Lexus UX FULL REVIEW UX 200 – Autogefühl

the latest addition to the Lexus model lineup is the Lexus u X and this is the full review of this small SUV or crossover well we’ll find out together he ran out of fuel in exterior interior and the driving experience today with Thomas and as you know in full HD full screen and full length let’s go let me start this review with a small rent about the naming of this vehicle Lexus UX Lexus ends with an S UX Lexus sucks seriously did no one think about that when naming this vehicle come on really yeah they say you X stands for urban explorer I mean next time better think about that you know or what’s your take on that rent over now to the front I think the very distinctive design so it’s probably love or hate yes so tame in comments what about you love or hate this front but so dramatic design like in our car from a samurai sword and here the Lexus logo resembles also in a daytime running light that’s hitting a beautiful feature definitely and the headlamp unit the main one comes standard with LED optional with matrix LED 4 meters 49 177 inches or 14 foot 7 is the length of the Alexus UX and comparing to the NX that’s 14 centimeters or five-and-a-half inches less don’t throw that’s the difference into the bigger brother and you can see the side profile it looks a little bit like the design team was locked in this kinder candy store overnight you know and then the good side is you definitely will get a vehicle that looks like nothing else I mean have you ever seen this shape of wheel arches here I can’t even this I mean is some kind of a trapeze but then not really um yeah so and then you know the curved design lines right here and then there’s another one right there and what can’t even and to describe everything they’ve put in here so yeah definitely very interesting what we like is here the side mirrors took a test from the lower part in the upper part they have a contrast color in both in themselves the lower one fitting into the Vica car the upper one roz unity to glass or something or to the black elements where they are so that’s pretty cool wheels come from 17 or 18 inch those on CR the 18 inch wheels and then towards the rear we have a very big C pillar of all with rather strong shoulders also for the trunk that really you know find out later again this strong plastic cross over wheel arch look to stress the cross over character of this car well we talked about the front being very dramatic but the same goes for the rear first of all beautiful design meant that this light strip goes all over the car here and then this is a very three-dimensional design of course yeah we always see from the outside you will lose some trunk space on the inside for example here those tails are shaping the soldiers three-dimensional way you could even have breakfast on this area here yeah very very interesting and then a big contrasting shape in the lower end really glad they did not go for fake exhaust tips no hydraulic struts I think for that price we could have expected that here let’s talk about the engines this one UX 202 liter naturally aspirated petrol engine 170 horsepower and based on that one there’s also the hybrid the 250 H that’s when I was about 180 horsepower and been with an electric motor additional one and you can get that one also as front wheel drive only like this one year or then also in another version as all we drive the interior and starts here the instead

of the dolls which has soft materials at the inside of the doors pretty cool then this would affect look right here next to those diodes the space in the inside of the door is somewhat limited then the steering wheel is pretty thick as we know it from Lexus with contrast stitches on the inside then they have very interesting material right here on top of the dashboard it’s a soft and has a special structure so really cool very well done again with contrast stitches then those ones here are the animal skin seats in a luxury line the own line way you can only get those but Lexus offers a wide variety of non animal materials with a really high class in Europe for example special and Omni we get fabric seeds with microfiber parts of fabric microfiber mix in beige gray and blacks for three different colors that’s pretty cool or you can also get in the F Sport and microfiber leather at mix ecoluxe the red brand name here in Europe and in the US they call their leather at new luxe and there you get in all trims and new luxe in beige black or brown so pretty good choice as for that and what I really like about the interior of this car and of course also about other Lexus vehicle they really pay attention to details for example you use the window lever here like the button here for the for the windows the automatic one and the first moment you know it starts and also you know when it goes down like the last moment or there again it slows down you know it’s not like Bam Bam Bam Bam so it’s really super refined do it like this and then it smoothly goes in front just for a last bit it slows down a little bit and then again gives you this refined feeling and what’s also nice look at this lower door sill here this is pretty thick and wide and this will definitely protect the inside sill then from any nut so one thing directly now look at that first of all the formula of this up our dashboard part this really resembles the front grille you know so that’s a pretty cool design element when something on the interior assembles the exterior but then again those handles here you know for for the EM he is see control when we take a look at the other side where you can pick the driving modes right there and it works at there that you turn like this of this or then put normal here again I mean what we’re thinking of putting it right there I mean reaching it from here while driving I mean what’s the meaning of that getting inside proves my point that this one here is not an SUV by the crossover you sit a little bit higher than in the normal compact hatch but it rather feels like a comp attached than an SUV but similar to for example to a Mercedes GLA which is also not reason SUV to me and that’s nothing good or bad it’s just your preference definitely but as for the height at mo means 86 or 651 subscribers for know still a lot of headroom left here but as for the rest how you are you caged in he has a tall person this quite narrow overall the whole space you have an interior which is again you know due to this very dramatic exterior design for example electric seat control and this is pretty cool because even the electric most Bagan feel really refined in this car and also how the buttons and everything are attached and applied there’s also an electric controller for the steering wheel and so up and also here for in and out however I always have it in the highest and the most far-out because it doesn’t go that far up overall but then that way when I put it all the way up and all the way out then it somehow still fits to my driving position oh by the way one comfort features and I’ll show you that you know at the very end now because the car will start beeping very annoyingly but the thing is when I turn off the ignition then the seat goes backward so it’s a good combo features to get in and when I turn on the ignition seat goes forward again and now the car won’t start beeping for I mean a couple of minutes in that well that’s really annoying it’s like oh the door is still open but come on seriously interior overview very unique design here – again great material here on the top of the dashboard it looks good it feels great so special or real like that thing in the element I showed you earlier right here that resembles the front grille then you get a seven inch screen and standard option this one ten point three inch widescreen format instead of an analog clock then great quality of materials like all the buttons you click the sounds they make the haptic feedback you get from

everything this is very well done the lower area oven here for the CT cooling or seat heating heated steering wheel so all those of even in two levels so all those options are available Steve moving again here you see this compact set up right side for the cruise control left side for example to control those instruments yeah and those instrument they’re all digital you can see right here when I turn off the ignition and the seeds pulls me back again so pretty interesting and they look analog in the middle part but they are actually not in the left side for example you can then see the fuel consumption a nice option is this had a display clear to see and to read with the allowed speed the current speed and also GPS information then close up here at the infotainment screen the visualization already looks a little bit old-school but the big problem is really how you control everything I mean you know with the starch pad which gives you a happy feedback yeah and then you scroll through those ones here’s not a touchscreen so it’s not a touchscreen but you also not have an easy controller and everything is like you know like using magnets functioning maybe Apple users know that or something so and it’s very yes you can do that with the buttons too and you know in lower part but and everything is so so hard to find you know that’s that’s also another problem so um Murray not sure about the software of this infotainment system they should have come up with something better I think also the phone connection just works we have Bluetooth so there’s no ever carplay Android auto available at least here in Europe if you are Lexus UX owner in the US please tell me if the car player Android all who works for you because we also have it recently with Toyota that they have ly singings for the US but not for Europe that’s of course then they do we it so yeah not sure what to do with that one I rather think I mean if you have a GPS ok but then again to end the stuff it really takes ages again here again how it works so you use your finger you get somewhat of a haptic feedback from this touchpad and then you swipe left and right then those you know those stuff are actually appearing and like you know putting in like magnets a little bit but again I think it’s very distracting while driving oh yeah fancy visualization when you start the car by the way and I want to show you the rear view camera which is pretty weird in the resolution right here and they have this faked wrongly from above that’s what’s also interesting you have a different system here to this one is this surround view that looks pretty fancy again not the best resolution but this one then goes all around the car now you can check you for example if you know don’t damage the tires or something and