Why Does Society Love Narcissism So Much?

hey survivors i want to thank you guys so much for tuning in and today i want to talk about um i want to cover a couple of things i want to talk about narcissism in our society i want to talk about um a little bit of the legal system and how it affects us and um parenting you know what people consider to be parenting with narcissists and just how people also seem to hate victims so um let me start off with um that first how people in our society as a whole it seems like a lot of people now hate victims of abuse i think it comes from like a lack of empathy in our society now i think everybody i mean lots of people out there are just so selfish now in nature and just concerned about their own personal lives as long as something’s not affecting them then you know they’re okay and um just hearing about abuse stories you got some people that side towards one gender you know sometimes you got men that side with men you know there are a lot of men that don’t believe in a child support system they don’t um that believe that women are just too emotional and they overreact and they believe it’s wrong to take a man to court but that’s the only side that they’re covering they’re not covering the side about this person you know potentially being you know a sketchy person you know being a person that’s in and out of jail has drug issues it just seems to be very one-sidedness and opinions about here out here in our society and um i know we’re in a big father’s right um era right now and a lot of me disagree with me don’t bite my head off i’m just saying that right now it’s probably the biggest time you know in the past several years you know whether um things have changed and now it’s a big time for fathers to be involved no matter what you know so it um in the kids lives and you know when it comes to co-parenting and the legal system no matter what um they’ve done are mothers you know no matter what they done or how toxic they are to the children i think you know um especially the legal system i guess they feel like this is just the best way to deal with things since in the past they have been more one-sided towards women and you know i’ve heard you talk to a lot of older gentlemen in our society and they’ll tell you oh man it was so bad back in the days you know all they do is take all your money from your paycheck and make you pay you don’t even get to see the kids and things of that nature which is wrong depending on their circumstances you know but basically it um it just seems like there’s a lack of empathy because of what people you know feel or believe and the things that they don’t see are the things that they don’t understand which is narcissism you know they don’t understand the lack of empathy they don’t understand how they use people they don’t understand how manipulative they are and how they emotionally affect the children and things like that the children are is you know i have to say i really do feel bad for the kids the kids are struggling so much with narcissistic parents nobody should have to be raised like that it’s not right it’s wrong you know the kids have it’s like the narcissist breaks their soul just like they did us you know um the kids can go around sabotaging themselves in school their behaviors um you know they can exhibit a lot of bad negative behaviors in school because of that frustration of being with the narcissist on the weekends or living with the narcissist they have to take that out and it just it just shows they’re gonna take it out somewhere so why not school a place where they’re all day and they and they got a lot of rules and a lot of structure to follow and it’s just pouring out how toxic the environment that they’re in in a school setting everything comes out there you know um they can sabotage their relationships

their friendships with other children because they um hold a lot of rage and a lot of confusion is built up inside of the children of narcissists they um are very they they have a lot of pain inside of them so you know they get frustrated they do things and say things other kids that get them in trouble and they end up having bad relationships like the narcissist does with other people you know and um you know i’ve heard some people calling their children or be concerned that children may be a narcissist and they said you know by um psychiatry you know in the psychology um field that you can’t determine if your child is a narcissist until they reach the age of 18 i guess because of maybe their behaviors can change or we don’t know if they’re going to be permanent but i guess it’s more um appropriate not to consider them to be narcissists until after their age just because um the term narcissism is is you know viewed as something negative and which it is so um the the problem like i said with society is that um they seem to hate victims you know it’s a lack of empathy it’s a lack of um caring and it’s a it’s a a lot of things going on that if people are you know they worry about their own jobs their own careers their own families you know again so when they hear um you know things going on like that you know divorces or court or whatever people automatically think no both of them should work together they the ones that you know were in a relationship with each other so oh they need to work together figure it out without even thinking that being a little bit more open-minded and thinking that hey maybe something is mentally going on one person maybe a person got addiction issues or you know just a lack of education going on a lack of understanding also you know and um within the court system they seem to take on the same some of the same views as people in our society um it’s kind of like they used to be together if you didn’t know he was a criminal you know why y’all were together why is it a problem now without realizing it and being open-minded that narcissists hide everything from you we know this you know we’ve heard this before and we’ve experienced this they hide everything you don’t know until usually after the relationship is over or it’s late on down the line and you don’t know they’re abusive until they do it to you and hurt you so um the court system a lot of judges a lot of attorneys cps workers mediators child evaluators um a lot of those people themselves are narcissists a lot of them um narcissists they’re i would say some of them are um what we call the higher functioning narcissist they um kind of somehow kept their behavior in control enough to make it through the educational system and really um you know score their way out of you know the colleges and institutions that they went to and um those that’s what higher function functioning narcissists can do versus the lower functional ones they have the ability the capability to actually dedicate themselves and get obsessed with high test scores and um putting all their energy and time into the educational system because of what they may get out of it the benefit being able to um make a lot of money being able to control a lot of being able to have that power and control a lot of people lives you know um narcissists you know fiend for power and control that’s how they are so a lot of those higher functioning ones are in those fields you know again so if you go to you know if you’re one of the ones that have dealt with the brutal family court system you will know that these judges some of them will eat you up and um spit you out um you know they know the situation they have all these facts and evidence in front of them and they want to completely ignore everything because they have the power to do so right and you can tell them that your narcissistic ex was beating on you in front of the kid that doesn’t matter to them because they’re still apparent right they still need to be in a kid’s life you could tell them um they’re doing drugs around the kid

