My Husband’s Lover: Full Episode 1

There’s a saying that the wedding day is the start of more beautiful events in the life of a woman That’s why it’s essential for those close people in her life to be present at her wedding to witness a new chapter of her life But everyone was not here There’s one important person who didn’t show up Sandra is not here My mother Don’t be noisy! So your last job was 12 years ago At Almares Hotel, when I was still single, I was a waitress for two years It seems like you have a husband Why do you feel the need to find a job? Is it because your husband is unemployed? Uhm My husband already left us Sir, please don’t mind my children I just brought them here because I picked them up from school But once I get to work here, I can leave them to my neighbor But it seems you didn’t finish high school But Sir, I’m only applying as a waitress here I understand But, considering that there are many recent college graduates who are also looking for any type of jobs, who do you think should I hire? Even if you are only applying as a waitress, a college graduate with a degree or without? Lord, Thank you for the blessings on our table And the time we spend together to share your blessings In Jesus’ name, Amen In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Amen Uhm, mommy Where’s the dish? Shh, Mommy has no money and a job We should at least be thankful that we still have rice But Ate (Big Sis), rice doesn’t taste good without the main dish How about you just pretend that you’re eating something? Like roasted pig, beef stew, and your favorite dish, chicken stew! Chicken stew tastes really good! You’re right. It does taste good! Mommy? Mommy

Mommy, why are you getting dressed? Where are you going? I’m just gonna look for money, so you and your sister can have a proper meal tomorrow, okay? Just stay here. Understand? Don’t ever leave Evelyn, take care of your sister Okay, Mommy But where exactly are you going? Just don’t ask me any more questions I’ll be back soon I promise – Mommy – Mommy That night, Mom went out alone by herself But she came back with someone the next day Since then, my sister and I met different men we called “Uncle.” – Mommy – Mommy Mommy, who is he? Uhm, kids, he is your Uncle Victor Victor, these are my daughters This is Lally, and this is Evelyn Hello, girls! Nice to meet you Come on. Let’s go inside I bought presents for the both of you Lally, look at these Here, look at my presents for you I bought lovely dresses Evelyn, come here, get inside We met men whom my mom depended on for our monthly needs Men that didn’t stay long in our lives Here, take this money Thanks, hon You’re really kind as ever Thank you – Ate, I can’t find my keys – I think I left mine – You have no shame! – Daisy, stop! – Let go of me – You have no shame Daisy, that’s enough It’s embarrassing Let’s go That’s enough – Let go of me – Cut it out, Daisy. Please Mommy! I’m begging you Let go of my mom You’re such a bitch, and you even have daughters? Is that what you want them to be? To become a mistress just like you? Come here, get in You really are some kind of a woman I’m pretty sure, because of you, everyone in this neighborhood will gossip about us Ate What else are you all doing here, huh? Go home! There’s nothing else to see here! Go home! – Ate – Anak (my child) Because of your slutty ways, I can’t show my face to our neighbors anymore Slutty ways? Is that what you call for everything I’ve been doing? I’m providing for your education, so you won’t end up being like me My reputation doesn’t matter Even if I end up being dirty

