Anna German. Episode 1. TV series. English Subtitles. StarMediaEN. Drama

STAR MEDIA Italy, 1967 Anna, bravo! Bravo! What a beautiful voice! Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you a new Italian star! Anna German has just received the People’s choice Oscar ’67 This is success! We did it! You really won it! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo, Anna! Bravo, Anna! Encore! Bravo! What a voice! STAR MEDIA presents Joanna Moro, Maris Poroshyna, Marat Basharov Ekaterina Vasilieva, Konstantin Milovanow Anna Kirina, Tomasso Ramenghi In a movie ANNA GERMAN 1 episode Under license of Zbigniew Antoni Tuchelski & Zbigniew Ivarr Tuchelski Production directors – Waldemar Vladislaw Krzystek, Alexander Tymenko Screenplay by Alina Semeriakova Music by Daniil Yudelevich Directors of photography Andrey Vorobyov, Gzegorz Kedzierski Pavel Fomintsev, Alexander Krishtalovich Production designers Alexander Kononov, Natalia Kononova Audio producer Valentin Timoshchenko Executive producer Dmitriy Olenich Producers Galina Balan-Timkina, Vlad Riashyn The movie features songs by Anna German Let’s go, my dear! Switzerland, France and even United States! All of them want to sign a contract with you World tour is awaiting you We should call to Poland No! Now you are a European star, Anna German It’s time to say good bye to Warsaw Tomorrow all the magazines will be writing about you Be careful with the dress, my queen! The new star of the European stage, Anna German!

Sounds great, huh? Celentano is green with envy I swear, him, Dalida and even Sony & Sherr are in the past Anna German is the future! Tomorrow I will be on the front pages of all the newspapers “The shining star of the European stage, Anna German, has died White Polish Angel, Italian sweetheart…” – That’s what they are going to write, Because on that day of ’67, on the Italian Autostrada del Sole I died… Urgench, Uzbekistan SSR, 1938 Do not worry, camels like people. Here you go! Good day! Hello, comrade! Hi! Have you seen Fatima? Thank you! …Cavalier wants to steal a madam Where is this street, where is this house? Fatima! Headscarf? Evgeniy Friedrichovich, why don’t you file a complaint about this? Fatima! What a righteous kyzym! Just like her father Will you look after her? I’ll be right back Surely! Well, come here! You can’t have a day off in such heat! What about the report? I beg your pardon. I have written the report The deficit of 200,000 is quite patent What? I warned you! You should have listened What are you blaming me for? You shall answer for the peculation! Excuse me; I shall not cover for this Bastard! Keep shining, my little star, The star of dedicated love! You are the only one for me, I’ll never have another one You are the only one for me, I’ll never have another one Daddy! You my sweetheart! Are you ready to go? Thank you, Fatima! You are welcome. Good luck, irmi! Good bye! Daddy! One moment! Look who that is Mama! Quiet! Do you see? Who is that? It’s your brother. His name is Friedrich, like you grandpa’s He is so tiny… Are you not going to love me less now? No way! I will love you twice as much You are older – that is, more important Will you be defending him? All right I will not go anywhere. No more running around, I’m tired

Oygen, it’s not about you. Please, do it for us For our sake! Leave him, Irma. You can’t escape destiny We have to pray and maintain our faith If we are righteous, the Lord will not forget us Where was the Lord, when all the Russian Germans were gathered, like cattle, and brought here?! Where was he, when Oygen’s and our father were taken away from us? Look at me. Do you hear me? Look at me I will not go anywhere, There’s nowhere to go Soyuz is a big cage But now, in this cage, I have a wife and kids I’ll be struggling Oh, my dear Augustine, Augustine, Augustine, Oh, my dear Augustine, everything is lost! We must eliminate all the remaining German-Japanese and Polish spies and saboteurs, the rest of the Trotskiy-Bukharin gang… Are you…? …and nationalistic carrion… Hello Hello, hello We will eliminate them, no matter how hard they try to hide! Thank you… You are welcome Who let you in?! Excuse me Is this yours? No, it is not. The enemies must have planted it What bastards! How many of them work in your department? Stand up! I want to know about everyone: Koreans, Japanese, Poles; but most importantly, Germans The country is on the threshold of war They are everywhere. All they dream of is to yield us to the enemy Here you are! We’ve got everyone here Good! Please, pay close attention to our accountant, Evgeniy German He’s got German name – Oygen He’s Lutheran. His father was a pastor He was subjected to repression The younger brother is on the run He’s a real enemy Go on His wife teaches German language Vasiliy Semenovich. Ah! Irma, I think. Irma Martens

