FAST and FURIOUS!! (Need for Speed: Heat, Part 1)

daily YouTube live streams and more and today for you I have the brand-new Need for Speed in 2019 this is me push me to eat and it looks really really cool I think I’ve been requesting that you walk through of this game and I want to know from you guys how much hype is there do you want to see who you are walk through this game I got a do to let me know who’s hit that like button let’s go for like 15 or 20 kid likes and I’ll see what I could do here I did want to mention though if you are new around here make sure to subscribe on and we drop their brand new collaboration with champion typical champion collab is here it is new limited and there’s one of the quantities and it’s just break so go check it out pretty cool there’s a hoodie two shirts and a new hat and then we’re gonna be dropping some new stuff really soon as well so typical bad store let’s go ahead and get the started though let’s Kim let’s do this the last time I played need for speed was Need for Speed to remember the last game was payback really liked that stuff option you guys really liked that series so here we’re coming at you with the brand new Need for Speed and we’re gonna go solo solo it’s been a minute since I played before speech so uh give me a second as I catch up with what I got to do in the game you know with how I got a drive I’ve been away from my card real life not the virtual cars so we gotta take a second to like you know bridge that gap you know bridge that gap that’s what we’re gonna do that’s what we’re gonna do but I’ve heard some pretty good things in this game so far apparently according to need for speed this is the best value Need for Speed unlike new generation consoles or at least for the last few years years or something like that so pretty cool Oh wofully feet hunters showdown is back as Palm City plays host once again to the States for most racing exhibition each day thousands of eager fans will be hoping to catch a glimpse of the very best high-performance cars in action Wow when the Sun Goes Down you can quickly find yourself in a far more dangerous territory whoo welcome to the world of street racing an underworld theme inhabited by Daredevils and speed freaks intent on tearing up the rules and breaking the law rising to meet this challenge is palm city’s very own lieutenant Frank Mercer head of the newly formed high speed task force Wow street racing has no place on public roads mark my words if you are out there and you’re engaging in this type of activity we will find you and if you think that you can get away by just hitting the gas then you’re in for a surprise because we are coming after you hard and we are coming after you fast trust me there is no escape all right Frank Punisher looking Frank jeez man just trying to race my car Palm City five nights ago [Applause] oh snap okay lets me write in there there’s some real spool the graphics are kind of kind of nice kind of nice with it alright so I’m holding the gas here clean my car isn’t up to speed like these other guys because I am NOT booming as fast then I’m definitely not filming as fascism this is a nice car though we’re heading downtown this seems like an awful idea we should probably just stick to not downtown there’s no traffic oh oh we got a police officer here yeah where I’m killing it I’m killing this race in the moment I like how I told me there’s a brake button bro I don’t need a brake button ever I will never hit the brake we’re all pulling out Ritchie bill he doesn’t want to go to jail for life man he’s definitely going 40 over what’s up shop oh shoot okay listen Shaw I don’t like you and you don’t like me okay there is a lot of I feel like we’re gonna have to get pulled over like like it’s gonna be part of the storyline that will get pulled over or something because I know my racing abilities are top-notch but I feel like they want to make it all cinematic you like like a

GTA san andreas five-story you know who you shot I’m heating it i’m bodying shah here but he literally does not care oh my goodness chased by one cop car I don’t think that’s right game I see a multitude of cop cars here Shah really likes me show us be my best friend got second y’all let’s get off the street I don’t think you can get first maybe you can [Applause] [Applause] oh that’s uh oh geez bro I think that’s attempted murder by the cop what did you do what’d you do that sweet ass ride uh you lost the car he lost the car oh sure this is on you and I wish you never survived who says he did oh whoa what the hell guys look if you won’t kill me kill me but what the heck is doing here sending a message on camera back there sure okay she’s trying to murder me what’s going on so this is how we work now these crews got to learn try making a mockery of my unit you’re gonna take the fall Mikey literally just the lead of the castle part in this you want to send a message you need a messenger just jump off the bridge bro screw it they gonna catch you get out of town and if we see you or any of your crew around here again you’re gonna be joined in that car you understand get up tell your friends damn Brio you really send a message all right why is it a lunch dump why is that one girl kanna kuzhi motorcycle all the time I feel like these are not regulated cop cars I’m sensing some some gaps in the plot here [Applause] bro my appendix is leakin you guys have them roll with the hills your car hey this is [ __ ] Hannah yeah I’m out going back to Ventura and I’m taking Ritchie with me Oh cruel not anymore it’s over just like the cops dog walked into me yep you’re on your own okay to be honest he’s probably in like shock he just went through like a traumatic accident you gotta understand that lady I’m sure I’ll join the crew again but like he’s been through some stuff you know oh hey oh damn copy bright music let’s go pump city you already know you gotta stop the music you gotta stop that flow or else I’m going to get that copyright strike yo please don’t no more music yo I’m gonna keep talkin number drop the music down low oh yeah go to the garage here we go nice blue skies you already know damn mmm-hmm I see I gotta get freedom to stop the the YouTube copyright stuff there we go oh okay whoa oh hey I’ll be with you in a sec come on in okay sup dude you’re gonna need all these books should I turn subtitles on let me know guys oh that’s a lot of trophies man this guy’s kind of uh he’s kind of splashy with them huh oh that’s the crew photo right there well that guy wasn’t in the crew photo anyway I used a fake Barr’s you know as important as fighting

crime is and we are committed to that fight our job is about more than that it’s about connect you folks out there hearing your stories listening to your concerns that’s how we build a better community that’s how we build a safer future food sorry just a little too much [ __ ] this early in the day look I hate to do this but if you’re looking for wheels I got a CID cops insist it’s me Andre Estevez hey hey hey hey hey that’s copyright music major yeah I gotta pick a character who’s kind of drip you with it they all look like nerds dude honestly this guy’s kind of splashy with it this guy looks like he’s like okay boomer you know I’m gonna go with this guy right here oh you can kind of go in on each character okay interesting Wow it looks like they just randomized character select and just gave me those options that sort of looks like yeah this guy’s definitely like 80 years old um this guy’s kind of cool I think I’m gonna go this guy here I like this together whoo life’s a beach like a style oh she’s the best person oh now it shows my characters you know name’s Lucas how can help war it is cars out of here can compete all they care is for the showdown yeah I just want to get out there race that’s it man I don’t even got a car so I get out the race the man has been crazy past couple days so stalks down but got these ready to go did not top of the line but they’re good once you take a look see if you’re interested actually sir I bought the collector’s edition okay damn I turned the music volume to zero and the game just doesn’t care that’s my favorite part so we got a Ford Mustang 65 we got a BMW m3 evolution 88 we got the nissan 180sx type x gosh that’s beautiful then we got a Chevrolet Camaro SS 67 I don’t know what to go with I mean like really it’s between these two do I do I pick the Chevrolet Camaro or the nice I mean the Mustang is pretty cool Mustang is not my favorite look at the Camaros Jack why is the Camaro so good the 180sx looks pretty sick doesn’t it I don’t know I don’t know what trying to pick a lot of people want me to choose the Mustang you can’t lock the Camaro but oh okay well okay I can’t get that one yes all right we got a pick real quick the m3 the Mustang or the Nissan they’re all the same ranking I kind of want to go with the Nissan I’m gonna be honest yeah we can’t go with the we can’t go with the Camaro so I like out and they bait you though they’re like oh here’s the beautiful looking car would you like this one be like nope it’s not it’s not it okay I think I’m gonna go with I know a lot of you guys say Mustang I gotta go with what my heart wants I want the Nissan it’s kind of drippy in a choice can’t wait to try out I know some people at the showdown see about getting you a race I’ll get a Mustang eventually don’t matter to make sure she’s working perfect okay what do you say sounds good it’s my character Korean really an SI oh I’m so many that okay where to go get a couple races to choose from the one downtown is all uh the one eating Shores is all sharp corners take your pick and set a route to it on the map I’m gonna go to the one downtown