you can also hold it then it goes back to this drove new from above very interesting you can replay it and then stop it at any time to in the wall part of an inductive charging platform for your smartphone then next to it is very interesting this 12-volt all supply socket when you open it it lifts so smoothly and then it clicks also when you close it again nicely done then you have some adaptive cupholders right there automatic shifting lever next to this touchpad we talked about earlier and this one here is also quite strange this control pad here where you have some hotkeys for tune or for the volume you can turn those knobs a little bit or press them yeah or everything pretty peculiar again and then there’s this armrest where I can open it from both sides actually like this and like this and inside then you have a USB port actually – oh and this rear mirror by the way is very wide very large and that’s good because the view to the site area is actually pretty cramped so it’s quite good and then this one here the mirror is quite big that gives you good view then to the rear at least a lot of those very cool features look at those interior lights yeah at the top of the ceiling both front and rear are behind this matte plastic glass and that makes the light so smooth and soft again the whole interior is really cool especially at night for example when you open the car or close it and now to the rear where this door here hasn’t opened to wide hard pack materials by the way at the rear door from the inside and I’m just so glad that this car has a bright ceiling on the inside otherwise this one here would be a total black hole and you can see as I would be driving and yeah the seat is in the forward position at the moment so from this automatic comfort feature so I’m totally eating my knees right there

I can have barely sit here the toiled here room wise Headroom is actually no problem that’s totally fine but everything really very cramped in here so that package is using of space it’s not really good isofix at the outside CT and you can already flip the seats from here then you have this middle part with an armrest with Coppola’s non-adaptive and last but not least well there’s no significant middle tunnel because the predominant the front bedroom car and the all-wheel drive will just be done with the electric drive and then you have to my use be supplies in the rear so what about the trunk electric hatch here and you know it takes quite some time to open it and you can see is very limited in height here because the hybrid versions would have the bedroom right here and here in this case or you could store some more stuff underneath so that’s possible then but then the about well there’s no reloading still that’s cool then again you know the height is really limited it so Charlie would fit in that way but not we in that way it’s not under the cover and even if I remove the cover you can see this probably doesn’t work yeah so that’s the thing about and we can also take some measurements for you and that’s here in length about 80 centimeters and in width that’s you know a meter less than a meter right there and just in a very front area here like this one then is one meters 20 just know this this so you can use this from every year for some wider things and then this cover is yeah little bit strange to be honest but of course you can remove it at any time and for flipping the seats you have to go around like this and then put the seats like those here else to the other side and then we take the final measurement then to the driver seat is I would be driving that is then one meters and 60 proximately like that so yeah the trunk is very very limited of course mainly in height if we take a look at that one here to this cover it would be only 25 centimeters yeah you know to this put to this one here and then the you know the overall total height is about 55 centimeters so from top to bottom right there welcome to Thomas’s driving lounge with Alexis you X in this case the ux 200 so the front wheel driven naturally aspirated 2-liter engine with about 100 or the entry version of this car and you know there are also the hybrid models available which then also offer all-wheel drive and of course they can use this recuperation and even drive in the easy mode inside the city you could not charge from the outside is an inbuilt hybrid this one knee again the pure petrol engine and thing is first thing you know really no said about the fuel consumption because we know that from the smaller Toyota’s and stuff that’s interesting watering life on stage so when you know about the Toyota hybrid models they are really very low in fuel consumption so we scored awesome results there with thee with the Corolla hybrids for example in the new generation and I know I now also know even better why because when we draw is pure petrol engineer when you drive it for example motorway steady speed while on kilometres 62 miles an hour you can score as low fuel consumption has 6 liters more kilometers with this one year which would people on 39 mpg us 47 MBT UK but when we’re driving predominantly in the city here we rather get to values of 10 liters on water kilometers which is only 23 mpg-us 28 mpg UK and that’s of course very bad for such a small vehicle you know so the true fuel kilometer will be somewhat in between those two values so I always like to stay like a minimum and the maximum value and then like the mixed value will be something in between and always depending on your driving profile of course as new servants you is already a customer vehicle with this huge front will check out the 7 series review here on auto to with a facelift yeah but I mean this

