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【Please sit down and hold on. We’ll take you come back to the 90’s】 【The HongKong music was well-known for that time 】 【Yiwu, Zhejiang】 【The unknown tiny town — Yiwu】 【Will be famous around the world】 【The barber shop of the lane】 【The old things send out the aged feelings】 Do I look like Leung Chiu Wai I’m satisfied 【The 2 yuan paper currency which had been forgotten by people】 Thanks You are unforgettable You’re still in my heart 【I’m so charming】 【The second elder brother of the grocery】 【The silent grocery】 【The goods are displayed on the shelves neatly】 【Time passed slowing with the abacus sound】 Sister Do I look like Leung Chiu Wai I think you look special today Do you think so? You look like my idol Leung Chiu Wai He’s also my idol Really? 【Carina Lau, the eldest sister of the grocery, the famous actress】 Where’s our younger brother? He’s sleeping Sleep Why do you beat him “Super Grocery” will be defeated in his hand Brother, I want the silence 【Wei Daxun, the youngest brother of the grocery, the young actor】 This is a good era Nobody asks you who is Jingjing, when you say you want the silence (Jingjing means the silence in Chinese) Who is Jingjing Our neighbor Mr. Wang’s daughter Look at him Besides sleeping, he wants to date with a girl Don’t blame him He’s still young and he is growing up Since you come back Are you hungry Let me stew noodles for you Are you hungry Let me stew noodles for you Sister, don’t spoil him You spoil him too much Just a bowl of noodles No Come here What should I do now Let him read our family rules Come in You won’t be cheated if you only use one yuan Use one yuan to buy a feather duster And you don’t need to have a family meeting Though it’s not family heirloom, every family still needs it One yuan, buy a feather duster Good job 【The toy shop reminds us of memories in our childhood】 Come on and have a look The top 1 toyshop in Yiwu Golden Family Toyshop We have the most interesting toys And also the cheapest toys Come on and don’t lose the chances 【Chen He, the eldest son of the toyshop】 The best in Yiwu 【Ultraman】 A girl shouldn’t play the ultraman Why not Of course Why 【Guan Xiaotong, the youngest daughter of the toy shop】 It’s the only one in our shop Give it back to me I’m angry I’m angry too You’re angry? It’s the limited edition and this is the only one Why girls can’t play the ultraman You even used the toy to exchange for other things What did I exchange for? You exchanged for the twist with honey and ate it I exchanged for the durian Give it to me Don’t play it I’m back Painful Painful Fortunately Dad, you wake up I thought you could never wake up again What happened 【Li Chen, the boss of the toyshop】 Grandpa, have some yogurt Aren’t we dad, one son and one daughter? Why do you change it No I think it looks suitable Why will we fall in love with someone? Appearance will be destroyed by a fire Talent will be worn out someday The feeling is the most important thing Honey, I love you Darling, I love you too 【Bosco Wong, the younger brother Yuan Shanshan, the sister-in-law】 【What are you doing】 What are you doing Do you dislike us Do you Have you ever considered my feelings? No 【Wang Zulan, the eldest brother of the wedding supplies shop】

You have Yanan Do you succeed in chasing her Where’s your wife Wait Call her 963017469 Hello, Yanan How are you Do you finish chatting Wait My phone is very expensive Except being a phone, it has another function How tall am I? 180 See It can lie 【The guitar sound played slowly】 【The delicate accessories】 【The childish handkerchief】 【And the dream man of every post-90 girl】 【The beautiful girl】 【Lu Han, the second eldest brother of the accessories shop】 Brother Can you look at it for me Is this flower suitable for me You always posture in front of that mirror 【Dilraba, the youngest sister of the accessories shop】 It matches my clothe well I think it suits you well Only one? Two are better They look like the antennas I think they will help you to receive signal 【Rock man】 【Fashionable steps】 They’re symmetrical Only one I let you to take care of the shop, but what are you doing ? I’m posturing in front of the mirror What? How smug are you? You can never be smugger than me I’m the eldest brother and I’m the smuggest 【Zheng Kai, the eldest brother of the accessories shop】 I work hard and it’s not a easy thing I brought you up with all my efforts 【Can you understand how hard I am】 Brother, are you shy of saying that How do you spend the money which was earned by me? He must buy some things to make him smug The village head asks us to have a meeting Let’s go Go I’ll educate you later Let’s go 【The 4 families go to the great hall 】 Let’s go Go Ok, I’m going Grandpa, don’t we need to take care of our shop? We don’t need to. Let your grand-grandpa Deng Chao to take care of the shop Ok Golden family We arrive at the meeting place 【The toyshop family: dad, son and daughter】 Develop spirit of feather for sugar and step towards a new age The slogan is tough Everyone knows that our golden family is the richest So you invite us firstly 【The most regretful thing of the golden family is that they earn too much money but they can’t spend all of them】 There’s some sound 【The wedding supplies shop family】 He carried the bag under his arm again 【It’s still the familiar Zulan】 What’s your business You carry this The cellular phone. You don’t have it I also have a small cell phone We use the high-tech cell phone now 【Your phone belongs to my grandpa’s time】 96585213 【The busy boss Wang】 Hello What’s that family 【Who?】 【The accessories shop family】 【Young family】 We’re the traffic lights Let’s join up an alliance first Join up an alliance What do we join up an alliance now That’s fried eggs with tomatoes and some chopped green onion 【What’s the next family】 【The grocery family】 Carina Welcome Welcome Carina and Daxun Do you want to cooperate with “Super Grocery” Because we’re preparing for the stock market Do we? Yes How do you feel, team red Shanshan Hello, brother Chao Nice to meet you If you want to get married We are “Sword man”, what are you doing?(Sword man means bitch here) There’re so many Kung Fu in the world, but you choose to practice the sword My sword is poisonous Poisonous Good How many words are true in Deng Chao’s mouth 0 Is Deng Chao a psycho 4 (Yes) 【Brother, don’t be too naughty】 I think you have 2 name now One is “frog man” And another one is “sword man” Choose one You two old men and a grand daughter

