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Wake up, Enaaya Wake up, Enaaya Life might get ahead of you Wake up, Enaaya Wake up, Enaaya Life might get ahead of you Wake up, Enaaya bibi Before this life really does get ahead of you Wow! Good morning Surprising! My daughter is on the breakfast table before time Someone has to do the chores in the house – I see You think you did a great job by preparing the breakfast What about my lifetime’s hard work? Mom Don’t start with your sad story again I know it word-to-word I swear. Want to hear it from me? In the spicy way? Listen, I don’t like jokes on serious matters You should joke on serious matters so that its intensity reduces Thank God, you’ve inherited sense of humor from me But this habit of taunting is of your father Mom, don’t be sentimental now He deserted us and left. It’s okay This It’s better than fighting and arguing every day Right? Enaaya, you know I don’t like to talk on this topic Even I’m angry with him But anger gives you ulcers It won’t make any difference to him In fact, I will look for a good-looking match for you Billionaire type

A fleet of Land Cruisers, yatches! Oh, life will be full of fun Will it be okay if he’s little ugly? Want a tight slap? I’m not your little sister but your mother You don’t even handle me like your mother Now concentrate on your studies and get to work I will soon age up In fact, exactly on your graduation day I will get old on that day What do you mean by ‘Get to work’? Marriage, right? I’m not going to get married Okay, do a job for a year You can live your ‘independent woman’ phase In fact, I have an idea! We own a café You can help me over there But I tell you one thing, mom People are scared due to this feminism Now they don’t dare say a word to any woman In fact, now out of the fear they don’t even talk to others How boring! – Listen, you’re already four minutes late for the college Mom, I’m not just independent but also responsible I’ve never been late Bye – Okay, listen Keep your life’s focus very clear I don’t want you to repeat the mistakes I’ve made in life In fact, learn from my mistakes Because my daughter deserves the best in life And you know what? I already have the best See you See you, my dear Be a good girl, okay? Where are you going, Madame Bovary? Hi! – Crazy girl Why didn’t you receive my call some time ago? I was talking to my mom Was it a serious talk? It was about the café Yes, I understood You were talking about your father, right? Yes, mom was talking about him But I changed the topic You’re a mind reader Yes, I am By the way, your mom is very strong She’s always happy If I don’t get a response from a boy within 10 seconds on whatsapp, I imagine breakup and all that I start breaking plates Sorry. Wrong time to crack a joke? Well, that man has already left our lives Still, there’s not a single day when we don’t think about him I don’t understand how can someone hurt others and live happily? Hey, is there any event on the campus? This is Jimmy and group going for JAM JAM? – Yes, JAM. Rehearsal They have a band I had covered their story for my blog Jimmy has a setting with the dean So they JAM in the auditorium in free time They’re such bad players That’s why they never get any shows I see – Don’t you know this group? I’m new admission here Anyway, I’m not interested in befriending strangers and chitchatting with them What if the stranger is cute? That button is off Anyway, it’s important to be focused in life By the way, Jimmy is really cute But his girlfriend is like a witch Every time you try to talk to Jimmy, she comes in front She sniffs like the dogs Have sharp eyes And ears like that of bats She looks like the mixture of Spiderman and Batman But I’ve no dearth of boys I choose to play hard to get Listen, we will miss the class I’m never late. Let’s go But we need to take a selfie. Wait We will go to the class later – Maryam What are you doing, Rasik? Be in the tempo Yes I’m. But what’s wrong with you? Sounded right to me, bro You’re going off-track from the beginning I don’t think you understand the tempo much Relax, Jimmy We’ll do it again. Let’s do it again If you’re speaking so much, how many instruments you can play well? That’s not important I’m a trained singer No one knows tempo better than I do. Okay More than Gumby? Sorry, I just recalled him Shut up Hey. You can do your catfight later Only an hour is left. Just do it

