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(Game Sack Theme) – Hello and welcome to Game Sack As you can tell by the shirt I’m wearing, this episode is all about PlayStation Vita Now, this is a system that was never really given much of a chance by Sony themselves It almost seemed like they completely ignored it not long after it was launched Anyway, let’s take a closer look at the system itself The Sony PlayStation Vita Sony’s second entry into the portable game market was released in late December of 2011, and in 2012 everywhere else Featuring a gorgeous five-inch OLED touchscreen, dual analog sticks, a rear touchpad and dual cameras, the Vita was and still is an impressive piece of portable gaming technology Instead of the disc media used in its predecessor, the Vita uses solid-state cards to store the games The system also requires a proprietary memory card to store game save data and whatnot One of these cards originally did not come packed in with the Vita The controls on the unit generally feel pretty good, though the face buttons feel a bit small and my thumb often hits the right thumb stick when I press them The Vita is backwards compatible with the PSP in the same way that the Nintendo Switch is backwards compatible with all of your NES cartridges Digital only You can play between five and six hours before the battery runs out A slim model of the Vita was released in 2014 that replaces the OLED screen with a regular LCD one, and offers an extra hour of battery life The Vita is powered by a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 and a quad-core PowerVR SGX 543 MP4+ for the graphics with 512 and 128 megabytes of RAM respectively The graphics resolution maxes out at 960 by 544, about one quarter of full 1080P HD The separately released PlayStation TV allows you to play Vita games on your TV via HDMI using a PS3 or PS4 controller, but many games are not officially supported due to their Vita specific features like the touch screen, touch pad, cameras and gyroscope A big hit at first, Vita sales quickly died down and Sony seemed to lose interest in supporting the system It’s estimated that anywhere between 10 and 15 million units have been sold with about 1500 games released (hella awesome music) In my opinion, that proprietary memory card was one of the worst ideas Sony has ever had, especially not including it with the system They’re always trying to come up with new formats and it backfires on them more often than not Anyway, enough of that Let’s look at some of the games for the system (sweet Gradius Gaiden music) (triumphant music) You can’t have an episode about the Vita without mentioning Gravity Rush Well, maybe you can, but not on Game Sack! At the time of its release in mid 2012, it was one of the killer apps for the portable system You play as Kat, who has amnesia You soon find out that you have the ability to shift gravity, and as you’ve probably guessed, that’s the main play mechanic in this game You disengage from normal gravity by pressing the R button You hover as you orient the camera to the place that you’d like to flow to, and then press R again You can’t do this indefinitely though, as you have a bar in the upper left of the screen, which will run out If you press the L button, you’ll return to normal gravity and your meter will quickly recharge The amount of non-gravity the bar can hold as well as other abilities can be powered up throughout the game There’s also combat, which, for the most part, is pretty simple and fun Just attack enemies in their weak spot, by kicking them with a square button Some enemies are floating in the air, so you may need to target them and then fly towards them with an air kick Bigger enemies on the ground may also need to be attacked in this way The game uses the touch screen a lot mainly to advance conversations You also need the swipe the screen to advance the comic-book-like pages of the story What’s really bad though is that the game wants you to swipe the screen to evade attacks during combat No, thank you I’ll just move out of the way with the analog stick, if you don’t mind The cell-shaded graphics look really nice, though they do run at a lower resolution than normal for the system I like how stylish some things are and whenever something has color, it really stands out among the dusty-looking surroundings That’s good because usually it’s something of significance The music is mostly fantastic with a lot of it coming from a real orchestra (real orchestra music) This is an excellent game However, I personally would prefer the remaster on the PlayStation 4 for the sharper graphics and omissions of any of the touchscreen shenanigans I haven’t played that version yet, so hopefully they didn’t break it, but if you wanna play it on the go, then it works great on the Vita (orchestra music continues) (Kat grunts) (Kat grunts)

