BUILD YOUR OWN PC | PC Building Simulator #1

Top of the mornin’ to you laddies my name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome to a game called “PC Building Simulator,” this could go either horribly well, or horribly wrong, actually there’s very slim chance of it going horribly well even though that sounds like a contradiction of itself, but this is the game, it’s very very very very very early on by the way, I should mention that, that’s only a thing that I found on when I was when I was wa- when I was browsing around, it was the top, like, trending game there at the time so I thought: “Hey! This might be cool,” because, I often get like asked constantly what type of computer I have, I constantly get asked what type of stuff is in my computer and how I put it together because I b-build all my own computers for doing YouTube stuff, so then everyone thinks that they have to build their own computer to do YouTube stuff, and then they need to know what’s in it- and I get questions about it constantly all the time about the type of stuff that goes into a computer and then people asking if it’s complex, it’s not that hard it’s not that hard to do once you know the bits are actually need to go into a computer its head like building Lego, so, I-I wanted to see if this game would be accurate “Press E to change project.” What would I change it to so there’s a lot of stuff that’s missing and a lot of stuff that don-doesn’t really work well yet I can rotate my computer if I want this is the shop over here, I have two grand of a balance so I can put in some stuff, em, oh god there’s lots of shit aw, there’s no cases really we only have basic shit, basic memory, basic storage, motherboards, and everything so it’s not going to be completely perfectly accurate as what’s going on because there’s a lot of options out there when you’re building a PS- uh, building a PC that’s what confuses a lot of people is that they think that there’s too many options and then they don’t know what they’re doing and they’re wondering if they’re making everything and everything’s going wrong, um, but it’s not that hard first things first well normally you’d put in your motherboard but we don’t even have like standoffs or anything in my mother- miscellaneous stand-offs let’s put them in the stand-offs- I don’t know what kind of motherboards this is gonna be so I’m gonna put in all the stand-offs stand-offs are the thing that your motherboard sits on, your motherboard will sit on them and the screws go in over your motherboard and down on to this good types any of you who know how to build computers would be like sitting there going “what, the fuck,” right what else actually has to go into it because I don’t know ‘Scout back panel’ ‘side panels’ okay so a lot of these things could be case specific so I don’t know about that, drive covers, thermal paste, aaaagh I don’t need thermal paste yet, all items? No, yeah see- there’s only really like one graphics card and one motherboard so install the motherboard there we go yes! Off to a fucking fly-in start, doesn’t that little cpu slot looks like a t-shirt (it does) like a little symbol for a t-shirt so what you want to put in here your CPU goes in here I’m going to I’m going to make this video addressed at people who don’t know anything at all about computers and I have a ‘decent’ understanding of how to build computers and I’ve built many computers in my time, which a lot of people for some reason seem to find surprising so this is where your CPU goes this is where your ram goes this is your memory and they’re- they’re color-coded so if you put one into blue you have to put the other one in the other blue you don’t put them next to each other unless you put in four and then you match like two for two, you get me? You know these are all heat sinks these are just drawing heat away from the motherboard the way from your CPU and everything these are PCI slots, this one here’s where your graphics card goes, you could probably put it in an SLI or uh- oh god what’s the AMD version called, the ati radeon bridge (It’s called Crossfire Jack) I forget what it’s called where you bridge two GPUs together and then these are the little flaps that you pull your GPU out so It’s all very nice and dandy and then these are just miscellaneous PCI’s oh geez this looks like a third one. Can we fucking try SLI up in this? This is a really good motherboard actually I forgot to check which one it is the reason I have, oh wait can I buy more motherboards? No this was the P8P67 right, fair enough. This here is just where your power goes in from your power supply it comes in around the back- um, this is where your SATA cables go these are all miscellaneous motherboard items like your lights and your- I don’t know your fucking hard drive… thing, your power switches like that kind of stuff there’s just CMOS battery and these then are just random PCI slots that you can put like you can put like sound cards into them you can put well you know we don’t have a PCI express slot, which would normally be one of these tiny ones, it’s like one of these but smaller where you put in like like, I don’t know- like my Internal Elgato capture card is in there, um, right so what we- what should we put in next I’m trying to think we can let you put in fucking anything, really but I’m trying to think in terms of logistics I guess we can put into CPU next let’s put in our dummy CPU gotta love that dummy CPU you take up the latch and this is the thing whenever you put in your CPU you got to be careful that it’s going in right way the CPU normally has this little yellow arrow down on it that tells you that it’s going in the right place you’ll match it up on the motherboard you put it down and then