really shows why they do this was the hybrid in the hybrid entrance because they especially save fuel in the city you know when you have that there’s a lot of stop and go and you can use this in a mode and you have to brake and then you can recuperate more energy then back to the battery and then you can use it on in the city traffic again while standing still and then just rolling forward then really the hybrid engine works and overall the system works pretty well so indeed if you want some you know some of your savings the hybrid and then would be better choice however you always have to think about check it out in your specific market what’s the X surprise for it and how many kilometers do you drive per year and does it really pay off and long run and if you’re driving predominately on the motorway in higher in steady speed then again the hybrid won’t makes so much sense in comparison to this yeah so that’s about the fuel consumption little bit comparison to the just pure petrol engine and the hybrid drive overall to the speaker I think one of the main characteristic is they announced it a little bit like a small SUV but I think it’s actually not so it’s definitely a crossover to me as for the seating position don’t see do I told you that earlier in the interior part and also driving mice in rather drives like a normal compact hatch yes of course a little bit higher but not too high overall quite positive definitely but not this kind of SUV style and I mean that’s not bad just just just depends you know on what you really want to do musician is some are good and cozy of course I said oh yeah you don’t feel you don’t feel you know as it there’s a tall person you pretty much caged in a little bit you know in this interior so it’s not the widest tallest interior and yeah we know that from quiet some likes to speak that’s definitely and also from the owners that they don’t necessarily primarily build for 12 people by them you know I still get along pretty well that’s that’s not a problem and you have a very refined right that’s I think and another very important aspect you know so it’s it’s decently fun definitely and it’s very smooth this is right for walls very smooth I can also go to the spa more here with this strange dial and the arm you know the RPMs are going a little bit higher and the steering is also a little bit stiffer and then let me show you some acceleration 60 kilometers to 100 let’s go that was it so you see that was that was pretty decent so um enough excavation definitely but at the RPM speaking up high and that’s of course in the reason they’re using those CVT automatic here and they all a CVT so this not directly a CVT is pretty complicated in the hybrid model son so it’s like working like a CVT but not in the pretty technical sense I think we talked in our 10 minutes about that but the thing is you know when you accelerate those ones here it’s not like you have this duplicate but more like this yeah so that doesn’t sound too good and you know the accelerations there it’s quite okay and when you drive those won’t see a moose wait that’s totally fine you don’t feel any transitions between gears or something that’s pretty cool that actually so oh I think I’m totally fine with with those automatic transmissions because I gave you all so calm and refined feeling again when you keep it rather steady in a normal mode you by the way steering is the little bit softer same in Eco mode when I turn it backwards then RPMs around lower throttle input is reduced and so on for more fuel savings and driving is about one kilometers an hour 60 miles an hour cuz perfectly silent so the noise insulation is very well done really like that and this again contributes to this very refined feeling you know high quality materials good noise insulation the engine is very silent when you don’t really know turn it up the steering is very very soft yes a little bit stiffer in the sports mode but overall still you know you hardly need any strength input at the same time it’s not completely without feelings so it’s still ok you know you this still

still got some precision so can’t argue about that now let’s just hear no roundabouts so you have to turn the steering quiet lots not that progressive but the suspension still gives me somewhat good feedback is OK of course the suspension is not very stiff or something it’s rather set on a soft tone it’s okay I think it’s good setup overall for everyday driving the main focus is deafening to deliver you a smooth comfort and it definitely fits to the car so the sky definitely makes you relax more they’re really good so make the Momo and yeah it’s pretty we had to put the dock this year doesn’t make any sense it also like economic way all controls while driving so yeah that’s pretty much useless but right there brakes now you know that comes by well it’s a little bit degress if I feel yeah that’s a good feeling in the brakes also like that Wow whether with a silent ride I mean this is um another super big segment or so of course the car’s not