In today’s video we’re going to show you what it’s like living in a van and traveling through Turkey We’re Marianne and Chris, in May 2018, we quit our 9-5 jobs, rented our house to travel full-time Due to the pandemic, our attempt to drive around the world has been put on pause Finding ourselves in Turkey, we are going to show you the best this country has to offer So the first thing of the day is to make a nice cup of coffee because I don’t function very well in the morning without a coffee. It’s about 7 30 a.m, i always wake up before Marianne, I’m an early bird, I tend to get up at six, seven in the morning Let’s have coffee, so i always come back to bed have my coffee in bed and spend the first 20 minutes of the day answering some of your comments online and just checking emails after a little while i wake Marianne up with her cup of coffee. Baby, it’s coffee time We live in a van, yeah! Are we there yet ? We’re not there yet, I’m not sure where we’re going! Chris is definitely the morning person, I’m happy to be in bed, i love my bed my bed loves me! Marianne’s nickname is a sloth! I’m a sloth, she’s a sloth! she likes to be a sloth, i love being a sloth! I wake up I get a thought in my head or something and ding! I’m generally awake especially after a few mouthfuls of coffee I could even wake up and go back to bed, Marianne does go back to sleep, once i’m awake that’s it! Yeah I could drink a coffee, lie down and go back to sleep! i love my bed! First job of the day Marianne needs to stop looking like Medusa ! There you go, Oh you’re filming! you’re looking lovely, we’ve got a little mirror in the bathroom, Yeah and we’ve just opened the windows to let a little bit of air in Oh Mariannes van tip, if you want to stretch in the morning open the roof windows and you can have a proper strength! There you go, right, so the first job we do is we move our bags down to the back of the van to make space! To me to you, to me to you, and my camera bag to me to you, to me to you! Thank you very much, living in a van the space is a little limited. So we tend to move the bags from the front to the back because they don’t have a fixed home, and that’s why when so many people buy us gifts and stuff, we don’t really have space to put it, do we? Please don’t give us things just your friendship is enough. Exactly! So following the live chat with you guys on Sunday, we have been super busy, packing up all the stickers that you have ordered. We want to say a massive thank you to you all. The live chat was amazing! I can’t believe so many of you joined in with us, and it was really nice to hang out with you Yeah it was so lovely to get your questions, sorry if we didn’t answer all of them, the questions were popping up so quickly! But thank you so much for all your orders for stickers, postcards, I’ve got to say a massive thank you to Ersel for helping us sort it out, we absolutely love our new logo, yeah it’s very cool! And we’ve now got a stamp for the envelopes that Ersel had made, so it’s looking good! We’ve got a pack of three stickers, but this is the big one! the colour one …. and I absolutely love it! let us know what you think, but I just love it! I think it’s really us! So today we are finally leaving Istanbul, we’re off on an adventure! We are going to be heading south around the sea of Marmara towards Canakkale and Gallipoli, we want to go and explore that peninsula, because everybody’s told us that we shouldn’t miss it The question is which way round are we going to go? Are we going to go via Bursa

or are we going to go the European side? Tricky! Well, the direct route would be for us to go through the European side and down there, it’s a more direct route for us, it’s less wear and tear on Trudy, also we now have an app that tells us where the hot spots for Covid are, it seems a lot quieter over that side. And we can get the ferry I think from over to Canakkale i think. It makes sense to go Istanbul on the European side, yeah down to that peninsula and then we’ll get the ferry over later in the week down to Canakkale and as we always say we’re going to miss something, so it gives us a reason to come back! There you go! I’m also not going to miss that drilling noise, I know that’s just new though isn’t it? that’s quite the last couple of days, yeah last couple of days what we normally do is we have a rough idea of the route and roughly how many hours drive we want to do, oh we have a visitor! do we? Thank you very much, Thank you very much, it’s so nice people just see the van, they stop by and they come and say hello, and it’s really nice talking to people that we that we meet, absolutely it’s just friendly isn’t it They