I’m gonna go ahead and set a route um okay we should be good Kodak’s updated your codex just got updated if you want to read up on anything you can always find it under the progression tab in the main menu sweet let’s just get this card at the start line Oh bro the wheel on the right hand side slays know all those trophies back there you beautiful before we continue here let me just go ahead and accessibility subtitles on and we should be good music master volume is completely off let’s save these settings there we go and let’s go ahead bernetta mr. clean you’ve got that yellow 67 Camaro with his own two hands right okay okay you left me the garage looks like he was good so everyone said no now it’s a big deal around here huh I’m not complaining it’s great for business and if you race it could make some serious Bank and use that about now my driving abilities are superior I forgot which one was handbrake that’s what I was trying to figure out there by the way so excuse me as I hit the wrong buttons this car is beautiful they were all beautiful cars again but I can only pick one I like how as soon as I buy this car my guys like yeah let’s race it screw it right over that race before it starts check the map if you can’t find your way all right let’s hit it hit it Fergie and this car is hella cute huh hey Dex may be gentle with my friend here they’re breaking in a new car if it’s one of yours it’s half broke already ha ha ha now man I run practice races for beginners if you need to get up to speed yeah yeah funny guy very funny you’re always welcome alright let’s kick it yo these cars are kind of pardon me I’m just gonna go ahead and slip in front of you guys whoa whoa whoa that was a harsh gear transition there was that a drifting tutorial there it was that and so I didn’t catch any of that oh there we go oh shoot no sir I need to remember how to drift [Applause] [Applause] okay I I need to remember how to drift all right well I’ve got to get to my head here we go [Applause] I swear drifting you lose so much speed I just cut corners over I do better I don’t know if I’ll be able to get first man these guys are freaking luminous [Applause] yeah I am unfortunately see that I was able to catch up a bit more by not drifting all right I’m gonna try an evasive maneuver to try a job here it’s not gonna work there’s no way I can catch up there cars are way better than month I feel like you start off the first few races by doing that though okay let’s see what you gonna say to me all right still got money okay I’m sorry who would give you $6,000 for an amateur race where I got fourth I got some business in town to take care of thing you can do with all that Bank let’s get yourself at night risk it it’s not but go pick one up from the park shop and I’ll fit it for you a word of advice you want to keep competing in the showdown you’ve gotta keep building you ride but that takes faith we cash that helps you a bigger faster racist with more and more fries but that ain’t the whole story but I wish out a steering wheel for this game and step one for you aspire that nitrous kit keep that in mind buy a car for me and the aftercare comes

the standard that’s only where the driver you are everyone needs a good mechanic and that’s you know you want to take off farm city by yourself be my guest it’s almost got your back okay fair enough shop right apparently everyone in check out first policy check out every barrier there was there you know what Tyrese don’t Bruno I need a nitrous kid she’s trying to recruit for a crew again why she smiling at me like that they look I sell you this yeah you know I like her accent you could say that he’s my brother daddy used to be mine while my first race in that bad girl I didn’t she’s perfect for someone just starting out fair enough hmm that you might tell me what they do is Oh stock is limited round tanks of the showdown they’re only selling if they know you’re gonna put the parts to good use who says I won’t okay rookies got confidence how about a chance to prove you’re more than just talk what’s doing hey girl I just got your worth I’m ready to go yeah put your number in it there’s only one way to make a name for yourself around here and it’s really forward with it then I got to make some calls you stay on that thing I’ll be in touch damn she really wants a new crew member uh-huh do you just give me your car to race maybe and call it a day test-drive complete whopping fourth place so mean by the gas station Thanks music don’t come in handy trust me okay so I’m pretty sure oh I’m pretty sure we got to go down to this gas station let’s take a route hey it’s Dex hi look sometimes I run practice races away from the showdown if you want to come and work on your skills no pressure just some fun and surprises it would not believe he’s saying I suck and I don’t appreciate I’m the best damn Need for Speed player of all time I’m just a little rusty okay that’s what it this is a true authentic walkthrough okay this is a true authentic walkthrough [Applause] it’s got to remember how to drift a little bit nice zoom out from my car at all nothing is a way to like oh no I don’t want a life Tim no no no no no no no no there’s there’s a way to zoom out in there I remember there’s a lot of cops in this game no hey I thought we were in a lawless City like how her hat is just this guy this is make a name there’s got no car accident over there you got to be careful around their drivers kind of suck fourth places best place all right you shout to all the new members will read amount in just seconds you know I I can’t be distracted while driving that’s how you tell you cause accidents I don’t want that outrun gas right pulling up oh that was kind of saucy I kind of enjoyed that I look kind of kind of like that let’s go in a banana I don’t measure up quite at the moment but I’m a quick learner and it drifts okay Anna you can’t do that can’t just hip holes how I make a name right you want to spend all that showdown Bank on better parts or a couple races is the best way to make that happen Luke is gonna be there oh that’s how you

