRIRL year would not As far as called out take my advice or data are in the match and me at the end you are at and nighttime dying men and women, the man in until you in the main event that many of the men and women are not all enough to win, you know I am not alone and not commented more and more women in the back into one of them and man you at the lab and new director bill, and now evident, lineman and ninth in and men in England nine, and the number and a lot. And if dominant a

two and Nevada and buy and maintain that the man of the one in eight bit of a known as much in the 99 and one that I am a man on 191 and two men and women and men and women, I I know -I-I-two and more than one and nine children, and there are human, onion and Leigh and none have been sent, in your mind not members of the commandant of the men and their nominal of a two to two AM by many of the long run behind no men and women in the ninth inning when I married and men and no-win in the in-the-to-end men and women and men are in the mainland know you are one and now that are inflated Lynn road and no statement you in a new 191, number and not let blending and often and a man lying behind many men and men, women are going to hear other women in the main event that many young men and men in the Marin and me in , in already are a lot line that was out take my advice were always take my advice listen too some one thinks enormous but aware unit was a outbuildings written by Kevin Chile can enjoy is out there listening on grills and we’d love to have a not bought setup E out by all remaining known help millions numbers on color it be really cool and we’re short interview would be even greater right on, you know relied on the house but obviously knows and slightly Serbs states is these dairy store but Yemen as we’re talking about him an aria again that’s like direct like the way I’m playing that there’s little bit like static in their from a routing it’s a woman your butt on one time except down regain really clean Boston needs aren’t Spencer spend a little more time were real couple hours ago. Laker after the show worker through exciting excited too are to really pumping out there use excitement being ran run So are jolt what else is somewhat why are so well were are you going get some work done today we are doing in between are your bearings, it should bar too tall battle ribbons I covered 1 mile I was up early this morning so I did bark up more little touch up pieces of mine my kitchen floor old boy was arrested up are touching a top local talk sheet- winning on humane, you are but started your tile primer are not held yet Braun off that’s the next, the lowest of the next project are now cassettes like their style RT there are all excited to smashing out of a different but roger I mean it’s deftly got a goal line, you now there was like a maroon looking car Owners like mound white tiles and now that the carpets gone and like the wallpaper is called colored walls is gone and is nothing else in that kitchen that it is that white bronco works openings square like eating style read your work checker version oh section of a kitchen you’re right for changing but range about grass and titles Ariel’s are you now works for another day in order jobs for another

quarantine run a quarantine to worry you might get around to yet is off out she did not warn everybody that info they’d brought out there too quick and there’s extra calling for his fire ring radar for you now that the one that blew me away was that tried to reach we did somebody saying that he should be fired lotion But fox you recall yet to those like whenever a week ago it’s like older was now right nine been slow. So we discovered that these bailouts or do we discover should on the show we discovered that the bailouts for the on its small businesses are all being scooped up bike globe ray Xiong said in a lot of a long cover a football and cover the holes allow us to our souls in his number that I have any other factor was that the head. Then they also had all those other loans are all bailout money four bigger corporations that we were allowed to see any of that bears no transparency for like six months you won’t know for six months what that money like grow got it, got it been that was all under that are your mutual kid but Stephen Stephen nugent’s like to be the odd dish around that we are a picture of flocking a mint condition on year we’re just shoot panels fokker’s you know what they know Humboldt money and swimmers and you have in some areas into people of the no on push a zig Riyadh I’m sure a lot of people directors is not the scars remain listed the same ship yet no longer a bats as I get a lot of republican staff panetta whenever unsure democrats and through its own warrior You’re well well we’ll see what happens right looks like we got a new law fresh picture out there on your desk right callers you’re a URL that sent a print from a owl Ryan ward it was never looks like some Rica and are its are you are running sprints Tom delay of little chimneys larger a ID was that over there and that stack it was out. I admire I have looked like at De switch and well liked the Euro zone’s JB need those bad luck you’ll walk goes well heeled York and if you’re looking didn’t blow and GBP listener lesson swap out Exor’s crusher day week bailey Oakley dozen years older we figure prince also leaves on outback and so we have a new prep everyday Yasser slide under the door this big gap in the door for the yell out here who are they up Yolanda not he landed a pretty good deal would sound. It was going to let it was a collusive all printing rights all really are not exclusive but like at a deal you know like basically that button JB a work but when prints and are so I lean on line and ship them out and the guy wanted no 15% are solved or does it mean low PRI are eager little deal setup was some bowl racket going on here is our use excite me was a plate the other nine working on it but old boy and off the starter alert, but he wouldn’t worry is only now it is on the works on difference as everybody does look back from a sense but prescheduled wondered: two one I tell myself Let me were pretty my life to do what are worn and you night your write your sleeping minute by midnight when we do not see the seeping Ditto. Alas fodder to be like 1:00 AM your lights are right about time to get up there because I do not designed all I get home buyer for ground for an hour Will you get winder down not wind doesn’t go wind and Kearny wheels mathcad lot like that and it’s a real smacker as Ira seed smallish like hats are so I got real you know what that says the need to get the onion some hot plates and some stop you got hot plate I got that faulty center poll of two burners think my stats run saying yesterday that a guitar when we’re reading the plumbing we might as well I go

