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ANNOUNCER: Please welcome Andy McNamara I’m lucky today to get to moderate a panel on The Last of Us Part II And so, without further ado, I will introduce people that, I know it’s a little cliché, I don’t think need introduction We have Neil Druckmann, writer, director We have Ashley Johnson, who plays Ellie And we have Troy Baker, “Joel,” The Last of Us Hey [ANDY LAUGHING] Welcome. Welcome TROY: Oh, my living god Oh, man. Oh, man That’s a lot of people We love you Whoo! So I think everyone was as surprised as I was this morning when they showed us Last of Us II So I think the first thing we should do is we should watch the trailer again Let’s do it. All right Let’s see it This place is packed It’s crazy I think they’ve got it here somewhere MAN: Love the hair, Neil Thank you So do I, right? [CHUCKLES] So how are you guys? We just watching ourselves? We can pantomime it, but I don’t know if it’ll be as good ASHLEY: Let’s just act it out, Troy Let’s do it What are we doing? Are we talking about how we were backstage? I’m sorry? Were we talking about backstage? I believe we were talking about this backstage Two words First word sounds like: Exactly. Gonna hold my phone over my head Did you ask a question? Are we gonna watch the–? We’re gonna watch the trailer Watch the trailer? This is going great This is going to be firing over Here we go [AUDIENCE CHEERS] [♪♪♪] [BIRDS CHIRPING] [WOMAN BREATHING] [PLAYING SOFTLY] ♪ I walk through the valley ♪ ♪ Of the shadow of death ♪ ♪ And I fear no evil ♪ ♪ Because I’m blind to it all ♪ ♪ And my mind My gun ♪ ♪ They comfort me ♪ ♪ Because I know I’ll kill my enemies ♪ ♪ When they come ♪ ♪ Surely goodness and mercy Will follow me ♪ ♪ All the days of my life ♪ ♪ And I will dwell On this earth ♪ ♪ Forever more ♪ ♪ Said I’ll walk beside The still waters ♪ ♪ And they restore my soul ♪ ♪ But I can’t walk On the path of the right ♪ ♪ Because I’m wrong ♪ ♪ No, I can’t walk ♪ ♪ On the path of the right ♪ ♪ Because I’m wrong ♪ What are you doing, kiddo? You really gonna go through with this? I’m gonna find

and I’m gonna kill every last one of them [AUDIENCE CHEERING] TROY: Holy God I can’t be the only one in the crowd that I had shivers watching that the first time It really was quite powerful, but that is quite the statement there in the end That “I’m going to find them and kill them. All of them.” Could you tell us who are we going to find? What are we doing here? NEIL: We’re gonna start there? Let’s see how I do this dance Yeah. If the first game was really like, the core of it, the theme was about the love between these two characters and how we build that through story, music, interaction, gameplay, mechanics This story is the counter of that. This story is about hate And how we use all those same things to make the player feel that through Ellie this time. The first game, you play as Joel This game, you’re playing as Ellie [AUDIENCE CHEERING] And that is all I’m going to say about that ANDY: I kind of figured, but I knew I needed to ask So for you two, I know from playing the first game, it was a powerful experience And the characters are just– I mean, they’re, in a good way, taxing to play The world is always heavy on you How does it feel to be back as–? I mean, Joel and Ellie are two amazing characters What’s it like to bring them back to life? ASHLEY: It’s so good It’s just, I think, when we were shooting the trailer, it’s amazing how fast you can– We jumped back into it And I knew I missed playing her, but I didn’t realize how much And I think we’ve also been waiting for this day since the day we wrapped the first game And I’m so fu– I’m so glad it’s here Sorry Oh, Ellie Sorry I’m so glad it’s here It was– Today’s been incredibly emotional for all of us I know that this is a day of celebration for everybody at Naughty Dog Because this has been just tireless work for everybody And all of us have been trying to keep it under wraps, but it’s exactly what Ashley said We kept asking, “When are we gonna do this? When are we gonna come back? What’s the story?” I remember the first time Neil actually sat down and said: “Okay Here’s what I’m thinking.” And we were at the Baptist We were standing outside of a bar in London And I was just– It was so weird to hear about this thing actually maybe being real And that’s one level of it “Okay. We’re gonna go in, and we’re gonna shoot the trailer.” That’s another level of it And the first time that we walked back onstage and it wasn’t Ashley there anymore and it wasn’t Troy, but it was Joel walking down that hall and finding Ellie It was overwhelming, and I’m not using a platitude It literally was overwhelming