It doesn’t matter to me as long as it’s not you two I don’t hide what I’m doing because I don’t want to keep secrets from you So you’ll know how much I’ve sacrificed for the both of you So that you’ll value every cent I’ve earned And now what This is how you treat me? I wish you just left us like how Dad did At least, we would just lose you Not losing your mind and going wild! Ate! Ate, where are you going? Ate! That day, my sister didn’t come back home even when my mom and I stayed up late waiting for her Is there anyone home? Mom, are you sure Ate’s here? That’s what her friends told me Is there anyone home? Hello? Good morning Is my daughter Evelyn here? Why are you here? Evelyn… Anak I was worried that something happened to you All this time you’re just here Is he the father of your friend? Sir, thanks for letting my daughter stay here Manny’s my boyfriend We’re living together Living together? You know what I’m talking about, right? You’re used to living with other guys anyway, right? Ate, that’s too much Why don’t you respect Mom regardless of what she is? She’s still our mother Lally, that’s enough Don’t argue with your sister Manny, let’s talk Considering that it looks like we’re about the same age My daughter is only 20 years old Be thankful that she’s already of legal age or else I could sue you My daughter’s still studying That’s why I’m begging you Break up with Evelyn, and give her back to me Quit it, Mom! I told you I don’t want to go with you Evelyn, don’t be like that I’m sorry Please try to understand me I don’t have education I didn’t finish school I didn’t have a choice, so I only did what I could Which is why I’d wish Evelyn that you won’t end up like me Evelyn, I’m begging you Please don’t ruin your life Think of all the sacrifices I’ve done Think of my dreams for you and your sister So please come home Ate Don’t just allow Mom to kneel in front of you Mom, come one. Please stand up Please, Evelyn. Let’s go Let’s go home Go home now! People are looking at us! This is embarrassing! Get out of here Lally, you two leave! Lally, bring her home! I told you to go home now! Evelyn! Anak, let’s go home! Anak! Because of what Ate did, from now on, Mommy poured all her attention and dreams towards me that was meant for me and my sister Mommy, why am I enrolling here? Why not at my old school? Oh Anak! I don’t want you in co-ed It’s better here where all of you are girls so no one will court you It so happens that you’re so beautiful, Anak But Mommy, this is a private school The tuition here is expensive Anak, I have saved up enough money I’ve calculated it already It’s enough for you to finish school I’ll take care where we can get food everyday It will be easy Come, let’s go! But Mommy I don’t want to be a burden to you Anak, why are you worrying about me? Think about this This school has reputation, acclaimed and distinguished so if you finished school here, it’s much easier to get hired in a good company that you can be proud of That’s what I want to happen to you That you’ll have something that you can be proud of,

That you’ve attained something good So don’t go against me I’ll make the decisions for you. Let’s go Mommy? Mommy? Mommy? Mrs. Cedes, Why are you— Where’s my mommy? She left to go to work Do I have to say what kind of work it is? I’m sure you know what it is, right? Hey Lally, where are you going? That night, I saw mommy changed For me, for my sister Mommy, please wait I know why your sister is living with her boyfriend, Lally She wants to trump me Because she’s embarrassed of me Mommy That’s enough Let’s leave Ate to do what she wants Anak, don’t become like your sister alright? Anak, it’s important that you finish school It doesn’t matter if I’m going to starve Anak, it doesn’t matter What’s important is you graduate That you’ll get a great job So even if you get married, And your husband leaves you, you’ll only get hurt But you won’t fall hard, You won’t wallow in pity Because your education, your skills, what’s inside your head, will help you recover Do you understand me? That night, I loved my mother more Because of it, I became more focused in my studies So I could repay my mother’s kindness And my hardwork paid off Because at the end of the semester, I was on top, not just in my class But of the whole college of Interior Design My mother was so proud of me Hey, hey there they are! Really? Paeng left Minny? He went with his mistress That’s why they’re so pitiful Those damn mistresses They can’t do good things Anak, could you give me again your report cards, hurry. Let me see Why? Let me see Let me see it again Okay here, 1 1 1.5 1 1.25 Ma Look at these, Anak, your grades are so high Ma, it’s embarrassing what are you doing? Why would you be ashamed? It’s true. Your grades are very high If other people say I haven’t done anything good It’s you, Anak, my proof that that even if I’m like this I did something right Keep up the good work, Anak When the day comes, you’ll be the one who’ll lift our heads up high Yes, Mommy Come on, let’s go inside. It’s embarrassing Classmate, helloooooo!