(majestic music) Want some sweet Killzone, first-person shooter action? Then be sure to check out Killzone Mercenary released in 2013 Unlike the PSP, the Vita has two analogs sticks, so a first-person shooter can actually work pretty well here Obviously I’m playing on the PlayStation TV to capture this footage and the game even recognizes that I’m using a PS3 controller in the options This is a nice high-budget game that a lot of work clearly went into It plays like your standard first-person shooter game with similar controls and missions that involve you moving from one area to another, having shootouts along the way There’s nothing tremendously new here when it comes to the action, though I did find the melee attacks pretty fun They require you to throw the analog sticks in certain directions, and once you do it a few times, it feels like second nature Overall, I have no issues with the control and the game itself is good, though I’m not the biggest fan of first-person shooters It didn’t give me any motion sickness like these types of games usually do and the mission structure kept me interested Of course, there are random weapon shops scattered throughout just like there are in any combat zone The visuals are outstanding, especially for a portable system I mean, look, they’re nearly PlayStation 3 quality Sometimes the frame rate will take a hit though Still, if you want a portable first-person shooter on a system initially released in 2011, this game absolutely delivers (gun fires) (character grunts) – [Character] I’m with you, man (guns firing) – [Character] Money in the bank! (guns firing) (electronic music) – [Joe] Ridge Racer was released in 2011 and it’s often referred to as Ridge Racer Vita I was really looking forward to playing this one, because Ridge Racer is usually awesome, especially on Sony systems Sadly, that’s not the case here, and the game is mostly a let down This one tries to envelop you in a more social world, making you pick a sponsor at the start, and then you’re literally locked in that same group with other people who also chose that same sponsor That’s right, it wants you to do most of your racing online The control and racing mechanics are actually pretty good and it’s fun to drive your car around the track But sadly, this game has a really bad single-player mode It’s completely boring All you can do is race a ghost, do a spot race, which is considered training or a time attack There’s also lots and lots of menus that are touchscreen only The graphics and music are both average, but there are a couple of standout tunes here and there Sadly, the visuals only update at 30 frames per second, which is half as fast as the PSP versions I can’t really recommend this one Like I said, I was immensely disappointed because Ridge Racer games are usually pretty darn good – [Announcer] Just two laps to go! (electronic music) (electronic music) – [Joe] Air Race Speed from Qubic is a slightly more interesting racing game Here, you’re basically just racing against the clock through a series of tubes, just for fun There are no other racers besides you and you need to do your best not to run into obstacles The game reminds me of Atari’s S.T.U.N Runner combined with Crystal Dynamics’ Total Eclipse, just without the shooting action It’s fun to race through the tubes as the game moves fast and you really need to be quick on the controls Unfortunately, one time when I died, the game froze on me, so it still has some bugs I still recommend that you try this one though Even with this little quirks, it’s quite fun (electronic music) This next game I’m gonna talk about once I get off the screen, was only available at GameStop, at least initially Ah yes, the old “Let’s limit the number of places our customers can buy the game” tactic Everyone loves that, it always works out great Anyway, it’s a nice game though (upbeat electronic music) (gentle music) This is Tales of Hearts R from Namco, which was released in 2014 The original Tales of Hearts was a DS game and this remake has been rebuilt from the ground up Like all of the games in the Tales series, it’s an RPG with a few elements from other games sprinkled in here and there

You play as an angsty teen trying to find shards of emotions that were broken away from a mysterious teenage girl That’s about as basic as I can summarize the story The characters are all very stereotypical of a lot of JRPGs with extremely impatient male characters who freak out over every little thing and everyone has their emotions dialed up to 11 (Hisui speaks in foreign language) You have towns with lots of people to talk to and things to do The combat is mostly real time with you controlling the main character Eventually, others will join you in battle to help out Everyone who participates in battle gets experience and levels up They can also be equipped with better items and so on But not everyone that travels with you will fight Sometimes you’ll have to go into a person’s soul to extract an emotion shard Of course, there’s monsters and boss characters roaming around in there too The combat is pretty fun, though I think I would like it more if I had never played any of the games from the Ys series Still, it works fine and the game gives you a break if you need to use an item However, if you do use one, you need to wait