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Hey, Pappu? Did chicken appeared first or the egg? Forget it Answering this is not your cup of tea What happened? Tyre got punctured? Stop paddling, come on If you had scored good in studies, we wouldn’t have had to suffer so much Pandi, getting educated would’ve only made me a doctor But if I had stayed illiterate, I would’ve owned medical college and had produced future doctors Got it? Are you serious? Swear on your father And what fees you would’ve charged? Fair enough to meet my daily expenses You’ll never grow rich Come on – Come on, hop on Give a push – I am giving. Have patience What are you doing? Check if the tyre is punctured Not at all “Better than the entire world, is our Hindustan.” “We are its nightingales, and it is our garden abode.” Hey Champakali? Has your husband returned? Yes. He already has Then let him do the cleaning Why are you doing it? Come in How are you? – Absolutely fine How are you doing? – Have a seat You are returning after six years from the work which you said was for three months I was earning good How would’ve I quitted? I was encashing the opportunities I heard you too want to go abroad Of course I want to All my earnings here are been spent on paying interest amount Something is to be done to repay the money You have studied accounts, right? – Yes. Why? But there is no vacancy for accountant there So is there a vacancy for a vagrant like you? I had gone there on tourist visa I managed to get a job on reaching there Hey, Viji? What is this? This is a blindfold used by rich people to have good sleep But the women in my village use this to cover something else Keep that away Tell me how you got the visa I too want to travel Forget it. It’s not your cup of tea It needs extreme efforts But it’s better than earning peanuts here You just guide me, I’ll take care of the rest I will give you a contact number of travel agent Go and meet him He will help you out What happened? So both of you are back again Move I am talking to you. Are you deaf? I am listening You want to travel abroad without a penny in pocket So what if I do not have money today, working overseas will make me wealthy Also I’ll unleash your jewellery Did you see? He again has lost his mind He says he’ll earn abroad and unleash my jewellery Now from where did you get this faddism? That chicken head was saying if I work overseas I’ll earn enough to unleash sister’s jewellery And when will you return? In couple of years By luring him with such hopes, you already looted his lifetime earnings And now you are here again What if you couldn’t repay his money? You think I am not going to return? If I stay here, not even my kids will able to repay the debt If you want money, you need to help me Look at your sister In wedding she was loaded with jewellery but you made her lose her jewellery one by one I am not lending you any money For one last time, brother in law I won’t ask again Have your meal 5 minutes to go for 5 5 minutes to go for 1 5 minutes to go for 10 5 minutes to go for 7 10 minutes to go for 9.30 None of the clock is showing right time Are all documents in place? – Yes Have you checked it properly? – Yes Greetings, sir I’ll thorough your passport, document and visa, okay? It will cost just thirty eight thousand It means we will pay seventeen thousand each We’ll share the cost Excuse me. It will cost thirty eight thousand per head Half of thirty eight is eighteen and not seventeen Didn’t you ever go to school? Seems like he is nuts Half of thirty eight is nineteen

Seems like he is a backbencher with no brains Didn’t I say that illiterates are more successful? Isn’t it? Nesha! Come here Tell me how Viji is He is all fine Gaining weight after earning hefty wealth Greetings, sir Be seated He is a peon here His name is Nesha, he too is trying to work abroad as like you He is dumb since childhood Go with him He will explain you everything Okay, sir. Bye Sir, you said he cannot talk So how will he explain? Just go. He’ll explain everything Come on He can write and explain I am coming – Come on Thank you, sir Greetings, grandpa They need visa? Okay Which is your hometown? Orissa? We want to fly to London For that first you need to apply for passport It will cost seven thousand five hundred buck each Do one thing Give them the form of ID Grandpa, I have a voter ID Voter ID here is of no use No use? What do you mean? Useless Are you illiterate? How will voter ID from India work in London? If the police over there detain you, you must have ID proof and address proof to show them, right? Try to understand Sir, what if we get detained there? You’ll be deported Depot? You mean like bus depot? Not bus depot Hey, you silly Deport means you’ll be sent back to India How can they just send back to India? Dare if they Our money of return ticket will be saved “Did you notice?” “Is it some rooster?” “Or is it ostrich?” “Listen you sycophant, watch carefully.” “No matter what but it must not escape.” “If it gets escaped, we’ll be thrashed.” “You’ll turn into butter chicken.” – “Really?” “Are you ready to see what happens next?” “Yes.” Get down This isn’t some daily soap You are a pathetic actor – Sorry And you. Why are you dancing clumsily? You must sway gracefully Master, call for you Someone needs to talk to you Carry on Because of you I get scolded always You hit on my head and then yell at me Get some good expressions – Okay. Fine Pappu? What are you doing here? You lie to our villagers that you are a lead actor and here you are working as junior artist? No one is offering me any big role ever since I came here It doesn’t quench my thirst for acting Here I practice acting and also I get food to eat I see Which character are you playing? Sir, donkey’s character Then why are you hopping like a monkey? You need to put your heart in acting and not brains Come on, rehearse Yes, sir. I am coming Who is this lout? He is my master He trains everyone in acting Doesn’t he have any manners? Don’t talk like that – This old man is so weird Let’s go out and talk Come on What brings you here unannounced? You were getting impatient to meet We received your letter and we are here to meet you When did I send any letter? Just forget it and listen to me We too are travelling to overseas as like Viji He is a big fraud He has done many scams in London Are you going to do the same? You really think that I’ll make frauds? I’ll work hard there Dare if you again call me a fraud Is that clear? One more thing We are here to get our passports and are going to stay here We won’t leave unless we receive it Have you lost your mind? Master won’t allow You can come to see me but you cannot stay here Rajesh! Come here Coming Okay. Go now I am sorry, brother – I said go Is there any room available on rent of 1500 bucks a month somewhere nearby in this area? He has problem in hearing Talk loudly Shut up Can we find one? Nesha? How are you? Is this bald a broker? Who is looking for house on rent? These two Where are they from? From Madhurai? Is Madhurai struck with any catastrophe that people are moving out from there? Did you inform them about my commission? Yes You really quitted as cop for being a broker? Indeed It was all same in police department as well Every day I used to bump into grim faces while on duty and I used to take them to court I wasn’t able to find any time to spend with family I was habituated of suspecting everything In brokerage, in just three years I can easily earn the amount which otherwise would’ve took thirty years to earn by being in police But why did you call my husband? Tell me Fight is on – What do you think of yourself? The house owner has two kids One is in Saudi and other one lives in America

They send money to him by which he buys properties here You aren’t Muslim or Christian, are you? – No The thing is he does not prefer Muslim or Christian tenants Well but this is wrong, isn’t it? When he receives money from Saudi and America, then what’s the problem with Muslim or Christian tenant? It’s his house his wish What can I do? Exercising? The outer gate closes at night 10pm sharp therefore be on time If my dog sleeps besides you, not to disturb him Why will he sleep beside me? How does it maters? That dog is small and furry It will make you feel warm in cold Hope you don’t have any nuts along No. Only he is with me How can you humiliate me front of all? If that’s what you were up to then why did you bring me along? Not to cook meat here Don’t order pizza here Not to have guests for long Be on time at night Pay the rent on first of every month And if you fail to pay, you’ll be out from here It’s better to sleep on streets rather than living in such place Greetings, aunt These poor chaps need a place to stay Yes. We are indeed poor Are you bachelors? Yes. We two are bachelors but he is divorced, grandma Yes, we are bachelors We don’t give house on rent to bachelors I don’t understand why grandma got angry Seems like she has lost her mind due to old age Not to address anyone here as grandma but aunt It’s a good party I’ll be there right away You be there Don’t push What are you doing? – There used to be a lane here Who built this lavatory here? Gurudwara is responsible for my success today Gurudwara? How? When I came to this city, I had nothing I was starving Then I remembered that the only place where I’ll find food is at charity kitchen in Gurudwara There I also got an idea By selling the food from charity kitchen I built up a school Just in ten thousand more everything else will be taken care of How shall I explain? They want to stay here from today itself What’s the urgency? They were already staying somewhere, right? Be there for few days more Listen. They liked your idea They have gone to withdraw money from ATM Now you can order anything that you want Be here until they return – Really? Fine – Okay You’ll have to pay the electricity bill Are you serious? Brother, it’s a rule here to pay the electric bill of house owner Okay, sir. We’ll pay it Can I get a glass of water? Where do you hail from? Madhurai What? Madhurai What grudge does he have with people of Madhurai? He didn’t even serve water Madhurai and Chennai are like co-wives therefore they cannot be friends How are you doing? – Shut up Unmarried girls stay in here They are gentlemen, if you want you can verify Even before a gentleman had come He sprinted with a girl from here No problem, sir Thank you Take care – I know Come on You! Hey, move Hail Lord Ganesha! The spelling is wrong here This one has something missing It’s a devil’s court, always have to bow down and walk out Didn’t I say? Finding house is more difficult than convincing a girl Hey Basavaraj! I am coming. Be there Hello! Sir, I have reached at tea stall What colour shirt are you wearing? Black colour? Even last time you had worn same shirt Don’t you have any other shirt? Hey, watch out Sorry. I wasn’t talking to you Hey, Parthasarathi, is there any house available on rent in your area? Why? Do people live on streets in your area? What kind of house is this? Such a big gate in front and also no wall at back side Such a palatial house with 24 hours water supply It’s so airy and open People move in their own new house from here Therefore the house owner does not fix this Builder pays him money to not repair the house Please get a house somehow Chintamani Greetings – Greetings Tenants for the room upstairs So you found one Did you explain them all rules? Yes. Explained everything – Good Need key to show them the room It is unlocked, you may go ahead Okay He came here as house husband but now he is the owner of the house Times are changing Step in with right leg What a ventilated room Ventilated castle was inspired from this room Just don’t compromise on my commission Murugan, the ceiling can fall off any moment If you didn’t like it then let’s go to that man with school No. It’s good. It’s covered Brother? Did you like the house? It’s fantastic. Too good Chintamani, come inside, it’s your own house I’ll come at the time of driving them out If he asks you whether you are married then say yes And what if he figures it out? Don’t you need a place to stay? Yes. I will – Quiet. He is standing behind Brother, are you bachelor? No. He is married Then why didn’t you bring your wife? Since she is expecting I couldn’t get her here You are lucky that your wife gives you space And my wife follows me everywhere Why did you made me lie? It’s necessary to get the work done Now listen The first condition to stay here is not to show panic on face Control yourself and keep smiling And what will I answer him when even after nine months my wife will not be seen here? Then tell him that she is extremely fair and would get dark due to smoke here