Thank you for coming! I’d be embarrassed if I didn’t show up Yes of course You know what? We’re celebrating because we passed! So go drink, don’t get drunk, Enjoy, okay? Enjoy! See you! Come on, Let’s dance No, just stay here, let’s talk Party?! And then we’ll just talk? Hello? What the-!? Sorry, I’m really sorry Sorry?! You’re disgusting! Stupid, you’re so stupid Lally! You embarrassed yourself Hay, I’m such an idiot Dang it… Lally Miss were you angry at that guy a while ago? Huh? I think you’re angry at him, You got his shirt real good That guy really got wet Huh? That guy, right? I didn’t know who this man was, because it was the first time I saw him But there was something different with his laughter How? Also his twinkling eyes I’ll be honest, even if I just met him I already liked him That night, I was really happy, because it was the start of a beautiful friendship with Vincent Sir! There he is, there’s my baby Hi Ma! Hello! Someone called you a while ago Her name was Girly You left her at the bar Come on, Anak You have to eat Ising! Your sir is here – You hungry, Anak? – Yes, Ma Ok. Come on. Sit down Dad, she was no fun She was more interested in dancing than talking Anak, You just wanted to chat? Why didn’t you “bend” her over? You would’ve been happier Oh my goodness, Armando! Don’t teach your son such stupidity Stupidity? Ain’t it right? You know, When I was young, Anak I must’ve had a 100 women before I married your mom You’re one barbaric person, Armando I really don’t know why I married you Isn’t it right? Weren’t you the one running after me? Running? Right? Vincent Yes, Dad? Listen, You see, your Uncle Manuel and I, are the only sons in the family We also have only one son each Unfortunately, his son is a “faggot” Faggot? Faggot. Gay He found out, that his son is a faggot Oh my? So that’s why the last time I saw Zandro, he asked me what eye cream I am using See? 30 years old and he still doesn’t have a girlfriend, Anak

Apparently what he likes are men, too That poor boy Kuya Manuel should have brought Zandro to a psychiatrist I’m sure the doctor could’ve fixed him Elaine, there’s no hope of curing him because he’s really gay He has a live-in partner Your uncle disowned him He still didn’t straighten up You’re the only hope of our clan It’s okay for me that you have many kids That’s how we, men, are We’re like farmers, we kept on planting our seeds Armando, What you’re saying is scandalous! You’re outrageous Scandalous? If I was in your Uncle’s shoes, I would have killed my son a long time ago out of shame! A general with a gay son? Ha! It’s a good thing, my one and only son, is so manly So Anak, go out with a lot of girls It’s okay! Go and multiply I think that’s enough I don’t want to listen to this anymore Ising, hurry up – My son is getting hungry – Why are you annoyed? What I said was true, right? There are lots of faggots nowadays We should be thankful Our son is straight and didn’t get infected by Zandro! You’re lucky you’re enrolled already I have to go back tomorrow because it’s already closed Uh, Hi! This is for you Oh my gosh! I think she likes you, looks like a lesbian Oh no, this isn’t mine Ah, look over there Hey, give it to her. Hurry! Take it already He’s so handsome Thank you! Welcome! Thank you for this But you didn’t have to give me anything Now I don’t how I’ll hide this from my mom Why? Is it forbidden to give you anything? Not really I just don’t want her to think of anything You mean, You don’t want her to think that someone is courting you? Ha? Yes I’m courting you And If you’re okay with it, I want you to know that my name is Vincent Soriano Uh, what else? I’m a 5th year student in Mechanical Engineering in Ateneo and only child of my mom and dad Only child, it’s sad right? That’s why because of my sadness I made up 2 imaginary brothers, B1 and B2, my brothers who look like bananas Sorry My laughter is embarrassing Don’t be, that’s what I like about you You’re fun to be with Also, you’re not pretentious, you’re an honest person That why I would really like to get to know you more, Lally if it’s okay with you That day, I didn’t know why but I was so happy while I was talking with him, while I was with him Suddenly I forgot my mother’s warning and advice I hate sunsets Huh? When I was a kid, this was usually the time my dad comes home from work So my sister and I would wait for him One day, he didn’t come home We just found out that he went with his mistress That was it That’s why I hate sunsets because they always remind me of him Give me your hand Huh?

Trust me, give it to me Why? Here, I’m giving you this ring to replace your memories about sunsets So every time the sun sets, instead of being sad, you’ll smile instead Because this is the time I came into your life When we became “us” “Us”? I love you Lally And unlike your Daddy, I will never leave you, not ever So? We’re a couple now, right? Hey It’s now us Come on we’re now together, right? It’s final We’re now together Mommy? Oh, Lally where have you been? Why did you just arrive now? Ah, I went with my classmates we had a group work I trust you Lally, you know that right? So I hope, you won’t do anything that I won’t like Yes, Mommy Alright, change your clothes I’m going to prepare the food so you can eat, okay? Okay, Anak! I was wracked with guilt of my mommy But I couldn’t bring myself to stay away from Vincent It was already too late I already love Vincent – Good night! – Good night! I love you! Why, who texted you? Ah, it’s nothing Just my teammate inviting me for a drink But I’ll just catch up Alright, but don’t drink too much, okay? Never, I promise I love you! I really love Vincent, Even if I don’t fully know him yet Looks like you’ve had a lot Are you trying to get drunk? Hey When did you get into a relationship with that girl? Why? Is it an issue? Is this a joke? What happened to us last time? You stupid. Lower you voice! Stop it! Lots of people are listening Vince, I love you! David! You’re crazy,