switch your angle thank you guys from smoking Ana right now no wonder the dude left the crew you’re just trying to find an excuse I’m a downshift them fast and furious men all right now that you called yourself numero know I know you’re not number one oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah I don’t know Anna maybe you should leave the way oh my gosh okay you guys are fairly aggressive you guys are fairly aggressive drivers I let’s do it you Austin Moorefield TG gaming and Lazarus vlogs that you all for becoming members welcome Lee enjoy those emotes go and join as well look at the scripts below get lady you hit a pole and now you want to fill me while driving justly it’s all a bad idea just not stop I’m like Kenny win if you keep doing this stuff can have that liability okay I swear some of the dialogue was written by someone who’s very out of touch with personally you know this race is so much easier than the first one what’s going on I need that nos though I literally can’t go faster that to children polls on polls the game doesn’t care [Applause] stupid pedestrian in a vehicle don’t you see me don’t you know every mommy bunk Neil second verse that Sparky everybody’s got dog names here I don’t get it oh look at them in the tank bro he’s in the tank he’s getting tangy with the who don’t hit the tree yeah bite me scrappy eat a duck prime food at the moment oh my god 500 yards remaining let’s get it Cash Money Records baby oh I got some dope shots of you in the race I can’t wait to pose these yep check it out you see anything you like Oh think they’ll be up for a race nice Drive you got a little way to go before they give you a shot who’s they II am four years showdown [ __ ] this place with new blood face surface and check out the pattern once your aim everything best cars races parts I don’t know why were here every single night that’s your answer I hate to be a cop in this town ezw baby driving at high speed or Westside I never I never raced in my life officer don’t know what you’re speaking about okay keep racing her and your night I’m a keeper I’m gonna keep racing finally no nothing I’m here to win I’m still having fun if I get caught um snitching on Kenny Oh drifting on drifting the game looks kind of beautiful huh this game could looks kind of pretty oh sure this cop sir please start the race before the cops come start it let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go

let’s go spitfyre beep upper rather Bravo like my style girl like my stout gotta use the racers like I said pill board nearby bro I don’t care I’m a racer yep that’s what I call using the turn signal I use vehicles as my turn oh my gosh riping and a teleport into the future with how fast I’m going best damn racer of all time med best I’m the best damn racer of all time it’s simple the graphics are kind of nuts I love the colors I’m very far ahead from my bonus move it lady [ __ ] this cop I’ve chased started wasn’t me know it I escaped eat a duck lick my tailpipe ass yeah my guy’s so confident he wins one race and now he’s so confident baby okay does not matter now you should really think about getting off the streets [Applause] get back to the safe house and don’t get caught okay so she pinging me address this safe house you know should I keep raising oh I want to keep raising no no I’m not gonna keep raising that’s too crazy I don’t even see a race that I haven’t done yet so I’m gonna go too what’s this right here that’s a which one’s closer I don’t know yeah this one’s fairly close this was close to just tell you how far it is didn’t tell you well what we are no longer bazooms suspect I’m never gonna get caught please never touch me I love our indestructible these cars are wonderful robber make a game like this collect realistic possible oh I got the Billboard I don’t know how I kind of oh my god it’s on me get the heck off me get the heck off me there we go we’re good into the garage baby oh man I made $8,000 on my first nitro that was legit everybody would you be stre raising like zero downfall in this game Oh level to almost level three current reputation escalate for max rep earn rep faster by increasing your key level race at night get an epic police chases and smash cops to increase your heat rap Polacks performance parts and new events you have a damage bar on the left next to your gauge okay I didn’t know that okay hundreds of use my sister giving you the Grand Tour huh oh yeah she gave me the tour you know just so you know if racing means ending up in the back of a cop car she is the perfect guy remind me again which one of us has actually been locked up my listen only thing you learn it’s hard to be boring anyone else loses their crew and be assigned to give up I’ll go back to college well not me and as for my crew they were not for it maybe I found someone who is oh no that that’s what you think no but stories I’ve been hearing lately

cops ain’t playing no more Metallica is stuck on TNT I know all about the cops probably give me the same damn talk then act like it me huh what like you did I might they come up are you staying that’s a good question how about a garage yeah people stay here all the time you sure find a free couch it’s all yours damn they’re very accommodating and I kind of hooked it up Huh make a name completed sure five thousand bucks all right I needed by this nitro oh nice about the runaround let’s get that naso though you’ve been added to start a crew so let’s go performance okay all of this looks pretty foreign to me so I’m gonna have to figure it out goodness that sounds good that’s actually really cool um I don’t think there’s anything I can actually do here right I was telling me to go to performance yeah it’s like clean this is clean oh oh there we go Racing okay I already said this right Oh hit higher rep levels to unlock new cars and performance pardon so you can’t buy anything without bank it’s called money people have need for speed that’s what it is race during the day in the speed hunters showdown to earn it now you got the edge whenever you need it Aranda oh I can swap cars oh wait a second oh cheese and I’m teasing Oh at 3ch level 18 but I have this car my kid this one is level 14 someone’s level 10 – there’s some filthy cars I can get this one already should I switch my cars the Lancer evokes kind of slappy now screw it brother that’s cheating I’ll switch to those other cars later yo it’s better than my car though I’m just gonna go ahead and throw that out there racer challenges okay nice um well this guy’s got a woo back is this guy there’s just a bunch of random people’s cars he bought the deluxe edition – uh-huh okay all right let’s exa garage toggle my garage let’s see it real quick uh My Ride customization body ooh what can I like you know it’s so tempting to already start wanting to deck out this car my that’s what we call a wide-body hottie damn oh yeah I’m Apted I might have to deck this thing out is there rear fenders oh shoot that boy dick pain and wrap I like the community wraps you guys ready oh that one’s pretty frickin oh my god that one’s pretty slappy there’s a Red Bull one well that’s not Red Bull is that Korean or Japanese but I can’t even tell I was just in Korea I can’t even tell i’ma go with the first one there we go all right if I were you I will hit the streets at night remember you’re only spending Bank on that right if you’ve got a name okay all right requires rep level seven let’s do this one here fix a garage wait od or night

go daytime get a spoiler what’s that Japanese yeah I figured it was Japanese okay that’s kind of sick right fast travel can I fast travel to races and what I hear either Cormack ruh-huh I’m good don’t worry about it there’s no problem yeah I mean if you call yourself the speed boys you’re looking to give Bob trash game chat trash give me a second um your the game just died just decided that it wasn’t gonna live anymore uh let me reload it give me one sec um but a bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum honestly the thing is the game calculates if I’m gonna win and then it decides that you know maybe I’m a little too slap you for it I don’t know so then just kicks me out it’s tough right just why Xbox is trash well I’m playing on a PC so kind of ruins your point huh Xbox and ps4 the same thing dog a recent sync with the cloud has been interrupted or a sync is currently in the progress on another computer please try again screw you I’m jumping in right now okay let’s load it back press the Y button for accessibility options that’s the Y button 10 lick a duck that’s tough dude I thought my screen paused well you could always just look at my face my face is still moving that means that the game crashed how do you become member link description below alright let’s do this why is my card like Carson I will hit the streets at night remember you’re only spending Bank on that right if you’ve got a name but enjoy okay yes I guess I’m gonna go nighttime nighttime apparently you get more money so she’s always raining at night apparently no all right let me see raise the heat yada-yada-yada oh there’s a race right in front of my face what’s up with this little marker give this marker off my clear way four wheels that tells me you’re serious about this would be R if I wasn’t you know if you want to get into me getting there alone what I hear neither you that’s what I want to talk about I’m thinking we can help each other I’m thinking no Becky okay whatever the hell your name is why does your Spanish knocking on the loading screen why is every race start looked the same getting any effort you don’t want to get burned too much Larry oka Oh y’all get Monica