What do you mean You can’t say that What’s wrong We’re grandpa, father and daughter Introduce your business We sell toys Golden family Wait, please speak together. Ok? Our slogan is “Golden family steps towards the new era” We just learn from here 【How clever of us】 What about the team red We run a wedding supplies shop And we sell wedding supplies So our name is hug of love And Bosco Wong He’s obviously my younger brother Yes But honestly, I think we two look like brothers than you two Your shoes are the same We look like the brothers in Duckweed I think it’s because the prop team had no time to prepare and they improvised the clothes for us Don’t say those to the prop team They’re very careful and sweet Look at Shanshan’s trousers Yes The foot pants That’s good The foot pants Don’t touch it, ok? I’m sorry My sword is poisonous Ok, it’s our team’s time We run a grocery Our slogan is “Super Grocery” 【Where’s our privacy】 【Embarrassed】 The name of the grocery is “Super grocery” And our slogan is “rolled up the sleeves and try our best” Try our best 【Just do it?】 Just Are you still dreaming Are you the family We’re family The eldest sister, the elder brother and the youngest brother No The eldest sister, the elder brother and the youngest brother The eldest sister the elder brother The team green Ok, let just ignore the team green Why do you ignore us Why the clothes of team green are better While our clothes are loose Let team green to introduce their business We run the accessories shop Our doctrine is “If we want to have a better life, green is necessary” Our team name is “Open a way” What does that mean Kai Lu Ba 【Welcome to Yiwu, Zhejiang】 【Today, we’ll cross 30 years】 【And experience the development of the commercial in Yiwu】 【And the winner will become the biggest company in Yiwu】 We must win Yes 【Please come to receive your mission card】 Feather for sugar 【Feather for sugar : In the farm slack season, the farmers shouldered the burden and had a drum-shaped rattle in hand】 【And they wandered about the streets, exchanging the sugar for the feather. The tough and pragmatic spirit 】 【Encouraged the next generation to remember the tough time and step towards the world】 Feather for sugar is a tradition in Yiwu There’re people collecting feathers in many families And they also collect the turtles and turtle shells They can sell when they’ve accumulated in a certain number Where’s the turtle Here’s the turtle 【It’s reasonable but I want to laugh】 I’ll call my brothers to come here Don’t leave and stand here Do you want to call a herd of turtles to come here? A herd of turtles? I’m sorry 【The commercial culture in Yiwu was developed from the feather for sugar】 【Feathers can be made a feather-duster】 【And they can also be the great fertilizer】 【So our first mission is to experience the feather for sugar】 【Feather for sugar: Every family dispatches one person to collect feathers in the specific time in every round. The family which has the heaviest feathers will win this game】 【Go to the old street of Buddhist Prayer Room】 【The old street has more than 300-year history】 【30 years ago, feathers symbolized the toughness of building up from noting in Yiwu. But now, It’s about happiness and wealth.】 【Round 1】 【Episode 1 Tiny city big market】 【Go to the old street of Buddhist Prayer Room】 【The old street has more than 300-year history】 【30 years ago, feathers symbolized the toughness of building up from noting in Yiwu. But now, the flying feathers bring people happiness and wealth.】

【Round 1】 【Start】 Walk chicly 【Dance gracefully】 Carina are on a catwalk Carefree earth and great endless ocean Ebb and flow 【Which style are you in?】 【Find her tempo】 【I control my tempo】 【It seems like we play the fake music】 【Elegance is my style】 How many people can look through Red dirt rising Unreasoning passion Parting and meeting are irregular They’re battling I think we’re like two idiots Xiaotong, don’t lose The Mongolian dance Who has the feathers Who has the feathers 【Where are the feathers】 【The mystic women appear in the attic】 【What are their identities?】 【Feathers】 【Who are they?】 I have feathers 【We’re the women of feathers】 Come here quickly Come here We have feathers Come here Feathers are here Come here Give me 【In the meantime, Carina…】 【There’s a beauty in the old street】 【She remains aloof from the world】 【Wandering in this long alley with a bamboo basket】 Raba is crazy They’re all poured in 【Good job】 Carina spares no effort 【Carina, your elegance is lost】 She throws herself in the feathers So many feathers here Xiaotong, pick up Xiaotong, rob the feathers Don’t just pick them up Don’t rob but pick up Rob Pick up. Rob Pick up Rob Pick up Pick up Shanshan 【Countdown】 Shanshan, pick up the feathers on the ground Xiaotong, on the ground Shanshan, here 【Time’s up】 Raba has too many feathers Raba is good at it Good job You’re the King. The king of feathers Excellent I almost cried for what Carina did just now She tried her best Carina threw herself into the feathers But her hat is still neat I think the most torturing thing is not the feathers But the aunts’ voices Yes Here Come here I have feathers Come here Here Round 2 【Round 2. Red Bosco Wong Yellow Chen He Blue Deng Chao Green Zheng Kai】 Feather sister Please give me the big heap of feathers 【No problem】 Don’t give them Ok 【Round 2】 【Start】 【The 4 princes of disco in the countryside】 【They’re immersed in the disco happily】 【Come on】 【Hands up and swing with us】 They’re so high 【The wild boy】 You will lose The aunt is dancing This aunt is dancing Dance Come on Good job So good

I’m so tired Start Who has feathers Where are the feathers I have Come here I have Chen He. That way Come on Behind you 【The leopard is coming】 Use my handsome appearance 【Please give me some feathers】 【Attracted by him successfully】 【Shocked】 I have feathers Deng Chao Hurry up He is not picking up feathers They’re fighting Deng Chao I have feathers Come here I have feathers Chen He, beat their basket Where’s my basket 【My basket】 【The feathers are flying】 No Go away I have feathers Let me try 【Full of feathers】 The owner of feathers 【Snow is falling. The north wind is roaring.】 【The earth is covered with white snow】 【A cut in cold plum, standing proudly snow 】 【Its fragrance is only for beauty】 Deng Chao, you’re always making troubles Hurry up and pick some feathers up The feathers are coming Deng Chao, the feathers Use the unique skill Don’t busy my brother 【Time’s up】 Deng Chao Time’s up What are you doing 【I didn’t hear that】 Sorry My younger brother has some mental problem He can’t hear the sound sometimes He can’t hear the sound No It seems that I ate a whole chicken No Can the sisters say nothing when they’re throwing the feathers Too noisy 【Prepare to weigh up】 Let me do the self-criticism first I still picked up feathers when time was up Ok, I will give up some feathers 【Too few】 You’re welcome You want that few feathers 【Now, let’s weigh up the feathers】 【Please bring the property here】 【Every team is loading their feathers in the basket】 Raba picked too many feathers up I think that’s the feather spirit It’s as light as the feather but when all the things add together, the power is great 【Let’s start from team Green】 It’s heavy 2662.6g Ok, the next team Team blue Come on, team blue 250 【Team red】 Zulan, don’t put your phone in it The mobile phone is one of them Yes yes yes Does it have feathers No How come they get so many feathers Yes, we have a lot 【Ok, team yellow please】 【How heavy are the team yellow’s feathers】 【Over weighted】 What does it mean It’s totally over weighted It’s over weighted

