60 Frames No Lag Podcast Presents – The Road to Playstation 5 LiveStream

For supper we laugh. Yeah, I hit the super sub when you kick it Yo, yo It’s your boy. You’re only threatening. Is you to Street me me put the make a little closer There’s a chocolate ice cream Breyers. You know, I got the There we go. I got the essentials to survive the quarantine Here in the echo Everybody All my furnitures packed up man. I was supposed to leave I Was supposed to leave Germany man, and then this whole thing happened So it sound like a DJ DJ clue clue clue on the ones and two two two Yeah bad, so did this whole shit fuck me up man so last week So last week Monday and Tuesday of last week the furniture company came or the movement company came and Packed up all my furniture then my wife left back to the states. She went straight to North Carolina where my house is So she left ahead of me and I was supposed to leave April 2nd I was supposed to the last final weeks finished what I got to do check out the unit you know do my final preparation to leave and then Secretary of Defense was like a official military orders if If military members government employees yada yada yada that are stationed or located in level 3 areas as defined by the CDC You can’t conduct any official move for 60 days With all my stuff now my wife gone You know pretty much in this house. I got like an air mattress now a Super Phi hopefully by next week Because right now this place if you wanna take a look, you know, this is the living room and behind you is the kitchen And then hallway, I got three bedrooms and stuff But this is the family housing right so hopefully by next week I could move into the barracks which is for bachelors for people who aren’t married and In the old store ready furnish their like little furnished apartments real small, right? Think of it like a hotel motel type scenario, but with a kitchen whatever Now if I move in there because that’s considered bachelor you hey, yo Oh, hold on. Hold on. Hold on I need to get I need to get my earpiece We got we got j-dub up in here Hey, yo, hey, yo Yo j-dub Who’s that? Is he do you hear me? Maybe he stepped out. Let me see all that you hear me? Oh shit You hear me What the fuck oh Here we go. Oh ya hear me. Yeah, buddy. Alright cool What’s going on brother Complain complain music. Hey back here Jay Bob how he sound? Does he sound glow does he sound like Behrens what’s going on? Oh shit Because we’re gonna go in today Oh man, that’s it no more Nord give up Exactly now not now everybody now. Nobody’s talking about github no more everybody still quiet It’s like a 24-hour amnesties armistice right now ain’t no fighting for 24

People that Like everybody is so fucking quiet nobody’s responding everybody’s kind of holding hands and bringing stuff. It’s like jeez. Yeah That’s when it’s gonna be the war so some kind of way shit gonna hit the phone yeah, it’s gonna be crazy We’re gonna see we’re gonna see what he actually delivers but it’s yeah, but it’s gonna be funny. Oh, They were gonna put this thing I think without a doubt Everyone knows that regardless of what the t-slot numbers Everyone knows that the PS file is awesome. They’re gonna outsell the Xbox That’s just kind of without a doubt yeah, but number two they know that uh, Sony has those games that are gonna be taking advantage and Whatever kind of tea flock they have look look at the amazing stuff. They did with 1.8 tea flops and 4.2 tea flowers That’s what that’s why I tell people all since this conversation, you know the initial numbers of the hardware That’s overall good for gaming, you know just in general pushing gaming forward with great tech very technology great specs, you know Stuff like that, but at the end of the day, it comes down to the people and what they do with it That’s that’s that’s what happens at the end of the day. What do these developers do with it? Do they have the capability do they have the talent do they have the vision, you know, are there policies holding him back? You know like for me I I still don’t understand it why they want to tie Xbox Series X Games to Xbox one, you know this whole This is the first time in console and console generation, right? This is gonna be the ninth generation of gaming this is the first time where a brand-new next-generation console is being advertised as the Best performing games of previous generation that that was never a selling point ever Yeah, it was never a selling point so it’s pretty crazy But I wonder if Sony’s gonna do the same thing You know, I’m here talking shit about Microsoft, but I wonder Sony’s attempting to do the same thing, which I hope they’re not you know well here’s the thing Stoney’s the only company that went on a record saying that they will have Ps5, exclusive games like you can only play on PS 5 day one. Yeah that not Maybe they’re also being on record saying that they you want to make this the fastest transition over the PS 5. Yeah That’s possible. So in order to make that transition, right you have to make people comfortable That they are able to move over and keep their content from all those generations So that leads me to believe all this backwards compatibility stuff from the you know Hopefully the rumors are true from ps1 all the way to ps4 Is is going to be a thing, you know, hopefully mark Cerny talks about that in about 24 minutes. Yeah Keep in mind yes, that’s right. We’re hyping up t flops and stuff Price plays a major role. Yes Price is 399 and you’re able to get even if it’s 9.2 GFLOPS, even if they show you that’s a great Hey, you know you’re gonna get spider-man, you know, you want to get sequels to God of War and all that stuff You know That plays a major role yeah, probably I hate to say it but the Xbox series X rumor is gonna be $4.99 or $5.99 Indian you have to spend another 100 to $200 for the little SD memory card, man You’re talking about seven $800 out the door with no games. Yes so that you know versus 399 and You know, you can walk out and go play great Turismo 7 or got a war spider-man 2 or whatever Exclusives they got coming they won that’s going to best on a but that’s not a lot. Yeah. Yeah It’s uh, the price point is definitely a huge factor. We always seem that that always comes time and time again Especially and especially like you could talk about the specs and the tea flops and all that stuff, right? But I can’t see saying you have to show it Like people have to see you can only talk theoretical for so long You have to put it out there and show it and if people can’t see it if people cannot look at the screens Right and be like, alright, I’m looking at PlayStation 5. I’m looking at a spark. Sorry sex You know and if let’s say there is a hundred dollar difference and people be like, I don’t see $100 difference You know I don’t see why this is $100 more sure you could you could go to the spec sheet and show them This is why on a technical spec sheet level is hundred dollars more But when they look at the screen if you don’t see it on the screen It doesn’t matter what the spec sheet says. You have to see it on the screen That’s why like I was throwing a little bit of jabs at minecraft night I got it man. Craft is a huge game for Microsoft, right?

probably the biggest IP in terms of money, right but most people buy minecraft on tablets and phones and you know, I’m saying they’re not buying it on high-end pcs and Xbox on X, right So when they showed when they show the rain tracing yeah You can see the difference but the game still don’t look graphically good. It doesn’t look like a 12t flop game You know, you got you got a show you got to show the eye Candy, you got to show them like wow, that shit looks crazy You got to show them stuff that you know can’t be done on the console You own at that moment like you look at the console you have right now and then you look at the game You’re like, oh my god, that shit is crazy. And that’s what that’s what comes down to it See what the series like you said. What did they show they show fucking minecraft and they show gears 5 we’ve played We’ve played it you played it you played on the slip 15 you could possibly see you know adding ray-tracing is not really I don’t think The average gamers is not gonna care, you know those new experiences Don’t don’t suddenly state of decay and how you improve your lighting light Show me show me why I need to go out and spend five six seven hundred they should show the things like like I said when we Run a podcast. Yes, things is Channel right this certain thing like he’s I go Yeah I wanna see graphics and I told Z like Z technically you already saw the graphics you oh you go to your high-end PC You already know what ultra 4k 60 frames look like you know, so that’s what you’re gonna get You’re not gonna see something you might see something new for consoles, but you’re not seeing anything new for gaming It’s the same thing like you just look at our ultra high-end PC That’s what the council’s are gonna do or at least close to it Right. Once you really want to see from these consoles is the other shit advertising They want to talk about SSD how it can change gaming rendering then show me They want to talk about like like they want to talk about hundred twenty FPS. Why didn’t they show a video of that? Show me show me 120 FPS then if that’s what you’re advertising, you know, if you’re advertising these things Show me don’t just put it on paper and tell me about it. I want to see it You know, those are the things they need to show right your acting’s gonna be great, but we already seen you know You may not have had it, right But you know what’s out there you can see an example of ultra for K 60 frames pcs already done it they’ve been doing it for two years, but Generation Of course, all of those games should be able to run 120 frames maybe even 244 Yeah, them shits hadn’t been I mean, which I’m I steal thieves leading edge say to the K to bleeding game those games I mean you should be able to run and shit real hard, you know Yeah, but it would be a feat for me to see God a war running in 4k 60 Altra, everything with light in rate racing and stuff because that’s already I please and gang even on the slim That’s already like a holy fuck, you know So I think Microsoft is gonna have a hard time to send an air system D and PlayStation because PlayStation can always fall back on their exclusive IP, which are bar none the most Pleasing and really shows off the power of the graphics With the VR yeah Now for this I don’t expect shoutouts Iran, he said that keep in mind this is like the replacement for GDC So I I do not expect like how would you say? Like right there like a e3 or even like a consumer a this is are the launch games so so I I’m not expecting that but what I would like to see is at least one example of What certainly will be talking about like if Sony wants to bring up, you know in its quiet, you know sleepy voice You know, we’re gonna have a SSD with SSD rendering I gotta yada yada numbers we can improve games and they can render fine You set all this stuff Now she’s only one example of what you said, you know, it’s kind of like, you know It’s kind of like the PowerPoint in a presentation There’s a guy talking to you but he has a PowerPoint to explain the visual of why you know graphs charts whatever and that’s why I would like to see you know, What Yuma call it all they he says something whatever now show me just one example It doesn’t have to be all we got these launch games. We’re gonna launch 18 XP Not all I’m not expecting a sales pitch of the games but I would like to see a actual physical example of What you’re trying to say and not just tell me in words and then in the show and then leave it up to my imagination To think about it. You know what? I mean? No, you’re right. You’re right, I think Showing proof right people visually show people You have to show it Physically, you have to show dishes with it. It can do it I think a good example is when they showed the speed of the SSD and the difference between