Monica Lewinsky get back out of here Monica move it Sparky move it guys facing the same deadbeats trash Oh what’s up margarita what’s this guy’s name I don’t actually know the name one call the margarita why is it I win every other race put the first race everybody else was playing if you play down easy you won the first race all right every other race I’m gonna absolutely dominate get some the best damn drive for the world’s ever seen all right [Applause] I am so far ahead from everyone else it’s incredible Oh what the heck is this why would anybody put that in a race oh look at beliefs yeah and none the Buddha bodies the koozie great don’t Ram me I’m kind of trying to race what do you mean get it on the fun bro I’m the one that’s getting chased will you take a little splashing water oh we’re both idiots I’m okay though wait what oh yeah I’m good I escaped I don’t I don’t they escaped Frank means ripping me it’s just it’s too easy being this good in a video I got a one star wanted level that’s what happened there um so I did that race already I don’t see any like new new races I guess I can like continue to do old races me that’s the best thing to do if you guys have suggestions let me know I don’t think there’s a way the fast travel is Oh I’m trippy when I walk walk walk walk walk I’m sorry what did I do I did nothing what do you mean sir you wanna frickin go coppers that doesn’t go anywhere oh this guy’s on my tail holy crow but he’s like plug in my car I’m out of here bro too much heat on me you keep making those waves a man I got 16 G’s in the bank I’m bout a retired round I got a multiplier level 3 baby almost level 4 I gotta be level what’s 7 to continue oh my car looks messed up oh my gosh levels of new cars unlocked ooh okay that’s the thing for upgrades see what you want uh I’ll see what I can get performance rating this number represents each cars performance from 100 to 400 recommend rating for each race is displayed on the map screen I can get a current Oh speed traps beat the target speed through the speed traps earn stars achieve three stars on all to unlock and a unique

McLaren 680 okay there’s no mystery involved now there’s like that’s what you get all right we can give this crank shift is it even worth it to upgrade all this stuff right now put a chip in it’s all like very minimalist handling profile noice noice noice noice noice umm auxilary Killswitch jammer radar disrupter gas station repairs your car when it gets damaged okay okay naturally-aspirated I like it just do the day races instead use the car that you said you’d use later I think I might let’s do that actually um swap cars don’t upgrade save up for a good car yeah I’m just gonna use the cars that are better for now and see how long I can use them for sees this one I’m sure there’s a cool cuz I could upgrade this one and that would bring me a longer way rent view car honestly it’s pretty sick car I’m a fan I was gonna buy a Lancer not a Lancer and yeah I’ll answer I was gonna say an Evo but just the other way around with studio temp to achieve okay I’m sorry I don’t know studios let’s apply their app exit garage let’s do David the Evo’s kind of kind of slaps though right why you trash driving Need for Speed by your go-to driving GTA 5 K first and foremost I’ve got first than every single race except for the first one ok so I’m a frickin God and racing in this game Dex hey I’ve set up one of those practice races if you’re interested sure send me the details I’ll do that right now and hope see you downtown later who’s driving stories in this life too this cars nice it’s got a nice engine sound to it got a nice blowback sounds of beautiful she sounds beautiful like oh that guy’s definitely driving normally we’re gonna let him roam the streets of whatever this is I don’t know what what is this trying to be Miami you gotta really stop on it huh Wow okay we kind of watched the rating for if it shows me the say oh there we go okay let’s go target finished first alright let’s get it let’s do this I’m a llama liberty walk this car out yo my car is so much better than theirs oh my goodness hey to win baby hey to win [Applause] shoddy wanna cry this is when I just take away from my enemies yeah there once actually catching up to her just barely superior I don’t know how it sounds like he’s catching up for me at least how many laps others three laps this is a very easy circuit that’s your dream car it’s a pretty sick card or me you’re talking about the Evo I mean the complaints the Evo would probably your dream car if you like the Lancer right

Lancers nice so I remember when I was looking at like what else getting my first cars looking between like a civic like a Kia roll answer I mean of course they’re all in different price ranges there and I didn’t end up getting Lancer but it’s a nice car the interior is very very stock though still compared to other cars I just crushed this race Mifare needs her streetcar was a Nissan Skyline GTR so it’s my best tuner car in the game oh yeah that’s I mean that’s a banger choice made it on time for the stream welcome my friend hope you guys are enjoying the stream so far if you guys want to see a full walkthrough of this game the best way to let me know is by hitting the like buttons I almost just laughed this guy Hojo dojo is getting bodied look at cojo Roco Joe must have lost the wheel or something I don’t know I used to Lois alone I think I like the environment of payback better I really like payback payback is one of my favorite Need for Speed games I think they killed it the storyline felt very fast and furious as well do the racer challenges your garage to earn more money and rep good looks good looks um there’s another race here though I want to do might as well just do all these races well no is there a wasted challenges while they’re way new challenges Wow or look at challenges while you’re not at the garage Mazda rx-7 was your first car that’s that’s a pretty sick car though we’ll leave two dopes car circa race man my car crushes the recommended everyday you control the Lancer better yeah I mean each car kind of got its own unique personality to it in the sense that you got to control them different right let’s get it baby and right on the d-pad you see your challenges it goes to live to me every time we do that if I do it out of race hey coach oh it’s me mother trucker three laps do the race to win the McLaren that’s if I do all the speed traps that’s a little different because the speed traps require you to go super super fast some of them at least so you need to get further in the game to do those also this car is way better spec than the Nissan so it’s not fair to compare them I don’t think unless I suspected have similar the terms of speed acceleration all that jazz picking up some speed now we’re through min a little bit look at that yacht your need for speed if you want to take me out on the I won’t say no I’ll plate need for speed on the yacht that’d be kind of scrappy perfect turns my driving abilities have very much improved since this first race what do you guys think are you doing Star Wars fallen order today I was thinking about it what were I was thinking about death stranding I haven’t decided or none this might be the only shoot for the app and decided because America is back today and I got a picture out so whatever I do I got to do in time for that so maybe maybe Jedi fall in order just because spent a long you do this stream for I got time excellent oh gosh I was looking at Chad oh my goodness gracious

