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I so want to find you To lightly touch your face I will open both of my hands To gently caress your back Please let me have your Lost time Before you cry I will be the one to keep your tears Even if the world stands in front of me And wildly say That I should stop being extravagant and wasteful If I Can Love You So Episode 26 What nonsense did you say? You are really a rascal What’s an amicable farewell? – Speak – Mr. Geng, BoTian Company’s stock has crashed Then buy like I told you before. I’ve already notified my stepfather Yes, follow the plan What kind of attitude was that? – Hello? – Boss, somebody’s initiated large purchases of our corporation stock – What? – Somebody’s buying a large share of our stock! – Speak slowly – Okay – What acquisition? – It’s an acquisition of our company shares – An acquisition of mine? – Yes! Who? This morning when the stock market opened, we noticed a New Zealand Financial Group buying a huge amount of our company shares The person’s identity is still not clear. We are continuing to research All right, I understand. I will deal with it Don’t panic. What are you panicking about? Because the Xiang Xie Hua Pavilion incident was revealed by an American media, our stock crashed and our competitor got an opportunity Within just two days, 7.3% of our stocks have been acquired We only know that the other party is a New Zealand Financial Group Regarding the specifics, we are still investigating Do we have that strong of a competitor in New Zealand? We don’t really have much investment in New Zealand It’s just that there was this bidding for a PT development, but it didn’t go through So it shouldn’t be considered as a strong competitor Chairman, we have information The boss behind the New Zealand Financial Group is a local Chinese entrepreneur He is Geng Mochi’s stepfather Playing this kind of game with me Okay Notify headquarters immediately to start buying back the stocks – You came? – Yes I came over to see In-law – Please come in – Okay Look who came Why are you here?

I just wanted to come over to see you – Sit here! – Ximei – Yes? – Why are you just standing there? Immediately prepare some tea and wash some fruits, okay? – Okay! Hurry and sit. Sit, sit How are you feeling? I’m good. I’m good Thank you for coming over to see me Seeing you, I’m really happy Actually, I should’ve come visit you earlier, but I was afraid You are so kind to come see me Don’t say that Right now, don’t think about anything Work with the doctor in doing your treatment. Everything will be fine I have a good idea about my own condition What I worry the most about is Li He’s already that age, but he still hasn’t started a family Once I leave… how could he live by himself? Those children wouldn’t want us to worry about their affairs We can’t meddle I beg you to please watch over Li Please don’t say things like this It’s actually Shuli that’s taking care of us I’ll just open the window and say two things. Okay? We both know about Li’s interest Even until now, he still has feelings for Kaoer I’m really afraid that he will do something out of character and make you guys upset Therefore, just for my sake, please be more tolerant of him. Okay? That won’t happen Shuli is a sensible child I don’t think he’ll do anything out of character Regardless, as a mother, I’m ashamed to face my children I owe you, too Don’t say things like this The autumn chill is getting heavier and heavier It will continue to get colder in the coming week, so everyone has to remember to wear more clothing to prevent having a cold from affecting your work and life It’s said that love is like a cold When you thought you’re all better, you will experience various discomforts When you thought you will be seriously ill, you then get excited from the sudden sweetness The cold comes and goes. Love arrives and leaves. This is life Okay, next is an old English song, “Forever at Your Feet” and I will conclude our program today with it The drip-dropping sound of the rain in the song seems to match our weather outside now Good, see you next time at our program – Finished? – Yes By the way, what’s happening with inviting Geng Mochi as a guest at our program? I need to prepare for the program. Station Manager is also asking I’ll try again Did you guys fight again? How did you know? It’s all over your expression I can see that you haven’t been happy for the last few days. You wouldn’t chat much with me, either I’ve never seen such a difficult man. His temper is even worse than mine His temper is even worse than mine He blows his top as soon as he gets upset I must have owed him from my last life Hey, let me tell you Between a couple, they fight at one end of the bed and reconcile at the other end— There you go again. He already moved to a hotel! – How do I make up with him? – Pardon? I won’t talk with you anymore. I need to go He moved to a hotel? It’s that serious? Today? Are you sure, Yingzhi? The lawyer notified that it’s today What about Luo Hao? When can he make bail? It’s difficult for him. He’ll probably stay until the trial Poor Luo Hao. Milan has totally buried him this time Should we go see Milan then? I think we should forget it We are the last people that she would want to see at this time Yueqiao District Detention Center Mochi, what’s the use of looking at wedding gowns? Your wife is ignoring you now I’m the one ignoring her Oh, right. Bai Kaoer gave me a call She said there is a new program at the radio station They want to invite you as a guest for the trial broadcast It was very formal Look at how you two are fighting

