AVIARY TOUR! of My Bird Aviaries (3 DIFFERENT Set Ups)

– Hey guys, Jamieleigh here from BirdTricks and I wanted to go ahead and give you guys a new aviary tour I’ve changed some things on my aviaries and they have multiple uses now and are really benefiting my birds in amazing ways and I wanted to go ahead and share those changes that I made with the rest of you in case it benefits you as well I also wanted to touch on some aviary dos and don’ts and what to look for when picking cages appropriate for your sized parrot So first I’m gonna walk you guys through my first set up, which is my indoor set up This is for the cold months where my birds are indoors, and this consists of four five by eight aviaries, all of which are divided except for one, and I currently use these massive rolls of butcher paper and just pull them through the bottom, or sometimes I’ll move the cage all together and cut them and take care of them (paper rustling) But this is my indoor setup, so this is where my birds sleep This is the setup I use to bring them in at night if they need to be indoors and warm My second setup is in my backyard of my house and consists of this 15 foot diameter aviary Now, the bottom is currently cement, and this is probably my favorite enclosure of all of the ones that I have This is from Corners Limited It’s a custom cage and it’s absolutely amazing I love how much space it has I find that my birds are very active in it It’s the largest enclosure I’ve ever been able to get I just really, really love this enclosure Now, I’ve never actually dealt with Corners Limited myself because I got this from a friend, however, I’ve heard really good things And you can have any sort of customized cage made to whatever dimensions that you need, and everything about these enclosures are customizable, which is really exciting and cool So not only is it a favorite of mine, but I truly believe this is a favorite of all of my birds I have housed my doves, my conures, my medium sized birds, my macaws, everybody in here Next you can see I have three aviaries next to this 15 foot diameter, and these are six foot diameter aviaries These are also on cement And you’ll notice that the one on the far right has plastic on it, and that is because during the colder months we put heat lamps in there We cover it in plastic to keep it really, really warm for our doves If you follow me closely you’ll notice that those aviaries in my backyard are probably used the least My third setup is an outdoor setup in the garden at my parent’s house So these aviaries are the ones I’ve had the longest They’re the ones that I absolutely love I got from Custom Cages originally over 10 years ago And then the ones in my backyard are the ones that I ordered later that were supposed to be like these but are just not built as nicely So, again, cement tiles are on the bottom of my garden aviaries, so that is now what I’m exclusively using at the bottom of my outdoor aviaries I simply hose it off, wash it off to clean it, and yeah, this is one of my favorite setups These aviaries are also six foot diameter with the one in the front being a four foot diameter aviary So this is definitely one of my favorite setups, my birds really love being in this garden, but again, they grew up here, so they’re very familiar with this spot My parents have had a lot more consistency in staying in one place than myself, so these have been here for a long time and they have come out for many, many summers now and it’s fantastic We also have raised them free flying on my parent’s property so they definitely know that this is their home (birds chirping) What are you doing? What are you doing over there? (birds chirping) (giggles) Hi There you are There you are – She found me – She found you (laughing) – [Daughter] Mom, what are you doing to her? – [Jamieleigh] Throwing them to you (giggles) So, a lot of you know that I love housing my birds outside

I believe they should have fresh air They should have natural sunlight It’s amazing for their feathers It’s amazing for their respiratory systems I like providing my birds with as large of enclosures as I can possible afford or have space for, and it’s just something that’s really near and dear to me Now, I used to use normal, normal indoor cages, but honestly after using outdoor aviaries on tour for about two years, where we set them up and tore them down every single week at a new location, I just converted I just said, I only want to provide my birds aviaries to live in instead of your typical cage I wanted to give them as much space as possible, and I also feel like with aviaries I have a lot more room for enrichment basically to keep them more happy in that environment and give them a lot more to do than I found in your typical birdcage that you see in a house I also love the idea of being able to move the cage that they are in indoors outdoors I like that it has that dual purpose Now, ever since losing my male galah, Bandit, last year it’s, it’s been a major mission to just keep health and safety at the forefront and just stay ahead of things that could you know, potentially harm my birds that we may be unaware of, and to just always improve their quality of life every single year And that really comes down to care I look at my environment and the things that I’m providing and I try to make sure that I’m just doing the best that I possibly can by them So every year I want