DON’T buy a Macaw!!! Unless… || Mikey The Macaw

hey guys and welcome to you Mikey the McLaurin friends so basically this is the video I never thought I’d actually make believe it or not I had no idea what a McCall was up until the morning we got Mikey yup he was an impulse buy Claire’s been in love with him her entire life we woke up one morning very spur in the moment I was like hey big crazy loud colorful bird I’m sure we could take this responsibility so today we are going to do something a little bit different yes I know you’re probably looking forward to a cute song or dance or narrated video of some sort but the amount of messages we have gotten from people just saying wow you guys breeze through your first month I don’t like you so amazing I’m gonna get a Mac or or would love to have one of those birds I’m asking my mom to buy me a Mac or he’s absolutely amazing I’m not gonna lie especially when they are very very good like now well but there’s a couple of things which you really really really need to know okay that out this month video looked pretty relaxed and chilled but we showed all the good stuff and if we would have watched one of these videos pre here our first kind of year would have been a lot more smooth sailing let’s start firstly the initial cost of these birds alright they’re not the cheapest things in the world but if you are having trouble putting together funds to actually buy this bird originally I would strongly suggest you do not buy mac or just based on that initial cost is going to be nothing compared to absolutely everything you are going to have to pay for over the next 60 to 80 years of your life if you can actually live that long but is the food is the fresh fruit and vege upkeep with where they’re gonna live cages Avery’s buy them toys there’s absolutely everything you have to replace once they ruin it make them toys you need to have a couple of pennies spare if you are buying one of these beautiful creatures purchasing that beautiful bird now as adorable and I mean adorable as those babies are I spend my days watching baby macaws and they’re ridiculous but you shouldn’t encourage breeding there is so many of these poor or poor birds who people just like and they get real harmed because people can’t look after them and they get stressed and they pluck and they get miserable because they’ve had like ten homes in like ten years and it’s not good at all so why don’t you be a great person and be one of those people who actually take them in instead of going to a breeder please try find a rescue center or adopt one we adopted Mikey from a guy who bought him as a baby and just couldn’t look after him he was like wow what did I do this commitment is crazy we saw him we weren’t actually even keen on him are these birds loud you asked yes they’re probably the loudest animal I have ever heard in my life as I said we adopted Mike you know when we went to Viewer we literally said no he did this one big squawk and you couldn’t touch him and he was just this big angry looking bird and we were like no then we got home and we were like wait he’s stuck in this tiny cage and he’s angry for a reason we gotta save this bird so here we go now we live with flatmates we’re in a six bedroom house with four others Mikey’s even got his own room they hate us so much on a Saturday and Sunday morning with it lying in bed screaming his head off looking at birds flying around in the backyard unless you really want to piss some people off don’t get him a call now you’re gonna take your bird home what are you gonna do with it you’re probably gonna put it into one of those tiny little cages please please please do not do that that’s what we did when we got Mikey and he sat there and he was so so sad if you are going to get a beautiful bird like this don’t put them in a cage where they can literally just spread their wings so that’s something else give you a better whole room with java stands or something if you can big outdoor Avery that is our ultimate goal once we have a place big enough with a massive backyard at the moment he’s got his room which would biltman Avery yeah it works we’ve netted our entire backyard so we can go outside and hang out it’s still not good enough in our eyes we want to do something way more epic and way better that’s indoor and outdoor and crazy but just do not put your bird in a small cage and I know everyone who does do that basically says oh but they’re really in that cage when I’m not home hey that’s do you work do you go out you have somewhat of a social life I know most Macquarie owners have to cut him down to the level if they were built for humans they would be smaller than the smallest jail cell in the world like these birds can basically stretch their wings out and that’s it that’s just animal cruelty don’t do it alright now I’m going to go into time the amount of time that these birds need is ridiculous now if you just have one bird and they are going to need a lot more time as you are their sole companions make sure you have a sufficient amount of time with zero social life where you actually can take care of these beautiful birds if that bird time and attention and teach them things these birds are so super