all out our kitchen and real and mines, like their relative on and look out the window overcooking we could open up that we notes are writer us when now are you in the fifth wicket because a pass through your ear are like actual were downright looks right to all, backup can consider But quarantine bands Lock up for a weekend’s we can log records in a recent court on June 5 new which are spears and soul and uses always been as always Somebody got somebody help to the other was the shooting up there in the WesCo show all and now we’re about that , Was eight guy like dressed like a cop Muniz Collor retired out woodcock are biting get the details a bit like Guenter seen it seem like youth: resident as you like bearded calls and deaths are and what houses aren’t a lot of details are now a star rampage 18 are sixteens or about 18 people. Teen people are knows how many if he was going people’s houses rules ones found out about bound and aris said Faulk it one day on The blast and yet you get killed us that all Roble B await the Oleg of the fact that , when we get save a few election run one shrew are you worried could you be a press conference. On my doughty adding the raid was to get beneath the weight and toll everyone’s around now prior leer six totals eight Striking watch and sweet brief download a year when snacks for the next Use brief strike from a London to your life receive old school are troupe briefs june complain your are really are as were their reach people are told the court people one back to work are are all lawyers the bridge bowl are having work every day but when there is no work for soul now are back are soon and running shoes on to which you think it will work your story or run IE any Garwood back at the close of its library 91 day it’s laying down Nina been wondering where you for whites are hit But he are shoot O honest well when we get what we read up refreshed are worried alert could be finished pitcher week and need it right is a route 420 De La rosa’s Howell walking George 20 based carbonell six of the lake’s they strayed been doing it so audience are glad it ever be for two women were added 4 to 40 people you are coupled in 40 in a couple You take 4498 story but like green years is sent robillard road a little in fact some women are using john was shocking reversal Jane bus to we’re not drawing: it right on his and maintain his innocence. The green Monday need shelter sidearm rail in to make sense to use ideal for Tony all the tough and tender his men and end at nine and one in men in two and look at the same for many as he and you

are 19008 lament that are under low, low as used. And Maria where are you , Rhode Island acted and no in concert are entering nine, one has used the : well as I later -knee in the R-need and maintained he are we done but he he is dropping you are enrolled in by the day and many in the era the main cog in and out is more we know-it’s real lot of the games, and medicine in St. Louis a manner are you there is not the 2/100 are in more than you allow did you go and make contacts in the year ended and Lotus domino, not by you and Modena has won many in some of the Santa Ana zoo’s URL He in turn are not long long long long did you stand know if a medicine ball at the palomino menacing is the high noon to one in a manner as he does at the end he mentioned he won in two to two in and he were he says he-men in the latter hundred at our outlook and look at his eight-bit and let 108 and one to eight in the end-to-be-and many smaller sins of zoning and now is I want are hundreds more in the south, to , and loaned us, Gitlin, outfielder heil Hitler not only does not have a LAN Anh drama of 199 kidding your

are without losing on a matter of law will, since the way you are Roni he has not gone wrong out of the men and women as the one hand and not a lot of times these days are limited only to say to them and more women in your may may to me in outlook and you were a bit longer he or are you a real 0.9 at bear are we were in the high-noon in in-he is he in later in the in as many men were men and women and men and women to add to the two men 100-2222 22200 and man soon more in line at 20222-two and was as soon as soon as I look at London and men in London and bond, two-day period where he learned, and design in data and now an independent moment-to-know-how-to-man has soon as an aide to senator dale Earnhardt 092 new am I so at the end- hymn of low-end