Agenda 2020 0501 2-13-09

yeah it includes the minutes it includes under city attorney c1 c1 is a waiver of the requirement to hold certain land use and Zoning hearings after five o’clock we have a case coming up in June involving their Orlando Health Project just south of the Parkway that’s going to challenge possibly our virtual hearing technology I think there is decent community neighborhood an interest in that so we’ll have to see what we need to do to be ready for that but that is what we need that the waiver for for that particular case but with all that does is waive the crew park to hold one of the here is echo five okay all right the next item that by anybody at all okay go ahead okay next time will consent under my portion agenda is a ground lease agreement with the Peace River Center 1831 Gilmore Avenue you’re probably all familiar with this complex it’s a fairly large complex of various different nonprofit organizations achievement Academy Peace River the Girl Scouts has been located there this is a new lease with the Peace River scenery although they are currently located at this facility and have been operating at this facility since 2012 the original lease goes back to the 1960s 1960 volumes and 99 year lease with the community community health and service center was sort acted as a clearinghouse to sublease these various different parcels in here to nonprofit organizations they did a sublease with the Girl Scouts of 1973 met the Girl Scouts built a building on this property and what’s gonna happen Alice subleased their lease to the Peace River Center Peace River now wants to purchase that building the Girl Scouts no longer want to lease that to Peace River they’re going to use the proceeds from the sell that building to locate their operations elsewhere and in the process of Peace River seeking Persis building there some Tamil issues that came up and peace tree over decided that they needed a direct lease with the city instead of a sublease with the Girl Scouts so that’s what this is is a direct lease with the city it’s the same general terms and conditions as the original lease for this property but it’s directly with the city it’s the same lease term not the 99 years which will expire in 2064 the rince one dollar a year given that it’s a non-profit piece we will pay all utilities maintenance taxes for the property they’re responsible for all maintenance inside and outside of the property they will identify the city they maintain general liability insurance of a million per person three million per occurrence then names the city as an additional journal most of those policies the city has a right to terminate the lease if period of faults if we decide to terminate without cause then we have an obligation to relocate peace river to a comparable facility one change from the way disappeared when it was originally published Wednesday is that this is that the agreement now provides that upon the expiration of the agreement 2064 if the parties don’t renew by mutual agreement the lease the city has no obligation to pay peace river for the building that it’s recommend for your approval any questions that commissioner reading your

reader oh you’re still muted sir Commissioner Reed do you make that one change I thought we said we made that one change that that’s correct so upon exploration there’s no obligation to the city to purchase the building if the parties don’t decide to renew the lease extend always okay did you so you didn’t make that change correct okay good other questions on that one these rivers been in that probably eight years haven’t they or so exist 2012 yeah okay okay the next item of consent is 66 subordination of the city’s interest to the counties for the counties West Pickering red white red whiny project we just we have numerous electric of wateriness that go along that linear corridor at West Pipkin and while we’re doing is supporting that to the city’s rot away interests but it’s part of this agreement if we have to leave the Norfolk County makes us relocate our facilities in order to accommodate their project the county has the obligation to pay for it it’s not a relocation or modification expenses that the city workers any questions on that okay then two recommendations regarding regarding municipal board appointments and can we do that short of a boards and appoint a municipal boards meeting in first committee meeting these are the separate approach given what we’re doing right now virtual meetings okay so in that recommendation any questions want to read through them former just so that it’s on record okay this mr. mayor I have the list I can read through them okay that’d be great once again as Palmer noted in an effort to streamline the process while we’re doing these virtual meetings we are going to recommend the following municipal board committee appointments under code enforcement board from a recommendation by Jim Dini a reappointment of tom gage to his first full three-year term beginning June 1st 2020 ending May 31st 2023 mr. gage has just completed a partial term the next one under code enforcement board would be a recommendation again from Jim Dana to a point Jordan Corbin as a regular member to a three-year term beginning June 1st 2020 through May 31st 23 mr Curt Corbin was serving as an alternative alternate member up to this point under Lakeland Housing Authority a recommendation from the mayor to appoint David samples to serve a four-year term beginning May 1st ending April 30th of 24 under nuisance abatement the word a recommendation from the mayor to reappoint Daniel price to an additional three-year term beginning June 16th and ending June 15th of 23 staff is requesting the Commission approved these appointments any questions on any of those appointments commission McCarley and then Commissioner Walker I was going to move to accept them we need a motion all right Commission Walker I get a second the motion but I do have a question all right so the motion a second question yes the Housing Authority situation who is the general replacing and do we still have a good diverse board there yes on the diverse board we have John Richardson is Reverend Richardson is being replaced by David samples Reverend Richardson’s term termed out he’s been a fabulous member of the Housing Authority board but he’s turned out and so under the current bylaws that we have we have to respect the terms David samples is a banker who has a lot of empathy with people and interest in fair housing and good financial experience oh yeah I know mr. Barry I know who he is I mean no I don’t know 101 but I know I know about him that kind of thing but I wanted a score as you see replacing Richardson as I heard you indicate I was almost sure still we got a good a good mix there on that on that board yes sir and that it’s part of

what we were conscious of as well ah all those in favor of the approval that are on the committee signify by saying aye opposed same Thank You mr. mayor if I may before we leave that there are some side notes associated with the with the boards and committees those being under affordable housing Advisory Committee we’re still looking for one member who would be engaged in the affordable home building industry under code enforcement board we’re looking for one member to be an alternate must be a city resident under perc public employees relation Commission and we’re still looking for three members one member who represents management obviously one member representing the employees and one member who represents neither and then under Zoning Board adjustments and appeals looking for one member must be a city resident and those are some notes attached to this item good so if anyone is monitoring this and interested please go through the process of signing in and putting your application in for the boards that you’d be most interested in and coming from McCarley were you going to say something yes go ahead okay I just want I’m not sure where this falls within the agenda or the genocide I’d like to request that we make a motion to return to our just bimonthly meetings instead of the weekly meetings I don’t know four and a good place to do that yet but I wanted to put that on the table and I thought of genda study was a good place to put that I don’t know how everybody feels or if we’re not quite ready for it yet I was thinking about it it’s a good place to put it and specifically it’s on my notes at the end of the meeting to talk about we certainly need to do it for the Monday the 11th meeting because we have communications having to be in two places at the same time and so if there is the feeling that certainly we could go back to the bimonthly meetings that’s one item we can discuss and there’s no reason not to talk about it right now and but even if you’re uncomfortable with that we should do it for the 11th meeting because we will have met before that anyway so conversation on that Commission Walker thank you very I would agree with mr McCauley I do believe still that we should get past I thought that I will say the first part of me just to make sure we’re when we see this we call the reopening happening here on the 4th and of course what we’re doing this weekend with it the trails and and and and and those particular areas are opening up today and through the weekend here just see how things go I think pretty much between about I think not maybe we should be able to see us go back to what I called that part of normalcy and so if we were going to skip the 11th anyway due to the difficulty in there being able to broadcast it that really means that we just start to say as of May we’ll go back to our regular schedule do you have a problem with that Commission Walker we would have the first meeting in May and then next one won’t be until after the other as we’re just discussing correct mr. Delgado Thank You mr. Barron and obviously the Commission has the authority to call a special meeting at any given time so if there is by chance some major information received either state or federal E or even locally we will continue to update you as has we’ve been trying to but obviously the updates are slowing down a bit because there’s not much going on other than som ree openings but you have the right to call a special meeting at any given time while we have to do is notice it accordingly all right so let’s let’s uh vote on that if you want to return to the normal schedule could come in from work I will make that as a motion that we return to our regular bimonthly schedule for the city commissioners Lakeland a second commissioner Franklin Ann Walker and they were very enthusiastic discussion Commissioner Reed Dugan so we’re going to start back whatever another meeting will have agenda study on the Friday the 27th or some like that well she’ll Evans was to have me on the 11th that was going to be a special meeting that we have already said in our calendars so they’re setting up for a meeting on the 12th which is our and gets our meeting isn’t it yeah it’s your strategic planning meeting being set up the RP funding Center and so because they’re at the RP funding Center they can’t do both because it takes a great deal time to set that up as you know so and we’re and that’s the one that we’re present for our first meetings a regular meeting B then but it’ll be the first