a bit before you can use another item The visuals are roughly PlayStation 2 quality, and honestly, that’s just fine There’s lots of anime cut scenes, which is one of the main additions over the original DS version There’s also a lot of voice acting, though it’s all in Japanese (character speaks in Japanese) The music from Motoi Sakuraba is adequate yet forgettable I’ve always felt that maybe he got burned out from being so prolific in the 2000s (footsteps crunch) I do really like this game though, and I like that it’s not puzzle based like Tales of Symphonia was This is a comfortable and enjoyable RPG that doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel (mysterious music) (energetic music) (character grunts) (rock music) Dead or Alive 5+ was released in 2013 This is a slight upgrade to the original Dead or Alive 5, which was on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 It’s pretty much standard Dead or Alive action, which is good There are a few characters from Virtua Fighter to fight and also play as The story mode is pretty easy and sometimes it feels like you’re spending more time watching FMV than you are fighting The arcade mode can unlock a few minor things like extra costumes The stages are mostly extremely cool, many with lots of chaos going on everywhere, and you can move into different areas of the stage throughout the battle, just like you can in previous Dead or Alive games Well, except the first one A few stages are uninteresting, like the circus stages Things added for this particular version are more training options, as well as a silly touch play mode I’m not even gonna bother with that The graphics are all great and move around at 60 frames per second with very few hiccups The music is fine for the game, but nothing that I would consider especially memorable If you want Dead or Alive on the go, then this certainly won’t disappoint (characters grunt) (intense music) (truck explodes) (upbeat rock music) Of course, I’ve got to mention Hot Shots Golf, World Invitational Like all of the other games in the series, this one is a joy to play and a great way to pass the time You can choose stroke play just to have fun, or you can choose challenges where you earn points You then use these points in the shop to buy stuff and unlock features As always, the gameplay is quite easy to get into Even if you don’t like golf or haven’t played a golf video game before The graphics are pleasant, though they run at a significantly lower resolution than most Vita games for some reason The music is really nice and somehow never gets annoying I’ll always recommend Hot Shots Golf on any Sony platform, and this one is no exception (gentle music) (character grunts) – [Character] Oh! (character grunts) Oh! (fireworks blast) (upbeat music) Perfect, I did it! (gentle electronic music) – [Joe] Here’s a Wipeout 2048, which is exclusive to the Vita It’s basically kind of a retooled version of Wipeout HD on the PS3 Don’t that fool you though, as this is a really good game Supposedly, it also helped shape the Vita itself as it was designed along with the hardware and was a launch game in multiple regions

As a game, it’s quite good and you have a map that you move around by touching it, which grows and grows with more events as you play The events vary from races to time attacks, or even just trying to stay alive as long as possible Always make sure to pay attention to the criteria required Yes, the vehicular combat is still here and some events even concentrate on it Having you score enough points by damaging enemies in order to earn a clear The controls are smooth and I’ve never had any issues with this game whatsoever It feels a bit easy, but trust me, it can get pretty intense later on The graphics were meant to be a showcase for the system when it launched, and it definitely succeeded at that I mean, let’s be real here, these are way better than anything the 3DS could dream of doing They also do a great job of capturing what the year 2048 will actually look like, which is only 28 years away from when I’m making this episode Unfortunately, it only runs at 30 frames per second, which is weird for a Wipeout game, which usually run at 60 frames, but it doesn’t impact the gameplay and it also doesn’t make me motion sick The music is all electronic and mostly good, especially if you like some dubstep in your games If you like your racing games set in the near future, you can’t go wrong here (energetic electronic music) (whimsical music) This crazy game is Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme versus Force, which is a Vita exclusive First off, this is a pretty great mech game It kinda sorta reminds me of GunGriffon on the Saturn, but with faster-paced action and the ability to have assistant mechs That’s right, you can pick various mechs or Gundams to help you out on your mission And your mission can be one of several things, defeat all of the enemies, defeat a boss, or even capture all of the bases on a map All of the Gundams that you choose, of course, costs money, and you get more of that as well as level