Why Does My Yellow Macaw Do THIS?

– Guess what? Everybody wanted a Q and A with you They wanna know lots of things about you (bird squawks) (chuckling) (phone rings) (chuckling) That was my phone (uplifting music) Okay You foot checking? I saw that, you’re foot checking Okay, still? Hello? Comet That’s the longest foot check ever The video of the foot check Let’s see what everybody wants to know about you Don’t switch sides Try to set these guys up, it doesn’t work Okay, should we do a tally of how many foot checks in this video? Do you like that? Makes no difference Good to know Hello? Hello? Do I even have your attention? Hey everybody, welcome to the Q and A with Comet Oh, hi My Camelot Macaw, oh he’s so handsome You guys asked a lot of stuff about him so we’re gonna try to answer those as quickly as possible For those of you that don’t know, Comet is a yellow dominant Camelot Macaw, so a Camelot Macaw is a hybrid Macaw between a scarlet and a blue and gold, then you get a Catalina, then you take that hybrid of a Catalina and you breed it again with a scarlet macaw and that’s what makes a Camelot Macaw Now a Camelot macaw comes in three different color variations, and one of them is yellow dominant like Comet, so he’s mostly yellow on his back and then his front is pretty orange and his wing tips are blue with lots of speckles of green So his tail can get pretty teal, sorry bud, with striking like yellow down the middle His longest tail feather is always very yellow, but we get some really pretty teal colors in his tail Do you wanna go back? I wanted to show you off So his colors are very, very striking Oh no, you wanna be here, okay That’s fine Just fine, oh So just so you guys know what kind of macaw he is, because that’s usually what I get asked the most about him and if you stay tuned you will see my Q and A with his brother, Tusa, who is a blue green dominant Camelot Macaw and you’ll see that he is mostly blue green instead of the yellow But from the front, they usually look really similar and his head is mostly yellow and green So like the top of his head looks different, but from the front they look pretty similar, but from the back you can really tell them apart I’m gonna move you guys over so you can see what he’s up to So now you can really see his colors, which I will show you more of So let’s get onto your questions One of your questions was what is his cutest trick? I think that’s up to what you guys think is the cutest of tricks, but for me it’s his roll over I think it’s adorable I have lots of videos featuring it, it’s definitely my favorite Okay, I’ll work on this with you Ready? Good boy Oh, yeah good boy Good boy Last one? Last one? Yeah, good boy, good boy! His favorite treat, pretty much anything, he will accept any type of nuts, any type of seed but he definitely prefers the nuts and the bigger the treats and the more abundance of the treat the better Does he have a favorite person? He definitely prefers and tolerates me most out of the entire family Favorite toy? Oh, what did you destroy today? You just recently destroyed one It’s from one of our toy boxes, but he likes anything that has stuff he can just take apart on it, so and he can pretty much take anything apart Hangs out, Comet’s favorite toy is this coconut

He is destroying it and that’s what he’s doing to it currently Definitely his favorite His best flight trip So I would say, for me personally, it was when we took him to Salt Lake City, Utah to Point of the Mountain and it’s a hang gliding spot, so the wind is always perfect coming up the mountain, and they just kinda get to ride it like a wave and Comet probably flew the best out of all the birds that day and just surprised everybody It was really cool to see him just surfing the wind, literally (birds squawking) Oh baby! Hey baby girl Good girl Oh Comet! Who is his favorite bird in my flock? Definitely his brother, Tusa is his best buddy, but Jinx likes Comet way more than Comet likes Jinx, but Comet’s favorite is definitely his brother, Tusa When and where did you get him? So we got him and his brother, Tusa, from an aviary in Florida called Mirror Lake Exotics and it was a really amazing place It’s no longer in business anymore, the guy retired, but the person who ran it named Peter, he actually had it completely free flighted so all the birds were free to breed with whomever they wanted to breed with and they chose their own mates and they had babies on their own and they were all free flighted on this property So it was a really, really cool way Normally when you hear about hybrids they’re almost forced to breed, so humans kind of pair them up based on what color variations they want but this place was really amazing because it was just allowing the birds to choose their mates and I guess a Catalina chose a Scarlet, or the other way around but they liked each other and made you Uh, okay where him and Tusa the only two in their brood, or did they have other siblings besides each other? So this is the hardest thing and this is kind of why I think I had a certain emotional connection to Morgan, is there is actually three in their clutch So it was Comet, Tusa, and a red dominant, so literally all three color variations of Camelots were in this clutch and Peter had sent us a picture of all three and at the time, we were getting three Macaws, but we had already gotten Jinx, a blue third Macaw, so we didn’t wanna get all three We decided to just get two and it still kills me to this day to wonder what happened to that third one? Where did it go? You know, was it a male or a female? And so I think that’s why Morgan felt like she fit in so well ’cause she was the third piece to that sort of thing Anyways, kinda crazy Do the Sun Conures ever mistake him for a giant one of their own? Um, they don’t treat him super nice if that’s what you mean, so I’m gonna say no If anything, out of all the macaws, they probably pick on Comet the most, so yeah, not cool man, not cool When did he start his cute foot staring habit? Oh man Hey, hey! Too close to the wall, sir That is also wood All of our pictures are made of wood, they’re printed on wood, so he’s like, “Hey, this is familiar texture.” Um, his foot staring habit, man I think gosh I don’t know the timeline of when he actually started, or when I noticed That’s a good question, I’m not really sure I feel like it’s something where he’s always been easily distracted We just didn’t always know that it was a foot thing Let’s see if we can get him in the frame a little bit more Uh yeah, but he’s always been pretty easily distracted Yeah? What kind of interaction do you allow Capri to have with your bigger birds? Which one of the big birds is her favorite? Uh, she actually holds Jinx and interacts with him quite a bit Tusa, she only gives treats to, and same with Comet She’ll give them treats, but I would say that Comet’s probably the worst with, (chuckling) with staying focused, like me Comet’s probably the worst with her, he’s the moodiest, he is the most, we’ve always referred to him as the most scarlet-esque, where he has that nippy kind of mentality He will pinch you, and so I don’t think she’s quite ready for his body language and it’s a little bit more advanced for her,