Lift it up It’s over weighted It’s over 300 They win? Really? 【Perhaps something is wrong?】 It’s more than 300 Do they put something in the basket Let’s look it for 【We won’t cheat】 It’s not right 【A shoe】 You put a shoe in it It’s too It’s not interesting You stopped me from putting my phone in 【Whose shoe?】 【The owner: Chen He】 What’s this Wait Another shoe The red sugar 【When they were putting the feather in】 【Chen He put shoe in it】 【Li Chen also put one shoe in】 【And one more box of sugar】 I think they should be punished So we tell you that it’s a wrong way to run your business I hope you can’t do it in the future We’re credibility and integrity Yes 【Ok, announce the result】 No.1 will have 4 factories No.2 will have 3 factories No.3 will have 2 factories No.4 will have 1 factory Running feathers! 【With the help of members, all the feathers are collected 】 【Evert feather will have a better worth】 【After everyone’s effort, the streets are turned to be clean again】 【For family business’s better development】 【4 families decide to leave the town】 【And they will fight to the world】 The Spring Festival Gala of 1992 begins Celebrate for the thriving business and good harvests HongKong finally returns 【Year:2002 Place: International Expo Center】 【The 4 families gather around again in the new century】 The International Commodities Fair 【The all sorts of small commodities】 Long time no see, friends 10 years passed All of you have developed a lot 【You all have changed from head to foot】 Why do you hold two preserved eggs The preserved egg It’s not the preserved egg but the black pearl They’re only 2 black pearls in the world We even don’t need to polish the diamond We make it round I keep a low profile than you See I have nothing in my account book Except money 【Kai, don’t be too naughty】 That’s gorgeous The most important thing is that China joined WTO 【Proud】 China joined WTO So we have the chance We catch up the time The 8th China Yiwu International Commodities Fair And English is very important English is very important Even your sister is laughing So come to me if you want to communicate with foreigners I wanna ask you How to say it in English 【It’s time to prove myself】 【I don’t believe you can say it】 This is the plunger The plunger This is shut up 【Is this the plunger I know?】 【Don’t imitate that】 【This is the 8th China Yiwu International Commodities Fair in 2002】 【To let your commodities go abroad and sell in the international market】 【Next, there will be a foreign merchant】 【To tell you the name of the foreign merchant you will trade with】 【You have to find the right person, and prepare goods according to his requirement】 Look for the foreign merchants Where is the foreign merchant Find the foreign merchant among the people Welcome the representatives of the foreign merchants Really It’s the real foreign merchant 【What do they see】

Welcome the representatives of the foreign merchants It’s the real foreign merchant 【What do they see】 【The foreigners from all over the world】 【200 foreigners from all over the world gather here】 It’s spectacular So many people 【Hospitality】 Oh my god Today is my day Oh my god 【I can’t control myself】 My friends 【Welcome】 Maradona Hello Can you speak Chinese I can speak Chinese a little 【Good Chinese】 It’s not a little The foreign merchants speak Chinese well They can speak Chinese My name is Mu Xiaolong I’m from Egypt Egypt Welcome Thank you Now I’ll give you the mission Give every team a mission Ok, the team blue The foreign merchant you have to find is 【Please say it slowly】 【Confused】 What did he say Dilila? Dilraba Say it again please Diruila No What Ga? Pardon? Once again Sulageda Don’t speak please The name is so long Diruila Sulageda Samba Go away Diruila Sulageda Samba Samba I’m Samba Team Yellow Bingbing? Say it again Ingendi Di Renjie Ren Xianqi Di Renjie Ren Xianqi 【Yuanfang, what do you think】 【Sir, it’s a scheme 】 Listen carefully Remember it I give up Ganjidi Maitangba So long The brother sells the sugar Diff Bewenning Ok, team green Lutefei Luyiwen Lutefei Alabida Ok Team red Abudumaijide Abudula Kekanawei Ok, go Kekanawei 【There’re 200 foreigners】 【Can they find the right merchant】 Begin Ok, go Abudula Abudu Maijide Ayo, you wanna take photo with us Let’s go It’s wrong Excuse me. Abude Maijide Abudula I don’t know Abudula Where are you Ganjidi Maitangba Diff Beiwenning What’s your name Ganjidi Maitangba Diff Beiwenning I’m sorry but no Ok, thank you It’s too difficult 【Where are you】 Ganjidi It’s you? Let’s take a photo together Li Huizhen Beautiful Thanks Thank you 【My younger sister is popular】 Really? Abudu maijide? Abudula?

Yes Really? Yes What do you want? 【Team red find the target successfully】 I wanna red, yellow and blue ribbons And 162 ribbons in total The 3/5 numbers of the red ribbons equals to the 2/3 numbers of he yellow ribbons The numbers of yellow ribbons equal to 3/4 of the blue ones Are you clear No 【What’s wrong】 Diruila Sulageda Samba Diruila Sulageda Samba Samba We finally find you Samba What do you want to buy I have 500 yuan I wanna buy the plunges And also the washboards The numbers of the plunges is 3/5 of the washboards and spend 500 yuan in total How many plunges and washboards do we have You can speak the word 3/5 You speak Chinese well Thank you Go Lutefei Lutewen Lutefei Alabida No I can’t recognize the face now 【Who did I ask】 Alabida Where are you 【I’m here】 【Alabida】 I find him This way Lutefei Lutewen Lutefei Alabida Alabida Let’s go. Hurry up Don’t take photo anymore Ok So, what’s your requirement I want to buy the necklaces The necklace And the hair band. 48 in total 48 Let me write it down And you can spend at most 580 yuan 【Only team yellow hasn’t found the foreign merchant】 Ganjidi is there Where There Which one Ganjidi Maitangba Diff Beiwenning No Ganjidi Maitangba Diff Beiwenning No 【Expected】 【Hopeless】 Thank you Where is he Oh my god No? 【Ask again and again while despair again and again】 It’s so difficult It’s too difficult to find out 【Can they finish the mission】 【In the meantime, the other 3 teams are counting the numbers of the goods】 The number of plunges is 3/5 of the washboard You write down the 500 yuan first It’s difficult to calculate It’s easy I could calculate it when I was young but now I forget the method How to solve this problem We should put it in Tell me I can’t do it How to do it 2/3 of yellow equals to 3/5 of red How to do it It’s horrible Come here 【Team yellow find their target successfully】 Come on Hurry up How to make the equation It’s troublesome It’s excessive It’s very excessive He is so young But he doesn’t know what is X plus Y 【I’m sorry to let you down】 I can’t do it I really forgot 【Daxun, do you feel regretful to your math teacher?】 What can we do I’m studying in acting for the whole year I forget the math at all You’re the same with me The line is 6y and plus 2x equals to 500 Solve the equation 2x plus 2y equals to 200 And the result is 4 Y is 300 4 7 It can be divided evenly 75 The quantity of the lions is 75 And the quantity of chicken is 25 Ok, I’m done The number of lion is 75 and the number of chicken is 25 I’m done with it How quick they are 75 lions and 25 chickens 【Correct】 【Team yellow begins to prepare the goods】 It’s just what I think I just want to know whether the young people forget the math problems I’m happy 【Nobody believes you】 【Team yellow finishes the distribution】 【How fast】 Ok Thanks to our math genius 【The time of team yellow is up】 The princess of our country Thank you Xiaotong, our princess Thanks Xiaotong is the accountant of our company Join my team Do you know who is the cleverest person in Running I know who is the fake top student It’s too difficult We’ve already forgotten what we learned before Calculate it quickly Hurry up 【Become impatient】 21 22 23 24 25 and I’m done

