Bathtub Spout/Diverter Replacement EASY!

now this video I’ll be showing you how to replace your shower tub spout there are many indicators to tell that your spout needs to be replaced the biggest two are usually you’ll see a lot of build up here and corrosion secondly would be when you turn on the shower when you pull this nozzle the water should stop dripping and should come out only through the showerhead so as you can see here it’s still leaking which indicates that you’re going to need a new shower spout and this right here as it leaks is taken away pressure from your showerhead so you want to go ahead and replace that it’s a simple quick fix and I’ll show you how to do that in this video now on these older models you’re going to need an allen key and basically the allen key goes underneath at the bottom there’s a little screw a little space there for you and put the allen key and you’ll have to loosen it newer models come with a flathead on the side there’s even another one that that the Capitoline comes out of the wall and it actually has a threading inside and you twist it on and you twist it off so just got to be real careful and make sure that you purchased the right stuff if you have to replace it so on this one we are ready to loosen the allen key and it should slide right out you can see here that’s where the allen key goes in once you finish doing that you can go ahead and put your new style in and once you put the new style in you’ll want to go ahead and just tighten it up and then you can test the water and make sure there’s no water from the bottom now make sure that when you put your new spout that you had tighten it only don’t over tighten it you don’t want to do any damage to that copper pipe coming out of the wall a lot of times if you do over tighten it with a drill you can puncture the line and water will start to shoot out through the back and you’ll have to cut the line and rephrase it so actually a five-minute job will turn into a 45-minute job and you really don’t want that so what I recommend now like this point is go ahead and test your spell turn on shower