and third Mondays of the months just as we have done it historically our Rex our next regular meetings the one Monday yeah it’ll be the fourth and then you’ll have another one on the 18th okay 18th what I was looking for I’m sorry okay any other discussion on that all those in favor signify by raising your hand opposed same opposed coming from a cloud or not I didn’t see your hand too late you’re okay oh it’s nanyem asleep assets okay thank you I understand that some technological problems I don’t fill us in on that but I don’t think we’re being broadcast live which may be an issue yeah so we’ve had equipment failure in the a/v control room the router has failed we’re diligently trying to replace that router but we’re recording and we don’t so we can definitely play back once this meetings over but as Palmer has alluded to we are not live we’re diligently trying to replace a router and it’s gonna take a little bit longer than that in the course of this meeting I’m sure oh okay so Palmer are you comfortable with that okay I’m really comfortable with it you know you can always correct the sunshine law issue subsequently and you know we aren’t going to revisit all these issues on Monday at a full City Commission meeting where people have the right to participate how long do you think it’ll take Kevin Palmer hits a router we have to get a new router and put it in the rack and they’re just sitting around and then you have to do I P addresses for each of the port yes sir Charlie Palmer if we have press on called in or dialed and that worker now doing a cross in heaven I can forward them the meeting notice I know that I think we’ve got a few of them online now listening because I’ve been texting them because we got we got a handful of callers on and let them know that this is the way they could watch or listen to the meeting because of the equipment of failure I don’t see a pres name that I recognize they’re just listening on their phone it wouldn’t be okay frankly so mayor normally for our agenda studies the the public can listen in life but there’s not the opportunity to interact I don’t know Palmer would we satisfy the requirements if we were able to publish this recording later so everyone will be able to see exactly what was said you know I think there’s still some technical issues but I think that we can get by because we’re going to repeat all this business on Monday I mean all the items that you voted on today there I think we need to revote on I think that was the municipal board appointments the decision to not hold the weekly special meetings so I think we need to revisit those as far as the agenda items I think we just need to go through them all and full on Monday and that will correct any technical issues we’re having okay Kevin mr. cook just won’t let you know quickly again we are recording that piece of equipment has not failed so as soon as this meeting is over we’ll send it out and get it on all of our media channels unfortunately it’s the router that sends the signal to FiOS spectrum and of course our streaming signal that’s the router that has failed so we’re diligently trying to get that replaced in Iraq okay the Commission Walker I just only have coming Thank You mr mayor I think somewhat I guess what’s Commissioner Franklin in and Commissioner College pride we’ve noticed a meeting and I’m going back to some years back before we were doing the livestream as we are now Kevin and you can help me with that we’ve always noticed we always have people maybe to come or show up but what’s what’s different than what we did before before we let live streaming like we are now and actually in Palmer I guess they asked that for me what’s it so so what would be different is we would have the meeting in a live setting as you know back in the early days in 2000 we didn’t even broadcast live television we went straight to tape and ran it over Dale at the time warner cable and then plug it into their video head and we heard the meetings at 6:00 p.m. the days that they took place that was just because of the technology back then so the difference Commissioner would be the fact that before we started broadcasting and before the element of

coronaviruses edits we would have a live meeting setting where individuals could come and see you guys in a live setting but because of the impacts of coded 19 and the this virtual setting it’s sort of a closed loop if you will I like like I said I said the meeting notice out to the media and they can certainly tune in now so that’s that’s what I’ve done trying to rectify it as long as we’re doing what a little council is sharing with us making sure that we capture one thing today and I hear again almost Falmer captured what we do today on Monday we should be okay with whatever else that’s being done as far as the media being intact as they are now over here mr. Cooke correct and as well as being able to play be able to care play this particular setting took point in what it want to hear is that correct well the son saw one of the requirements Sunshine Law is that a meeting be open to the public and this is partially open to the public however ask you sir Franklin said with the Jinnah studies there’s no right of the public to participate and we will be rebroadcasting this later and then there’s always also the option to correct the sunshine law violations later by a full yeah full meeting so I think on Monday instead of just having an approval of consent items we’ll go ahead and just go through those and fool again and once you get a hold of those that we held today on Monday as well I think that that that will get us where we need to get to our son John requirements all right on that basis let’s continue all right mister yes coming from the cloud yeah well and Palmer I think you may have just answered my question but I was wondering if we refrain from voting going forward on any anything if that would keep us on a stronger ground and then as you mentioned Revo ting on on the items that that we did vote on I actually think that’s gonna work for us anyway on and everything that we’re going to long mr Cook just to let you know I just texted Sarah Walsh and Barry Friedman who are our typical and there you can see Barry has joined us in saronite joining us so now we have our two local media the text also went out to our our television coverage with FOX NBC ABC and CBS so as you can see now we have we have media online so they are there with us now excellent all right well then we will move forward and so that bring the we’ve gone through the consent items we have no requests appeared from the general public we do have an equalization hearings portion of this meeting and those are just the typical lots cleaning and clearing assessments that that you see on a regular basis nothing unusual there any questions by anybody on those alright public hearings ordinances second reading the two items we have four ordinances for consideration relate to that to the Bridgewater development just south of 33 it’s in the addition of a hundred Lots on the northern half northern portion of that development where the Golf Course used to be and see Teresa coming on she may be able to throw throw up the map again sure that says or answer any questions are there any questions by commissioners good morning Teresa good morning Commissioner Reed do you have one I see your mics open thank you they’re getting I’m familiar with that property of looking at it several times and there again I think that’s a good idea we need to get those then get more houses up that way to get some more impact fees and stuff like that so I mean all for it and have happy residents were able to live in that wonderful area right any other questions or comments let’s go to number two that is also related to the Bridgewater development 100 100 new arts that’s the zoning component the first item was there was the Lane use amendment to the comp plan so this is the second ones that are member to the PUD for that so I’m presuming there’s no questions on that all right and then miscellaneous miscellaneous we are we are a one of the few certified local governments for Congress to plan planning in the state which allows most of our complaint amendments to not have to go through a state and regional review which

increases the ex-vice the approval time that illness within the city have that one of the requirements of this this certification that we have is that we do an annual report and I think Teresa has something to say on that and then on Monday Vlada or full report that’s required by law I do have I do have a couple of slides if Kevin can give me access to the screen he is doing it now yeah I’m doing it now thank you by the way this is a plan that we are so grateful that is done annually and it is unusual for cities to do this so thank you again for keeping that current coming from Walker while she’s getting access and I think it’s important to follow us to know mr. mr. Baron thank you for sharing that because you know you have cities that are larger than us they’re not they do not have this particular situation where we can Years War when it was brought to our attention that out our staff had done some you know magnificent job to make sure that we were able to have this proper certification process without having to go to the state and get all those other tools that so many other cities or towns have to do I think it’s important we know that we were one we wanted a few excellent that’s that’s correct Commissioner Walker we are one of the few and as part of being designated as a certified community it shows that we have a commitment to maintaining a compact development within the city and that we also have staff that is at a higher level in terms of their professional certifications when we entered into the program there was as palmer mentioned an agreement that coincided with that and part of that agreement is that we report annually and we have to report on certain metrics that were included in that original agreement so as you go through the report you’ll see there’s a pretty extensive table that’s included as attachment d to that report that shows a comparison of baseline measurements at the time we entered into the agreement and then where we’ve been in the past three years leading up to the current year statistics the certified area is for the most part the city of Lakeland Limits with the exception of the green swamp area of critical state concern so as you can see in this map everything that’s shaded in gray is within that special area and is not subject to the expedited review process so within that area we still have to go through a pretty rigorous review given the sensitivity of that area and the environmental concerns you’ll see as you look at that attachment D that for the most part we are either meeting or maintaining what our expected levels are and particularly this year we did have some increases in the residential density and compactness measurements also an increase in the number of households receiving downpayment assistance and housing rehabilitation assistance and there’s been a reduction in the number of substandard housing units there are a couple of areas where there’s been a slight decrease and in in what we have is a target area for instance sidewalk gaps there has been an increase a slight increase again in the the gaps that we have within the city and when you look at the jobs and housing balance which is on page 13 of the report we want to maintain or increase that over time from what that baseline condition was and from 2018 to 2019 that percentage did go down a slight bit by two tenths of a point so four point four three two point four two but otherwise we are meeting our goals and at the end of this year you’ll see an update to the comprehensive plan that’ll be a pretty major effort and you will see within that plan where we have levels of service that correspond with what our capital improvements projects are needed to maintain those levels of service can you talk about the sidewalks or just one second on you actually were wanting that number to go down in terms of this measurement or up in terms of what you we have built you want it with you go you want it to go up in terms of the number of miles that you have within

the city but you want to reduce the gaps and so it’s been reported and it’s changed in the way it’s been reported over time so 335 miles and now it says 339 miles as the target okay and the change in porting I also was looking over at page 12 3 see the pedestrian access the miles of sidewalk that that showed 313 and then now we’re at 266 how is it possible that’s less when you look at the 2017 report a year there’s a note there that says new GIS technology used so it’s just a matter of over time it was using one data set to report the numbers and a different methodology and as that methodology changed so too did the number but you can see after that change in the technology from eighteen to nineteen it was relatively the same with the exception of a was it three three miles there so we may have really over reported on the 313 because of the methodology yeah I’m yes and 2016 got it okay other questions by commissioners make sure madan give a question yes thank you Muir I just was looking at my attachments and I just I’m not seeing what you’re looking at the additional addendums you know at my agenda it’ll open up that report and then if you go 12 pages in you’ll see the chart okay I’m sorry I don’t wanna take any additional time here but I just I’m looking under be miscellaneous government comprehensive plan and it just took mine okay so now there it goes okay thank you so you can look at that while I entertain at Commissioner um MacLeod has a question Thank You mr mayor Theresa on some of the areas for the goals where we see like for sidewalks for example it says increase I saw another one that says improve do we have specific metrics that we’re aiming for in some of those areas yes so it would be either to maintain or improve from the baseline measurement which is on the far left of the table so the very first column those were the baseline conditions as we entered into the agreement with the state and then that’s what we’re reporting year after year to ensure that we’re meeting that goal does that make sense thank you yes it does thank you just like you see on page 15 the affordable housing ownership our baseline there was two point eight six and we are now at four point seven three our goal is to reduce back to 2.76 correct any new information on that arena in terms of planning well it was very obviously heavily focused on home ownership our affordable housing programs in the past and so I think going forward when we look at creating a new set of measurements through the agreement once we have our new plan adopted that’s probably one of things that we want to look at and say you know one is that realistic and – is that really what the goal is and do we want to have a better mix of housing units and understand that rental is part of that even if it is multifamily I think again that was just the focus at the time when this was done you know several years back and even our affordable housing programs reflected that focus on home ownership when could we include that because I think that makes a big difference I would keep them both just so that we are so you’re mentoring them but be nice to have those side-by-side what what’s entailed to do that so what would be entailed is for us to amend the evaluation criteria and the measurements and I think the appropriate times do that would be with the update to the Comprehensive Plan that is happening later this year so once we have the plan document that’s going to have all updated data you know population and and