are cleaning the flower bed! So we think we’re going to head to Marmara Eglesi, which is about two hours drive plus the ferry, because this shows the tunnel, so that’s probably about three hours We normally use an app called Park4night, so the first thing we’ll do is we’ll see whether there’s any parking in that town on park4night? No there’s some before and there’s some after. Okay so in this case, what we’ll do is, we’ll go to the town because Ersel said it’s a nice little town to visit, and we’ll see if we can find somewhere to park up and sleep for the night, and if we do we’ll add it on park4night Good morning Mr Ersel! Good morning! Nice t-shirt! and this is for you and Elif to say thank you for everything, because you are amazing! Okay we have a plan, we’re going to follow Ersel back to his place, park the van, go to the post office, go for a quick breakfast and then we will be nearer to the bridge, which he’s recommended this time of day to get the bridge over because it’s on the motorway, it will be quicker, we have a plan! I love a plan! there you go Basically that was so lovely, the lady in the booth doesn’t speak English, but I could tell she was saying “Are you going now? is that your last time?” and we were like “Yes we’re going” and she wished us good wishes, and to see us on our way, it feels sad leaving Istanbul actually, that is the car we’re following today if it all goes well ! There’s one thing we’re not going to miss in Istanbul and that is the traffic! what do you reckon love? You’ve done a fab job driving! Thanks love It would be nice to get back to some quieter roads, van life in cities is always a bit of a challenge Okay we’re parked up and we’re going to find a post office And Ersel is modelling our t-shirt! It looks very good! This is the the bread pastry that they use for gozleme, it’s a really light flaky, it’s beautiful I love it! it makes all the difference doesn’t it, some of them are really fat and stodgy, but you can see these are perfectly wafer thin ones Now it’s time for a quick bit of breakfast, so we’ve come down to somewhere near Ersel’s house and I’m starving, coffee time! Marianne’s just ordered breakfast in Turkish! Yeah you even understood that, I did only because you understood potatoes!

Ersel what do you reckon on my Turkish? Nine out of Ten! Nine out of Ten! That’s because he’s my friend he’s saying that! It’s funny because when Marianne was ordering the breakfast you could see the waitress’s eyes getting smaller and you couldn’t see she was laughing behind her mask! she definitely was! But 10 out of 10 for trying my sweetness! Wow we’ve got a toasty, a gozleme, another toasty Look Ersel bought flowers for Trudy! so we can have some sunshine! He’s amazing! So the time has come that we are leaving Istanbul and we want to give a huge shout out to this man, who has been our guardian angel in Istanbul! Thank you Mr Ersel, thank you we love Ersel! And he even brought Trudy some flowers, so thank you! So the plan is we’re going to follow Ersel, we’ll try and follow the right car today! And he’s going to show us the motorway to leave the city the easiest way So let’s hit the road, when you come to a junction in Turkey the way to go, is just to go! He is going to let you go, like that! And then people let you go, that’s the way it works! He’s a legend isn’t he? nice, literally a legend! Ersel said “I’ve got to make sure you get on the right road, so just follow me.” He’s just so nice, I just honestly can’t tell you, he’s been a true friend, he really really has Sorry Ersel, we got you stuck in heavy traffic! He wants to make sure we leave Istanbul safely, so we’ve got a journey of about an hour and a half The traffic has eased up, Ersel is still there, I think he’ll turn off just before the Bosphorus Bridge, maybe? So Ersel’s just indicated his hazards, let’s give him a little wave! He’s going to turn off now and we’ll say goodbye It seems funny leaving Istanbul and if all goes according to plan in the future on this trip, we won’t be coming back to Istanbul because we’ll be carrying on our around the world drive. Of course, if it all goes wrong and covid forces us back into Europe next year, then we would have to come back through Istanbul but fingers crossed. Sorry Istanbul, this trip we don’t want to be coming back! Oh yes we can see the sea again! So we’ve arrived in the town and we will just to see if there’s somewhere to park up, there’s a car park here, oh there toilets on the seafront Perfect let’s get in here, Ok, iI think that’s good, isn’t it? i think so everyone can move around us it’s fine So we just sat in Trudy having our second cup of coffee, I’m editing the next video for a little bit, I’m going through some emails because some people are sending us suggestions of places we can visit, so i’m pinning them on our online map So we parked up in this lovely spot last night, literally right next to the sea, so before we have a little walk around the town we’ve got a few