they still gonna flip it on you and make it seem like this person needs to be still involved in the kid’s life which we know is like a no-no we know that it’s not good for kids to be around something like that for somebody to tell you that it can literally feel like someone stabbed you in in your soul because you know it is it’s false it’s not true it’s wrong you know but just the power that they have and the lack of new laws to um you know to cover a lot of circumstances like that and you know the flexibility that they have in family court they can do what they want to do and it feels like your life is destroyed you know um they’ll tell you that no matter what the narcissist does y’all need to work together and it’s like y’all this person is breaking your court orders this person is the one that not bringing my kid on time the one that’s not sharing information with me um doing all these toxic unstable things and they still don’t care you know um and a lot of them judges you know i just heard one um young lady reach out to me and very sad story her um the courts decided to give her children to the narcissist and which which is which is so unfortunate about this is that she was un educated on narcissism i mean she just didn’t get how he did it and what she explained to me was that you know um he’s been like basically he had the kids lying you know too therapists for him he had the kids the kids are terrified of them you know and the kids were lying to teach people in the school actually for him so children will also do that they will lie for the narcissist you know um it’s very very painful and um let me just um talk about this real quick though but um what happened is that he’s been working on those kids for years and she didn’t realize it because she didn’t have the education on narcissism that she needed but i suspect he’s been working on them manipulating them um playing with their emotions so much where they feel bad for him they do everything like their loyalty is undeniable to the narcissist and that’s very dangerous because um you know she moved on was happy um you know just had a new baby and um you know just very i guess vulnerable you know because she didn’t understand narcissism and she just started over her life over and a narcissist has been playing in this for years and he got it to the point where the kids were lying in court and of course just without no evidence you know other than the lies no physical evidence at all other than you know what they said to the therapist or whatever and just just word of mouth without looking at parental alienation or any of those things taking those into consideration they just wiped them out and gave them narcissist custody so this is what narcissists all of them want of the children they do want custody because it gives them power it gives them um power and resources those are the things that narcissists thrive and live for those creatures um love the access that you know and attention that kids give them the tension power and resources attention they get from other family members other people um new supply from looking like a good parent um the resources depending on what level a life a lower lower functioning narcissist will use kids for um the state’s benefits you know um food stamps and you know welfare benefits higher functioning narcissists will um definitely try to go after the other person for child support and just ruin them you know drag get everything they can out of them you know so um both of them will actually go for child support but the thing is that you know my thought is that she had been educated more throughout the year she’d been able to see a lot of signs and understand how to you know um you know i just believe that she understand how to you know use some of the techniques that we use in this community and how to help our kids i mean it’s very hard but i think it’s a lot of different things you can counteract some of that um narcissism when it comes to your children it’s hard because as a parent you’re already dealing with a narcissist you may be dealing with a legal system you may have you know just you know it may have messed up your finances it is it is so hard that um and it you know can bring on a lot of stress and depression but i think you know when it comes to kids especially the ones in the teens

