Ehd e Wafa Episode 7 | English Sub | Digitally Presented by Master Paints HUM TV Drama 3 Nov 2019

Shahzaib! How will we play on the roof? How does we play on the ceiling man? We cannot have that fun anywhere that we can have playing on the roof Are you a spinner or a fast bowler? I am an all-rounder my dear Let’s go and you will see when I will beat you. Walk slowly Is the roof very big? If the ball goes down the roof, it will be considered as out and the batsman will go to get the ball. Ok? Oh man! What? I forgot to bring the ball. Stay here. I will get the ball in a minute Don’t go anywhere I will not go. Come soon Ok Listen! Yes My name is Shahzain. Don’t be scared. I want to talk to you I also want the same my hero You scared me a lot Sorry, I did not mean it. Can we talk? Shahzaib will be here He will not come. His job was to bring you on the roof so that I can meet you Then say whatever you want to say Yes, yes actually I wanted to say that I am a very dumb person I am so dump that I left my inter examination I passed my matric examination with great difficulty The thing is that I don’t have a future and I don’t think I am eligible for you You are literate and beautiful as well You deserve a more literate person than me Your life will become hell if you will marry an illiterate like me Don’t worry about me I will find someone dumb like me. I just wanted to say this. I should leave now There is not a bigger dumb than me in this world It is true that intelligent couples are made in heaven and dumb couples are made on the roof Thank you God, you have cooled me down by sending my partner Very good sir The sun is shining at its brightest at the PMA and you still aren’t done brushing your teeth Just have a minute on you Please come down as soon as you can and see you outside Hurry Up Sir Platoon stand at ease

Platoon attention All stand still All of you listen to this extremely carefully and follow the rules at PMA As my name is clearly mentioned on my name plate and my regiment is visible on my shoulder title, during your tenure at PMA you will address me as staff and I will address you as Sir PMA has given me this duty that I should keep you disciplined at all times and keep you straight as an arrow Listen to me very carefully Who is that one gentleman who brought along a camera with him at the reception yesterday? Sir, that’s me Very good. What did I just tell you? You will call me staff Yes staff Why did you bring it? It was written in the instructions that there is a camera club also If the instructions said that there is Saddle club, would you have brought a horse along? And all of you officers, please listen to me carefully, you are to become part of such a dignified army that get holds of an enemy from its plane , serves them tea and later asks them, “How was the Tea?” Fantastic sir Stand still. All of you with your chest out This is the PMA road which has touched the feet of thousands of martyrs and heroes Major Aziz Bhatti, Major Shabbir Shareef and martyrs like Captain Colonel Sher Khan have completed their training after walking on this road March proudly on this road so that this road feels like there is a Pakistani army soldier marching on this road and not a living corpse Platoon! Start running from the left Stand still Officer Gulzar, am I speaking to you in Persian? Are you not getting it? Sir you look like a living corpse to me and lazy too Greetings sir! You are a gentlemen cadet in the Pakistan Military Academy and you are here to be a soldier. Now run like a soldier How staff? Everyone in the Platoon…Observe me very closely Start running from the left, 1,2, 1,2, 1,2 Why are you laughing? Sorry staff Your life will become difficult if you laugh again What are you doing? Why are you scratching yourself? What is your problem? It is itching staff You are a gentleman cadet at the Pakistan Military Academy At the Pakistan Military Academy , you will now have to get yourself used to all the things here at the PMA Yes staff Platoon from the left! Yes Loudly all the sahiban. Platoon from the left! Yes Quick run, 1,2 1,2 Malik Yara Muhammad! What is the news? The same old father. The American President is going to Russia. Let’s see what he does there Oh man, I am not asking about that. I am asking about your wife who is sitting inside Did she like Chaudry Meher Deen’s daughter or not? She did not like her Shahzain will not be able to live with her so it is better to get him married where he wants Well done! Well done! Tell me something. What if they also refuse you, what will you do then? We will consider someone else then Don’t you dare look consider someone else I will ask for the proposal from them only on one condition that if they refuse than Shahzain will have to get married to Rani only You also understand this and convey this properly to that American President also Tell me, what did he say and what did you say then? Why should I tell you? You will defame me in the whole territory. Mind your own business I swear upon my Mother, I will not tell anything to anyone