more sticker packs to pack up and post Because we sold a few more last night online In this town there is a post office within walking distance, so we’re going to get those done right now, while we can because sometimes we’re not always by a post office. Our friend Ersel also bought us this really cool ‘Tread the Globe’ stamp with our new logo on it! So we’re stamping all the envelopes with it ! And i think it looks really cool So the first thing we’re going to do, is go and head to the post office which there is one about a five or ten minutes walk away Right masks on and let’s rock and roll! So this is the little car park that we parked up last night, there is actually a public toilet just down the road there, little restaurant here and this wonderful view of the sea We will have a little walk around the town before we leave, after we’ve been to the post office So we looked on google maps and there should be a post office down this stretch of road here So this is the PTT, and the PTT is the post office here in Turkey Just the fastest, easiest way, Yeah they might take a while Okay we’re all posted, the PTT is done, it was a little bit more confusing than our time with Ersel, but with a little bit of google translate And we weren’t sure they were saying “easy” or “normal” post, so we’ve done easy post I’m not sure how long it will take! So if you’re waiting for stickers, bear with us, they will come, but they might take maybe three or four weeks to get there! So we’ve just been to the cash point, one of the things you have to be careful with is ATM fees, because every bank will charge you ATM fees, we found that the bank of Turkey that you can see behind me, has the best rate, they charge £4.50 for every £100 we take out, which is about 4.5 %, which all those sounds a lot, but is the best that we’ve managed to find so far, if anyone knows a better one, then do let us know And we’re just walking past the local bus station They’re cool, yeah and they have the name of where they’re going to and from on the front of their bus. We haven’t had to take a bus yet obviously, because we’ve got Trudy, but it’s funny walking around once you’re out of the tourist spots and you know we’re out of Istanbul now, it does have a Central American feel and I can’t quite pinpoint why I suppose it’s more raw, more natural, Yeah like you say, there’s no chains of big shops, there’s no McDonald’s, there’s no Starbucks. It’s just normal, day-to-day life, and small, local, family run businesses and restaurants. Yeah exactly, we’re heading around town and they’ve got these old ruins here I’m not sure what they’re from, but there’s definitely a little bit of history there And check out this really unusual little building, right in the middle of the road! Isn’t that unusual? I don’t know what it is? it’s an old building of some form So we’ve wandered down to the seafront, we’re back to the seafront, lovely fishing boats all moored up here, the sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day, the sea I’ve never seen it so calm, and the beach here …. they obviously look after it, it’s really clean, you can see that it’s been freshly raked over And then there’s the seafront, there Trudy is parked up just at the end of these buildings in a car park there So the town we are parked up in is called Marmara Eglesi and it’s because we are on the sea of Marmaras. The Marmara sea, it’s very quiet at the moment because it’s out of season, and we’re only a couple of hours drive out of Istanbul and I’m sure that at the weekend and

in the summer this place is very busy! Marianne’s found a few cats, I know but i’m laughing because there’s a cat on the beach that’s watching the seagulls, looking like he thinks he’s got a chance! Although he’s coming over now, he’s coming over to say hello, he thinks you’ve got food! there he goes ! Big fishing boats going out, oh look at the water spraying there It looks like they’re having a practice of putting out a fire maybe? Right so as you would expect, all the way along the seafront, they’ve got little restaurants and eateries and it’s really smart. They’re doing work, obviously low season is the best time to make improvements So we’re coming back to Trudy, Marianne’s just about to do an insta story We’ve heard you want to know where we are, so here we are we are just by the sea! So the plan today is we’re going to