Hurry up Look 25 washboards Multiply by 8 200 And this is You use no any equation to calculate the answer I use the stupid way to calculate the answer And plus it No equation 3/5 divided by 5 and multiply by 3 Equals to 15 15 multiply 20 300 【The answer is correct】 【Though the method is stupid, they have the right answer】 Load the goods So quick Good job It’s useful to let him sleep more It’s useful 【When Daxun meets the math and he calculates the right answer】 We have to inherit the wisdom Yes Our business will belong to them one day It belongs to my brother And I also have to let my daughter to run the business Of course Because you’re too old Too old Our mathematics problem is too difficult We have no choice I’ll let our accountant to help you What’s your problem 48 in total No A No more than 580 Not equals to 580 3x equals to 100 If the problem says “no more than”, we can have an integer 33 hairbands And 15 necklaces 【Good job, Xiaotong】 【Team Green’s answer 33 hairbands and 15 necklaces】 Xiaotong, you’re so clever 【Only we’re left】 【Annoying】 Save me 【Clean and rewrite, the answer is still unknown】 Xiaotong Help them You just finished your College Entrance Examination What’s your problem 3/5 of the red Equals to the 2/3 of the yellow It’s too difficult Their problem is the Olympic mathematics problem Am I wrong 3/5x equals to 2/3y Y equals to The number of the red is 20 The number of the blue is 24 And minus 44 Equals to 18 The number of the yellow is 18 【20 red ribbons 24 blue ribbons 18 yellow ribbons】 【The young are excellent】 The genius I admire her It’s not easy The final Good job 【The team red’s time is up】 Thank you, Xiaotong Thanks 【Ok, your mission is not complete】 【Why】 【Because, as a businessman】 【You have to find the foreign merchant again】 【And trade with him face to face】 【And then you’re completed】 【despair】 I forget what he looks like Oh my god No 【Can they find their foreign merchants again】 Where are they 【Empty】 Where are they 【Where are the merchants?】 【We’re here】 【The scene is spectacular】 【Searching from the memory】 I can’t remember the face now I can’t remember 【What can I do】 Alabida 【Are you?】 No Aren’t you? You look the same as him Neither of them 【How can they find the merchant】 【Run without hesitation】 【Surprisingly! Wei Daxun finds the merchant depending on his strong memory】 Good job I find him Not this one Brother, it’s not him It’s him Believe me 【Who is the real merchant】 Believe me Brother, you’re confused Wait 【Deng Chao wants to insist his choice?】 He looks like James He looks like him 【The lost brothers】 He looks like him Don’t you think so? Do you stop our time Do you 【The two people are still clear】 Are you sure Yes You discuss It’s him Trust me Yes 【Team blue succeed in finding during 17 minuets 43 seconds】 Alabida【The others are still looking for…】 Not you Not you Alabida 【Are you Alabida?】 Alabida No Will he refuse to recognize I don’t think so 【Let me look at your face】 Alabida Let’s go 【It’s him】 【Team green succeed in finding during 25 minuets 4 seconds】 The one you find is LeBron James James 【Yes, I find him】 Bro, let him to take our products Take our products please And represent it Ok Say “I love team blue” to the camera

I love team blue The business belongs to team blue Winning belongs to team blue Wait, Sun Li doesn’t belong to team blue Winning Sun Li is mine Sun Li belongs to team blue Winning belongs to team blue Not yours But our team blue It’s mine Can you tell me what did you say James Camera on please So tall Thank you Thanks I love you I love you too Yao Ming Bro, do you usually use it at home Yes 【I’m familiar with it now】 It’s him Yes Let’s go Yes Your mission are completed【Red team 31 minutes 27 seconds】 【Yellow team 19 minutes 35 seconds】 【And team blue can get 4 factories in this round】 【Envy】 【Team yellow can get 3】 【Team green can get 2】 【And team red can only get 1】 【Still happy】 【Why are they happy】 【They can never forget the name】 【Your team mate is losing his IQ】 【Expanding the international market The score of each team: Red 5 Green 5 Yellow 5 Blue 5】 【Thanks the foreigners for attending our game】 Thank you 【Thank all the foreigners】 Thank you 【They’re from】 【Syria】 【Jordan】 【Yemen】 【Iraq】 【Nigeria】 【Mali】 【Senegal】 【Kazakhstan】 【Kyrgyzstan】 【Belarus】 【Russia】 【Ukraine】 So many different countries 【Among them, there’s one person who is one of the batch of the foreign merchants in Yiwu】 Hello I’m from Senegal And I’ve been in Yiwu for 14 years There are more than13000 foreigners living in Yiwu Among the 13000 foreigners 【With China becoming increasingly international 】 There’re more than 180 countries Every one of every country can make their dream come true here 【More and more foreigners come here for developing】 Thanks to people in Yiwu Thanks to China Good speech Thank you 【Year: 2017 Place: International Inland Port Logistics Park】 【2017, we’re coming】 【What makes them surprised】 Lemon. What’s that? Drink the lemonade again? Wait Is that the punishment? The lemonade If it’s the punishment I think you can choose a tougher one Eat this 【Pretend it’s a preserved egg】 【You may not come here next time】 Eat the lemon 【My teeth has already been sour】 【Online shopping has been into people’s life】 【The logistics industry has developed rapidly】 【You have to keep up with the times】 【And expand your family business】 It’s ours It belongs to our team 【Come to have your mission card】 【The third mission: going into e-commerce】 Answer the questions after observing the yellow robots The team whose answer is right can have one mark The team whose answer is wrong will drink the lemonade as the punishment The team who has the higher mark win We are the minions Who is the minion The minion. Banana The minion is the robot which can sort the parcels It’s the most advanced sorting system in the world The number of the express in Yiwu was more than one billion in the year of 2016 On average, there were almost 2,700,000 parcels delivered from Yiwu to the world everyday This is how the logistics industry works 【Where is the robot】 This is the robot That is the robot It’s automatic So cute 【The problem of this round is about the food】 【Working!】 【Stable and fast】 They can queue in line This system is excellent How does it know the place Is this the minion 【What should they remember?】 I think it’s related to the place Look at it For example, where is the sausage delivered to? Yes What’s this

【I’m confused】 What does this mean How to remember We will drink the lemonade 【The original taste of yoghurts are delivered to Guangzhou】 I know Shanshan, remember the movement 【I’m the taste of yellow peach and oat of Ambrosial yogurt】 【The movement?】 Movement 【 The yellow peach and oat of Ambrosial yoghurts are delivered to Wenzhou】 Yes Remember their movement That makes me crazy I’m exploding He’s disturbing you Don’t listen to him Yes, don’t listen to him Ok, I remember I think I remember most of them 【The unknown confidence】 We’ll win 【The sorting is finished】 I don’t need to watch the rest of them I don’t know what happened I can’t remember at all For a top student In spite of the order, place of production Or the destination Or which one has a go-pro on it I remember them all Ok 【Question one】 【Where are the yellow peach and oat of Ambrosial yoghurts delivered to?】 【What?】 What What’s that 【Searching】 What’s the taste of the last one Can you raise a difficult question Such as the movement of the robots. I can answer it at once I’m not sure Because there were too many tastes No Wenzhou or Guangzhou 【Countdown】 【3 2】 Write down our answer Bravely The team without answer should minus 2 marks Write it as you like 3 2 1 I think they may write Istanbul 【Team blue’s answer: Hangzhou】 【Team yellow’s answer: Wenzhou】 【Team red’s answer: Nanjing】 Do you believe us 【Team green’s answer: Hangzhou】 You can change your answer now Neither you nor me Because both of them are yoghurts Because both of them are yoghurts, and another one was delivered to Guangzhou But I’m gambling whether it’s Wenzhou or Guangzhou I choose Wenzhou 【The answer is】 【The yellow peach and oat of Ambrosial yoghurts】 【were delivered to】 【Please】 【The yellow peach and oat of Ambrosial yoghurts were delivered to Wenzhou】 【Carina is confused】 That hole In spite of the order, place of production Or the destination Or which one has a go-pro on it I remember all of them I can’t believe you 【The top student will make mistake sometimes】 Really, I still remember Wenzhou and Nanjing But I don’t remember the taste I’m gambling When I saw Ambrosial, I knew the question would be about it The blueberry one , the vanilla one And the yellow peach one There were 3 tastes Will you keep raise this kind of questions later 【You guess?】 【Team yellow get one mark】 【And the other three teams will be punished by drinking lemonade】 I feel sour though I just look at it 【Come on baby】 Come on Cheers Carina drinks it up 【Drink it up elegantly and calmly】 【Drink it up】 I don’t need to sleep for 3 days When looking at them, I feel trembling 【Even the cells are trembling】 【Even the eyes are sour】 【I don’t want it anymore】 I think we need the makeup artist in this round All the wrinkles are shown What you need is ironing Right And continue drinking 【Look at you】 Don’t hesitate Come on It’s sourer than vinegar This is not a punishment to me Because I drink lemonade after lunch everyday It may be more than ten glasses,sis Impossible We’ve remembered a lot 【Please listen to the second one】 【Question】 How many flavors of Ambrosial yogurts are there 【Participated】 【Blueberry,vanilla】 And the original flavor Will you ask this question? 【Come on】 【Hurt】 No【Thank for your answer】 We told them the answer Thank you He just told us Thank you 【Tell me you are kidding】

Three flavors Thank you Should we write it down 【Write down the number,and say it out which four flavors there are】 【Which four】 【Four flavors】 【I heard something】 【Spill the beans】 Which four 【Got you】 【There was something with my tongue】 You are good Then write down the specific names of flavors Right You must write them down Black Bull,don’t lose on this It would be shameful How could I If I answer it wrong,I will pour the yogurt on my face We talked about four flavors for so long 【What’s wrong with green team】 How could you write only three flavors down 【You’ve all left your brain home】 【Three?】 【What were you thinking about】 Isn’t it? Don’t do business in the future 【You are right】 【Too sour】 【Question】 【Rubber gloves】 I know 【What’s the color of rubber gloves】 【God】 【NO】 It’s astonishing Were there any rubber gloves? What’s the color 【Totally didn’t notice】 Never noticed Not on me Don’t blame each other Where was it 【Let me help you】 【Right in front of Deng Chao】 Where was it 【Shame on you】 Come on 【Don’t peep】 【Too exaggerated】 Come on I didn’t know what happened 【Avoid from peeping】 I know,but I don’t how to write the character I made it up Good I’m not sure 【Discussing the answer】 【OK,show us your answer】 Come on Don’t be afraid 【Yellow: Pink purple and red】 【Fleshcolor】 【Pink and purple】 When he wrote pink down, I was about to cry I was late I wrote it wrong 【Aren’t you a scholar?】 You wrote three colors It’s a subtle color Cute and sensitive Then I can say it’s red orange yellow green blue and purple Pink purple and red are in the same color scheme Do you know that The team to accept punishment in this round is 【Hope we are right】 【Red team】 【And blue team】 【Unbelievable】 Why Pink purple and red 【Right answer:Purple】 Fleshcolor should be purple It is true Have a look Fleshcolor is pink and purple Blue is purple Look Let me help you To make it purple and pink Here you go A little bit red Isn’t it purple and pink No,you can slap yourself to get that color 【Red team and blue team should accept the punishment】 Sis Carina drinks this everyday? Yes,very healthy 【Her healthy secret】 【Despising】 I think it’s getting sourer Sis Carina looked at you in a despising way Very healthy 【Try so hard to imitate】 Despising One is insane,the other is lazy 【Don’t be so mean please】 【The next round,please get on the stage】 This is easy Remember where is it going,easy This is easy to remember She’s heading to Cheng Du There’s another one Look Awesome My brother 【I’m so handsome】 【Gradually at a loss】 I can’t see it clearly 【Genius brain】 Oh my god My head is exploding Finished I think we’ll all take punishment this round Endless lemonade Are you okay 【I’m breaking down】 I remembered nothing Did you 【Don’t worry】 【The first one】 【How many hands are there on Huang Zongze’s photo】 How many hands I’m totally lost I may depend on eavesdropping We really don’t know I know How many hands Can’t you see He only has two hands Only two,two at most Two or one This is so easy for him Ask me Know yourself better You can ask me 【But I won’t tell you】 Don’t be so complacent Your muscle is so good Right