She will come only after installing air conditioner Who are new tenants here? We are three of us I, my wife and him Why this nuisance between couple? No. They have adopted me Why are you living with them? No, aunt My mother ordered me to stay with them Since then we are together – Oh Mr. Tenant, what’s your name? Sir, my name is Pappu And what’s the name of wife? – Karmegha Was she born in car? No. It’s just Karmegha Okay. Got it So did she win a car on birth? Why are you interested in them? Go and get the meal ready It’s difficult to recognise husband and wife between them You are right – And she is so loud And what about the rent agreement? Agreement has already started with you stepping here Thank you so much Wow! What is all this? Are you joining some drama? Bucket to bath, pillow and mat for sleeping And a mace to kill mosquito, they are blood suckers We might suffer from malaria You idiot, we have already paid fifteen thousand in advance From where shall we bring money? We are going to work overseas, we’ll earn good Isn’t it? – Shut up Give it Make the bill Right or left? Right. Turn right Nesha, here is the agreement What is your date of birth? 16th May 1985 You have turned thirty Doesn’t look like thirty Looks like forty from face How about a tight slap? Mention girl’s name here in wife’s column Okay? – Okay Sir, I am not married yet – I know British councillor doesn’t issue visa to bachelors They think that married man will return to their family Come on, sir As if wife and kids are like safe deposit You just mention some name But it’s cheating, sir If you want to go abroad, you need to do this Just cash on the opportunity, come on Is this some share market? Write down P. Tamanna What is P for? P for Pandi Mrs. Tamanna Pandi And you mention P. Anushka Shetty Don’t mention your house owner’s wife or daughter’s name by mistake You’ll get in trouble if police verification is conducted Be careful Karmegha Kulali Karmegha? I know Megha but what is Karmegha? The name crossed my mind and I mentioned it I had to for getting passport Ask him what name he mentioned What did you mention? P Tamanna What? Ask her full name I do not have time for your nonsense Look he is calling you idiot You are calling me an idiot? I am smarter than you Don’t escape. Talk to me Wait else I’ll hit you How dare you call me idiot? I’ll chop off your tongue In this accident, our well known centre minister Jangan Rao luckily escaped the death Else he would’ve not been among us today This is Kamlesh Karmegha with cameraman Prajapati Sit straight Look into the camera Place your thumbs there Take off your hat Hat? These are my hairs It looks like bird nest, fix it Done Look into the camera Done. There is no photo session going on here Place your thumbs there Why you need passport? To earn money by working abroad When you have studied here, why you want to work abroad? Sir, to earn good money Since how many years you are staying here? Since two years, sir Sir What is this? It’s too hot. Keep it Government has taken good care of us I won’t keep this Accept it at least for your kids I can take care of my kids, you need not worry Okay, sir I have seen this jerk somewhere Have some respect, sir Sir, when will we get our passport? You’ll soon get your passport If you get detained without visa at London, they’ll take you to camp for two weeks After that they’ll issue a work permit to you and will release you No need to worry even if you don’t find a job there Every month you’ll be paid 400 dollars as beggarly How much will it be in Indian rupees? According to Indian rupees it sums up to forty to forty five thousand bucks You mean government will pay us forty to forty five thousand

even if we do nothing? Exactly Pappu, Britishers were indeed very noble What was the need to drive them out? You keep quiet Not only will this but you also get few credit cards Even if you open an account in bank, you’ll also be eligible to borrow money And if you be there for six years, you’ll own the house where you lived in and when you’ll return to India, you’ll receive forty to fifty millions as benefaction When the government takes such good care, why do people cheat them? Why you need to worry about them? What about the stuff that Britishers took away from us? Our country used to be affluent which has now turned pitiable Mr. Dalal, let’s have a selfie No. I feel shy You pose for camera, I’ll click the photo – What’s there to shy away? You click the photo, sir Hope you know where the camera is It’s upwards – Sir Can I have your spectacles? Sir, please empty this container of water and return it Come inside and do it yourself Are you from Madhurai? Yes. How did you guess? People from Madhurai are fools They get accommodated anywhere What do you mean? Don’t you know that a guy hanged himself here? He had gathered money by selling off his sister’s jewellery and was planning to work abroad His plan failed and he hanged himself here Even the rope is still hanging and the room is already rented Hope there isn’t any ghost here Nesha, someone committed suicide here Why didn’t Murugan inform us? Were you aware? What did he say? He is saying that there are so many people in world Death of one person doesn’t make any difference Hey, Mr. tenants? Why are you sleeping outside? The house has turned morgue to us and here he is questioning us? I couldn’t hear him properly The thing is there are many rats inside – I know They are running all over the room Therefore we decided to sleep outside Listen. Sleeping outside will cost extra Why? Instead of reducing our rent for sleeping outside, you are charging us extra? Hey? What have you put on your head? You won’t understand that. Go to bed Brother, your wife is still not here Where is she? As I told you that my wife is expecting It’s been three months now, she’ll come after six more months Okay How long will I sleep alone without you? Why did you left me? I had stopped you Come to me What are you looking at? No need to get surprised Look into my eyes, my sweetheart You also love me, right? What happened? World is full of foolish people He is laughing Seems he only talks in dreams Henceforth we’ll talk to him by putting him to sleep You idiot He is fooling us You are right Nesha? Sing a song Song Nesha, a tight slap will make you talk Last night you were talking to Champakali in dreams We saw it all Sorry, sir I didn’t intend to harm you Actually my family was here, they went missing Why? I am from Sri Lanka Few days back I escaped from Sri Lanka with my wife and kid in a ship and came here But my family went missing after coming here Since then I am looking for my wife and kid But they are not traceable So file a missing complaint in police, publish their photos I am a refugee here If I file a complaint in police, they will deport me Okay but why did you lie to us? If I had spoken in Hindi, everyone would come to know that I am not a local person And then police would’ve put me behind bars How can they just put you behind bars? Don’t worry Audaciously talk in your local language here after This is exactly why I and Pappu are going to London You go to bathroom Passport is ready Just the visa interview needs to be cleared But after seeing his weird hairs, I don’t think he’ll get selected Why, Mr. Dalal? Do I look like a conman? I will work hard You’ll be able to work only when they will allow you there Please come in Really? It’s a miracle The dumb has got his voice since today morning Mr. Dalal, distribute sweets to celebrate his voice

I have shown eight millions fifty thousand and one rupee in your account And show nearly twenty millions and thirty five thousand in my account Don’t you think it’s beyond your capability? Just enter the amount As it is you aren’t paying anything Neither I am paying it nor are you receiving it This is just for visa interview It is necessary to show the pass book entries of last six months Now a bogus signature for bogus pass book Uncle, show your talent What is this uncle? Why did you elongate the line at the end? As like face signature also changes with age Why? Signatures do changes with time And if it doesn’t change, it will look fake Grandpa, you have such good talent and you want to take it with yourself? Just think if you die so will your talent Then how will others be able to go overseas? You are right Listen to me and make me your disciple It’s like a battle The person opposite will try to defeat you but you must not give up Your confidence will do everything Suppose if he fails you in interview? I will thrash his bones He will keep asking the questions He talks very loudly His voice is deafening Nesha Now I have mastered in lying Just watch out Saying a lie won’t work there It is important to be smart along with being good liar After this you’ll fly to London – Don’t worry Be brave God backs the people who are brave Let’s go to London Let’s smash them Come on, hurry up The scapegoat is here Sir? Greetings Greetings – I am a reporter from Trupti news I am making news report on people who fly overseas for jobs Will you help me with some information, please? I am not supposed to share anything Sir, just for five minutes You can blabber anything I cannot But, sir? Just for five minutes Come on Let’s look for someone else Number 33 Good morning – Good morning My name is Pappu Nice name. I like your name Thank you, sir You speak in Hindi, I can understand Hindi What do you do? Nothing, sir I survive on money from rent I own four houses, four soap factories I want to go to London to freshen up my mood and to relax You even have wife Why is she not accompanying you? My wife is expecting, she is pregnant She isn’t allowed to travel long distance Oh. Congratulations Thank you, sir By the way why are you willing to go London only to relax? Four hundred years back, Britishers invaded our country and ruined our city’s greenery They used to disrespect our places How manner less is this They took away our precious Kohinoor diamond I never questioned them about their visit here Now I want to go to London, teach them etiquette and will bring our Kohinoor back And the palace of their queen is nothing before our Tajmahal Have you visited Tajmahal before? No, sir I went there last year It’s very beautiful Good Have you visited Red Fort at Delhi? Its colour must have faded Mahabalipuram near Chennai? No, sir Have you visited Agra Fort? I’ll pay the visit today evening, sir Evening? Number 34 Do you think I am a fool? First travel in your own country after you’ll get visa for UK Sir, but those are the local places I can visit them any time London is also not moving anywhere You can visit it later Sir. It’s my childhood dream to visit London After returning from there I’ll have much free time Visa is also not required here, I can travel here any time You please approve my visa I am sorry Sir, please listen to me Excuse me, sir I’ll return from there My wife is expecting, I cannot stay there forever It’s my second child I’ll gift you cashew delicacies However hard you try to flatter me but I won’t get convinced You cannot go to London. I am sorry Next Number 35 Hello. Good morning Good morning, sir Why you want to go London? Are you an Indian? What is your qualification? Sorry, sir