head a little bit further down the coast, south towards Gelibolu and we’re going to stop in a town called Tekirdag Now everyone’s told us that Tekirdag has a famous Kofte, so we’re planning to stop there for a snack lunch on the way through, see if we can find this famous kofte, and normally we we’re not massive breakfast people but normally we have a little snack, a banana, or a little bowl of cereal or if not just coffee. But today we’re not having breakfast, because we know we’re going to have a nice little snack lunch on the way So we’re ready to head off, but before we do we have to do what we call the pre-flight check! And that involves closing the cupboards, all the cupboard doors and the drawers and all the cupboards, because otherwise things go flying when you drive! The fridge ! make sure the fridge is locked, we also need to make sure the electric is on, so it stays cold when we’re driving, turn the gas off, close all the windows, make sure the roof vents are closed. We need to make sure there’s nothing on the tables because it all goes flying as well. The lifesaver and the water bottles that we have, we put in the bathroom, so that if they fall when we’re moving, they don’t go flying. And of course I have to update polarsteps so you know where we’ve been Yeah if you haven’t heard of Polarsteps, we use an app called Polarsteps, it tracks our movements as we travel so you get to come with us, see exactly where we are and the route we’re taking. We also post some extra pictures and things like that, if you want Polarsteps it’s completely free to download, just download the app Polarsteps and search ‘Tread the Globe’ Okay so we also make sure that when we drive all of the doors are locked just for our security, because there would be nothing worse than somebody opening a door grabbing a bag and running. By the time you take your seatbelt off, they would be long gone, it’s just a precaution we’ve done since day one of traveling We just lock all the doors whilst we are driving So we’ve got the iPad linked up to the internet, thanks to – ‘RentnConnect’ ! But we do also have this little gadget called bad elf that plugs into our iPad which is a GPS tracker, so if there is no signal, it still knows where we are So we’ve just entered the town of Tekirdag and we’ve put in an area down by a park here, down by the harbour which I think should be good for parking and it’s near a Kofte restaurant that Ersel recommended because that’s where we’re going for lunch so let’s go There’s an airplane by the side of the road!

Is it a restaurant! So we just stopped in a park and one of the problems with van life is having to find water, and very often parks have taps So we thought we’d try our luck and stop in this park and have a look around and see if we can find some water, because we’re nearly out of water I think actually we might be lucky because that looks like water over there, that is definitely water which is amazing! So we can do a couple of runs and then we get Trudy filled up and then we’ll be all right. Yes water, good job! How great is that, we’ve got four 10 litre bags, so between us we’re rocking, so that’s a good job, getting the water it’s always a relief When you fill up water, it just makes you feel like you’re stocked up for another three or four days. Trudy holds about 70 litres of water plus we fill up the lifesaver for our drinking water, and these bags are great because they do literally fit under any tap, so they’re really easy All of these kind of products, we put on a on our amazon shop, if anybody’s interested, there’s a link below just to make it easy for people to find them …… plus we get a small little commission! We’ve looked at google maps and the restaurant for the kofte that Ersel recommended is only about 10 to 15 minutes walk from where we’re parked. So we decided we’ll leave Trudy here, have a stroll and go and get some lunch So we’re just walking along through the park here, look at all the Turkish flags here, there’s actually a Bank Holiday, I think it’s next week, that’s why they got the flags out, nice little park, picnic tables, the seas over there and a nice little fountain in front of us and the statue in the middle, I think she’s holding cherries, it looks like cherries? So maybe this region’s famous for cherries as well So there you go, this is the place Ersel told us to come and try kofte here on the main high street Let’s go give it a go. Since 1953, there you go, if it’s been going since 1953 it should be good! Oh we’re going upstairs! Nice, you can see this, is going to be good for you. Thank you! So this is the menu, the Tekirdag kofte, it says it’s a mixture of