oh no I’m sorry crowd ohh that works so like I said I’m sorry crowd and then I proceeded to try to barrel through them all left to right on d-pad four challenges thank you guys we need star wars have you a lot of you guys fight in tune in to the Star Wars I did last night we’re gonna be on part 4 when we get into the next one k24 night I definitely got to do 419 I’m done for nine like a week or two higher like a week week I’m not going to be dramatic I think it’s been a week I’m number nos nothing in my canister latte let’s finish this race easy peasy lemon squeezy it’s just like sometimes it hurts to be this good yeah sometimes it hurts to be this good finished first $12,000 reward oh my gosh I’m part of ghosts all right let’s go – lets go – this guy’s I guess oh he’s actually a little bit tougher there’s two more races here there’s such low level though so I’m gonna try to get to the higher content let me see the left on the d-pad left on the d-pad doesn’t do anything yo just check it in how’s the car it beats walking I know it’s not a world but it’s something to build on it’s good seriously thanks for cutting me into you have any trouble there any odd noises I’ll take care of nice I don’t see challenges anywhere does it seem to be in this all right let’s do this this actually should be a tougher race dexterity Check Mic Check one two one two all right kick it next no Lucas this time five figures no Lucas this time figures where I should be a voice actor of this games chess right mistake of right we grew up on these road next I’m sorry but you’re so slow just go for it that’s what we learned to race back in the day they get some kind of water treatment plan they seems to stink like a swamp and that’s what made it perfect here was nasty but the roads were clear one time nearly tripped into an open tank of sewage but don’t worry they put a roof on that sense how did he I guess I’ll have to see the place soon to understand how that’s possible right up ahead no Kim was fun the crew to vacuum is so fun so y’all don’t embarrass yourselves at the showdown if you were a press to get your car off the show okay I like the sound of that better polluter I might do a Twitter pull of what I should stream next swing right let the people decide alright let’s kick it Fergie you got you shouldn’t have versus Dex right now don’t worry I got this the new brand that’s what Lucas digging a path bro we’re just trying to be like Lucas [Applause] all right I instantly take the lead [Applause]

oh my goodness my driving abilities I’ll look for Nausicaa back say that again there’s gonna be a bit tough this race but I should have it yeah there’s signs and stuff oh this is gonna be a bit tough I think it’s right on my tail I got an itch me here Oh God right here he’s literally right behind me so I do got to be careful I mean I’m absolutely killing the driving portion of this so he bitched me it’s uh I’m gonna go with ai-controlled God godliness oh we did we get last lap oh okay I’m so concentrating right now I can hear him on me like no see dude I’m about to overlap like the other people in the race but this guy’s been on my behind there we go that’s a dub Jax got third place so there’s that kids definitely come back again 10,000 bucks yeah you could take a picture of me put that on the Instagram put that on insta it’s all good dexterity check completed all right so what other races do we have we got a billboard here um connect fast traveler no oh you can fast travel oh that’s super helpful let’s fast travel here quick so you can fast travel to any house or any garage rather pretty sick what do you guys think of this game so far let me know in chat oh let’s hit this racer we gotta try to beat the last two races here and then oopen objectives racer challenges up driving stories oh oh that’s how you act wait I don’t get it look it says it doesn’t make sense I don’t get okay so race your challenges and then I it says it says right right I don’t get it this is broken is it goes to live tuning for me it doesn’t oh it says racer challenges return to garage select new challenges take down Tim cops right for one minute so I gotta go to the garage to do it interesting it’s great good I’m gonna do these two races then a might hit the garage go Knight and see what level item I feel like it’s way better to race the night though right so get specific guys [Applause] hey can you guys move there you go thank you oh that corner that’s a weird that’s a weird spot of the course there now that I know I’m not gonna hit that anymore I will hit those those are kind of inconvenient this is a very easy race [Applause]

oh never mind hit everything oh never mind I don’t easy peasy lemon squeezy final laughs yeah making look easy screw that sign I love how hitting like things that in real life would absolutely demolish your car does almost no damage to it good gameplay I’ve read that too crash just so you know that’s a dub easy dubs that’s just the way we do it is easy dubs out here guys don’t forget if you’re watching and join us do be sure to hit that like button especially brought see more Need for Speed 9,000 bucks that was way better than the other race I did I’m just cashing out here all right let’s do the final race that I have this is the final race that’s on my map and then we can go to the garage use the ebrake some of the turns he brakes slows you down a lot though actually you know that you brakes kind of Philippi you just slow you down alright last race here before we go back to the garage and upgrade stuff I think press n to switch tonight really thing is I earned a lot of money I want to go to the garage first and then I could do that because I should I should be leveled up a few levels at least I don’t know if I’ll be able to do the story yet but [Applause] these turns beg to be drifted though you see this it’s gonna be this is a three laps oh snap this is a big race drift the whole thing this reminds me of a mario kart race with AK I had I had to hand break that or else I was gonna crash he’s actually a super not technical but like more skilled than the other races that we’ve done Halla confusing but it’s a long one compared to the other ones let’s try to drift this whole thing ready in graphics doe dem graphics doe dad drifting now my drift ability his son my stability I mean like I think a mad cornering our time trying to maintain any speed into a drift is a bit of a challenge but I think we’re doing a pretty good job we’re killing it actually full drift on this turn again hit it one more time I feel like this could have been the two lap race easy the one day expended into three you drift is good thank you still got your Lamborghini in real life yes I do she’s a beauty I’m gonna go pick up some air from the airport in it you ever seen a Lamborghini picked

somebody up from the airport I haven’t I just thought about that by cuz it doesn’t fit much luggage we’re all dirt road it’s okay it’s it’s a frickin it’s a Lancer it can handle offroad it’s got it unlocked they’re gonna eat another easy dump man that’s just how we do it out here it’s just dubs on dubs on dubs on dumps easy peasy lemon squeezy he’s busy lemon squeeze that’s just the way it is oh yeah all right so we did all those let’s go to the garage over here and we should be Gucci how are the speed bumps at the airport TG they’re pretty bad Willie but I think if I raise it it should be fun let’s enter the garage all right we should have leveled up a bunch I do have to level up a car to 140 though wait but wait do I only get money do I don’t you want to get money during the daytime how do I activate these when add a vent did I have to pick them you kidding I have to pick them that’s stupid um one start a speed trap take down one cop oh okay let’s keep those challenges oh I can customize my character yo can I get them in some like I mean okay he’s kind of he’s kind of scrap you know huh oh shoot that one’s sick I like the gold foil it’s like some looks like we got some babe over here all right you know you can wear whatever you like it’s not my thing but to each his own just like they can get a fanny pack that’s pretty cool obviously the customization is pretty cool you could change his shoes and everything I’m assuming there’s some actual adidas stuff here right uh let’s go back let’s go to let’s go to my ride and I think we got to upgrade it a bit right I have to get it to what 140 I think so let’s upgrade that get that crank shift on get a nice little chip in it we have the money for it so and then let’s get let’s get an exhaust there we go so we completed some of it can I do the dry oh the drivetrain is already pretty pretty dope let’s do the cooling while we’re at it I’ll probably wasted 10 grand there but whatever wait it sir you can actually own parts to it all right so let’s exit let’s go nighttime can you not earn rep during the daytime fanny pack with the crop-top interesting takes good I mean you know what good choice is good choice great choices really flexing those choices there all right so meet Dex to race can I fast travel to him Oh recommended 140 you guys see that let’s go to the unavailable during that are you kidding me really so is the only way to love love during night time do you guys know let me know chat I’m a fast travel here real quick rep at night money during the day if you get caught you lose everything at night days only for cash that’s kind of silly rap is only through night damn

it dog okay I need to level up to what level 7 News I can feel the difference win an event tonight driving the oncoming traffic for 15 seconds 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 very important I did it you I just gotta win a race and was escaped a cop case let me see something oh man I’m gonna kill this race McQueen race I want that red I want that money but I want that cash I want it or to the e to the P get a soup at night only a burn rubber Bert I wanna set this whole place to fire my car isn’t even it shouldn’t even be legally allowed on these roads it feels so much quicker now I can only imagine like driving the McLaren’s and the Lamborghinis it’s good I’m assuming that make the tracks like a bit wider or not wider but like the races will kind of fit with it I hope otherwise it’d be really hard what happened to my driving abilities I think I think it’s getting used to the the new vehicle parts I have to escape a police chase right that’s one of the things this card definitely feels a lot faster than an ambulance what is name I got respect for the people in the whoop-whoop [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] think about me and racing games I’m so concentrating at it I’m gonna try to reach out while I’m racing but then you’ll see me crash a lot more but as I damn son where did the cops at do the cops not they didn’t get a call or anything that people are doing some illegal racing nobody complained wi-hi here a lot of loud cars at my door oh my everything just went bad there honestly if you’re about to go off into the water just do it in those game you’re better off I obviously think you’re better off what was your first car I had a Kia Optima well like that’s the first car I bought like I used my parents car for a long time which is like a beat-up minivan and then uh gosh what was the other one I really like that car the other one I don’t remember the name of it it’s like an old SUV kind of truck thing my dad had a Jeep all right we got some ref we got some reputation reputation appoints this night mm oh nice okay so do I have to run the same race or what’s going on what are these little red things oh this is speed trap okay let me let me hit this speed trap at full speed let me see now will that get cops on me

automatically hitting us to be traffic full speed I would think so right look I’m just a nice polite driver there’s no reason to suspect me of doing any harm police officer what did I do I just spotted a racer like how the pit maneuver just the PIT maneuver literally does nothing Oh didn’t expect that baby nitrous oxide let’s get it I know I won’t hit the speed trap cha-cha-cha-cha one it’s a p-trap we’re coming up close please don’t mess me up you really you really mess in my budge whoa one star whoo check everywhere Challenge is complete you close to the next level what is the I want to hit another race let me go to this garage um oh can you not fast travel during nighttime you might not be able to what’s this race 807 rap thousand rap what’s the fastest way to get rep guys which was the shortest one that one’s kind of long this one’s kind of nice because it’s like a straightaway and he at level seven with raps out I need to do like a race or two more you can see how much more rep I need at the die go on Patrol I kind of zoom in huh breaking these signs might give rep to right you gotta figure out how to break 20 a give me 20 to wrap that’s it 22 rep that’s it that’s your son I should probably repair my car it’s looking pretty beat up by Lamborghini I have I don’t have enough money growing actually I got like 80k already in the game so like if I just one more day racist I probably could afford a Lambo in like an hour or two more before play with Avery he’s been playing this game quite a bit her this race is nice because it’s super fast it’s like a straightaway edge with the weather is so nice on this one oh I’m so lucky that’s an unbreakable barrier I hit the initial like inside barrier by accident when coming around the corner that messed me up or else it would have like a perfect drift around there [Applause] so we’re gonna have to hit a hard left here [Applause] oh damn son 110 miles per hour on this Simon’s back on I found our target again ah oh gosh really

just send another cop do I keep escaping the cops it’s like no big deal what’s like a high heat level that’s my question and do I just want to keep getting cops on me to get that level up Auggie key for doing more races I think I might be able to level up if I go to her garage so let me go to this one was actually fairly close that drift though that drift was pretty sick right oh whoa I’m looking at my radar in the screening I’m showing different letters I’m just going through bushes I make my own rug as I say that I crashed into the frickin wall the billboards is really hand fed to your huh what’s the ramp that you got it yesterday I can crank this group I think you’re gonna have to drift into it let me try this I am so on to the garage oh seven oh man I’m a bank how much rap game can I get a multiplier for that yeah the heat multiplier I wish I got way more heat level three low for a little five I still not level seven leveled up new cars unlocked new Honda Civic type-r Mazda rx-7 and the Lotus Exige S pretty cool choices Oh Dan Oh new purchasable item street art look out for stencil art graffiti tags and stickers hidden in Palm City find one to collect it and send us a rap editor to customize your car find them all door unlocks at Nissan 370z Nismo damn um oh there’s just money bonuses huh and sucks oh I guess for the daytime you can get rep by doing these I guess you can get 1500 rep for doing that I wish you didn’t have to select the motion there’s went so how do I see can I buy a car where’s the bike our menu this car sucks up level 18 14 10 so if I really should level 10 I can get the i8 coupe menu play garage I’m crazy how do I buy a car a little bit confusing I can look at this dude’s car that’s pretty cool I mean that’s I think that’s the default when you get for buying the game-winner c63 sounds golly what’s up Avery I remember I’m Brum Brum Brum let’s see so there’s a couple new races look they don’t give any like you just get fat Bank off them well like I don’t want to complain but I need rep so I gotta race at night does he give me rap saving throw doesn’t even say what it gives you just saving throw dog I’m assuming it doesn’t give rap go

to the dealership you have to buy cars from car dealerships a interesting I thought our boy would have like a bunch stocked up I swear my car sounds better during the daytime I’m doing it I swear it sounds better in the daytime anybody else let’s start it let’s start it behind your garage is the dealership Oh sup I love Lucas a message button let’s go let’s go next yes I shouldn’t be surprised Lucas a racing his pops cast a long shadow you know I’m saying who’s his dad I opened that corner dedicated to him at the garage everybody loved that guy always fast always fair no shortcuts no cheating he used to watch me at Lucas race a little bit this water was to be a champion like his daddy Roberto push too hard too hard he catch more flies with honey that’s what mom used to say my momma that’s why I got a sweet suspension waiting for the out-of-town rocĂ­o impresses me most whoa okay give me that suspension kid dog be sick if you can race with friends online I’m pretty sure you can Devin Maddy Neda Maddy Nana all right here we go far these guys tired of getting stomped by me over and over you keep saying that like I haven’t been winning every race thug [Applause] Europe yes sir [Applause] oh yeah is there something fun about losing that I don’t know that this guy really enjoys please want to see the rookie on his and one ish you should drive the car on manual mode I learned manual in real life first before I do it again how god I was reading chat not fair it’s an off-road suspension kit when you finish TG oh okay [Applause] I won’t say no [Applause] my drifting abilities have been really really good though tgd only read members chats know I read everybody’s jaws I don’t need happened on members motive that was the game I feel like I don’t even have to drift there although it might might give me an extra second or two a half a second or something I don’t know watch the cam watching the road now perfect trip don’t worry about that okay about I didn’t touch any dirt no Turk decks are literally like 1200 yards away that’s a significant distance now loud talk smack you’re doing really bad death