to– To be in those shoes again And I don’t think that I’m Joel or that Joel is me Ellie isn’t Ashley, Ashley isn’t Ellie These are two real people to us These are flesh-and-blood characters that, every once in a while, they’re kind enough to just let us see the world through their eyes And to be able to see the world again, and specifically that world again, through Joel’s eyes was– My heart could barely hold it And today, sitting in the crowd with you guys and experiencing it for the first time here, we were in tears And there’s nothing that made it feel more worth it All the lies that we’ve had to tell over the last two and a half years ASHLEY: Oh, man. I lied so much Lied so much But when we heard your applause when you saw that Firefly logo and when you saw Ellie, when you heard her voice and you heard Joel’s voice, we can’t thank you enough Because that made every second that we’ve had to wait worth it [AUDIENCE CHEERING] Thank you So I think there’s an interesting choice in name here

“Part II.” So we’ve got The Last of Us Part II What does it mean, “Part II”? Where are we? Where are we in the story of Ellie and Joel? We’re a few years after the events of the first game Ellie is now 19 So much thought went into this I know a lot of people feel this trepidation about coming back to these characters and revisiting what that ending means And worrying whether that’s gonna spoil the first game And you have to understand, we feel all those things as well No one loves these characters more than we do And we would not do this if we didn’t feel like we had the right idea And the “Part II” is really kind of doubling down on that, to say we believe in this so much We’re not trying to avoid it I’ve played with so many ideas that had different characters, and it never felt right The Last of Us is about these two characters specifically So yeah. The “Part II” is saying this is gonna be a larger story This is a complementary story to the first game But the two together are gonna tell this much larger tale And all I ask is, the fans of the first one, put some faith in us Trust us We’re gonna do right by you MAN: Yeah Damn straight [AUDIENCE CLAPPING] I feel that Naughty Dog has always pushed the envelope on how characters and narrative are developed and a part of a game And just so integral to the experience and define everything you do in the games You three, it’s funny, you’re like old friends when you get together And so can you tell us all about working together to create and bring these characters to life when you’re on the soundstage? When you’re bringing it out? Do you ever just look at Neil and go, “I would never say this Never in a million years would Ellie do this.” What is that experience like? I mean, this was– I think one of the reasons why this project is so near and dear to me, and I know both of us, is it felt collaborative And I think a lot of the time when we would come to shoot the scenes, we would have a day of rehearsal where we would talk about the scenes and comb through them And Neil would say: “How do you feel about this line?” Or, “Do you feel like this is something that she would say?” And just sort of going through it and seeing what feels honest and real for the character And it’s an experience that I don’t know if I’ve ever really had And the subject matter and the stuff that we’re going through in the scenes that we’re doing, as an actor, your job is to go there and to put your emotions on the floor and bleed on the floor And when you do that, and you go there emotionally with someone, you can’t help but have a connection with the people that you’re working with So it’s– I’ve had some of the most powerful experiences just working on this game That’s why it’s so close to me And that’s why I’ve just– Oh, man. I’m so excited I think all of us– Oh, please Well, what’s cool is, for me, when these guys come by Naughty Dog because it’s not just us, it’s the entire team We work on this game for years at a time And you’re putting so much of yourself, and you’re sacrificing so much to make this statement of sorts And these guys come by to every get-together there is at Naughty Dog They really feel like part of the Naughty Dog family And I feel like that’s rare And that was one of the main reasons of wanting to come back is to work with these guys again That’s awesome I’ve said that– People ask, “What’s your favorite character? Is Joel your favorite?” It’s impossible to choose What I can say is that he’s the one that I miss the most He’s the guy that I find myself thinking about and wondering: “What is he up to? What is he doing?” And it’s absolutely right We’re a family, and we’re all in this together But I think all of us up