Hey, why you look upset? They rejected me Rejected? Why? I followed your instructions even then got rejected Did you smartly say a lie inside? That bloody Britisher asks me whether I have visited Tajmahal and Red Fort What did you answer? How can I say yes when I haven’t visited? Then he asked whether I have visited Agra Fort What did you answer? I said I’ll visit it in the evening He rejected me Any problem? Nothing. The sun is about to set Where is Pandi? I don’t know Here he is So how was it? I don’t know why but my heart is pounding rapidly Why? What did they say? He said I can go to London What? I got selected They selected you? Yes. So? Did they ask you about Tajmahal? Yes. They did What did you answer? I said I have visited it You are fooling them For the first time you have travelled out of village You know this but they don’t If I had said the truth, all the efforts would’ve got wasted and also I couldn’t have fly to London I say a lie for so many times and the lie which serves us good is a must Why did you say a lie? Why? Don’t be jealous of me because I got the visa. – Why did you lie? Let me go – Stop fighting, come on As it is this fatso cannot be harmed Now listen From today’s incident, you surely must’ve got a lesson Just a single lie would’ve taken you to London Nesha? But this is not fair, isn’t it? He should be happy for his friend, right? Don’t you teach me about friendship! Stop hitting me, let me warn you Else I’ll curse you And my curse will not even let your kids fly overseas I am the only reason why you are able to fly overseas Pappu, sorry That English man must’ve surely noticed the fire inside you This fire reminds me that the girl who was next to me was very hot Who is calling? Sister Then what are you thinking? Answer it Hey, sister, how is brother in law? Pass the call to Gogol He is not willing to talk to you Hey! Idiot Yes, sister. Tell me Forgotten your sister after your purpose is served? No. It’s not like that Are you going to London or not? I appeared for visa interview but Pandi got selected I will try again after six months What are you saying? They selected that fatso and rejected you? Sister, tell me why have you called? There is a problem I told my husband that you are in London Why did you say so? Hey! Stop your nonsense – You know very well Have you lost your mind? If he comes to know the truth, he’ll make my life hell If you are my true brother then don’t come here for next six months Stay wherever but don’t come here else you’ll find me dead Hang up the call – Hang up I am surrounded with all useless people Seems like that oldie liked the way I sneezed therefore he approved my visa He should have tried throwing up there He is coming Seems furious Isn’t it? Pappu, only because of you I got the visa and I am able to fly to London Are you listening? – You moron! What are you doing? You talk too much I’ll kill you ere itself Then you won’t be able to go to London Let him go Next interview is after six months Till then why don’t you go back to your hometown? Will you lend me seven millions? Mr. Dalal, he sold his sister’s jewellery to come here in city and also has cheated so many people for visa After so much of efforts, why will he go back? Right, Pappu? I’ll take up some job Okay – Somewhere here Let’s do it again Good Are you seriously going to join them? It’s a position of accountant, right? Yes Carry on, I’ll be right back You need not worry Tell me. What is it? Sir, he is friend of Rajesh He is looking for job Greetings, sir Fine. Recruit him Thank you, sir You are through Thank you, sir Be seated Feels like accountant, don’t he? – Yes Do well – Yes, sir This is the form of folk art of India

Very unique and precious Come on! I’ll finish you! One who messes with we will get destroyed It will be all right, don’t worry – Is it fine now? It will get fine What are you looking for? Looking for pen, it was kept here Thank you Come on, meal is served For the first time I am witnessing that someone received his visa this early It’s my charm, Dalal Unbelievable Hey, have a look Why did you spit? Stop it Hey jerk, now I belong to London, okay? The visa which you are flaunting is a tourist visa Got it? Whatever but did you get the visa? Am I right, Dalal? – Yes I must say that undeserving has succeeded Uncle, how is that new recruit? Who? That new boy? He is good Any shortfalls? None He is honest and works dedicatedly He is trustworthy Take these three millions and deposit it in the bank by afternoon Sure Now walk Is this the way kings walk? You are walking like a corrupt cop Guys, Taneesla Winsky explained how to bring out your inner emotions Look. Costume of king makes you feel like a king If you are dressed up like a king then think like one You Not you. You be seated Pappu? – Yes? Okay Good Now walk What were you thinking while taking this walk? I was feeling as if I am a king Did you all hear? When you get a make-up, you start living that character Thank you No problem. Go Sir, there are extra thousand bucks I know Has master instructed to pay me this? No It’s not on his instruction, this is from my side Keep it. Enjoy Where do your parents live? Here or at home town? My parents have passed away, sir I have only sister who lives with her husband at our home town Are you married? Not yet, sir How can I marry before getting settled financially? Isn’t it strange? We spend our lives making ourselves financially strong We fail to live our life Am I right? How much for this? – Hey, Nesha? How is this for winters in London? This looks better It looks scrappy Panda? If you’ll wear new cloths, your secret will be exposed It’s better for you to wear scrappy sweater So shall I buy scrap as like you? God, help me Sir, suppose if the fatso gets detained there will they thrash him hard? No, they won’t thrash him but will drag him out Sir, if any Sri Lankan checks his passport there and if he figures it out, will he thrash him hard? No. That isn’t possible Fatso, I am trying to save you Brother, stop talking negative Let him be successful there Sir? Just a moment What is it? Sir, something is going wrong Forty thousand rupees are deficit in balance sheet How is this possible? Please check yourself, sir Look I understood You have made the balance sheet Tally it properly, it will get managed Sir, how can I when there is a deficit Little bit if mismanagement is allowed Look. Don’t complain to master Have you noticed that master travels in public transport to save money and you want me to deceive him? Why you want to get into the trouble? Because of him you got the job If he wished he could’ve Our loyalty must be towards company and not the person who recruited us

You too were trying to go abroad by making fraud, didn’t you? What about that? So shall I be disloyal to my job? No. I didn’t mean that I agree that I tried to go abroad by making fraud But I didn’t intend to loot anyone there Am I right? Mr. Dalal? You said that after reaching London, burn down the visa and passport I tried to figure it out but couldn’t understand Answer me, sir Because they must not find any proof of your origin Mr. Dalal? In case they find out Indian passport, what will happen? If they get your Indian passport, they will not consider you Sri Lankan Therefore I asked you to burn the passport Pandi! Don’t worry Okay Come in Greetings, sir Did I ever question you about accounts in past two years? Don’t look at him Answer my question No, sir. The thing is Until now how much has he stolen? Sir, I didn’t say that he is a thief but there is deficit of forty thousand in balance sheet It’s not tallying, right? It means he has stolen it Sir, I didn’t steal the money Since I find it difficult to look after accounts, I handed over this responsibility to you Sir, forgive me I will return all your money Believe me I will return your money You can return my money but will you be able to make me trust you again? Get lost from here – Sir, I am sorry Come on, leave! – Forgive me, sir Get lost! Sir, I have family to support Everyone wrong doer has the family Didn’t you think about them while doing wrong? You all come here Come here! You call yourself actors, is it? You quit your jobs and family to be an actor and work hard even for smallest of the roles Look at him For last two years he is acting so well that I didn’t even come to know He is a great actor You need to learn from him, not from me Get lost from here! Rascal – Sir What? – Please forgive the poor chap No. Son, being lenient has put me in this situation today You know how he got recruited here? He had told me that his previous boss was deceitful I thought that he is an honest person But he turned out to be even more deceitful Damn this poor chap From looks it’s hard to figure out who is disloyal Where is the handle to open the door? It’s nowhere to be seen Shall I lift the entire fridge? Pappu? Hey, why are you late? Bumped into some idiot Look at him Trying to squeeze inside the fridge Panda! Tell me, Nesha Didn’t I advise you to appear like tramp? You are talking to a Britisher, mind your tongue else the queen of England will get upset If you’ll wear a T-shirt with a picture of film star on it, they will figure out that you are an Indian Quickly take this off and change it Only then you must go Why? Wearing a T-shirt with US flag on it will make me American? It’s just a T-shirt and not visa I’ll do one thing. I’ll go undressed Watch your language Nesha, explain him What do you have to tell me? Nothing. After landing in London, change this T-shirt Now quickly get lost Go Acting smart What? They are not going to serve food here You go inside I will but you too get lost You’ll get stuck if it starts raining Hope you don’t fall in pit – Just go How are you, security guard? Hope your kids are doing well Bye – Bye Looks like his bad times have begun What are you doing here? Where is Pandi? I had something important here What are you doing here? Since we were not paid our salaries so I gathered crowd for protest by bribing five hundred bucks each You have got so many people Of course. They were sitting idle Forget it I bumped into your brother in law He said that you are going overseas Yes. I am going by tomorrow’s flight Where is your childhood buddy Pandi? He left Leaving you alone? Silly, he has gone there before so that I don’t face any problem there Forget it You didn’t see me or met me And right now I am in foreign land No one must know the truth back at home town Now leave. Come on. Go