How many hands 【Tell me the answer】 Eighteen The eighteen Dragon Conquering Palms? How many hands Like this Or this Or this Oh,there are hands of a girl on your face Right? 【Are you asking me?】 【So sad】 A despising look on her face Do you have three hands 【Right answer:three hands】 【Show your answer】 【Red team:three hands】 【Blue team:three hands】 【Yellow team:Four hands】 【Green team:Four hands】 【The right answer is three hands】 The team to accept punishment is 【Yellow team and green team】 We guessed it right We’re so lucky Lucky 【Is it true?】 【Let’s see the replay】 I think you have good muscles -How many hands -18【Just when he was making compliments】 【He saw the answer】 Are you in faith We’re so lucky We just depend on guessing and calculating 【In a word,imagination】 To everyone Toast to the moon 【Not so sour】 【Bottom up】 【It’s not the Raba I know】 【Question 2,there were three people to An Mountain】 【Who are they】 -Why do they go to An Mountain -Don’t know Why Is there any gold I don’t know I don’t know about that I know,I saw it Great 【I shouldn’t have said it out】 【I heard something】 【You knew?】 【Does he really know】 We can rule out some people Who is most likely to go there No Which two should be ruled out What do you think Guess I didn’t really see Zheng Kai This is so easy for me 【Satisfied】 I believe you 【Happy】 【Sing a song to celebrate】 【Look at you】 【Singing】 The next line is most important So I beg you【Tell us the answer】 Don’t let me leave you No one except me knows the answer 【Good adaption】 I believe you 【Please show us your answer】 【Huang(Zongwei),Yuan(Shanshan),Wei(Daxun)】 We don’t know Each team has a different answer OK,let me announce the right answer 【They are】 【Wei Daxun】 【Yuan Shanshan】 【Three teams are right about first two names】 【Is it Zheng Kai chosen by Yellow team】 【Or Huang Zongze chosen by Blue team】 【Or Wang Zulan chosen by Green team】 【Zheng Kai】 Oh my god What did you remember,Chao Bro 【He was so confident】 【And won her trust】 I’m too unsatisfied about you You were only responsible for three people at your row You scored none 【Disappointed】 Impossible Maybe you are wrong 【I don’t know you】 【I admire your confidence】 I didn’t see Kai’s photo I was so serious about this Impossible Maybe you are wrong Really I swear The machine was put in the wrong place I’m absolutely right about this 【The truth is?】 【Right answer:Wei Daxun,Zheng Kai,Yuan Shanshan】 【You really remembered it wrongly I admire your attitude Could you please cut the singing part just now So shameful 【Sorry,we didn’t】 You made me so angry Don’t worry,we still have chance Sis Carina, we have a seat for you here Stop talking You can come to our company Let’s negotiate the price Come on I want to hold your shares Come drink the lemonade 【I don’t know what you are talking about】 【Upset】 We have to drink that Sis Carina used to love it But now she’s furious 【I don’t like it in this way】 Please replay what Sis Carina said the first time she drank lemonade here This is not a punishment to me I drink lemonade everyday

Not sour,very healthy 【Despite of the anger,I have to smile】 Be elegant despite of any challenges Hope you can give us a best expression Come on,brother For our family,for our sister No expression on face at all,okay? 【I made it】 【I’m super hero】 【OK,let’s see the final result】 【The top two teams】 【can add respectively two and one factory】 【Last two should be reduced one factory respectively】 【Too cruel】 Cruel If the team has no buildings, the ground has to be confiscated? 【Sorry for you】 Ground belongs to our nation Right 【What are you thinking about】 Sis Carina despises him increasingly 【We are all Carina Lau now】 Good No matter what,we must be united Don’t let them laugh at us 【Results】 You usually work out If the next one is about physical strength It will depend on you two 【OK,I’ll try】 This can be torn off】 Right,you may need to tear this I think we will tear this It must have some use I just find this Don’t worry,we have Sis Carina Who dares to be violent to Sis Carina 【Don’t say that】 Really 【Share it to everyone】 【Double chin】 【Raba is sleeping,too】 We’ve found the second female star who sleeps with eyes open after Angelababy It turns out beauties sleep with eyes open Handsome boys sleep with mouth open 【Kai sleeps with mouth open】 【Am I handsome】 【Am I?】 【Arrived】 Go 【Vigorously】 So many things to buy Boxing ring Boxing match No 【Why】 Obviously This is a boxing contest No way In this match,I’ll use my poisonous sword Listen,my sword is poisonous I’ll use the detoxification pill 【Naive】 【Welcome】 Now you are at world-famous Yiwu International Business City Big Bull is coming to buy eyebrow pencil,right? No I come here to contract all the eyebrow pencil shops He comes here to represent eyebrow pencils Right All mine Now you are at world-famous Yiwu International Business City Yiwu International Business City The largest smallware wholesale market There are more than 70 thousand stalls If you stay five minutes at every stall, you need one year to go over all the stalls here 【Amazing】 Final task Smallware competition Each family will obtain some information about one of the most something And hide them into the armbands Families can get information by tearing off the armbands Compete on your smallware on the ring 【Put the smallware into the safe house】 【Then compete on the boxing ring】 【The final task is about to start】 How dare you 【Which team will win at last】 【Let’s see】 This is our shop Do we have such a wonderful shop We need to find this Each characters have two copies Apply each under the armbands This means If we go separately, Even if they tear one of the armband off, They won’t know what it is about I think each team has one “most” So “most” is the least valuable Right So we should put the most valuable character under your armband Right The middle one is the most important Loneliest 【Give me “loneliest”】

Settled 【The Loneliest One】 Big Bull must have the most important character He’s the most important one Why Because he’s the strongest So he’ll get the most important one 【How will Yellow Team do?】 【The biggest one】 We should give “biggest” to him You are the biggest 【As expected】 【Biggest】【One】【The】 We must destroy it Don’t let them see Eat it up 【Really my sister】 【He’s too hungry】 【Don’t imitate him】 【Full of secrets in his mouth】 【You can’t find it out】 【Red team:The Prettiest One】【Yellow:The Biggest One】 【Blue:The Loneliest One】【Green:The Loudest One】 【The game is about to start】 【Game on】 【Count down】 Game over We won The loneliest one is invincible What is that(Invincible pronounces as Wu Di in Chinese) That means no flute (“No flute” pronounces the same as “invincible” in China) So we need to find nothing Just like this We won The loudest Instrument 【Found something】 【The loudest one】 【Alarm】 This is the loudest Calm down If you press on this, we’ll be over today We’ll win 【Don’t press on the fire alarm if not emergency】 What kind of smallware should be loud Like a whistle This 【Found one?】 Hairband How can hairband be loud Sis Luhan 【Cute】 We can wear this while taking a shower So cute 【IQ is infectious】 You can also put it on your eyes Am I cute? She has already left 【Two fake brothers】 So large I may get lost 【Cute】 Except flute,what should we look for What else Weapons 【Hard to understand you】 Found it 【What did you find】 She’s blowing the flute We can take the flute away Then it fits We can’t take it away If you take it away,nobody will believe you Take away the flute,it’s perfect 【Stupid brother】 【Find green team】 【Hide】 【Green team is immersed in ball game】 What are you playing 【Observing】 【Who walks like this】 【What sound】 【A girl like wind】 【Wrong time】 You are playing soccer 【He looks calm】 【Actually he’s ready to act】 【Temptation】 【Here comes the chance】 【With no guard】 【Lu comes,too】 【Unaware】 【Just this time】 【Tear it off】 【You pissed me off】 【The strongest and fastest counterattack】 【Luckily,I didn’t do anything】 Why did I do that to you I was attracted by you 【Loudest】 【Biggest】 We should look for the biggest 【Where is the biggest】 How about this How about this【Accident】 Maybe we should be active Find them And tear one off You can have a try OK Let me go downstairs 【Separately】 That way 【They are not alone】 Too many