up each unit as you complete missions The action is pretty good You can lock out the enemies and shoot them from afar or even melee them up close It’s really quite fun and blowing up other mechs is immensely satisfying There are tons upon tons of Japanese voices in here And if that’s not enough, there are usually multiple people talking at once (characters speaking in Japanese) Everyone has a lot to say and you need to hear it all Well, actually you don’t, but the game sure seems to think that you do This might be a good thing though, as otherwise, the repetitive music might be too noticeable This game was released in the US, but it’s extremely hard to come by To my knowledge, the Asian version is the same and much cheaper Check the comments though, to see if anyone corrects me on this as info on the different versions is pretty hard to come by Still though, if you can, try this one out, it’s super fun (characters speak in Japanese) (intense music) (triumphant music) (upbeat electronic music) TxK from Llamasoft is a Tempest rip-off And that said, it’s a really good Tempest clone Basically, you just need to navigate around the wireframe structures, zapping wireframe bad guys as they come at you You control your little thing by pressing left or right, and I found it easier to use the D pad, as opposed to the analog stick You get a super zapper, which kills everything on screen that you can use once per stage, but here it’s called the Super Tapper That’s a pretty clever way to be completely original You can even earn a jump, and this can come in handy if the bad guys make it to the edge where you’re moving back and forth I love the vector-like visuals and it’s full of amazing color The music is energetic, but maybe not quite as good as Tempest 2000’s music I wish I could remember Tempest 3000’s music, I played it once on the Nuon, but, like an idiot, I didn’t record it Anyway, this is a fun game to play for a few minutes every once in a while (upbeat electronic music) If you’ve watched Game Sack for any length of time, then you know I’ve got to mention all the games in the Ys series I showed up on the Vita I sure did like making these things for Sony’s portable system, not that I’m complaining (upbeat music) (gentle piano music) Ys Memories of Celceta was the game that made me finally buy a Vita

nearly 11 months after it was launched This is a remake of Ys 4, from Falcom themselves Previously, Falcom had farmed out Ys 4 to other developers for whatever reason, and now this is the one that officially counts It’s mostly all new and it’s not a remake of either Dawn of Ys for the PC Engine CD, nor Mask of the Sun for the Super Famicom However, it does feature a lot of the same characters and the story takes a few nods from the previous games For a while, this one was exclusive to the Vita before finding its way to the PC, and most recently, the PlayStation 4 You’ve lost your memories and you slowly gather them back through glowing orbs as you set out to map the forest of Celceta The game’s action is exactly like Ys Seven with its three-party system, but now you have a super attack once you gain enough energy to do it As always, the action is incredibly fun and the game is engrossing However, sometimes you’re allowed to make choices in the game and the prompts come up so quickly that I accidentally just select whatever is the default one since I’m cycling through the rest of the text, as fast as I can read it It doesn’t matter much anyway, and the choices are really out of character and represent the translator’s personality more than anything Also, the game’s gonna proceed the exact same way, no matter what you choose You’re also forced to cycle through what could have been a printed instruction manual, which bogs down the game play in the beginning However, I’ll take this over a forced tutorial any day! The graphics are pretty nice, but the frame rate can be pretty bad, especially in the cut scenes The music is naturally outstanding, much of it from the previous Ys games, but rearranged here There’s some new stuff as well, and it doesn’t disappoint (intense music) While this game certainly isn’t as good as Dawn of Ys on the PC Engine, it’s still fantastic in its own right, and should not be missed (intense music) (characters grunt) (slow violin music) Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is probably my favorite game in the series I bought the Vita version mainly to support the series so that they keep translating them and bringing them over I initially played through it on a PlayStation 4, but this version is pretty good as well, though it runs at half the frame rate You begin your adventure on a nice, peaceful cruise talking to people, but that comes to an abrupt stop when you’re attacked by a giant sea monster Later, you, along with everyone else, wake up on a mysterious island The gameplay is exactly like Memories of Celceta, which is a good thing Oh, and you can jump now, so that’s even better Like Killzone, this one takes advantage of the PlayStation 3 controller if you play it on a PlayStation TV Oh, and check