Okay. Bye Bloody mole rat See you – Bye A small spark can turn entire jungle into ash by burning it down Similarly a silly lie can create havoc and destroy the life Listen, kids Yes, master? There is good news for you Get me down Our play has been selected at London International Play festival Congratulations, sir Okay. All of you calm down Those who have passports, hand it over to uncle and those who don’t have get it quickly It’s very important, right? – Yes, master Listen, Mr. Pappu You too are coming with us Sir? What happened? How can I come? I am not the part of play Uncle Manager! You have become a manager! He is manager now Congrats! – Thank you Hold on I’ll be right back Need to rebuild the properties of Sir. Thanks, sir That’s fine Come on, get ready Hey, are you married? No – Why? Name of some Karmegha is mentioned in your passport Mr. Manager was obsessed to go abroad therefore he lied You idiot. Come here What happen? He made this fraud to fly abroad? – Yes You silly You know what will happen if master find this out? – What? He represents rural area He will thrash you and crumble your bones Keep quiet Now do one thing Cover it with white marker and then hand it over to master Okay. Now go If the character is of deceiver, then we have to be one Hey. Brother in law is here Look. There he is Welcome – Greetings, brother in law When did you come? So this is your London Where is queen Elizabeth? London is very far from here It will take some time You fooled me and your sister as well in the name of London Looting sister will land you up in hell, you will suffer Why did you make brother in law stand in sun? He is getting heated He said he won’t go inside His father will also come inside. I mean brother in law, please come inside How dare you talk about my father! It’s just a slip of tongue Please don’t shout Neighbours will gather Not your tongue but our life has had a slip While asking for money you sounded so meek and now you are instructing me? Why are you shouting? Look. Please have some respect and stop scolding him here outside Respect? Beggars do not have any respect The respect that you are talking about is earned with honesty and not by looting family You looted me well Brother in law, remember that sister’s jewellery which is mortgaged were given by my father in as dowry Shut your mouth How dare you? Father gave jewellery as dowry and son wants to loot it You have forgotten that I am taking care of your sister for last seven years I fulfilled every basic necessity of her Very good You have well returned my favours Brother in law, I apologise to you It was just a slip of tongue – No need to plead I will never ever forgive you in life – What’s going on? Sir is here Brother in law, please don’t create any scene Tell me. What’s the matter? Who are you? He is my boss – Is it? I work with him Sir, he is my brother in law He was taking care of my sister since last seven years that’s what he came here to say He won’t tell you the truth, sir Let me tell you what has he done He conned us in the name of London and looted our money What nonsense are you talking? Fine. How much is to be repaid? Sir, I will take care I am here, I’ll handle it Not much. Just six millions He will soon repay your debt Believe him Yes. I will pay on returning from London Forget it You are not going anywhere from here You need not trouble yourself Let London come to you Look. I have recruited him and also am taking him to London He will soon repay your money If he fails to repay I will repay it Sir, please don’t do this – No. It’s okay I can understand the situation Serve him the meal While making new passport, you can easily enter name of anyone in column of wife But to take her name off the passport, it’s too difficult Okay. I agree But if the passport goes missing, a new passport can be made, right? Yes, it can but even the duplicate passport will have same old details So even then you’ll require to take the name off then better do it now Okay, sir Forget about this We will make new passport with new details which will not have name of any girl

Let’s show it as bachelor How is that? No use of entering new details How will you change your face? Your retina and finger prints are already scanned and recorded in system I’ll suggest you Go to your boss and tell him the truth Mr. Nesha, with much difficulties I have got a job and you want me to get fired? Boss will sack me You mean you want to take off the name because you fear master? So much of alteration will land you in trouble Think again Hey Nesha, have some etiquettes or don’t you have any? Rustling unnecessarily There is one passport officer He can help you Greetings – Be seated. Tell me what can I do? Sir, need to expunge the name of wife from passport Karmegha Weird name Did you divorce her? – Divorce? Sir, I am still unmarried Not married? – No So have you entered your neighbouring girl’s name in passport? Under Indian Passport act IPC 1967 you will be jailed Sir, this isn’t the name of my neighbour Her name is something else, I don’t know yet But I’ll surely tell you once I learn it Till then you please help me Now nothing can be done If I try to expunge this name, I will lose my job Look. Here comes the dinosaur – Good morning, sir Good morning, dinosaur Who is this dinosaur? He is new passport officer He is very strict He talks less and spits more His mouth stinks Shall I talk to him? Have you lost your mind? Sir, is there any other way out? According to government procedure, nothing can be done Do one thing. Go out You’ll see a betel nut stall there Tell the seller that I have sent you He is much experienced in this matter What Pandi must be doing there? Must be having sun bath with some Blondie He is very lucky Worried for him? He is a trickster He must be having fun there Hello? God knows who is trying to call Pappu? Betel nut seller? Exactly. Betel nut seller Greetings, sir – Greetings Want to expunge father’s name from passport? No. He is my only father Want to expunge wife’s name Got it Got divorced? Actually I made a mistake I entered wife’s name even after being unmarried Hope he has explained you Yes he did but this matter is very complicated You said you are a bachelor and you do not have any wife It means it is all imaginary Now to get rid of this problem, we need to consult a great lawyer Lawyer? Why? Only then you will get divorced Let me meet the lawyer, Okay? Tell him to pay seven thousand rupees Sir, he doesn’t even have money to buy water From where will he get seven thousand? If he doesn’t have it then you pay from your pocket Inflation has raised so much How will she survive? What will you pay her finally? Tell me He can afford fifteen hundred Is it okay? – No. He has got money He works as driver at some millionaire – By the way, when is our turn? Let them finish first You have such good job Can’t you pay just seven thousand? Sir, please have mercy I am suffering from tuberculosis After having tobacco and cigarette, you deserve this I can add two hundred more Yes. Two hundred more – Is it okay? I won’t compromise on a penny less than seven thousand Madam, he is unable to pay my fees as well How will he pay seven thousand? Excuse me You go to other court and check Madam, actor Balwan Khan is getting divorced here? Actor Balwan Khan is getting divorced? Yes – Where? I am not informing you but asking you Not here Listen. Actor Balwan Khan is getting divorced Hey! Hi Hope you remember visa office, news report, don’t you? Can I ask some questions here? Madam, I’ll wait downstairs You carry on, I’ll be there Sir, just for five minutes Okay. Fine. Just two minutes? Listen! – Excuse me This is so irritating I am tired of convincing Neither is she agreeing nor is he Now you decide on your own I am leaving Why did I even become a judge? Sir, here He is Pappu and he is Nesha – Hello, sir Sir’s name is Mahamuni and he is fondly addressed as Munna Greetings, sir Sorry. I took little longer Let’s talk while walking So what do you want? What should I do for you? I want a divorce Certainly Is it? By the way, you both are not able to adjust or are you two fighting? Nothing sort of, sir Just do anything but get me divorced Anyhow? – Yes Okay Is your wife having extra marital affair? There isn’t any wife, affair is out of question So is she dead? No. I am still not married Not married? – Yes Then we need to sit and discuss

Today your talent as lawyer will be tested It isn’t difficult task to get a couple divorced But this is the case where there is no wife For the first time I have come across the case where the wife is imaginary When there is no wife, how will you get divorced? It’s a complicated matter But sir – Don’t worry. You’ll get divorced From where will you get the girl? Sir, let’s first get him married on papers Then let’s show problems in marriage And then? After that let’s file a case of dowry, we’ll show affidavit of wife and then divorce But to file an affidavit, original ID proof will be required and also the couple needs be present on first hearing Not necessary, sir We’ll tell judge that husband and wife both are on in accord We’ll bribe a little to judge And also we must get benefitted a little It will be done Okay You have got me into the case which absolutely has no point Even then I will take this case Thank you For this there is only one option Find the girl with this name and ask for ID proof from her Oh no! From where will we find a girl with this name? Do anything. That’s not my concern Now leave First find the girl with this name, only then we shall proceed Tell the editor we are not finding anyone for interview, I’ll further work on report. Okay? There must be some junior artist Neither you’ll find a car nor Megha But you’ll surely find problems Excuse me. Sauce please Please. Here at centre Are you sure you’ll find one? It’s not a big deal. I’ll find a wife Have your dinner Hey, quietly have your dinner Brother, am I interfering in your matter? Why are you troubling us? Go ahead and have your meal Kamala, Pooja, Sushma Hey? How is this lady? She is mother of one of my friends She is deaf and blind You know her daughter’s name is also Megha There is just one problem Kar is missing from Megha What did you add Kar to Megha? You case would’ve easily got solved today If you had married her, you would’ve got a real car You would’ve enjoyed driving with Megha Come on, wash your hands Now if you’ll talk a word more, I’ll get you married Wash your hands Why are you cleaning your legs? It’s sheer injustice with us We protest against this Government must listen to us These men who travel on tourist visa with the hope of job She is the same girl don’t even know that Every time she keeps interviewing people First I bumped into her at Visa office and then at court These days breaking news are in trend Wait till then This is Karmegha Kudali from Chameli news with cameraman Sukumar Prajapati Karmegha! Did you hear? – Yes Sister in law Soon getting divorced We will protect women until my last breath And therefore I have stepped in politics I know it sounds offending but women must stay under veil I am saying this because this is the only way women will be safe You know the incidents of eve teasing are on rise these days But media exaggerates my statements Sir, we don’t intend to exaggerate things or try to spread rumours You are the one who keeps lying Please get a chair Poor chap is sitting on the floor to take pictures Let it be, sir Sir, is there Kar Car? Where is it? No, sir. I am asking for reporter Karmegha Sir, Karmegha is sitting in first row Sir, you have still not answered my question She is behind the guy who is sitting on floor Look there So you mean to say it’s all wrong So women do not have rights to select their own cloths You will decide? Sorry, sir Don’t take any offence but Hello, madam You are from Hindi channel, right? Yes, sir Then speak in Hindi Bravo sir Okay, sir Let me ask you in Hindi language If you don’t mind tell me didn’t you order your elder daughter to adorn appropriate cloths? You are alleging my daughter? I have instilled India culture in my daughter Oh. Really? Just hang on This is your daughter on social media No, she isn’t my daughter The picture is morphed No, sir. It’s the real picture Hey, stop this. Don’t try to tarnish the reputation of our boss Just leave Why should I? Hold on Show me the phone I said give me your phone – How dare you? If you try to touch me, I’ll slice your hand Go and stop them What have I done? You always create a problem wherever you go So am I supposed to turn deaf on lies? You create problem wherever you go Just leave. Let us do our job I am not going to leave – Get lost! I won’t. I’ll stay here I said leave! Mind your tongue else I’ll slap you tight You want to slap? Come on, slap me