here, as well as everybody else back at Naughty Dog and everybody who’s allowed to be a part of this, would probably agree with this This game fundamentally changed our lives And in the best way And in the most real way [AUDIENCE CLAPPING] Yeah. Absolutely But not only as an actor I know– I can demark the moments when we were shooting that I felt myself growing as an actor and as a person The people that it’s brought into our lives, the relationships that we’ve built because of this game And what’s funny is, I almost didn’t audition for this because I was so mad because I felt like I wasn’t right for Joel I felt like I was too young I felt like– I walked into the audition room, and there’s 20 dudes that look just like Joel And I’ll never forget, I literally almost walked out the door

And I was heading to the door, the casting director called my name And I came this close, this close, to not experiencing any of this To not only not be sitting here in this chair, but not knowing Ashley, not knowing Neil Not being able to be a part of this incredible story and this incredible journey, and it was all out of fear One of the things I learned most, that this has taught me is don’t let fear be the reason why you don’t do something So yeah And I say that knowing that all of us are– There’s a level of fear to what we’re doing Because it’s scary to come back and revisit a story, especially when it’s been so successful, so incredibly well-received by millions upon millions of people It’s one of the most discussed games that I’ve ever seen And it’s scary to go back into that We’re walking around with our hearts open and being completely vulnerable Like Neil said, I would say, trust us Just trust everybody at Naughty Dog that we know what we’re doing That we care about this story more than anybody WOMAN: We love you Love you Random person in the audience [LAUGHS] When you watch the trailer, there are a lot of iconic moments as you go The Firefly logo on the stop sign When you walk down the hall, and you see the bodies throughout the house But the one that struck me the most is the shaking hand Right? Ellie’s shaking hand TROY: The white knuckles Not to be too spoiler, but this is also, you’ll notice the tattoo on her arm as well So there’s plenty of things there What can you say about it? Why is she shaking? There’s an amazing performance that follows, obviously, but why does her hand shake? See, this is the part that sucks Because we’re like, “Yay, there’s a Last of Us II, but we can’t talk about anything.” There are reasons [LAUGHING] Lamest answer of all time She’s gone through some shit She’s gone through some shit What a shocker You need to answer this question NEIL: I need to answer? I feel like I’ll get into trouble Well, I’ll save you from having to answer that one How about that? You go on to the performance And that is you actually sing “Through the Valley” there in that ASHLEY: Yeah It’s amazing. Fantastic TROY: Great job ASHLEY: Thanks [AUDIENCE CLAPPING AND WHISTLING] ANDY: I know there has to be more than just, “Hey, so wrote this song I want you to do I’ve got this in here.” Tell me about what happens when you find out you need to sing I remember we were talking NEIL: I sent you that scene, I think, two years ago Yeah. He sent me the scene a couple years ago and then he sent me that song, which is by– What is his name? Shawn James. Yeah And he was like, “Yeah. I want you to sing it.” And I was like, “I’m so sorry What did you just say?” And– But, you know, I think there’s a lot of history with Joel and Ellie And sort of, you know, music and– I’m trying to think ANDY: You’re treading so carefully right now I know It’s amazing I was definitely very scared to do it. I’ll say that But I think it– I wanted to make sure that it made sense for Ellie, and I think it did And I think it’s a cool little moment And we’ll see Yeah. So this scene, we started working on about two years ago So I asked Ashley, I’m like, “Okay. Here’s a song I wanna do I think it’ll be cool Send me a scratch track We just wanna cut something together to see if it works.” So she sends me this “simple” recording she just threw together and it’s so beautiful In fact, when we listened to it, we’re like, “It’s actually a little too good.” And we got a voice coach, this really great singer Melissa Reese, who came and worked with Ashley to make her sing worse so she would sound more like Ellie What you’re hearing is a much worse version of how Ashley can really sing TROY: She’s too good ANDY: Too good It think it was a different kind of acting than I’ve ever done Because you– Like, you sort of try to find a way that a character talks But we don’t really get the opportunity to figure out how a character would sing And Melissa was so great with that, sort of figuring out the roughness and the edges of some of the notes Yeah. I was so nervous because I had to go in for some of the rehearsals for it and everybody’s just like sitting there watching me They’re like, “Okay. Go. Sing.” And I was like: “Okay I walk through,” I’m like playing with my clothes I was like, “This is so embarrassing.” But we found it We figured it out and sort of found the way that Ellie sings

