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STAR MEDIA PRESENTS Kirill Zhandarov Galina Bezruk Alexey Nagrudniy Irma Vitovskaya Valeriy Bassel Valeria Chertilina Irina Kalashnikova Story by Alla Zagorodniaya Directed by Anatoliy Grigoryev Director of photography Alexander Kryshtalovych Music by Nikita Ianoshchuk Idea by Anton Streltsov Produced by Galina Khrapko & Vlad Ryashyn Search! Search! Pick up the trail! PRIVATE INTEREST

Go, go! Where the hell are you going? – There’s a line, don’t you see? – Don’t whine – She’s so impudent! – That woman has got no shame He’s coming. Masha, bring me the peaked cap One moment He’s coming! – Here you are – It seems like a nice car. Look at it My baby girl, come to me! Come to me, sunny! You won’t catch me! You won’t catch me! I will catch you! I’m catching up! Got you! Now it’s my turn. Run away! Run away! Run! Look, sweetheart, this is figure 1 One And this one is? – It’s 9 – Right. What figure is this? – Hello, hello! – Hi We’ve got everything like you wanted, in fine fashion You can enter from the street and from the yard In the barn, there is a cow, a couple of hens, — all that you need Milk, eggs, butter — everything is home made If you need something stronger, we can provide it also

This is my kitchen, and this is my brew. It will soon be ready – Grandpa… – Hush There’s also a sauna over there Masha and I live in the outhouse Great convenience, better than in Paris! Everything is in fresh air Welcome to my house. It’s a top-notch housing, 5 stars! Come in, please The room is filled with light It’s facing the sunny side From this window you can see the entire village Here’s a furnace. I will give you wood, so that you could make coffee in the morning I know that city dwellers enjoy drinking coffees in the morning – Grandpa, not coffees, but coffee – I couldn’t care less No one buys this crap in our shop – This is a bed – A comfy one! And this is for your stuff. Do you like it? – Sure – Good then Did you come here just to have a good rest, or there’s another goal? I want to get away from it all and focus on my spiritual needs Our spirit needs peace, that’s right But there are other remedies, you know Vasiliy Ivanovich, I will try your moonshine, with pleasure – So, deal? – Of course – I’d like you to pay in advance though – Grandpa… I’ve got it all ready She and I are alone now Her parents died 7 years ago But we’ve got all we need for now, so it’s fine Let me show you how to go in the street – Okay, let’s go – Straight ahead By the way, would you like to take our Martha on lease? – Grandpa… – I don’t understand While you’re here, she’s entirely yours – What? – Don’t you like fresh milk? Vasiliy Ivanovich, you’re talking about the cow? Fresh milk is very good for you – I don’t need a cow, Vasiliy Ivanovich – It’s easy to look after her In the morning you send her to grass, in the evening you let her drink, feed her — and that’s it I won’t charge you much for it – I can’t milk a cow – Masha will do it for you – I can do this – It’s all included in the rent Okay, I agree. But I don’t drink milk, so I will be selling it to you. Deal? You are a good man. I knew it right away Okay, go bring your stuff! Further you hide it, closer you find it – What is that? – What? That’s something! – Who’s that? – I knew her when she was a little kid It’s late Pelageya’s granddaughter, Tanya Why did she come here? She lived here long time ago, when Pelageya was still alive – She’s a city dweller, I can tell – Chin up, Masha! You will also become a city dweller one day You will get enrolled in a school It’s not what I meant, grandpa She’s unadapted to this life Unadapted, you say! We’ll help her adapt. Will she need milk? She will Will she need eggs? For sure. She will need help fixing a fence, a roof, chop wood We’ll have our earnings – Grandpa… – Yeah Don’t look around! Look down!