cheap at all you know so for a small car it’s very expensive you know when you start about 40k or something for most versions in German prices yeah and then you’re definitely not finished so like towards like 50 60 or something when you put extra equipment in and that’s really really expensive but if you think about like in Mercedes GLA your Volvo XC 40 you also get very expensive with those you know those small compact crossovers so yeah they didn’t they don’t deliver so much car for the price you pay then again you can better park in an out and so on if parking space and so on is limited so we really have to think about that but again I think the main characteristic is everything feels so refined you know signed and you know when when you have the smooth transitions from from accelerating and stuff everything’s feels very very refined and that’s in general what I like about the Lexus vehicles and so in this respect there’s still no difference to the German manufacturers as for the refinement you feel in some parts they are maybe even more refined of course they are not set on the performance on the in your levels whether with the hybrid modes as the German manufacturers do but then again especially with the hybrid models you can score really decent fuel consumption figures that’s that’s pretty cool definitely it’s now indeed we also are pupils I’m from eyes right in the middle of what I said from the minimum maximum it’s it like between six and ten liters now we are exactly at eight liters and that’s including also a big acceleration so yeah again should below about you know this this whole ride how it’s set out to be also feels more like it should be a hybrid you know with transmission the engine power at the same engine of course is being used but just plus the electric motor and you know the softest even set up its own so a very relaxed ride with this one here that’s what I think I like both with this vehicle and again it’s very relaxed right would also fit very well to a hybrid and you know the habits are also somewhat of a unique setting points so overall I think I would really think about taking the iris it’s you know fun to have those electric moments definitely not that this pure petrol engine that or something I also like driving the naturally aspirated engines singularly because they live uh such a linear power you know with the turbos off new accelerating you have like moment before sit in then in said inland BAM and he was the naturally aspirated engine same as with with master for example they have a very linear power output everything goes you know smooths in a linear way so I really like that as we know as for the acceleration to so overall I’m very good ride definitely so suspension wise also everything you know really fits together I think that’s one of the main accomplishments that all of the single element you know some wherever car where all elements are set on you know one specific thing and then one thing is maybe missing or they said it or not they have a different set up for one specific element which doesn’t fit to

the whole rest of the vehicle in driving wise this one you really get us a whole very well painted picture yeah besides of the infotainment system and now for a conclusion for today with Alexis UX yeah you know name matching aside I think it’s very unique in the front there’s a very aggressive Lexus styling we also have seen with their you know other recent models and so definitely very unique in this very segment I think it’s more across over I definitely it doesn’t sit too high also the driving feeling is more compact car ish and you know a little bit higher so I think crossover I think is the right term for that the interior is very refined I like it and they also have enough non-animal seating choice which are also high-class and premium so very good choice as let’s hope you earlier about that space you’ve got on the inside yeah you know that’s pretty limited you don’t be too well in the front seat as a very tall person but still okay then of course little bit cramped in the rear end a very very small trunk so that’s I think the main downside that you don’t have so much space on the interior however driving wise is very refined very smooth and this great noise insulation fits the great choice of you know of the ML – bought materials and so on and steering feeling also you know soft but precise also the engines and fish and everything is very silent if you keep it at low rpms so overall it fits all together to a very smooth and calm driving experience and as always already set in the driving part they are the hybrid drivetrain also some of fits a little bit more to the car better fuel economy and it also fits to the whole relaxing concept of this vehicle so I think overall a pretty impressive car that put on here of course with some minor drawbacks as for example you know everything which we have on in the room beginning from b-pillar and to the very end so what do you think and of course you know pricing yeah it’s very very expensive you think about if you want you know this rather small car for such a price but the competitors from Mercedes BMW and Audi and Volvo they are not you know much better in that respect so thank you so much for tuning in today and also tune in to some our other reviews of those compact crossovers from the competitors see you there