Bob’s your uncle because they have all these little teeny tiny pins all along the bottom of them that coalesce with your your motherboard and if you put them in wrong you bend those pins you can really fuck the cpu and you don’t want to do that because cpu’s are fuckin expensive what are we got we got an intel yeah we do it’s dummy cpu so i don’t know what it is there’s an i7 in this… in my computer so i7 4770k and then in my other one downstairs I can’t remember what is it ’cause I have one for youtubing and then one just for general gaming in my in my main room where I play PC games outside of YouTube and then this is the part that scares everyone when you’re putting the flap back down because it sits down and then putting this pin down you really have to like push this thing down to make sure the CPU stays in place and then latch it in underneath and if you do that and you have it in the wrong place that’s what bends all your pins but if you’re afraid that it’s not in the right place bending that down you’re like that’s too much pressure that’s too much pressure I did something wrong so don’t be afraid don’t be afraid to put a little more pressure into it and then you’ll get it good and then you get it good I guess we can put a RAM in next RAM is really pretty – pretty easy to put in we only have DDR3 can I can I can I put you in didn’t I select you oh actually have to pull off all the pins ah this game is more complex than I gave it credit for I wonder do I have to wire up the entire fucking thing I highly doubt it installing RAM there and then install RAM there I guess I could just put all the RAM in if I want to now the RAM is easy because when you’re putting it in it only goes in one way the color code – coordinated thing is something to keep in mind of if you have four doesn’t really matter four identical ones that is but when you’re putting it in it only goes in one way and then it just slots in and the things clip up on their own it’s the easiest thing on your PC to put in the hardest thing I say to put in well your CPU ’cause it costs a lot and it’s basically the brains of your entire computer so it’s kind of scary putting that in but I’d say wiring stuff is the scariest part and the part that a lot of people tend to freak out about we’re going to put in our GPU next what else we have storage power supplies cases cooling cooling is actually a thing we need to put in a stock cooler onto the CPU… This fucking stock cooler it’s so ugly looking! I hate stock coolers they’re the fucking worst especially these Intel ones – Do I not have – Do I have to put down these no these are four pins oh shit well I can’t fucking take it off now I didn’t put any thermal paste on the cpu it doesn’t matter it’s not the end of the world because there’s normally thermal paste that goes on the bottom of their the cooler anyway you just take off a little plastic thing or a little strip or something you put it down thermal paste is something that goes between your cooler and your your CPU because it’s a cooler it’s normally has a copper plate on it if that goes straight onto your CPU then it’s not going to draw heat away from it efficiently so (what) a thermal paste does (you) put a little tiny pea – sized blob on it there’s a lot of debate on how to actually apply this stuff properly you put it down and then you close down your your cooler down with these pins and then it draws heat from the CPU to the cooler more efficiently than if you just had direct metal to metal connection so that’s important if you don’t have that in you probably get really high cpu temperatures and that’s not good because your CPU then will overheat and burn out everything uh… What next? Are you bored yet? I’m not I’m having a fascinating time because I haven’t put together a computer in ages and when I move soon I’m gonna have to do it and I can’t fucking wait because it’s going to be really fun I guess we can unlock all these see I’m not familiar with this case I don’t know what this is and every case is different so sometimes it takes takes a long time sometimes it takes a quesadilla GPU next GPU – normally your top slot is your most efficient slot it’s like a Jesus Christ that’s a fat GPU dafuq okay I guess I can put in a second one if i want to it’s like going on that the white one there because normally your top PCI slot is the one you put in your main GPU into it because some other boards have a PCI a PCI slot that’s x16 and that’s that’s like the bandwidth actually don’t quote me on this I don’t know the actual computer specifications for this or what it actually does I don’t know the actual machinations of a computer I just know where stuff goes and what it does but it’s a x16 slot which I think is the bandwidth of the draw on your GPU and then sometimes the – the PCI slot underneath it is like a x3 (doesn’t exist) or a x8 or something like that again don’t quote me on the numbers so if you’re putting in an SLI if your main GPU goes into the x16 one and then if you have a really good motherboard actually because I’ve never done an SLI which is just… uh… aw I forget what it actually stands for it’s just put two GPUs together that you put a band (SLI bridge) across the top of them that connects them and then you basically have double the processing power for your graphics. Fuck can we put in two? Um… It only goes across down over here