intelligent and emotional as well we are lucky enough that Claire and I both work jobs we can kind of choose our own hours choose when we work we alternate our hours so he gets as much attention as he can if I start early she’ll start late and so on we take days off in the middle of the week spend every single weekend with him we don’t go out together much at all anymore which is crazy for a couple in our late 20s I mean we should be having fun going out but we realize if we go out and link this poor bird at home he’s literally gonna sit there and get said and that’s the last thing we want and this is a commitment we have made so we’re gonna stick to it the odd occasion we’ll go out we’ll put a movie on from very very very rarely um he’s got a laptop in his room when we go on holiday there’s no such thing as a bird sitter you gotta check them into like a proper bird hotel and that’s probably gonna cost you as much as a plane ticket to wherever you are gonna go and I’m from New Zealand looking in London I can’t actually live in New Zealand again with this bird it’s illegal all my friends and all my family I will never be able live with African hey what can you do right you come at MIT for one of these so think about that before you go out and buy yourself a bird now when it comes to food now when we got my cue like I said we knew nothing we just gave him a bunch of seeds for probably six to eight months wasn’t good I’m surprised he doesn’t know fatty liver disease and he’s not dead we learned eventually from the beautiful bird community out there like you guys probably watching this there was so much more so now fresh fruit and veg every single day we go shopping we go to organic places we literally buy about 15 different fruit and veg and change it up over a week and he absolutely loves it along with pellets now who have completely cut scenes out of his diet and he gets nuts as treats don’t you next up destruction every bomb one button down and mom will come as I mentioned earlier on the cost of these birds you are going to either have to fix everything in your house or just live in an absolute dump if I go to the toilet to take a piss he comes with me if he’s here he is going to eat everything as your doorframes there is your beds there is your carpet yes he’s gonna eat your carpet and destroy it he’s gonna remove pieces of rubber from the shower he’s going to literally destroy everything he can see because why that’s what macaws do so if you thought hey Eve in my face this TV right here is our third flat screen in our bedroom and that has been cracked now this one he is still watching also well wrong with it but it’s gonna get to a point where these lines are just gonna go absolutely crazy through it but what can you do we bought a bird we understand this stuff so if you thought hey I’m in need to start us very very slow demolition in my house but just don’t have the money to do that by yourself I’m a call now probably one of my most important points these birds here I’m not too sure if you haven’t noticed but they have wings and beautiful wings don’t do anything to them these birds fly they actually fly I don’t know why people go out there wanting a bird wanting an animal that actually flies and then think hey let’s clip his wings so he doesn’t fly like there’s a thousand animals in the world that don’t fly now I know I’m gonna get a little bit of stick on this which I don’t really care because there is so many of you out there who think you are doing the right thing where you like hey but my birds flying into walls it’s for his own safety I love my bird too much I don’t want him to fly away I mean shut your windows trained your bird to fly we’ve been training my keys since we basically got him just a maneuver his way around the house so he doesn’t do that when we went in view to me flow into a window we’re like we don’t want that every day we are literally doing recore with them we want them to one day be able to free flower in the park every second day or in our backyard we can enjoy some sunlight because these birds shouldn’t be inside all day anyway but if anyone says clipping bird’s wings is needed and it’s something you have to do I mean like I said I had no idea what a michael was this is 18 months ago I’m not a bird expert of any sort I’m just letting you guys know what I basically learnt over the last 18 months so hey maybe the clipping is needed now you may ask what is the reason why anyone wants to basically go through all of this kind of stress and effort and time I mean it’s like having a kid for the rest of your life well if you ask me this literally before we’ve got it normal to me like yeah let’s not get in a bit guess what you love them you buy these beautiful birds in the first month or two they’d known you so much but once bond happens and you are literally inseparable and they love you and you can see that and you love them I mean I

wouldn’t know what I would do without this beautiful bird you actually just love to care for them you love giving these birds a decent life we can’t release these birds to the wild they’re not going to basically survive being raised in captivity and the end of the day they never chose to be pets it’s our job to basically give them the best possible life we can isn’t that right