No, we don’t have an hour We have like 25 minutes Jimmy, you remember, right? We’ve to be there at 12 I can do it only if he would continue without stopping 25 minutes? Play fast Let’s increase the tempo Oh shut up. Come on Guys, I think it sounded just fine It’s getting boring now It’s annoying Please, play. Come on – Listen. Listen. Listen Barbie doll No one asked for your suggestions So keep quiet until we ask for it And you listen. Listen. Listen I wasn’t even talking to you I was talking to Jimmy Watch it, bro! What’s wrong with you? Guys, just stop wasting time Please, rehearse… please Only if this hero gets back to the mood Boss, will you sing? Listen. Don’t act over smart And play properly B******d – Come on, come on He needs to leave in like 25 minutes She is foreign return So she acts as if she’s a foreigner I heard that Okay, then. Let’s start it Maslow has said that belonging needs is the number three in the hierarchy of needs I don’t believe with Mr. Maslow I believe it’s the number one thing which is needed by every person on the planet Now, you know, ironically one can live without food and water But by mistake if someone turns off the wi-fi then may God help! There are no more heroes No more role models No one for guidance Apart from Facebook This chat. That chat But there was a time when parents and children would talk to each other There was no social media And they used to talk eyeball to eyeball Unfortunately, the situation these days is that the children hardly have any relationship with their parents Where were you all night? I asked you, Raza Where were you at night? With that singer, right? I was at the studio Several times, I’ve told you not to interfere in my work Aren’t you ashamed? You’re a father of a daughter Do you think I’m a fool? What’s so special in that woman? Why are you ruining your married life? Control your tongue before I raise my hand Raise it today Isn’t this luxurious life enough for you? You’ve never earned a day in your life I’m talking to you, Raza Get away Excuse me, miss Excuse me You in the black and white t-shirt? It seems you’re not interested in my lecture It’s not like that, sir Oh really? Well, you seemed to be lost somewhere Tell me what I said in past three minutes? Sir, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Very good Your ears are very sharp But, do you agree with my point of view? Sir, which part? Superb. So, I see you’ve been listening to me, right? I know you have to listen to me Because this is a matter of your degree It’s about your future So, I would strongly suggest that you listen to whatever I’m saying Anyway, where was I? Okay – Enaaya Enaaya – Saved by the bell I’ll see you Wednesday morning bright and early Enaaya Enaaya. What happened? Nothing Come on, you can talk to me It’s nothing Did your mother overdo it or the professor? He didn’t say anything wrong I recollected something Okay, I will take you to a place where you will get back to your mood I don’t want to go anywhere We aren’t going out Just to the auditorium We will listen to the non-melodious music It will echo in your ears all your life like a theme song of a horror film Let’s go – Maryam, I’m not in the mood I don’t want to go – Let’s go There will be cute boys – Damn it, I said I don’t want to go Just leave me alone What’s up with her? Check these files like this – Sure, ma’am Ma’am, I’ve mailed you all the positions Yes, I’ve checked it Sorry, I feel bad to repeat this again and again But all the vendor’s payments are due from the past two months It will be difficult to stop them anymore

Few are misbehaving now How much amount will be enough as of now? All the vendors’ payments are overdue I’ve marked some in bold If you can arrange their payments then I will convince the rest to wait for a couple of weeks Alright They will get the payment by Monday Okay, I have some pending work I will see you later Okay, you may go Ma’am, the café is running in loss ever since it has started I’m afraid if this continues I hope you heard me a while ago – Yes They will get the payment by Monday I’m in no position to say this but – So, please don’t Actually, I wanted to say that the situation will be same on the next Monday Soon you will have to pay the salaries I think you should think seriously on this What do I do? Should I shut down the restaurant? No, I didn’t mean that But I hope you know the competition in the market I will talk to you later Alright Thank you – Thank you Stop this f*****g shit What are you playing? What’s wrong? B******d, you call yourself musicians This rogue is playing band out of tune Instead, I’d hire a tambourine beater Hey… take it easy, bro How can I? You people can’t even play music, and you want to form a band Get out of here I will make arrangements for myself Asad They are playing well Your mood’s off today Hello, you better not get on my nerves You too are playing basics Don’t lecture me. Now get lost Guys, calm down I think we are done for today We will do it some other day when you all are in the mood Didn’t I tell you to keep your mouth shut? Hey Is this the manner to talk to a girl? It’s my wish I’ll talk to her the way I want Do you mind? Do something if you can Anyway, why does she come here for? She’s glued to the phone the entire day Just keeps disturbing us. That’s it Jimmy, are you really going to have him speak to me like that? Talk to me if you want Keep her out of this, okay Let’s talk – Yes, come on I will show you – Hey What’s happening? What’s happening? Have you both lost it? You know what? I’m done with this shit I got better things to do with my life Handle your losers Are you okay? – F**k you, bro Why do you argue with him? Did I argue? – Chill… just chill Thank God, he left otherwise, I’d have Thank God, you controlled yourself and hid behind the cymbal Shut up You you had brought him that he sings very well He’s a c*****a He doesn’t sing He just acts smart. That’s it I think he didn’t deserve to be in this band. Honestly Thank you, sister-in-law To hell with him – It’s fine But how will we rehearse song for the next weekend? To hell with that – How can you say that? We found one after great difficulty To hell I need to go out and take a smoke Let’s go – Jimmy Jimmy, allow me to sing – Oh my God! I can give the harmony at times The world is coming to an end They won’t listen to you I will listen to you Come, let’s have some tea Then we will talk about harmony Come on Jump “Carefree and unaware.”

“We are just living this life.” “Carefree and unaware.” “We are just living this life.” “I’ve heard from the people, to keep moving.” “Happiness is momentary It just flows away like water.” “Do not worry about the future.” “Come on, friend.” “This is life.” “It may move ahead of us.” “This is life.” “This life, may move ahead of us.” “This is life.” “This is life.”