328,500 Bitcoin, Robert Kiyosaki, Steem seizure, BlockFi info hack, BitMEX down, Miners sell less

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is May the 19th 2020 strong and long-term thinking bitcoin is the next bitcoin uncomplicated well the start of this show might have been cut off a little bit but welcome to the one Bitcoin show everyone strong hand and yeah one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin hopefully Jesse hasn’t given me too many problems uncomplicated well yeah buy and hold us what the shirt says new show here every day that’s conviction hello Maile friends how you doing if you have questions I got answers type everything into the the chat and yeah this week in Bitcoin was great check that out at disrupt meister calm kyle Kemper five of a Phil Geiger and Adam Paul more were on the show saw me on Twitter at Tech ball tecs BLT let’s start off with a tweet from Henrico so he says the amount of Bitcoin that miners are selling is adjusting to the new flow 12 week selling average was twelve point three thousand a week okay and last week first after the having was six thousand five hundred three it’s amazing to see it happened in real time yes so after the having the miners are selling less Bitcoin or they’re moving it they’re selling it whatever you can interpret the stats anyway you want you they have less bit Bitcoin thus they’re putting less of it on the less new Bitcoin and less of it is being put on the market now the previously the it was averaging 12 point three k-8 now it says six point five K week just like that hey we’ll eventually see the results in in in the price Hey retweet it says retweet this it’s linked to below it’s me standing in front of a tent on the streets of LA and I see we’ve got questions here society has boiled down to team freedom versus team Karen / bootlickers yeah you can say that Ben Franklin that’s uh it’s sad there’s there’s quite a few people that are on Team Karen right now but it’s a good way of looking at it oh don’t make it political don’t make it a right first left thing make it a freedom versus a boot looking things so there you go and that guy says have you heard of Magnum wallet supposedly an easy way to get all your crypto dividends you might not even know you have well I think I have heard of Magnum Wallet and I have discussed in the past that someone should come up with an easy-to-use wallet that gets you all your crypt of dividends just like that and you don’t have to risk losing your Bitcoin now does that wallet do that I don’t know I will uh I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do I’m gonna do my homework after this I’m gonna explore what this Magnum while it really is and see how trustworthy etc but uh thank you for the question though but yes eventually there will be easier ways to get all your your crypto dividends for now we’re elite that we’ve been able to get the MW CEO and the forks be gold whatever now again don’t mess with it some of those Forks very different what the claim it’s not even worth it anymore you must be very careful but we’re going to be talking about stuff you get for free and then stuff that for some reason people pay for will talk the steam we’re gonna talk about that and in a second pound that like but more more just in son dictatorial drama over there very interesting experiment okay look at my long hair whoa oh yeah but hopefully we’ll be able to get a haircut in Baltimore in less than two weeks now this is from a a guy posted this in the comments section and if this is true it’s also Bitcoin Meister Bitcoin ATMs in my city are offering 10% above spot to buy Bitcoin from the 80 percenters and so I said where is this he says it’s in the East Coast and black frog ATM sent us a text it’s on coin ATM trader

Act now of course I don’t have the coin ATM Trader app I have no apps I have no phone I don’t know what black frog ATM is maybe it is that the name of the ATM on the East Coast that is Sal that’s offering to buy Bitcoin for 10% over spot that that’s quite interesting how much do they sell it for they obviously sell it also for above spot also I would assume but hey that’s cool they value they they really value their level in Bitcoin they apparently think they’re gonna be able to sell it for a lot more in the future if this is really happening so and I would not recommend doing something like this yeah that’s a Bitcoin they give you tip they give you cash for it 10% more than what it’s worth then immediately you go on a coin base or wherever and you buy up that much in fiat worth a big point and you get more Bitcoin then you had but I’m not saying to do that that’s theirs you know when you’re dealing with time like that who knows what can happen between the time you do that and the time you buy the call but it’s so that’s why I like I’m wondering how is this possible how is this possible to you you can because someone would do what I just said if you can really go sell your Bitcoin for 10% above spot and then you you get that cash immediately now