2020 Lexus UX F Sport Hybrid: Is The UX Hybrid Really Worth $40,000???

but we’ll see how it performs in the acceleration hey everyone it’s ben Hardy here and in today’s video we’re me going over a 2020 Alexis UX 250 H F sport and also pretty long name but it’s actually a really cool small SUV as always gonna do quick walk around out there and take that C out drives a huge cut make you to the lair each mil Alexis here and Murray for providing us with the UX check out there on the link below if you’re the market for Alexis under the hood of the Alexis UX we have a 2 liter 4-cylinder that is paired to a CVT automatic transmission and yes it is a hybrid total system output is 181 horsepower than 151 pound-feet of torque with fuel economy being 41 around 10 and 38 on the highway go over the front end of the UX so as you can see we do get these LED accent lights with the LED projector bulbs as well and they kind of just carry along Lexus’s signature front end so you do have the massive grill but one thing to note that since this is a hybrid if you look very close to the Lexus logo kind of has some blue accenting on it and then they actually have some nice kind of like more like bronze like trim that goes around I think it’s a really nice look you get parking sensors in the front of the UX as well and I think overall the front end is just really aggressive and I think their proportions on it I really saw it I mean you guys can really see that from this angle go over the tire rim setup here on these sides so you’ve got 225 millimeter tires and 18-inch rims in the front and over in the rear as well and they do this plastic molding that goes all along the outside that is gonna protect it if you do take this UX off-roading at all but you guys can kind of notice the front end and how much lower that is compared to like the NX or the RX do get a little F Sport badge right there and then it has a hybrid badge there on the side but looking at the side profile I think it’s a really good look and in terms of just like again the proportions I think it’s really solid here’s our key fob Ford the UX you have a couple funs you’ve got the lock at the top you’ve got the unlock in the middle and then you have the function to open up the trunk so if we hold that down well it’ll pop that right open and let’s pop in the back that’s like you pop here into the back of the UX so I really like the or mattress feet read accenting I know it’s kind of random but I like that little touch there is a little hundred and twenty volts back here and then Lexus does give you a first-aid kit now underneath here there’s just extra storage other than that I didn’t find anything too crazy with fever and just note that the loading floor is pretty high up so even though this does have a hatch in the rear cargo space is a little bit on the small side but again it’s a smaller size SUV so it’s expected anyways coming up here you do have the button to you press down the trunk this basically just locks the U X so you can lock it and then you can shut the trunk and then you can just walk away let’s finish things up in the rear of Dux so I actually do have the tail lights on sorry it’s really loud outside so it’s kind of hard to tell but I love the LED lights and just how they have this like massive light bar thing it’s really cool just like the look of it in the Arreaga I’m gonna badging parking sensors in the rear and then again they kind of finish with that kind of like bronze ish trim is the best way for me describe to color wise the exhaust tip is hiding down there over on that side but in terms of everything in the rear end I think it’s like a really like modern kind of like futuristic looking rear end and I just like it now coming to the back of the UX here is the door panel in the rear so they’ve got this really nice red leather here on the side and then notice that there is that little darker trim the texture on it actually just feels really nice to the touch as well now here are these seats in the back of the UX again full red in this particular f-sport and then this little latch here that’s what you do to pull the seat forward if you do want to fold those down now actually popping in you do have to duct a little bit if you’re about the same height as me and getting in here notice that legroom is a little bit on the smaller side now in terms of headroom i’m fine with that and if you’re wondering about 5 foot 11 would you get a couple little vents right here for the rear passengers and then you can see did a couple USBs on top of that and then finally there’s little cupholders that pop out and that’s everything for the back coming up to the front the kids Center works like this you just put your finger on that little button that’ll lock it and then to unlock it you said to put your head in the back the door-handle the mayor does have blind spot monitoring now coming and looking at the door materials are pretty much all the same just a little bit more so you get the same red lather you get that same really nice black material that’s kind of textured around all the controls of the windows and the mirrors now here are the seats in the front and they definitely look quite a bit sporty er than the rear seats just with how aggressive the bolsters are I like the design language on them I like the perforations as well here are the power adjustments on the side of the seat there’s the pedal layout there at the bottom which pedals actually look really premium now obviously get your hood release gas cap trunk release all of that nothing no that’s too crazy and

