Why does this exist… Vive Pro Review

I love VR, so as soon as I heard we were getting a “Bigger! Better! VIVE, the sequel!”, I got really excited Which might be why I`m feeling pretty, F’N, let down, right about now Spoiler alert! Not only will I not be spending a thousand Canadian Pesos for an upgrade I don’t plan to swap out my original VIVE for this VIVE pro that I got for free Though, not for the reasons you might expect Lets unpack, The HTC VIVE pro After this message from todays video sponsor, Thermal Take Thermal Take’s Core p90 tempered glass case, is an angled open frame design featuring 5 millimeter thick glass, 3 way placement layout options vertical GPU mounting with a Rizor cable included and more, check it out at the link below So here’s everything that comes with it You got the headset itself, zucc juice