The place that you can Pro and the patients on fire with the boot time of the spider-man demo. Yes a Fraction of a second versus eight second is loading best something tangible You need to yeah for the gamers like I kind of sang going technical for like the actual technical guys But for most of the gamers the visual will say more, you know, like they say a picture’s worth a thousand words Yes, you know that’s exactly it. Yes, a picture’s worth a thousand words. Show me the picture, you know I’m saying and That would be like and that would be much better, you know for us and that’s what I’m hoping for Yeah I think we’re gonna get it. I think again it’s about keeping things in perspective Most gamers are gonna show up today to see all about the tea flops. Right? Most of them don’t know this shit. Yeah It’s more for just fanboy fodder and just to claim the rights of the most powerful Right now Sony’s are already going on a record for being them fastest. What does that mean? I don’t know Oh, yeah to this day I said that from the beginning what those fastest mean? Like I don’t understand the roughy it could be the fastest because SSD drive or it could be the fastest CPU I don’t know we will see but that’s up to that’s what I’m looking for mark Cerny to Tell us about you know Yeah, so on like if we’re gonna talk about fastest, right if Sony’s gonna hate this fastest, Mantra or narrative whatever you want to call it I hope is more than just loading like like the example was quite a man where you see him traversing The game at a much higher speed if that’s what they’re going for if they’re going for the actual game being faster because you know the speed of the character the speed of the rendering is Limited through the hard drive then I could understand that But if it’s just loading, I mean you saw the Xbox administration. It was like on the e section seconds Which I think is great. I think that’s fantastic like less than eight seconds So like you got one game that’s two seconds one game. That’s a seconds. Is that really a big deal? Probably not Play those load-times add up, especially when those mmo’s and in the different open-world games like Monster hunter world right? I see what you’re saying sometimes Sometime that shit is just unbearable. Like you can go fucking take a piss and then come back here and still Being able to you know, hit a button and within a couple of seconds is loading death is a Game changer that’s more time of you being engaged Call of Duty right if you jump into Call of Duty right now The load screen in the beginning as shit fucking takes like 20 seconds to load and you’re sitting there twiddling your thumb Reading a little hints and stuff. That’s tangible. Yeah That’s – more tangible than just showing me some extra piece. Yeah for for resolution true so I think I think gamers are going to our Narrative of what’s better? It’s not going to change because the last couple of generations it’s been about resolution resolution resolution Now I think across the board games are gonna be 60 frames without a doubt Majority there might be a few outliers kind of like maybe Rockstar Those big you know, depending how big they make Grand Theft Auto 6 because you know, they’d like to do ridiculous shit Yeah, they like to go overboard but this rare but I would say more like I think I agree with you. I think the majority Will be 60 frames now. Here’s the thing. I Think 60 frames should be bare minimum of any game Even if you have to check aboard a resolution to save some to save some performance to be able to do 60 frames Frames has to be the bare minimum. Yeah, they’re talking about the CPU is like four times as powerful In your system really in the GPUs like, you know, however two or five times powerful. I don’t know but Without throwing all these numbers at me and I’ll it I want to see how this is better help my gaming experience Flops with it. Seriously. I’m like, okay, I get it. But guess what? I have the world’s most powerful console now and I still don’t have much to show for it So you’re gonna have to give me something that I can see Yes, it’s been another season about its the content at the end of day We got rice eater 79 think of a supercharged. Sony will probably show up date God for footage You know, that’s a question You know I’m gonna need more and as much as I’m not gonna like it that this is probably just gonna be a spec review It’s gonna be all technical talk I’m hoping it’s like some of the things I’m saying is when I’m hoping you know, you know add add add Like you said add the the picture to the words, you know, oh But this might just be him just sitting there Mention a specific component and he breaks it down and then he talks about the advantages and then he goes on to the next component

then talk about next component and then he says I all this is gonna lead to all this stuff which will be shown out at a time and it could be just that which would be I mean But at the very least it gets the specs up right now We don’t we no longer have to hear about github and all that crap like it’s over Well, that’s what at least That’s what I think Walk, I’m say 90 clocks to 10 11 12 13 to whatever age in the massive amounts of fanboys will be okay with that. Yes, once the We really want right we want a show We want them to not only just show the hardware, but we want them to show the games and stuff And yes that may happen at a later date But if you’re expecting that to happen now mark Cerny is not the guy to show off games. He’s not that guy Yeah, and they never did that at any of the previous shows. So keep keeping that expectation I know there’s gonna be some asshat after this show because they are that was trash I thought they were sawed off God of War to Better it better it better not be no eggs mine. I’ll tell you that much These dudes are defending grounded, right so they never saw their role Oh Mr. Vo but it’s true what you say because once the games reveal like for an actual full-blown games review is the developer of the Game that’s going to be so the quarry borlaug the neil druckmann Those are the guys that’s gonna do that. So, yeah, so those guys are the ones that’s gonna yeah. Yeah Now here’s the thing, right we know But we do know that some of these other People are still gonna have their own show. There’s gonna be digital do you think Somebody’s gonna have all of their Studios do it at an event during that time timeframe. I think so it will make sense To do what? Good display like Ethan Titans in their showcase, I think so stay to play. Yeah Yeah, I think so. I think on Sony would definitely uh You know, they’ll do they’ll do their um, how would you say their classic? Show unveiling, you know, it’ll be interesting if they even show the council today. They might not even do that. That’s true I think my Sarnia is gonna have a controller missing only because He did the same thing for the ps4 Okay That’s just me trying to apply Seven year seven year old Yeah, cuz I’ve told people there is no Law or template that they have to follow every single time. It’s always a different. I remember ps3 They showed it a year before they launched, you know And they did it at e3 and then ps4 they decided to do their own event But they didn’t even show the console they say here’s the ps4 But we’re not gonna show you the console and everybody’s like what the fuck’s a council reveal without the console, you know Everybody’s a confusing shit, you know, so there’s no template on how to reveal council It’s just I guess the best guess or whatever at this point. Yeah, yeah For those who For canceling events and doing stuff does this now? Does this make Sony being the fortune-teller to be able to foresee what’s going on because They got out of 83 and guess what III is council. Yeah, they got out at GDC. Guess what GDC is Council? they got out of some other stuff and guess what every like date force all This stuff and they got a lot of flack from it what I would say the e3 is because of Coronavirus gone the e3 was gonna if we didn’t have the corner virus III was in a handful I think Sony explain the best each company is gonna do what’s in their own best interest I think the bad narrative is people Compared Sony not going to e3 with not providing content, which doesn’t make sense. You don’t need a III To make contact me fuck excuse my language Look at Xbox right Xbox was that every single III they in fact They did more shows than Sony but they don’t have the content this gen right so shows does not equal content It’s not is, you know, you don’t need a show to create and deliver content to the counsel And I think that’s where the people confuse the two right you don’t have to go to e3 and you can still have amazing games And banging titles to present and provide to your consumer audience that bought your console and I think that’s where it is So people in and I’m used to it because I’ve been seeing that for like the last four five years They’ll take anything and try to make it into a negative spin to make the console look bad, right? Look at the corner virus right Sony didn’t go to Pax and You know, you saw people damage controlling or so He’s just making excuses is not that big of a deal People saying why are people in Boston worried about shit that’s happening in China and look at us now

You got people you here are people that can’t even go to work They have to stay in their homes You know say I won’t say but they used it to try to create a narrative now and I constantly tell everybody You know these things don’t These things don’t or tribute to a bad counsel. There’s only one thing that’s gonna make a counsel look bad and that’s Lack of games lack of compare occasion. It’s a gaming console. Why would I don’t understand why anybody else in the world? Doesn’t see that you’re a gamer with the word game in it. These are gaming consoles with the word game in it. So Makes people think that game isn’t the most heaviest factor and the decision they pick they pick the most craziest Yes saying yes to say this is what makes a console good. No, it’s games Because they don’t have games people don’t have games on your system that don’t have good quality compelling games They don’t want their narrative to ever be about games. They wanted to be about power. They wanted to be about services They want it to be about cost consumer friendly everything Argument even even Shout-out to book that you know sonnets about there. He’s a playstation guy but he’s Crying and whining because Sony didn’t show their hands but after Microsoft, you know He wants Sony to counter everything that Microsoft does and I try to tell you that’s not how work When you’re the winner you call the shots. You don’t chase the loser around. Yeah, and It’s kind of hard for people to understand that you don’t have to do Microsoft had no choice but to do what they’re doing Because they’re in last place. They want people to buy their console or they want people to stay in their ecosystem They have no choice Sony called the shots. They can they could have not seen anything until fucking launch day And guess what? They were still gonna outsell fucking Xbox. That’s just the way it is. Yeah so Yeah, yeah Let’s say we got about seven minutes and stuff like that Yeah I get in the zone when it comes to these fucking shows. Yeah where you know, I just I’ll entertain I’ll entertain a chat, you know, and if you capture and if you catch something, but you Have to do is say thirteen point three C flops in being that’s it with you in the show and get back on with the bragging and I mean I’m just joking. Just you know a Ten would be hilarious though. Wow. Dad if Marconi just walked out there and say the t flop number and Goodnight Sony’s known for being candy like oh, do you know this every time almost every time just this whole generation? Microsoft has done something Sony wait right before or right after and still at Thunder Yeah, big drop did the ghost of Tsushima trailer, right? when fucking Microsoft drops some good news about the x-series X and that takes everybody away from Even right even when? What do you call it on? This game or in the bio-forge dropped? Oh Then they put the horizon zero dawn Demands attention at all time and it’s crazy they’re able to command them and that shows you decades after decades after decades of Dominating that’s exactly what happened. Yeah. So yeah it is it is kind of coincidental that They’re doing this and almost immediately after Microsoft announced me. It’s just a lot of coincidence, you know 24 hours later the very next day. They announced. Hey, we’re on the show tomorrow Hey, hey, LBJ, i’ma send you the invite just in case you didn’t get it. I think I’ll be J’s. No, come on. Yeah Okay, cool Fucking ass hey. Hey Oh, BJ I sent the link already in the DM It’s a PlayStation Just click on the invite Premiers of three minutes. Yeah in three minutes. We’re about to see this boring shit So remember the first time we saw the state of play I Was mad as hell I like it took me longer to set up the goddamn stream Carlos Christine

You were trying to calm me down. I was pitched like this motherfuckers Over when I finally got the stream up, I’m like this motherfucker the Bosque, you know calls Chris ridiculous Super T. Says Sony on the masters of counter-attacking. Yeah, they are. They’re like fucking secure shallow died twice and shit The stream is live and then now she ended I’m like, what the fuck I’m sorry, I will change my Smoke detector batteries friend. I know bro. I thought he’s talking about me. I think you do it. Me, too Well, this is I ain’t changing shit I Got my fucking boat. I had to buy another TV cuz I packed both of them up, right? And then when this you happen I’m like, you know Why imma buy me a TV man fuck and I bought me an air mattress and luckily I kept my playstation cuz I usually travel with that Okay, I packed the Xbox cuz I ain’t carrying that shit around Yeah Cheaper than a ps4 Pro that shows you the value. I think the try and clear stock there Like let’s get this shit out of here Yeah But isn’t that crazy how the ps4 pro is always sold out and then motherfucker had me add a price drop He official price drop is still 399 Okay, it’s about to start no He said the channels Lockheed Rock who mine my channel yeah, yeah Luck for me. I’m gonna send the mama send them another link in that tray Hi Wow, BJ. I’m gonna send you another Oh you too. He’s talking about the The no because I gotta give them rights. I gotta give them rights. Okay, hold on. Did you already sign up? I Guess he I guess he his name. Give me I don’t see my mind. Oh Okay, I see him. Hold on. Let me give him his right. Let me give him right. Hold on Oh BJ The Sony inator I Believe these systems will be it’s addiction isn’t a Oh BJ try to come in now There we go, there you go The man the myth the legend how to give Oh BJ God, right? I Had I had to get how to give you a nine point two t flaps of power Here we go, you know, I know I hope doesn’t happen I hope like you know, it starts but you still gotta wait another ten minutes. You’re like fuck Look I know it they always do this shit Alright people with two minutes away from being disappointed Hey So my pain is somebody playing that thing on a speaker does that mean You can the music is that for me? I don’t think it’s for me Though I’m usually the loudest one out here he’s talking he’s talking

Can you hear me okay? Unfortunately, we had to cancel the the talk that we had planned for GDC But we only and if the chat some super exciting news about PS 5 And who better to bring that to you than the one and only mark Cerny without further ado over to you mark. Thank you, Jim There will be lots of chances later on this year to look at the PlayStation 5 games today Already let you know we talking games today. I Think you all know I’m a big believer in console generations Once every five or six or seven years a console arrives with substantially new capabilities There’s a lot of learning by the game developers. Hopefully not too overwhelming and soon there’s games that could never have been created before Now it used to be that as a console designer you’d somehow Intuit what would be the best set of capabilities for the new console and then build it in complete secrecy? For the PlayStation consoles that period lasted through PlayStation 3 a powerful and groundbreaking console but also one that caused quite a lot of heartache as it was initially difficult to develop games for So starting with PlayStation 4 we’ve taken a different approach roughly centered around three principles the first of these is listening to the developers Which is to say that a lot of what we put into a console derives directly from the needs and aspirations of the game creators we definitely do have some ideas of our own but at the core of our Philosophy for designing consoles is that game players are here for the fantastic games? Which is to say that game creators matter? Anything we can do to make life easier for the game creators or help the realize their dreams we will do So about once every two years I take a tour of the industry I go to the various developers and publishers Sit down and discuss how they’re doing with the current consoles and what they’d like to see in future consoles This requires weeks on the road is reaching the bulk of the game creators involves talking to well over a hundred people It’s something like two dozen publishers and developers and it is incredibly valuable turn This guy talks like a lecture by the way, the feature most requested by the developers That was an SSD which we were very happy to put in the hardware but a lot of problem solving was required I’ll be doing a deep dive on the SSD and surrounding systems later on in this talk it’s also key to make a Generational leave while keeping the console sufficiently familiar to game developers, I think about this in terms of balancing evolution and revolution Now with Playstation one two, and three the target was a revolution each time with a brand new features survey That was great in many ways but time for the developers to get up and running got longer with each console in the past I’ve called this time to triangle. Here’s what I had for those three consoles to be clear I’m not talking about time to make a game Developers will be ambitious and it may take them six years or so to realize their vision what I’m talking about is that dead time before graphics and other aspects of game development are up and running and trying to minimize that On the other hand if we’re trying to reduce that dead time to 0 that means the hardware architecture can’t change at all we’re handcuffed We need to judge for each feature what value it adds and whether it’s worth the increase in developer time needed to support it. So With Playstation 4 we were able to strike a pretty good balance between performance and familiarity We got required learning back to PlayStation 1 levels with PS 5 The GPU was definitely the area we felt the most tension between adding new features and keeping a familiar programming model ultimately I think we’ve ended up with something under a month of getting up to speed that feels like we’re striking about the right balance I’ll go into a bit more detail later today about our philosophy with the GPU and this Visited your set that resulted heyyo, obj. It’s also very important for us as the hardware team. Ten wine You want to give you a master training something other than CPU performance? GPU performance and the amount of RAM The increase in graphics performance over the past two decades has been astonishing but there are other areas in which we can innovate and provide Significant value to the game creators and through them the players That’s why the SSD was very much on our list of directions to explore regardless of what came out of the conversations with game developers and publishers The biggest feature in this category is the custom engine for audio. That’s today’s final topic the push for

Vastly improved audio and in particular 3d audio isn’t something that came out of the developer meetings. It’s much more the case That might be very short So you pretty much gave us the topic outline we could take to set us on that path so Here again are the three principles the first being enabling the desires of developers to drive the hardware design To me the SSD really is the key to the next generation It’s a game changer and it was the number one ask from developers for PlayStation 4 so they went straight to SSD We know it’s probably impossible. But can you play me so, you know the GPU is weaker that A lot of things that would simply have been my mother still has a viola Developers the most book has a vaio laptop lot of developer time was being spent for like 2013 The difficulty being that hard drives are neither particularly fast nor flexible if all your data is in one block, which is frankly not very likely you can load 50 to 100 megabytes a second depending on What You can fit more data on the blu-ray disc and also effective see this is what I’m talking about They gonna talk about this theoretical knowledge star support Z lab decompression So showy for that gets you something like 50% more data, you know I’m saying and fifty percent high cuz this is all development. These are the guys who actually make the games they understand it’s highly likely that you but as a gamer nerd around and show it to us on the hard drive as well as sourced from multiple locations within Seconds NOC markers crashing we try to know about no goddamn hard drive 50 megabits of inner edge Third of its time actually loading data putting all of that together again Now a gigabyte is not much data games are using five or six gigabytes of RAM on PlayStation 4 so it boot times We could Nord that differently as a player you wait for the game to boot wait for the game to load Wait for the level to reload every time you die I’m looking at the weigh station chatham this there’s a lot of Z’s fast to the forty and all of that leads to the dream What if we could have not just an SSD but a blindingly fast? Assisting if we could load five gigabytes a second from it What would change now SSDs are completely different from hard drives? They don’t have sikhs as such if you have a five gigabyte a second SSD you can read data from a thousand different locations in that second pretty much at speed as For time to load. Goodbye. This is next-gen we’re talking about Freedom I told you bad this is this is like some people going for the doctor’s orders of magnitude meaning very roughly 100 times faster Which means at five gigabytes a second for the SSD the potential is that the game boots in a second? There are no load screens the game just fades down while loading a half dozen gigabytes and fades back up again Same for a reload you’re immediately back in the after you die and fast travel becomes so fast It’s blinking you miss it invited either. Hey Spider-man it’s subway rides to being so blindingly fast that we might even have to slow that transition down Particularly, but for me, this is not the primary reason to change morganite. Okay boomer Reason friend altra fast SSD is that it gives them Or to put that differently with a hard drive the twenty seconds that it takes to load a gigabyte can Sabotage the game that the developer is trying to Bo Hogue. Is this year that Almost all of us in the room have experienced this maybe in different ways. Say we’re making an adventure game Oh, we have to right here. He’s a fight kipper match for second mind-blowing Ms/ms blowing as long as you Thor’s all staircase or elevator ride or a Windy corner Earlier and then take a seat also take for stupid I said X bot been talking about this my share it’s very little reveal and when he got everyone tired And then do some calculations with sight lines and runs beans like we did for