Your mouth is stinking First go and brush your teeth Wait. Your sister in law is in trouble She will get out of trouble but we get into Woman of modern times is very powerful Don’t you remember? We’ll meet her outside Let’s go Fine. I am leaving Look. She is here Oh no. I must leave Hey, where are you going? – I won’t come If you didn’t I’ll smash you I am fine with it – How mean you are! Mean? Stop cussing me – Swear you on your father, swear you on your entire family I’ll kill you if you do not go to her Please go. Nice boy Such a trouble Excuse me, sister in law I mean madam What are you doing here? – To talk to you Tell me You wanted to interview me, right? I am ready When do you need it? It’s of no use now I interviewed an idiot and used his recording Madam I have big breaking news It will make your channel a big hit Really? Yes – What is it? The source of news is here Hey, brother! Come Hi He is my childhood friend After growing up we came to India from Sri Lanka He is dumb, madam He has a problem How are you? I can understand him – I am fine. Thank you How are you? He is feeling cold here Shall we go somewhere else and talk? Tell me. What is it? You know that Ravan hails from Sri Lanka, right? Yes. I know His family every morning does fishing in Sri Lanka Is it? His name doesn’t sound like Sri Lankan Yes. There is an entire village They also do fishing early in the morning There are thousands of Pappu there Okay. So? Once his mother had a dream that she is having pizza with him in London So his mother decided to have pizza His mother’s visa was approved but his visa was rejected There is problem in his passport Then he said to him mother to go to London and have pizza, I will join you later Now the thing is, mother went to London He too wants to travel to London to have pizza with his mother So what can I do in this? His passport has a minor problem He made a little mistake While entering the details he entered wife’s name So what can I do? The thing is if he finds the document of the person with that name, he can get divorced with the help of that document And by erasing the name of his wife from passport he can travel to London You mean you’ll ask documents from any of the girls and she will hand it over to you? Is it so easy? Originals are not required Xerox copy will also work Then his all problems will get solved The girl must be audacious, right? And must be bold? And also will be of helping nature, right? Such girls are impossible to find these days Sir? Animals make such noise and not humans, right? Please lower your volume ‘Let her go then I’ll deal with you.’ Okay. So how can I help you in this matter? Pappu, show her the passport Thank me Why? Because I didn’t slap you Idiot Such a waste of time We had such a narrow escape else that girl would’ve smacked us Keep quiet Sir, the girl was very angry Take care of one thing – Tell me Hope she doesn’t makes this matter, breaking news No. she is a good girl, sir All are good initially but later harm us Right Do you have change? Let me see the note first, only then I can say Do you have change? Do you have? No, sir. Please ask someone else Sir, the beggar at cross road will have the change Police man is not finding change Is this cop real or fake? Tell me. Why did you get anxious on seeing a cop? Because he would find out that I am not a local person And why had you turned dumb before that reporter? Sir, I didn’t have any such plans but he told her that I am dumb before I could speak If I had spoken, he would’ve got in trouble It was your idea, right? I wish we were able to play dumb before judge Sir, this option didn’t work Is there any other option?

There is no other way out but that girl Why did you go to her immediately after she had heated press conference? You should’ve talked to her on some other day Do one thing Plead to her once you find her alone Don’t hesitate, okay? In times one has to bow before the buffoon Hi – Hi How are you? – Good Someone is awaiting you outside Awaiting me? What is it? Hi. How are you? You followed me here? He is saying Hi – Come on, leave from here What is he saying? You are beautiful Yes, I know Now leave Let’s go Get lost – Hi Hi Are you nuts? We are standing here in son for so long, not even had anything since morning We have travelled from far away Pipari village They will protest here until they get justice Hi What’s your problem? Get lost – Let’s go Yes, mom. I will reach in some time Yes. I got everything Hi. How are you? You! Where is she? Hi How are you? Why are you following me? You forgot this Bye When did you grab that bottle? What if she had find out? By the way, she looked very cheerful today Hi I’ll be right back Sorry What? Who was she? They seemed like my wife and daughter God knows how they are doing I wrongly thought it’s my family Everything will be alright Everything will be alright Pappu? – Sir Yes, sir? What is the status of your passport? Sir, passport is missing Then how will you travel to London, Pappu? I have applied for new one I’ll get it soon Are you sure? Yes, sir – Alright But hope you know that we don’t have much time, right? I know, sir Greetings He is asking how you are He phoned you twice but you didn’t answer him so Mom, how can you serve coffee to any Tom Dick and Harry? I didn’t serve coffee but water Did you ask them who they are and what are they here for? They are here with some news They are trying to call you since morning but your phone is not reachable as usual Poor chaps have spent money on travelling this far Look. They have got such a beautiful portrait of yours How can I not attend them? At least I should serve them with coffee Look at that tall guy He is so smart looking Find someone like him for yourself You see your son in law in every guy What do you want? Madam, you know what we need No matter how much you try to flatter me but I won’t agree Hey, listen, Karseva? That’s her name, right? Her name is Karmegha I keep forgetting names these days Then have almonds Again you tramps are here? How dare you call us tramps? Do we look like beggars? Don’t you again dare to call us tramps Interest amount doesn’t matter but need to recover principle amount Listen carefully I have no interest in you I just need my interest amount Why are you refusing interest amount? Recover from her You want interest amount, is it? Have you seen yourself in mirror? Want to have tight slap from me? Morons are here to ask for money Clucks daily. Life has turned hell

But Megha do not fear these people On the contrary she very well deals with them I am very well aware of this Well, why have you come here? To help her You want to help Megha? – Yes An ant is never able to help elephant? Got it? Now just watch she’ll kick them off Get lost. She will repay your money You mediated in getting her the money We will recover from you If she has borrowed the money, she is supposed to repay, right? Wrong – Excuse me Showing your manliness to a lonely girl? Don’t throw the attitude Seems like you are men of Balwant Rai Don’t take his name else I’ll be the worst for you Tell me how much money has she borrowed? Excuse me. I am talking to them What’s the amount? – Thirteen Thousand That’s it? I had only that much in pocket I want to help you You don’t need to interfere – You please be quiet Come on, pay thirteen thousand Only thirteen thousand, right? – Yes What are you doing? No need to pay the money Keep this It’s fifteen thousand Three of you must apologise to madam twice Is that clear? Why shall we apologise on recovering our own money? New year is round the corner Apologise to madam You keep quiet Sorry, madam Now get lost Come on Give me my share – I had already told you If I see you next time, I’ll chop you off What could have we done? Only the real jeweller can assay the genuine gem You are right Have you lost your mind? – My child Mom, you please keep mum I was not the debtor of money that you repaid My friend had borrowed the money and I was just a guarantor Now forget about your money Why didn’t you tell us before? Did you allow me to say anything? You were in hurry to be a benefactor That money was not mine It was his My child, is this the way to talk to people who supported us? Stop being emotional, mom Doing well has no value these days Get lost Mr. Social worker, come in Come in, you benefactor Be seated Please forgive me – Fine. I forgive you Tell me why you get excited to be a hero on seeing a girl? What was that you said? Take the money and get lost – Very good Was that your money? I recover every single penny from them Don’t change the topic First answer my question Fifteen thousand that you donated would have served my two months of expenses Rope Hanging? Lights on! – Okay Listen, Pappu – Yes, sir What about your passport? Verification is still pending, sir I have some contacts in passport Shall I use them? Let it be, sir. They will handle I know. You want to follow rules That’s good Good Brijesh? Master, my name is Rajesh Whatever. Come to my cabin Already have lost his mind He forgot my name but he remembers your name though you joined recently Stop laughing Lights off Hello, who is it? Can I speak to Nesha? Nesha is not here. Can I know your name? This is Karmegha Kudali Excuse me? Karmegha Kudali Is Pappu there? Yes. He is here but he is dumb, he cannot speak I know. Just pass on the phone to him Pappu? Call for you Some girl wants to speak to you He is coming What’s going on? What’s going on? Hello, Pappu. This is Karmegha here Pappu No problem. Carry on Hello, Pappu. Karmegha speaking Can you hear me? You want my documents, right? I am ready to give At what time tomorrow can you meet me? In the morning or in the evening? Oh, sorry

