Three Handle Tub Faucet Replaced

good morning everyone who don’t love plumbing as you know we do everyday plumbing the good the bad and the ugly and today is no exception today we’re gonna replace a set of tub and shower faucets they’re leaking like a sieve stay tuned and we’ll see you on the job as you can see this thing shut all it off it’s running like it’s on so were gonna change faucet put in a set of Gerber’s everything’s leaking I got to crank down this I just want to show you the leak how bad it was and I would change the valves but this is 16 apartments I got them to hold so what power through and just changed it with diverter coupling coupling and take out this faucet here were gonna have to change this on the fly to make matters worse we’re on the second floor and CB2 had an event to go to today so I’m on my own which, we will get er done this is leaking into first floor unit looks like its been leaking for months this might require a pipe wrench plumbing apprentices another common leak is when you shower if this isn’t all caulked up or puttied up the water leaks behind the escutcheon through the wall and into the bottom unit and then we show up because there’s a leak in the ceiling that is your tip of the day while we’re talking if you haven’t subscribed hit that subscribe button please I really appreciate it turn on that notifications and check out our links below social media it’s an old antique spout I’m not quite sure brand this is

anybody know what of brand this is I know it’s not Crane could be central brass old central brass it’s not Gerber maybe an old American Standard I’m not sure again another possible leak would be water seeping behind the spout so Plumbing apprentice is make sure you caulk that up or putty it up it’s still running a little bit I don’t want to break this valve I’m half tempted to put I’m half tempted to put a ball valve right on top of here matter of fact we want to have two because I’m not gonna shut down this whole building so that’s a plan I’m gonna cut it two new valves tighten the packing up so be done and we’ll turn them on permanently you might do some demo to here’s the plan couple Pro press valves on top cannot worry about the drip okay couple rags to soaked up the drips doing this on the fly okay everything is ready to go pro press, cutter, valves I’m gonna do one at a time this is the one that is leaking again I cannot shut the water off to 16 apartments and It is and emergency waters off! another tip of the day on a precision cut like this- a nice dull blade lets unsweat this my favorite tool the torch I’m trying to do here this it’s real tight for the pro press I don’t want a solder we’re gonna make a valiant effort to open this up just a little bit all right little bit of service work here

oh now we got some play it’s gonna be tight up here gonna be tight quarters here so I’m gonna do is this I’m gonna mount this in here then tighten it in all right keep it going I personally like to put a little piped up on these joints just a little splash right here a little insurance who’s having fun ‘it actually starting to cool down in here because the hot waters not running it was like a sauna in here the hot waters leaving so bad that the whole part man was hot it’s a little one room efficiency now we’re just by tighten this is not crimped yet we’re gonna tighten this in there while its like that because it was such a tight fit. some extra pipe dope on there for insurance trying not to cut this wall here try to do this within the trap door that’s the plan I got to tell you I’m a little tired because I actually did a little surfingthis morning before work and I’m paying a price right now were gonna put one escutcheon in here to hold everything in place important crimp on the shower riser I’m going to put both escutcheons temporarily I don’t want this thing moving while I crimp it I don’t want to fight the male adapter

you know I’m gonna putty these holes right here right I like that five and a half and five my battery going dead. Ut o clean er up yes sir pop er in all right who’s having fun still I’m sweating who doesn’t love plumbing you know we gotta do it we’re gonna pro press everything in the back then we’re gonna come out here take these escutcheons putty everything up and the last one snug these up lets go put the escutcheons on and putty everything up I’ve used caulk, I’ve used putty I kind of like the putty nice and soft fills holes in really nice just like a wall repair what do you guys use I just like putty and I already tightened packing nuts on the stems here don’t forget to do that folks I like that then last but not least the spouts look at this joker right here it’s a big mama huh yeah it’s going to the double-wad there it is you know we all know that this bathroom needs to be gutted for sure that’s not happening today that is not happening you want to be 3 and 3/4 off the wall

well perfect about half inch to tighten that thread on maybe so snug up the hole first things first some teflon yeah should I go one more snug everything up hey Joe Joe you know who you are remember this box is open and we opened it up we check for all the parts all I have is a hot and cold for the handles no diverter arrow so we didn’t check it good enough oh Lord it has two handles for some reason that means there’s gonna be no screw for the diverter handle he’s gotta come back never take a box thats been retaped. gotta be kidding me so that means I’m not gonna have a screw for the middle divert from the spout the shower head hot goes on the left cold goes on the right right now Oh Joe I apologize I just found it Joe you know who you are Joe’s a member I still don’t like accept boxes that have been retaped without thoroughly checking right and me and Joe did check it I so right now our new one

nice new shower arm make it little nicey-nice and of course a nice new shower head Gerber tub and shower faucets for your old construction 8″ centers and don’t scratch the chrome yeah another trick coming up apprentices check it out don’t scratch the chrome I should of not put the head on first It’ll work! all righty check these turn the water on slow turn on both sets of valves. the old ones were passing there it is and was common leak ever the packing nut make sure that is not Leaking this one is leaking really good. there it goes done. legend ball valves and of course our shower riser and our spouts everything looks nice see nice little clean up work after a little battle we got that tub and shower diverter and I want to thank you for watching and uh you know the saying and there goes another satisfied customer and uh thanks again for watching and we’ll see it the next job