Origami Foldable Multipurpose Desk

beautiful a multi-purpose folding table desk it is gorgeous it is solid hard top yep right it has incredible construction down below if you look at the size of the tubular steel underneath so this thing will hold virtually anything it weighs only 38 pounds it is ideal for home work doing business going on your computer or crafting your crafting your sewing I mean virtually anything you have a instant workspace the nice thing is it takes a couple of seconds to pop it together so easy it’s so you don’t even need any tools yeah you don’t need any hammers screwdrivers anything like that like you do with a lot of other put it yourself together desks right today they marked it down $10 for us and it’s only 2409 on flex pay which means just pay it off over five months but especially this time of year where you’re doing your you’re writing your car your holiday cards your maybe your crafts the wrapping gift wrapping yeah well you get space that’s about three times the size of a regular school desk yeah so you have plenty of room to do whatever you want to know or so this desk is four feet across this way and two feet deep so you’ve got a massive work area this is as you said furniture grade wood inside of this but it’s also laminated it’s under plastic laminate so if you saw something easy to clean yeah nothing on here not gonna be a problem we have three colors today we’ve got the beautiful black you see right here this one is a matte finish a satin finish on the black behind guy we’ve got our navy blue right down here this one the navy blue is very cool and then for a lot of the crafters out there this is one my wife has right here you’ve got your turquoise okay yeah and now there’s storage above there’s storage underneath that’s a great shop nice looking works pinnacle yeah it’s beautiful that’s cut away so that you can put your chair right up there exactly plus see if you’ve got like a tower computer or shredder or files or anything like that you’ve got place underneath to get it up off below or and store it let me show you though here’s the magic of this and this is why this is origami I’m gonna reach under the desk real quick and I’m gonna undo a couple of latches and I’m gonna pop the top off okay so this top kind of hold it you have twenty-four one second now I’m gonna collapse this down I want you to see maybe you don’t have a space for a desk all the time maybe it’s just like when you’re working on projects take a look at this right here that’s what you’ve got a stove a store a store that’s it okay so when you put it together watch this I’m gonna hand this back to you okay buddy now I’m gonna open up the desk slow I’m gonna turn it around because I want you to see the back of it right here that’s the origami toggle right there okay remember I showed you this on the large rack a few minutes ago it’s a variation on that you push down now watch this this desk my friends is already solid the base of this okay now I’m gonna take the top and I’m gonna put this on there before I do though I want to show you how this stays on so at the top of this up here we actually have a little latching mechanism okay so when I get this in place I’m gonna push this forward and that’s what locks it to the frame when I want to take it off you heard me press a button before that’s the button I press that releases it at the bottom of this we’ve got these hooks down here these are metal hooks that are embedded into the wood they’re screwed in here that’s what’s gonna hold on to the back part of the frame so it’s a very simple design but it works so well so now if I put this in place all I’m gonna do is slide it in place and you feel it grab the frame and then all you’ve got to do is do one latch on one side one latch on the other side and watch this done that’s done okay see how easy that was it’s simple to do it’s not a full day project now I love maybe maybe four minutes what origami is all about when you buy this and you get the box yeah there’ll be two pieces in it that’s essentially it okay you take the top and you just open up the bottom you lock it in and then lock the top on and that’s all that you need to do what you’re looking at there is the turquoise these are also a customer pick over 300 five-star reviews on this on this desk I love the way it looks and you know they did they’re so smart how what argh argh ah me really excels in is how they build things and how they take advantage of you know minimalist sort of a mentality but with strength with strength and that’s the thing because you’ll notice they did they did really large tubular steel legs on this VMs old boat because a lot of people have a computer and or heavy-duty things that were on sewing machines or example yeah yeah your crickets and that’s the thing well maybe you’re a grandparent maybe you’re your aunt or an uncle and you’ve got kids to come visit you sometimes and they need a place to either you know do their little projects or to do homework or something you can set this up easily maybe you’ve got a home-based business but you can’t have a desk out all the time this is perfect for that listen just because we call it a desk and this is the same thing with all origami just cuz we call it a desk doesn’t mean you have to use it as a desk this could be a great side table buffet if you’re having like a party or something it could be a bar throw a tablecloth from back here this is the

perfect size for like an extra table for like serving people exactly right so if you wanted to have you needed two more places or three more places for people to sit you want to sit with your kids yeah to help them with their homework right plenty of room now you have a real day you know I have told you this because I’ve presented this with you before yeah when Danny was little I had this extra room in the back and I decided I was gonna build like this desk area and it was like this first of all two two and half days to put together everything was everything it came in boxes ya know you looked at it in the stores like that’s great that’s what I want it had little bookcase things above it always looking ever yeah and I think he probably spent two days back there and that was ten years of whatever he played with the box more than he played with it was full of his toys and stuff but but I never bought a toy box the problem is don’t buy a desk unless you’re gonna use it first of all that’s number one but and don’t buy one you have to put together yourself right and buy one here’s the big thing that has more than just one use right and as we just said if you think about this you put a red tablecloth on this and a wreath in the center and now you’ve got an extra place to be able to serve people and again place to put food exactly this is a buffet table right think about think outside the box Oh as to what this could be well see in the one at my house it’s funny because there are times where I need a table in my you know garage in my workshop sure so I sometimes borrow Kelly’s she doesn’t like it but I do and there’s no reason why you can’t use it in a garage or workbench because listen that top is solid you know I mean this this is a very solid desk we’re talking about here so you can do a lot of work on this if you look at the blue one here we have this one set up for crafting and and and you know most of the time this is what my wife’s doing when she’s like you know got her spare time and she’s crafty she breaks out the desk because I don’t care how much space you have if you don’t have enough space it always sees it’s all your things seem to grow all the different things exactly and all of our different you know Gemini’s all the machines you need a place to work on it you don’t want to always do it on the dining room table right as you gotta move it plus it’s clutter you know this is a smart way and my producer Jared mentioned something earlier there’s real smart is that when you don’t need to use it yeah you can break this down and stick it under the bed oh yeah watch I mean watch how fast it is to break this down when I’m done with whatever I’m doing on my card I’m gonna go put my desk away all I’m gonna do is take these pieces off just like this oh thanks guys and then just like boom get undo that one toggle and that’s it and you know Jared’s right I don’t say that often but Jared is right I don’t wash your dryer I mean this does not take up a lot of space how cool is it to just pull the desk out yeah out of nowhere yeah I need some place to work wait I’ve got a solution yeah and I do here hold that one more second I’m gonna set it up again yeah watch out now before I did it slowly just because I was showing you how to do it but watch how you know when you really want to set it up quickly you know it’s not it’s not like guy would say like a two-day project where you’ve got to sit there and you’ve got a you know work and read instructions I mean I’m done I mean that was it that was the whole let me read you some of the reviews I use this extremely sturdy desk from my computer laptop in printer a mine is beautiful I got it in the Navy by the way that color is gonna sell eyes nice this is from is Katie may says we especially my husband loves it it was easy to set up and we love the height and the stability of the table here’s another one easy assembly J Smitty says it’s easy to assemble have a lot of origami and they’re all great here’s one from 30 NYC mom that says my son loves this desk he even commented that now he has an office in his room nice and once again very easy to assemble very like it choose the turquoise that you see in front of you you can go the traditional black or the very popular navy by the way and that will be a lot more than likely to be the one that will sell out yeah it’s four eight six four four seven huge customer pick with over 300 reviews if you need a desk or a table for anything this is a perfect solution for you Thank You mr. Emoto great job my pleasure we’re continuing on I’m gonna remind you add the sheets coming up in just a little bit the sheets are the pick of the hour we had the steamer coming up and if you wanted the mega Movers remember you can move anything with mega movers because of that