Haven City when we were making jack – the game is 20 years old but not much has changed since then All those twisty passages are there for a reason there’s a whole subset of level design dedicated to this sort of work But still it’s a giant distraction for a team. That just wants to make their game So when I talked about the dream of an SSD part of the reason for that five gigabyte a second target was to eliminate loads but also part of the reason for that target was streaming as in What if the SSD is so fast that as the player is turning around? It’s possible to load textures for everything behind the player in that split second. If you figure that, man, I don’t want me something I seem to turn that’s four gigabytes of compressed data You can load that sounds about right for next gen Anyway back to the hard drive another strategy for increasing effective read speed is to make big sequential chunks of data For example, we might group all the data together for each city block that removes most of the sikhs and the streaming gets faster But there’s a downside to which is that frequently used data is included in many chunks And therefore is on the hard drive many many times Marvel spiderman uses the strategy and though it works very well for increasing the streaming speed There’s a massive duplication as a result. Some of the objects like mailboxes or newsracks are on the hard drive 400 times what I’m describing here are things that Cramp a creative director style either level design gets a little bit boring in places or the data is duplicated So many times that it no longer fits on the page And you end up with hard limits on the players run speed or Driving’s yo And finally i’m sure many of you noticed that a PlayStation 4 will sometimes take a long time to install the patch That’s because when just part of a file has been changed the new data can be down Oh, this is so boring motherfuckers decided just to buy an xbox. I’ll just not listen to this changed portion Otherwise every change would add a seek or two even so you can occasionally see this happening on game titles They start to hitch once they get patched enough With an SSD though no seeks so no need to make brand new files with the changes incorporated into them Which means no installs as you know them today? Yet one more benefit which is that system memory can be used much more efficiently on PlayStation 4 game data on the hard drive feels very distant and Difficult to use either by the time you realize you need a piece of data It’s much too late to go out and load it. So System memory has to contain all of the data that could be used in the next 30 seconds or so of gameplay That means a lot of the eight gigabytes of system memory is idle. It’s just waiting there to be potentially used on PlayStation 5 though. The SSD is very close to being like more RAM typically It’s fast enough that when you realize you need a piece of data, you can just load it from the SSD and use it there’s no need to have lots of data parked and system memory waiting to potentially be you a Different way of saying that is that most of Ram is working on the game’s behalf This is one of the reasons that 16 gigabytes of gddr5 A station 5 the presence of the SSD reduces the need for a massive Intergenerational increase in size so back to the dream of the SSD Here’s the set of targets boot the game in a second. No load screens design, freedom meaning no twisty passages or long corridors more game on the disk and more game on the SSD and Finally those patch installs go away The reality though is that the SSD is just one piece of the puzzle There’s a lot of places where bottlenecks can occur in between the SSD and the game code that uses the data You can see this on PlayStation 4 if I use an SSD with 10 times the speed of a standard hard drive I probably see only double the loading speed if that For PlayStation 5 our goal was not just that the SSD itself be a hundred times faster It was that game loads and streaming would be a hundred times faster So every single potential bottleneck needed to be addressed and there are a lot of them Let’s look at check-in and what happens when it’s overhead? Conceptually check-in is a pretty simple process data is loaded into system memory from the hard drive or SSD It’s examined a few values are tweak At the SSD speeds we’re talking about that last part From one location to another takes roughly and into their next gen CP. Oh That’s just the tip of the iceberg If all the overheads get a hundred times larger That will cripple the framerate as soon as the player moves either go Nazz

Look at the chain of data streams coming off psst so to solve all of that We built a lot of custom hardware namely a custom flash controller and a number of custom units in our main chip the flash controller in the SSD was designed for All Nick free operation but Olson. Yo, Brian Stobart. My man said this joint hits harder than a cure god. Damn Is very important you can imagine the player heading into some new location in the world or the game request I see a few gigabytes Oni boo gain wildest times a second ms. Taking 8 to 10 to load or Shoot a few dying words having multiple priority levels. Let’s the audio for those dying words get loaded immediately On one side that flash controller connects to the actual flash dies that supply the storage To reach our band which target of 5 gigabytes a second we ended up with 12 channel interface 8 channels wouldn’t be enough The resulting bandwidth we have achieved is actually 5 and a half. So JW actually listening to this. I think you’ll I think J mm I think J. Mm. He just muted his mic his head said swish straight for Displaying Ford sir now it is his custom breathing settle Ultimately, we resolved this question by looking at the play pattern This is the first topic We examined the specific games that they were playing. Oh The workhorse of a weekend or week or a month and whether that set of games with Theo Properly on the SSD we were able to establish that your friction caused by reinstalled Yeah, I think Jay don’t went to the store. He says I’m going to Lincoln slower if I’m gonna do this I’m gonna get back Hennessy While also preparing multiple strategies so that those who want more storage can add it Oh Am I back to the flash controller on the other side it connects to our main custom chip via four lanes of course on our PCIe and Inside the main custom chip is a pretty low right now Before we talk about what I think my laptop I can’t take much more just PlayStation 4 used Z live as its compression format We decided to use it again on like their laptop is right that muhfucka still on a volume cut this shit off Crankin from rad gay like Z libs smarter cousin simple similar types of algorithms But is he showing a crack in four cent better compression, which is pretty big that means 10% more games Try make funnel see a thieves The kraken is lacking the SSD kraken had only been out for a year that it was already becoming a de facto Industry standard half of the teams. I talked to or either using it or getting ready to evaluate it So we hustled and built a custom Decompressor into the i/o unit one capable of handling over five gigabytes of crack and format input data Scrapping for me after decompression that typically becomes eight or nine gigabytes But the unit itself is capable of outputting as much as 22 gigabytes a second if the data happened to compress Particularly, well both by the way, is he talking about that custom key compressor equates to nine of ours and 2 cores That’s what it would take to decompress the kraken start with a convention to you right now Including a talking about cracking decompression Coming off of the SSD this equates to another Thanks for coming I’m not even gonna get on Twitter to My blog off these arts into cores. There are there principally to direct the variety of custom hardware. Oh, Shit, one of the co processors is dedicated to SSDI. Oh this lets us bypass traditional file i/o and its bottle next week I’m gonna tell you why all these you – tech guys ain’t got shit on Sound like anything related to the SSD but a lot of Jovanka Memory as part of file i/o and this too can become a bottleneck There are coherency engines to assist the coprocessors coherency comes up a lot in places probably Somebody’s dish if that means turning All of the GPU cashes whenever the SSD is read is an unattractive option. It could really hurt the GPU performance. So gentle Do what I gotta say he’s talking so much he could have gotten OJ Simpson off GPU caches to pinpoint evictions of just those

Ranges, the best thing is as a game developer when you read from the SSD You don’t need to know any of this. You don’t even need to know that your data is compressed. You just indicate What data you’d like to read from your original? uncompressed file and where you’d like to put it and the whole process of loading it in having visitors crazy and at very high speed Back to the dream thanks to all of that surrounding hardware are 5.5 gigabytes a second really should track We are still talking about the SSD master IO than ps4 and allow the dream of no load screens Yo, this is nine point two two flowers from reality Are you now? Expandability of our SSD is going this is like ten teen flops wash is costly they put way too much conversation This SSD in the console now The kind of storage you need depends on how you’re going to use it If you have an extensive PlayStation 4 library and you’d like to take advantage of backwards compatibility to play those games on PlayStation 5 Then a large external hard drive is ideal Well, he mentioned backwards compatibility your buddy just be us four and directly from there Thus saving the pricier SSD storage for your PlayStation 5 titles or you can copy your active PlayStation 4 times More storage is to play playstation 5 titles though. Ideally you would add to your SSD storage We will be supporting certain m2 SSDs these are internal drives that you can get on the open market and Install in a Bay in the PlayStation see told ya as for which ones we see people will not gain Xbox I’m like your place easier to do the same thing Next bigger that commercial drive has to be at least as fast as ours Games that rely on the speed of our SSD need to work flawlessly with nem to drive when I gave the Wired interview last year I said that the PlayStation 5 SSD was Faster than anything available on PC at the time Commercial m2 drives used pcie 3.0 and four lanes of that cap out at 3.5 gigabytes a second in other words No pcie 3.0 drive can hit the required spec M2 drives with PCI u 4.0 or now out in the market. We’re getting our in samples and seeing Four or five gigabytes a second from them by year’s end I expect there will be drives that saturate 4.0 and supports seven gigabytes a second having said that We are comparing apples and oranges though because that commercial m2 drive will have its own architecture. Its own flash controller And so on for example the nvme Specification lays out a priority scheme for requests that the m2 drives can use and that scheme is pretty nice But it only has two true priority levels. So this is our drive for all six We can hook up a drive with only two priority levels. Definitely but our Custom IO unit has to arbitrate the extra priorities rather than the m2 drives flash controller and so the m2 Drive needs a little extra speed to take care of issues arising from the different approach that Commercial Drive also needs to physically fit inside of the bay. We created in PlayStation 5 for m2 drives unlike internal hard drives There’s unfortunately no standard for the height of an m2 Drive and some M true drives have giant heat sinks In fact, some of them even have their own fans Right now we’re getting em to drive samples and benchmarking them in various ways When games hit in beta as they get ready for the PlayStation 5 launch at your end we’ll also be doing some compatibility testing to make sure that the architecture of Particular M. 2 drives isn’t too foreign for the games to handle I think at this point we’ve done that can just get certified PlayStation be able to start letting you know They’re portable physically fit and which drive samples have benchmark appropriately high in our testing. I’ma just buy My watch but it’s likely to be a bit past it So, please hold off on getting that M to drive until you hear from us. Yeah, ok back to our principles Balancing evolution and revolution is the second of them. This was definitely a recurring theme with the GPU We need new GPU features and capabilities if if we only have more performance, it’s not really a new generation of console Of course many of these capabilities result in more performance That’s part of why a Playstation 5 teraflop is more powerful than a Playstation 4 teraflop But we aren’t just looking for the performance. We also need the ability to do something with the GPU that could not have been done before and we Need higher performance per watt every time we double the performance of some GPU component We don’t want to find out we’ve doubled the power consumed and the heat produced but at the same I just wanna know how many credits just it goes towards my Master’s just for games and We have to ensure that the architecture is easy for the develop. This niggas not that know frog ability was handled massively by AMD They treated it as a key need throughout the design process as our solution to adding new features without blindsiding developers

We made sure that if there were new significant features It would be optional to use them The GPU supports ray tracing but you don’t have to race lead or anything to make your thank-you for super chase There’s open markets as the commercial drives beliefs your first game on it’s good that is open market, but it sounds like there’s no standard You just said it ain’t clear two points that can be quite confusing already you need to first we have a copy of AMD GPU based on there are DNA – That’s all I need if you hey, thanks everybody for showing up. Have a good night Argue they to their goals were roughly speaking to reduce power I’m all fucked people up on Twitter on for you to put data close to where it’s needed to optimize the GPU for performance and to adding new more advanced feature set, but That feature set is malleable which is to say that we have our own needs for PlayStation and that can factor into what the AMD roadmap becomes so Collaboration is born if we bring concepts to AMD that are felt to be widely useful Then they can be adopted into our DNA – and used broadly including in PC GPUs if the ideas are sufficiently specific to what we’re trying to accomplish like the GPU cache scrubbers I was talking about Then they end up being just for us if you see a similar discrete GPU Available as a PC card at roughly the same time as we release our console that means our collaboration with AMD’s succeeded in producing technology useful in both worlds It doesn’t mean that we as sony simply incorporated the pc part into our console this continuous improvement in AMD technology means it’s dangerous to rely on teraflops is an absolute indicator of performance and See you count should be avoided as well in the case of CPUs We all understand this the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 each have eight CPUs But we never think that meant the capabilities and performance are equal. It’s the same for C use for one thing They’ve been getting much larger over time adding new features means adding lots of transistors in fact The transistor count for a playstation 5 Cu is 6000 larger than the transistor You can operate playstation 4 fine with me fine with me My station 5 and GPU is backwards compatible with playstation 4. What does that mean? one way you can achieve Backwards compatibility is to put the previous consoles chipset in the new console like we did with some PlayStation 3s but that’s of course extremely expensive a Better way is to incorporate any differences in the previous consoles logic into the new consoles custom chips meaning that even as the technology Evolves the logic and feature set that PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro titles rely on is still available in backwards compatibility Modes one advantage of this strategy is that once backwards compatibility is what about three to one? If not, as if a cost down will remove backwards compatibility like it did on PlayStation 3 Achieving this unification of functionality took years of efforts by AMD as any road map advancement creates a potential divergence in logic Running ps4 and PS 4 titles at boosted frequencies has also added complexity The boost is truly massive this time around and some game code just can’t handle it Testing has to be done on the title by title basis Results are excellent, though we recently took a look at the top hundred PlayStation 4 titles as ranked by play time and we’re expecting a Almost all of them to be playable at launch on PlayStation 5 With regards to new features as I said, our strategy was to try to break new ground But at the same time not to require use of the new GPU capabilities For more than a decade GPUs have imposed a restriction on game engines Software handles vertex processing but for the most part dedicated hardware is responsible for the triangles and other geometry that the vertices form That means it’s not possible to do even basic Optimizations such as aborting processing of a vertex if all geometry that uses it is off screen PlayStation 5 has a new unit called the geometry engine which brings handling of triangles and other primitives under full programmatic control as a game developer you’re free to ignore its existence and use the PlayStation 5 and GPU as if it were no more capable than the ps4 GPU or You can use this new intelligence in various ways Simple usage could be performance optimizations such as removing back faced or off-screen vertices and triangles more complex usage involves something called primitive shaders Which allow the game to synthesize geometry on-the-fly as it’s being rendered? It’s a brand new capability using primitive shaders on playstation 5 will allow for a broad variety of techniques

including smoothly varying level of detail addition of procedural detail to close up objects and improvements to particle effects and other visual special effects Another major new feature of our custom rDNA – based GPU is ray tracing using the same strategy as AMD’s upcoming PC GPUs the ciues contain a new specialized unit called the intersection engine which can calculate the intersection of rays with boxes and triangles to use the intersection engine first you build what is called an Acceleration structure its data in RAM that contains all of your geometry. There’s a specific set of formats I use there Like it gave me just show as the gave those a new instruction that asks the intersection engine to check array against the BVH While the intersection engine is processing the requested ray triangle or ray box if you show the T Property to do other work having said that the ray tracing instructions pretty memory-intensive. So it’s a good mix with logic heavy code There’s of course no need to use ray tracing ps4 Graphics engines will run just fine on PlayStation 5, but it presents an opportunity for those interested I’m thinking it’ll take less than a million raise a second to have a big impact on audio That should be enough for audio occlusion and some reverb Calculations with a bit more of the GPU invested in ray tracing it should be possible to do some very nice global illumination having said that Adding ray traced shadows and reflections To a traditional graphics engine could easily take hundreds of millions of rays a second and full ray tracing could take billions How far can we go I’m starting to get quite bullish. I’ve already seen a PlayStation 5 title That’s successfully using ray tracing based reflections in complex animated scenes with only modest costs Another set of issues for the GPU involved size and frequency How big doing English and what frequency do we run it? Okay This is a balancing it here we go chip has a cost and there’s a cost for whatever we use to supply that chip 36 is 48. Why are you doing this general? I like running the GPU and Here’s two possible configurations for a GPU roughly of the level of the PlayStation 4 Pro. This is a thought experiment Don’t take these configurations too. Seriously, if you just calculate teraflops you get the same number, but Actually, the performance is noticeably different because teraflops is defined just in computational capability of the vector ALU That’s just one part of the GPU there are a lot of other units and those other units all run faster when the GPU frequency is higher at 33% higher frequency rasterization goes 33% faster processing the command buffer goes that much faster the l2 and Other caches have that much higher bandwidth and so long about the only downside is that system memory is 33 further away in terms of cycles but the large number of benefits more than counterbalance that as a friend of mine says a rising tide lifts all So it’s easier to fully used 36c use in parallel than it is to fully use 48c use when triangles are small. It’s much harder to fill although see use with useful work So there’s a lot to be said for faster. Assuming you can handle the resulting power and heat You see that DARS is for setting CPU and GPU frequencies has relied on some heavy duty guesswork with regards to how much Electrical power games will consume and how much heat will be produced as a result inside of the console Power consumption varies a lot from game to game when I play God of War on my ps4 Pro I know the power consumption is high just by the fan noise, but power isn’t simply about does the rest of the world It’s about the minutiae of what’s being displayed and how she sounds like a Boeing 747 but processing dense Geometry typically consumes less power than processing simple geometry Which is I suspect why horizons map screen with its low triangle count makes my ps4 Pro heat up so much Our process on previous consoles has been to try to guess what the natural power is. It seemed g-dub cook glass Skip glass fuck if we get it right fan noise is minimal Welcome play your ham bone apart and soul will be quite loud for the higher power games and there’s even a chance that it might Overheat and shut down if we miss estimate power too badly PlayStation 5 is especially challenging because the CPU supports 256 bit native instructions that consume a lot of power

These are great here and there but presumably only minimally used or are they if we plan for major? 256 bit instruction usage we need to set the CPU clock substantially lower or noticeably increase the size of the power supply in So after much discussion we decided to We built a GPU with 36c use mind you our DNA to see use our large each has 62% more transistors than the see use we were using on PlayStation 4 So if we compare transistor counts 36 our DNA to see use equates to roughly 50 Sizable GPU Then we went with a variable frequency strategy for playstation 5 which is to say we continuously run the GPU and CPU in boost mode we supply a generous amount of electrical power and then increase the frequency of GPU and CPU until they reach the capabilities of the system’s cooling solution It’s a completely different paradigm rather than running at constant frequency and letting power vary based on the workload We run at essentially constant power and let the frequency bei vary based on the workload We then tackled the engineering challenge of a cost-effective and high-performance cooling solution designed for that Specific power level in some ways. It becomes a simpler problem because there are no more unknowns There’s no need to guess what power consumption the worst case game might have as for the details of the cooling solution We’re saving them for our teardown. I think you’ll be quite happy with what the engineering team came up with So how fast can we run the GPU and CPU with this strategy? The simplest approach would be to look at the actual temperature of the silicon die and throttle the frequency on that basis But that won’t work. It fails to create a consistent playstation 5 experience It wouldn’t do to run a console slower simply because it was in a hot room So rather than look at the actual temperature of the silicon die, we look at the activities This is the man and set the frequencies on that planet mics everything This is it Imagine going through this year over and you know so it can squeeze out a few more pixels The benefits of this strategy are quite large Running a GPU at two gigahertz was looking like an unreachable target with the old fixed frequency strategy With this new paradigm, we’re able to runway 3 in fact We have to catch them point three point three at two point two three gigahertz So that we can guarantee that the on chip logic operates properly 36c use at two point two three gigahertz is ten point three Teraflops and we expect the GPU to spend most of its time at or close to that frequency and performance Similarly running the cpu at 3 gigahertz was causing headaches with the old strategy But now we can run it as high as 3.5 gigahertz. In fact, it spends most of its time at that frequency That doesn’t mean all games will be running at two point two three gigahertz and 3.5 gigahertz when that worst case game arrives It will run at a lower clock speed but not too much lower to reduce power by 10 percent. It only takes it to Change to a variable frequency approach As players we experience the game Niggas Froggie laughs he left class man. He’s not even In the liquor store and then he wants an apartment ham ball computational resource for Consider that the visuals run at 30 or 60 frames a second, but audio processing needs to happen at those crazy times a second So it’s been tough going making forward progress on audio with Playstation 4 Particularly when PlayStation 3 was such a beast when it came to audio The SPU’s and cell were almost a perfect device for audio rendering simple pipeline Algorithms could really take advantage of asynchronous DMA and frequently reached 100% utilization of the floating-point unit

There’s unfortunately nothing comparable on PlayStation 4 probably the most dramatic progress in the PlayStation 4 generation has been with virtual reality the Psvr Hardware has its own audio unit it supports about 50 pretty decent 3d sound sources and This provided a hint as to where we could go with audio as well as some valuable experience Not to oversimplify but here were our goals for audio on PlayStation 5 The first goal was great audio for everyone not just VR users or sound bar owners or headphone users That meant audio had to be part of the console. It couldn’t be a peripheral The second goal was to support hundreds of sound sources We didn’t want developers to have to pick and choose what sounds would get 3d effects And which wouldn’t we wanted every sound in the game to have? dimensionality and finally we wanted to really take on the challenges of presence and Locality now when we say presence, we mean the feeling that you’re actually there you’ve entered the matrix it’s not of course something we thought we could perfectly achieve but the idea was that if we stopped using just a rein sound and instead use lots of 3d audio sources for raindrops hitting the ground and all sorts of locations around you then at some point your brain would take A leap and you’d begin to have this feeling this feeling of real presence inside the virtual world of the game This has the capacity to affect your appreciation of the game just like music in a game does The concept of locality is simpler It’s just your sense of where the audio is coming from To the right of you behind you above you this can immerse you further in the game and it can also directly enhance the gameplay To use dead space as an example. I know old school You’re fighting Enemies jump Growling and hunting you down, but it was difficult to tell quite where that with headphones You could tell that the enemy was somewhere on the right which lets you deduce If you couldn’t see it that it must be somewhere behind and to your right But with 3d audio with good locality the idea is you know The enemy is precisely there and you turn and you take it out So how do we know where a sound is coming from in the first place? well all those bumps and Based on my points – There’s some constructive and destructive interference and the result is a change in volume The phase of the sound also shifts depending on what path the sound I don’t think he’s even gonna show the ps5 to be honest volume changes and phase shifts are different for each direction I don’t think we see that Ten point three of each we not least we got the basic ten point three confirms already made two confirmed changes based on Extremely fast as we hold it in a table called the head related transfer function a lot of torture RTF hears I’m gonna come out with a masters vertical axis is the frequency the horizontal axis No, this you’ve been a good learner should better be applied towards my degree nation of the sound at that frequency The h RTF is as unique to an individual as another price is gonna be interesting I don’t think they’re gonna talk about the price here here is how we measure but if they could release this console for 399 we put that will be huge in the subjects left and right ear canals and Then sit the subject down in the middle of an array of 22 speakers we then play an audio suite together that has 10.28 specifically exactly When rendering audio creates unparalleled quality, but it’s computationally expensive the simplest way to use an HR TF is to Process a sound source to make it appear as if it’s coming from one of those thousand locations we sample Unfortunately, the processing has to be done in frequency domain rather than time domain So there’s multiple fast Fourier transforms needed for every sound source for every audio tech That’s a lot of multiplies. This computational complexity was the determining factor for our strategy It meant we had to bite the bullet and design and build a new didn’t really want. Oh god, 4:13 collectively, we’re referring to the hardware unit and the proprietary algorithms we run on it as Tempest 3d audio tech the meaning of 3d audio and technology should be pretty obvious here as for tempest I feel it really reflects our goals with audio It suggests a certain intensity of experience and also hints at your presence within it We’re calling the hardware unit that we built the tempest Anjan it’s based on AMD’s GPU technology We modified a compute unit in such a way as to make it very close to the SPU’s in playstation 3

Remember when I said that they were ideal for audio? So the tempest engine has no caches just like an SPU all data access is via DMA just like an SPU Our target was that it would have more power than a CPU Thanks to the parallelism that a GPU can achieve and then it would be more efficient than our GPU Thanks to the SPU like architecture the goal being to make possible near 100% utilization of the C use vector units Where we ended up is a unit with roughly the same Cindy power and bandwidth as all eight Jaguar, of course Oh, yeah, I definitely see why they weight non-price name If we were to use the same algorithms as psvr that’s enough for something like five thousand sound sources But of course we want to use more complex algorithms and we don’t need anything like that number of sounds It would have been wonderful. If a simpler strategy such as using Dolby Atmos peripherals could have achieved our goals but we wanted 3d audio for all not just those with licensed sound bars or the like Also, we wanted many hundreds of sound sources not just the 32 that at most supports and finally we wanted to be able to throw an Overwhelming amount of processing power at the problem and it wasn’t clear what any peripheral might have inside of it in fact with the tempest engine we’ve even got enough power that we can allocate some to the games to the extent that games want to make use of Convolution reverb and other algorithms that are either computationally expensive or need high bandwidth But the primary purpose of the tempest engine remains 3d audio Now 3d audio is a major academic research topic It’s safe to say that no one in the world has all of the answers and a set of algorithms that has to be invented tuned or implemented to realize our vision for 3d audio is immense For example use of HR TFS in games is quite complex before I talked about making a sound source appear as if it’s coming from one of those thousand HR TF sample locations but for high quality 3d game audio We have to handle other possibilities the sound source might not be at one of the thousand HR TF sample locations So we have to blend the HR TF data from the closest locations that we have sampled The sound source might be moving which needs very special handling as that blend keeps changing and that can cause phase artifacts in the resulting audio Or the sound source might have a strange do still go feels if it’s coming from an area rather than a single point there’s also whole categories of these let’s the camera the Implemented using individual processing of 3d sound sources, but alternatively ambisonics can chill over 3d audio Ambisonics speak somewhat like the spherical harmonics used in computer browser and finally There’s audio devices The player might be using headphones or TV speakers, or have a higher-end Surround sound set up with six or more speakers all of which need different approaches. That’s a lot of variations It’s nice to have the computational resources of the tempest engine But it’s clear that achieving our ultimate goals with 3d audio is going to be a multi. This is like being Elektra MIT Holy have, you said that headphone audio implementation is largely complete at this time It was a natural place for us to start with headphones We control exactly what each ear hears and therefore the algorithmic development and implementation are more straightforward For TV speakers and stereo speakers were in the process of implementing Virtual surround sound you hear the idea being then if you’re sitting in this sweet spot in front of the TV Then the sound can be made to feel as if it’s coming from any direction even behind you Virtual surround sound has a lot in common with 3d audio on headphones But it’s more complex because the left ear can hear the right loudspeaker and vice versa We have a basic implementation of virtual surround sound up and running We’re now looking at increasing the size of that sweet spot which is to say making the area you need to be in to feel the 3d effect larger, and we’re also working to Deep dive shoot headphone audio is the current gold standard for 3d audio on PlayStation. I’m gonna teach my youtube channel on the border I’m gonna bring virtual surround sound Well come out with a doctor’s degree with this which will start in on setups with more speakers such as 6 channel surround sound It’s now to the point where some of the playstation 5 games in development are extensively using these systems One of the game demos allows you to toggle between conventional PlayStation 4 style stereo audio I listen to you already I could feel it three People that four hours of peace is over smashed flat by comparison he had a beech tree do completely obvious So a big advancement

But have I entered matrix does my brain believe I’m really there Like I was talking about earlier when I explained our target of presence well If you made a video and you said nine point two is confirms a charge better is not a guest That is not what addiction it was the default that is not a good thing. The audience is concerned that you chose the the total game playing audience this shows a Piece of the default HR TF on the left and my HR TF on the right you can see that the general features are much The same but the details are quite different With the default HR TF as I said the 3d audio sounds pretty great When I use my HR TF though, the audio reaches a higher level of realism Which is to say this one had named audio after him so Even think a sound is coming from the real world. We call this Ernie HTF This fucking chef. There’s only there are a few people whose HR TFS are sufficiently far from the default HR TF That’s the red dot here that they can toggle between ps4 style and PS 5 style audio Oh not sure. I rather please see it thieves. I’ve had a few people describe the playstation 5 3d audio Not quite is not there yet He said not they show any visions key. Oh, this should give me a headache everyone to be able to experiment Experiencing but obviously it’s not possible to measure the HR. You’re like throwing up right now. Oh, this is great That means HR TF selection and synthesis are going to be big topics going forward as the tempest technology matures at PlayStation 5 launch will be offering a choice of 5 HR TFS There’s a simple test where you pick the one that gives you the best locality. That’s just the first step though This is an open-ended research topic Maybe you’ll be sending us a photo of your ear and we’ll choose a neural network to pick the closest HR TF in our library maybe you’ll be sending us a video of your ears and your head and we’ll make a 3d model of them and synthesize the HR TF. Maybe you’ll play an audio game to tune Your HR TF will be subtly changing it as you play and homed in on the HR TF that gives you the highest score Meaning that it matches you the best This is a journey we’ll all be taking together over the next few years Ultimately, we’re committing to enabling everyone to experience that next level of realism Hopefully I’ve been able to illustrate a bit about our design and decision making process today and why PlayStation 5 has the feature set that it does now comes the fun part We get to see how the development community takes advantage of that feature set. I’m hoping for the complete. Leon is over Mallika Oh my god ray tracing off abilities of the SSD or something else. I guess we’ll find out Thank you for your time, oh thank you Jesus. Oh my god is over It’s over. Oh Yeah, it is over. Oh, thank god. Thank God, you know, well, yeah, no Line where did you go? You’re gonna bring some things for the brothers? What the fuck was that Digital foundry this love. Fuck was that dude from Ferris Bueller days off bro. Fuck is he doing here? Like Bueller? Oh, Shit what was that? Oh man. Hello. Oh Yeah, I hear it hello hello She got fucked up So when you know it every time I mentioned something on news wave like this One of the companies just wants to mess with me whether it’s Nintendo with a direct announcement before Microsoft dropping a ton of Series X information to now Five is going to be having its event Four hours of notice For what seems to be the big blowout event for what the PlayStation 5 is going to be what it hopes to accomplish And more is going to be the one at the forefront kind of explain to us now Will they do a good job? Well mark Cerny does like to talk about things kind of as people watch and guys blaze over and all this stuff But we can kind of look back to February of 2013 To get an idea as to what this event Could look like someone talked a little bit about that and I want to talk to you about what you can Expect now if you want air you go get that shit out of here Alright And my car here yellow hat that’s funky yeah

Yeah, I hear me can you hear I’m Jay Bob Wasn’t me Yeah here Jay dubbing them Maybe he’s just me. Hold on me. Let me back up. Maybe you know discord. Hold on I’ll fix myself. Oh Okay now yeah, no I jump opt-out I probably the discord was fucking up so I couldn’t you guys know yeah, okay Yeah, I had that swarm spawn sheet showing on my stream. I’m like, what the fuck? It just caught over the link just caught over to the next thing but yeah took it off So why do you think man yelled as she was boring as fuck Jacob boring? I? Give you shit In though the Hebrew name audio after his own name now we use cerny HTML I just figured that since you knew you was putting this out to your audience You know There’s no there’s no we could have done just Put On a tweet and left us alone with this bullshit That’s not like it why they didn’t want to group together to do a live stream because of that shit out there But I mean at the end of the day though, you look at this and you’re gonna put it out for your consumer base yeah, this is a Tweet yeah, this isn’t for the average gamer this dude was talking you Cracking technique. Oh, you know, what the fuck? What the fuck is he talking about cracking? Presentation for their dibs. It was literally that dismal fucking talk about cracking creatives They can we aid of their dead well at least we got fax 10.3, right? or do you need to A faster SSD. So I mean that’s pretty much it. But again I would have liked Some sample. I got the notes to recap so it was running off a PCIe 4.0. Yeah, and 16 gigabytes the ddr 6 memory. Yeah, it also has the five point five gigabits SSD m2 support meaning you can use regular m2 From your PC, but it has to be a certain specification. So they’re looking at I think seven seven gig target Support, yes, but there’s a seven gig target because I’d use a minimum. The minimum is five point five He had the minimum. Yeah, exactly. That’s compatible The minimum is five point five, but the newer standards The newer drives are going to come out in the future gonna be up to seven gigabytes support So the faster you have the faster everything goes running the USA, but you can’t go by no old ads This is the M driving. It won’t work. But also it’s our DNA to custom Yeah, the C uses sixty-two percent larger. Yeah Almost all the games are backwards compatibility comparable. He said all ps4. No, he said almost all Ps4 games. Yeah ps4. Yeah ps4 games Yeah, they’d forget to say anything about a ps3 Peters – I think they’re gonna save that for later or whatever They have a new geometry in engine that works with all the stuff such as the rate ratio interception engine. It’s a 256 bit instruction maybe It’s thirty sixty use of our DNA And it’s very is variable So if you have a game that don’t take don’t need to run at the full speed or whatever. It won’t Especially for backwards compatibility, but that’s very good for any developers Yes The power supplies cause this is constant so they know what they’re gonna get Yeah, that that helps with cooling and stuff like that. It’s two point. Two three gigahertz Which leads to 10.3 tea flops, okay, so that’s that standard the CPU runs at 3.5 Giga Which is standard the P the new PS 5 VR support 3d audio 6 channel surround sound and stuff like that So that’s a a recap of the biggest stuff that kind of P kind of target on a standard. Yes any parts of this? Dish show porta rock we talked about what our expectations were for mark Cerny. Yeah. We said based on his history what he does, is he breaks down this stuff on a

Scientific level and so we didn’t or shouldn’t have expected him to come out with a bunch of games and all this stuff That’s not what he that’s not what he didn’t hear and I know you know Some people are I want to see the games. There’s gonna be a time for that This is not if you expected mark Cerny to come out here and show you fucking games Like that’s that’s a you problem You expected something that he’s never been he gave a technical breakdown of each particular item but one thing to note from this is the SSD speed is twice as far as much as the same he did because they look in the canal beyond just Faster loading they’re trying to eliminate using they’re trying to do like no loading type. No loading which Just plays That’s right So so what we saw from Xbox theories edge is how you had like five six seven eight seconds Between the games and for stuff to load. This here is instantaneous It’s instant and obviously he did say though in which which is crazy But you’re gonna be able to install m2 SSD drive into your system. It doesn’t look like it’s You can go to micro Center or Best Buy and buy a drive opening. It’s just a month. That’s that’s pretty good Just make sure it’s just at the right spec So I’m gonna just wait to slowly because normally I would buy a drive before the launch but i’ma wait till after the launch Just like here’s the thing put a rod or unless they come out they have a sooner Listen that eliminates any of their proprietary. She because Microsoft you have to buy the proprietary a little small car Yeah this you can go to your local Best Buy or Micro Center or Amazon in order to drive just like you would a PC so the pricing on there is gonna be he did mention though for whatever reason they don’t have a standard design across all those devices He said like you mentioned some of them have like these things Some of them have any fan soul not all of them are shaped the same. Yes I’m a way to place it. Yeah, I’m a way to PlayStation so they could come out with their confirmed like Supported misreported brand but I gave these are the brands that you can use that our PlayStation Certified exactly So but on the Xbox series X they have the little drive the little hole in the nightma square That where you you gotta borrow specific cards to plug in To me I think you know being able to buy a driver on Amazon as long as it reaches that specification pop it in It seems like you won’t get caught like with the PS Vita with those proprietary caught memory cards and stuff like that So it’s not proprietary, which is a good thing. So, yeah, that’s good I mean just some real good information, you know, so now now the specs is talking again now now that we got these specs There’s really not much to the conversation until we actually see the games and a content and the products You see and this is what this is why I was never in a rush respects because I knew oh we got respects After that, what do you do with them right there’s not much you can do all you could do is just have stuff that’s left in your imagination, you know, and yeah, I mean So hopefully over the next couple of months we get to see actual games and content, you know You put these specs in perspective and stuff like that. Um, so yeah, but based on what you see right now What do you think the price might be what do you think someone is looking at I could I could see why I could see right now, Sony Like if there’s rumors of Sony’s still trying to decide what the price is I can see now why? They’re having a issue because if Microsoft launches The series X a 500 you know saying Sony might want to release it at a cheaper price to accommodate just to perceive spec advantage You know I’m saying because everybody could talk about or efficiency, but you can’t really see that You know I’m saying but it is you come out 12 t5 console for 399 12 team flop counts $4.99 people could understand why there’s a to teach flop difference kind of like the pro and the sin 1/x people understand Yeah, y1 is 400 in the others 500, you know, so I could see my sony Sony might be looking at you know Do we really want to launch? you know our counsel at the same price of the Serie X and then have the narrative of The Xbox being more powerful, but at the same price, you know, yeah Yeah, here’s the thing, right? There’s some wiggle room there There’s some wiggle room maybe who knows maybe PlayStation might do again maybe they may launch at a You know and at 3 and 399 and try to undercut I could see that shine out to Lionel he says so j-dub How does this stack up to the series X? He says what j-dub line OB says a so j-dub. How does this stack up to the series X?

75 difference which in the grand scheme of things I don’t think it’s mean I don’t think it makes that big of a difference especially if Sony has Twice twice the speed SSD drive. So Sony ups father’s gonna be doing some things that It’s a So but you know, these specs are so high that’s gonna be the real question Are you gonna be able to see the difference between the two problems given a 1.7 tee flop difference that’s really come down to it Yeah, exactly I don’t think you can see much difference between the two. It’s not gonna be a difference 12t flop 12.1 ten 10.3 Is really not gonna be that big of a difference, you know, exactly. I don’t think so You might see something different also, but I think you’re gonna see Big difference you’re gonna see is the loading, you know When somebody especially over time when somebody sees let’s say even a sexes is fast, right? But if you’re playing PlayStation and you and and they somehow make the games where you don’t load at all And then you go over to the next box. These seconds gonna see him a lot You gonna be like goddamn your console still loads like you just need exact, you know, so it depends on what song he’s going for Yeah You know you you but out here to me might move me. I don’t know what’s going on, man I’ve been quiet cuz I’ve been fighting the war out this. Oh shit. Who’s buying I’m buying Oh Jade. Oh, yeah Yeah you Batman you back. We’re not you good now you go right now. Okay what you just said you good? Man, say let me say he’s fighting unjust world by himself. All right, okay So let’s give some final thoughts cuz this shit was long Oh, BJ what you thought what did you like from? whatever you can get I Think the presentation, I mean I know it was made for developers. The presentation was trash but I know Sony’s developers is gonna use that damn power to its full advantage. That’s I’m damn games they still gonna make the best goddamn games didn’t everybody else already know that I don’t know is that Nine-point-two shit was false. Yup. It was fake Fake news niggas is out here our DNA one Okay, that’s all I know, you know I’m saying that it is what it is, you know I’m saying they want ps5 Jato, that is it. Oh Shit hello, as you Lucas says wow, I can’t believe the PS 5 is as weak as the CW Superman You’re we the flash. All right. We Barry Allen She said Wow can’t believe the PS fives at week as the CW’s Superman Look at jobs not we the flies we Barry Allen That’s the Barry Allen Council Here’s the big takeaway from Six months talking about nine point two tea flops. They got a whole day they take that party anyone Software ray tracing All the deep batches of the world that’s al Now here’s the thing about it, right? Those guys are gonna clean to the twirled tea flaps I get it if I was in a position, I would – yeah, but we’re looking at We’re looking at a 1.7 tea flock difference that is Isn’t that similar to all part of what we have? Yeah Deferential How you get right the return on investment gets a lot more yeah, so Unless Tony in this much less Microsoft can bring some games. That’ll show you one point seven difference yeah, because I think anybody any playstation guy will pick a Playstation slim against the Xbox one X when it comes to games and in the quality of games and how it shows You make it a great point because you know that one point seven, right You gotta you gotta remember Microsoft still has to make games for at least for the next two years for the Xbox one games so that they have this multi-platform strategy of supporting PC their own console and Last generation console right if let’s say studio like Santa Monica or nori dog And they only focus on the PS 5 and that’s it

Yeah, I’m saying that’s an advantage because don’t you kissing on one architecture and they’re gonna do the most they can you know So that one point seven gap is may not be is negligible and you may not see it simply because you got one studio That’s doing the best for this one architecture while another studio is making a game scaling it across various devices Yeah You’re not gonna see it. I mean look at Are you on the on on a xbox 1x right now? Music you’d only have to have a crew on YouTube to zoom in 400% to see a difference It’s not gonna make a difference for godness. Yeah. Yep For for for the for the fanboys right, it’s you’re still looking at a 12 point 2 2 flops verse This you know, ten point three teeth flops. Yeah Once once they show them games, I still don’t see, you know PlayStation got so much more. They got the games. They got VR are You gonna have you’re gonna that little that little difference that little teraflop That ain’t gonna make no difference in the grand scheme of things. We already know that right? Yeah know that PlayStation is going to be cheaper Trust and believe. I have a feeling so you think right Just look like it just looks like a council design for them to have the flexibility to go to 399 if they want to And take $100 If that other thing is true, that would they call it the Lockhart? Yeah, I curse off went to that twin of T flop That’s why they’re trying to force the power thing Because they had bid if that’s true then they had that in the talk and that’s gonna be the damn console that anybody who wants a Concepts box is gonna get anyway, they’re gonna get the cheaper version You gonna get that the hardest of hard core that go up there get that expensive joint but most of the drug home it’s gonna be just like the Regular Xbox, you know I’m saying the majority is going to get the cheaper version. Okay, what does it even? Keep in mind the narrative still goes the PS 5 is still the Will be the world’s fastest console. That’s just it is what it is. I Would like to see the game zone to put that in 3 9 How the fucking the 1x is You know why the only reason why don’t even why I don’t think it’s gonna be 399 is only because Microsoft’s constant sending a message that console sales won’t matter you don’t have to Buy the council if you don’t want to so they said well You know, you can stay where you are. This is a powerful console. This is for people who really want the best experience Those are things you say when you know our mass audience You know, it’s kind of like going into a restaurant You don’t see the price And you bet how much this costs and they’re like if you’re asking for a tasting you can’t afford This restaurant if you’re asking for the prices on any of these items you shouldn’t be here in the first place, you know sangre You know So, you know michael so microsoft’s making sure that people know their series x is a premium product Design premium experience, you know, those are those are terms you use, you know And and they’re making sure that they let people know you don’t have to buy this crap Options to still play xbox rooms if this is doesn’t feel for your own rush They give a supercharged says we need destroy 60 this this generation. I ain’t shittin near my brother I feel you on this one we got yeah, we got Cameron Thompson don’t underestimate that says the advantage to gigabits faster than Series X I feel that because you know again if they’re going for no loading gaming like the game just works instantly, that’s huge and Then finally Sony profit you’re talking or $400 bucks compared to a premium model and low-end model strategy for Microsoft It was always going to be in the middle Now this could be where we’re the the Xbox series X is 600 and a Playstation is father

You know what? That could be a dad That could be a two six versus five dad. That’s logical. That is not Is probably going to come with yet another fucking console it’s the kind of greens together to sell like a $350 console I mean I gave you can’t get our 600 Rock out with this 350 model They came out like four to five consoles within the last six years of its boxes And now they’re gonna come up with two more. So you’re looking at equivalent to like nine fucking consoles within I Mean at the end of the day What the games what games it I mean at the end at the end of the day You know, I mean the specs are right, but the specs is just the smallest portion. It comes down to the games it’s the games the games and the games what games they’re coming out and you know and Sony I say Sony’s message is gonna be The biggest out of the tool because we already know what Microsoft’s doing, right? They’re supporting every platform Games for the next two years is on every device If Sony comes out when they do release their games message, right and they say eh, these are the launch games granted, you know Gran Turismo 7 exclusive to PlayStation 5. This is other new game exclusive to PlayStation 5 Hey This is bill for the PlayStation five exclusive playstation 5 that’s also an impactful message because now you got two consoles, right? There are 500 or more one is telling you a The games will be made for various devices It’s still gonna be made for Xbox one, PC, whatever and another console that’s on you know These games are exclusive and they’re made for that. That’s a selling message right there People can then understand why I’m buying a ps5 is because of these pious fire games It’s a tried and true message that’s been working for the last eight generations of gaming people understand that people understand Games built for or new console, you know. Yeah, you know, I’m going to tell you with it I’m gonna tell you what narrative they really gonna drive home. I’m gonna tell you the Xbox really gonna drive home is that uh, You know, they did the old games being compatible. You know, that’s you 360 is OG xbox one dollars. I don’t give no fucks about So any profit he was compatible with peers toward as he he said PS five is in the three spot price power in games of $600 Xbox ain’t selling its $600 a heart. So it is a hard sell for any console right? You saw a ps3 went through that But I will say this the people Go ahead Okay, so that’s why I liked you when you were talking about backwards compatibility The people that won three two one, I will say that’s the niche hardcore that are huge PlayStation fans The majority I think right now what they definitely want is the ps4 cuz that’s what they have now and we live in an age where People are used to moving their stuff forward, you know Like when they buy a new phone? everything they have on their current phone just transfers over to the new ones people are used to that now people are used to Keeping what they bought and just transferring over to the newer model, right? So but the ones who are that one ps3 peers to ps1 games I think those are though the niche hardcore guys that want the entire library of PlayStation. I don’t think that’s the biggest factor I don’t see nobody. Yeah, I don’t see nobody saying well since I can’t play ps3 200 games I’m gonna buy an xbox. Well, guess what? You can’t play some games on xbox. Anyway, either so buying an Xbox doesn’t help you In a chat See been to game in the chat. Yeah, I think you just been set up for that motherfucking ps5 Pro I’m not doing it this Jim can kiss my ass There’s gonna be no problem. I’m not doing the mid-june thing didn’t yeah, this is gonna be no There’s no need for a program It’s the return its the dimension return look at right now. You got the 20 82 TI right 1300 on the video card I know I got two of them bitches There is no there is literally nothing that’s gonna change from that point four in the next three years There’s these cars are not gonna get 20 times more powerful and faster in that mental times Just not you you’re looking at the upper echelon of 4k 62 8k 30 frames per second and game guys Technology is not gonna move forward like it is the only reason we got the pro in the X This Jam is because last generation lasted so fucking long. That was like fucking nine in the council’s launch pretty weak to Using hardware the council’s launch in 2013 using hardware from eleven and twelve and one of the CPUs or mobile CPU is that These are just replacement part

I’ll come visit me in three years my nigga How do you mean I didn’t do it I Didn’t do I didn’t even do a mijin refresh disjoin you think I’m gonna do it If the box is already 12 T flops the PS 5 is already 10 point You know simple HD flops are they gonna sell you a 14 T proper system? It’s being cheap What more is that going to give you give us you don’t Know let me tell you what the program you write Since I have psvr it gave me steady 90 frames a second on all my games for VR It also gave me the capability to run see were done at 4k even though his checkerboarded That’s something still can’t be done on slim So it was the whole move to 4k from standard definition to the to–for I mean from HD to 4k that’s what those systems with the middle ground floor There is no what you have for cayde-6. What else is there is a nexus 8 And 4 need before every Nancy. Yes, if you believe the four cases, yeah For like native a que you’re talking like nineteen t flops and 22. That’s at that point. Now you’re talking Yes mark Cerny, what would it take to get Minimum That was at 30 Diem well probably medium mama consoles is always medium settings Listen you just listen to this do talk for a half hour Why the fuck are PC guys because Say what Our PC across all guys even in the same fucking or each One cost fucking maybe 1,500 to 2,000 other costs fucking 400 bucks That’s why I don’t get into that that’s why I never get into Companies going dude. They do they did they gonna do what they want I’ll be surprised at all to see some goddamn PS 5 Pro I Won’t be surprised. I’m not counting on I’m not getting it regardless. I was thinking but He’s like team Porter. Are we sticking with the oh shit Yeah, you’re right, you know Mark said he said they still believe in generations. Yes. Yes The regular ps4 the games on there look fucking he says Pacific was like Cerny so specifically he believed in generations. He believed in new hardware being able to do new things that the old hardware couldn’t do I’m perfect. Yes, but he said those thing that means we’re gonna get exclusives built for PlayStation 5 rice eater super chase ed They’re part that most him. Yes third-party devs car get PS 5 for 4k 60 So any advantage Xbox might have will be lost because SX games gonna be x1 up res vs Real next gen titles that’s similar to what we were just talking about Like he say he leaves in generations, and he believes in new hardware doing new things that couldn’t be previously done That’s what I’m talking and you know, and that and those little messages is a big deal for the new console You know when they showed new games and they’d be like no This is a police station five exclusive built for PlayStation live that goes a long way into Into these consoles on what you’re gonna buy as compared to say. No. This is a better version Xbox one you’ve all know. Yep. Yeah so I’m good with that, you know anyway any party any parting shots or you See was that shit gonna be 9.2 flops so I can go out here in hand ills, I know it’s not no

AJ AJ, I’m telling you go on the niggas podcast man. Look represent man. You can’t be the slap Hey, I got your back James. You send me a DM. You send me a DM. We’re gonna go up in there I Got Louie. We got you. We got you. You know, we will put you back in the corner and we You know, we’re gonna we’re gonna put you in a corner be like a there’s a strategy the strategy. All right All right everybody bad I hope I ain’t gonna lie I know we did enjoyed the shit But I hope we got a little bit of info I think from here now no more speculations No more github bullshit the official 10.3 our DNA to FAFSA SSD You know that fucking certainty audio all that good shit, right, you know But now now it’s just time for the games now now we see the games, you know, you know, and that’s it But you guys got anything else to go cuz I’m done. I got a headache. I need some excedrin Capricornia wrong right now dawg this shit got me fucked up Alright hey, thanks for you buy on your way out the like point. Thank you so much for rockin out With this little impromptu 60 frames, no lag a obj. Thank you for rockin out. I’m sorry to put you through this torture I promise you my other podcast won’t be as boring. It’s gonna be a lot live. It’s gonna be a lot lit It’s gotta be no lecture and I apologize for the echo sounding like DJ Clue and shit. I am a Mario I’m gonna stop talking. Yeah, take care of phase