I forgot If you are comfortable in morning say yes for once And for evening say yes for twice Morning, right? Okay. Let’s meet tomorrow morning Bye Okay. Thank you Sir, anything important? I have got visa forms Let the passport arrive later You provide your details to uncle Yes. Okay, sir You rascal! Shocked? You are fooling that girl by playing dumb? Nesha created this problem It’s not my fault How long are you going to be angry? Just calm down You have wasted all my gathered money You know I had borrowed it from so many people But she is helping you after you lost the money, right? Don’t be under wrong impression She isn’t helping us Then? – She is sympathising with us Sometimes I feel I am totally dumb Where were you for so long? The girl is already here and you are coming late Come on, apologise to her Get up Just want a chance to grab vacant seat – No one miss to grab the vacant seat Will you prefer tea or coffee? Sir Oh yes. You are dumb Excuse me. Please don’t call him dumb Rather call specially-able Yes. That’s nice. Good From now onwards he’ll be called specially-able Just be clear what I need to do Just submit your birth certificate or photocopy of your primary school pass out certificate And then with mutual accord you will get divorced from court and then he can fly overseas But how can you be sure that hereafter I won’t face any problem? Not at all And in case if any problem pops out we will make your ID proof and mark sheet photocopy to go missing from file It’s a routine thing in governmental job You need not worry If you feel that someone would file a complaint, we will file the complaint first Here we have solution for everything I am ready Excuse me If anything goes wrong, I won’t spare any of you Nothing will go wrong, madam We are gentlemen This is voter ID Get the photocopy of this Can we get a passport size photo of yours? Passport size photo? Why? It is required on form But the lawyer didn’t say anything about photo He is a lawyer, he must’ve forgotten But you need not worry Once the job is done, we’ll get your photo back from the documents Alright. Let me check Yes. Please – Be seated Mom – What? Is there any passport size photo of mine? How can it be there? That day when I was taking more copies, you stopped me and today you are asking for same Just see if there is any By the way, why you need your photo? Are you looking for new job? Sort of I knew it You never stick for long at any job God knows what would happen after marriage. – Mom Please make some coffee Coffee is ready but you always stop me therefore I didn’t serve Shall I serve them coffee? Yes. Please Be seated Mom is getting the photo My child, shall I wash your mucky jeans? You are using it since one month One month! Yes, mom. Wash it off Mom sometimes Thank you, aunt Son, are you born dumb or have lost your voice recently? Mom? Can you please keep mum? I was asking casually In his childhood he was chased by a dog While screaming for help he lost his voice There were five dogs chasing him Oh. There were ten dogs? If you marry any British girl then don’t forget to send me her photo I would like to see your wife Quickly make a signature of Karmegha Kudali First tell me who this girl is Look here She is the girl I divorced without marrying her I won’t sign You have charged him the money, right? Now sign it I cannot let life of any girl to ruin It’s a sin Uncle, she herself has given her consent, you just need to sign Hang on Signature is required, right? Tell me. Where to sign?

Here In childhood I was an expert in copying and today I will excel this talent Say exactly what I have explained to you What’s the matter? Want to get divorced? Is this your first time? Don’t worry. Everything will be fine At first it makes feel guilty but then you get used to it This is my fourth time I am the regular client of court Okay tell me. Have you found new girl? The thing is it better to step on other ship before quitting first one Otherwise you would get drowned That’s my ship in brown sari I am getting divorced from her After marriage initially all are romantic and then You please be seated What’s the matter? Want to get divorced? Brother, worried on seeing the crowd? No Don’t know where the future of our country is heading towards Number of divorce is more than number of marriage They have problem in everything This is what true independence is Judge has been changed – What? Yes, sir. Believe me That’s bad news His mother n law passed away Who has replaced him? That austere Shanta Kumari You said that everything is managed But what can I do if his mother in law passed away? Now we all will get in trouble What happened, Sir? Is someone dead? Wrap your stuff and leave Listen… File You should have known before His mother in law passed away after paying him a bribe Tell me what the problem is? You don’t worry – No problem What’s our number? They will call out, sir 2829 2016 Pappu Karmegha, be present! – That’s our number Come on Let’s go We are coming, please give us a way Where were you? Sorry, ma’am Greetings, ma’am These days you are full of gimmick I was stuck somewhere Pappu? He is Pappu, standing in front of you Where is Karmegha? From where shall I get her now? What happened? Look at me – Yes, madam Why you look baffled? She didn’t come, madam You knew that she needs to be present, right? Of course I knew It’s a divorce case, right? It’s a mutual accord, ma’am Is it? Don’t you know that it’s mandatory for both of them to be present? Yes – Didn’t you inform client? My mistake For past four years you are doing the same What can I say? Get lost from here Come on next fifteenth And don’t forget to bring the girl – Okay, ma’am Come on, let’s go from here – Waste of time Call next 4929 2016 Thirumal Bharti, be present! I had already told you but it’s you who ruined all our efforts, I got humiliated I know She shamed a senior lawyer in front of all Sir, let’s offer bribe to her as well Have you lost your mind? She is a monster Monster of honesty? She will gulp us all Calm down, sir Why are you getting so anxious? Everything will be alright Bring some other girl if not she How does that matter? What? Other girl? Here one problem is not getting solved and you want to invite another one? Indeed – No one will come to know Every girl on government voter ID looks like a witch Look. Isn’t it looks like witch? So? Excellent idea, madam Sir, she is smarter than computer – Shut our mouth Don’t jinx on her Bloody want to be a teacher to me Well, what about wedding photos? Wedding pictures Sir, how does that matter? Before wedding all girls are beautiful, then after all of them turn ugly Mind your language, okay? I am not pointing at you What do you know about women? After bearing a child body changes drastically I know. I watch television Even exercising doesn’t help to burn fats – Sorry I too was beautiful earlier Hey, calm down Here, marriage seems to be difficult and you are talking about bearing a child Okay. Fine Find a girl who looks ugly as like in this picture Cook whatever you want. Don’t ask me – Here he is Okay. I will have it, no problem I’ll have whatever is cooked Okay, fine. I’ll call Okay. Also make salad Tell me – He is my friend Pappu Hello, sir Sir, need someone like her Fine. You’ll get it Hey, Reshma! Brother, can you find a girl with name Karmegha? You are looking for a girl or a car? You’ll find whatever is available Send her quickly How are you, brother? Meeting after long time I had an offer to work in couple of movies But couldn’t find time to work in all movies Therefore I quitted movies and work in theatres Here she is Hello, sir From which angle you find these two girls resembling her

Just get them some make up With little make-over both of them will look original in front of her By the way, what’s the name of the movie? ‘Run the witch is here’ Feeling good What’s the hurry? Can’t you wait a little? I need a girl I don’t deal in girls but houses Brother, if I do not find one I cannot go London Is it? I have two wonderful girls One is twenty two and another is forty two Both are good actors Can’t I find girl name Karmegha? Brother, see if you can manage with this else go to hell But what’s the problem? Let’s take the girl suggested by broker to court Shut up Have you lost your mind? You can buy any girl by paying the money What rubbish are you talking? That’s the only option left for you I have an idea Let’s present Aarti as Karmegha No one will know in court – Yes. Indeed You are going to marry her, right? I am talking about acting Idiot, she should agree first She won’t agree as she is in love with me Still let me give a try – Go. Try yourself Aarti Yes? You need to play Pappu’s wife in court Will you? In law court? Yes Yes. I am ready When to play? Yes, tell me. Where are you? I am at parking lot Where are you? I am coming Girl is here. I’ll get her You wait here Good to see you Hope there isn’t any problem? There is no problem I’ll handle everything You are getting divorced so look sad It’s just a play, right? – Yes Then why will I look sad? But Done? Shall we go? Pappu! Who is it? Who is she? What are you doing here? Oh. So she is Karmegha Actor Balwan Khan is getting divorced, I am here to cover his news Karmegha, where is your Car? Look. I don’t use any car I use brains Let’s go Where are you going? Your problem is solved, right? Judge has asked Karmegha to be present in court today So, now what? Now we are taking her in place of Karmegha You are fooling a law court? What if you get caught? On voter ID pictures are beyond recognisable All pictures look dark They are taking due advantage of it Let’s go Bye Pappu, wait One second Who is she calling? You wait there. I will join you I too will come with you Take this Napping is not allowed here How did you manage to get original one? I am just accompanying, she will play his wife Come on, let’s go 3514 2014. Shivswamy Pushpa Yes, Pushpa. What’s the problem now? What shall Is say, ma’am? Same old story Nothing has changed in last one year Oh God. Why did you tolerate for one year? You should have come to me before You are right, madam He suspects me to have affair with news paper guy, milkman, courier guy, delivery boy, cable service provider and also with gas supplier What do you think of your wife? No, madam. I just mean to protect her from evil world Are you literate or illiterate? I have done masters in Arts Doesn’t seem like Listen, Pushpa my child First of all break the television – Okay After that stop cooking and serving for him Wow! But, madam what if he starts torturing me? This useless man won’t be able to harm you He doesn’t have guts You have got such a beautiful and lovely wife Have you gone nuts? If you have lost your mind then get admitted to mental asylum Please don’t send hi there, madam He sleeps with the posters of girls with bikini Thank God that girls are just in pictures else he would’ve married them She is exposing him Divorce granted This is nothing Here everything gets exposed. – Next 2525 2016 Sundar Suman be present!

What? Nothing – Is your counselling done? Yes. It is So what have you decided, Suman? Both are ready and want to get divorced in accord Did I ask you? Tell me, Suman We are in accord to get divorced Is this your final decision? Say yes Yes, madam Okay, fine. Divorce granted Let’s go Won’t there be counselling? If both the sides are in accord, they easily get divorced Directly? Yes. It’s a final hearing Seems like today we will be through So are you done with counselling sessions? I tried to explain him sever times but he refuse to understand Go and spend six months together Threatening won’t be tolerated, right? I feel very sorry on seeing so many people queuing up for divorce Why do they get married if they want to end up with divorce? If everyone starts thinking like you, our business will get shut Be ready. You are next Pappu, hope you remember what I said Be ready – Is the girl ready? Yes Where is Aarti? She was standing here Where has she gone? – She was standing beside me Let me check – Find her Aarti! You should’ve kept watch on her – Please hold my bag If she is not found we’ll land up in trouble Come on, sir What can I do if she went away? 1325 2016 R K Narayanan Gangaamma Again you are here? Madam, get me divorced else I won’t survive even for year What will you do by getting divorced at this age? I do whatever but won’t be with her Let me check the washroom Is she found? I am dead now – I saw her going that way She will shout at me This old hag will kill me today – That’s not my fault I am feeling restless Let’s escape from here Wait. Where are you going? Escaping alone by getting us into trouble How can we show up without having girl along? Aarti? Are you inside? Yes How long are you taking? Make it fast I just came here What are you doing, sir? If she does not show up today, she will receive a notice at home What notice? Divorce notice Your address is mentioned Along with notice, cops will also reach her house You talk well but are bad at work Will you please keep mum for some time, sir? Madam, sorry But you will benefit out of this You show up in front of judge – I? Why will I go? I won’t Shut up! What happened? Other option? Okay Will not work You too have begun to understand him? It was just a guess Madam We’ll take away the notice from post office before it reaches home It’s a registered post Unless her mother receives it with signature, no one will be allowed to take To mother? – Yes Case number 2829 2016 Pappu Karmegha be present! Go. He is calling you Come on else she will kill the sir Hurry up Greetings, madam You are habituated of coming late Since I was talking to them, I got late Pappu! – He is Pappu Who is Karmegha? She is Karmegha – This girl? Yes What happened? Why you want to ruin your lives? Speak up You say it. Say anything Come on We two want to get divorced on mutual accordance That’s fine but why you want to get divorced? There must be some reason for divorce, right? Just tell her any of the problems Because he cannot talk Yes So, he is dumb But it’s not mentioned here Didn’t you mention? Were you aware of his problem during wedding? Yes. I was Then what’s the problem now? Because of this we have misunderstandings Misunderstanding? Yes Why? Because he cannot cuss you? Is it love marriage? No, ma’am Yes Maybe this is the reason of confusion in their relationship