you get the 200 bucks out of the ATM immediately you would just go on your computer right away and spend $200 on big point on coinbase and you would have more Bitcoin than you previously had okay but if that’s hey I’m just reporting what I’m being told here hey dude – who miss the original channel again this is the backup channel for you newbies I was informed about something that I could do that perhaps could wake up the people at YouTube because I did everything you told me to do I appealed and they never they never got back to me I started reddit thread so for all you old school people that are on reddit i link to it below all you have to do is up vote the thread you don’t have to leave a comment or anything like that just upload the thread that is linked to below someone recommended that basically this this forum is read by people that work at YouTube so it’s worth a shot I mean right now everything’s it’s in limbo they never got back to me compete don’t complain obviously I’m still doing a new show every day and all you people in podcast lands still are wondering what the heck are you talking about I’ve noticed have noticed the difference at all but there there is something that you can do right there if these people have asked me is there anything and you will upload that reddit thread if your own ready and I know not everyone’s on reddit it’s been or them just just putting it out there alright let’s talk about that block by real quick I always I had we know we were just talking about crypto dividends that’s that’s how a reasonable person gets interest on their Bitcoin they collect the free altcoins they’re given by these people doing Forks and air drops but some people like to give their Bitcoin over to block by and block I will give them interest apparently now something happened to a block by recently and the the the incident report is linked to below they there was an information hack okay they didn’t steal whoever this hacker they got into blocked by there was a mistake and on the unauthorized third party was able to access information that block by typically uses for retail marketing purposes the information access is listed below name is listed on the account email address date of birth physical address is listed on the account and activity history now I wouldn’t want some hacker to get all that information about me okay it shows you that black eye is a third party the black eye is vulnerable to different types of attacks right there now they lost their Bitcoin they lost nurses Social Security number they lost that just just keep it in mind for all you people that think it’s worth it to get your interviewers six percent your one percent your to whatever they’re promising you just keep it in that mind they are clear I mean the conclusion is right there there’s not perfect no third party is perfect third parties can have issues and some of yo I don’t care if

with some hacker from Russia that knows the day I was born okay that’s that’s your that’s your prerogative but you would care if he made it a little bit further into the block by ecosystem it took your Bitcoin so speaking about hacks and well easyJet a European cheap airline someone hacked into them stole all the credit card information of their users this is in the future when you buy stuff a Bitcoin you won’t have to worry about that they won’t they no one’s going to end up with your credit card information that they will be able to then use to buy who knows what they’ll if you buy stuff with Bitcoin that’s it it’s your it’s irreversible no one can use that information to buy stuff that they want if they know your if they know your public address doesn’t matter I’m not gonna be able to buy anything like with it but if they know your credit card information over there easyJet ouch so hopefully you didn’t get your information stolen from easy it happens it happens people this will get people into Bitcoin more well maybe who knows who does I I don’t know make a you know a hardcore remark like that but it should it should have it that so over at steam it at steam there’s an art article a decrypt the steam Network to seize five million five million from its users what final five million steam from the users I forgot what it here’s the point piers here’s the point right there there’s some anti Sun errs over there anti Justin Sun errs and they they’re going to be punished there they’re Bitcoin and that very bit nothing there steam is going to be confiscated on there’s gonna be a hard fork and there’s theme will be confiscating okay I say this is an experiment I wouldn’t want to be those guys but this is like a dictatorial experiment when you’ve got a blockchain that’s run in a dictatorial manner random things can happen it’s centralized okay and it’s interesting because the market reacted the the price of steam and steam back dollars went up so I love this see these experiments and all people compete don’t complain this is what they’re doing this is the way they’re competing over there they’re having addictive