economics that we can look at and better understand what those measurements should be as I would say exactly at the end of this year we would do that commissioner McCarley Thank You mayor and Teresa on these what part is the state assign the evaluative tools and what part do we assign is this all based on us and your department and working with the Commission and the management team are some of the state regulated because I feel like the comprehensive plan comes from the state sure so it’s it’s really our plan and so there are certain requirements that you have to have within your comprehensive plan and as far as this certification report this is a mechanism of the agreement with de Oh on what were to report annually through the certification program so I think as an agreement with de oh if there are things that you as a commission want to change or add that that’s something we would just work through with them as we prepare the next agreement and incorporate those items thank you all right any questions mr cook I just want to let everyone know that we are now broadcasting on all media channels we are now broadcasting on all media channels you are so much more efficient than even you think it’s something it’s incredible it’s the staff it’s we’re blessed thank you yes we are and I don’t mean that lightly all right any other questions yes Commissioner Walker just again thank you smear I’d just over emphasize what was shared just now by Miss Teresa and also share with our colleagues how you know we’re standing in a particular certification process where we are and we looked upon I know when I when several you do attend and then stand and be around the FLC organization in this meeting with Lakeland you know that as being one of the premier cities you know in our state and how we operate how efficient and how effective you know and still having the kind of staff that we have here at our city to bring about the kind of cause the life that we have for your for our citizens as well and I don’t think that’s what I don’t take it for granted I’m sure you don’t either but I think we should not lose sight of how important it is to there for us of course and how important is the other season they can look at what we’re doing how best we do things best practices etc thank you so much well and we certainly appreciate your perspective which you have for the large investment of time in Florida legacies so thank you for emphasizing that again and Teresa thank you for the work I do think there are and we’d like to do on the amendment side as we go along particularly in that one area and so we might you probably have others you’d like to recommend and we can so as soon as you want the lead time and it’s appropriate to do that your your on the agenda to do so we’d love to hear from you we’ll bring this forward with the comp plan amendments later this year thank you great thank you if there are no other questions then we will continue to the city manager report Thank You mr. mayor commissioner we have two items under city manager the first is involving the Lakeland Linder International Airport and some dollars that were received through the cares Act as you all know the coronavirus aid relief and Economic Security Act was signed into law in March it includes ten billion dollars in funds to be awarded to economic relief to eligible US airports affected by the prevention of preparation for a response to the pandemic the DES funds are distributed using various formulas for all airports and are part of the National Airport that are part of the National Airport system our Airport was notified that a share of the discretionary funds will be received – will be sent to them that being $157,000 the airport intends to use these funds toward toward its operational expenses such as payroll other operating costs for payment of debt service the airport will be receiving the award within the coming weeks and seeks approvals to execute the grant upon the receipt of the award so it’s being recommended the Commission authorized the appropriate city officials to execute the grant offer from the FAA it is also requested that the Commission authorize an increase in revenues of one hundred fifty seven thousand dollars from the FAA upon receipt of the grant and no appropriations are required Jean Conrad’s on the line if you have any questions but the good news wonderful

news any questions for mr. Conrad mystery at Commission read Jeannie what would discover what kind of shortfalls we have right now knock on wood we don’t have any shortfalls but we were able to use this for operational expenses so whether we use it this year or we use it next year I mean we still have however many months what five months ago in this year and if we had some you know tenants unfortunately fall out or something like that would help cover those expenses if there was some revenue shortfalls for you know tenants fall now good night thank you any other question wonderful great provision hard for us to earth I expected some kind of an objection from pleasure Franklin yes Thank You mayor and thank you Jean for your work on going after that I did want to know you know just even for you know our listeners and from this meeting you know it sounds like wow great the airport hasn’t had any revenue loss could you kind of explain to us how not having Sun n fun you know how the funds are different and how even though it’s a loss of not having Sun and fun that me the airport is still in good shape yeah so some fun I’m Suzy separates organization they’re a 501 C 3 so they actually pay us about $350,000 a year to be on the airport’s at least about 170 acres on the southwest side or southwest side of the airport I’m on a year-round basis and obviously they come outside the defense you’re in occupy about 500 acres so for us they’re still paying us you know for us we’re fine but for them you know they are going to struggle mightily I know they’re working elegantly with their various partners and looking at various means to keep going over the next year and make it to next year to get to next year’s events as we’ve discussed several weeks ago you know our intends and plan is to work you know through the budget process to help them with these payments to us next year tell offset and potentially you know waive the entire year rent from them you know so we can them and they can survive and make it to the next year so that’s what we’re looking at right now obviously that will come to the Commission for y’all to approve we’ll talk about that in budget but again we talked about this several weeks ago but you know from our standpoint I think that’s the right thing to do they’re obviously very important to you know they’re or they’ve been here for you know 46 years the next year will be 47 so we obviously need to support them across all the educational Aviation educational things that they do on a year-round basis is very very important so again we’ll plan for that and you know we’re very very fortunate having Noah here you know Noah expanding with Amazon coming on board and all of our tenants that are here and what we’ve been able to do as far as our revenues so we can do something like this to help someone fun you know because they’ve really helped you know created in but this Airport to where it is today just from their name recognition whether they be able to do with their event over the last 46 years so you know now that we can help them out I’m just happy we even do that hopefully all will prove that in the boat on any other comments by committee all right thank you very much mr. Conrad we appreciate that input what is next cinematix the next item is an RFP for broker consulting services for property and casualty insurance – Arthur Gallagher risk management services as you’re familiar there are a J Gallagher is the city’s current broker and for the for this service the current contract has been in effect and ongoing since ongoing with annual renewal since 2012 and was come competitively solicited with an RFP this year the RFP was sent out in January to 80 prospective bidders only one responded that being Arthur J Gallagher the incumbent this insurance provides consulting services for coverage lines including but not limited to excess workers compensation property and boiler machinery inland marine excess liability public officials and employment practices aviation sculpture rail cars cyber and crime coverage the account the account team with Arthur J Gallagher’s obviously we’re very well versed in Florida’s workmen’s comp law sovereign immunity Employment Practice liability complex property design and placement rail railroad car coverage cyber liability crime and how they impact our city they have proposed a flat annual fee for policies and services of one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars the proposed fee for twenty two twenty which includes all policies listed on the report once a new contract

would begin all lines that previously included Commission will have Commission removed as the compensation for these lines of coverage premium will be moved from will move from included in the premiers to a flat fleet flat fee separately the actual increase in total compensation 2020 will be fourteen thousand six hundred and fourteen dollars this increase will be fixed for a five-year contract term obviously any new lines of coverage will be incorporated into the contract thus it’s being recommended the Commission approved this award and authorized the appropriate city officials to move forward with the agreement it would be effective June 1st 2023 May 31st 2025 a three-year contract with two one-year renewals and I know Joyce Diaz is on the line with any questions you may have welcome Joyce Commissioner Franklin Joyce is the plan to do to go out to RFP at three years or is this basically a five-year deal we can go out after three years you know and it’s a to one-year renewals after the three years so we have that option should there be some opportunity or I need to do that yes that would be your preference wouldn’t it commissioner Franklin yeah I just don’t I’ve never seen a five-year deal and I even three years I think can be kind of long it’s you know in this case the the fixed fee is is minor compared to the dollars in the premium and we’re kind of locking into one broker over the over a rather minor piece of the whole spend so I just would have some concerns with that and I I was – it looks like does the city’s bundle program include everything for Lakeland electric as well that all city assets yes absolutely okay when we when Gallagher comes in and presents to us are we getting separate teams from their aviation division and their utility division and all the different groups or is it the Florida Gallagher team no we are actually getting matter experts in from different areas based on if we’re at the airport we’ll get an engineer who understands the pieces of what we’re looking at at the airport when we’re out at the McIntosh power plant and the other plants we get engineers in and underwriters who understand power generation and you know a couple times a year and review where we’re at the status our needs you know how things are going with us and then we look at different buildings different years so RP funding will go to one year the next year we’ll go to Tiger town so we’re keeping in mind all of the bigger pieces of our property and making sure that we’re taking a look at them and they’re reviewing them with us okay Minoo there’s some scales to be seen by bundling things together but the concern I would have is just with some of the very disparate types of risks that we face I’m just not sure that one broker is necessarily the best in every one of those areas but it seems like that would kind of yield a compromise at some point especially with something as it’s very technical power generation well and I do have the area present that they were subject matter expert in those areas all right Commissioner Reed Thank You Commission planner Thank You Marylou good night I concur with Scott here good I I was I had some questions that I read this document and I wasn’t sure if the five years started previously or it started today because I is it gonna be tell me it’s gonna be $175,000 fix for the next three years is that what I understand how’s it gonna be the three points a percentage rate of the total premium from what from what I’ve been told and Joyce can confirm this and it’s fixed okay for three years madam adoption they could change it or we could put out a new proposal that is correct sir yeah I would want to go one three or firstly that’s God I think there again there’s some they do a great job I know there have the capability of doing they’ve been good on what 10 12 years force now I think every day yes and I

didn’t know it was that hot I thought it was such a weird enough look at less numbers an ad but doesn’t seem like a great big increase because I know our premiums substantially going up Commissioner Walker and then I think Commissioner Franklin did you have another question well just just one other I guess I was on the impression that was on a fee-for-service prior to this but as if the policy has been on a commission based up until now the fee for service was with respect to the RFP that went out in 2012 so the specific areas of coverage that were on that RFP is what that fee for service entailed and then as additional coverages came on board commissions were then spent out of those additional coverages okay so the expiring agreement was on a fee for service for all those things originally contemplated but if new cover just came along probably cyber and things like that that we may not have had back in 2012 those but on Commission something okay they’re soon coming from Walker thank you Miss Nair I want to sure I’m understanding and they want to ask my colleague Commissioner Franklin you know there’s suggestions that you may think that we should be entertaining as a commission and moving forward with the situation just as Commissioner Reed mentioned I know Gallagher has been around with a little as far as long as I’ve been on the Commission and I’ve been I’m the senior person in some respect and hearing what I’m hearing by you and expertise that you do share what we suggest is you that we’re moving forward here well I just think it’s it’s kind of telling that you know if it’s a sent out to 80 and there are a lot of capable folks out there in the world and only one who’s been the longtime incumbent will even respond to it I just think well partially I think in the timeline is kind of tight when this was first sent out and the time to respond is pretty short and and I don’t think there was I don’t know Joyce were folks given the ability to request a lot more detail to get their arms around what was involved or did they just get the initial packet no they they have the opportunity to come back with questions and we could provide either additional information that they needed that time frame is open for them to be able to do that we did also provide the property schedule so that they were aware of the scope of property that we have yeah something probably you just and looking back and not and I assume this is the the most current version but it looked like a schedule that I had of the timeline for the RFP and it looked like it was you know legally advertised on January 23rd and the written so cute statement of qualifications I guess had to be received by February 20th and I would just just from my experience you know it’s hard to do any kind of account in less than a month but something as sophisticated as this it seems to me that a lot of people that declined on this probably looked at the timeline and thought that’s just not reasonable to comply with and it definitely manures to the benefit of whoever’s been on it for a long time that others I think basically bailed by default would you recommend six months or so prior to this yeah I think a six month out process giving people plenty of time 90 days at least to be able to get their arms around the scope of the operation and ask the right questions and understand because you know that’s a very good price I mean the the fee on that for an operation as sophisticated as everything Lakeland’s running that’s very competitive and I think I just know from from where I would be staying odd look at that and they see as thinly as that’s priced and with a minimal time there is to turn around something without the opportunity get our arms around it well we would probably pass – no we did in our case because I obviously have a conflict of interest but I you know going forward I would like to see more time I think you get more people jump into the mix and if I may because I asked my colleague to chairs he has but that’s my that’s what I want to hear because I know as he just mentioned the fee and and the what we get out of it in the sense of what’s being opposed by

Gallagher has always been something I think we looked at you’re saying okay Wow for those of you that may not have as much knowledge as my colleague but saying that oh looks like okay with our certification that we have here is the city and what we have to make sure that’s been taken care of properly dollar amounts and that has always been something to say okay a that’s why we’re heading this way but if I’m hearing what he’s saying now there was then where we can move on would want to move toward what’s being suggested commit summer Carly commissioner Franklin clarified the time line that was my question so I’m good okay come it’s fair Franklin yeah thanks man Ben and commercial Walker just to follow up on your question there it’s real easy to get enamored with the fee and really at the end of the day I mean obviously the premiums are you know a huge order of magnitude greater than this fee that we’re paying but most importantly we have to always tech and think of while we’re buying the coverage to begin with it’s be to be protected in the event of a loss and so you know how claims end up ultimately being paid out is much more relevant and the dollars can be staggeringly more significant than whatever the low fee is that we get on the front end and I’m not saying this at all not this has not taken any any knocks at the current program I don’t mean that at all it’s just I just think that it’s telling was something that should be as attractive an opportunity as a city of Lakeland program that we can go decades without even having viable competition on it and I think I know that there are a lot of quality people in gallagher’s and outstanding firm but there are others out there as well and I think sometimes just I would love to see more ideas come to the table than just have a by default that just renews every time because no one else jumps into the process yeah points well taken and that’s why that’s why I want to make sure we all are capturing you know the essence of what has happened over the over the decade like you just said and how we can move forward to make sure we can get more people to buy into Apple and in light of Commissioner Franklin’s term it’s a very important conversation for us to have right now and I’m we’re appreciative of that Commissioner Reed thank you Scott are you suggesting that we might do a one-year contract didn’t send out a new RFP but it’ll give us six months my preference would have been there seen it done differently yeah I would not sure Palmer how I mean I can’t participate in this process anyway so I don’t have a dog in the hunt so to speak other than just as a taxpayer yeah I think so I think if the RFP timeline were set up differently I think you’d see a different level of participation Commission MacLeod thank you and and thank you for this discussion because I do think it’s this is good for all of us and for our residents to be able to hear how we’re approaching these issues and contract renewals and I did that was a red flag to me too as far as you know having one bidder on on something of this size and so I don’t know if it’s in terms of the process and from a legal standpoint if we’re even able to go back out for bid at this point in the process if we’re not then I think maybe a shorter contract term makes sense to try and encourage other firms to bid on this and to at least see what options are to see how competitive is this is this the best deal for our city because we’re only getting one bid it’s really it’s hard to know that and it’s hard I think to defend that as well well the we have an existing contract that’s going to expire so I yeah I think we need to move forward as far as the one-year deal you know the Gallagher’s response was was based on a long ordeal of that so I don’t know if their proposed contractor arms are still would still apply if we do it for one year that’s something we need to talk to them about so there are some consequences to changing things and the other side of that it doesn’t necessarily maybe we can make it two years or something to make it to bridge a little problem the question I would have is is it appropriate for us to ask them that question and do it prior to our Monday meeting and give them an opportunity for input I’m asking you that mr. Davis

Joyce what would your thoughts be on that your your at least we want to have that conversation with them that’s okay is it the preference of the Commission to have a shorter term in three years let’s start with that how many thumbs up do we see in that okay so then I think you want to have that conversation and see what you could bring to us on Monday modified for a shorter term and subsequently we also want to have at least a minimum of a three month window but I think preferably a six month window on something like this to broaden the base of the bidders non-renewal anything else from any other commissioners mr. mayor does it but you know a quick turnaround asking Gallagher to go ahead and make a quick decision on whether they want to shorten this contract not necessarily sure what the impacts are based upon the premium that they offered us does it make better sense since this contract needs to renew or at least need to have someone on board by June 1st that we table this until the meeting on the 18th to give Gallagher additional time to evaluate if they need that length of time they might say so personally I wouldn’t have an objection to the 18th other than if they are willing to make that decision in a shorter term period of time we could talk about it Monday so why don’t we let them tell us that make sense okay and you know there’s a lot of complications in those rooms I could certainly be persuaded to have a two-year term if the one-year terms tonight and it helps them reserving the pricing the other commissioners agree and Michael I think you are Mike’s open accessible discuss now in the interest of time and an item now you know we have a long term relationship with the city we’re certainly you know supportive of amending our original term as bid it accordance with mayor months but you said I’m sorry preference would be a a two-year term as opposed to a one-year term mainly because if we’re looking at a longer period of time on the bed we’re already beginning to work on the 10:1 renewals currently and just to make sure that there is built enough time and we don’t run into the same situation again that that would be our preference and I think one point of clarification is that you know the actual response that isn’t it’s not a bid for insurance quotes it’s a bid for services so you know the at least from what we see and we work with a lot of cities a lot of counties across the state the timeframe was not unreasonable as as bed they did ended up but completely understand that you know that may be the preference that a longer term but we certainly be agreeable to to it to a two-year term I think is given the time and effort we put into responding the RFP to you know the pricing that we put together that now all of a sudden is public record and available for everybody on it under short-term you know we can discuss further you know if that’s not acceptable but if the Commission what was it agreeable to a two-year term we’d certainly meet agreeable to that comments from commissioners all we have Michael and that’s that’s a pretty quick response by the way Commissioner Reed thank you thank you mayor I’m agreeable to the two-year term din on our next RFP and every day period versus a six-month I think hearing that might say maybe 90 days would be sufficient they’re doing like say we’re not getting quotes from policies it’s just a review of the documents and see what kind of the services they’d have to provide Commission Walker I can agree and concur with what Camillo commissioned me to say they were Michael miss you know mr. Gillan is here with us okay okay so on that basis if we brought it to Monday meeting as a two-year term is there anybody that has a commission that it has another question they’d like to ask discomforting to Express I see none okay so I think that’s the way we should set it up and we can put

it on a money Commissioner Reed should I make a motion then is that we won’t do it or did I quote I was I was okay that’s fine we’re do it on Monday all right thank you very much Michael thank you for joining us I appreciate that that’s very responsive thank you nothing more from city manager’s area mr. mayor all right that brings us back to a resolutions wanted to okay relates to the lost cleaning and clearing equalization process earlier on the agenda number two is the actual adoption of a resolution for the amendment of the certification agreement with the Department of Economic Opportunity and that brings us to miscellaneous the first non consent item is just for information only that is the outside legal fee report for your information and I want answer any questions you have on that any questions from anyone on the report it’s just a little bit below the normal average for this time of year number three is a loan agreement with impeccable construction for them to construct two single-family affordable homes at 2040 and 2050 to Martin Luther King jr. Avenue those are a couple of blocks north Bella Vista Street just today on the west side of the King jr. Avenue there these are shift funds that are available in the amount of $120,000 $60,000 per home and it’s it’s a loan and once the contractor builds the houses and sells the the houses to income qualified buyers the loan would be paid back to the city 50 and gifts may be online if you have further questions on that it did go through an RFP process there are four respondents back instructions out of Lakeland Wardell Williams I think it’s a principle that company I connect and Walker I don’t thank you mr. mayor I don’t know whether or not miss Gibson may be able to answer or as miss mail still it’s on the call on the end the meeting excuse me but certainly appreciate you know seeing some additional single family homes coming into them I’ll call the inner city in feel that we have and I know you’ve been working on it diligently trying to support more of what what this is all about are we seeing any and more appetite on the in deal that you know we know we had and we’ve shown and a couple of meetings in the past about you know the infill areas and trying to make sure we can partner with developers or however to get from a business single-family affordable housing in our community yes this agreement here as a result of a specific RFP that was put out to leverage ship funds with a builder to construct homes there’s a separate program and that’s the infill lot program that similarly took a had a request for proposals and we did receive a number of respondents to that currently we are going through that list and trying to determine which ones have made requests for the same Lots and then we’re going to go through a scoring process and award those Lots to the people that have shown they’ve had a demonstrate experience in building and some of the other program Barmes so that is happening as a separate process to this one could you tell me miss miss Teresa hey number I’m kind of approximate kind of a number of I mean we’re working with or at signal programmers get ready to help you put more traction on the ground with single-family housing I don’t recall the number but if Annie’s on the line she could provide that information I want to say that it was somewhere between 10 and 20 applicants that applied for those Lots excuse me Teresa yes sir we receive about 29 requests for about sixty plus Lots so staff at this time of course is going through that net list and trying to determine which developers and general contractors or best fit for those Lots that’s excellent Annie thank you ma’am both of you thank you mobile questions