Get counselling done Madam, both are in agreement Take them to counselling No, madam. The story will change Come on, leave. Don’t waste my time People have queued up here for divorce Let’s go – Can’t you see? Call next 1914 2016 Arvind Selva be present What happened? Why did you come out? What was that judge saying about? Forget her You need to go for counselling Counselling? There will be two stupid people sitting there They will explain you the benefits of marriage and will try to convince you to stay together What is he saying? Will you also come along? No. Not at all Pay three thousand Need to offer bribe inside Give five hundred Tell them that I have sent the money Explain them everything Give her Shall we go for counselling? Shut your mouth You don’t know her She always disappears at the eleventh hour She always creates the problem and then I need to deal with it I have told you so many times At least you should’ve informed me Sorry It’s okay Send them quickly Just two minutes, sir It’s a routine thing – Send them Paid them. Let’s go Sir, they need to meet counsellors at least for once They won’t come. You convince them Else how will you become a senior lawyer? Go and talk to them. Go No. you need to come It will take just two minutes Just answer their questions and then come back Okay? Sir, tell them – Let’s finish it Hurry up. I don’t have much time Come on, hurry up Come on – Hurry up Hello, sir This is the couple Met? Let’s go Hey. Sit for dome time Discuss a little Okay. Be seated, it’s just for two minutes. Have a seat Just few questions You wait outside – Okay Pappu Karmegha Kudali You make beautiful couple Nice name It’s love marriage, right? Who confessed love first? You did? You seem to be made for each other After all why you want to get divorced? We are not here to chitchat She means to say that marriage is a sacred bond forever And you got turn off so early? We do not want to live with each other and that’s decided Youngsters these days chase each other before marriage and try to escape from each other after marriage You are right You asked him for marriage and now you are asking for divorce Have you thought how he must be feeling? You ask him, he will tell you What did he say? He too wants a divorce Ask them in detail They won’t understand otherwise Do you suffer from any physical problem? How is your sexual life? This guy is totally incapable What did he say now? He is furiously repeating the same that I just said I too was thinking the same By the way, are you husband and wife? No She is my neighbour I am still a bachelor Well, tell me Don’t your family have any objection on your divorce? Enough Why are you irritating us? I might turn dumb by being with this dumb guy Are you convinced or shall I explain further? Oh I remember How can you say this by being a part of media? You work as reporter for Chameli TV, right? I have seen her Being a reporter you are talking so irresponsibly Is it good to mock dumb husband? If he is disabled you must support him and not divorce him. – Sorry Hey. Are you done?

What happened? Where is she going? Tell me Excuse me Done? What happened? Hope they didn’t troubled you I shouldn’t even have give photocopy of my documents Do you see how much trouble I am facing now? Don’t even try to contact me hereafter. Please Lawyer sir, please discard all my proof IDs She is leaving Now why are you following me? Just leave else it will be too bad Megha, wait I can talk, I am not dumb Then why did you lie to me? First listen to me and then you may cuss me Also slap me if you wish to I won’t utter a word I come from poor family at rural area I thought of going abroad for to find work which will reform our financial condition By selling sister’s jewellery I came to city for getting passport Then in passport I mentioned your name thoughtlessly When Nesha introduced me to you he said that I am dumb Therefore I had to play dumb I didn’t intend to deceive you Without knowing me you helped me a lot You trusted me and appeared before judge No one does that You are really a good person Henceforth I won’t trouble you anymore Please pardon me I had warned you but you never listen to me I never had kept secret from her even if I had got divorced I have already deceived my family Now I don’t want to deceive anyone else If in future someone approaches her for help, will she be able to trust him? If I had told the truth to master before, this problem would never have risen What nonsense Now after getting into problem, we need to solve it Sir, can we take back the case by revealing the truth to judge? No. You cannot take back the case Girl will also have to appear before judge Judge will take us left and right for hiding the truth Damn that judge Lawyer, there must be some way out to escape this problem, right? Hey, you stupid day dreamer, keep mum Oh. So you found her voter ID lying outside? You are here to return it, right? Mom! Pappu had come Really? When? Just now Whose number is this? Hello? Who is it? This is Pandi here Who is it? This is Pandi, your friend Hey, Pandi! How are you? Are you fine? Yes. I am fine I can’t hear you? What? I am hitched here Save me What can I do if no one is ready to buy his house? Nesha! Pandi called – Really? How is he? What did he say? Seems there is some problem May be he is in trouble Who Pandi? The one whose hairs were like bird nest? Who went to London, right? – Yes Pappu? – Yes, sir Sir, Pandi had called He sounded nervous He was asking to save him – Okay May be he is in trouble This is the number he called from It starts with 94

Code of Sri Lanka When did he call you? An hour before In crime shows they say that if within twenty minutes after receiving a call we file a complaint the caller’s location can be traced But I don’t know how it works in other countries Help us if you wish to else keep mum Then what are we supposed to do? Shall we fly to London immediately? It’s not nearby to take a rickshaw or bus and reach there Give me your phone Keep cool – I’ll find out right now Just watch After few minutes you’ll receive his messages in which he will plead to save him Will you shut your mouth? I know since you are worried, you are getting ireful on me I know you are good person at heart Nesha, you keep checking I’ll be right back If he was in our area, I would’ve traced him immediately But he is in foreign land There must be some way out Will he be getting pesky with foreigners as well? Police there is very strict If this is the number he has called from that means he is in Colombo But you had sent him to London then how did he reach Colombo? Who is Kumar here? Mr. Kumar just went out Go and search him downstairs You look there Sir, what brings you here? Is there any problem? Who are you? – Police Don’t you have any name? M P Muruganswamy What happened? Didn’t you like it? I’ll change it if you wish Sir, why are you checking the passports? Is there any problem? Which police station you work in? Last I used to work at Bilbakkam What do you mean last? After that I took voluntary retirement It’s been four years And now I am dedicatedly serving public What do you do? I deal in real estate You mean broker, right? That’s not the right word Legally, with full honesty I serve society by charging less commission I have many contacts in real estate You are looking for something, aren’t you? What’s the matter? I am talking to him and you are busy in yourself? Sir? I am talking to you Why are you hitting me? Oh God! Tejas! Take him Go Nateshan, check all documents properly Who is Pappu here? It’s me, sir Where are you from? From Madhurai Which place from Madhurai Rampur It’s nearby Who is he? He is my friend He is dumb, cannot talk Greetings, sir Why did you come to Chennai? I wanted to settle down in London I came here to get visa Tourist visa? Afzal, there is a message through fax Take this document and scan it immediately Sir You come here Do you know him? He is my friend, sir Is it? What’s his name? Pandi Muthu Pandian Selvam Where is he now? He has gone to London, sir Through fake documents on tourist visa Didn’t you get visa? No, sir Sir, what’s wrong with him? Please tell me Where is he from? He is my fellow villager, we are from same village Does he have ID proof? Yes, sir He has voter ID Is voter ID original? Of course, sir. It’s at home Where?

At our room. If you allow I shall bring it right away Let’s go there Please come, sir Who are these people? My family members Family members? So many of them? Seems like family gathering – Please come, sir One, two, three, four, five So many of them Come in, sir Please be seated Sir, Pandi’s voter ID Who makes visas for you? Kumar You have any other contact number of him? No, sir. I just have one Where does he lives? I don’t know, sir I met him in his office He is missing since last eight years There must be some photo of him, right? No, sir Also a Sri Lankan used to stay with him Do you know him? No, sir You said you are bachelor Are you a divorcee? Sir, what wrong with Pandi? Sir Don’t take right, go straight Who said to you that wife’s name must be mentioned for getting tourist visa? Kumar Kumar said? Yes, sir That fraudster makes only counterfeits then why did he make original passport of yours? I don’t know, sir Who suggested mentioning Karmegha’s name in the form? Sir, I have already told that it was just a random name I thought of But we do not have anything between us Sir, please don’t go to her Please Speed up Which house does she lives in? Sir, please believe me She has nothing to do with this matter She was just helping me out She is a simple girl, sir Please let her go – Let’s see Sir, just a moment Please, sir Her mother thinks that I am a good boy I don’t wish to trouble them Sir. They are gentle people, good family Move aside If the family is good, there is no problem in meeting them Okay, sir Why are you hesitating? Ask what you wish to She would’ve looked more beautiful in sari You too could’ve wrapped a dhoti, right? Yes, he wraps dhoti My son looks smarter in dhoti Is this the resident of Karmegha? Pappu? Come in A family has come with marriage proposal for Megha Wait. I’ll come to you Meet the groom What is it? Please don’t mind It will take just five minutes It is related to news Please come Who is he? Do you know him? He is from Sri Lanka He is dumb He has helped Megha a lot I see Here he is looking for his family God knows what condition they must be in You did this to help him, is it? Yes He has a friend named Pandi Do you know him? No Do you know Kumar? Sir – Just I know Kumar No Do you know a Sri Lankan guy with him? No Legally she is your wife but she doesn’t know any of your friends What is this, Pappu? Okay. You carry on Wish you all the best for your marriage By the way what is the salary of Karmegha? I get thirty three thousand eight three rupees Does anyone wish to ask anything else? Sir, at least tell me now what’s wrong with Pandi He was wandering at London airport without passport He told immigration people that he is from Sri Lanka So they deported him to Sri Lanka In Sri Lanka he said he is from India We want to know whether he is from Sri Lanka or India Pandi is from my village You saw his voter ID