out the back of the box here Now, I don’t read or speak French, but something is definitely up with this text here This was discovered by the fantastic site, which is dedicated to all things Ys According to them, this is placeholder text, and it’s saying something to the effect of “I’m sorry to leave you, but I have to buy a hat I am going to ask these peasants who’ve come to meet us if the way in which they have passed is bad.” NIS America eventually fixed this and rereleased it with the correct French text This was the first version made, and the PlayStation 4 version has a bit more content, but I haven’t played far enough in this one to see what’s missing Of course the graphics aren’t quite as good as the PlayStation 4 version, but as perfectly playable You’ll also get to enjoy a ton of outstanding music, which of course is no big surprise (intense music continues) (character grunts) (slow piano music) Ys Origin came to the Vita in 2017, 11 years after it was initially released on PC As a result, this game does show its age, but it’s still an absolute blast to play through This is the only game in the series thus far that doesn’t feature Adol as the main character It takes place about 800 years prior to his adventures You can select to play as one of two different characters The entire game takes place inside Darm tower, which is about 100 times bigger than it was an Ys 1, maybe even more Regardless, the graphics are decent, though sadly run at half the frame rate of pretty much any other version And as always, the music is incredible This is a fun one for sure (intense music) (character thumps) (majestic music) Uncharted, Golden Abyss has been mentioned

on the show before, but it simply must be mentioned in this episode, even if it’s brief After all, it’s one of the few true exclusive games on the Vita, and, as of the making of this episode, hasn’t been ported to any other platform It wasn’t developed by Naughty Dog, but instead Bend Studio who has mostly been responsible for the Syphon Filter games This was a launch game and probably helped sell a few Vitas Wow, both this and Wipeout, that’s actually not a bad launch lineup It’s expressly designed to use all of the gimmicky features on the system, which is the game’s greatest flaw in my opinion During melee attacks, for instance, you need to swipe in the direction of the arrows to finish off your opponent This one takes place before the first game on the PlayStation 3 You’re still exploring ancient ruins and climbing all over the place, just like in the other games, but now you have to worry about touch features, which is neat the first few times it happens, but it gets old quickly Regardless of all that, this is a solid adventure with a nice presentation If you enjoy the other Uncharted games, I say take a chance on this one If you hate touchscreen and motion controls, well, then stay far, far away They’re worth it for this game though (Nate grunts) (Nate grunts again) (gentle violin music) Now, if you want a game that uses every single gimmick possible, then Tearaway from the makers of Little Big Planet is a good one to have This is the only way I can record this game as it crashes on a PlayStation TV, even if it’s been hacked But then again, the PlayStation TV doesn’t have a camera and you kind of need that here – [Woman] Look, there they are – [Man] Ooh! What is it? – [Joe] You basically play as a piece of mail in a land built of paper You’ll need to engage the rear touch pad for things like these bouncing drums You’ll also be touching the screen for a lot of basic attacks Even the gyroscope is in use here This is by no means a bad game, even with all of these gimmicks It’s one of the few games on the planet that actually makes good use of the gimmicks like this However, I’m just not set up to capture the gameplay this way, and having all of this equipment in front of me as I play started to get uncomfortable really fast Still, you definitely wanna give Tearaway a try (suspenseful music) Lost Dimension from Atlus is an interesting take on strategy RPGs Basically, half of the world has been destroyed by some guy for no discernible reason It doesn’t waste your time trying to set up the entire story at the beginning of the game, but instead tells you as you progress You control a band of gifted warriors, each with their own special power that they can use in battle The game works similar to other strategy RPGs in that you have a limited amount of space that you can move and you can only attack enemies in range Gone are the grids and hexagons though, I really like how it’s set up here You can choose a main attack or gift, which is your character’s special ability, if they have one Of course, there is a player phase and an enemy phase Between missions, you can talk to all of the characters and hopefully build some comradery You can also get new items and set up your characters and all that When a mission is over is also when you gain all of your experience and level up If there’s one thing that I don’t particularly care for is the loading time before attacks that often occurs