Yeah ANDY: That’s great Well, I got a little insider info that this is a new set of performance capture that you guys are using for this game I mean, that you’ve taken it to the next step We even have a little bit of a video to show how this performance has gone forward NEIL: So I guess– Yeah. I’ll set this up So a lot of games, and we do this sometimes, we do digital doubles Where you cast an actor and you’re trying to make it look as close to that actor as you can Ashley doesn’t look like Ellie Troy doesn’t look like Joel We had to come up with this different process So, what we did is we created digital doubles of them, while our artists create a whole new, kind of next-gen sculpt of Joel and Ellie And what you’re gonna see in this video is a digital double of Ashley with Ellie’s texture so she can be very freckled You’re gonna see it transform and morph into Ellie We’re trying to take the performance from the digital double and transpose it onto Ellie So we can play that [AUDIENCE CHUCKLES] ASHLEY: So pretty ANDY: Well, I think the detail is striking as far as the engine as well You guys have updated that for Last of Us Part II NEIL: Yeah. So this is by far, within Sony’s group, this is the most advanced character model we’ve ever created And just the way the flesh can move over the bone and the subtlety we can get with the eyes We could never cut to a close-up of eyes before because we couldn’t get the fidelity. Now we can ANDY: So, what I think is interesting too is that you can take these performances and bring them back to the workshop and meld them to create the perfect scene Direct a scene unlike you could ever do even in film NEIL: Yeah. It’s definitely– In film, when you wanna go between takes, you need a cut in the middle Here, we can blend between different takes We can create a performance It’s a collaboration with the animators and the artists at Naughty Dog They’re definitely a part of putting all this all together ASHLEY: It’s so crazy because this was a full day of just doing TROY: Nothing but this facial movements like this TROY: It’s weird. They ask you to do things– You’re like: “I don’t know if my face has ever done that.” “Can you make this sound?” “I have no idea We’re gonna find out.” ASHLEY: Yeah TROY: But it’s crazy because– We spent hours on just lip purses and stuff like that, or blinks or swallowing And they would shoot it in something like 150 or 200 frames a second just to get what your face looks like when you swallow Which is crazy to think that that video exists out in the world right now ASHLEY: Oh, man And the memes begin So we’ve got these characters here How does that feel when you’re performing? A year and a half ago, you shot That’s the amazing thing, by the way, is this didn’t just happen last week You guys shot this a year and a half ago and have been waiting to show this to us I’m sure there’s been a lot done on the game since NEIL: We made a little game called Uncharted 4 in the middle there A little game A little game, Uncharted Also, I think you guys opened the show this year for PSX NEIL: Right And you also closed the show That’s the power of Naughty Dog Right, everybody? [AUDIENCE CHEERING] ASHLEY: Whoo! But just real quick. I’ll say, there was a big discussion within Naughty Dog and Sony about where should we show this trailer? Some were saying we should wait until E3. E3’s bigger But we’re such fans of PSX, and being here with the fans and sharing it with you guys [AUDIENCE CHEERING] That this was the venue for it There was no other option So in the last game, we obviously played both characters Can you give us any kind of hints as far as the gameplay? As far as where? Is Ellie our star in this one, where Joel was our star in the first? NEIL: Joel was the star in the first Ellie’s the star in this Ellie plays different from Joel I’m getting into risky territory here Some things are evolutions, some things are reinventions But there will be a gameplay reveal down the road ANDY: Yeah. I’m certain So as far as playing these characters again, when you find out the story, when you sit down, I assume you guys go out to dinner, sit down and you hear the story What is it like to find–? You were probably going: “I don’t know where these characters are going.” Until you hear the story What is that like? ASHLEY: Um I– It’s heavy. It’s heavy I think– I know we’re saying it over and over again, but there is such an attachment to these characters and this story and everybody at Naughty Dog There was– It was like a cocktail of emotions of just being excited to get back into it I cried just because I’m just emotional all the time