bring it up botch there’s paddle shifters on my Lamborghini so you can make it like manual but I mean like the thing already shifts so great on its own you can’t beat computer shifting nowadays alright welcome to dub city we win the next race are you talking about this race saving throw completed I think I should get some rep for doing that don’t you guys think all right so that one’s done did he give me another race I need to go to garage and go tonight there’s a that’s a part shop that’s a dealership let’s check out the dealership real quick don’t forget guys if you want to see more of Need for Speed make sure you do hit the like button make sure to subscribe to from new also there’s brand new we collaborated with champion you know the champion brand you guys know one love we are now collaborating with them there’s a typical champion official collab you can check it out a typical dot store right now ooh I could buy the Nissan the Civic type-r is available as well oh I love the 370 m3 is also a nice choice ok if we just scroll ooh wait hold up can you get a Range Rover oh that one’s pretty sick hold up let me just go all the way there’s a hundred and thirty two cars I like others customization ratings alright I want to see what’s at the end here oh that’s the laferrari right oh that’s that’s a different Lamborghini Huracan it’s a beautiful car you turn ismo it’s pretty it’s pretty it’s pretty it’s pretty alright let’s go to the garage you gotta go nighttime man we at least play one time with Avery in this game I got to talk to Avery there’s a new operation in csgo I haven’t played csgo on stream and I don’t know if I’ve ever done it I used to be addicted to CS 1.6 though still in one piece actually I chose the night challenges already right I think it is weird that you can’t level up during the daytime upgrade your car before you go to night mode because you lose money when you get busted I’m gonna get busted to go mini a busted oh so you can fast travel if it’s I’d like the start of the night serious well what levels are these there’s still one you really wants to give me that suspension get up he’s pretending like he doesn’t but he does it’s gonna be like oh it’s taking it easy on you the whole time you like yeah right chief a worth Oh minute right now cracked 130 miles per hour can we hit 140 1:40 it is watch that baby purr thinking about TG most street races happen tonight you’re right doesn’t mean I want to race but but it I mean like why don’t you get XP or rap for winning it race in the daytime

I’m playing on medium difficulty desert god I don’t see any desert near here bro new members I’m rose welcome believe enjoy those emotes if you wanna join as well the link in description below why can’t we go back to GTA mods monsoon bro I got a few on the list if I have to see Sparky one more time and I’m selling it what’s the fastest to driven in your Lambo I only go to speed limit a burn rubber adorable [Applause] that palm-tree got smoked can you play star wars at my plate after this stroyed 25 pieces of property I still got to do that I am going so freakin fast right now oh gosh I wasn’t seeing I didn’t even look at the map there it’s kind of fun racing without the map good be honest I am going so fast [Applause] this looks like LA to be honest I’ve never been in Miami though so I think it’s supposed to be model after Miami but I honestly don’t know can you play multiplayer Star Wars no it’s single player only but they got a cop waiting for me over copying gonna do nothing 1,400 again I gotta reach level seven I need 3000 rep for level zone I think ooh okay so I still got quite a bit to do I’ve destroyed does that count I don’t like is this this public property is not really personal property right why can’t I get that menu to Pablo other yeah other guy did it I guess does count I have to take down three cops have I even taken down one cop chat supposed to do my yoga got something my racing skills are just unmatched I think I got a coat I gotta go to Miami nice I had ordered something to eat after this trip make something new go to the gas station to fix the car I probably should that’s alright if the hoods still on we’re good but you need to take out a couple cops I knew I was gonna go over it a little bit alright let’s beat these guys to been loving the Star Wars streams glad you like em Juan my car looks beat-up actually I’m not gonna lie you got a copy push them into the river oh yeah I guess I did I knocked out one cop that’s it

you lose all your rapid be a cot right pretty sure you do I have like no risk level at the moment whatever you want to call it a key level it’s a little bit crazy Oh God so we’re track I was trying to figure it out while driving just square looked like it was gonna be so much more than us we’re that’s about a t-bone my boy there t-bone steak yeah I just went through a parking lots of what it’s kind of a wack course to be honest oh nice trip I hit him with it damn son [Applause] it’s pump it louder pump it louder [Applause] I need to get a cop on me I like literally haven’t had a cop on me I need like drive and find a cop right now because I’m not getting enough respect points or whatever I need 1,700 more respect how much is gonna get me honestly that’s a thousand spotter kick Fergie parking lots of shortcuts what else were they for that’s true Ronnie but you do gotta break through like a stone barrier you should play Modern Warfare soon I had I’ve wanted to I’ve had the urge to play it ever since I got back why are you not using your Nissan this one was already a little bit upgraded over it so I decided just to go with this one it saved me some money again [Applause] it’s pretty easy attractive I guess I got some heat I got the need for heat again we got to see how to copper something well I bet you get some here in real life your car would be absolutely dumb polish to my knowledge if you go off something like that your car is done the only way you’re getting off the road is from a freaking tow truck not like that jump maybe you’ll be ok I guess tends to all your cars are rigged out most these cars would suffer easy peasy lemon squeezy a came saw the Lancer and stayed here we go 235 from Rapid until what can I do I mean this one would probably give it to me but this one’s got like the way down it’s a weird course let’s do this one it’s this one’s the super straightforward one day it’ll bring us close to the garage anyway I wouldn’t mind if a cop got on to us to

it during this he like steals all my rap it’s an interesting system they have I will say that that’s perfect start turn up the difficulty that’s too easy for you up it’s just cuz these night races have a really low difficulty for some reason either because of the cops or something I don’t know come on I need a copper to get on here big brain exactly just like two squad cars the other way them should be good oh my god my driving abilities are so damn good it’s ridiculous there we go I’m fining them and don’t let him run away again don’t let him creep away again I’m like I’ll sting him always chasing he’s give me a good chase okay I just smoke them with that I pulled the fakie of fakies do you though I like it kind of caught up with me because he win a totally other way but it so happened to be the same roof I crashed the car and I escaped them alright let’s get to a garage let’s go to this one I’ve took down one cop out of three let’s go give me the rewards for the other two or do I have to do all three before the nights over to get him [Applause] my god you should get a new spoiler I I think I’ll probably upgrade cars soon right what’s this little pink in here discover rap editor decal on random but you know I’ll go with it should I mess with the cops a little bit Syrus bad guys I found our target again alright try to wreck on this driver don’t let him get away again well there’s two of them perfect I was not done for I just smashed them are you not done for I was dead that be I’m chased by three cops right now this is actually kind of bad