torn that up where you could have your steam compass games if you don’t like the dictator and the price of steam and her sub steam back dollars has gone up so I got it all over free I got it all for free I would never buying it clearly I wouldn’t buy anything that’s a dictatorial blockchain well first of I only buy Bitcoin but it’s I understood back eat the popcorn saying it I get this stuff for free I turn in a Bitcoin maybe they’ll be worth more Bitcoin right things he does over there because in the long run he’s a good marketer he’s getting rid of opposition and she’s gonna all turn that steam in the Tron and we’ll see we’ll see there are a lot of people like oh you got a quick steam right now and go into hi why don’t you both why don’t have both I have both that’s the postal book this is posted on both all right we’ll see how the experiment turns out that’s that’s what all coins are about on the owner certain level experimentation and getting it for free is just the best man getting them for free buying them is it compute to buy something like that that you get for free don’t know why that happens let’s get it’s the gambler mentality and roaming shoes says the last time I heard the phrase 10% above spot was when I asked the question when you were in Vegas on the episode with American Caudill and trace that was the loop it was quite that was quite an episode they’re who what happened after that episode we state is stuff of legend apparently uh trace handed I’ll times but that phrase 10 per how do they use 10 percent above spot that sounds like some trace weed uh sounds like a trace the same is this is this uh am i getting uh it looks like we’re probably having some delays here because of the uh I have no idea how they have the connection people how’s the connection give me my people over there in a live chat I know you’re at your talk in there give me give me an update on how the connection is so I know all the the magic of doing a live show but the magic of conviction jitsi

doesn’t sound you get a new frickin show every day and I like doing shows this time of day – yeah connection is spotty I almost just said it I just almost said a really bad word there but since we don’t curse on this show I’m not gonna curse okay someone said the connection is fine so far all right dudes let’s move on ooh what’s up I just lost my place excuse me I just can’t find it okay so friar has my body has McCook has a very good tweet out there there are 320 8500 Bitcoin mine per year during this new cycle at least story now that we passed that having at ten thousand a coin that means 3.28 five billion dollars is needed each year nice by apply this pathetically low number and here is scamming you literally no one is but us basically I got a I think he makes a good point there that did he do the math right there mighty number 328 that yeah he did the math right there thousand three hundred twenty-eight thousand thousand yeah you did do the math right yep okay so uh three three if to buy up a year a new year supply would call at ten thousand a coin will cost three point two eight billion dollars that’s not too much for uh for institutions so he makes a good point uh that they’re probably not here it any uh in any big way at least okay but that’s a a great way a great way of looking at things that there’s only three hundred twenty eight thousand five hundred new big point mind each year and you do your own math you see well how much would it cost to buy them all up at twenty thousand how much would it cost it to buy it up with fifteen thousand does that seem like it does a see if they’re not that many Bitcoin out there when you look in it in that way I think it does okay Guy Kawasaki Nick Carter retweeted a Guy Kawasaki tweet now Guy Kawasaki yeah I really care about the dude I’m not gonna try to pedestal him but I know a lot of people worship him and stuff and think he’s a genius and follow his books and I know he’s tweeted about he’s tweeted about Bitcoin before and Nick starts it off the retweet saying I don’t know I have mixed feelings about this guy being on our team the first of other know teams III don’t consider someone who talks about Bitcoin a team member your worst enemy can be a promoter of Bitcoin and that’s great so I I don’t look it I don’t like this team thing like trying that that that goes on the same line is the Bitcoin Inquisition no this guy doesn’t agree with me on what I think Bitcoin is so he shouldn’t be here anymore we should get you can’t do that that’s impossible do that’s the glory of Bitcoin so I just want to put that out there but I didn’t want to I wanted to share the tweet real quick and so JC you said how is the new laptop dude I don’t get it until you’ll notice when there’s a new laptop I’m not getting it until I’m back in Baltimore I have to physically pick it up that it was sent to Baltimore so this isn’t there three on the laptop so that’s why you get the crackly stuff you’ll you’ll notice when it’s a new laptop guys okay let’s let’s move the ball uh man uh though let me read you a guy Kawasaki’s thing all right New York City going broke all cities count on income tax give me a favor guys just Curtis fifteen in so New York City going broke all cities camp fighters and police yep pretty fake dollars and and not save you get gold so her big call points take yourself off that’s what he says so you gotta read it’s kind of funny the