Your Mother has been dead since years. Swear upon someone alive you liar Ok then I swear upon you, I swear upon your head, I swear upon your Shahzain Listen to me girl! Only I have the right to swear upon Shahzain and I don’t agree over sharing in love and why are you taking Shahzain’s name since morning? You are taking his name time and again You have your eyes on my first love. Don’t you dare utter his name now; Call him Shahzain brother In fact you will not understand like this, say that Shahzain is your brother Agree with all your heart and say that Shahzain is your brother Ok I agree with all my heart and say that Shahzain is my brother It is fine now. A passenger who does not take care of his belongings, his belongings get stolen Oh my God! Why would I steal something of yours? Do you think I am that cheap? Have you forgotten Sanam Jaan’s 8th episode? You remember who had put a bad eye on Zara’s first love; her only good and best friend. So I cannot take any risk And I will not tell you about any discussions that took place between me and Shahzain but I can tell you about the discussion that I had with the Grand Father so that you can relax Should I tell you? Listen Grand Father is downstairs Don’t you come down until he leaves otherwise a scandal will rise up for no reason I am already defamed, you will also be defamed for no reason, Ok? Ok? I accept the defamation but not failure my hero What were you doing on the roof, leaving the guests at the camp my dear Shahzain? Grandfather, I was feeling suffocated downstairs so I went up there to get some fresh air Did you have it then? Yes Good. Go then. Meher Deen has asked about you 10 times Yes Grand Father, I will just go. Why don’t you also come along? No my dear, you go, I will just come Ok Who is it? Greetings Grand Father Who are you my dear? I am Rani Rani, ok Rani. So what were you doing up there my dear? I was feeling suffocated inside so I thought to get some fresh air on the roof Yes, there must be Gilgit’s and Hunza’s fresh and cool breeze up there Everybody is going up there to get fresh air. How did you like Shahzain then? Very respectable and honorable exactly like you Bless you Even Shahzain’s Grand Mother did not have so much modesty. Wow! God bless! God bless Thank God, I impressed the Grand Son with my beauty and the Grand Father with my morals Have you seen those boys who become friends with the girl’s brother before winning the girl,

exactly like that I think girls should become friends with the boy’s elders before winning the boys They should win their hearts This means that you still haven’t won Shahzain’s heart and this is the reason you are not telling me about what you discussed with him when you met him and you are only telling me about what you talked about with the Grand Father Not at all. He said yes as soon as he saw me Forget it. You would not have been looking forward to get hold of the Grand Son through the Grand Father if it was so It is true but it is humiliating Hault Hault 1,2,3,4, 1,2,3,4 Hault God will do the best. May the hardships end Keep quiet man I will also be dead along with you if a senior listens to this Nothing will happen. God will do the best Yes, God does the best but not the senior. I don’t want a sound out of your mouth. Study quietly God will do the best Who the hell was singing? Me sir Why? Are you son of Taan Sen No sir. I am son of Niaz Hussain I was not singing sir I was just praying that Allah almighty will do his best and these hardships will be dead one day Inshallah sir Change in to PT kit and report downstairs Yes sir And you too Mr. 2 minutes don’t break my heart my beloved. I don’t need any mansions And you! Don’t bend your knees God will do the best. You don’t worry Greetings Forget about your Mother. She just keeps talking for no reason. Tell me how is college? Forget about your Mother. She just keeps talking for no reason. Tell me how is college? His College is fine but your liver is not fine. Don’t twist the conversation Look at your Father’s condition and look at his stubbornness He has been up all night due to fever and cough and even now he wants to go to a wedding to play the band My cough has ended The throat is just having fun You take rest. Saleem will play it This is what I am trying to tell him but Lal Khan is insisting It is not about stubbornness but it is bout principles They did the booking due to Lal Khan’s name They will deduct the money if Lal Khan will not go and my efficient co-workers will take the rest I will not get even the sponger’s peel You will not go Father but you will get your full share By God, even a dog would not have run

that much in his entire life as much as Shahid Bari has ran after news in every street Only after that I got this chair and table Tell me something, it has not been even 20 months that you have joined and you are asking for an air conditioned room I am not asking for an air conditioned room Mr. Bari I am only asking you to put a recommendation for me Recommendation? To whom? There is a vacancy for a reporter in our newspaper’s TV channel and you that know that I have a strong desire to go in the electronic media You will be of great help if you will do me this favor Forget about this channel and all The essence that is in the newspaper is not there in the camera What will you do there? Stay here, learn something I will personally drop you there at the right time And listen please make a cup of coffee for me 3 teaspoons of sugar only I have got diabetes unfortunately. I will kill diabetes with sugar, you will see What is there to learn here? I have only learned to make coffee in the past 6 months I came to be a journalist and I have become a coffee bar Listen to me. A journalist who can make good coffee can fool others as well Absolutely the way you are fooling me You are a born fool by the grace of God. Listen! Who are you blaming? So should I consider it an absolute no from your side? Yes. Absolutely. You will not get a chance as long as Shahid Bari is alive Brother let us start our own channel You tube channel. Consider that we will keep making videos and keep uploading them And from where will we get the content for those videos? Nobody has the content these days. Everyone just makes it up Making the truth a lie and a lie to a truth is the biggest art and content these days You are a champion at talking and me… At telling lies Your brother has never been proud of it And where will we get the camera from? Straight salute 1, 2 , 2, 3 Greetings sir Stand still. Pull up your bodies gentlemen Sir you have spent 8 weeks here and I cannot see even point out 8 officers in the entire platoon who can pass their saluting test next week Those officers who will be declared fail by the Adjutant will not go home on leave You have one more week, work hard officer and pull all your strength. Understood? Yes staff Platoon! Quick March! Greet! 2, 3, 1 greetings sir The thing is that we have a tradition that we don’t go empty handed when we go to someone’s house for the first time and that too when we have to propose their girl as well; then we cannot go empty handed in any case Where is the girl? We cannot see her around She is in the hostel, she is studying medical and she has clearly told us not to think about her marriage until she becomes a doctor That is ok, we can wait Actually the thing is that we have allowed Dua to make decision about her life herself See! Giving the right for such a sensitive issue in the hands of your child is not the right thing to do My Departed Father use to say, the Malik who does not have the right on the population of his village and on the marriage;