veal, bread, salt, onion, garlic, cumin, black pepper served with grilled pepper in the summer tomatoes in the summer marinated onion and hot special pepper sauce Every time we come out and eat we normally try and video it, to share with you guys. Marianne takes a photo for insta, but sometimes when you’re really hungry you just forget ….. don’t you Marianne? because she’s already devoured half the salad! I just love salad! Oh wow, so I got a nice bean salad here to keep me going until the kofte arrives, wow look at that, amazing! We’re going to be so full thank you very much, thank you! So these ones are the famous local kofte, and we’ve got a mixed one because the the waiter recommended these ones with some homemade tomato sauce (pepper) We don’t always eat out like this and in fact we didn’t eat breakfast today specifically because we knew we’re on a filming day and we’re probably not going to eat for the rest of the day, but we like to try and eat on filming days, just to show you different local foods. So enjoy!! And looking at this, I’m very pleased i did order this to share it with you, so i’m going to give the local kebab a little taste here with a little bit of pepper sauce That’s beautiful, a nice perfectly seasoned herby meat kofte, absolutely delicious and the homemade sauce is

Nice, it’s got like a bitter taste to it, but it goes really well together Nice grilled bread as well, i know look at all this grilled bread! I mean they love bread in Turkey, we’ve already got one bowl of bread here which came with the salad and stuff as a starter, and now we’ve got the grilled bread, look at that Marianne’s got a lovely lamb kebab, I’m posting on instagram! there you go, you have got to share it before you eat it! So that was a lovely lunch, we’re refuelled ! Thanks Ersel, good tip! And the sirens are happening! And we’re just making our way back to Trudy and then the next job is to find somewhere to sleep tonight. Oh yes! oh yes, yeah we are back to Trudy, always a good time when you go out and you come back and she’s still there! Right now Don’t forget to turn the alarm off! This lock’s been a bit dodgy, so it doesn’t work on the central locking, so we’re having to do it manually, Trudy has a mind of her own sometimes … she does! And we always do try and be very security conscious, although we forgot to put the steering lock on today and the clutch lock! Aren’t we naughty? We are very naughty, because we only went out to get water and then we didn’t realise that we were near the restaurant and so we just decided to go! Right! so now we need to find somewhere to sleep for the night, so the first step is we’re going to look at park4night and see if there are any locations already put on here within a short drive away? Because what time is it now love? It is five past three, five past three! Where does the time go So looking at park4night, there is actually a nature spot here not so far away, relaxed place, next to a beach with shade, visited by some locals, very quiet There you go, that’s good – let’s go there! 21 minutes, one of the other things we forgot to mention earlier is every morning we put our little solar lanterns in the windscreen to charge We’ve got two of them, we’ve got one there and one there, because that saves the electric on the van, especially on cloudy days and we use those in the evening for light Right we’re nearly there, we’ve just turned off the main road, next right, down here according to that. Just slow down, slow down, why can’t we just go straight? I think you can still go down and go along and then come around. Anyway, okay, according to that, it says that ! The joys of Sat Nav! Let’s see, what’s down the bottom? Oh there’s nice views of the sea, let’s have a look You’ve got a welcome party, let’s try this, look at all the local dogs giving us a welcome! We’ll go down here and see the joy of wild camping love so this is the next road let’s have a look before we turn? it will be alright It will be a nightmare if it rains, yes actually I think it’s due to rain tomorrow ! isn’t it? yeah we’ll have a look at the forecast, because it’s very muddy and very clay, if we go on that then it’s probably solid, you can just reverse One of the problems with parking up, is always trying to make sure that the van is level. and this car park is leaning quite a lot down towards the sea We do have chocks that we put under, that will help the situation Okay so we’re not happy with this spot, we tried coming down to the next level thinking it would be more even and it isn’t, so we’re going to go back to the top! yep you’re good! Okay we have finally chosen a spot to park up, and we like to do it so that when we open the doors we also get a bit of view And it has to be in the sun for the solar panels, so there’s quite a few considerations about parking up,