like commissioners come serene Thank You mayor Megan I had set Palmer an email in reference to the provision in this particular contract in reference to default and I had suggested that we put a fixed percentage rate in that agreement versus a highest allowed by law reason so recently we had a case we had to foreclose on some stuff and I found out according to the Florida Legislature the highest reasonable or bylaws 9 percent I thought it was 18 percent but unless you state what it is just 9 percent so you can state 12 15 18 but 18 is neatly the number preferred and that’s why I suggested to Palmer that in the lieu of default we have a stated interest rate of 18 percent we’ve we’ve added percent in there I’m not exactly sure what was going on that foreclosure case me that the the statute that I’ve seen on the max rate is 18 but you know things happened where things happen yeah I guess just for baby state of Florida but I found out the hard way it was 9 percent so if it is overstated mr. Davis and it’s only collectible than 9 percent rate is that alright with you well I mean this the the the statute that I’ve seen says it is 18 percent so I think we’re in good shape okay all right any other questions on this all right thank you for the good work on getting those to and love to see the results of the 20 but cuz as you get that done this Gibson thanks for you all right that brings us to for number four is the third extension to our agreement with ovations food services also known as spectra the their their existing contract is coming up for exploration and the Lakeland center or the RP funding Center had gone out for an RFP in February of this year than everything hit the fan and they’ve decided to pull back on the RFP because of the impact on the event industry out there and the effect that would have on responses to our RFP and they are have negotiated with with spectra a extension for an additional year for your consideration the the extension will go to a toll june of 13 30th of 2021 that would hopefully give the if there is a new vendor chosen at that time that would give them the opportunity to transition and you know during the center of slower months as opposed to the holiday season there is a new commission structure under the proposed extension you can see in the memo for gross receipts between zero and 1.4 million the Commissioner rate paid to the city will be 25% over 1.4 million the Commissioner a page of this video will be 27.5% there’s a guaranteed minimum fee out of all that the specter of the $65,000 the historic Commission rate over the last three years has been paid to the cities and 26.6% so the new structure is in line with historic averages and they’re telling Camarillo was on the line if you have any questions yes any questions by commissioners for mr Camarillo mr. Commissioner Reed yes sir tell me what is the kind of sales we had there in the past the the gross receipts for cleaner has been about 2 million 1.9 to 2 million and that’s pretty average over the last few years so so we take in a little less than half a million from from their contract a year and sorry my camera doesn’t seem to be working it’s ok we I’m didn’t mind let’s imagine your smiling face Thank You mr. Walker Thank You mr. mayor and I’m glad to see of course our city manager along with mr. Camarillo working with spectra yeah I think for historical for purposes what news the actual vendor we had before spectra we had some kind of challenges with that particular particular vendor

and we got quite a few I don’t say quantity that numerous kind of negative feedback from our community about their particular service at all and the start has started to dwindle but what specially came on boy it appears that a whole new refreshing kind of experience came about and I do believe we we we continue to get good reports from residents and others who use their particular service there are people in filler so I appreciate because of what has happened in the entertainment arena has been hit as a little cold at 19 that we can work with this particular vendor and help support them to still remain the business state and in contract with us thank you yeah sure that’s one of the reasons we we wanted to do this way because we thought the continuity we had we don’t know what it’s going to be like coming out of this but we’re we’re already in conversations with them about planning we’ve got a wonderful relationship with them we just think it puts our best foot forward when we come out of this is to have somebody with experience here and we’re able to service our customers the right way as we come out of this so that’s that’s a big part of this as well excellent any other questions or comments thank you very much and thank you for working with them mr. Camarillo and I agree they have provided excellent service alright y’all thank you thank you all for your support in our work appreciate it all right have a good day on five and six we have on consent so that brings us to utility and Ramona suriani is with us on c1 the last item that we have this is an extension of the agreement we have with double engineering services it’s a three-year extension it also modifies some of those services the Quinn equipment as part of that amendment again it’s a three-year term the total cost is forty six thousand one hundred ninety dollars per year for a total cost of one hundred thirty-eight thousand five hundred and seventy dollars for the three-year contract term doable provides the engineering services related to an equipment as well to transform our data Ellie can upload that data with regard to you the transforming transformer testing and then double analyzes that and provides feedback and they maintain a historical database of transformers in the industry that’s very helpful to you Lincoln Electric and Lincoln Electric has been using these services for quite some time and it is included me lakelyn electrics fy2008 as well and it’s in the budget very good I excuse me for interrupting does this provide predictive services in terms of problems is that part of what the comparator does or is it a way to compare productivity I think it’s a testing database as well I think it does a little bit of both I believe Scott Fowler’s on the line he can talk about some of the technical aspects of it Scotty good morning mr. mayor Michener’s it is predicted we compared our Transformers against tens of thousands of Transformers around the world excellent what are the main benefits you get from this service the main benefits are do we see problems in the trending of a transformer a new transformer cost around $700,000 for our smaller for our substation transformers and the larger transformers are about one and a half million dollars so we can spot these trends which we test annually if we can spot these trends in the Transformers earlier on we can prevent a failure of a transformer excellent other questions like commissioners all right seeing none that looks to be satisfied appreciate your comments Scott so that takes us to the yes Commissioner McCurley since we’re moving to the next thing on that on the agenda can we go back and do consent since we’re live-streaming and also do the motion so we’re finished with that right we were we but we had to earlier votes that we were unaware were not being live-streamed at the time that we decided to defer until Monday assuming we wouldn’t look back up on live streaming which we are so commissioner

Carly’s recommending we go back and redo those two votes the first was to approve all the ass items on the City Commission agenda and we went through each of those Astrid items and there were no questions beyond well no challenges to any of them so is there a motion to approve the consent agenda items well we don’t don’t need to do that until Monday I’m not sure if the requested I explain those again it’s no you’re at sea you’re all day yeah you’re right the things that we voted the two things to learn where the committee reports and what’s the second one scheduled meetings correct so let’s just repeat that so do you have a motion mr. Commissioner Carla yes I knew that we return to our regular scheduled Commission meetings beginning May 4th and a second from Commissioner Walker discussion from commissioners hearing none all those in favor signify by lamp your hand unanimously passes the second one was the committee’s approvals as recommended as their motion to approve and a second by Commissioner Reed and discussion on that all those in favor signify burgers in your hand and opposed same unanimously approved thank you very much appreciate that bring us now to Commissioner comments anything you’d like to do yet Commissioner Reed waking task for list in front of me well I had it sent to you immediately before the Commission meeting and some of you may not have opened it up we actually have a slide on it if mr. cook can put can put that slide up these are the names we worked diligently the last three days to put together people that would participate on this I have them in name listing they were all they were derived by categories by categories of representation and so dr Craig Collins agreed to facilitate then we have you can see each of the names they have all agreed to participate at this point in time on the committee where our desire is to try and get that group together as quickly as we can and so that’s why we wanted to try and put together the list first Tony you have MIDI manager Delgado you have taken a look at this list as well and because I was interested in breath any comments you’d like to make no I think it’s very comprehensive it touches on so many different areas of our community everything from our educational system to our health providers as well as the business entities and Public Safety you know once again this is this is a committee that’s being formed by the chamber they will provide you as City Commission policymakers recommendation but it does not directly fall under the auspices of the City Commission correct any questions or input on that from any of the commissioners or do you see an omission at all Commissioner Walker thank you thank you mister I looked at this and thought it was very comprehensive as well as city managers as it eluded to various of course you know there’s berries are you know because of professionals our professions in our community as well as a community servant or lead servant leaders saw their faith based housing as he mentioned health education of course business certainly but I thought was a very very good list very I thought we crossed the spectrum it appears so I can I can of course allow myself to say I would agree to it and is for it all right and so it if the no objections will encourage the chamber to dig in Commissioner Reed go ahead thank you thinking this is very comprehensive this welder again the only issue I have is I would like for everybody on the list to be a resident of the city limits of Lakeland there again I don’t think it’s prudent for someone from out of town per se or that doesn’t have been the signal mister may

be makin decisions or make recommendations to the to us they’re getting I just think we need to have a they need to be a citizen of the city of Lakeland well some of them are not some of them do not live within the city limits but there are certainly heavily involved in Lakeland I did think about that consciously as we went through the list Wow but they also provide expertise that certainly impacts our city and our good voices and so there are some people that are not that technically do not live within our city limits I noticed that they’re gonna have the ultimate decision but they’re gonna just just a suggestion I hear from people that you know it’s not impacting somebody to maybe making this decision or recommendation per se well and that ultimately anything they’re recommending and becomes our decision Commissioner of Franklin yes mayor just to I think maybe a blend of what I think Commissioner Reid’s getting at and where you are is I do see a number of those who may not be City residents but they’re business owners in the city of Lakeland and then I think about to speak for Commissioner Reba I think the spirit of where I thought he was going with that is it they ought to be people who have a stake either as residents or business owners I would agree we shouldn’t have even experts who have no no dog in the hunt within our own city limits right and I there I believe I can say this accurately that there’s no one on that list that does not city manager Delgado I saw your hand too now Commissioner Franklin took the words out of my mouth at this list as I looked at it and once again I don’t get to choose but as I looked at it it was a of both residents and business owners we must be conscious of the fact that this is directly aimed at economics and so many of these people have some expertise also in the economics of our community any other comments Commissioner Walker yes sir mr. mayor and I would have to concur because I look at it when it first was brought to my attention and and stopped perusing the list the first thing I had in my mind you know is economics and even though we don’t they’re not a feud as you indicated they live in a core cinnamons area but they do own businesses in our city so that was made me say ok I can buy have a buy-in just say there should be a part of this process all right so I do want to compliment Cory skates on the hard work of putting this together and and the great coordination that he and I’ve had the last couple of days in it in May in getting in contact with these people so they’re willing and what if there are no objections or additions to this then I think or recommendations even though this is the Chamber’s project we wanted to run it by you first just to make sure since we’d be taking some input that we were being as inclusive as you’d like I certainly wanted that because if I’m gonna chair this on your behalf I I want to make sure we’re spending time with the right people so thank you for putting that up mr. Cook and anything else you wanted to add to that Commission read was that the only issue on that okay something that I’d like us to have some discussion on only on a guidance basis and this isn’t for policy is we’re talking about doing the 25% program that we have eating in restaurants as a May 4th and and it has been at least flushed out that we might want to do tables on the streets and there’s some pros and cons with respect to that you know merrily probably with from the cleanliness standpoint we we would certainly any business that has a sidewalk and the capacity to put tables in front of that that doesn’t block traffic can do that anyway so the question was would we want to consider expanding onto streets closing streets to provide some of the restaurants in the core downtown some opportunity to to do that I’d like it if we could just have a little discussion of perspective there just so that we can aid the restaurant owners and thinking about what they can be planning for appropriately I was on it a call yesterday by the way that talked about how packaging providers are going to become so much more important because of

individual Saltz individual peppers individual kept tips and all those kinds of goods become more important than having common the bottles that people are grabbing as examples of the differences in the way we would see services provided any comments on the tables and closing streets coming from Adam Thank You mayor I was really glad you brought this up the other the meeting the other day I think most of us received from a request from a citizen ellen bagged in’ who emailed us with this idea probably about a week ago and you know so I you know like I said we don’t get to talk but I’m assuming everyone received that and then the mayor brought it up at our last meeting so I had really thought that that was um you know a great idea to be able to support our downtown restaurants to give them a little more space to social distance so you know I think as a city if we went through extraordinary measures to close down things we could do extraordinary measures to open up things and support to kind of augment some of the revenues that they’ve lost over the last several weeks I think anyway we can help them you know certainly we can’t make people come downtown even though it’s open so we don’t know if there’s gonna be overwhelming support for the restaurants or if people will still be reticent to try but I think showing our residents that we are trying to provide a safe open space might give them you know a better you know a better appetite to use that you know to try to come downtown and think wow I know I can sit six feet apart outside I’d really like to go out to dinner and and try this out so I certainly don’t think it’s necessarily ongoing I do know that Julie Townsend had mentioned when when we brought it up before just because some cities have opened up their streets on Friday and Saturday nights to have you know more of that nightlife and just seeing a fun festive atmosphere for pedestrians and she didn’t think at the time that the downtown folks really you know we’re interested in doing that so I don’t necessarily think of it as something permanent or or necessarily ongoing but if we could have like I said extraordinary measures to do whatever possible to help them recoup some of the lost revenue while they’re only at twenty five capacity and see how that goes I think it’s worth it to just show how much we want them to survive and how much we want you give them space to do it I do also know that Julie mentioned that she was going to survey those restaurants because if folks are not interested in coming out even though that they’re open and they prefer to have those lanes for a curbside pickup you know we don’t want to you know go open them up and then all of a sudden we preclude sales you know because we’ve you know taking away the curbside feature so I think Julie had mentioned Friday and Saturday night I mean I’d like to see it open at lunch you know for everyone who’s going back to work to be able to go and sit outside and have a social distant spot to have lunch too but you know I don’t know how extraordinary those actions would be to have you know the streets closed and then I know that Elsa Nicole Travis had mentioned that with summits construction and the Massachusetts um you know streets maybe having you know been closed that that might cause some other traffic problems downtown so I know there’s a lot of variables but I am absolutely interested in in the discussion and hearing from you know our folks downtown to see if they think that that would help them you know be more welcoming to guess as we open Commissioner McCauley I completely agree with Commissioner Madinah but the more we can do to support our local business I would be interested and Commissioner Franklin I don’t know if you know LD be a board member but on that survey that Julie’s producing do we have a feeling of who wants to open up at the 25% because I think the constant current if they have to have a full staff or 25% it might be above what they’re willing to pay they might continue as mrs. batten said to do Kurtz I’d do you have any numbers yet or was she pushed that survey out yet you know you don’t my guess is she’s on I was going to say she could probably call in and and comment on that directly hey yes I just I just came online most of the businesses are are going to open I haven’t heard of anyone so far that has told me that they’re gonna stay curbside only all the all the people that I’ve reached out to every single one is yes for opening yes for opening yes for opening okay Julie concerns if you have them with respect to this pros or cons well I had shared with Tony and

Commissioner Madden sort of the concerns of the having the street clothes and putting tables and chairs in the street obviously any logistics of getting tables and chairs will figure out we won’t let that be an obstacle I think I haven’t haven’t gotten a good consensus yet from the businesses on that I’ve struggled to to get them to sort of answer that question but my initial suggestion was really just for once a week not on any kind of permanent basis and if you recall several months ago sort of put out there that the suggestion to perhaps close South Kentucky permanently and make it a pedestrian thoroughfare and the businesses on that block were wholeheartedly opposed to that idea and I know that many of your staff are opposed to that as well it breaks breaks the ability to keep traffic flow and hurts the grid and I think just in terms of yes there was a lot of construction with heritage Plaza but the street being closed that for nine months and the damage that it did to the businesses in terms of their sales just it cut them off and I think you would see that that may not be as damaging if there’s just no construction but the Cutty the closing of a street in the middle of a downtown like that is not I don’t think is is the right thing to do so they’re not in favor of that on a permanent basis I’ve had one or two reach out to me concerned that even closing it one day a week might be a slippery slope into making it you know suggesting that it be permanent so I don’t I just don’t have consensus yet and I have been talking with some of them about well if we don’t close the street what if we did parklets where you know we could create with just some quick planters and fencing but we have to get with Public Works I’m on a call with them later today about what kind of materials could we possibly do we don’t want anything flying into the street so long story short we’re not there yet in terms of making a decision at least in consensus building among those those businesses yet but you know what I don’t think it’s a closed-door discussion commission tree thank you I’ve noticed it and the program is obviously working along in South Florida Avenue and course I would hate if we implement something along that neighborhood with temporary barriers if the car were to get out of the whack and get some people on the extended area that they may try to take advantage of we we might need to address that area specifically or it’s just a thought I’d hate for someone to have a wreck along that area when you crash through on the barriers and damage some of our services well I think this discussion has been confined to downtown in this way anyway well I just didn’t want to make sure the people didn’t get the wrong idea and try to expand that area other than the course Commission Walker Thank You mr mayor and and I can concur with what I’m hearing from both I guess a couple of my colleagues already about and have I’m palatable you with you know making the move towards supporting especially can our restaurants in that core downtown area but again I think it’s Public Safety that’s ultimately important to make sure we can still have the traffic flow or the traffic the greed as I heard miss miss Townsend referred to you not being interrupted or calls any other particular challenge when it comes to public safety so I know I would have the you know I was defer that to people like Community Economic Development people with Transportation on the call Travis and and the police you know when chief Garcia just to make to see if you know it can be it can become something that can happen again out I think we all probably say we want to make sure we to do whatever we can to help support our businesses our local businesses being restaurants retail whomever to get back to some form of our money making and getting both and getting back to some no malice is that’s best so I have no I will not be against anything as long as it’s not going to cause an engine disruption with Public Safety and and and that kind of thing so I’ll be my particular paint on it Community and Economic Development Director Travis could you just weigh in from your perspective a few ideas good morning mayor we have been in constant