he does not have the right to live. Look at the awkward time now, our kids are free like cattle herd which is not a good thing Malik sahib! actually we were going to a funeral You came here so we had to stay. We have to go, it is a must It was really nice meeting you. We will see you soon At least you should have met the boy once Sister we will definitely meet him next time Malik sahib thanks a lot. So kind of you, you came Thank you Greetings Naureen! we are going, please close the door. Greetings! They have not gone to a funeral. They have ruined our honor Get out of here or his maid is going to burry us here. Get up Are you serious? I swear. He thought you live here, he came along with his parents Is he mad? He came along with his parents to our house directly By the way how were his family members? I do not know, I was not home. Baba and Raheel were there; you should be thankful that he was sleeping otherwise he would have created a fuss again He actually likes showing off his muscle power, he would have given him one or two punches This time I would have broken his legs I would not have given him just one or two Superman is saying he would have broken his legs Aashi he is not well, take him to the doctor quickly. Make it quick, baby’s prestige pressure is rising Bye bye Raheel Bye! Wow hero. You are super-fast. You found me just after our first meeting Impressive Malik Allah Yar has never been insulted so much till today by the grace of God I explained it to you I explained it that neither these people from the city can bare us nor we can bare them but you people think I am mad But you landed there with a pink dress as if they were waiting for us to take their daughter away But they have not refused yet How else should they have refused? Should the girl’s Father have written it on a stamp paper for you? Dada they said she is studying right now. Isn’t it? I did not spend my entire life among dogs and animals I have been among humans also. I can read a person’s mind through his eyes I have understood everything. They have clearly said no I think if you would have met them, they would have been convinced They would have met you if they wouldn’t have to go to the funeral Right, the funeral! Even the foreigners do not dress up so much to attend a funeral His old woman was wearing lipstick and blush on. I am not blind, I can see everything I have understood, they had made the funeral an excuse to get us out of the house Dada I do not know anything Marrying her is my obstinacy. Whether I have to wait for 4 years or 40 years, I will wait Ok then, I will not even wait for another 4 days Shahzain I will finalize your proposal with Chaudary Meher Deen’s daughter by tomorrow and remember, you got us insulted in the city but you do not do this within the village or else I will forget that I am your father’s father and you are my son’s son. Understood? Greetings sir

1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Salam check 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Salam check 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Poor check failed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Salam check Poor marching failed 1, 2, 3, 4 salute Poor salute failed 1, 2, 3, 4. Salam check. 1, 2, 3, 4. 1, 2, 3, 4 Good salute pass Fail 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2 Make your God a witness and tell me, wasn’t it unfair to me or not? There must be something wrong. He did not fail just like that I saw the adjutant He was looking at me like an Islamic scholar looks at a person who does not offer prayers He failed me before I even saluted, he should have let me marched at least This man will not let me move ahead, mark my words. I cannot go home now It is not like that buddy. You will pass the next time I had written a letter to my family that I am coming Now everyone else will pass except me The entire PMA will be on leave and Basti Malook’s Gulzar will remain here This poverty did not leave me even here Hello

So you have come here as well I think you are lucky Do not change the topic, you are after me since a long time. What is your problem? If I was after you, I would not have been sitting behind you huh! You are scared of the people that they might catch you If you think this way than I can leave Where? Home What is the time on your ticket? 2’o clock What time is yours? The car going to Pindi at 1:30 is ready. Let us go You are unlucky. I just won by 30 minutes Brother please change this and give me the ticket for the bus that is leaving at 1:30 please There is no seat available in that No seat. Brother please understand there is an emergency, it is ok I will keep standing Sorry sir You can take double the amount It is not about the money. When there is no seat how can we adjust you? Ok then on the roof. I will sit on the roof You will have to make her sit on the roof as well I don’t know why am I so kind hearted? I felt for you after looking at your sad face so I got off the bus Because of your smiles we will miss our 2’o clock bus as well and anyways because I got off the bus because of you so you will have to buy the ticket as well If it was in my control, I would have bought the entire bus and I would have driven it myself and dropped you home Look neither it is in your control nor you can drive the bus You could not stop a moving bus, how will you drive it? If it was in my control… I would have said I want to go in this bus only Will you keep looking at my face or will you go and buy the tickets? Ok I will just get it Congratulations. 400 rupees Here you go I hope you enjoy the journey What is your seat number? 10 You look like a 10 number by your face I look like one but I am not Really? If you were not then you would not have sent your parents to my house immediately after meeting me at the park You turned out to be smart. You found out my house and sent the proposal as well I did not understand anything. What are you saying? Even I do not understand what you are doing I mean you went to the police station after the very first meeting with a girl and then you sent a proposal the very next day to her house. Great!