Where Do You Get Your ____ From?

hi it’s the Rossum vegan gal here and i have another important healthy living topic today and I’m actually calling this where do you get your blank from I’m talking about nutrients so this one is when you get your iron from now before I did do a series on vitamins and minerals but I want to get more specific and really talked about it as a vegan because a lot of people might have issues with anemia or even as non vegans don’t know where to get their iron from that’s actually more available for the body to use i call it bioavailable i mean it’s not my word but meaning the body is able to readily use it right away and absorb it now whys aren’t important me iron is important because if you have a deficiency especially infants can result in impaired learning and ability i mentioned this before and behavioral problems it’s also affecting the immune system and causes of weakness and fatigue because when you’re anemic when you don’t have iron irons an important mineral yeah you feel tired and don’t forget to aid an absorption of iron you always want to eat foods rich in vitamin c at the same time if you eat the foods containing the iron and just so you know the Tanana not non herbal tea can hinder absorption of iron so you wouldn’t want to have those at the same time now I didn’t mentioned before some you know foods that were rich 9 but I want to go through them again more in detail because I want to just show you that I know how to get the iron in my body because I’ve had it tested people rely like you would lie on dried fruits I’m not a big dried fruit front that’s a tongue twister I’m not a big dry fruit fan because dry food is very concentrated sugar it’s better to get it from the fresh fruit so like fresh fruit that tie an iron i know our great scripts are really high hard i don’t remember what else this list talked about his first fruit let’s see what they say cherry states things kiwi i’m not sure if those are persimmons it says watermelon I know is high in iron so what about is definitely a great option for iron and don’t forget you absorb that readily so that’s important to know but I want to talk about some other foods so backtracking little so I actually recently donated some blood for research and before you donate because since it’s a quite a significant amount and it’s a certain type of procedure where they take out some of the cells they return the others it’s called Lugo for esa’s so and if they’re like a three-hour procedure so your iron levels has been really good and even for women like for women it needs to be when they test the hemoglobin they take a little blood from your finger usually the middle finger because it’s what they say the juiciest and they take a little blood and they spin it in the old machine and tells them they’re your hemoglobin I don’t know what type of its milligrams or I don’t know what the thing is but it needs to be at least they said 12.5 for women to do this I think it could be a little lower for other donations but for this specific thing so and then for men is usually much higher so when I did it my results were 14.5 which is really high for a woman and for vegan so it’s just showing you that what I’m doing is working otherwise it wouldn’t be possible that I’d have those numbers and that’s a number that usually a man has in their upper level so that’s really good so let’s talk about the foods that I’m using that I’m getting these results from so let’s first talk about seaweeds seaweeds are very high in minerals and very concentrated so you don’t need large amounts so one of the products that I really love and what I’ll probably do is I’ll have some links to some of these because some of their products that I reviewed and some of them are just products that I use but I’ll list the ones that I’m using I know I’m seeing results from so this is Dolph’s powder and those powder if you look on packages when you buy products if you look on the nutrition facts you’ll see you know if they have any of these vitamins or minerals so for adults powdered it says for a portrait Alice that’s not a lot 7 grams it has twelve percent iron that is a lot of iron for a quarter ounce that’s a very small amount so if you sprinkle that on your salad you know your daddy twelve percent I’ve right there ok so that’s one really good source I’m not sure that other seaweeds have is high I think he’ll powder is has a pretty good amount of iron as well I’m just not sure the amount ok then next let’s talk about some seeds specifically we’re going to

talk about my products here to show you excuse me so seeds in particular so some things you may be surprised about that have a lot of iron so one of them is this is from Pisa lie this is their black sesame piece and black sesame seeds are have fifteen percent iron in two tablespoons it’s very little what I do actually I take the whole seeds and I grind them up i don’t so i don’t make them wet dry grind them and then using as a powder and sprinkled on my salad or stew or whatever you’re going to make so you’re getting fifteen percent iron in only two tablespoons plus it has chock-full of other vitamins and minerals you know magnesium copper manganese other ones it has calcium a lot of calcium in Black’s essence so black sesame is definitely a great option to look into that some other seeds are and I have the package already empty but this is from go raw they have all raw organic snacks and stuff like that old sprouted vegan so a couple of products that they have that a really good in high in iron are they have sprouted watermelon seeds now these are absolutely fantastic I love these I could just eat these like crazy they are very high in iron for only one ounce of these and definitely there’s 10 ounces in the bag I could probably only see the whole bag over a day I’d say so you’re getting fifteen percent iron in only one ounce it’s very little amount and very very good amount of iron and it’s also high protein to the Seas so that’s something to be aware so these are great i love them the other product from then that’s really good an iron is there’s seed mixes this is actually they’re simple seed mix it’s got some flower seeds and pumpkin seeds and for a quarter cup it has ten percent on which is also really good too and in a pumpkin seeds are high in iron it’s also hired other minerals copper manganese etc phosphorus magnesium so that’s something to look into so staying with the pumpkin seed actually pumpkin seed butter and this is from a company called ask Tony and I review them on my channel before but i’ll have a link to their site thats only makes a sprouted pumpkin seed butter they also make a sunflower seed butter but their pumpkin seed butter has twenty percent iron a lot in only two tablespoons and you could just have two tablespoons on something you’re going to eat a cracker on your lettuce or on a wrap so twenty percent iron in pumpkin seed butter that’s a lot that’s really good now comes coming to some kind of grain products with her a key pseudo brain they’re not true grain is quinoa quinoa is great it’s a non glutinous it’s not is non-gmo gluten-free and it’s like I said pseudo grain size shoe rain and it’s very high in protein tunes got all the amino acids but in a quarter cup of this and when they say quarter cup they’re not saying coke they’re staying dry so when you take a quarter cup of this and expand so a quarter cup of this has ten percent iron so if you made a cup of this you’d have forty percent iron and then plus one that cooks at it makes about it makes about let’s say he makes about three cups when you cook it doesn’t say on here but I’m pretty sure one cup makes like about three cups so that’s a really good source and quinoa is great it’s such a light and nutritious and and very easy to digest food so you may want to incorporate back and put it in the stew or a soup or you know putting anything you like so this is another really great one this is called a moran amaranth is a rain of vegetable but again amaranth is actually not a true grain batchi a seed and and it’s really good proud of its tiny brain because it’s back from thousands of years ago of a grain of the Aztecs and this one is an only a quarter cup dry it is and they’re very very small grain I’ll bring it close to the camera so you can see how tiny the grains are super super tiny so this is from bob’s red mill they sell really good products that are organic and gluten-free etc a lot of different really good products so just so you know in a quarter cup of this dry there is twenty percent iron that is a good lot of its once it has b6 magnesium and high amounts folate and zinc so that’s really good but twenty percent iron and salsa got protein and some fat so what I do is since it’s such a tiny grain you can mix it with other I gotta mix it with quinoa also mix it with millet mix it with buckwheat you can and those also have iron but not as

high i’m trying to stay with the foods that have really high amounts of iron and you know you can put this in a stew when i use tennis too i actually start cooking the other vegetables first and then add this in as it’s cooking cuz then it kind of thickens up it gets really gooey but it’s not gluttonous it just gets sticky that’s just the nature but it’s a sticky type of product and it’s really yummy so i would definitely try that a few other things we’re going to talk about we’re going to also talk about beans people don’t know that beans are actually really high in iron now I don’t buy anything in bulk anymore i used to buy the ball products but the reason i don’t buy them is because of cross-contamination with wii or gluten or soy or things in the fields i don’t want to take a chance so when i buy products like i showed you that amaranth i can buy that in bulk but i buy it like that so I know it’s gluten-free I know that you know that it’s it’s it’s much safer and you are spending you’re gonna be spending a little more but for me that’s more important because I don’t want to deal with gluten at all so the company that I like that sells their their beans and they make them the way they’re supposed to be made they cook them of course their cook is eating even organic so that’s Eden and this is their black beans but all their beans have the same amount of iron in them so I pretty much I think there’s a few that are might be a little different but so for a half a cup and there’s about three and a half servings in this it’s a 15 ounce container so for a half a cup of beans as ten percent iron that’s a lot so if you ate this whole container which I could I’ve hidden sometimes if I really need more protein so that means three and a half servings so you’re getting 35-percent iron that’s a lot in just this one little can and so yeah I make really good products and and all their containers are bpa-free just so you know no bpa lighting in their in their cans and they are kosher and really high-quality oh so how do they make and that’s different than other companies other companies do sell beans that are cooked but they don’t do them right so how do they do that as they cook them with kombu come who is a seaweed also another see me like I mentioned before the adults powder dulles also comes in hull form and inflate form but combo helps the body digests beans are hard to digest so they have to be soaked first overnight and then cooked properly and when they’re cooked with kombu kombu is has a means to help break down the the beans to a more readily available digestible form so they’re the only company that’s doing it there’s no other company well they do so come too but they’re doing it the right way with other companies don’t do that and these are also no salt added so I like that because let’s say you want to season them yourself you don’t want salt you want Cal one other spices so that’s another way to go so this can go into stew as well all your different vegetables and then some greens at the end and we’ll talk about greens in a moment so a couple other products that i found that are high in iron and this happens to be a actually a vitamin c powder folk hmmm kamu it’s a super fruit but it actually has ten percent iron in one teaspoon it’s like I say it’s high in mega mega vitamin C more than an arm’s but yet it has ten percent iron in it yeah it’s like in one teaspoon of this and has one thousand one hundred eighty percent vitamin city so one teaspoon but that’s pretty good for iron at ten percent and one teaspoon of this so this cabin powder is from a company called the Vedas Naturals which i reviewed too but i’ll have a link for them so below the video i should say but that’s pretty amazing that it has that much in that amount because it’s very concentrated as a powder and it doesn’t have any kind of nice flavor particularly so what I do with these kind of things like powders and stuff is I’ll put it in a drink another thing that’s really good iron source I didn’t mention is hemp hemp protein and hemp seeds they have I think it’s between eight and ten percent or something like that over 15 I forget how much it’s in a good range so that’s another thing to consider you can make yourself like a big drink with all different products or smoothie and i’ll tell you about the smoothie died maybe in just a minute so another product that’s actually really good and high and iron is organic coconut flour and you might not think of using coconut flour other than for baking but i actually put it in my smoothies I sprinkle it on my fruit I do it in some desserts too so this has in 2 tablespoons of organic coconut flour this from company called it’s called let’s do organic this is that the bag it comes in it is closer to