so I think in kind of the line up of learning macaw body language, Jinx is the easiest, then it’s Tusa, and then it’s Comet So, well it’ll be interesting to see when she advances to Comet It’ll probably still be a while But I guess as far as answering what do I allow, I try to keep everything really positive You know, I don’t want her to be scared of birds, but I also want her to have a healthy respect for them which she does, so I don’t want it to be a bad, I don’t want her to have bad interactions with him and not like him, or think that he’s a bad bird by any means so I try to limit it so that they don’t have negative interactions ’cause right now that is what it would be It would be her getting scared But she can walk around any sort of travel carrier, travel cage, trailer, any time they’re in an enclosure and aviary she can easily give a treat and not worry about getting bit She knows how to read the body language in that essence, but if they were out, she wouldn’t quite know And the dynamic really changes based on who’s out Look at that tail He’s like, “Don’t, don’t touch my tail.” How are hybrids different from regular macaws, via their temper, personality, health issues, et cetera? Um, I would say that instead of being classified as you know, blue and golds are usually characteristically easy going is kinda how people put it, and scarlets are more nippy and moody, and I would say you definitely get a combination of the two with a hybrid So I find them easier to interact with, but that also is a hard claim because it really depends I’ve met some insanely friendly scarlets, and I’ve met some very aggressive blue and golds, so it really depends on what they’ve been through with their humans and all that jazz So as far as health issues, we definitely see some health issues but we haven’t been able to really confirm any of them Comet for instance, when he goes through a molt they sometimes, every once in a while, a feather comes in kind of twisted and it’ll just be bloody and fall out on it’s own It’s really funky, it’s happened a couple times, maybe three times now during a molt and we have never seen that in any other type of bird, so I feel like there’s definitely some health issues there but they haven’t been studied quite enough Hello sir? Can I hold you? I know, I know, I know Look how handsome you are Okay, what else do they wanna know? So one of the other questions is was Comet always more interested in walking rather than flying? The thing that happened with Comet is when he was really little during the fledgling age, not even little just young, he used to go up against an aviary, push his tail feathers through, and then put all of his weight down almost like he was sitting on his tail and what happened was you broke half your tail So he broke half of his tail off, which made it really hard for him to fly and it was during the fledgling age, so it was a time where he was supposed to be flying And then he somehow managed to do it all again You did it again, and he broke it even worse So he kept doing it, and this was in a six foot diameter aviary, I believe So he had space but he just chose to really damage his tail and baby birds are not the smartest with their feathers They kinda like don’t take care of them well, they make, they look pretty raggedy, but Comet was real bad And so during that early stage of teaching them to fly, he wouldn’t wanna go as far ’cause it took so much more effort ’cause his tail was all messed up and he would literally just fall out of the sky as far as he would tuck his wings and just drop to land on me So instead of doing a normal landing, he would just like tuck and drop and cling onto like my hoodie, or the back of my sweater or something It was crazy and we used to laugh about it, but he just was having a hard time from early on and so he used to land first and then he would tuck into my arm and cuddle up, and then the other birds would land and I feel like we just gave him a free pass from the beginning of not really showing as much interest as the other guys So as far as the walking is concerned, it kinda started with just more of like a lack of flying, like just a lack of participation There are so many flight trips where we remember he would quit early or he would just stay and choose not to fly, just stuff like that and then it’s really around the house and if he’s just hanging out with you that the walking comes out If all the other birds are flying, he doesn’t necessarily wanna walk, he just wants to sit on you and just not go anywhere He’s yeah, he’s, you know we’ve had so many vet techs

because I’m like, “How is that normal for him to not want to fly as much?” If it’s a personality thing, that’s totally okay but I just wanted to make uber sure that’s it not a medical based thing and we’ve had him checked out so many times and he always checks out so well But even this last year, I’m like, “Are we sure that it’s not something else?” I would just hate to be wrong about it, so I’ve had multiple different vets say it’s all good, but and sometimes he whips it out, he’s amazing, and he does amazing flights, but for the most part it’s not really adventurous to him which just kind of floors me It’s mind boggling, but then I think of people’s different personalities and it makes more sense But yeah, I think I’ll probably always be looking for a reason why How do you make him stay at one place? My bird follows me everywhere, I mean I really can’t go to the bathroom alone Comet, so since he’s naturally lazy, he’s really not hard to get to stay in one place If I put him on a stand or whatever, he’s pretty content to just stay there In fact, he’s looking at this one Do you wanna be at that one? Where do you wanna be? I want you to still be in the video Yeah, I mean maybe if I put him directly on the floor he would follow me, but other than that he’s laziest naturally, so he’s not a bird that we have to worry about on a stand Bondai, my cockatoo, however she’s hard to keep on a stand Did I interrupt your foot check? Okay, let’s see what else we got Everyone wants to know, no I wasn’t gonna pick you up Everyone wants to know why you always check to make sure your feet are still there (squawking) Why do you do that? Comet, they wanna know why you do that? Why do you always check your feet? I don’t know guys I have met other birds, and people have tagged me in foot checks of their birds doing it I just think he does it a lot and if he’s in his aviary I don’t see him doing it, he obviously has stuff to do You got nothing to do on this chair, right? You’re just like, “Pick me up.” But if he, I guess if there’s nothing better to do might as well just quadruple check your feet are still there What are you doing?