But I just– It’s– I actually remember this We went to a restaurant and I was like, “Okay So we’re gonna do this DLC called Left Behind Let me kind of tell you what we’re thinking.” That’s where we discussed a lot about Ellie and her sexual orientation, and who she is And so we kind of walked through the whole story of Left Behind and Ashley’s crying at the end People are looking at us weird, like: “That’s fucked up This guy brought her here to break up with her.” [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] I’m like, “I have one more story I wanna pitch you It’s still early We’re working on it.” And I walked her through the story of Part II And she’s like bawling by the end of it I’m like, “It’s too much Don’t tell me this now.” But it’s just so great It’s just so great to be back I mean, I can’t say that enough For me, again, this is not just one sit-down and “Let’s run over the story.” This has been a conversation that’s been ongoing And typically, in our conversations, it starts off with Neil saying: “Let me ask you a question What if?” And there’s this This amazing thing And so to me, I don’t remember just hearing the pitch It’s more about the fact that these guys have allowed Ashley and I to be part of this conversation And we’ve seen the evolution We saw the evolution of the first game Where it, originally, was supposed to end Then where it ended up being, which to me, is the most honest, most perfect ending to a videogame I’ve ever seen Ever, ever, ever [AUDIENCE CHEERING] And– Which has lent itself so well to, does Ellie know that Joel lied to her? And what does the “okay” mean? What happened immediately after? And when we did One Night live, it was great, because we kind of got to dip our toe in that water and see what that felt like a little bit In a scene that– It’s not in canon, and Neil said that specifically this is something completely separate NEIL: Well Huh? Go ahead. Go ahead You said, “This isn’t in canon This is just something here for tonight.” You made me lose my train of thought But again, it’s great to be a part of the conversation to see how far it’s come And again, the trust that we have, there’s so much trust between what Naughty Dog trusts with their actors and how much the actors entrust to Naughty Dog and everybody else who’s gonna do this They have hired us, and they trust us to give them the performances that give you guys and give us, as gamers, the experience that they wanna tell And then we trust them to take what we do and execute that And so it’s just this great symbiotic relationship But for them to bring us in so early on, and into the conversation and allow us to see, not only, how it’ll end up, but where it started, is one of the reasons why we feel so attached to this We have grown with these characters, and we have grown with this story too Yeah They’re definitely memorable TROY: Yeah So at Naughty Dog, I know you guys are always trying to see: “How do we one-up our previous game? And then how do we do that?” And I think the original Last of Us has scenes like the giraffe, I think, that sticks with people You go like, “Okay. We’re gonna make Part II Oh, my God We’ve gotta one-up that.” How do you approach looking for those moments that define a game like that? Is it as simple as like: “These are gonna be defining moments?” Or do they find you? NEIL: It’s different for a sequel than the original The original, you don’t have a lot to draw from It’s all kind of fresh ideas With the sequel, you could easily fall into the trap of: “The first one was great.” You start operating out of fear of: “We need the ‘giraffe’ moment, the winter sequence, the guy that’s gonna be like David.” I’ve definitely felt that: “I don’t know if these scenes are gonna be as good as that.” But you have to ignore all that and say, “What is this story? “What are the moments for this story? “Where are the characters now? They’re different than they were in the first game.” And honor that. There might not be a ‘giraffe’ sequence There might not be a character like David There will be different moments Hopefully, they resonate as much as in the first game Yeah, and we all want– Can we play it tomorrow, please? And it’s available now ASHLEY: Yes, please I know that it’s important that you guys are showing and sharing this early I know you have a lot of work You did just finish Uncharted Do we have any idea when we would maybe see Last of Us Part II in our PlayStations? We have an idea, but we’ve learned now, several times, not to say that publicly until we’re confident with that idea So we’re gonna hold off on saying when it comes out for a while TROY: The future. It’s in the future So I learned something interesting from you the other day, which was that you had the ends set for both Left Behind and the original Last of Us