thread the people who reply to it they’re people people that are trying to pump their their finger up corn it’s soon what do you care about your third – you’re off boy all right and most people don’t even read the whole the Twitter thread it’s on a trendy once still I give them credit right there check it out Guy Kawasaki can’t fault you and dude you’re not on my team I’m not looking for team Birds it’s not about teens here you do what you’re gonna do God everybody else be unique piece all right panel so big mix trading engine is down so for a lot of people that’s huge news now it came back for me it’s nothing it’s just a reminder of the gambling mentality that is out there for some people that is a huge thing they’re gonna lose a lot of Bitcoin because of that they’re gonna lose a lot of hair a lot they’re gonna worry a lot it’s a centralized aspect of a bit of of cryptocurrency it’s not it’s not big Bitcoin is not centralized but when you start playing that game you’re centralizing your Bitcoin you’re trusting these people with your with your Bitcoin that it’s not gonna go down and freakish things aren’t gonna happen and yeah so for me it’s just interesting it’s such a big whenever something like that happens with bit max it’s it’s a big deal in the Bitcoin space but it shouldn’t be it shouldn’t be but it just shows you how reliant some people are on gambling and that’s what they think bitcoin is they think bitcoin is trading there are so many people when I try to talk to people with a Bitcoin I’m like yeah all your ideas just holes and they’re like well I had a friend who told me that’s you gotta trade it and there’s no have to do anything you don’t have to trade it but there are so many people with that mentality and thus what bitcoin trade I mean bit next trading engine going down shouldn’t make a difference in anyone’s life at all but it makes a huge difference uh you don’t but hey don’t forget Ambler know know how to hold it’s not that complex so Alistair Milne has a tweet talking about the anagram it’s aka a moon shot it’s otherwise known as a moon shot okay that’s what it it’s aka a moon shot that is an anagram for Satoshi Nakamoto it’s linked to below no one is talking about this he says of course that it’s all fun and games and it’s funny I mean some people I guess would be wack enough to think it’s a conspiracy of some sort Renee Renee Picard started a Lightning Network blog for all you Lightning Network recent out there and we will leave it on a beyond big coin no go quick we’ll leave it on a and that okay Oh roaming yeah okay grow make you a very good point so Joe Rogan has a hundred million dollar deal I think that was how much he made the deal with Spotify now it just came out today they are paying him a hundred million dollars to be his exclusive provider of podcasts so you’re not gonna be able to find Joe Rogan on YouTube I’m sure some people repost some of his stuff off there but this is a big deal he’s leaving YouTube and he could take this could wake a lot of other people up about well maybe I’ll get an exclusive deal with some type of provider instead of dealing with all the shenanigans of getting demonetized on YouTube and this is good this is compete don’t complain I was just feeling so definitely yesterday talking about how I love anchor and how all my pod can listen to all my show who’s at sports nice marcom thanks to anchor youtube does some pretty random things baby f this – wait demo they’re losing a you view maybe they want to automate everything and maybe they’ll actually have customer service where they reply and maybe they won’t be as uh politically correct and in just getting rid of so many things or maybe not and maybe just other platforms are gonna grow and you know as I say to people check out check it so many people screaming about another class well then do you watch anything will bitch shoot I did a few postal bitching I did you do

you listen to podcast because it is clear that even though you can’t see people on audio podcast they are right this is the line drawn in the sand right here if today 100 million dollar deal with a podcast its competition with YouTube it is serious competition so good good i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister yes i understand i’m not gonna i’m almost on the verge of saying a curse word with the people all right pound that like button dudes I’m out of here thank thank you thanks for bearing with the the technical tease it’ll things will get better eventually just gotta bear with it when you have a new show every day hey we need you do over three we’re gonna be days were there bad connections okay all right thanks bye