and this is a lovely spot, there’s a little beach down here, there’s a couple of old guys swimming So because we’ve parked up now towards the end of the day, it’s time to do our work and it’s the weekend, which means we make videos, we upload videos and find somewhere to settle But unfortunately there’s no internet here, well there’s one bar! No internet on my computer, so i think the only option is to go five miles back into town, where the signal was good and we’ll just spend a day or two there and it’s so beautiful Right we’ve jumped back into Trudy, Yeah we are having one of those afternoons! It seems a little bit mad so we’re heading back into the town for the night, so we can get the video uploaded, because there’s no signal here Oh the joys! the things we do for youtube videos! Whose stupid idea was it to show something behind the scenes and there you go, so this is the real life on the road, but it doesn’t always go according to plan. You find a spot, you park up, it was a bit hard to find the right levels but that’s okay you can cope with that, but then when we turn the computers on there’s no internet …. and i need to upload my video, make the next video, work days you can’t be without internet! No exactly, and we’ve been filming today which means tomorrow we will be editing the video and uploading it, and we know there’s a good signal in town, it was good, there’s toilets there, there’s water there, everything we needed was there, and it’s only like 10 or 15 minutes drive away So we figured we’ll just go back and start again, but at least you got to see life on the road and the things we try and do to find good park ups Okay we’ve come back to the car park, we have finally found a spot to settle for the night, it’s still got beautiful views in this big car park where we stopped to fill up water earlier It’s all good, the internet signal is strong, which means we’ll be able to get the video uploaded for you guys Right time to catch up on a little bit of emails, editing and answering all of your comments, it’s half past five and what we tend to do at the end of the day is go through all of our photographs that we’ve taken during the day, sort them out and upload them to our instagram, facebook, twitter and patreon page Yes we do and there’s been a lot today! there’s been a fair few and we also clear our SD cards from the cameras, put them on a hard drive ready for editing at a later date, and then each day is fresh so we know where we are with all the footage, because there’s a lot of footage and when you edit videos and try and work out where the footage is, they’ve got to be filed and organised We also need to remember to charge the batteries, we do! We have to charge the batteries, I’m down to my last battery on the GoPro but we have to charge the batteries ready for tomorrow, and always ready, we keep the cameras charged up because you never know when something exciting might happen and the last thing you want to do is reach for a camera with a flat battery Right so let’s get all these photos sorted and we’ll get them uploaded for you guys So it’s now seven o’clock in the evening, it’s dark outside, we’re still working, I’m still editing the video, Marianne is still doing comments, but we think we might stop, it’s Friday night, so we should probably stop working It’s Friday night, it’s beer time really, we should have a drink it’s the weekend, this is a good spot, not only do we have wi-fi but we’ve parked under a light, which saves electric! That’s always good and the signal is fantastic, exactly that we should have a couple of followers coming down to say hi, they’ve said ‘can we come and say hi’ so we’ve said ‘sure why not’ so they should be here shortly! There’s people right here, there’s people we’re parked Marianne’s going to put her coffee outside, but sometimes we’re literally parked by a restaurant, yes we are! yeah it may be a little public this morning we changed, Marianne changed her mind on the window, because there’s people sat in the restaurant cafe bit behind us, well you said there are people, I thought there was just people, but actually there where people ! Good morning, what is the plan for today? we’re not filming today are we? oh actually you’re filming!

I’m just going to grab a beer, beer time! Oh you’re still there, it’s the end of the show, we hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into our daily life on the road Make sure you click the subscribe button to come on this amazing adventure with us and we will see you next time, bye for now!