I will inform the leaders about your vigilance Anna! Faster, Aniuta! Rain, stop falling! Aniuta! Anna, come alone! Why are you dawdling? You blunderer! Mama, look! Anna, it’s not yours, leave it. It belongs to somebody else Let’s go now! Wait! The rain will start now. Let’s run! Go there! Stay here Ladies, I will give you a lift! No, thank you! The rain’s almost over I remember a sweet moment…Irma Martens, my love! Valik? Why are you here? How about Odessa? I’m fed up to the teeth with Odessa! I’m joking. I’ve got work here. Get in! Get in! Let’s go! “The wound in his heart led him to dusty Uzbekistan.” Go! Emma, will the flour arrive in the afternoon? Sergeev Ivan Petrovich! Stop! Kim Chi! I am… Abdulla Rakhmanov Here… Yustrina Wyzhovskaya I am… Varvara Shuvalova It’s me Get in the car! Yes! Hello, Evgeniy Friedrokhovich! Hi, Fatima! Where’s France? He caught cold I believe Too bad Go, faster! Emma from the bakery, Kim Chi from the transport department… What did you want? I worked on holidays, please take into account Yes, I remember Run away! And do not come here again! Fatima, go to work I beg you, run away! Get in! Faster, Faster! Here we are!

Thank you! Grandma, do you know who we met? Don’t scream, Friedrich is asleep! Mama has a friend who wears a uniform What uniform? Also, he has a gun like this! Wait! Maybe, we could go to the concert today, like we used to? It’s not possible anymore, I have kids now And a husband, right? The husband you love Okay, I’ll wait. Let’s go! Is it him? How’s it going? Everything is fine. Why? Gehenna awaits those who kill, even in one’s mind! Mom, don’t frighten her! Why is everyone frightening me? What happened? Valik is here. He became a big boss Oygen, please…please, run away! No. They don’t touch families yet If I run away, it’ll become worse. They’ll take you No, you will go! He needs me, not you. Run! This is why I will not go Daddy, you won’t go anywhere, will you? Why would I? Sleep, sleep, sleep No, tell me! I don’t want you to go away I will not Do you have a uniform? No? Do you have a pistol? No, I do not Too bad… But it’s ok, don’t cry. I will sing for you now But quietly! Keep shining, my little star, The star of dedicated love! You are the only one for me, I’ll never have another one Sing…sing, my little bird Sing when you are sad and when you’re happy

Sing for the God. He likes songs Keep shining, my little star, The star of dedicated love! You are the only one for me, I’ll never have another one Friedrich! This is a newspaper. People read it Do you understand? I can read for you. I can do it Sit down and listen to me He’s too young for it, Anna! And me? You’re already grown-up, so you have to be patient Come here! “Com-ra-de Sta-lin leads us Death to the Ger-man spies!” Who are the German spies? Nobody! It’s rubbish. Play games! Evgeniy Friedrichovich, they… They… I know, Fatima. I know It’s going to rain soon I have an umbrella You don’t have an umbrella! Silly Fatima. Go now. Go to work! You are a fool, Evgeniy Friedrichovich! I said, go to work! Go! What’s happening? Are you bickering? Here They’re waiting for you now I know. Excuse me I know your wife Yes, I’m aware Do I have to sign it? Yes Good. Very good