during battle Other than that, it’s all good, and there are lots of missions to take on The visuals are decent if a bit low budget, but the music is pretty good Definitely check this out if you like strategy RPGs It’s also on the PlayStation 3 and Windows (electronic music) – [Character] How do you like that? – [Nagi] Commencing assault (gun fires) – Ever since Phoenix Wright on the DS, I’ve loved visual novels At least the ones with interaction and actual game play in them Now, I don’t know what ever made me look up information on the Danganronpa series to see if I’d like it, but I’m sure glad I did (slow electronic music) (upbeat music) Danganronpa, Trigger Happy Havoc was a really nice surprise when it was released in 2013 Originally a PSP game in Japan, I first played it here on the Vita I love these types of games, because it reminds me a lot of how Phoenix Wright plays

You’re a kid who’s been accepted to a school for extremely gifted people Right as you walk in, you seem to faint You wake up and find that you’re locked inside the school with 14 other students, and even the windows have metal plates installed on them What is going on here? You’re called to the gym by the headmaster who turns out to be an evil Teddy bear – [Monokuma] I’m not a teddy bear – [Joe] His name is Monokuma, and he says the only way anyone can leave the school is if they kill someone It doesn’t matter who or how, but if they can remain undiscovered as the murderer, they’ll be allowed to leave Of course, this makes everyone freak out and not trust each other at all The game play largely consists of lots of conversations You can wander around at your leisure as well as investigate different items throughout each room Eventually you’ll go to trial to find out who killed who These can be a bit convoluted, but they work Your goal in the game isn’t to kill someone else, it’s to find out who the killer is Like I said, if the killer goes undiscovered, they get to leave the school, but then everyone else dies So it’s kind of in everyone’s best interest to find out who the murderer is Well, everyone’s best interest, except the actual killer There are tons upon tons of mostly automated conversations in this game, but for whatever reason, I enjoy it anyway, because they do a good job of keeping you interested The only thing that slightly bothers me about this is that sometimes the voice will say something different than the actual text – Come on! – You hear me!? – [Joe] Seriously, why even have the voice play at all in these situations? Oh, there is one other thing that bothers me about this game And that’s that all the blood is pink Despite the game being rated M I get that this is probably a stylistic choice for whatever reason, but I still think it looks kind of dumb Other than those two things, I have zero complaints I love how everything is in 2D and drops into a room as you enter I love the illustrations The music is also extremely good – What!? – Stop talking – [Joe] I highly recommend this one, and it kept me in engrossed throughout There are two sequels on the Vita, which feature new characters and scenarios They both have similar gameplay with new stuff added to enjoy as well (playful music) (mysterious music) ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ A side story to these games is Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls This one isn’t an investigative adventure, but rather a third person shooter, which features some characters from the first two games You’re hunting down Monokumas who are absolutely everywhere, killing people Your weapon has different types of bullets that you can fire For example, a green move bullet can activate locks, cars, and other things so that you can progress You acquire more kinds of bullets as you move through the game You can also switch to Genocide Jill, who can slice up enemies and moves really fast and has bad camera control Mostly this game is pretty good, but it does interrupt the gameplay for tons of chitchat, especially towards the beginning This is fine in the regular games, but it gets kind of annoying and an action game Otherwise this is a fairly decent side story You can also get all of the Danganronpa games on the PlayStation 4 – [Toko] As I thought, Master’s gun is perfect! Even idiots can use it [Komaru] That kid was playing with a body! [Toko] It’s not a rare sight around here (footsteps click) (gun fires) – [Komaru] Wait, I’m dead (upbeat music) – [Joe] Super Monkey Ball, Banana Splitz was the last original Monkey Ball game ever released at least at the time of this episode Is it the game that killed the franchise? Perhaps The game gives you a choice between normal controls or tilting controls, where, of course, you tilt your Vita The game also relies on the touch screen for all menu selections Why normal controls can’t also be used for the menu functions is beyond me Just goes to show how out of touch Sega is, I guess The premise is simply to get your monkey to the goal Collecting bananas on the way will eventually earn you a one up The small Vita analog stick mostly suffices for this game You think it might be a little easier using a PlayStation TV and a real PlayStation controller, but it actually isn’t If you play it that way, you’ll also need to worry about accidentally pushing in an analog stick, which engages the touch screen controls and your monkey loses control Also, I’ve probably said this before, but I’m gonna say it again There is no analog stick on the planet that can match what the GameCube has As a result, controlling this game is noticeably more wonky than we originals The stages take a few nods from the past games, but mostly it’s all original The beginner and normal modes can be cleared pretty easily, but the advanced mode will start to ruin your life right away