Get in, louse! In 200 meters turn left Hello. Svetlana Sergeevna? – Yes – May we come in? Good evening My poor girl… Where are you now? Why didn’t you come to your mother? You might be sick or hungry Why did you resolve to this? My God… Only 1 year was remaining Why did you do this? Have a seat – Thank you. Excuse me – It’s all right Svetlana Sergeevna, my dear, we hope very much you will help us She can’t say boo to a goose. When the charge was set forth against her, I nearly lost my mind. I couldn’t believe it. I still don’t believe it Calm down, please She was going to get married She met a man She was so happy. But suddenly, like a thunder from a clear sky — court, prison… – It’s like a scary dream – Unfortunately, it’s not a dream – We feel sorry for you, but… – Tell us, please, Svetlana Sergeevna, did she pay you a visit? We would expect her to come here first No She didn’t come to see me Tell me, what will happen to her now? It depends. The breakout might have been accidental, as a result of the gross negligence of the prison personnel – let’s say, they created circumstances that tempted her to escape If now she gives herself up to the authorities, this will greatly alleviate her situation Especially if she brings what was stolen from the museum The showpiece she stole was never found Kirill Yevgenievich, don’t you see that Svetlana Sergeevna is ready to help her daughter. Right? Of course I will help I will do anything for her

Excellent Please, think where she might be. We promise you to explain her rights to her We will let her know about confession and all the mitigating circumstances Here is a photo of the showpiece Please, take a look one more time Have you ever seen it before? No. I’ve been ask about it before I don’t know anything. Please, I’ve got no one else to ask I beg you, find her, explain her everything… Svetlana Sergeevna, my dear, what can we do if we don’t know where she is? Have you got any ideas on this account? I don’t really know She’s always been a very obedient child. She’d always come – straight home from work – Does she have any friends or relatives? What friends? When she was charged, they all ran away We’ve got no relatives either Her grandmother, my mom, used to live in Pavlovka But she already died long time ago, may the earth lie light upon her – In Pavlovka? – Yes Okay, Svetlana Sergeevna, thank you very much for your help Here’s my phone number. Call me if you remember something – Of course – Good-bye! Good-bye. Thank you. Help us, please – We will, don’t worry. Bye! – Good-bye Girls, look! It’s a newcomer – Who is it? – He’s a city dweller Milk! Fresh milk, everyone! – Who’s that creep? – No idea Who is that? – It’s old man Vasiliy’s lodger – I see – He’s very good-looking – He’s all right Among the blind a one-eyed man is king – Looks like he wants to go to a cinema – Poor folk is alone What if he had fallout with his wife and ended up here? I don’t think so. He doesn’t look like a married man No? That kind has a glassy look, and this one seems rather cheerful Ksyuha, he’s looking at you I can see that. Learn from me, girls Look at her! – Ksyuha is as proud as a peacock – What are you saying? – Hello, young man! – Hello! – How do you like the weather? – The weather is fine with me – Will there be a film show tonight? – Film show? Yes, and dancing, too – Would you like to dance? – If only with you It’s great, Raj Capoor – What is it? – It’s from an Indian movie Indian movies are heartwarming Ksyuha does know how to woo a guy My name is Oxana. You can call me Oxi if you wish – What’s your name? – It’s Maxim Nice to meet you, Maxim – Maxim — like a machine gun! Bam, bam! – Bam, bam – It’s cold, isn’t it? – No, it’s all right – Let’s have a beer? – Why not? – Come in then – I got you Did you see that? Hello – Good day! – Hello, dear! – Hello – Hi Where are you going? It’s already closed – It says you work till 6 – It doesn’t matter. Come tomorrow