Today at 6 p.m. they’ll come after you I beg your pardon! I have a name You…haven’t understood me Today they will come after you at 6 p.m I understood. May I go? Yes You’re free to go. Do not worry about the family Faster! Karl Gertzych, I don’t keep a grunge I failed that exam, but no matter! Oygen! Oygen…Why? Why? Go, you German swine! Go, spy! You dirty Fritz! Go! Stay here! Where’s winter clothing? I already put it in More! More! More! More! More! Come here now! What? I want to hear about the bird! You are my bird! A nightingale…And you, you are a kitten Kitten! There was a little birdie Most of all she enjoyed singing happy songs – about beautiful life, about the bright sun, green grass… She wanted to embrace the whole world! Once upon a time she met another bird They started singing together, made a nest, where some chicks appeared… Two of them? Yes, yes, of course They were learning to fly They had a wonderful free life But then, darkness descended upon earth… A very strong wind took their nest far away, into the land of sand and plane-trees But they survived! They mended their nest, cleaned their feathers and started singing again But then a hawk heard their beautiful song Immediately he came to earth, like a stone He doesn’t like songs, does he? No, he doesn’t He was frightened to hear such a happy song

He saw the nest and decided to ruin it And then…Then daddy bird flew towards the bird He pretended that he’s broken his limb, in order to lead the hawk away from the nest, and then safely come back Like this! Who’s hiding like a bird? You count, I’ll be hiding! No, no! Close your eyes and count slowly! What time is it? Where’s my watch? I’ll bring it! One, two – where are you? Three, four – how much more? Five, six – who is this? Seven, eight – Come to play! Nine, ten – What a game! Sing, sing, my little bird! Don’t listen to anyone The first dwarf came, the second dwarf came, and dwarf the third came! One is telling tales, the other one is dancing dances, yet another one is singing songs! One, two, three, come and see! I’m ready to seek! Oygen, it’s 6 p.m Friedrich, where’s daddy? Friedrich, come here! Oygen! Oygen! Daddy! Daddy! It’s ok. It’s ok. It’s ok. It’s ok… That’s a different taste! What did you bake it with? Come, try some melon! Tasty melon! Hey, this one is sweet, like a lady! Fragrant like pure nectar! Good! I’ll take one All right! Here you go. Do you have roses? Why do you need roses? Take some daisies! All of them! All of them? Ok I’ll be back Why doesn’t it whistle? This one’s magical How much? Not expensive Here you go! You’re a madman!

How many? Five! Four of us To Tashkent? Go look for the chief of the depot! Yes! We made it! Is this going to Tashkent? Yes, it is Stop it Who escaped? A criminal of some kind? A group of German spies Come on, make a call! Do you have a paper? I’m a little man, I need a paper for this kind of thing I will provide a paper later! Now, make a call! When you provide a paper, we shall stop the train What?! It’s sabotage! I’ll put you into prison! Not so loud, boss! Look: papers, instructions So, good day, sir! Senior lieutenant, I… What?! Start the car! Yes! Sleeping? Sleeping Oygen is in Tashkent, I know They are all brought there We will find him, with God’s help Here you are! Here you are! Dad, you are here! We were looking for you! I fooled everyone and escaped. My little bird… It’s ok now Don’t ever go away! No, I won’t. Is mama sleeping? Mama, wake up, daddy’s here! Daddy’s here!

Grandma, daddy’s here! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Night owl! I’m looking for my dad, he’s been right here! No one’s here, go to sleep! Would you like some melon? I need my dad… Is it yours? Go! Daddy! You’re smart! Vitya, what’s up? It’s not Vitya… What’s up? Nothing, go to sleep Who are you? I’m looking for my dad. He’s hiding Open up! I lost my daughter! A big black car took him away Now I cannot find him anywhere… Really? Where did your father work? Was he making guns, maybe? No, bread Excuse me! Excuse me! No, thank you We’re Germans, which is bad I don’t know why we’re Germans… It’s how it is… My dad is very nice, and mommy is, too Grandma is strict, but she’s nice, too Friedrich is still foolish, because he’s a baby But he’s good He wets his bed, which is bad Are you a grown-up? Yes, I am. Daddy said, I’m responsible for Friedrich, I am in charge Anna! Excuse me, please Did she wake you up? Anna, come on, don’t bother the gentleman I’ll carry her No, thank you Don’t be afraid! Here, please Good luck! Don’t give up hope, and you’ll find your dad

Thank you Are you going to Tashkent? Business, or just visiting?