What happened between us last time, It was nothing, okay?! We were just drunk! Vince please David, don’t turn me gay just like you cause I’m not gay! Leave me alone! Vincent, that’s enough Please, let’s go home Lally, let’s go home later. It’s still too early But my mom will be looking for me Just for a while Please Please I knew it was wrong and I wanted to break free But I couldn’t Because I already love Vincent I really love him too much You’re pregnant? Are you sure Lally? I missed it for 2 months now, there’s no other explanation I don’t want to go home anymore I’m ashamed and afraid of mommy She’s unaware of everything and she trusted me so much I no longer know what to do Calm down Stop crying, it’s going to be okay She’s pregnant? Are you really sure she’s pregnant? Ma, we checked with a doctor a while ago She confirmed it Lally is pregnant That’s good news, Anak! Elaine, we’re going to have grandchildren! Your son is only 20 years old, Armando And you girl, how old are you? We don’t know each other We just met and you’re already pregnant? It already happened My God, Ok! for every expense during Lally’s pregnancy, we’ll take care of it Don’t you worry Dad I wanna do the right thing I wanna marry Lally Vincent! I don’t want you to get married just because you got her pregnant Getting into marriage at your age is only going to complicate your problem And besides, it looks like it was a whirlwind romance Your mother is right, Anak You two think this over Married life is not easy I’ve thought about it dad I want to be responsible for my child with Lally I’m going to marry Lally with or without your consent, Mommy, Dad Lally, Anak! What took you so long? And who are they? Good evening! I’m General Armando Soriano, – and this is my wife, Elaine – Good evening! We’re the parents of Vincent The boyfriend of Lally, your daughter Boyfriend?! So you didn’t know she had a boyfriend? Lally didn’t tell you anything? Wait a minute!

Why are you all here? What do you want? Mommy, I’m sorry Anak, wait why are you crying? And why are you begging for forgiveness? I think it would be best, if we went inside and talked it over I don’t invite strangers into my house And you better tell me why my daughter is crying I don’t like what my gut is telling me right now I guess your mother’s instinct is right Your daughter got pregnant by my son Lally, you’re pregnant? Why won’t you answer me, Lally?! Are you really pregnant? Answer me! Are you pregnant?! Stop! I’m willing to marry your daughter Ma’am! Lally! I did everything for you I did everything for your future And you’re going to follow your sister’s footsteps? You are all the same! You’re just like your father All of you have no shame You’re a liar! Sorry Mommy, I didn’t want to hurt you I wasn’t thinking straight, Mommy I’m sorry! Sorry?! Sorry?! Is that the only thing you’re going to say to me? Sorry? Fine! Go with that guy! with his family Because from this moment on, I will never let you in my house! And I curse you Lally, I’m cursing you, That you’ll taste the pain, and suffering I’ve gone through by marrying your dad prematurely Go ahead! Take her away! She’s yours! Go away! You go with them! Go! Go with them! I don’t want you anymore! You have no shame! And you better take care of my daughter! Or else I’ll cause a scandal! Mommy! Mommy! This was the most painful event in my life Because I hurt the person I also loved And that day, Vincent took me to their house again I gave up every decision of my life to Vincent Even so, I still looked for her Hoping that she would come on my wedding To see me enter the life of a married couple But she wasn’t there She continued to renounce me My mother didn’t come at all Lally! Let’s take pictures! Ate over here, be careful! Bestie, smile! Lally, of the women getting married You’re the only one that is sad Come on, smile Okay one more, girls only! Smile okay? Smile! C’mon, let’s take a pic together!

You take care of things here, I need to take care of something, be right back Put the bride at the middle Bestie, come here! You go first! David, what the? Why’d you come here? Get out before someone sees you! What? Lally, where’d he go? I have no idea Follow him. Go find him Is this the punishment my mother meant? To be sad on the day I should be happy? Or is there something else?