so there is ten percent iron in two tablespoons that’s a lot too so just so you know and it is gluten-free as well so that’s another really good option and finally we’re going to talk about some greens greens are very high in minerals and iron especially all your leafy dark greens not light greens like their romaine your green leaf your red leaf your collard greens your spinach or kale all those are really chock-full rich in iron it’s the darker they are the more minerals i have i’m getting a chlorophyll from the Sun and they great and they and that’s what we’re getting we’re getting all those wonderful nutrients so this happens to be just an empty container because i did use it all up and actually this is a great container to compost and you don’t have a compost container and you wanted to and you don’t maybe have a fridge to put it in this is really good because it closes up really good if you get any of these containers from the stores when you buy your qi spinach in a package and you could just reuse this and then you don’t throw future it’s in a closed container and it feels really good so so this is just a pound i bought a baby spinach it’s actually ready you know a triple washed and kosher certified which is important so this is really amazing too so this in a 3-ounce serving which is about two cups which you know for babies finished you can eat that in a second two cups as nothing and this has about five servings so it has fifteen percent iron i also have a huge amount of vitamin a 160 in vitamin C forty percent also eight percent calcium so that’s really good so it has fifteen percent iron and only two cups so if you ate his whole package just five servings you get with the sixty seventy five percent iron in this whole container of spinach that’s pretty good so what I did with this because like I said when I ever i donate blood for research what i do that make sure that my iron levels I keep kind of bumping them up and I don’t start like the day before i start quite a few days before so i make sure i’m eating foods continually and also hydrating it includes continually that have good sources of iron like all the ones I mentioned so when I did with this that was just so good it tasted like chocolate pudding practically and I had no chocolate in it I took this whole container and I took a whole bunch of different oranges that were to cut up like I don’t know how many but quite a bit of and put them in and frozen blueberries packet or slow the frozen blueberries and I get it and it’s from this company called stall bush farms I believe it’s in a paper packaging I think whole food cells and not all store selling really good and I put that all in together no water and then I Glenn that I got out of that blending that smoothie with 60 ounces all together that’s a lot 8 time I don’t know how many cups settings but that’s a lot so I blend that all up and it tasted so amazing I could have probably had a whole thing in one shop I saved it to have for my when I went to get my donation so that afterwards because when you’re done if you plug donate blood after you want to make sure you start building up your iron again and i also drank coconut water which gives you the electrolytes which is very important so that’s what i did i made that as a smoothie and it was so yummy and because I picked the frozen blueberries and turn this really rich dark color and it’s funny because that when I was waiting at the bus someone saw me drinking and asked what it was I was drinking okay so I was so green he thought it was a powder and I said no potential blueberries and blueberry is getting that dark color but it has it’s like chocolate pudding type flavor and then the last bit back back last bit of it that I had actually got really thick so it was more like a pudding so it’s like a you know a blueberry pudding I could call you know blueberries finished pudding it was really good so that’s definitely something you want to consider but what I just want to mention too is about greens rotate your greens too that’s very important that your body you don’t want to build up any kind of reaction because what happens with greens is in nature when they propagate you know they have little bits of poison on their leaves because they don’t want you to over eat it with you over eat it you might start getting a weird taste in your mouth or something like that so me personally what I do is I rotate my things like I had spinach like yesterday like this whole thing is finished you know in the smoothies and and then like another day I’ll have lettuce under know they all have colored and another day I’ll have bok choy but you don’t have to rotate so many days out but there’s enough to do that and anyway it’s important to get more variety of greens than eating the same ones over because it’s more interesting to for yourself you know not to be bored so I rotate you know as many days out as you want it can be you know I do at least three day tour through at least a minimum two to three

days more three days so but there’s so many options you know you’ll never run out kale collard bok choy spinach red leaf green leaf Rome angles are all different an iceberg I eat because it has a lots of nutrients in it and it’s not a dark raining but that’s still you know arugula cuz you want but that’s all spicy or so and I don’t buy the lettuce mixes for that reason because I stay with my one each day unless I know like let’s say I get a let a lettuce mix container that I won’t eat lettuce for a few days I’ll meet other things so that’s just how I do it because of that reason that I mentioned so I hope this information will help you because I know people are always looking for places where they can get their iron they don’t have enough iron stores they feel weak if they give a little bit of blood there like you know feel tired so you want to keep up your iron levels because that’s important for our bodies support for immune system so that’s something that I’m really good at doing as you can tell because my numbers show that I wouldn’t have I wouldn’t be able to have those hyper results if I wasn’t absorbing the iron so apparently I’m doing it right so I hope that this helps you and thank you for watching it’s the Rossum vegan girl