intro get ready good morning hobbies welcome back to daddy’s hobby today we will preview our aviary and we will count the chicks and eggs because the amount we have taught you is correct what we are teaching, so now let’s look at the proof if what we say in our vlogs is correct because if we teach, we should also apply it to our personal management in our ibunan if you have just watched our video do not forget to subscribe to our channel and about bird care we breed, tame, handfeed and free flight if you subscribe do not forget to set your notification bell to all so you can be notified quickly when we upload a new video okay? preview us what happens in our ibunan how many chicks and some of the eggs in the nest of our bereder accompany me me and as we have with us a flash light before nesting only with other nest it with eggs while counts us eggs and chicks shout out first to our hobbies, that’s all the total of chicks and eggs in our nests we

only have a few breeders but almost all of them have eggs and some chicks

compared to our previous video about harvesting and weaning

I will put the link in the description box of this video so you can watch compared to that we had more harvest then than this month

because there was a pandemic that affected our breeding because there was also a bird virus trend very dangerous virus that sometimes almost full clutch extinction extinction of this virus what virus is it? Please be careful with this virus, this is what is called the HF VIRUS handfeed virus, because handfeeding is popular so our chicks are usually reduced to 4 to 5 chicks that we hatch but because of the HF virus the chicks quickly consume only 2 or 1 the rest of them as a whole, our breeding results are still good in the system we are creating and pointing to our vlog thank you for your support and watching, God Bless you all