Let’s go Where? At your home town I cannot go to my home town, sir I’ll get in trouble I have heavy debts That’s your problem Get into the car Sir, please Try to understand. Believe me Excuse me Sir, I am the Sri Lankan guy whom you are looking for I’ll give you the address of agent Kumar He is innocent, he hasn’t done anything He was dumb, right? Now he is speaking well Sir, even he didn’t know that I can speak This was the only way by which I could’ve saved myself If you had revealed this before, we wouldn’t have had to go through so much of difficulty We were looking for you only Tejas, put him in the van And you come with me Pappu Sir, just a moment Okay. Hurry up If you ever find my wife and daughter, tell them that I was searching for them I’ll miss you a lot Sir No. Send me an email and inform me right away Okay? Make it fast Bye Sir? Where is Pandi? Tejas, bring that guy Yes, sir How are you? How are you? Next month there is the hearing of his case Pay the fine and also hire a good lawyer Take him Let’s go Thank you, sir Thank God you didn’t lie to visa officer Pandi, some more rice? No Pandi, I don’t want you to go back our village Stay for some more time No. I was detained by police and was confined in a room Then a person entered I don’t know what he said and then everyone started beating me You know they beat me so hard that I fell unconscious Who? I don’t know They were ravenous I felt I will die And then there was a miracle I prayed to Lord Ganesha and I was saved Pandi, have banana No, thanks – I’ll be right back Such an idiot driver he is

What happened, brother? You don’t wish to leave us, right? Hey! – Where are you going? It was village bus you were supposed to board me in and not city bus But where are you going? Brother, he seems to have lost his mind You should’ve checked before boarding the bus You aren’t blind, aren’t you? Then use your eyes Since both the buses looked similar so – Let’s go Shall I throw this away? – Don’t throw it I’ll sell it in scrap, it will get some money Also throw this away – Okay They shouldn’t step here again Okay. They won’t What is this? Why my stuff is thrown out? To drive you out of this house You lied that those police men are your family You are a fraudster masked as credulous Fraud? Who are you calling fraud? No one but you Your last tenant hanged himself in your room. Did you tell me before? You are the biggest fraudster He is insulting you, say something to him Smack him tight and rupture his denture Your room is not less than a stinking lavatory even then you show an attitude as if you have hired out a palace You moron, you work here as house husband When I’ll return from England, I will hire you as a peon That’s what you deserve to be Six acres One acre means how much? I don’t know One acre is equal to 100 yards, six acres equals to 600 yards My teacher had taught me You have no idea what I can do to you Then don’t just be a big mouthed, show some action Nothing but just exaggeration what you are capable of Stop talking rubbish when you don’t know anything I am not an idiot And you chicken head Don’t you have any shame? Why didn’t you stop the guy from hanging himself? He got the rope, he wished to hang himself What was I supposed to do? You idiot You could’ve taken him down, placed him comfortably and tried to wake him up by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation He didn’t kill himself, you killed him, you ill-fated You are such a shameless person to take his insult You bumped into me here but if you come across me in heaven even by mistake, I’ll will hang you there itself Bloody slave of wife Damn you! Hey, what are you staring at? Answer him You insulted me in front of my wife At least apologise to me and then leave My foot! Tell me There is a problem, man House owner drove me out of his house Seriously? Where are you now? Has master arrived? Master always comes by afternoon Why? What happened? Look. I have lied to him a lot, now I won’t hide truth from him Don’t rush in. Wait for some more time First receive your salary and then You come here, let’s discuss Convey master that I’ll be coming late today Why? Where are you going? Passport office After meeting him, come here This is the only place where I hangout I am known to everyone as Puncture Passport. Now leave Want to make a passport? No. I want to expunge name of wife from passport It’s simple What simple? I am still unmarried Oh. So this is the problem Don’t worry Do one thing Get married and then divorce her And then my lawyer friend will help you out Go and meet him You get married and get divorced Why are you losing hopes? I have number of solutions for single problem Once you will try to do it yourself, they will make you struggle left and right and then you’ll be all lost Carry on Hello? – Where are you? I am here at passport office Just be there, I am reaching in ten minutes Excuse me? Hang up. I am coming Found a shortcut Do one thing Go to nearby police station and file a missing report of your wife Will that solve the problem? – Absolutely One of my friends work in morgue I will tell him to arrange a dead body of some girl aged nearly twenty five Then we’ll make her ID card in the name of your wife And then we’ll dump the body in some canal with ID card in its pocket Problem solved Really? Next day police will phone you

and then they will call you to identify the body And then the name of your wife will get expunge from your passport You will be required to play a mourning husband but you’ll manage it Once you get death certificate, all your problems will be solved How much will you charge for this? Speaking about charges, it’s like we work as a team Let me ask my team and then I’ll quote the price You wait here, don’t go anywhere I’ll be right back One most important thing Many passport agents will approach to make you their customer You just tell them that your deal is finalised Let’s go to my home Why? Mom has learnt everything But I didn’t tell anything to her She thinks that we have got married in real and now I want to divorce you She wants us to stay together Now you come with me and explain her But you were getting married, right? I didn’t like him, I rejected him Not it is better that you talk to my mother Just hang on Will you come for sure or will you escape? I am not treacherous May I come in, sir? – Yes Greetings, sir. My name is Pappu There is a mistake in my passport which I need to correct Please go to counter number four No, sir. I want to talk to you Tell me I wanted to go to London for work on tourist visa A broker said that married people easily gets visa I blindly followed him and entered random name in column of wife I didn’t get any visa but I got into a grave problem What do you want from me? With other’s suggestion I filed a divorce case in the court but still couldn’t solve the problem and my money was wasted I understood You want to expunge name of that girl from passport, right? Exactly Everyone in this country seeks a shortcut for success How much did you spent? Too much. Hard to quote Everywhere we have put a board to make people aware from brokers You are literate, right? Why don’t you approach directly and get the things done? You come here only when you get in trouble Why didn’t you come before? Sorry, sir Where is your passport? Are you really not married? Believe me, I am unmarried, sir Submit this at counter number six He will issue you a form Fill that form and submit it Within fifteen days the correction will be done and you’ll receive your passport Okay, sir Sir, how much will it cost? Nearly thirteen hundred That’s it? You want to pay more? Now leave – Thank you, sir This is just fine. Do one thing Submit it at third counter Has boss signed it? Seems you directly approached him Did he say anything? Very good. Your money is saved Broker would have looted you Every broker bushwhacks here I had warned you before but you didn’t get it Boss easily solved your problem I am surprised Here. Fill this form and sign it before submitting Sir, please return my passport for a moment Why? I’ll be back in few minutes Thanks Shall we go?

Okay. Hop on Shall I ask you something before we leave? Go ahead Will you marry me? Why? Because I love you Is it too difficult to expunge my name from passport? No Passport officer has approved the application for correction Oh. Problem solved with just a single letter? Then expunge the name Don’t cook the new story How can I believe that this time you are being genuine? I know I have lied to you several times But now I will never say a lie Believe me You are a very good girl If you allow I shall seek your mother’s permission to marry you Will you marry me? Shall we go home? Come on What happened? Feeling thrilled? I fell in love with you when I saw you for the first time Shall I ride? You are too much We can ride together – I don’t have helmet, cops might anytime restrain us Yes. But We are made for each other – Made for each other Keep smiling, you look beautiful Pappu Karmegha, be present Greetings, madam Great. Today you broke the record of coming late Actually we have decided to stay together That’s fine but why did you run away from counselling that day? They were irritated with the questions of those oldies Few days back you had a problem with this dumb guy Now you don’t have any problem? No. I understood that if husband is dumb, wife will be in dominant position I love him That’s really good But if you again start fighting, I will get you divorced – No, madam I myself will teach them to live happily together Okay. Be happy Let’s go Who is next? 3514 2014 Why are you laughing? After so much of snag, if finally we are together the only person responsible for this is him Yes. I had suggested Megha but he added Kar to it Thank you Greetings – Madam, these are the tenants Did you tell them about rent? Yes. I have It’s nine thousand and five hundred Okay Here only one car can be parked We’ll park our vehicle in neighbourhood He will park his vehicle here and she will park her vehicle outside Is she your wife? – Yes Sorry, sir We do not rent our house to families Only bachelors allowed Okay. Thank you Bye Oldies look for married couples and middle aged look for bachelors Now where shall we go? Let’s go that idiot Let’s go What happened? Hey? A stupid guy lives there, let’s check his property Okay Won’t you say anything before leaving? Want to hear out? Your smile makes my heart bloom My heart yearns to look into your doe like eyes This sounds very genteel It’s better if you keep mum I will miss your curl locks If you’ll keep missing my curls, you’ll miss your flight as well Now go – Master is here My child, don’t want to see off your husband? It’s not like that, sir He is a good boy I wanted him to be my son in law but you too are like my daughter If you had told me before, I had applied for her visa as well If he had told you before, he wouldn’t have come with you today You are right If I had learned it before, I would’ve got him arrested Don’t lie to me again Master, it’s flight time, we must leave Oh yes. I forgot Guys, let’s go. It’s time to fly Hey, love you He still behaves childish No. Go