then coming over to the steering wheel it is manually just bone then there’s the paddles on the back of the steering wheel and here’s one more look before we pop in and start up the UX just push the power button and it is blue because this is a hybrid and then you won’t hear any engine pop on because they’ll just do the electric motors at first but that’s everything pop it on here’s the steering wheel in the UX now zooming in we’ve got the controls for like the cruise control for example collision assistance lane departure assistance really neat on that and one of the paddles for the CV T now it does have a little F Sport badge at the bottom smoother leather at the bottom and the top and then it’s perforated and grippier on these sides and then all the controls to the pages phone voice command all of that and then you’ve got a light stock on one side and then a windshield wiper stock on the other side the stern was like a nice kind of like it’s got like girth to it’s the best way for me to put it here’s the centre gauge cluster in the UX has nice little modern look to it and does that thing that a bunch of Lexuses other gauge clusters do where it actually physically moves over for you to go through the different menus here on the side so I mean compared to most of the Lexus’s it is pretty much identical it has a nice clean modern look and I actually like that moving gauge I think that that’s definitely a really cool feature I randomly off here to the side this is Lexus’s drive mode select in the UX you guys remember this from the LC 500 but the drive modes will pop on here so if I go up to sport for example changes what the gauge looks like and then if I go on the eco it’ll change that and then you actually push into into normal so down for eco up for sport in for normal on these little twisting if you guys want to see that in real time up for sport and for eco push in for normal now this is the infotainment system and first off I’m gonna show you guys the camera system for getting the rest of it so you have a traditional backup camera that pops on and you can kind of scroll between two different menus there at the bottom so you’ve got those two different views that you can basically go through with the camera kind of makes it like more wide-angle with the lens if you can kind of see the difference hopefully you guys can see the difference between those two but that’s the camera system for you know the rest of the infotainment system is controlled via a little keypad and some buttons it does take a moment to get used to it but once you do get used to it it’s relatively intuitive and the thing that I’ve noticed I don’t know if other people can comment on this but it seems like just using the keypad with my pointer finger kind of feels awkward it’s almost like the middle finger feels like the most natural to use I’ve tried use all of my fingers and it feels like I think using both the pointer finger in the middle finger feels the best or just using the middle finger but that is the infotainment system for you out the UX does come with dual zone climate and all the climate controls are in this little thing and I just like the buttons just the feel and look of them I think it’s a nice little look there’s your little CD player just down below and then you do get heated seats and a heated steering wheel here in the UX this thing is I think is pretty cool so it’s a little of 12 volt but it’s just cool how it just like pops open like that I mean she’s like what BAM and now I just realize when I touch the thing in the trunk I said 120 volt when I’m in 120 watt awkward got a couple cupholders in this little area this is that keypad that has tongue youin again like I said it just feels most natural use middle finger or both fingers but again just when you use just your pointer finger kind of feels awkward it seems like just because your middle finger is the longest it just it just makes sense using the keypad just pro tip right there but here’s the shifter for the CVT and then notice that you can go into the manual mode riddle mimic having gears like a traditional automatic there is a full Eevee mode if you would like to go in electric and to not use any gas you got your auto hold and then these are some controls for their radio it’s like the volume dial you can do that to turn down the volume and the other ways to turn it up but I got obviously you don’t only get copyrighted and then finally here’s a little center console and if you look in it you do get a couple us B’s and oh what I mean finally actually now finally we’ve got the glovebox just press that button right there and there’s your glove box in the UX up top the lights are pretty cool you just kind of tap and then the light will turn on or off I don’t see that a lot of vehicles so I definitely think that’s a cool feature one of the highlight just a traditional Center that has some blinding light but yeah I think that feature right there is the coolest is just the fact that you just tap the little lights before we wrap things up I just want to mention I really like the design on this interior so I like how they have these flowing lines it’ll kind of just sweep throughout the entire interior definitely cool look they use nice materials all throughout like everything kind of just has this nice premium look to it for the price – is that and if you’re wondering the price point is about $40,000 for any type of market adjustment on this UX and again this one has the F Sport package and it’s a hybrid and all the hybrids are gonna have all-wheel-drive metal being said though let’s take this UX out see how it

