Pimax 5K+ Is it any good? 10 Month Review

you’re so there guys immersive gaming thank you very much for stopping by today to talk to you about my max wife came last I’ve read some pregnant you may be interested in something that you probably should avoid so well further ado I would like to apologize for the lack of content on the channel this is indeed partly down to the products it’s been my daily driver now since last January and because of this I was running on old hardware I’ve not been able to really talk about it and show you any gameplay or capture footage because of I was able to play the games but I wasn’t able to replay and capture at the same time so that’s probably point number one the hardware required to actually push this to potential is quite high there’s lots of videos talking about that so you know all I’m gonna say is that I’ve changed up from a GT up to 1080 which I was able to play most things fine on now gotten our TX 2080 Ti so it took me a long time to save the pennies to get there should we be able to start getting some content out see shorty the first impressions of this back when I first got it was very strange actually there was definitely massive resolution increased from the og vive but you know I did definitely notice some distortion on the edges you know initially that was a bit of a problem so I tried turning it down from large to normal and then I actually got some thinner via covers the actual original gasket that came with it wasn’t wasn’t the best so often some months to it now as well to make it a bit more comfortable the head strap the can with it wasn’t the best so I’ll show you some pictures of what it looks like here and now yeah so we’ve we’ve changed it out this is the climax now so as you can see I’ve got the deluxe audio strap from the vive on there which is nice and a good audio solution and yeah we’ve got a VR cover in there as well which is I think it’s six mil I’m not sure exactly but doing this modification pretty much changed it from being underwhelming to my daddy driver and very much enjoying it so you can’t see how it goes on there there’s some 3d printed bits you can get off a Thingiverse or you can order them off of ebay and if you know someone with a printer you can get them print it off or you can just purchase them which is what I end up doing off of ebay and then to spend about 15 pounds just search for poor max on that I’ll see if I can link them down in the description in the description so then overall the the actual resolution increase is very very good that’s what I heard we’re very very nice as well I actually think that there is very you know a very nice piece of equipment the main people that would be interested in this would be someone upgrading from HTC vive the original vive comes with the lighthouses as well as controllers and you will need both in order to run the power max so I mean you can get away with the three degrees of movement so you can’t lean in and out but you can con a lot on a lollipop stick look up and down so if you’re interested in sim racing maybe that’s something that you’ll enjoy other but for me it’s all about you know being able to interact with things with your hands as well as you know just being able to actually fully walk around the environment so if you own the original five or any kind of you know willing to buy them separately then this might be something that you’re interested in I think if you own an oculus I wouldn’t even bother you know I wouldn’t even bother because it it’s a lot of effort switching over changing out getting older base stations you know you might as well just boring index so in more in my opinion the main people that would be looking to boy the the poor max 5k + would be someone who has regular IPD so someone who’s not on the extreme scales of a lot too big too small there is a slider you are able to adjust whether to the slaughter functionality just there you can move that aim and then that moves the lenses in and out independently which is a nice feature but yeah that’s definitely something to consider so if you’re on the large scale or the small sports game or not you know your mom’s looking to see if you can get that mode anywhere before buying a massive point to mention as well is the software so I’d myself