Rolling across this dinosaur is outright brutal, it doesn’t look it, but it is, and you’ll need more luck than skill to do it There are a bunch of party games on here, even Monkey Target, which is my favorite, but you need to use the motion controls to play it and most of the other party games The good news is that the graphics are pretty nice and seemed to take inspiration from the absolutely horrible Wii entries in the series But they also seem to start to flourish on their own after you get past a few stages It’s also one of only a handful of Vita games that run at 60 frames per second The music is great as well Overall, this isn’t a horrible game, but it could definitely be better I’d say that this is probably the fourth best Monkey Ball game, behind the first, and then the second game, and then the 3DS entry – [Announcer] Ready? Go! (monkey ball trilling) (monkey screams) Goal! (suspenseful music) – [Joe] Here’s an interesting one called Soul Sacrifice, which is exclusive to the Vita This one was designed by Keiji Inafune of Capcom fame Well, after he left Capcom, of course This game is full of cool ideas You’re a dude in some sort of prison who stumbles across a book Well, actually, you don’t have to be a dude, you can design your own character Anyway, within the book’s pages are the journals of the final boss who has you imprisoned, and also whom you must eventually defeat You relive what he wrote in it, and that comprises the action stages You have a bunch of functions that you can assign to the various buttons, and you can switch between them with the R button Once you defeat a monster, it turns into kind of a black blob You then determine if you will save or sacrifice it Saving it will get you some life back, whereas sacrificing it will restore some of your attacks as most aren’t unlimited You’re usually on the battleground with another character, and if you die, you can have them save or sacrifice you Most of the attacks are very, very slow and happen quite some time after you press the button, since you need to wait for lots of animation I feel the fighting mechanics could be better, as the enemy will often move out of the way before you’re able to get some of those attacks off You’ll be rewarded depending on how you do in battle, and before each Phantom Quest, you’ll be able to choose which kinds of powers you’d like to take with you You can also power them up and replenish them on the screen Despite the laggy controls, this is still a fun and interesting game to play The bosses are all extremely tough and require a bit of work to finish off The visuals are perfect for the game Some of the stronger attacks you can do look pretty crazy The music by Yasunori Mitsuda and Wataru Hokoyama is a mix between beautiful and outright bombastic I think everyone should try this one to see if they like it For the most part, I certainly did There’s also Soul Sacrifice Delta, which is a slightly upgraded version (intense music) (monster growls) – [Sortiara] Slow me down and I’ll be coming after you next (monster thumps) – There you go, a bunch of games for the Vita that I felt like talking about for one reason or another It’s an interesting system for sure, and I wonder what kinds of games would have come out for it had Sony given it more love Believe it or not, there are still games being released for the thing from time to time from third parties It’s a cool system, but I got to say, I like the PSP more In fact, I like it a lot more But what do you think of the Vita? Let me know In the meantime, thank you for watching Game Sack (Game Sack Credits Theme) You know, I just realized I didn’t cover any of the 2D fighting games that are on the Vita So let’s take a look at Dengeki Bunko, Fighting Climax Even says Sega on the back – Wait! Don’t play that game! – What, why not? Who are you? – I’m you from the future, 10 minutes in the future to be exact I built a time machine to come back to warn you not to play that game! – Why, is this a bad game? – I mean, it’s okay, I guess, but look what happens to you if you play it! – Oh, you’re from the future, huh? Well, then who’s secretary of state in the future?

– (sighs) I’m only from 10 minutes in the future, so the same one, obviously – Do you have flying cars? – Yeah, of course, I’m from the future, duh – Screw it, ’cause I’m gonna play! – Noooooooooooooooo! – Whoooooa! Worth it