Is there anything that you can’t talk directly? Why must go through me, the manager? What am I? I’m not going Mochi, if you keep being like this, she’ll really ignore you If she ignores me, I’ll just ignore her! She told me “amicable farewell!” We haven’t even had the wedding, and we will bid each other an amicable farewell? What kind of a talk is that? Don’t shout at me I’m not criticizing you, but you really have too much pride that you’ll just hurt yourself When she brought clothes to you at the hotel, it was an excellent opportunity But you wouldn’t take it If you don’t accept this invitation from her, I think you two will probably separate Am I scared? You must know her better than I do I can help her with the program, but under one condition What condition? She has to beg me! He said that? Yes. He personally said that to me A person like him It’s not like you don’t know him Proud, arrogant, and he hurts himself with that pride of his I know him too well He actually wants to find a suitable way to retreat He is too simple-minded to think of anything else He’s just like a child who wants to be consoled I just don’t know what to do with him All right. I’ll go beg him I won’t say more about the matter between you two Thank you, Darwin. It’s quite late. You should get some rest Bye-bye Only a ghost would beg you! What are you doing here? Didn’t you ask me to come beg you? I’ve come What kind of makeup is that? Like a ghost! Speak then. How will you beg me? What is this about? Eat Do I eat it myself? Mr. Geng, am I showing enough sincerity? Actually, I’m such a proud person If I wasn’t helpless, I wouldn’t have come here to beg you If the trial broadcast doesn’t happen, I would be terminated What would I do if I lose my job? Geng Mochi’s wife doesn’t really need to work That won’t do, either You have money, stature, and talent You have everything, so it’s really stressful to be your wife I’m so ordinary that I’m really not a good match for you Work is the only way that I can find self-confidence If I don’t even have a job and rely on you to support me, I wouldn’t have any self-respect Besides, if I can’t have you on my trial program, I would really become a laughingstock at the radio station Who would believe that the wife can’t get a hold of the husband? You came so early in the morning just to talk work with me? Then what do we talk about? Explain everything in detail about what happened at Hongjiang that day If you hide anything, I will keep fighting with you I can tell you but you don’t need to shout I didn’t do anything against my conscience Speak Are you questioning a criminal? Leaving? Milan, is there anything I can help with? You won, but I won’t thank you Eventually, stepping over a woman will earn you karma’s retribution I am responsible to have pushed you to this position But even now, you still don’t understand where you made a mistake That makes me worry that you’ll keep going off track from now on I’m very grateful that you gave me such a lively lesson. I will not forget it Walk carefully. I won’t walk you out What are you looking at? Something good? Do your own job well Have you seen it? You’ll end up like her if you don’t do your job well Xingcheng City Newspaper Office Do you know how upset I was that day? I took half a bottle of pills I fainted

Why did you faint? Try not eating for a whole day, and see if you’d faint, too Have you gone to the hospital to get it checked out? It’s not that serious Isn’t it normal to pass out on low sugar? You are not allowed to contact that Qi guy in the future. Do you hear? I really don’t have anything to do with him You are thinking too much Even though he is not considered a good person, he has always been courteous with me If he wanted to do something with me, he could have done it when I passed out, but he didn’t do anything I swear. He didn’t even touch one of my fingers You are actually defending him? I’m telling the truth. I’m not defending anyone You are the only one in my heart I don’t want to hear his name All right, I won’t mention his name Such a pretty bridal gown! Hey, Mochi, are we going to take wedding photos? You want a wedding shoot? Sure. As soon as I finish the performance, we can go take wedding portraits. You pick a place Maldives. You promised Have I said that? You’ve said that we’ll take wedding photos and enjoy the honeymoon at the same time Kaoer, are you taking your medicine regularly when I haven’t been around the past few days? Yes. Why are you asking? Nothing, just caring about you Caring about me? If you care about me, why are you staying at the hotel by yourself? Do I really want to stay at the hotel? You should put yourself in my shoes If you saw me with another woman that day, what would you think? Didn’t I already explain that it’s not what you think? It’s not what I thought, but that’s what I saw I can’t make myself un-see it I won’t be happy, right?! What about you? You disappeared for three years without a trace I should ask if you had another woman Have I asked you? Have I doubted you? I unconditionally believed you. Why don’t you believe me? It’s not you that I don’t believe. It’s that rascal that I don’t believe Then who was the one who abandoned me? When I was so crazy that I didn’t even recognize my parents, where were you? Where are you going? Going to work Didn’t you come here to beg me? Is this being sincere? What are you doing? Kaoer, when you were so crazy and didn’t even recognize your parents, I was staying alive by relying on a breathing machine For the past three years, I wasn’t in any better shape than you Love has turned both of us into patients Other than loving you, there is nothing more meaningful to me in this world If you still can’t believe me, then I have nothing else to say You are the one doubting me So you need to show more sincerity to make me believe that you love me Even if you are crazy, you’d still love me I don’t want to keep talking to you I’m going to work What are you doing? Let go You are working now Otherwise, what will you tell your boss? Let go Let go Geng Mochi, what are you doing? Fitting in with your work. Be professional You are so not a good thing! Of course, I’m not a thing. I’m your husband Yingzhi Why are you here? Don’t drink anymore Don’t drink anymore! How will you go home if you’re drunk? Yingzhi, after graduating from college, I’ve struggled in this city for eight years I don’t even have a job anymore Even where I live is a rental Why is it that I’m such a failure? You won’t like what I’ll say Do things honestly step by step Even though you won’t rise high or become rich, you can at least live a stable and peaceful life You’re good in everything and can endure hardships, but you expect too much from life You end up like this because your expectations exceeded reality

The old saying is right “If you’re destined to have something, you’ll have it.” “If you’re not destined, you won’t get it no matter how you force it.” Why should I give in to fate? I’m still young. Will I always be like this? It’s fine to not admit defeat or continue struggling, but you need to walk the right path This time, not only did you lose your job, Luo Hao has to go to prison, too! I heard the lawyer say that if he is convicted, he could be sentenced for three years And Kaoer, she went to beg Qi Shuli for you, but she ended up with a huge misunderstanding with Geng Mochi Geng Mochi even moved into a hotel You are now on bail while waiting for the trial Even though you blamed everything on Luo Hao, you are still an accessory to the crime There will be some punishment under the law I told the lawyer to do his best… to lower your sentence I’m ruined I’m totally ruined! With a prison sentence, I won’t be able to find a quality job Without a job, I’ll have to go back to my hometown! How can I face my mother and those people? There’s no hope for my life anymore Then what do you want to do? Quit living? Kill yourself? Is there anyone who doesn’t fall a few times in life? It’s already happened No matter the hardship and difficulty, you must live on Remember the saying: “A gentleman loves money but earns it righteously.” Those who follow the wrong path, will not have a good ending You need to adjust your attitude Get up from where you fell Learn your lesson, and start a new life There is still a long road ahead of you Yes I still have a long road ahead I’m not afraid of anything I will live an even better life – Greetings, Teacher Geng – Greetings, Teacher Geng Why are you so formal? Teacher Geng is our VIP. Of course, we should line up to welcome him Teacher Geng, the studio room is ready, and the station manager is also waiting for you – So handsome! – Can we be a little low-keyed? There’s a chance to show off our affection, so let’s do it well Are we affectionate to each other? We just did yesterday Come, sit. Wear this You put it on me Others are looking. Can’t you wear it yourself? If you don’t put it on me, I won’t do the program This is more like it Have some self-control. We are broadcasting live Everyone word you say will transmit to everyone in the province Why not the whole world? What a great opportunity for a love confession! Stop it. We’ll start soon I’m a little nervous You’ve seen the world You’ve performed on the top stages around the world. Why are you nervous? I’d better go home Please, we’re starting in two minutes. Come, come Please cooperate. Okay? As soon as the program is done, we’ll go home Hold my hand We’re starting I can’t. I really can’t Geng Mochi, I’m warning you If you ruin my program, you’re not sleeping at home tonight. Go to your hotel On what basis? The house is mine You vicious woman Hello, audience friends. This is the brand new, reformatted Starry Talk program We are very pleased to have invited the famous pianist, Mr. Geng Mochi, as our special guest for the trial broadcast Mr. Geng, welcome Hello, I am Geng Mochi I’m very glad that Mr. Geng can come to our program despite his hectic schedule We all know that you were born in this province More accurately, I am half from this province My mom is from this province. My dad is from Beijing

But I am now a son-in-law of this province – My wife Bai— – Then what is your main work mission for returning to Xingcheng this time? Work is actually just a small part of it I mainly came to be with my wife I heard that the hottest album now, Dream, was produced by you What do you think about it? About that, my manager will fully discuss in the press conference that will be held soon Good, then we’ll switch to another topic After you left the music world, did you feel any regret? After all, you are one of only a few acclaimed Chinese pianists in the world stage Does leaving the stage also mean that your music dream has also ended? I don’t have any music dream I do not regret any decision that I make You are really reserved with your words This is who I am It appears that artists definitely have special temperaments Do the people around you feel that you’re difficult to be with? Do you think I’m difficult to be with? – Why are you asking me this question? – Because you are the person around me Yes, yes, I’m sitting right next to you I definitely feel Mr. Geng’s strong temperament Can you hear that even my voice is trembling? Really? Good, let’s listen to some music. It’s your iconic piece Geng Mochi Since you’re already here, can you be more cooperative? After all, you are facing hundreds of thousands of listeners I’m facing you. I can’t see those listeners I’m so upset. Are you deliberately angering me? With the program proceeding like this, what can I say to Station Manager? You are the one who begged me to be here. I didn’t want to come Geng Mochi, you are so not a good thing I was never a thing, okay? I’ll deal with you after the program Then I won’t do the program – How dare you? – Just see if I dare Geng Mochi, let me tell you As soon as the program is done, you can scram! – Scram as far as you can! – What kind of wife are you? Huh? After using your husband, you are casting him away? You can stay in the hotel tonight I will stay with you. Let’s see what you can do about it – J*rk! – Who’s the real j*rk? The mic! Kaoer! You What’s the matter? D-Did you know you didn’t shut the mic? Fortunately, our emergency system stopped it from broadcasting But everyone heard it outside Really? Of course, it’s real. We all heard it I’m finished Master, Station Manager and Bureau Minister were both listening to the program Minister immediately criticized Station Chief He said the program would cause a negative influence in the society if it gets broadcasted Then let’s go home I’m hungry Look at you people I was listening to the program with Bureau Chief Now, it’s all destroyed! Station Manager This is all my fault. It has nothing to do with them If you punish anyone, just punish me Now, you’ll play the hero? Bai Kaoer You don’t know how much convincing I had to do just for your program? We finally had a chance to reformat and be a broadcast again You actually made such a basic mistake Station Manager, it is my fault I have been suffering a stomach ache. When the music was playing, I went to the restroom Xiao Li is inexperienced. When I returned, the incident already occurred – I didn’t stay at my position. It’s my fault – Shut up The biggest problem now is how to wrap up It’s already happened, so whoever is responsible must shoulder it Master must be finished this time. Station Manager will definitely not forgive her What’s the hurry? But I think Geng Mochi was so cute When we were feeling so desperate, he actually said to Sister Bai, “I’m hungry.” That look was so cute Why are you like this? What are you looking at me for? I’m hungry Here, eat some Bai Kaoer! What are you doing? What? Why are you throwing my rabbit around? What kind of run-down thing are you giving me? I want a live one. I want you – You pick it up – No! You want a live one? Come over I want a live one

Stinky You look down at me? You will go out with me today Why? – To look at a house – What house? The house that I bought – You bought a house? – Yes Why did you buy a house? You keep saying this one is your house I’m a kept man living here You can really spend money Why are you laughing? If you’re still this unruly when you live in my house, just wait to see how I’ll take care of you – How can you say that? – Yes A’Qing texted me this morning I’ve been suspended I’ll probably be unemployed soon In the future, I’ll have to keep begging you and flatter you. How else will I survive? Why don’t they just fire you? Once you’re fired, you won’t be able to leave me That feels good, really good – Did you really buy it? – Yes Maybe you shouldn’t buy it I’ll just transfer the name of the house to you You’ll then feel more mentally balanced So I’m really a kept man Smells good Admit guilt, obey the law, change your ways Luo Hao, have you suffered inside? Don’t come visit me anymore – What did you say? – You know why We cannot be friends anymore You tempted Milan to send the text You led her step by step to move towards blackmailing If you were scheming against me, I wouldn’t complain But Milan is my beloved woman I won’t let anyone hurt her like that Why are you still defending her even now? Huh?! The one who hurt you is not me, but her! She is selfish and greedy. After this happened, she pushed all the responsibility onto you! She betrayed you! I know she betrayed me She must have felt helpless to have betrayed me She knows that I love her, and I would sacrifice everything for her As long as she understands that I still love her, it’s enough for me Luo Hao, you’ve lost your senses Don’t bother me anymore I don’t have the same goal. Let’s not stay together You go your way, and I’ll go mine I just want to be real Luo Hao! Sorry, we can’t hire you Why? This is a small circle. We’ve heard about you Sorry, we don’t use someone who has a tainted professional history I like this balcony. I can get sun here Look at that lake. It’s like a mirror I never knew that there’s such a beautiful place like this in Xingcheng Don’t you like lakes? Yes. How did you know? I read something on someone’s book My past life was a lake I waited from the past to the present Bai Kaoer, why are you so sentimental? Then why did you memorize it? Since you’ve waited from the past life to the present, considering how sincere you are, we will never be apart from each other. Okay? Also from now on, you mustn’t make me cry again I really won’t dare You can cry a lake full of water. If I let you cry once again, what if you drown the whole city someday? Such a large house! Just for the two of us? What about it? We can live on the ground floor today, the second floor tomorrow, and the third floor the day after Leave our traces in every room I’ve thought about it We should also have a child What if I’m gone someday, you’ll be so pitiful Why will you be gone? Nonsense Maybe he knows I’m pregnant?

Even with the three of us, the house is still too big – The three of us? – Yes You may as well have more children. At least three – Three? – Yes Who has the time to care for them all? Why not? You’ll resign at that time Concentrate on taking care of three little babies Also me, the big baby Mochi, I love you How much do you love me? More than you can imagine Who is so annoying? Hello, Mochi. Something bad happened Our performance has been canceled Understood All right, I understand Thank you The authorities say our performance is against regulation. It must be examined again I personally applied. How could there be any problem? They even want it sent to Beijing for re-examination Another round of this will take three to five months Oh, my god! The press conference will be held in two days. What do we tell the media? It’s easy to return the tickets and pay the money What about our company’s reputation? What do we tell our fans? The problem occurs right at this time. It’s not as easy as it looks There is definitely some intrigue involved There is no solution? It’s fine. We’ll definitely think of a solution Do you need help from someone? I may need you to stay alone for a while. Is it okay? – You keep talking – Okay – Mochi – Don’t say it. I know who did it – You mean? – Who else can it be? I get it He must know that you exposed the incident to the media Now, he is revenging against you Mochi, I told you back then not to offend that kind of person. Look at it now! What about it then? We can just return the tickets and pay back the money! Do you want to anger me to death? Paying the money is easy Sam and Tony finally have a breakthrough in China’s market, but now, it’s ruined It’s all right. We respect the company’s choice and arrangement Do you see it? The emperor is not worried but the eunuch is Get down. I have something to ask you I’m in a hurry Just tell me whatever it is – Are you involved in the cancelation of Geng Mochi’s performance? – Yes – Why? – Because I was unhappy – Qi Shuli! – Hey Calling my full name again When you argue with him, do you also call his full name? You get off the car! I’m really in a hurry Also I think it’s better that we see less of each other When I see you, I immediately think of that intruder I also feel immediately unhappy when I think of him If we continue like this, he’ll be in deeper trouble You are a married woman now Before you two break up, if you and I have frequent contacts, people will say I am evil-minded You know how I am. I follow a set of principles I don’t care to do this So stop saying it. Okay? We don’t have much to talk about anymore You shouldn’t interfere in men’s business You are not getting off? Sure, don’t get off the car at all today Text Geng Mochi All right Even when you look upset, you still look so appealing That bastard really got lucky You can steal her back Shut up Why are you laughing? What do you understand? When you fight against a romantic rival,

there are many methods But in dealing with someone you love, you’d become helpless I still think Miss Bai is more suited to be with you Really? Of course. I’ve always felt that we are a good match Bai Kaoer! You want to anger me to death? Why are you here? Why are you showing off? I can handle my own problem Go back to the car now! And he’s even an artist Totally not refined at all If it were me, I’d never talk to Kaoer like that So rude You’ve finally come Mr. Qi, get off the car and we can chat a bit Okay What do you want to say? Outside love’s door Whoever betrayed whom is the one waiting Laughter and tears are constantly repeating Is being loved good or bad Wantonly uncover the mystery And let fate be unable to make arrangements You said that loving you has nothing to do with the future We are waiting for the clock to slow down Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons Even if I turn into dust for you With us being so in love with each other With us being so in love with each other That bitterness is also used to irrigate the wound You said that loving you has nothing to do with the future We are waiting for the clock to slow down Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons Even if I turn into dust for you Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons I am willing to accompany you In turning into dust