would consider myself to be a bit of a tinkerer you know I’ve been around since a decade two days I had a development kit – I actually really enjoyed the development kit our Lord’s going in changing files working around and trying to get things working actually falling that quart of fun and that’s if you can handle that sort of thing then the poem axe is actually a really really good unit I’ve really enjoy it very very happy it is my daily driver I won’t be changing over to an index I’m happy with with happy enough with it that I’m going to keep all of it and it’s very very good especially fill our sims like you know project cars assetto corsa and you know flora sims and math as well another thing to mention which i think is worth knowing is the software side it’s not great it’s not great you know there’s a lot of games one run out the gate you have to activate this proprietary compatibility in the interface software called parallel projection it’s a tick box with inside the portal and it basically bridges the gap between the angle of the screens whereas a normal screen lenses will be angled like that poor max is a bit like that so a lot of the games they don’t converge correctly they have lot two separate images or like but the very peripherals it’s missing a lot of things appearing one is jank domain is seriously not great and but the problem is not this parallel projection because that actually resolved wasn’t 95% of the issues you couldn’t you know you gonna be able to run I’ll pretty much say 99% on more games I can get and run in one way or another whether it be for a Revo if you know Chris there is an oculus fake revolve I guess actually as part of pi talks they do natively boo oculus games as well as stamp er games which is pretty good and it runs pretty well but when you have to activate this parallel projection and not all games require it but like if you do have to activate your wishes for a lot of the games it’s probably going to take about 10 to 15 percent of your hardware resources to do that so you’re gonna get worse performance than you should be getting and things are scaring things like fallout God’s wrath you know there’s a lot of things where you need to activate this in order to actually get it running well the list is too long to start with enough games to be honest but overall if you can get past that and you know the actual hardware’s pretty sick and when it works it works really well when you first get in there if you’ve been at an OG vive user there is a bit of binocular overlap it’s almost like if you focus if you close your one eye and you look that way you can see your nose and then you look that way and you can see you know so you can kinda see your nose but your brain blocks it out because you’ve had your nose for so long you actually stop seeing your nose when you look in someone you don’t even focus on it but if you actually stop and look at it for you guys I’ve actually got a fancy one nose all the time it’s kind of like that so there is a little bit of a binocular overlap but this started as well but then you know after after about a week a week of using it but I’ll no longer see that at all but I think it’s something worth mentioning so this is not going to be a sweep over video when it goes into like 45 minutes showing you macro limbs pictures don’t mean if you want that go and check his channel one thing that we’ll say about poor max and sweep over specifically I think that mines all rightie makes good content than that but he’s actually working for par max now so consider that when you’re watching his videos because he is on their books the hardware’s good software and so good and it’s getting better I mean I remember when steamvr first came out that was pretty junk as well back in the old you know back in there in in in the early days it’s a lot better now steamvr pretty flawless to be honest these days it works very very well but definitely something to consider that sweet Volvo is on the books so you might want to take his videos with a pinch of salt he has a lot of good content and he will show you specifics about macro lens shots and lock comparisons but you know you’ll see side-by-side comparisons of like the vive you know the oculus cv1 lock riff des and there’s now over headsets coming out as well so there’s like the a cage which is what I originally up backed bubs because it’s actually running native res there that what seem to be the other way to go overall though very happy with it I do love the poor max but you know even

though this monsoon look is a bit of a mixed bag I really do but like a I’m in a position where if I really wanted to or could be buying and index but as it stands I’m probably just gonna get some index controllers and keep the PI max because I’m pretty happy with it and I’m at the point now where you know I can pretty much for my way around the software you know no one doing you know know what to try and tinkering with it because you know sometimes you turn it on and you’ve got a restart it you’ve gotta restart the software in order to get it you know it’s just it’s just a bit of a ball like sometimes but if you can get your head round that and you know you’re gonna be paying a much lower price for pretty good hardware and hopefully this off the software it improves over time I’m gonna be making some more videos soon guys I know that this video has been all over the place I’m pretty nervous about recording and it’s been a long time since I’ve actually had a chance to make some content is yeah I’m looking to come back on know that I’ve been out the game for quite a while very sorry about that all those things on the table as well so you know ideally in an ideal world I would have where’d my hardware a long time before the I work quite a long way away from home so I had to get car the car is here boy what’d you think about that put them in oh the comments and yeah so that came first that’s what we that’s what we are without a few bits going on with my job so you know I’ve had to get me at bound and that’s all saw it now though so yeah fingers crossed I’ll be having some more content coming out to you very soon I’m gonna try and commit to about one a week so I don’t know if this video was helpful to you but let me know in the comments and it’s actually yeah I’ve been pretty pretty good to actually make some time ago making a video so yeah I’ll see you soon hopefully on the next one thanks guys thank you bye bye