I am Sherwin Cruz, Mysher Aviary In Hobby ni Daddy [Intro} A blessed day to all of us, and welcome back in our channel If you are new in our channel, and If you are new to visit, don’t forget to subscribe this channel is about petting birds Breeding, mutation, and other related topics in petting a bird and please also click the notification bell and set it to all So if we will going to upload a new video, you will be notified immediately So today we will go to kaHobby Sherwin Cruz of Mysher Aviary to take a peek at his birds there Let’s go here we are today at the aviary of an idol when it comes to breeding birds We are here to take a bird from him to hand feed and also to interview him about petting birds, and let’s take a look of what are the breed of birds does he have in his aviary let’s go inside Sir can you introduce yourself? – I am Sherwin Cruz from Mysher Aviary, this is my aviary How long are you petting birds? – I started – about year 2003 – 2003 when I started my aviary – I began with, – a pair of African Love Birds – I just passed it – on the sidewalk street. actually, I only saw him on the sidewalk how did you encourage me to take care of more birds? I bought the birds that are in the street, It suddenly lay eggs after 3 months of petting them and had four or five baby birds So when they suddenly lay eggs, Then we had a chatter with my friend, he had interest in the baby bird, he immediately bought it So, I said ” It supposed that, my son is having fun with the birds, but I”m the one having fun with them. So, then I said ” It’s awesome” So its good not just a hobby but, I also had interest on it otherwise it’s not just a hobby, you can also earn some money somehow but of course if you take care of a bird step aside the income a bit first, it should be a hobby first, of course So, there’s the idea of selling them to get income because what you will get if they are too many What are the species of birds do you have know in your aviary? – so now, I think around 51st of different types of medium birds in small birds, the African Love Birds because I reduced them In African Love Birds 9 plus, 2 months ago it is in 32 pairs. But now, I only have 15 pairs of African Love Birds, Now in the medium more or less they count 50 What are the species of those birds? there are so many, we have Conures Macaw, Eklectus, We have In all of those birds what is your most favorite?

– My most favorite among of them is the Red Velvet Bird That is our local specie that that we call ” Katala ” They’re so beautiful this is them This is the red velvet, they are my most favorite, They are a bit naughty but this is a local specie as long as I see local species in the Philippines, I like that which of them is the most ideal for hand feeding and free flight? – If its for free flight, I suggest the one the long tail if it is a long tail bird they are good in free flight So, I will suggest Alexandrine they are the best in free flight they can keep up to a Macaw Are they not the type that is easy to lose? – No, not really I don’t know because I don’t really do free flights. But they most common feedback to me of those of my clients that do free fly, So that time, they said Alexandrine is the best one for them for them, because they can keep up to a macaw They are not pricey compared to the Macaws, Cockatoo, African Gray It is less cheaper the, Alexandrine they are a bit cheaper and a bit bigger in size so he is good at free fly Do they have the same size size as the Macaw? – No sir, they are just same as the size of the African Gray but they are a bit smaller But they have longer tail they are not that big, but they are the biggest breed in the family of the Parakeets otherwise, They look like Red Necks but they are bigger than the Red Necks and they don’t have bluffing stage because the Red Neck have a bluffing stage What is the bluffing stage? – So the bluffing stage is when they reach 4 months, Even they are tamed, they pretty bite hard They bite They become aggressive? – Yes like that but, that is their habit but, that is for only 1 month after that, that will go away. You just need to conquer their habit in their bluffing stage So, the only technique there is you will try to always touch them Do all birds do that? – No, only the Red Neck have the bluffing stage so when it reaches 4 months, they will be naughty But after you conquer their bluffing stage, they are very gentle They are so gentle, wherever you go he does not separate Okay sir, can you give an inspirational talk to our kaHobbies? – For me, if you are going to pet a bird, look at them as, as a pet and belong them as your family member part of the family, don’t look at them as a a business There is the idea of selling them for money of course So, but as much as possible, take them as a part of you family and if you will start your aviary, do not ever cheat on your fellow breeder that is number 1 because, the world of a bird breeder is so small so when you cheat on your fellow bird breeder and especially to those who are new in petting birds your career is done, the news have wings [ Chuckles } otherwise, a news from a breeder is fast to spread that is the best if the bird has problems and, your friend or a familiar guy still wants to buy it from you Tell them what is the issue of the bird be honest because that is up to him if he will take it or not that is up to him, just always keep being honest in your present or future client that’s all just don’t cheat your fellow bird breeder Thank you kaHobby for your time – Okay sir thank you too – those my clients want to take hand feed birds Does that not affect their breeding? – Not really – so when the chick comes out,

– less than just two weeks they will lay eggs again oh just that fast – That’s all, you will supply the nutrients that their body needs – because when you leave – the calcium in their body – your hen will die – because when a hen lays egg, –almost – 50 to 60 percent of calcium per egg – is being lost from her – so you need to sustain that What are calcium supplements you give to them? – There’s a lot of supplements that we can buy from the market for the calcium Hahn’s Macaw They can talk sir? – he is laughing like Dracula [ Chuckles ] There he said hello so brilliant Shout out to our kaHobbies, Thank you kaHobbies for your support and for watching also a family of Sun Conure? – Yes that is a Conure family There kaHobbies if your like Quaker Parrots That is how they look like, they are beautiful birds Okay, you watched the pet birds of one of our kaHobby His birds are so beautiful If you are one of our kaHobbies and you want to be visited of Hobby ni Daddy Just follow me in our Facebook page, and message me if you are interested to feature your aviary on our channel the featuring of your aviaries on our channel is one of the purpose of our channel for our subscribers that are near your location, for them not to go far Especially those who have CWR, and those who have permit I can feature you in our channel just message me and we’ll pray for it that the schedule will be set for that Thank you for your support and for watching, God bless all of you