see this pin here and then you merge them together which I can’t remember I don’t know if any GP – or any motherboards actually do two 16 slots I think some really really expensive ones might and then you basically have the full draw power out of both of your GPUs and they should work together very very well and then ok so these are like these are an 8 and a 6 slot so these require a lot of power so hopefully boy what kind of power do we have a power supply we have a 500 watt power supply that’s not that’ll – that’ll run it but once it gets up to start actually running any games let’s not strong enough especially with the size of the GPUs and the amount of pins that they have we’re going to need like a fucking 1000 watt power supply wait what’s in mine? I forget what’s the mine I think there’s a I think there’s a 900 in this one I think there’s a thousand-watt in the one downstairs it’s fascinating I love putting computers together they’re so fucking cool alright what else do we actually have graphics cards motherboards memory storage I mean I guess we can put in our hard drives cooling yeah I need some miscellaneous Scout back panel okay side panel that should go on the side in the back and saying i love about my case it’s the Corsair Air 540 I love my case because it’s a cube and normally what happens ok I’m going to talk about this man I just love gushing over computers because what’s going to happen now is that the power supply goes in down here on this one and then all your cables are going to go out through this and then they’re coming- they’re going to come back out through these ones here these slots and holes but what my power supply it does is that there’s two chambers in it it has a chamber here and a chamber here which is a cable side where your power supply and some of your hard drives go that it also has the electronic side so all the stuff that needs cooling goes in here and all your cables are in the back except for the very little part of them that comes out the front that needs to connect which I love because it keeps everything super clean but also it makes sure that no cables get in the way of air flow because air flow is very important and the computer that i have has a liquid cooler on the CPU it’s not full liquid-cooled it’s just one of those ones that you can get on which are put here and has two pipes that go up to a radiator and then the fans attached to the radiator to push all the hot air out are you with me so far those of you who don’t know how to actually make a computer this probably isn’t helping all that much especially because there’s already one type of very many things in this but I think the reason I wanted to play this game was just because I wanted to but also because I think if this game gets a lot of like traction and if it progresses long and it’s putting a lot of stuff into it it could be a very good resource for putting in stuff and like troubleshooting the parts like if you want to build a PC yourself you start off this game you get all the parts that you picked yourself that you think are going to work put them into your pc here figure out how it actually works to put it together here as a mock-up so you kinda know what you do when it arrives but also you can get to see the compatibility with everything which I think would be a really cool thing if they did that in this game so Barracuda that’s your your hard drive there I don’t really know what else I could put in right now I mean a fucking DVD Drive I guess up there on the top like I have I have a disc right in this computer here I don’t even use discs anymore I don’t even have one in the one downstairs does everything that I download and use is all digital now okay and the hard drives all go in here we can put a lot of hard drives in this one we’re gonna put them in this no we ran out of space so we have four hard drives here Jesus Christ what size are these the better be like two terabytes each it’s depending on how much we’re actually going to work with thermal paste yeah forgot to put that on my bad a simple fan do I actually to put them in the front I don’t know if I can even pop like the front off because there’s a grill here a dust cover which I love about my PC as well all the stuff just snaps off and everything is magnetic I I mean I guess I could put a fan there like I need one there anyways an exhaust can I put them in here was I supposed to take this stuff off first okay ah shit i don’t know if i should put one there I guess like that’s an optimal place for – I have always wanted a PC case that’s vertical because this is all horizontal which to me has always been a terrible design because GPUs these days are getting very fucking heavy but getting very big and very heavy and there’s not a lot of room back here for them or anything like that and some if you have a bad motherboard the motherboard I had is actually is actually pretty good because it sits up in and it’s solid and it doesn’t wiggle it doesn’t move it doesn’t do anything but a lot of cheaper motherboards will actually start bending with the weight of the GPUs so I have wanted to try out a vertical one which basically takes this and turns it counterclockwise so all your GPU is are facing up because hot air rises so you want all your air to go out at the top anyway whereas here it’s like air is