Normal customers come early in the morning Tomorrow? But I need some groceries now What, you’re hungry? Ksyuha, for real, let her in You’re supposed to work until 6 Nadya, shut up. Some defender! Open the shop, please. I’ve just arrived, and I need to buy food She’s just arrived! As if I care! You think you are something? I couldn’t care less about your needs. Some queen! Freeze, now! You are wrong, gal. Ask me in a civilized manner What’s up, you swallowed your tongue? Girls, what are you doing? – My God! What did she do to you? – Have a seat. Breathe deeply – Piece of shit! – Don’t speak, breathe deeply That was wholeheartedly Did you see it? I can’t believe it Money and keys are on the counter. Excuse me She walked away as if nothing had happened! – Are you all right? – Get lost! All right At least, she said sorry – Stay back! – What? Why are you following me? What do you want? I’m not following you. I’m going home I’m staying in Vasiliy Ivanovich’s house – It’s en route to your place – I don’t think so Move along, I don’t like hearing steps behind my back I don’t like having you behind me, considering the situation You are a super woman of a sort Did you learn karate or something? No, it was an accident I can’t stand sauceboxes like her – Please, move along – Only after you I just told you I don’t like when someone follows me I also told you I’m going home Let me help you… Blast off! – Good morning! – Morning Fresh milk? What are you waiting for? Turn the cow to pasture – Good morning! – Morning My grandfather sent it for you Thank you very much Why did you stop? What the hell is wrong with you? Why do I bother looking after you? I’ve never drunk cow milk in my life! What are you doing? Look, the other cows are going to the pasture Go join them! Do you see? You must go with them! Go already! Okay, I’ve gotta help him What do you want me to do? Just tell me I’m very sorry if I’m not speaking clearly… Look, cow, you’ve got to pull yourself together and do something already You, city dwellers, are so useless You have to speak kindly to the animal Martha, let’s go. Let’s go, my dear Come on, my beautiful, my sweet girl Good girl. Come, come Oh well… – The new virus is very dangerous – The school will be probably closed down

– Good morning, everyone! – Morning! – Hey, you’re after me! – All right, I’ll be after you Who are you, young man, and where are you from? Why did you come here? We’ve got no fancy resorts! I just felt like having some quality rest away from the big city – Blah! He came to visit Ksyuha – Did you see how she dressed up today? Young man, you should be real careful: half of the village men are after Ksyuha – They might ambush you somewhere – Thank you for the warning You’re welcome Do you need a special invitation? Come in! – Hello – Come in, please – Please, go ahead – Thank you – Thank you – Welcome – Thank you – Next, please – Are you sleeping? – What candies are the tastiest? The candies are over there. Do you think I’m sampling them here? – The most expensive ones are the tastiest – Okay then. Thank you Oxana, is the sugar wet again? Aunt Lena, do you think I add water to it or something? Write this down in your debt book I will pay when I receive my pension It’s your 5th loaf of bread! – I’ll pay you back – Don’t forget! – Hello again – Hi, honey I’d like some pepperoni sausage, please – That’s it? – Yeah Here’s your bread and sausage Maybe something stronger? I drew supplies yesterday — for special clients Have you got coffee? – Coffee? Yes – Great – Here it is. The last jar, by the way – Thank you It goes well with Champagne I think I will buy it the next time Yeah? – Yes – It’s a pity Listen, who’s that chick that lives near Vasiliy’s house? I’ve got no idea By the way, how are you? I’m fine She got herself into a serious trouble. I will teach her a lesson What are you talking about? Have you devised a plan? – Yes – Tell me Okay. I paid our drunkards, Kolya and Roma, so that they gave her a good lesson tonight. She will remember this one – You see? – I see – Should I keep the change? Thank you – Sure When will we drink the Champagne? Madam, wait for my signal I got you Are you alone? – What are you doing here? – You are under threat What threat? What are you talking about? That woman from the shop… Well, she wants to take revenge They will either ambush you in the street, or I don’t know, they might break into your house. Better safe than sorry! I suggest we take defensive measures – I see you even brought victual – This is just in case So, what are you suggesting? I won’t me to scream to you across the street? I don’t need you to protect me I can stand up to myself You will stand up to yourself? – Yes – But you are as tiny as a sparrow