communication with Julie Johnson about supporting the businesses as best as we can and if that means some sitting in parking spaces we are going to work with Public Works and LPD to make sure that we’re safe because there are local roads to FDOT or not is not involved and so there’s are local decisions that we can make to make that work so whatever we can do to support our businesses on a temporary basis and we probably will start if we get some consensus from the businesses maybe trying it one day in the evening see what the logistics look like whether it works for the business or is it more cumbersome and then if we can scale it up we’ll do that we just need to evaluate that and as mentioned earlier by Commissioner Matta the traffic impacts from the quote reducing the lanes on Massachusetts Avenue with some its construction and so I think it’s not going to be a cut and dry decision I think it’ll just evolve as we learn more and we see what the patterns are and then we can scale it up or scale it back if we need you well I think the good news and that is that let’s the 25 percent get open you know and start that space you can keep that dialogue going we could move into it we could do a trial we could find out it may be able to expand even to lunches you know at some point in time I know we all got I believe we all got a an email this morning from the Lakeland ballet service and that’s another aspect that can be measured you know would it be nice for people to be able to go to a place that doesn’t take up traffic down the street and have the food brought to us that we may have ordered online or by phone in in advance so that we can keep some of those areas open so all that can be mixed into that conversation I think any other comments coming from a cloud and then Madden thank you yeah I definitely would be on board with trying one of these approaches whether it is making Street spaces available or parking spaces trying to be creative where we can to support these businesses I think as many of you said that the feedback from restaurants and local businesses will be key and in seen what do they support and and making sure we’re aligning with that and not putting out a solution that doesn’t work for them and then certainly would want to hear you know once we get that feedback what is staff recommending from the the traffic standpoint from the public safety standpoint and what does that look like and I think what I’m hearing is that we’re all we’re in that direction we all seem to be on the same page with that I think the missing element right now is just the specific feedback from the downtown business community should commit your men Thank You mayor and thank you for everyone with your you know different thoughts certainly has a lot of facets to this you know idea one of the things that you know for us to say well yeah we’re open at 25% I would love to see you know Julie show us a little bit more you know with regard to what does that mean you know for Michels can they nip you know well they have they can have one person for every four they could have had in their line before can you have people in a line and just not seated do if they’re in a line do they’ve to be 6 feet apart what does that do to frescoes in 1961 if they had four tables now they can have one table you know so like I said we could open and have no one show up and then we have yeah this is just a mute issue but if people are excited you know to go out to eat and you know go to lunch and go on a date you know what do they do I mean sorry you know we can only have one table now in the front out of those 4 and in the back we have six tables so we can have one and a half there in 25% when you’re talking about a restaurant it’s not going to replace a lot of revenue that they’ve lost being close for the last several weeks so you know I know as a business center myself I mean I you know I’ve seen you know at Publix they have you know everybody has scramble to get arrow to you know show direction and put tape on the ground to show six feet apart and to move all of your cubicles and your office spaces and deaths six feet apart so I’d like to know you know with our restaurants downtown you know 25 percent I don’t think anybody really thinks about like what that looks like for these people and so I know that you know we could talk about all of the difficulties you know getting it clean and shutting down the streets but I just I think really urgency you know if we can’t do something quickly to just help them know that we’re open for business and say hey we’re we have this week where we’re all we’re gonna be in the streets just to make everyone feel comfortable it’s kind of what I was thinking you know because you know in a couple weeks hopefully we’ll be at phase two and then will it be at 50% and hopefully you know a month

from now will be it you know whatever but you know my my whole goal was really more like what do we do immediately to help people you know be open and get as many accommodate as many people as would like to eat at the restaurant and not you know kind of be rationing or in having lines and not be able to let people in but like I said I mean I don’t even know if people will be you know scrambling to get in maybe you people don’t have any money to spend and won’t be going out so you just want kind of some context like it’s really not to try to have a new policy and to go through a lot of red tape and to figure out you know like when we could do this and how we can implement I think by that time you know we missed the point the point is to just try to help these people recover and get more revenue rather than less in a short amount of time so that they can survive and I think that’s in sync with what Julie was saying and coming from a cloud and and McCarley and in terms of giving them some flex to go forward my city manager Delgado yeah Thank You mr. mayor and thank you Commissioner Adam for bringing that that issue up because if you take a look at the executive order that’s been provided by the governor it’s it’s once again a little ambiguous as to what that 25% means is it 25% of their normal capacity or capacity that’s provided by the fire marshal or is it 25% of what tables you currently have there so I’m hoping and I’ve asked our lobbyists to see if he can find some additional information regarding that because that that’s a little ambiguous and it’s going to make it hard for our restaurant tours to really understand what that means and so and I’ve seen a lot of chatter on social media people asking that same question what does that mean 25% and so I’m hoping we can get additional direction I’m not sure we will but I’m hoping to get some additional direction Julia becoming on that yeah I think what that is very confusing and the downtown merchants have certainly asked those questions as well talking about is a square footage is a number of seats I think they’re going to you know take 25% of their tables and and and putting notes on the others or signs on the other saying don’t sit here or this is not available or and that’s what they do at the 50% mark when that happened but also you know the public’s gonna keep them in check it’s not like the police are gonna be walking in and out of all these restaurants saying you’re at 37% we’re gonna you know find you the again Facebook and social media the public’s gonna keep people in check and set and call out the ones who are over stuffing their their restaurants and businesses because that’s what’s already been happening in terms of ones that have bad practices for social distancing so yeah I mean it’s gonna be different for everyone as as Commissioner Madden said you’ve got Mitchell’s who has a you order at the counter and there’s a line and then you sit and then Fresco’s is table service and you know so every one of them is different and they’re all sort of you know we’re all talking about what the best practices are and I shared the CDC best practices with them as well but I think the curbside is going to be still very very important and that’s my consulting to hear from each one of them you know adding some extra tables in the street is that is that going to be more important to them than keeping the lanes of traffic open so those people can get to them curbside and I know the valet service has has made an offer to us but somebody’s got to pay them so I gotta get LD DEA approval if that’s something that you know we’re gonna use our funds for right any other comments why don’t you touch base on farmers market Julie while we’re here and to some thoughts yeah so I had spoken with the mayor about possibly a timeline for reopening the farmers market I had kind of pitched that to the board of LDD via email individually of course no discussion and a while back and it was it was too soon when we when I first sort of broached it but my my vendors were desperate and we were all sort of scrambling but long story short if we are looking at hospitalization numbers and you know death numbers continuing to decline in our area then I think that we have an opportunity to start bringing the farmers market back got some folks outside with loud music and we’re looking at the end of May again consulting with the LBD a board and getting their approval but ultimately it’s the city’s property so you guys have to give us permission it’s even consider it and the thought was to spread the market out all the way from oak to lemon and not stop at the railroad tracks there wouldn’t be any other events that we would be

conflicting with like me normally that would happen in one part that we would conflict with that would space the vendors out you know 20 feet from each other which would also obviously space the patrons out and that way we could you know we could require everyone to wear masks we can have the the vendors reconfigure their booths so that people are not walking into their space and shopping and touching more of I’m standing in front of my booth and you kind of point to what you want and I and I hand it to you so that’s what I’ve pitched to the vendors they’re all very excited obviously to try to get back to to work and so again ultimately it’s your property and with the city not renting any facilities you know it kind of puts you in a position of saying well we’re going to make this exception so come in from Red Cloud great Thank You Julie yeah I saw where you had mentioned some other markets around Florida and even beyond or have stayed open can you comment on that a little bit yeah several of them have stayed open and they some are doing drive-thru service where they pre-ordered and then you just pick up but we’re doing a pre-order pickup service through my says that isn’t going very well for us we are you know teeny-tiny sales other markets have a more robust produce and farmer population among their vendors and I think that’s what the draw is several of our true farmers are operating out of their own sites and so that’s kind of made ours a little less you know farmer focused and it’s more of our the artisans and the food vendors like the beef jerky and you know the sauces and things like that so we haven’t had a really robust drop-off pickup order online situation and other other farmers other markets that people are allowed to shop in there’s been some difficulty and some challenges in terms of chaos with people you know not keeping their distance saying at least it was last month I think they’ve gotten a little bit better but they’re spreading their vendors out there they’re very far apart and and they’re you know having people walk in patterns and and some of them have actually have only invited back their food vendors I would suggest since now that we’ve allowed retail to reopen that we would we would invite our retail vendors as well but for now the markets that are open are purely food only and all the other vendors the artisans the crafters were not invited to participate additional questions or thoughts on this and of may seem like a reasonable target to you just trying to I think I I do I like the plan Julie’s laid out I think you’ve given thought to spacing a vendor’s and and how to really do that effectively and thoughtfully and and it is outdoors and so I think as we’re learning more through this that you know outdoor areas seem to pose less of a risk and so I think whatever we can do to to shoot for end of may you know if something changes as you mentioned I mean we can certainly reevaluate but but I I’m on board with that and the other thing is that really does help the retail vendors and the restaurants if we can you know bring the market folks back you typically closed in August but we had discussed at the last meeting commissioner Carl even may be suggested not closing in the normal month that we’re closed and vendors are totally on board with that I know the retail stores are very unhappy when we closed in August because sales go down for them as well so we would if we open in May we would just power through and not take August off good no objections that by anybody or concerns good Thank You Julie for your time very much I want to point out one other conversation that we have weekly city manager Delgado and I have the privilege of being able to talk to the LRH executive team about weekly about status I was a little optimistic I think this weekend talking in in that call anticipating that you know we’re as we start to move in these first phases that the hospital is going to be more encouraged about how things are going as well and the call was a little more sobering than I anticipated and so I want to mention that to you the the um there was a patient that was very young that had been affected in a short amount of time who was in very critical condition sometimes the virus responds to people in ways that are brutal and and very