to make sure that I’m making huge improvements for their quality of life, and that they are only being enriched more and more each year (clears throat) (sighs) Okay (sighs) That talk doesn’t get easier Looking for a little pigeon (bird squawking) You gonna walk? Where you going? (bird squawking) Where you going, what you doing? (bird squawking) (chuckling) Wanna help me get food ready? All right, hurry up, come on (bird squawking) A few other changes that I made towards the end of last year that I didn’t really get to keep everybody up on or show you guys were the fact that I, was the fact that I put, were, I don’t know, I was trying to figure out how to list them Was the fact that I had a friend come over and put wheels, or casters, on the bottoms of my five by eight aviaries Now I’ve converted my garage, it’s temperature controlled, the whole bit It has about three air filters in there, two fans It has everything And I’ve converted my garage to be able to house my birds during the colder months And then, when I have them indoors, I have play stands everywhere, like this, and that’s how they come in and spend time indoors is on these play stands and foraging trees all around my house Are you guys watching Funniest Home Videos? We are Comet is As far as their normal enclosures that they live in, or sleep in I should say, those were all five by eight aviaries and some of them were divided, and some of them were not Now, this year I actually ended up dividing one of the ones that was just open, and that’s just so I can give my birds more of their own solo space so that I don’t always have to house multiple birds together, because I found that being home longer amounts of time than I’m ever used to, I was actually having to house my birds together more often than they preferred I can really track weight and see how everybody’s doing individually by, it’s gonna sound gross but I’m a bird person, inspecting their poop and knowing whose it was and all those things So it also makes it that when my birds are outside or on flight trips they’re more happy to be together and come together So I found that dividing one of my aviaries that was not divided was a huge bonus for my birds as far as spending more time at home and having them be happier that way Woo, girlies! Girly, girly, girls! Yeah! – [Dave] Coming in hot!

– [Jamieleigh] Woo! That was fun That was so fun (birds squawking) Yeah! Woo, Chrissy! (birds squawking) – [Daughter] I’ve got the girlies – [Jamieleigh] Here comes Frizzy Woo! Good job Frizzy (bird squawking) (daughter speaking inaudibly) – Huh? The other bonus is these casters that my friend Buster, thank you Buster, installed on the bottom of these aviaries He concocted the whole thing and made it out of metal and made it work, it was amazing So he had certain requirements that he had to stick within because I didn’t want my birds to be able to go out and under A lot of you have asked me how it’s been switching from sand over to butcher paper Now I got these giant rolls of butcher paper that go the width of the cage, so that I can just pull them through It’s awesome, as long as (chuckles) my birds don’t leave giant chunks of toys that can’t fit under, and my birds don’t go down there and shred up the paper Which Jinx absolutely loves doing (metal clanging) So it can be a little bit tricky Sometimes it works great, other times it’s just such a pain, so a lot of the time, in the colder months, I’ll move my birds inside for a bath or just to hang out and I’ll change cages without any birds in there because it’s just way easier However, when the weather’s nice, I can actually move these cages out, these aviaries out, because they’re on casters, yes! So the amazing thing about the improvement this year versus last year, is last year all I could really do during the times where the weather was nice for a few hours during the day, so I live in Idaho, we have all four seasons That means at night it can be 30 degree temperatures and then during the day it’s like mid 60s But it’s only for a few hours, and I wanted those few hours, I wanted to give those to my birds and have them be outside as much as possible getting that fresh air, the sunlight, it’s so important for them to give that as often as possible and it kills me inside when I cannot give that So it’s something that’s incredibly important to me and a top priority for me to give to my birds So the cool thing about having the casters on is I can literally push my aviaries out I can push them outside, into the sunlight, and then I can just simply push them back in It is the most amazing thing, I’m so happy, my birds are so happy, it’s greatly improved the quality of life, overall for all of us I’m much happier, just ’cause I feel better seeing them so happy, and even if they only get a few hours in the day during a typical, like, spring or a fall day, it’s awesome, it’s better than I could do the year before and it feels really really good Right, we got Rocko’s breakfast of green peas, carrots, beets, blackberries and blueberries Rocko! Here you go! Hey crazy can (bird clacking) Hey crazy can! (bird clacking) Breakfast! Going for the blueberries first (bird clacking) This year, another improvement I made is I got a pressure washer! I was borrowing my dad’s to see how I liked it, and I was astonished A lot of you may or may not know I have a steam cleaner, so in the winter I was using my steam cleaner, but oh man guys, it takes, I mean I have a, a fairly big one, it lasts about an hour and a half-ish, depending on how high pressure I’m using it But then you know you have to wait for it to get hot, you have to refill it, the whole thing and I found myself only getting, you know, certain panels of the aviaries done and never a whole aviary It felt like I always had more to do This year, with my pressure washer, which I got my own instead of borrowing my dad’s, but initially I borrowed his to make sure that I like it, I didn’t know what to do with myself because I was done cleaning cages in about 15 minutes (laughs) And I just thought, I’ve never seen them this clean, I don’t know what to do with myself, I kind of thought the task would never be over So those improvements have made me feel