You know some moves, but it’s nothing, really What did you call me? – A sparrow. It’s a little birdie – I’m a bird, you say? – Come here! – Wait a minute Come here! Come to the table, come on Give me your hand – What? – Give me your hand Are you serious? Absolutely, I’m not joking Give me your palm – All right. Go ahead – Don’t cheat, all right? – Deal – No cheating – Fine – Hold my hand tightly – I’m holding your wing tightly – My wing? All right – Hold it tight! – Tight. Okay On three. One, two… Oh! I got you – It’s unfair! – Some sparrow! Could we speak without jeering, without mockery, without power? We could speak in a human fashion, you know No, you’re no sparrow. You’re a hedgehog. With an apple on your back The hedgehog is running around, snorting and not noticing how beautiful is what she’s caring around on her spines She’s just snorting and pricking You are a strange person – What is your name? – Maxim Tanya Nice to meet you, Tatiana How do you like my work? It’s great! Thank you, but I’ve got no money to pay you To pay me? You speak as if you dropped from the clouds. This needs to be fixed Did you ever know that some things are done for free? I used to think so But it was in another life I made chamomile tea for you Thank you. Chamomile… There’s no another life There is only one life A man can change, but life doesn’t Even in the worst conditions a human can choose to remain human Yeah. You must be right Give me a boat ride Why? I can’t paddle I can paddle. And it’s beautiful there I am, as you said, lassoing you. You got me? It’s a tasty tea You have arrived to your destination We’re in the middle of nowhere I doubt we will find her here – Hurry up! – Look at the local shots callers Make a stop at the grocery shop Ksyuha, wait a minute, please! We need just one quarter-liter What? Give us 1 bottle on credit Kolya will pay you back later How much longer? You’re always taking stuff on credit You’re up to your ears in debts! – I swear… – I don’t give a damn! – Hello, ladies! – Hello, hello – Good day, madam – Hello – Are you working here? – Yes, but we are already closed – Open it up – What? – What do you say? – Okay, come in What happened? I don’t have any cash shortages

Look, everything is nice and clean Sanitary and Epidemiological Service regularly pays visits I don’t understand what the problem might be… Don’t worry – It’s not the issue, citizeness – Yeah? What’s the issue? Have you seen any suspicious individuals in your village recently? Surely, I have. It’s hard to hide something here. Everyone knows everyone Who exactly are you talking about? There are a few. There is one chick, a hooligan. She lives in an abandoned house next to old man’s Vasiliy’s house By the way, Vasiliy is producing moonshine. Check him! – He’s messing my revenues up – Don’t worry, we will check everyone Please, do You said, there are a few So the hooligan girl is not alone? No, she’s alone. She’s a double-bagger No one would set eyes on her – The other guy also came alone – Who? Maxim, Vasiliy’s lodger – Is he also a hooligan? – No, he is not He’s a decent man. Yeah But he’s a little strange How is he strange? Why did he come here, did he tell you? He did He said he wanted to have some rest away from the city life But I don’t believe him. There is no rest here. No one ever come here to have rest It’s a certain death of boredom for the city dwellers Does he keep in touch with this hooligan girl? – At the beginning he was wooing me – Yeah? – Yes – But I stalled him off Out of despair, he started talking to that idiot People are saying they’re boating together right now. What have they done? He’s avoiding paying the alimony We’ve been looking for him for 2 months Really? You were very helpful Thank you. Please make sure – this conversation remains confidential – What? – Don’t tell anything to anyone – No, no. Who will I talk to? There’s no one to have a conversation with. They are dark, uneducated people – Okay, then we have a deal – Good-bye! Bye! – Thank you – You’re welcome Alimony dodger. Who would have thought? – Do you like it here? – Yes We don’t notice the beauty of nature in the city We are always on the run We don’t notice anything What do you do for a living? I… I’m a senior manager in a public catering network I’m signing papers and doing stuff like that Reviews, reports, checks — nothing interesting I’m sorry And what about you? I saw some beautiful things, though artificial – What do you mean? – I mean, manmade beauty Sometimes it’s genius stuff I used to work in a museum Why did you quit? There are no museums here It’s getting chilly. I had to leave I got you. No more questions No! Tanya, what’s up? Are you all right? Tanya, look at me Easy, easy. Look at me now. Look at me! Tanya, what’s wrong? Is everything all right? I’m fine You scared me And we are home