fast so that’s an encouragement for people to recognize if they’re having any of the symptoms and they’re concerned about it to make sure that they get the testing and if they need to get towards hospitalization sort of the respiratory center that we have available on Pablo is a place to be able to go but the other conversation was that literally this is a very heavy in weight virus unlike most viruses so when people expel it drops it drops the tables and that the value in the masking which my cautioning and all this is that as we start to reopen we can start to relax and think okay everything business as usual when in fact we still need to encourage people to follow good protocols and good disciplines so hand washing is hugely important masks are important I even got mass and just so you know I’m not a mask allure and I’m gonna start wearing masks in public as a result of that also get some grimaces sometimes from people because I don’t have a mask on I might point out but nonetheless the real reason is because the mass protects if you expel some droplets and you were an asymptomatic carrier as well as being able to pick those things up but to recognize that the horizontal surfaces are where this virus drops and sits and how important it is to make sure you’re cleaning horizontal surfaces anything people are touching and that although we are not in the crisis mode that we thought we had we have a diligence to work to protect we need to continue to encourage people to safeguard and to follow these protocols this becomes particularly important as we are allowing our businesses to open back up for them to think about how they want people to be while they’re in their store and if they want to be able to provide masks obviously in a restaurant would be a little difficult to eat with masks on so that’s gonna be a different operation but as you come in and out you know you may want to have some of those criteria if people are picking up foods you may want to have and you don’t and they come into your restaurant you may want to have some of those encouragement not for a policing standpoint just for people’s health yours as well as other people’s as well and so it when when we listened to the concerns it was important to kind of just make me recognize we have a law you know we’re a longer crawl out on this than we’d like to think and I do think it is a crawl walk run kind of scenario for us as we go along and measure along the way the measurements are part of what there are you know there’s discussion about – for us I think watching hospitalizations isn’t important and watching deaths per week and the rate of those is important and where they come from so as you’ve been probably no the majority of our deaths at the hospital have been in one group that’s an important thing to know because it makes a big difference in the way that you look at how broadly spread this is and also how critically important it is to respond to the needs of a problem area in an appropriate way so just encourage us to think of this as a gret as a process and so that’s probably why this whole community about my discussion about the tables outside is as good as a gradual process a little bit because let’s first lets them go what’s what are we doing inside and how do we work that differently with employees that we have how do we broaden it out maybe to an outside table scenario this is going to be true as we work this reopen wakeland discussion and what one of the things we want to see in this is what do people recommend what are some practical steps that can take place what are some creative ways to keep problems from occurring that that we can do so just a word of caution with respect to the healthcare side of this we still got a long way to go any additional comments from anyone else Commissioner Walker thank you Thank You mr. mayor and not a subject of cold in nineteen its my comment oh my ask and they said this time with no colleagues because of years you know we do not get the chance to talk or share and trying to stay away from that as well so you came here because you don’t want to violate some particularly law that we know could get us in some trouble but I do need to ask hopefully this is the right time to do that even though we’ve been inundated with Corbin 19 for the last five weeks or more here among ourselves in the city at this point so

you would know there’s a process happening while the state level with FLC that imma throw my name back in the Hat again for a position on that particular episode of organization so I’m asking my colleagues along with the mayor if you will consider doing a little recommendation for myself to support that particular process it’s starting to happen here and very shortly the next few days we don’t know whether or not how and this point as I understand the annual meeting would be for the annual FLC conference that usually comes about in August whether it may be just virtual only or could it be a combination of something and particular location along with some virtual significance for people who may not want to travel there is a board meeting coming up of course next month that that’s just for my asked to have to be a part of to continuous process that I plan to have already entered into to reconsider for that state position so I’m looking of course putting my name hat and my name in the Hat again for the second vice president position on the state level and which I’ve already done and we have the nominating committee and this has already been planned to be he’s a virtual and son of God at this point in the next few weeks done appreciate that and appreciate your work representing us in that regard any other comments from commissioners well thank you all I did hear I heard the mayor but I know he’s one of us six or seven support and I will need to get that letter from You mr. mayor or you and city manager have you all will do it you get that some in a few days if you don’t mind probably get it out today and include all the commissioners as a part of that support yes thank you so much I’ll get it done today what else commissioner men Thank You Mira I did want to know if we had an update on how the census was going in our area I saw it yesterday and it was a 53% level if I if my numbers right it’s not too far off I was gonna try me into I think we were doing very well in our community but what I hear across the state with some other numbers we of course we’re the only matter what month out in a sense of having little tracking being down but I think we’re doing very pretty well well it’s important to do if you have not done the census you need to do yours and they’ve done two mailings at this point in time as so that every household has gotten it and it’s a picture of who’s in your house when you complete it Commissioner McCauley or no I’m so committed City Community and Economic Development Director Travis quite glad I don’t say that often really closely with the counties since esteem and Jonathan Rodriguez has been leading that effort for I Department and we can provide you guys with a report later this afternoon through the city manager good anything you could have it in mind miss Travis on ways that we could encourage this that we’re not doing currently well initially we paid for some ad service to be for them ads to be run in the movie theaters the movies are now closed we have a billboard since we can’t do a door-to-door right now and so I think as long as we continue to promote it and our social media even though that’s just one outlet we’re trying to come up with other creative ways on how to do that we explored putting clings on city cars just to promote taking the census and I know that the deadline has been extended some and so we are trying to regroup because some of our efforts have been stifled a little bit particularly with movie theater ads so we’ll regroup and let you know okay Great Commission Walker I think I’m sure mr. Cole is very aware of this because I know her team Oh Dooley Simpkins missing some kids in the neighborhood association group coalition

I should say the challenging aspect census and we probably don’t keenly aware of it as community leaders and election officials if your minority communities you know especially there are african-americans one of them but of course a Latino Hispanic communities very much so can be very apprehensive about doing or taking the census so whatever we can do and try to encourage both those communities both those Anisa T’s to be involved will be very much so I think a good sale for us of course you want everyone counted everyone numbers always be good and so it’s like the dollars that we get so I noticed some communities that they’re challenging especially so we might even think about Commissioner Walker creating a video that includes making certain that churches and chambers the minority chambers get that out to its members and on their feeds as well and that would allow us to be able to have a broader audience and target it on the those two areas of ethnicity I do know that the the churches I can’t speak for someone’s the Latino Hispanic community but I know the church is through the ministers of past senior pastors and attorney contacted me Simpkins has made again through NIC NAC and I am a I think it done they did they’ve run the announcements I know they were announced for their sharing with their congregations but again as a video can be done in time to make it happen sure whatever means of creativity that comes up good yes the NAC we did a census presentation to the NAC back in February we’ve also recorded two videos both of which you were in and Spanish as well for our minority communities and our efforts have been primarily focused on our under undercounted neighborhoods and census tracts so we’ve been focusing heavily on those areas I don’t know if it’s helpful but if I can be useful for any spanish-language videos happy to do that you know if that becomes important I’ll leave that to you but just know you can call me whenever I appreciate it here on Telemundo commissioner McCarley and then mr. cook yeah I’m glad that mrs. Travis brought up the meeting in February where there was a presentation for the Neighborhood Association coalition pok√©vision push that out really well heartedly as well as the transit team Tom Phillips team I believe they have some ads on their buses that are throughout the city I think we’ve been covering pretty pretty well and the Neighborhood Association have another meeting coming up I believe next week so we can reinforce it there again mr. Cook I just wanted to elaborate just a little bit of what Nicole stated as well we have a pretty robust social media campaign that runs through August and we also then she touch based on it we redid the video with you speaking that we’re trying our best to get that to the churches so if any of you have any contacts with churches that have video that could show that we’ve reached out to a number that we’re aware of we’ll certainly get that out as well just want elaborate on that perfect any other comments that was coming from Walker correct now you say you have reached out because I know well I’m not aware of the video coming through a couple of trips without churches that kind of spend time with quite a bit well you give the video to them as I’ve stated we don’t know every Church that has video capability so if you have some that you’re aware of please send me an email and we’ll get them the video and my recommendation would be just syn him to the contact person of those churches Commission Walker so he can include him in his list we’ve also been running ads on the radio in both English and Spanish as PSAs and the Neighborhood Association meeting is rescheduled for May 21st and so we will continue to promote through that that venue with the NAC and I’m looking at all forms of media that I have there I would have Brian and Jonathan Rodriguez sending updates and we’ll provide you guys all with the links to the videos so

that you can share them with your contacts as well and you can push them on through the different areas of influence and channels that you have which we all need to do act that’s an excellent idea and just people that need to recognize this is super important to our future yes lots of reasons yes thank you thank you and thank you commit your men for bringing that up um other comments all right oh yes Commissioner McLeod Thank You mayor I was just gonna ask either chief Garcia if he’s on the line or Tony to update us and the public on where we are with the Citizens Advisory Board for the police department I know we’ve received the email update and we’ve got the applications but just I know there were some changes to the timeline because of everything we’ve been going through and just an update on that if you can I’ll do a quick update and chief Garcia could get into some of the details obviously nothing has changed regarding the criteria and what our plans are to go ahead and move forward with a citizen’s advise since we advisory board with the LPD we had kicked this off at the end of the year in hopes that by the time we reached April we would have selections already in place to start having meetings in May or at least the initial kickoff meeting so that folks can become more involved with our Lakeland Police Department and chief we’ll talk a little bit about what that involvement entails unfortunately with the current pandemic challenge things have been pushed back a bit we have received a number of applicants those applicants were provided to each one of you each Commissioner is is asked to select one applicant to sit on the board we have the applications now in your city commit Commission mailboxes if you want to come pick them up or if we need to go ahead and have them delivered please let us know so we can get them to you the chief and I will then have the opportunity to select one additional member to the board of seven that you select but our goal is to try to get these selections done by the end of May understanding where the governor might be with this phase one two and three obviously this is going to be a meeting that we need to bring people together or at least do virtually but we’d like to have everybody together so the chief and the staff and spend some time with them and so with that chief you want to add a little bit about what your thoughts are on it yes sir thank you and good morning we’re certainly encouraged by all the folks that put in for an opportunity to serve on this board a great gathering throughout the whole city that we saw registered take an opportunity to do this so we’re ready to go we’re just waiting for an opportunity as the city manager said that we can get everyone in the same room and that think we think it’s very important that we all get to meet kind of face to face to get this started off since we’re coming in from all different directions and we’ll be able to get a good foundation to start with once we’re able to meet again but we look forward to doing it Tony did you say when you need our nominations to you yeah I think I think and the email I sent to you I think was May 25th but I’ll double-check but I did send an email out to each one of the commissioners with the listing at least the Excel spreadsheet listing of who’s applied where they’re where they live as you know the members have to live within the city of Lakeland and so our chief did we make that the electric service territory but I thought it was the city yes sir than the city limits yeah and so as the addresses where they live and also has some of their occupations I believe we designated the 25th but I will double check but we did send an email so hopefully we have your selections by then all right anything else good questions if there’s nothing more and I saw city clerk who’s actually on just then maybe we should accept a motion to adjourn seeing one from Commission Walker in a second from Commissioner McCarley all those in favor signify by raising your hand opposed same we are adjourned thank you for your time very much