As you got towards the end of production and you found yourself getting to the end that you wanted to find more, you wanted to get more So you guys don’t just sit down and make one scene a weekend Do the whole game, “See you. We’ll come back.” How is it when you come back together, when you’re trying to fill in the gaps, when you’re trying to find each scene in each area How do you define that? And how do you revisit and bring that energy back to that scene when you’re like, “We’re going back and doing it again?” I think it’s important, not just working with actors, but the entire team, that everyone has a full understanding of: “What is the experience we’re after?” And in very simple terms, “What is each beat about?” Like when Joel and Ellie are in Pittsburgh in the first game, it’s really about the first time Joel is trusting Ellie as an equal We’re like, “What are the set pieces that could get us that? “What moments and mechanics will get us that? What are the scenes that will get that?” So when we capture scenes, we’ll do these mini-arcs We’ll capture all of Pittsburgh at the same time so that we can kind of wrap our head around it It’s almost like a mini-story We’ll take a break, implement stuff, other levels will come online When we feel we’re ready for another sequence, like the winter sequence, we captured all that in one go, and I think we did it chronologically TROY: Pretty much I don’t remember But that’s what helps us kind of just compartmentalize each one of these aspects, and then they slot in As long as your plan is good and you thought things through, they slot in easily with minor adjustments as you’re trying to fit it together So when you have to get direction from Neil, is he a tyrant on the set? ASHLEY: No TROY: No No? He’s the best There’s this great shot My wife came to set one day, and she’s a fantastic photographer And there’s this shot that she got of Neil and I And it’s from behind, and it’s Neil talking to me and I’m gesticulating just like this: And it was– I think it was when we were reshooting something, but it wasn’t the “Sarah” scene It was something else Neil’s never been afraid to have a conversation with you and ask you genuinely: “What are you thinking? How do you feel about this?” Or, “We need to find a way to get there together.” Again, like we talked about bringing in the conversation, that continues when we’re on set together There’s nothing about a tyrant He’s open to anything There have been so many bad ideas that I felt really passionate about and he’s been kind enough to let me try them out He’s like, “You got that out of your system Do you wanna go back to the way we were doing it?” But no, you’re the greatest director I’ve ever worked with, man ASHLEY: It’s true Anybody who’s an actor would be privileged to work with you ASHLEY: Yeah ANDY: I didn’t actually think you were a tyrant NEIL: I think the more you do this, the more you get confident in knowing that you don’t know what you’re doing So it really is about play We come in to shoot these scenes with an idea “We think this is how it’s gonna work.” As you get it up on its feet, you discover different things You want to remain open to them So when we sit down, we’ll do a scene, then we’ll talk about: “Okay. This part, what if we played it this way? Let’s just see what happens.” A lot of times, we’ll talk about it and say: “Let’s see what happens.” Hopefully, we find these little magical moments that then help make it for a richer story ASHLEY: Yeah He’s hands-down one of my favorite directors I’ve ever worked with I think because it’s just an open– It’s so fun It’s so fun working with you And so I think it’s why I’ve missed it so much, because I think we’ve built so much trust between all of us to try something that might turn out to be stupid, but he still gives us the freedom to do it And most of the time, he knows He’ll come over, “I know exactly what this is missing.” He won’t say it, but he’ll be, “Try this.” Then you’re like, “Oh, my God. Yes.” You think I know. I don’t know You know. You know I think about the ranch-house scene I love talking about that one Where Joel finds Ellie up in the room reading the diary And he’s like, “Is this what little girls’ problems were?” And we worked on that scene for hours On a TV or film set, you’ve got a day to make. You’ve gotta go You have to shoot fast, and you don’t really have a lot of time to spend time workshopping it Come prepared, be camera-ready and shoot that scene But the fact that there was such a freedom to be able to explore, discuss, and have contention there, and all of us were feeling like it’s good, but it’s not perfect It’s not right And I’ll never forget, I asked Neil,

