Shower Base Install And Connect Drain Install

now before we install the base of the shower let’s start by putting the part of the shower drain on the bottom part of the shower base and again what I like to do is first lay out my mouth Theriot before I start this is the shower drain connector and my preference is the brass connector they do make it in plastic but brass is a lot easier to work with and a lot more durable this part here is a little key turn it to tighten down on the rubber ring that you see in there hey the first thing we’re going to do here is take our plumbers putty push it up where it’s nice and tight and kind of make a little rope out of it so that we can just wrap it right around the drain connector there just like that so that when we go to push down and pull down and tighten the adapter down the putty will just squish out the side I make a nice tight and safe seal to the bottom of the shower drain and I am doing this why the shower base is out because this makes it a lot easier to put the shower drain connector on here now that we do have the shower drain connector on I’ve put a piece of cardboard from the box that the shower enclosure came in so that we do not scratch or damage the bottom of the shower base so that we can continue to work on the rest of the shower enclosure and when the guys come to patch up the drywall spots and tapes and and whatever they have to do to keep any one or anything from damaging the shower enclosure here we’re going to put our shower ring which will be the ring to hold down the rubber washer that we have right here the rubber washer will go down into the shower drain adapter this will make a nice seal so that water don’t go through it and come out in the basement and we just squeeze the eel pretty gasket down into the drain adapter to get it down further we’re gonna take a screwdriver to just kind of push it down in there so it’s down in nice solid this is kind of similar to what they would do if they use the whole lid oakum now here is the adapter ring that we’re going to screw down into the hole which will compress the neoprene gasket making it spread for a nice seal and tight

connection making it watertight so that water can’t come through and come out the other side down into the basement this tool here is used to turn the ring itself and what I usually like to do is I just usually like to stuff a piece of paper but what I have is a old brown jersey glove I’ll just take my old brown jersey glove just kind of stick it down the hole here and this way the tool that we use to tighten ran out won’t fall down into the drain itself believe me it will fall down so please use caution and cover the hole you will bank and you notice the slide in the middle you can actually use a screwdriver just kind of start turning the ring kind of tighten down on that gear free gasket it’s nice to expand and if you want a little tighter let’s take our channel lock pliers get a grip on it just kind of turn it with the channel lock pliers to get that extra off now the only thing left to do is to put our finished plate on it with the strainer and our shower enclosure is complete you