【Rush to Raba who is alone】 【No guard】 Brother 【Why are you doing this to me】 【Can he make it】 【and get the important word from green team】 Luhan 【She’s in danger】 【Raba is still fighting】 【Rush to his sister】 Brother How do I look with this flower 【I’m coming for you,sis】 【We may not be with you forever】 There are so many bad guys You must know how to protect yourself 【I’m running to you no matter how far it is】 This is for you Don’t move What’s that 【No,Lu is coming】 【Slip away】 That way He ran that way 【Green team successfully protect their armband】 Where am I Who Huang Zongze 【I remember you】 Follow me I was scared Protect yourself Be sly You are the most valuable one 【Searching】 Let’s go downstairs 【What a coincidence】 I found what you want Really Come on Don’t do this I have no information on me now 【I’m fearless】 How about making ally Tell me Tell you one clue,and we make allies,okay? Just one 【OK】 【Let me think】 Come on One for one OK Let me switch with you 【Who it is】 【Advertisement】 【They decide to exchange information】 【Who is it】 【Li Chen】 【Attack directly】 【Zheng Kai saw the chance】 I saw it I’m the least useful one 【Good job】 【Good cooperation】 The brightest color Not really I saw What else could it be The prettiest one 【Information exposed】 Except the flute,what else should we look for What else Photo with signature 【What is he writing】 What else 【Signature】 How about balloon 【Kai suddenly showed up】 【Grasped】 【Dangerous】 【Succeed】 【End green team】

-Come on -No I want your information Goodbye 【Withdraw】 【Chasing】 Green team is annoying 【Chen He joins】 【Chasing after Raba】 【Will he succeed】 【Struggling】 【Kai comes help】 Got you OK He got “the” 【Be careful】 【Protect】 【Nobody can hurt you】 【Thank you】 【Join the fight】 【Dangerous】 “One” 【Deng Chao got Huang Zongze’s information】 【Prettiest】 【Blue team’s information is confirmed】 【Loudest】 Look how gentle I am Do you want mine Li Big Li Well Raba got Loudest So it’s “The Loudest One” I got Daxun’s information I think it’s lonely And I sacrificed for my team,worth it I slid away No one saw my information 【He saw nothing】 I’d better go alone 【Information exposed】 【Keep searching】 You can get everything here Don’t miss it I want this Good No one can see it Get as many as I can Forget it I shouldn’t be obsessed with one thing Where are they My biggest problem is my persistence I like to talk to myself In front of the camera 【Cute】 Little baby,how are you I want to take this With this little trolley 【It has sound】 【I can also sing】 【Dislike】 No It may scare me at night I’m thirsty 【Keep energetic】 【What did she find】 This is 【This should be the loudest】 【Got it】 【Buy everything】 【Everything】 I like black 【Buy】 I’m like a contractor 【Immersed in the pretties place in his mind】 To be honest,I want to be a girl I will take my daughter here someday 【Find the prettiest in his own way】 Am I the prettiest Pink unicorn 【Fond of pink】 Am I the prettiest with this 【Cameraman】 Am I the prettiest with this Sis Carina keeps searching Sis Carina How’s it 【Alarm】 【Sis,give me your information】 【Panic】 You two compete,okay? OK【As long as it’s not you】 OK,I’ll watch you 【Fair】 【Sis Xiaotong,come on】 【Sorry,Sis Carina】 【A fight between two women is about to start】 【Careful】 【Sis Carina attacks】 【She’s excited after being caught】 Still the same 【No development】 【Zheng Kai showed up】 【Attack】

【Sis Carina’s information is exposed】 【Loneliest】 【Also Xiaotong’s】 【Loneliest】 How dare you 【I’m sorry】 How dare you 【I’m about to attack】 【Searching for the prey】 【Even the male guest】 Oh my god 【Now you know my ability】 【Countdown 10 seconds】 Whatever Hurry up,time’s up 【yellow team is still searching】 Headwear 【Every team is searching】 Marilyn Monroe is the prettiest one I think 【Searching】 Whatever Consider this as a snake Why poo 【All back to the boxing ring with their smallware】 【Time’s up】 【End of searching】 【Next,the competition is on】 【The first round is to compete the loudest one】 Go get our loudest one 【Balloon】 【Scared】 【Even genius is afraid】 【Calm down】 If you give up,we won’t explode the balloon We give up,the balloon is invincible 【Good】 【Within ten seconds,the smallware with highest decibel wins】 Within ten seconds 【Sorry for you】 【No way】 【Come on,explode it】 This balloon is going to explode You didn’t tell us this before You can explode it on your face, and you make the sound Deng Chao,I told you not to take this Just do like this Show them 【Seriously?】 【Staff comes up,please】 【He Yan,Market Director】 【Start from green team】 【Ready】 【Three】 【Two】 【One】 【Mini trumpet】 OK,stop 129.8 【Next,yellow team please】 【Look at us】 【Three two one】 【Big Trumpet】 【Oh my god】 He’s about to faint 130 Big Bull,you just made a poem What E,E,E 【Soul communication】 【Modern poet】 Impressive He’s a bull born to blow trumpet 【Red team begins】 What’s this 【Mysterious】 【Amazing】 【Large trumpet】 126.2 Wang Zulan,you look like a Hobbit 【Oh no,I’m exposed】 【Now blue team please】 The balloon can explode,but you can’t yell Why not We didn’t yell Don’t blow if you use the trumpet How could we make the sound Could you yell when you are blowing Impressive We must make the sound 【Speechless】 Be quiet 【Scared】 Take care of our staff 【Be gentle】 【Liu】 【He】Sorry,I’m a little nervous Sorry 【Embarrassing】 I’ll go find a needle Here Wait The sound goes up