– Thank you – Thank you I haven’t seen such beauty for a long time Yeah… – Good-bye! – Bye Wait! I’m an idiot not to suggest it right away. Let’s have a romantic dinner? If there was a cafe or at least a diner around, I would take you there But there’s nothing here. How about a romantic dinner, village style? I don’t take no for an answer. I’ll be right back! Be back in a flash! – Here he comes! – Where’s the money? Good-bye, old man! – What do you mean?! – Grandpa! What about the money? What money, old man? We already paid – Masha, bring the gun! – Are you nuts? I’m not nuts! I know what I’m saying We already paid you, you must have forgotten Sons of bitches! Don’t tear up my jacket, old man! Back off from my grandpa! Back off right away! – Easy, girl, it might be loaded – Come on! – You shat your pants, didn’t you? – Here’s the money. You’re an extremist! – Get out of here! – The old man doesn’t understand jokes Watch out! He didn’t even say sorry Some lodger! Kolya, hurry along! Don’t fool around with the gun! – You asked yourself! – Okay, forget it Good evening Where have you been the whole time, boy? The cow is suffering, she needs to be milked. Poor animal! – Vasiliy Ivanovich, I’m busy – Don’t listen to him, Maxim Yurievich – I will milk her and give you the milk – Good girl! Thank you Get out of the way, bird! What the hell? Eggs aren’t free! Vasiliy Ivanovich, 4 eggs. I’ll pay you later Don’t forget, young man – Come along – Martha’s back, our provider Come on, dear – I’ve got some milk, too – You’ve come here to relax, right? – I’ll mend my ways, Vasiliy Ivanovich – Have fun, boy – He went to Tanya’s house – Yeah? You said she’s ill-adjusted I’m coming, Martha She knows her way around men I’m back! Tanya? Who did this? Are you all right? Show me your hands. Is everything all right? I’ll be right back Go! Go! – I don’t like this neighbor guy – Maybe he’s an accomplice? Are you nuts, dude?

If you ever touch her, I will break your legs! You got me? What did we do to you? If you ever break into Tanya’s house again… We never broke into her house! Why would we do it? Are you kidding, brother? I am not your brother! Who broke into her house, then? What are you saying? You got a bottle of Vodka for beating her up! That bottle is long gone! We weren’t going to hurt the girl She’s a good person, we weren’t going to mess with her Are you telling the truth? Yes! I swear to you I don’t want to have problems I’m still under suspended sentence – Yes, he’s telling the truth – I will check it Butterfingers! Maxim? Hello Finally we met Calm down I missed you so much I’ve been looking for so long I was afraid I’d never find you Kirill, go have a smoke outside My baby, what happened? I missed you so much I’m with you now. Is it what you want? You want it, right? What happened, Tanya? Baby, you forgot my touch? You promised me… You swore we’d always be together I haven’t received a single letter from you in 3 years. Not even once Can you even imagine what I went through? Every day I was dreaming about our meeting I so much wished to see your eyes again I escaped the prison to be with you And now you’re here. But I don’t… I… A little picnic? Champagne But now we are together — forever – Forever, Tanya. Right? – I don’t want – Everything will be like I promised – I don’t want this