really really good about this year At the end of last year I had also put cement down in all of my aviaries, that felt really great The birds hardly got to use it though ’cause it was at the end of the season, so that feels like a really really good new thing this year to get to use for an entire summer season So it feels really good, the improvements feel awesome As always, I’m always open for improving more so if you guys see things that you feel like could use improvement in how I’m doing it or seeing an easier way (laughs) please tell me It’s not always obvious when you’re right there that close to what you’re doing You guys had some great solutions last year and I’m always looking at the comments and reading your comments and seeing what I can do better and I hope that this helps you guys get some ideas to do better by your birds as well Because I am always promoting bigger is better when it comes to cages, aviaries, enclosures, what have you, whatever you want to call them, I want to make sure that you guys are very mindful and aware of proper bar spacing to be using, so I’m going to put it in the video description for you, and link to a few different places that you can get more information on picking cages, picking enclosures, where to get them, et cetera, et cetera Now these aviaries that I have, I love them, they are from customcages.com However, I ordered them a long time ago They are about 15 years old? Maybe a little less They’re at least 10 years old And since ordering them, when I re-ordered from that company, they have changed a lot of their materials and how they build things and it’s not as sturdy and it’s not as nice So my original aviaries that I got from them which are the ones you’ll see at my parents house in the garden, as well as the ones in my garage, I love those, but the newest stuff from them I am not a fan of Another one of the cool things about these aviaries having wheels is that I can put them all in different areas So as you guys know, I rotate my birds a lot into different aviaries so that, basically they’re getting a different environment all the time, and they’re not becoming cage territorial or possessive of their aviary, or their space So this is one of the things that kind of decreases that problem or that aggression issue, and I’ve always moved my birds into different aviaries all the time Now this has also saved me from having to rotate toys I tend to just put toys in wherever, and then I just rotate birds instead of toys which works out really great for me However, with these aviaries on wheels, I can literally put them in different places as well, so I don’t always have to wheel them back in the exact same spot, which has been really interesting and fun for me to mess around with Now the only bummer is that these things don’t work as well in the winter So although they’re still on wheels, I obviously am not wheeling them out on the driveway during the wintertime So cleaning is still kind of a drag for me I’m struggling with having so much waste with this butcher paper I don’t have to clean them as often because my birds do eat all their food so I’m not dealing with rotten food at the bottom of the cage or anything like that However, they’re still destroying toys, they’re still pooping of course, there’s still quite a bit of mess and if they go down there and rip up the paper then it goes straight to the concrete and of course I want to keep that clean so I do end up changing the paper So that’s a little bit of a struggle I’m struggling with, now I feel like I have so much more waste than I did before with my other method So I’ve tried putting pieces of either newspaper or butcher paper down just in areas that I know my birds are more likely to just poop in one spot, you know how they have their favorite spot, or are more likely to make a mess right under the food dishes, and just pulled those pieces up, and that does somewhat work, except for the fact that I move my birds around, and they all have different preferences So other than the food being a very normal area for them to obviously have more of a mess, they do have different preferences on where they stay, so unless I keep the birds pretty consistent in certain aviaries, I don’t know where those spots are right away in each one, ’cause it always changes So that was a little bit what I ran into with that, however when I do travel without some, they stay in the aviaries and make it really easy on the birds that are, so he’s able to do that, but me not so much So (sighs) yeah Hey guys, Jamieleigh here from BirdTricks and I wanted to get interrupted by my phone