He,Liu【Again】 Go to the second floor 【No way】 【He’s scared to dumb】 Forget it I think this should be loud At that moment It will 【Ready】 【Wait】 【What】 I’m scared Can I let it go No What if it hurts my hands Don’t worry Be a man The staff asked you to be a man Let me search it on the Internet I don’t know Normal people wouldn’t do this I was pushed so hard Let me put it on the ground to make sure my hands won’t get hurt Then you poke it 【Sis Carina lets go】 Me? Of course You do it Why do you give me this Come on Chao,don’t worry From my experience,you will be alright 【Really?】 Put your hands away It’s very dangerous,really Let me fix this for you Look at her So man He,Liu,He Sorry Give this to me Don’t worry Hide your face Liu,He,sorry Liu,He Forget it 【No,she’s really angry】 Chao,shut up Poke it Just poke it I’m afraid of balloon since I was a child I’m here with you Chao,don’t worry 【Can Chao make his breakthrough】 【Faced with their encouragement】 【Right this time】 【How loud it is】 【When the balloon explode】 【Don’t scare me】 【Look at you】 【Fail a thousand times】 Why pick this Why did you pick this 【I was probably insane】 Too far 【Cover my ear】 Come on 【Even you laugh at me】 I feel so shameful 【can’t bear it】 Come on I want to kill you Come on Be quiet I hope you all scream at the moment of exploding 【Finally】 【Our balloon can’t bear it and explode itself】 【Of course it’s impossible】 【Our balloon exploded?】 【The whole world is shocked】 【What happened】 【Raba couldn’t stand it any more】 【Just when Chao was talking】 【Sorry,Chao】 【Just like this】 Good job 【With pleasure】 【Well-done】 【Still stunned】 124.8 【Yellow team wins】 Just end like this? I don’t think she did it right She can’t do it for our team Next one You should be more cautious about this Next,the biggest one Show you ours We can’t even take it out 【Rubber boat】 【Unidentified object】 【Now please introduce what you’ve found】 【Start from red team】 We have the biggest rubber boat Ours is not small We have unicorn OK,it’s our turn We had some disputes about the biggest one And Sis Carina said heart is the biggest Business depends on conscientiousness

Also we know that wife is the biggest 【Good】 We can’t find the wife here Wife is not smallware 【Good move】 【Are you okay】 Wife is not smallware,brother 【Oh no】 No,what I mean is that Dear friends No Every shops and medias He’s pretending to be pathetic Are you making a composition Actually,emotion is important It’s about the quality of a team Especially love Love is not smallware We focus on the definition of smallware Do you know You action is called deceiving We are not It’s called liar Look at this heart please Think about your own heart Think if your heart is big or not Heart is too big to measure We can’t measure it So it shouldn’t be considered We respect the judge’s decision If you want the staff to believe your heart is the biggest Marry her Liu? He 【Why can’t you remember】 No 【Listen】 You won’t win today Now the staff can measure the length width and height Don’t hurt your hands Don’t worry 【What about blue team】 Out of respect,shouldn’t you measure ours? 【So funny】 Of course Measure theirs I can measure this by eyes She can measure this by eyes Out He seems to be angry There are two rounds left Don’t piss He off again Too late Don’t push yourself so hard 【Please forgive me】 【Red team wins this round】 【Blame my brother】 Next we are going to compete on The prettiest smallware Vote by all the staff 【headwear】 Is it good,Kai 【Indifferent】 Another side 【Very pretty】 Go down 【Please protect your eyes】 【What did I see】 【Pretty from his bones】 【Devoted】 【Full score】 So bitchy 【Too funny】 【New dance】 【Can’t see】 【Oh my eyes】 【Good job】 【I am the dancing king】 Won’t your eyes be blind 【Close】 I want to say that there’s difference between pretty and disgusting 【Truth】 What I want to say is not what I mean Sis Carina said great Actually we should look for Chinese national treasure Right Again Why do you make so much reasoning We care about culture Especially Beijing Opera Extensive and profound Especially those male characters Like Mei Lanfang Pay our respects to Beijing Opera Right They are the prettiest King,give me the sword 【Satisfy you】 Don’t stab me Welcome green team Come on 【headwear】 【Good】 【Impressive】 Is this snake dance 【Am I good】 Deng Chao,where are you 【Vote for us】 Go,dance with her 【Try my best】

【Stop】 【I like dancing,don’t let me stop】 Wait,I’m not done There’s more I tried my best I like it We’re screwed I can’t do it Xiaotong,come on Compete with her This fan can’t help me It’s from Victoria’s Secret Welcome Guan Xiaotong 【Feather fan】 【You can’t win me】 【Dance to the music】 【Long legs】 How’s it Sometimes,performance is not about long It’s about piercing your hearts To show you the smallware Right,the smallware is the point Show it from all aspects I can tell you How to make good use of smallware Come on We send Huang Zongze 【Colorful feather】 【Good dancer】 【What?】 Circle him 【Dance with me】 Tie him 【Good show】 I have to say He hurt the customer 【Now the judge can vote for you】 【Vote for me】 Thank you 【Thank you for your admiration】 【Blue team wins this round】 Thank you 【Super happy】 【The last round:the loneliest one】 No one can beat us yellow team What,yellow team? Really,you’ve already lost You are the loneliest one 【Right】 【You are just jealous of me】 【Start from green team】 Our theory is simple The loneliest one is the single dog There are three singles dogs beside me 【Single dogs】 So we think the loneliest one is single dog They have single dogs We have single forever More lonely This little girl gets older alone No one can get in there She can’t come out Wrong She can surely get out since she was put in there 【Please listen carefully】 So cold 【Blue team please】 This is simple A lonely kid He has many friends There’s a “No” on the flute No flute(pronounces the same as invincible in Chinese) is so lonely Right,this is the loneliest Invincible is lonely but not the loneliest Invincible person is the loneliest It’s so lonely to be invincible 【Forgot the lines】 Honestly,you looked really lonely when you were singing just now It’s our turn You can say a dog is lonely A girl is lonely The most important is This girl is a bride without bridegroom Old story Crystal should have got married that day -But Crystal -ran away The bridegroom suddenly said he’s in love with another girl and left Bride with no bridegroom How lonely she is 【Please stop him】 Thank you This “thank you” is abrupt 【Now welcome the judges】

-The loneliest -Thank you Bride without bridegroom We scored none Alright,you are not single dogs 【Red team:4 votes】 After a long day, one of the family enterprise has won the game It’s 【Curious】 Which family enterprise is it 【Red team】 Hug of love Please come to get your prizes Gold abacus So good Hope we can earn more money I love it Really? 【Mine to you】 No 【Today,you’ve experienced 30-year development of Yiwu within one day】 【Many people realized their dream from very small thing】 【There’s a special prize】 【What?】 【Special prize?】 【What is it】 【The most important prize】 Blue team -Gave us an important and correct -Heart Yes That is people’s heart is the widest Blue team,please I shouldn’t blame you Our insist is right 【The gift is small but with huge significance】 Crown Thank you Our blue family will keep the conscientiousness Enterprises must have conscientiousness Thanks for your support 【Running,family】