– Don’t be afraid. I’m with you – I don’t want You suffered so much. Come on, drink That’s right Now you are mine – Tanya! – I will kick your ass! Kirill, take it easy. Who are you? – And who are you?! – Me? – Oleg, this is my neighbor – What is your problem, neighbor? Tanya, is everything all right? We are in the middle of an important conversation – Did he hurt you? – She’s my fiance! – I’m not talking to you! – He didn’t hurt me I am her future husband, and who are you? Are you, really? – What the hell do you want? – Please, go away! Go away! – Tanya – Go away! – Tanya! – Don’t meddle in my life! – Kirill, see him out – Just let him go! Freeze! You want to con us out of it? Do you? What are you saying? Stop pulling my leg! You had one more year to serve You knew I would come after you. You owe me something But you decided to get lost here, didn’t you? Do you expect me to fall for this trick? How dare you talking to me like that? I served for 3 years I assumed the guilt for you I didn’t squeak a word about you I always believed you would come Don’t try to fool me into believing you are a good girl You are a thief, Tanya! Thief! A criminal on the run Where’s the ring? Where’s the ring?! Tomorrow morning it must be here If not, we will cut up your neighbor You got me? You got me?! Do me a favor – drink to the old man It’s an aristocratic taste, isn’t it? – It’s as pure as a baby’s tear – We know our way around You must have alcoholized half of the villagers, Vasiliy Ivanovich – You are a true evil genius – They choose whether to drink or not All I’m doing is making some money to help provide for Masha I’m an old man already. I have to make sure she gets enrolled to a good school, like a decent girl. And it’s very costly Why are you twitching? You came here to have rest, haven’t you? You were supposed to focus on your spiritual needs and listen to your soul – I’ve done that already – And what did your soul tell you? – She told me I was doing a wrong thing – What were you doing? It doesn’t matter. I have to change something, look for my own thing Right. You can’t stay in a foreign place forever – Let’s go! – Did you make her speak? Let’s go! Tanya? Tanya? Tanya…

It’s my own fault What are you talking about? Tell me, please No. I am alone – I don’t trust anyone anymore – You can trust me I will never leave you Please, believe me Why should I trust you? You took me for a boat ride, showed pity to me. Fed me like a dog. And so? Do you expect me to fall in your hands now so that you could do anything you want with me? Go away! – Tanya… – Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me! Maxim, please, leave. They are dangerous people. Please, leave They won’t hurt you, I promise Lock the door. Open it only – when you hear my voice – Maxim… What if she runs away? Take it easy. She’s got nowhere to go She’s on the wanted least Tomorrow we will get the ring I know her well You know her, but what about that dude? Do you think he came for a tea? There’s something between them, I could tell – This can’t be hidden – You also had feelings for her But we both know what you really needed That dude might have a trump up his sleeve By the way, he’s not from here Some neighbor! Do you think he’s got private interest? Maybe he’s got our ring, and we’ll be greeted by the police tomorrow Okay, Kirill, we’ll see tomorrow It’s time to sleep – Let’s take him out – He must have broken his neck anyway I’m pretty sure he’s done Okay, let’s go Oleg, look what I found in his bag

Didn’t I tell you he’s got a trump up his sleeve? Go check on him – What’s up, Maxim? – I’m not Maxim – Who are you? – Keep it down, old man – I will bring your Maxim now – Goodness me Tanya! Tanya, open the door, it’s me One moment! – Crickey! – I’m all right. Everything is fine Okay, old man, let’s talk What do you say? Do you know who your lodger is? I don’t know He’s a good guy, that’s all I know – It’s mine! – Hush – You are a money grubber, old man – Don’t touch it, jerk! I told you not to mess with them. You should have staid away Look at me. Goodness me… I’m not worth it. Honestly You know nothing about me You came here to have rest — so leave me alone Tanya, I want to know what happened with you. I can help You shouldn’t know anything Please, go away I won’t go before you tell me the truth – Maybe you are his accomplice, huh? – I don’t know anything – You don’t? – No If you keep silence, I will find another way to make you speak Don’t touch her. Don’t He’s not there Damn it! To hell with him! Let’s put the heat on her No! No We must get things straight with the neighbor According to the legend, Youssef Witt made it for Sophia Glavonet, when they were going to get married The ring was of heavenly beauty But most importantly, it had some kind of magic about it — soul, love, I don’t know… At that time I was working on this expo. There, I met Oleg I was so happy, beyond myself with love. This sounds so banal…