“Can I just take five minutes?” He goes, “Take 10.” And I went off to the back of the soundstage, and just sat down Ashley and I were not frustrated with each other, we were frustrated about the scene We weren’t really connecting on it We were executing the lines, and we were doing the scene justice, but it wasn’t perfect And we came back, and something happened And it’s when Ashley stood up And I wasn’t looking at her I was looking away And she said, “Everybody that I’ve cared about has left me Everybody–” She saw I wasn’t looking at her, and she shoved me “Everyone fucking except for you.” And the scene took off It’s stuff like that It’s having a director It’s having an entire creative team that’s open to finding those little bits of magic As opposed to, “I have a day to make I really have to shoot these pages It’s good enough Let’s move on.” But going, “If we leave here today, “and we don’t have this scene in the can, “that’s fine We’ll come back, “but we’re not going to put this away until it’s perfect Until it’s right.” ANDY: Yeah. That’s awesome Yeah [AUDIENCE CLAPPING] ANDY: So as you said at the beginning, it’s a story about the performances, the game, the gameplay, and also the music Can you tell us anything about the music? Do we have Gustavo returning? What’s going on with that? So first game was composed by Gustavo Santaolalla Second game is composed by Gustavo Santaolalla [AUDIENCE CHEERING] [ANDY AND ASHLEY CHUCKLE] He is really amazing He’s a good friend of mine at this point Again, we’ve been talking now for a couple years about this project He’s never done a sequel for anything he’s done He’s so prolific and so good He has these passion projects, and he just picks and chooses He doesn’t care about money So he started writing some new themes for us And for this trailer, you heard some new theme in the beginning and then a new rendition of the original theme at the end But I think we have a short clip that we cut of a new theme for the game that we’re gonna play for you and threw some concept art in there that nothing is too spoiler-y So you get to see some new stuff [AUDIENCE CHEERS] ANDY: Do we have it? Whenever [♪♪♪] [AUDIENCE CLAPPING] ANDY: I think it’s one of the things that I’ve had the luck of– I mean, I met Naughty Dog a long, long time ago One of the things that they’ve had, from the beginning– What, 25 years? You’re now 12 years with Naughty Dog They’ve had amazing people working there and done a lot of amazing things But the thing that I hear Neil say, and I’m gonna repeat here a little bit is the passion that runs from every single person at Naughty Dog about their games, about what they’re making As you can see here from the performers, that same vein runs through those, and I think it shows in the game I think that’s why everyone loved the original game And I think that you can already see that passion flowing into this year-and-a-half-old sneak-peek into what we have to come for Last of Us II I wanna thank you guys so much for taking the time to talk about the game today I would’ve loved to have gotten more about the gameplay I know that that’s the secret NEIL: You want the Game Informer cover Exactly But I think my last question for you would be thus far in the journey when you go here, and you revisit, and you talk about this again, do you think The Last of Us can exist without Joel and Ellie? Are they the last of us? What is your interpretation of what we’ve seen and understood so far about the game and the series?

Don’t look at me [LAUGHS] It’s somewhat– They’re the heart of it I don’t see it without them That’s all I can really say It’s like they’re– Obviously, we have the infected and there’s the world, and there are all these different factions and how they’re trying to eke out survival in this world But at its core, it’s about human relationships And this being the most important one in the story So it is what it is Thank you very much We’re a little early finishing up, but I think we’ve definitely explored The Last of Us Part II Thank you. I appreciate it Thank you for your time TROY: Our pleasure, man NEIL: Thank you TROY: Thank you, guys COMPUTER VOICE: PlayStation