Ek Deewaana Tha – एक दीवाना था – Ep 10 – Full Episode – 3rd November, 2017

Sharanya, my earrings will go well with my sari, right? Are you going somewhere? There’s a party at Vyom’s place It’s celebration for you getting well Why are you guys attending it when I’m not attending it? No, dear! How can you attend it? You’ve had a quarrel with Vyom, right? Darn it! Suman, please iron my shirt Okay, but let me apply nail polish first Party Sister! Should I wear this one or this one? There’s a maxi dress in the cupboard. Wear that, Adi Please, Sister, not again {\an5}Gosh! Don’t worry, Adi. She’s just a little jealous of you {\an5}since she’s not attending the party {\an5}Don’t worry {\an5}So, guys, how do I look? {\an5}You look superb {\an5}You’re beautiful! Mind-blowing {\an5}Thank you {\an5}All right, sorry. I accept that I’ve made a mistake {\an5}What did you just say? A mistake? {\an5}I’m coming with you to the party I’ll apologise to Vyom in the party Are you pleased now? Shall I wear this? Perfect! ‘Kapali Hills?’ Dad, Ms. Madhavi’s face will be worth seeing today You’re not going to say anything, do you get that? You’re going to stay silent! All right.. – All right She is right – Get inside the car now Come on, Nawab! – Come on, Nawab! He’s very excited for the party! Mom, Dad Why is it so dark here? I’m thinking the same thing, dear Dad, you said that they threw this party for me Mr. Rajan said that this was the venue Dad.. Come on, let’s leave I feel like something is wrong

How can we just go back after coming here, Sharanya? They’ve invited us! They’re holding the party for us, right? Come on. Let’s go inside Come on. Come on Surprise! Sorry Welcome, darling! – There was no need of all this, Chandni Sharanya is back in our lives with a bang! A little noise is a must, right? Whose ridiculous idea was it? Only you can give such a weird surprise. I knew it Sharanya got well just some time ago You’ve scared her! No, Mr. Rajan It’s not like that. It’s okay Look, Rajan, I’m sorry Sharanya darling I’m sorry, dear The intention was not to scare you I just wanted to surprise you I wanted remind you that I can still cause a lot of chaos Anyway Sharanya Sharanya, don’t get confused I will introduce you to everyone She’s Rati She’s my younger brother, Vidyut’s wife And by the way you and Rati are best friends Yes, there he is Sorry.. I’m really sorry You are late, as usual Come Hi! Hi! – Welcome home And he’s my late elder brother’s wife, Chandni And he’s her son, Rab Hi! Sharanya What are you doing? She has come to a party and not to a temple It will ruin her makeup A tika applied with love is more beautiful than any make-up Who is she? How cute! What’s your name? She’s Avni, my daughter She can’t talk But doctors say that – She will be able to talk Avni will surely be able to talk And then, Avni and I will talk a lot with each other Right? Sharanya is looking for someone But all of us are here Then who’s Sharanya looking for? The one you are looking for is in his room and he’s in no mood to attend this party Because he is upset So, before the other guests arrive you will have to convince him to come downstairs Go, Sharanya Bring him here

Sharanya Greetings, ma’am Greetings! ‘Vyom’s portrait from my photographs?.’ Entering somebody’s room without knocking is bad manners Look, I did knock You had some work here? Don’t you feel ashamed? At least wear something You are standing in my room And here I can be dressed or naked as per my wish How does that bother you? Look, even I’m in your room Then who asked you to come here? How did you just enter my room? What do you think of yourself? Do you want to force yourself on me? How dare you! Look, even I don’t want to come to your room It was Mr. Rajan who asked me to get you That is why I came here Just deny him Look at your attitude! Come downstairs soon What gives you the right to command me? Getting angry, bossing someone around like you own them People do this with their loved ones So, can I consider you a loved one? Look, stop this nonsense and come downstairs Or else.. – What will you do? Or else, I will show this photo to everyone Go ahead I’m sure they will like what they see Do you think you are Salman or Hrithik Vyom, how did you get this wound? I came across this foolish girl She came under a tree I got hurt while rescuing her That girl didn’t ask you to help And just come downstairs Or else Someone had told me once that we shouldn’t force anyone to do anything And I’m not one of those who shut the door on somebody’s face You can leave The party will seem incomplete if you don’t come Nobody will like it And what about you? How will you feel? Apply ointment on the wound I won’t like it if you are in pain You are the medicine to my wounds

Unfortunately, you are also the reason behind them Have it Cheers Excuse me Sharanya, didn’t Vyom come? He told me Hello, everyone I knew it Only Sharanya can convince him and bring him downstairs Of course Somebody had told me that this party is incomplete without me That is why I came Madhvi, your rock star son is out of your control now Now, he will dance to the tune of that poor family’s daughter. Like this Stop it, Chandni If you insist Stay away from me Amit Amazing Superb Rock star, if I have to say a cliched line Today, you have the opportunity Most importantly the reason for whom you left music is standing in front of you Start playing once again just for her Come on What are you thinking, Vyom? Play the guitar today Go for it Come on, rock it up “You are passing from my heart to my soul.” “You are my peace” “and you are my passion.” “Why aren’t you aware of my condition?” “This is not right according to love.” “This madness is only due to you.” “I am living every moment with you.” “I love you a lot.”

“Is this smoke or ash?” “Something is always burning within me.” “My madness for you is justified.” “Your departure is from my veins to my soul.” “My madness for you is justified.” “Your departure is from my veins to my soul.” Hey What happened to the light? Lights – What happened to the light? What’s going on? – Check it What’s with the light? Dad, where is Sharanya? Sharanya She was here just now. Sharanya She must be somewhere around Check Sharanya. – Sharanya, where are you? Sharanya Did she go upstairs? – Sharanya She was here just now – Check upstairs Sharanya Did you see Sharanya? – Where did she go? Sharanya. Sharanya Isn’t she there? – Sharanya? Sharanya, receive the call Come on Phone! Ms. Suman, did you try calling Sharanya? Her phone is here What happened? Is she upstairs? – She left her phone here All of a sudden How How did I come here? Why is Nawab barking? It’s so cold

The smell of stargazers This is not happening This is not happening! No! This snow These stargazers Who.. Who is there? Sharanya Sharanya! Sharanya! Sharanya, wake up Sharanya, wake up! “There was a crazy lover..” “There was a crazy lover..” ‘I came into your life again’ ‘to tell you about my ruined life.’ ‘Your stubbornness, emotions and life ends here..’ ‘I have come back to end this story of love.’