No, true love isn’t banal Oleg was acting very differently back then He became father, brother and lover for me I stopped listening to my mother He became everything to me – Do you understand? – Sounds serious I don’t know how I fell for his trick I don’t know how I took that ring… It still burns my soul Listen to me. I will help you Do you hear me? I will help you You already helped me. I learnt to trust people again, thanks to you You are an honest and noble man. I am very thankful to you But you must leave. Do you understand? I deserve everything that is going to happen to me I deserve it. I do I also have to tell you something Later though. I won’t leave you alone Stop munching! Here he comes. Let’s go – Don’t even move, old man, you got me? – I got you Grandpa… Grandpa Masha, go get the village mayor Tell him to get help from the city Oh crickey Are you looking for this? – Masha! – Tanya! – What happened? – Those people threatened my grandpa They are with Maxim now I’m going to get help Run! Don’t move! Let him go, or I will kill you – Easy, easy! Tanya, don’t joke like that – I’m not joking – Do you know who you are defending? – Tanya, go away, I will handle it myself – Do you know who he is? – Tanya, go away! I will find you Of course he will. It’s his trade. Kirill, show her! Easy, easy He’s here to catch a wanted criminal I will explain you everything later Tanya, you’re one of us He’s a cop. Shoot him Shut up With me you will go Paris, and with him — back to prison Just tell me where the ring is Tell him and run away They won’t touch you Shut up. Don’t speak You all need the same You only think about your own interest – Don’t move! – Go away, old man! It’s not your problem – Don’t you dare move! I will shoot you! – Easy, easy

Hands up! Give me back the money, scum! – Easy, man. Here’s the money – Come on! Call the police! Tell them it’s major Sergeev, department №17 I’ll be darned! Your route has been changed Enter new coordinates Your route has been changed Enter new coordinates Tanya! Tanya! Tanya! Wait, wait You got me Okay, shoot me now! Come on! There’s nowhere to run There’s a swamp behind you Listen to me, please. Don’t run away Listen to me. Let’s talk, please Calm down I promised I would help you. And I will You have to tell me where the ring is, and then… You want to distinguish yourself Listen, I’m also in a bad situation I came after you — it’s true I’m investigating your case I thought I’d catch you and… But you got me, girl. You stole my heart It’s also a banal story You and I are two idiots What should we do now? You know what to do, officer I won’t go back to prison

I’ll better get killed trying to escape No, no, wait You will give yourself up Then we will find a way to free you I’m a criminal. I’ve got no other choice Have you been to prison? Have you eaten bread with worms? Do you know what it feels to be beaten by 7 people? I was expecting death every day — from my cell mate or from the prison guard I’ve got no choice Kill me, please Tanya. Tanya, wait Tanya, you’ve got to trust me I will find a way, Tanya – Shoot – Stop – Please, shoot me – Tanya, I love you! Tanya! Hold on. Hold on, please Hold my hand tight. Look at me – You’re a cop – Don’t let go – I’m a criminal – No – We can’t be together – No! – We can’t – No, I beg you! Tanya! Tanya! Tanya! We put together an act We need your signature We haven’t found the body, so we are out of here. Sign it, please – Here you are – Thank you Shit happens. It didn’t go according to plan, but you’ve got what you needed PO Box 52, Post Office №3 The ring is there She confessed before death Excellent. Chin up, major! It’s our job. We deal with death a lot Comrade colonel! Excuse me. I want to retire Are you nuts, Sergeev?! You’re about to get another star on your straps What are you saying? I do not want to be responsible for other people’s fates I’ve been offered a teacher’s position at the Academy It’s about time I shared some experience Don’t say straight from the shoulder Take a leave, go home, think about it I won’t hold you up, but you have to realize: it’ll be a different life for you There’s only one life Excuse me, is it free? Okay. Strange guy

– We can’t be together – No! – We can’t – No, I beg you! Tanya! Tanya! Tanya! Wait. Please, breathe I said I wouldn’t leave you alone Come on, breathe I love you. Let me get you out of here