teenagers and the ones that are talking or the preteens or whatever um it takes a lot of putting positive energy into them you know the narcissist stole a lot of their energy stole a lot of deer um you know a lot of their they injected them with a lot of negativity and a lot of hatred so the kids take that and they project that on someone else you know to project it on the good parents a lot of times so basically what you deal with when you’re parenting a kid with a narcissist you’ll deal with the kid disrespecting you you’ll deal with a lot of erotic behavior from your children just because narcissists are so negative the negative energy that lives inside of them um they put it on their kids because they do a lot to their children emotionally and mentally and physically i mean i couldn’t even imagine what was done to my kid by the narcissist i mean i know in my soul that you know it was awful whatever it was i just know i can’t you know i wasn’t there but i can’t i can only imagine how many times he was physically disciplined or um just just yelled that screamed at put fear in them you know narcissists do love yelling you know scaring the heck out of you imagine that’s what they do to children um just um you know rewarding them when they’re acting out acting bad confusing the kids like wow you know nurses to tell your children you know everybody gets in trouble it’s okay you know don’t worry about that you know just depends on how sadistic and sick they are they just have a backwards way of parenting they that’s why they don’t make good parents that’s why they um you know that’s what our society doesn’t understand because you know a lot of people don’t have this information as like the young lady that i mentioned i am so thankful that i’ve got this information at some point you know and um i can just imagine how many people out there that still don’t have it still don’t know that it’s still struggling and depending on the legal system itself you can’t depend on the legal per system itself the only thing that you can depend on is the word of god you know i don’t mean to sound preachy guys but that is the only thing that’s going to truly hold you up and uplift you enough to make it through dealing with a individual like that you know an evil person like that you know just praying that’s the only thing that’s going to really get you through and let you have enough balance to still focus on and lift yourself up in your own life because it’s very hard to um stay on your life path whatever you were interested in doing whether it’s you know going to study to be a nurse or you know starting a business or you know whatever you were interested in doing you know the relationship with the narcissist will always throw you off of your life path you know a lot of us were thrown off from years behind the things that we wanted to do because of how toxic those individuals are how much of their negative energy they bring into you even the things that they do to try to destroy you purposely how calculated they are they are so calculated they never ever ever stop calculating and planting things planning to destroy you so what is that what is a person that an individual that i hate calling them a person and connecting them to um human beings because they have no souls you know they have no soul they’re just walking um beings without a soul you know they have no connection to a spirit you know so um it’s just so sad that children grow up with a lot of that rage and that frustration um and hurting the good parent trying to raise them and teach them good things put good energy in them and a kid just purposely hurts you it’s because the narcissists put all that negative energy into them so we have to keep praying with our little babies and getting them up in the church and let them understand god’s love you know narcissist is sucking you know the life out of our us and our children and it’s not fair that the courts don’t want to see this you know as many times as you go to court and i know some of you have like i have myself they can’t see even a pattern of behavior it’s because they don’t want to see it they don’t want to accept it they just want to hurry up make a ruling and do half and half both of y’all get rights to the children because it’s easier to do that and it’s you know very lazy decision making

and it’s a lack of empathy you know like i said a lot of them are narcissists you know a lot of them are they went into that field for power and control you know and they sit up in there and you can see some of the little smirks that they try to hide as you tell them what the narcissist did to you and explain to them how unstable they are and they still want to turn around and flip it around on you the judges will just like what narcissists do flip things on you a million times and make you feel bad and still get a narcissist all these rights you know so society is you know we have the other generations coming up the next generation and my concern about them is that the next generation i mean we all um even this generation we’ve all been um you know exposed to this online social media facebook instagram and youtube you know and um you see all the narcissists online i know you guys you know have seen probably even followed a few narcissists before and um the things that they have the way that they live the you know the utterly you know how annoying they are because a lot of them flash flash and show off and show off they show off their bodies you know a lot of the female narcissists on you know online and in our society showing off their bodies now you know a lot of somatic narcissists um showing off their money their wealth and it’s just the thing that’s just how it is so this new generation is you know attracted to these things and um you know it seems like it’s a lack of of um of of support and um you know understanding when it comes to choosing you know partners now for them because it’s gonna be all superficial now it’s gonna be oh you know getting with someone because of the way their pictures look on instagram or how their bodies look and starting a family with those people and um these are the people that’s going to be in the court system right now these are the people that that’s coming the next generation you know they’re gonna have a lot to deal with dealing with these type of narcissists in this new generation you know um you know it’s just you know so i feel like we all have a a part to play in this you know we all have something that we have to we should be supporting or something to you know fight this world narcissism no matter how small how big it is you know um you know it’s just we all have to um step in and and take a role of letting somebody know hey you know this person you’re talking out about they may they sound like they could be a narcissist but i’m not a doctor so i don’t know but i can just tell you that they that’s what it sounds like or you know when you’re seeing somebody going through something or if you are dealing with a narcissist it’s your job to of course be no contact protect yourself and protect your health you know um we all have different journeys in here you know god gave us a life path a calling we all have a journey to fulfill every single last one of us and the narcissist um cannot knock you or destroy your life path that’s i mean they can’t destroy your life path if god is in your life because he won’t let it happen you know i don’t care what anybody says they can’t destroy it they can try they can try but they fail um they may they may affect you they may worry you and they may scare you at times the road will get rocky but they can’t stop you from doing what god wants you to do whatever it is so i always say keep praying keep striving and keep you know doing what you’re doing guys but um my concern like i said about society on narcissism is that they my my part i fear is that they won’t get it for a long long time but in my heart i feel like they are going to get it one day maybe after we’re all gone and you know but it’s out here and it’s spreading and i love to see it i love to see all these channels i love to see the growth um i love to see the support out here for victims who have been through this so um that’s about all i have for you guys and i want to thank you all so much for tuning in guys and thank you all so much um for supporting this channel guys um i just hope um i wish you all the best in your

situations just keep your head up no matter what it is that you’re going through guys and um i love you guys and i’ll talk to you later