it’s kind of bad the vehicle down come on what’s one of it dude why did my car just do that my carts dead my cars that I’m done I’m escaping I’m escaping oh my gosh that’s almost bad play I played a little too much with the cops there’s the cop health does not go down bro it’s incredible cops are nuts I got all the way to level 8 20,000 rep leveled up new cars unlocked get the Nissan 370z Sadie’s AMG a 45 BMW m3 Adi s5 sports back out II Infiniti q60 s the Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR mwz 4 and 40 I I just got the okay to sell you some new parts you making friends in the right places schmuck bribe you can bribe the cops let you go at the start of each pursuit if your heat isn’t too high if you’ve got enough Bank they’ll take the money and leave you alone not for long filthy corrupt cops dealerships noise let’s do er campaign mission so hers has to be a night right all right intermission real quick yeah so what we’re gonna do is I think we do this mission then we’ll find you to buy a better car right just the race location I didn’t do all that but uh it says recommended at 1:40 and I’m 145 so I should be okay I should be good we’re almost have five kid likes thank you guys for the incredible store make sure hit that like but if you haven’t already subscribed from you and go cop yourself some fire merch a typical dot store the new typical champion collab is out you don’t want to miss it once it’s gone it’s gone that color way not coming back so don’t sleep on it somebody else is gonna get it we already sold out of some sizes so let’s start it get noticed mission started just follow me bono and up to the race again honey I say uh about our crew way isn’t our crew just you and me

they literally crashed him all right is the talent gotta watch out for Darryl they drive so slow starts drifting really there they are damn is the speed boys they up to no good started trouble in my neighborhood yeah we’ll give you guys a driving lesson I’ll wait for you at the finish line all right Kenny Darrell incanting I mean don’t you try to get first place then that’s kind of messed up why Anna why are you trying to get first the hell’s your problem why you drive so slow on the road normally and then it comes to this to start zooming damn Kent Darryl trying to film it on me Darryl screw you that’s kind of nice are you trying to make a joke okay easy peasy lemon squeezy up first and I’m making it look easy this is kind of a kind of a long race huh you really thought I was gonna trip up there huh I wonder if you can go on the highway I guess you can’t oh you can that’s probably the better way honestly getting bumpy all right let’s get it go screw leveled up check out its dirty side all right man just just be cool dog you went through one alleyway and you think he knows the dirty side of the city it’s for that billboard ain’t going for it I’m trying to get the dub okay I could have just ran through the whole thing but I mean this is an easy job ladies and gentlemen that’s just what it is let’s trade away up straightaways there she goes cut see me up cut see me up they didn’t expect me to drive that good that’s the thing cranking 90s left right and center it’s the dirty side I think he meant going through like the dumpsters and stuff I think unless I had like going around one of those corners what did you hit no mailbox a trash can it’s all trash now right he’s nature we got one on rude you back up from the via Eydie skull Vera huh is your vehicle yes

is there a problem officer depends see we got a bunch of reports about a vehicle matching this description involved in illegal activity which means I got the power to impound it where you been tonight we just hear you ID [ __ ] nice name got a car yes sir where is it over there nice maybe I’m pound at the wrong one on my way keys why do you need the keys keys this guy’s kind of funny you like also is like a next-level psychopath ten days we crush it I think it’s ten might be less drive safe don’t just take me home con churros take her home I am a law-abiding citizen okay I’m in my car I’ve got powered right there in my field it’s almost try me sure bring it on let’s go resist about the be a chromium they got the power Steve as Steve that’s super deep I’ll catch you later thanks for the ride I don’t even make any money how did it why did I gain any rep I should’ve gained to hell a rep waffle 86 just when it appeared the street racing problem might be under control late last night a swarm of racers took to the streets and caused thousands of dollars in property damage leaving many to fear what will happen next what this shows is that my task force is needed now more than ever this act was unforgivable and I promise that I will do everything in my power to make sure that it does not happen you know it sounds just like the kind of thing someone would do they’re trying to get noticed there’s nothing you don’t miss him yeah give me that and I said you were good enough to get into League why’d you quit I know she doesn’t see you yet [ __ ] neither did I there’s real consequences more than just losing your crew he seems very level-headed ya know after last night I am amazed she hasn’t come to break yeah tired I guess ya know if you’re free may have something for you old friend of mine has been bugging me wants to see what you got firsthand they’re connected it’s thinking maybe it might be worth your while sure I’ll check it out Thanks let’s get this money baby above that paper that bread the de niro the cash the bank the chatter completed chapter

one chapter one has been completed so if I go daytime let’s see what the game scout for me now who Alex tours at tours a no and guitar dude three thank you both for becoming members welcome Lee enjoy those emotes if you want to join as well length description below we got new emotes coming next few days just a heads up to you guys mentors members so I wouldn’t expect much racing he’s waiting for you down at the port go have fun at the port you say so these new races the recommended one forty this one forty as well that’s a 140 160 that’s a lot of money 25 grand all these recommended is 120 so that’s not too bad so that’s gonna be the start of chapter 2 I think the end of chapter 1 here is gonna be the best way to wrap things up for this episode let me know what you guys think do you want to see more need for speed heat if you do drop a like on this video real quick Roma set 5 get likes and make sure to subscribe if you are new I do want to I think what we would probably do for the next episode is because I have to be level 10 – with the BMW i8 and I’m level 8 right now so it’s not gonna take that much more to level up to 10 so maybe what I should do is like off stream do a few races get to level 10 and then we’ll be able to go ahead and and use that car let me know what you guys think shout out everyone who came through if you do want to check out the new merch typical da store head to that link in description below and we got a couple don’t know this here so typical pan of shower to you I’m doing great and summers back tonight so it’s gonna be a great time Eric Hudson shout out to you think for that ratha sock shoutouts you big heck with the 10 love the stream didn’t subscribe forever keep up on keep on being awesome brother Thank You Man I really appreciate that shout out to you big hack appreciate the love and right back at you bro zombie wolf thank you I’m doing great how are you ryan taylor lazarus vlogs landon stein shout out to you thank you TG gaming with the 20 how are you doing but watching for a couple years I love everything you do you’re the goat sheep 100 thank you TG gaming what a name bro big shout do you appreciate the love thank you bad spot for company hey y’all Scott Caroline Trembley with the five didn’t watch you C’s for a little so long and love them thanks for making my day and many others with you Carolina platica McCain in any way Sam Jacobson Chad – you are gonna get the new lightsaber colors I mean if they so happen in the game yet Raj Samara thank you for that as well guys that’s gonna be R after this one I will see you guys in next dream probably today depending on one summer’s flight is I got a check so I got to eat something quick and then I’ll figure it out but until then love you guys I’ll see you guys later go check out yesterday’s Minecraft and yesterday’s Star Wars part if you haven’t watched them okay thanks for watching open awesome and peace out