drives let me show all of you visibility in the UX before we start things off so visibility over the hood just like most other Lexus is it’s easy to see out of they kind of just sloped down the hoods pretty abruptly and most of them those visibility through both of your mirrors in the UX and then here’s visibility all throughout the rear so the side there is actually pretty good that area there is pretty large so there’s a blind spot but again we do have blind spot monitoring we have the window on the back it’s relatively large it’s a little bit on the small side for an SUV but this is a small SUV so no complaints there and well let’s set off we are setting off here in the UX and right now I’m in the Eco mode so this is gonna be the mode that will get you the best fuel economy and it’s also gonna be the most aggressive with the hybrid system and what I mean by that is it’s going to try to go into the full ee-vie mode as much as possible and that’s one of the ways it’s going to get you better fuel economy that being said from the ride quality standpoint the UX is relatively smooth I would put it on average for smaller sized SUVs that are in the same segment that the UX is in so not any smoother not any less smooth and then in terms of the noise that comes through into the cabin again I would break this at about average it’s not any more or any less quiet compared to everything else in the segment and the steering’s really good like again yeah I kind of just did one-handed steering which I know that some people hate that but it it’s really light and in terms of directness it’s actually relatively direct which I kind of expected that this is a smaller sized SUV and usually small size SUVs to kind of have that like small dartie feeling to them and so just like initial impressions on this driving it’s actually really good for like a small sized luxury SUV it definitely fits into the category very well so far well now I am popping it up into the sports so the gauge cluster looks all cool and aggressive and we are going to be going over into the manual mode so yes it does tell you different gear numbers even though it’s a CVT and that’s just because it mimics scares but we’ll see how it performs in the acceleration the ships do take a second to go into effect I will say that I want to see if it does a little bit better in the automatic mode just on the acceleration standpoint because in that manual mode I like pressed it and nothing really happened yeah it definitely does a lot better than automatic mode it does a lot better in automatic mode so if you are going to be doing any sort of accelerating and the sport mode or anything like that or just in general I would recommend just keeping automatic mode I think that the manual mode probably I would just keep that for like if you’re going down a really steep hill and you want to limit the gear that you’re in to gonna be any look you know what I mean but you want the transmission to be at higher rpm so that the engines braking for you that’s really what I see it used for past all of that I’m just sitting here and I mean again it’s it’s really comfortable quiet and the engine actually doesn’t make a whole lot of noise even when you accelerate it’s a very quiet powertrain and so this is actually pretty close to what an electric vehicle is like to drive if you don’t want to hear a whole lot of engine noise then this definitely fits within that really well and I’m noticing again in this eco mode it just it goes into the fully electric mode as much as it possibly can like it’s just popping on every single time it can and then obviously when I get on the throttle little bit it’ll pop out of it because it has to but yeah it’s it’s really good like it just does a good job and that’ll a/b into summing things up so if you’re looking for just a smaller sized SUV and you own something that has all-wheel drive then this is where the UX is really going to shine because I feel like it’s good from a price point and I think that it comes with a lot of good safety tech it’s really comfortable it’s hot as the hybrids look it’s really good fuel economy like it just has a lot of good features with it at a really reasonable price point for being part of a luxury brand and so if you want just something that’s a little bit nicer and you want again safety tech good fuel economy really good exterior looks in my opinion then that’s why the UX is going to shine and yeah that’s where you’d want to check it out and there we have it everyone at the 2020 Lexus UX 250 H F Sport and again a huge shot on thank you to Lexus here and Murray for providing us with the UX if you’re in the market for new Lexus check out their Troy in the link below I will see all of you in that next video