coming in here it’s passing everything and then it’s going out here and at the top wait I guess we could install some fans up here cannot install a second one come on the fucking cheap ass case is this don’t cheap out in your case it’s a very important part of your system because airflow is very important so a vertical case kind of I don’t know I’ve always wanted to try it out cuz it has like three fans on the bottom and then all the air it just goes right past everything and all the hot air comes out the top and the exhaust are all gonna stop so but a lot of those cases are actually pretty small and it comes into question like a lot of the venting that goes on at the bottom of them because they have to sit in the ground so I don’t know my case is actually pretty cool because you can lay it on its back but it kind of blocks the power supply speaking of which my Segway power supply goes in here is that all coming up do I not like cable anything I mean that’s fucking great if I don’t have to because that’s that’s the most tedious part I don’t want to do that that’s easy to change project I don’t want to change my project um and this is a little weird because there’s no like back plate on the cpu this was supposed to be there’s a hole here that you’re supposed to be able see the back of your CPU because if you install an aftermarket cooler this doesn’t come your CPU then you have the screw holes for all the stuff back here so I guess i’m done I put in the graphics card I put in the CPU I put in the motherboard I put in the memory I put in the storage, power supply, the case whatever I mean yeah I can do this that’s the back panel and then the side panel goes here so I guess we could put some more fans on drive cover wait so stuff that I’m putting in is actually getting crossed off so i didn’t put in everything perfectly I mean whatever because this is usually the stuff is like oh yeah this thing that you put it on after I mean another DVD drive I can put in a drive cover? no like why no thanks I’m good and thermal paste so all the stuff that I missed not really could it stop your computer from working and then oh wait it’s all there we go blocks of these okay and then the beautiful Zen moment of it all that you’ve been waiting for all this time that you were absolutely fucking petrified of is that you reach over to the top of your case and hit that power button and you hope you pray to the computer gods that everything works and turns on and everything’s fine and everything works first time I did that everything actually worked and I was just like I wanted to jizz all over the computer that I built because it just felt so good can I put in any simple fans on the side of this there’s room for more fans it feels good here’s going to make another computer and then you have to install Windows and then it fucking takes another week and a half to actually get everything up running then you install all the drivers for everything install the drivers for your fucking for your GPU anything else you have installed the PCI slots I didn’t wire any of this I don’t know if you can or so actually going to put that in but again this game is super early oh can I actually oh maybe I just didn’t have enough of them oh maybe I could have been in another GPU but it didn’t have another one let’s see I wonder can I put on the simple fans now no ok whatever so that’s building a computer hopefully you learned at least something about this if anything it was just an excuse for me to go (???) about stuff that makes me sound smart for 20 minutes but I do I love building computers and I love the fact that some of the people come to me and ask me for advice and knowledge about computers because it makes me feel like I actually know something about something I mean and that’s the thing because I’m smart about a lot of things but it doesn’t often come through in my videos and then a lot of people think that I’m just dumb which is not really true I mean putting together a computer anyone who’s put together computers knows that this stuff isn’t like super complex but when you do it it’s like yeah yeah I built that and then people who don’t work computers together like you did it yourself how did you do that like not that hard just watch a few YouTube tutorials then you’re good haha but I just find computers fascinating i like learning why stuff does stuff why stuff does different things and I think there was actually a button that I could have pressed I think I could have pressed Q on certain items can I start a new one? I want to change the project to start a new one cuz I want to figure out I think I could have pressed Q on different things and would have told me what they did which again is a really helpful useful thing it tells you like how the CPU works and how the GPU works with how the RAM works and how they all pull and draw information to each other and how would all coalesces together and makes the whole system run and why they’re all vital for each other which I think is pretty cool um sorry if I missed somethings like putting in the thermal paste and forgot – or maybe you can actually wire stuff up or if you can actually dismantle this again and fix stuff I don’t

know I try to show a basic for what it is and so go dick around on it see if you can remember any of the stuff offhand even though I kind of highlighted some of the stuff for you but I think it’s a – as I said if they continue this game and they make it as complex as it needs to be to build a computer i think that would be really cool especially the compatibility side of things like you put all your stuff in and then you hit a button and you can like hoo – hoo – hook it up to this and then imagine like a VR version of this that would be really cool I would love a game like that just get in and dick around with different cases different compatibility see if they work I mean you don’t need to install Windows or anything on them I don’t know. Was this fun to watch? At all? I don’t know Anyway! Thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you LIKED it, PUNCH that Like button in the face!!! LIKE A BOSS!! and High-Fives Around!! **Whoopsh!!** **Double Whoopsh!!**Thank you guys and I will see you dudes…. IN The Next Video!!!!! **Outro Music*** I’m everywhere by Teknoaxe (: