Jocko Podcast 109 w/ Echo Charles: "Stalingrad Memories of Hell"

this is jaco podcast number 109 with echo Charles and me Jocko Willick good evening echo good evening one September 1942 the Army in the field comrade fighters commanders and political workers heroic defenders of Stalingrad the bitter fighting for the city of Stalingrad has been raging for months the Germans have lost hundreds of tanks and planes Hitler’s brutalized hordes are advancing toward Stalingrad and the Volga / mountains of dead bodies of their own men and officers our Bolshevik Party our nation our great country have given us the task not to let the enemy reach the Volga to distr to defend the city of Stalingrad the defense of Stalingrad is of decisive importance for the whole Soviet front without sparing our strength and with scorn for death we shall defy the Germans the way to the Volga and not give up Stalingrad each one of us must bear in mind that the capture of Stalingrad by the Germans and their advance to the Volga will give our enemies new strength and weaken our own forces not one step back the war council expects unlimited courage tenacity and heroism in the fight with the onrushing enemy from all the fighters commanders and political workers from all the defenders of Stalingrad the enemy must and will be smashed on the approaches to Stalingrad forward against the enemy up into the unremitting battle comrades for Stalingrad for our great country death to the German invader so that is a clearly a note from the general on the ground the member of the war council of the Stalingrad and Southwest Front lieutenant general Khrushchev sent to the troops obviously that we’re preparing to defend Stalingrad now there was another commander in the field by the name of Paulus and he sent a note to Hitler on 23 November 1942 my Fuhrer since receipt of your radio message of evening 22 one one vents have come thick and fast we have not succeeded in closing the pocket to the southwest and west impending enemy penetrations begin to emerge their ammunition and fuel are coming to an end numerous batteries and tanks have shot themselves dry a timely and adequate supply is impossible the army will shortly be destroyed unless a concentration of forces succeeds in totally defeating the enemy attacking from the south and west for this we must immediately withdraw all forces from Stalingrad and strong detachments from the northern front an unavoidable sequel must then be a break out towards the southwest since eastern and northern front can no longer be held with such weak forces in this case we will even lose much material but the majority of the valuable combatants and at least a part of the material will be preserved I retain full responsibility for this message even if I add that commanding generals Heights Strecker Hubei Jacmel von side let’s all share this evaluation of the situation based on the situation I again request freedom of action Heil my Fuhrer signed Paulus the Russians were effective in surrounding the Germans the German 6th army as a matter of fact 250 to 300 thousand men fully surrounded now by the Russians here’s what Hitler wrote back six army has been temporarily encircled by Russian forces I intend to concentrate the army in the area Stalingrad north Koch Lube on Hill 137 Hill 135 marinovka zebb n co stolid ground south the army may rest assured that I will do everything to bring supplies to it accordingly and relieve it in time I know the Braves 6th army and its commander-in-chief and I am sure it will do its duty signed Adolf Hitler so and

we’ll get into this Hitler over and over again is asked if the troops on the ground can try and escape from Stalingrad and over and over again he says no you cannot leave you will fight to the last bullet and on the 30th of January 1943 Hermann Goering who is the Nazi reichsmarschall of the entire German Reich sir he’s this senior military man of the entire German army from 1940 until the end of the war and even though Stalingrad had not fallen yet he gave this speech about their sacrifice of these German soldiers and he gave it being it was obviously heard on the radio etc then it spread and actually the soldiers on the ground in Stalingrad the German soldiers heard this speech and again we’ll get more to what the reactions were but I’m gonna read that as part of that speech right now it made one shudder but Stalin had enormous masses at his disposal and used old men women and children and did not bother about supplies or sufficient food or transport the Russians used the whip or the bullet the Germans alone could resist and could wrestle with such an adversary everything depended on them with the greatest respect to other nations the Germans are the only ones in Europe in a position to break Russia and destroy Bolshevism of all the terrific battles the battle for Stalingrad stood out like a gigantic monument which would one day be regarded as the greatest and most heroic battle in German history so he’s referring to this in the past tense once again this is this hasn’t been said and finished yet but he’s referring to it like it’s in the past tense because for all practical purposes it was back to the document every German soldier would come to pronounce the word Stalingrad with holy awe and remember that it was there that germ Germany set the seal of final victory because people that fought like that must win Germany has now become the guarantor of European freedom culture and life but for the fighters of Stalingrad the Russians might have obtained their objective now they are too late the defenders of Stalingrad had obeyed the law which everyone must obey the law to die for Germany this law was not only binding on soldiers but on the whole German nation the nation must not question whether its stand at Stalingrad has been necessary or not the law had ordered them to do so so here is saying don’t question no question the sacrifice of two hundred and fifty thousand men don’t question it it was of no concern to the German soldier whether he died at Stalingrad in the African desert or Norway he always sacrificed himself so that his nation might live in ours when some people perhaps tried to install morbid and sly thoughts to your brains then we must always look at the Fuhrer there shining and greatest example they could believe that the almighty had led this man a god-sent man to pass through innumerable dangers and become greater and greater all for nothing that Providence had given them this man who had made them into the strongest nation in the world these are guarantees that justify our belief in victory so we’re talking about Hitler here by the way as a god-sent man in difficult times a real leader is tested and people prove their worth in hard trials I the commander in chief of the Luftwaffe suffered exceptionally when I heard of the results of the bombings and although I did my best to prevent it from happening it must be recognized as unavoidable and must not influence our will for resistance we know a tremendous heroic song from a match without equal that was called the Battle of the Nibelungs they too stood in a Hall of fire and fire quenching their thirst with their own blood but fought and fought to the last such a

fight is raging there today because of people who can fight like that must win and before these men a millennia previous there stood in a small Gorge and Greece and infinitely brave and daring man with his 300 leonidas stood with 300 Spartans from a tribe known for its bravery and boldness and an overwhelmingly numerical superior enemy attacked and attacked and attacked again and again even then it was a rush from the Asian East against the Nordic people huge numbers of men were available to Xerxes but the 300 men did not waver or falter fighting a losing battle hopeless but not meaningless and then the last man fell and in this bottleneck there is a sentence wanderer if you come to Sparta report that you had seen us lying here as the law commanded they were 300 men my comrades and millennia have passed but today that battle that sacrifice still counts as the greatest example of heroic soldiering and today this fight is there this sacrifice is there in Stalingrad and one day it will be said if you go to Germany tell them you have seen us lying in Stalingrad as the law commanded us to protect the security of our people and as I said those were the words of Hermann Goering who was the senior officer of the German military at that time and those were his words and of course his words were lies all of them were lies and no one knew that better than the men on the ground in and around the Russian city of Stalingrad nearly 1500 miles away from Berlin freezing starving surrounded low on ammunition lacking medical supplies and lacking cold-weather gear and lacking any kind of real leadership and they also served in a nation that lacked the moral high ground as a matter of fact their nation’s leaders lacked any kind of morality at all and this is clear and the aggression that they unleashed in the world and the atrocities that they committed mass murder of millions of people and it’s clear that they had no morality whatsoever based on how they treated their own soldiers who like many soldiers were men that were fighting not for political powers or for political ideals creating an ivory tower thousands of miles away from them but for the ideals of a soldier himself duty and courage and honor that’s what soldiers fight for and the ultimate thing that they fight for as we have heard time and time again is for their brothers on the line with them to their left and to their right and one of those men was named Johan wieder he was an intelligence officer Tinley ate the core of the German 6th army and he wrote about his experiences in a book called Stalingrad memories of Hell where he recalls what he and other German soldiers went through physically mentally and spiritually as they were abandoned by their leaders as they were abandoned by life and as they were abandoned by hope itself let’s go to the

book again this is young Akeem wieder and the book is called Stalingrad memories of hell after meticulous preparations of gigantic proportions the Russians with their overwhelmingly superior armor and cavalry forces attacking like lightning from the north and the following day from the east pressed our entire sixth army into an iron vise within three days the encircling ring was closed at Kailash on the Dan and kama dawn and constantly reinforced stunned we stared at our situation maps on which menacing thick red lines of encirclement and arrows showed the enemy attacks penetrations and directions of advance we had never imagined a catastrophe of such proportions to be possible the mighty wedges of the Russian armored columns could not be stopped and a myriad of highly mobile cavalry troops increased the muddle and confusion in the rear of the bloody rent front of the army so you know obviously I skipped a little bit moving into this poor point but at this point they’re completely surrounded like I said cut off and the Russians are applying the pressure the enemy appeared to be systematically evading our blows and to be withdrawing into the depths of Russia so this is going he’s kind of reflecting back on how they ended up there then he says that he says the enemy appeared to be systematically evading our blows and to be withdrawing into the depths of Russia this is what the Russians do that’s what they did in Napoleon in 1812 and they’re doing it again here and he back to the book taken as a whole this was a masterpiece of General Staff thinking today I am convinced that those withdrawals of what Russian forces during the summer of 1942 or an outstanding enactment of traditional war Russian war tactics so Hitler got lured in and they didn’t pay attention they didn’t reflect on history and as we all well as most people know this was also Hitler opening another front and trying to fight on multiple fronts at the same time which which goes against a certain law of combat called prioritize and execute focus your forces on your most important thing and then move on Hitler gets an F on prioritize and execute back to the book it had now come to pass we were actually caught in a trap how were we to get out serious is the situation in the pocket he refers to this area as the pocket this is the pocket of Russian soldiers serious as the situation in the pocket was from the very outset in our bunker there was still an atmosphere of confidence and a certain feeling of superiority so that’s by the way that’s how you end up in these situations and the Germans absolutely believe their own propaganda that they were the best soldiers and that they were the master race and that the these Bolsheviks couldn’t fight them hmm when you believe that you think you can march right into Stalingrad and take it mm-hmm no winders not gonna bother you admittedly an eerie memory arose within me and intensified my apprehensive unrest with each passing day it was the memory of several fanatical statements that Hitler had recently made in public speeches the German soldier he said now stood on the Volga and no power on earth could make him leave the supreme warlord that’s a reference to Hitler the and he’s got it in quotes the supreme warlord had emphatically committed himself he had prophesized and demanded that Stalingrad be relentlessly attacked and taken in presumptuous terms he’d even sworn before God and history never again to relinquish on this conquest presenting it as already achieved with such an attitude as this on the part of the supreme warlord was giving up the Volga and retreating conceivable at all so Hitler had painted himself into a corner with a paintbrush of arrogance and it ended up in this situation where he’s saying nope we’re never gonna leave and he does not back to the book the fate of more than a quarter million human beings was decided over such a distance so that the Fuhrer headquarters is 2,000 mile 2,000 kilometers it’s like 1500 miles away and they’re making decisions this

is called micromanagement mmm by the way this is called micromanagement this is not decentralized command this is the fourth law of combat from the book called extreme ownership Hitler gets an F on decentralized command he’s micromanaging his troops that are 1500 miles away the fate of more than a quarter million human beings was decided over such a distance from there Hitler repeatedly addressed orders and appeals directly to Stalin to the Stalingrad army which had been removed from under the command of Army Group B and reassigned to the newly formed Army Group Don and then Don DeLand is a river now everybody knew that they needed to perform a military maneuver referred to as a breakout which means you picture you’re in a circle you’re surrounded by troops you pick one part of that circle of the people that are surrounding you and you attack and you break through it it sounds like what it is it’s a breakout everybody knew that they needed to breakout they’re like hey we’re surrounded we need fuel we need water we need food we don’t have any of that we need to break out and so everyone was kind of prepared to do that back to the book our army still deposed of about 130 combat ready tanks and about the same number of armored scout cars and other armored vehicles in other words we still had a powerful motorized units available everywhere people were waiting for the relieving signal for the breakout with fluttering hearts we followed the preparations that were taking place mainly in the western sector of the army in anticipation of the expected operation the order had be given to destroy all superfluous material everywhere damaged guns tanks and trucks useless communication and engineering equipment huge amounts of clothing files and paper even food were being consigned to flames so they all think that they’re gonna break out they’re assuming look we’re gonna break out this the only solution right now we’re surrounded we need to attack one area and get out of here so they start going okay before we leave we’re gonna burn this fuel we’re gonna burn this food we’re not gonna leave anything for the Russians back to the book according to the decision by army command the retreat from Stalingrad was begin on 26 November we did not entertain the slightest doubt that the supreme command must be convinced of its necessity we counted firmly on its being carried out I will never forget how stunned we all were the agitation yes the petrifying horror that befell us especially among the higher ranks of our staff went on 24 November the message came in from Army that Hitler had forbidden the planned breakout and finally ordered the Stalingrad army to temporarily take up a position of all-around defense so it was says no you’re not leaving oh you’re surrounded by the way they’re surrounded by a force of about a million Russian soldiers but but but it’s more than that because they’re surrounded by the country of Russia back to the book the fatal radio message from the distant führer headquarters had come like a stroke of lightning forbidding the plan withdraw of our northern front the detachment of our forces from Stalingrad and thereby the hope for the breakout this decision by the supreme command was just as heavy a blow for the staff at the army as it was for us we were unable to satisfy ourselves as to why all the reports admonitions and requests for our responsible of our responsible hire staff who were best able to judge the events and all the dangers they entailed had not been successful so this is something that Patton said the commander on the ground is always right meaning if you’re sitting in an ivory tower somewhere there’s a guy on the ground he’s right and you’re wrong he’s on the ground he knows what’s happening now could we come up with some exceptions to this absolutely you have better intelligence of what’s happening you maybe know some you maybe have overhead coverage or you could you get air reports or you have thin these days you have satellites looking at things so yeah there’s situations where you might know a little bit more but the default thought process should be the guy on the ground isn’t is it has a better situational awareness than I do I’m gonna go with their call and here’s Hitler saying no now general policies the commander of all the all the German soldiers general Paul’s back to the book general Paulus addressed himself directly to Hitler with a very serious and responsible evaluation of the situation in this momentous radio message he had adamantly stressed that the fact that all his senior commanding generals shared the conviction that because it would be impossible to adequately supply the army in time it would shortly be destroyed unless a concentration of all available forces were to succeed and divide decisively beating the enemy attacking from the West in the south so it’s not

just one general at saying this every but every user there’s there’s 250 and 300 thousand Germans there there’s a lot of senior military people all of them are saying we need to leave mmm Hitler says know why cuz Hitler is just that like no you got you guys don’t leave because we’re we’re Germans we fight till the death attained its arrogance yeah I mean it’s it’s absolutely partially arrogance that he thinks no will hold out it will still just win to where us yeah we’ll just we’ll just hold it out and I think he’s being stubborn and yeah yes the kind where like he he made a call kind of thing he made a comment in there like hey with this the calls no good we’re gonna do this I made the call yeah ego I mean obviously Hitler hasn’t I’m probably one of the biggest egos of any human being ever and he yeah in full effect even though he had left no doubt but in his view the decision promising salvation lane an immediate break out in the end he too is talking about Paulus in the end he too submitted and obeyed for him an order was an order in spite of everything all that remained to us was to hope for a rescue operation from the outside I will say this actually you know there’s some books that parts of this book that I’m not going to cover because we just don’t have time well there’s that guy that gave that speech going in the beginning he had also told Hitler hey don’t worry we can recently he was the before taking over all the German military forces he was in charge of the German air force the Luftwaffe and he said look we can resupply these guys don’t worry about it don’t worry and he probably said that at a time when it didn’t look like they were to get completely surrounded you know oh yeah well we supply and don’t worry about and we’ll get into some of the numbers on what they said they could do but that’s another reason why Hitler Hitler thought oh we can resupply he also had people on the ground he’s surrounded by yes men yeah so no one wants to disagree with the boss man in this case Adolf Hitler by saying so when he says look can’t we resupply them yes yes we can resupply them from the air and also he was saying hey can’t someone instead of them breaking out and going toward back towards Germany when we have some German troops go towards them and break in to them that way we can open up some supply lines so what did he get told when he when he offered that solution he got told yes we can do it yes we can do it so he’s surrounded by yes men and you know how he ended up surrounded by yes men he has he go hmm I don’t like to be told you’re gonna tell me no you’re fired yeah get someone in here that’s gonna tell me that they can do what I’m saying and then that person is gonna get promoted and then you get surrounded by people that want to get promoted proceeding on and there was one general that really made it made a significant effort here we go back to the book initially general Vaughn side blitz was dumbfounded stunned he accepted the order but in his heart he rejected it particularly since he was painfully aware that his own war hands were tied not until the following day 25 November 1942 did General von Side ‘let’s react to Hitler’s orders and his reaction was as much filled with a sense of responsibility as it was temperamental addressed to the army command it took the form of a detailed evaluation of the situation that the corps commander had had his chief of staff prepare it surmised once again all the arguments against the Stalingrad army digging in and urged the breaking out of the ring immediately so what’s cool about this book they actually have this actual document to the sky road if you ever heard me talk on the podcast about getting all your ducks in a row and like hey if my boss tells me now cool I’m gonna I’m gonna get all the information I’m gonna come back and how many I’m gonna make a bulletproof argument yeah yeah my boss is going to agree with because you can’t my arguments gonna be bulletproof because I’m right and if I wasn’t right then I wouldn’t prison I wouldn’t go this far right I’m not gonna I’m not gonna put my my reputation on the line arguing something that I don’t truly believe is right you know I’ll say okay well you know what he could be right so you know what I’m gonna try and execute it to my best of my ability in this case zeidlitz is like no it’s not no and and he says okay I’m gonna perform I’m gonna put together this thing they have the document inside this book I would read it but it’s long it’s it’s so detailed that it would take too much time but it lays out every little detail of why they need to break out and not an emotion that’s what’s beautiful but not an emotional way how maybe I just need to check myself because maybe more emotion was needed but generally if

you come across as really emotional Hitler would think all you well boss would think oh you’re just emotional about the zecko use the emotional buddy you just need to calm down yeah it’s carry out the orders so he didn’t he played the role or he used the strategy of just calm this is what’s going on this is what needs to change or this is what we need to do and if we don’t it’s gonna be catastrophic back to the book in the emergency situation intensified by the okay agent okay jazz Oberkommando de Ayer switches the supreme high command of the German army general von side let’s demanded from the commander in chief of the army that he act immediately against orders in other words against Hitler so so side let’s win silence got told no he’s like no listen we need to do it anyways that’s how passionate so now he’s starting to get a little bit emotional and passionate he declared it to be an imperative duty to the army and the German people to obey the dictates of conscious and to seize the freedom of action that had been forbidden in order to prevent threatening catastrophe the memo was passed on by army come and but had no effect whatsoever and so they had to suffer the additional pain that in the final analysis they could but give in and fulfill the bitter soldierly duty to obey against their own better insight now I will tell you that as Napoleon said if you execute a plan that you know is wrong you are culpable for executing it and these guys they would not stand up against Hitler back to the book we were all deeply disturbed and full of despair and in our hearts even outraged what was being demanded of us not only contradicted all military experience it went against every soldierly feeling and robbed of us any hope of any hope of being able to save ourselves by breaking out under our own power in the last week of November when the formations that had been heavily damaged during the initial retreat were hastily and with great difficulty establishing themselves on a new main line of resistance army issued a grave order of the day I can still remember the exact warning it started sixth Army has been surrounded this is not your fault as always you have fought bravely and tenaciously up to the moment the enemy had you by the neck it went on to point out that the hard fighting suffering and deprivation that would still be demanded of the troops and which they would have to endure for a time and hunger and frost trusting in the help from outside that had been so definitely promised so Hitler did say I’m gonna send help from the outside don’t worry about it you stay put finally mention was made of the relief operation to which Hitler had personally committed himself psychologically clever and calculating the appeal ended with the encouraging words promising consolation and salvation hauled on the Fuhrer will get you out this final sentence appealing so strongly to emotion which injected a new tone into the previously factual and sober language of military orders gave rise to discussions among our staff it made me realize on top of all that it already happened how great the sacrifice was going to be that would be demanded of the troops by the way these guys traveled there and had a really hard time of it they know how hard it was for them to get there and now they’re being told that the people that are gonna the way that they’re gonna get saved is by someone else coming behind them to help them going through the same hardships that they barely got there so they’re there their outlook isn’t good it’s a job he had they’re doubtful back to the book a large number of the soldiers who had been in constant exhaustion it is in constant an exhausting action in the frontline for two years without leave without having been home to see their loved ones so a lot of these guys so they had actually survived a winter early on they’d survived a winter as they pushed into Germany as they put it pushed in Russia and now they’re waiting for another one but these soldiers have been fighting for two straight years hard fighting back to the book naturally the troops were not in a position to appreciate the full extent of the suffering and deprivation they were about to face they knew nothing of the difficult problems of the overall supply situation so again this guy is working at the headquarters meaning he’s you know with the commanders and the leadership so he’s tracking all the logistics of the situation the frontline soldier doesn’t know the frontline soldier expects hey they’re gonna bring me bullets they can bring me food he realizes because he sees what’s actually happening that that’s gonna be a real problem they had no inkling of the countless

worries that lay so heavily and depressingly on the higher staffs nor at first were they aware that that at one stroke the encirclement had made it impossible to complete preparations for winter positions out there in the supply depots of the army lay tens of thousands of fur coats warm stockings protective headgear and other items of winter clothing which could now no longer reach the encircled forces for the most part the men remained completely inadequately supplied with winter gear and exposed to the murderous Frost so they had thousands and thousands of warm weather gear or I should say cold weather gear and now they’re gonna get nothing they’re cut off back to the book we calculated that our own army whose total strength before the encirclement had been about three hundred and thirty thousand men now numbered about two hundred and eighty thousand so they’re already short fifty thousand killed we the staff the officers in the staff departments also pinned our hopes on the relief operation which was being prepared no one even considered that Hitler would be ready to abandon the outstandingly proven sixth army on the Volga and throw it to the walls so these guys are even though I said that even though I said they weren’t hopeful they’re also thinking there’s no way that Hitler is gonna leave three hundred thousand soldiers out here there’s no way back to the book he was bound to find ways and means to rectify the devilish situation there were even starry-eyed dreamers not however among the older and more experienced who maintained that the Fuhrer would not only get us out but it probably already conceived a plan to turn our apparent defeat into a glorious triumph by encircling all the enemy’s armies that are surrounding us none of these dreamers and believers in miracles who kept those who kept surfacing here and there until the very end had a clear idea of what was implied by the fact that German soldiers were simultaneously fighting on the North Cape and the Bay of Biscay in the front of Leningrad and veers ve’ on in the caucus in Crete and in North Africa so again this guy’s fighting fronts all over the place and and the staff officers the leadership knew how thinly spread the German army was the frontline troops didn’t you know they didn’t make sense of that during the weeks of December the fighting strength of the army was deteriorating at a horrendous pace the blame for this lay mainly in the in the inadequate airlift here a catastrophic picture was slowly emerging in order to be able to maintain its ability to live and fight our army had initially requested 750 tons of supplies per day later reducing this to 500 tons per day the Ju 52 cargo aircraft had about a 2 ton load the want the 80111 fighter bomber had held about 1.5 tons so this is gonna require like 2,000 aircraft to be able to make this happen what do they end up with back to the book they only brought in 80 to 120 tons of the required supplies in other words not more than one-fifth of the amount needed purely and simply this meant a daily deficit of ten thousand kilograms of bread and a fatal under supply of desperately needed fuel and ammunition we’re getting 1/5 of what they need now we have to be careful because that’s a little statistic that we’re throwing out there right like oh we’re getting 1/5 of what we need but I’ll think of a human being in what you need is a human being just food can you cut that down to 1/5 of what you need you know you need 2,500 calories a day you’re gonna get 500 mmm that’s what we’re talking about yeah you need and and by the way you’re fighting and you’re gonna you’re being attacked so you need thousand bullets a day right you need a thousand bullets a day you’re getting a hundred and twenty bullets it’s it’s there things are not looking good back to the book the sunset soon after lunch and by 1400 to 1500 hours it was already dark so this is now we’re talking rush in winter by 2 or 3 o’clock in the afternoon it’s dark and every day this too reminded us to depressingly here in the desolation of the snow bream it’s no bounce step of the enormous distance that separated us from home were we not all the living and the dead long buried in a gigantic mass grave thoughts like this occasionally befell me when I returned from various sectors

of the front where in my role as liaison officer I had been sent on specific assignments to gather urgently needed information there on the heights above the infamous row Chaka Valley the men of our divisions lay in desperate battle demanding bloody sacrifice there in the trenches and foxholes and the snow the soldiers were dying of exhaustion and cold because their steadily shrinking rations of bread and other food issued food issued were no longer sufficient to provide the physical stamina needed to combat frost and sickness so they’re starving to death they’re starving to death in the freezing to death and they’re being attacked and killed by the Russians with no ammo with no ammo one day in the second week of December the staffs first heard the news that the army group Dawn under Field Marshal van main Stein von Manstein had begun the long hope relief for the long hope for relief operation soon the good news had also reached the Troops the words gave new impetus everywhere and particularly on the hard-pressed western perimeter of the pocket spread like lightning mainstay man Stein is coming.the already dying hopes burst forth anew new courage happy expectations a new spirit of initiative began to blossom the sufferings and sacrifices to date had not been in vain after all salvation was now beckoning what the Fuhrer had promised he was bound to deliver so they get work Ben Stein’s coming this is this is good if everything went well they thought the hour of all relief could just coincide with Christmas the motorized groups and strong tank units being led by Colonel general Hoff elements of which had been brought in from France and great haste had begun there relief offensive Hoth spearhead tanks were only 50 kilometers away hold on we’re coming said one of the encouraging radio messages which spread like wildfire amongst the western edge of the pocket so they’re in radio communication 50 kilometers and this well-respected leader Hoff he’s on the way any time hold on we’re coming do you ever that isn’t that like a jinx right there you know what I mean like do you ever celebrate something inside your head you celebrate something a little bit before you should yeah don’t ever do that am i superstitious because I believe that way if you think that that’s how it truly works but I think um I think it’s superstitious but I also think there’s some psychology because yeah yeah I think yeah yeah where especially if you realize see if you just realized oh I just celebrated earlier right there it’s kind of makes you uneasy or something like that I feel like that guy that guy got a certain level of satisfaction just by saying like don’t worry we’re coming like he had this moment of glory that’s glorious that’s a glorious leader to be able to say yeah don’t worry we’re coming yeah yeah it’s a glorious thing to be able to say and he took that he took the easy money right there psychologically instead of being like hey we’re not there yet we need to be ready I hardly know fast worry about where we are yeah yeah finish strong right yeah and the thing it’s like the guy who’s running the touchdown right he celebrates the 30-yard line right the 25 he puts the hand up there’s like a classic shot and the guy creeps up behind the point you know what this guy was named Leon led he played for the– I want to say Dallas Cowboys he was like a like a deep around wave year I want to say 90s me how many other Dallas Cowboy players can you remember the name up from the 90s um do you remember a lot of them like a handful just let the quarterly on one brahim he’s infamous that’s life for this poor guy you know he he’s a defensive like lying man or something recovers a fumble runs it in for the touchdown and he’s he’s doing he’s not even due putting in the above his head he’s putting it on the side kinda like celebrating its homeland I think they stripped them and recovered it I think if I’m not mistaken yeah psychologically you can’t stop strong see money you gotta finish this great to the finish line or that like races like 100-meter dash you know the guys like or the 200 meter he’s like yeah I wanted the real hungry guy gets it you know it did so–that’s whof whof takes the easy money dan can be doing it huh back to the book in the sure knowledge that before us was the last chance for our salvation we fiercely awaited the decisive hour with a feeling of confidence the orders we expected could not be delayed much longer but all too

soon our hopes were to be bitterly disappointed alarming messages began to came in rapidly attacking Russian tank forces were embroiling the relieving army and heavy fighting were slowing the advance and finally leading in connection with the Russian offensive group operations west of the dawn to a serious crisis for the entire Army Group one of the attacks hit Colonel general Hoff who is hastening towards us in fearful tension and delay mounting an agitation we read the messages we were receiving from the far distant German air reconnaissance and radio surveillance units soon these brought news of disaster the relief operation had began to run down Haas forces in turn threatened with being surrounded were finally forced to retreat the front fell back hundreds of kilometers and the encircled Stalingrad Army on the Volga was left to its fate only much later was I to learn of tragic details of the events and circumstances that had sealed the fate of the encircled army at this point I did not know then that Hitler was still in no way prepared to give up Stalingrad on the Volga that for the second time and after the dramatic conflicts and the conflicts that he’s talking about is between him between Hitler and the people the his advisors he had explicitly forbidden the breakout of the 6th army against the will of his chief of staff and in opposition to the demands of the army group Don so Hitler leaves them abandons them back to the book among the circle of our closer comrades we no longer entertained any illusions about the bleakness of our situation the German front had withdrawn a great distance away and for the time being there would be no new thought unearthed no thought of a new relief operation would the German front be able to hold out for several more weeks it was hardly to be expected hunger frost and sickness were cutting terribly into its waning strength and death was reaping an uncanny harvest and not only on the fire spewing iron ring around the pocket and even the conditions for a great saving breakout operation scarcely existed any longer in such an event the army would only be able to remain of mobile for a few kilometers because the lack of fuel and if Stalingrad wilted were to be given up what then would happen to the growing army of wounded sick and exhausted men did the okh intend to give up the Volga at all the measures ordered so far seemed to point the opposite way once again I was often forced to recall Hitler’s fanatical war words about the German soldier on the Volga about Stalingrad and each time an icy unease crept through my bones maybe yes maybe we were supposed to hold on to the bitter end to stay put and fight to the last bullet on the dark horizon the outlines of a terrible disaster began to emerge Christmas Eve approached all the visible and invisible wounds which the cruel events had caused burned even more painfully on this night the atmosphere was depressed memories of former Christmas celebrations with their blissful shimmer me dimly illuminated our harsh reality as from a world long gone the well-loved Christmas carol sounded in low melancholy sadness so hope is pretty much vanquished at this point not completely because he still in May he’s still saying maybe maybe they’re just gonna leave us here and fight to the last man which is a crazy thought because I’m gonna say this number again two hundred and fifty to three hundred thousand soldiers this isn’t like hey you’ve got 18 guys fight to last man it’s the Alamo right this isn’t that this because that that might have you know that that’s not gonna have a strategic impact on the situation you lose 300,000 combat veterans which which you know the hard combat hardened veterans this is gonna have a strategic implication I mean of course every soldier that dies is is a epic event in that soldier’s life obviously in their family and everything else but when you start talking about leaving 300,000 people to die for nothing it’s it’s he still can’t quite get that

he’s still not quite there he sees it on the horizon he’s not quite there though back to the book the New Year had arrived jangling Frost layover Stalingrad over the Stalingrad pocket and breathed its icy deadly breath the sharp wind blew through the joints of doors and windows and in the bunkers and from the floors the cold crept up to one’s knees the daily casualty reports from our divisions that increasingly reported losses other than by enemy action represented a shattering balance on the death sheet so what are you saying there is like yeah people are dying from combat but even more people are dying just from cold and starvation yeah again the Russians furiously attacked several sectors of our perimeter what did we have left to oppose these powerful Russian elite troops who were protected from the frost and had a full stomach not to mention their numerous tanks guns rocket launchers and mortars only small numbers of heavy weapons with insufficient strictly rationed and munition it’s all we had only emaciated men exhausted by hunger among whom the fighting the cold and spreading diseases were taking of daily frightening toll how much longer could the perimeter withstand the pressure it did not escape our attention that the Russians appear to be concentrating in front of our sector in preparation for a major blow the last saw sad possibility grew even clearer on the dark horizon the fate of our destruction by a shattering offensive breaking over our heads so again it’s interesting that this guy’s well two things I should point out number one it’s interesting that this guy’s perspective because he’s in the staff and so he sees more of what’s happening from the general officers but let’s also make note that he’s not on the frontlines and he’s so he has it relatively good meaning he’s protected by the by the rush from the Russians by some distance I mean he’s still getting mortared etc still getting artillery but he’s not he’s not I to I with the Russians like the guys like the soldiers on the front lines that are sitting in a little slit trench in the ground and the tundra well one of the things that he sees is a meeting here we go back to the book an important meeting of the general staff took place at our core which the commander in chief of the Army General Paulus attended with his chief of staff the serious reserved expression of the tall figure with the head of a scientist reflected something of a burden of responsibility that pressed down tormenting Lee on the shoulders of this man it was the last time I was to see her army commander in the pocket as far as I can remember he never visited our core again I soon learned of the outcome of the meeting and the grave words of our General Staff officers left no doubt about the consequences of the orders that had been issued in the meantime they dealt with the mobilization of the last reserves of the 6th army the encircled forces would hold on and fight to the last for this purpose the formation of fortress battalions was to be prepared and executed as quickly as possible all remaining reserves of able-bodied men were to be collected and uses infantry members of the Luftwaffe ground personnel and anti-aircraft troops Gunners who no longer had guns Panzer grenadiers x’ engineers truck drivers clerical staff SRIA chillon and supply personnel or once again to be ruthlessly combed out the order amounted to the virtual dissolution of the rear echelon services and clearly demonstrated that the immobilized army was doomed to stay put and fight to the last man and the last bullet so there you go everyone’s gonna fight cooks supply people you’re all gonna be coming in for treatment now and this clearly indicates to wieder that that means they’re not going anywhere and they’re gonna stay there they’re gonna fight to the last man back to the book we felt that we had already been written off by the higher-ups and all that remained for us was to perform a heroic if futile gesture to ensure the fulfillment of a historic mission and he’s got quotes around that of the army of Stalingrad on the Volga the troops were again given the cheering radio message which the Fuhrer and supreme warlord had sent at the turn of the year six army has my promise that everything is being done to get it out but we now viewed this not just with doubt but as downright deception they don’t believe Hitler anymore they used to just doubt him now now they think he’s deceiving him and again this is not there’s no small group people yeah back to the book the bread

ration was reduced to 50 grams per day wringing cold gnawing hunger creeping illness enemy fire combined in an indispensable dysentery and typhoid fever had appeared as uncanny guests and the plague of lice increased from day to day death danced his murderous Rondo back and forth throughout the pocket his headquarters were the numerous places of suffering despair the dressing stations and field hospitals that filled to overflowing alarmingly but he also felt at home on the lines day and night so death is everywhere it isn’t it weird you know you think like just being sick you were telling me you were sick a couple days ago common cold but yeah yeah and you think about what being sick does to you and now this is your being second it doesn’t matter like there’s no mercy yeah there’s no mercy back to the back during back the book during 50 days that pocket battle lasted so far he and he’s talking about death he had already cleaned out horribly among the men of the army about one-third of its manpower was gone of the more than 300,000 men who were present at the time of the Russian breakthrough about 200,000 were probably still alive and how many of these enduring and hoping fighting and suffering human beings had death not already marked on his own news that we could no longer count on any relief before spring was really shattering there was nothing more to be done saved to hang on and endure the horror now we get a little opportunity here here we go there was a surrender proposal sent to our encircled army by the soviet supreme command the document was addressed to Paulus who had been promoted to Colonel general and to all the officers and Men of the German forces fighting at Stalingrad it was signed by Colonel general of the artillery for Verona and by the commander-in-chief of forces of the dawn front lieutenant general roca Sowinski who had now obviously been put in sole charge of all the forces surrounding us the proposal began with a short factual and largely correct evaluation of our situation in particular it stressed the catastrophic state of supply of our troops who are suffering from hunger cold and sickness lack of winter clothing and terribly insanitary conditions realistic possibilities of breaking the encircling ring no longer existed any further resistance in such a hopeless situation had to be senseless therefore in order to avoid further unnecessary shedding of blood the Red Army was proposing a number of terms the document ended with a reference directed to the commander-in-chief of stalingrad army pointing out that in the event of refusal the forces of the Red Army and Air Force would be obliged to destroy the pocket for which he colonel general Paulus would bear the responsibility they still got 200,000 people and you get an offer you get 24 hours to respond basically surrender everybody yeah everybody’s gonna surrender yeah and and they weren’t sure how they were gonna get treated mmm I mean they were fairly confident wasn’t be treated good all the dysentery nobody did very good either that’s not treating you very good at all back to the book we soon received various orders directives and messages whose burden was that the surrender was out of the question the commander in chief had passed the Russian ultimatum on to the führer headquarters and asked for freedom of action for all eventualities an immediate reply Hitler it personally forbidden surrender and Paulus had rejected in writing the proposal the Soviet command the troops were not informed not to be informed in detail but from now on they were ordered to fire without warning on flags of truth of truce appearing near the front lines this instruction from Army which we received by radio was especially feeling as to the intentions of leadership in our staff it was received with a rejection and objection because it was a clear breach of international law so they don’t get told like hey we’re not surrendering what they get told is if you see anyone with flags of truce shoot him immediately which is basically saying we’re not surrendering back to the book I was reminded again of Hitler’s high-sounding words about the

invincibility of the German soldier for whom nothing must be seen to be impossible the very thought of capitulation must be an irreconcilable must be irreconcilable with the prestige of the supreme warlord he puts that in quotes every time I I don’t call it out every time but he does he’s sort of mocking Hitler when that in his speech in Munich shortly before our encirclement he had had he not solemnly sworn you may rest assured I repeat this with full responsibility before God in history that we shall never again leave Stalingrad never again for life or death we were committed to the cheerless dawn step here our fate must come filter the most terrible weeks were still before us and during those icy days in January the fearful premonition of what was to come descended upon us like a lead weight on the morning of 10 January 1943 exactly 24 hours after the ultimatum had expired the Russian began the destruction of the pocket with a hellish artillery barrage it was the answer to the rejection of the surrender proposal up up front among the staffs on the line I again entered the atmosphere of tension excitement nervousness and despair the situation was partially unclear and confused the cat the catastrophe did indeed appear to be unavoidable into this helpless situation orders from Army came in time and time again defend hold clear up the situation fight to the last bullet from their desks 2,000 kilometers away and he puts in parentheses an exclamation point the okh together with the constantly interfering fear her führer headquarters forbade any independent withdrawal from endangered from endangered sectors of the perimeter an army which had to meticulously justify itself for any change in the front line caused by the pressure of circumstances obeyed so this classic its micromanagement not decentralized command they’re even saying look if you’re if you’re if your perimeters gonna collapse don’t fall back just die which is ridiculous because it doesn’t help the situation because now there’s a hole and now more more enemy are gonna come through the hole and we’re gonna have people behind us yeah it’s like full-on kind of what you were talking about last week maybe last week it’s like do it cuz I said so kind of thing like there’s no really is gonna die there’s no reason to do it no strategic reason no tactical reason obviously let’s do it cuz I said so yeah whatever yeah the Army Corps divisions and regiments obeyed often with bitter Chris’s criticism with open or hidden reservations flaring up or knuckling under but they obeyed and the suffering and dying of troops in the trenches and foxholes in the icy steppe obeyed giving their all in the natural fulfillment of their duty or an apathy and silent despair the higher leadership did not stint with recognition promotions decorations and medals rain down on mass on the fighting suffering doomed men but what purpose did this huge monstrous commitment and dedication of human being serve in the face of the increasingly help military helplessness and the daily worsening human plight I was becoming more and more depressed by the torturing question of the why of this sacrifice of most precious blood this pitiless dining was it not only for the sake of a prestige that a military supreme command thousands of kilometers removed mercilessly wished to maintain than for whom the price and many thousands of human lives did not appear to be too high this question haunted me and would not leave me until the final sorrowful ending so he’s asking why they start to collapse from the perimeter of the pocket in towards the city of Stalingrad because they were kind of pushed out around it surrounding it and now they’re starting to fall back to it where they at least have some coverage back to the book the withdrawal of the troops finally turned into a full-fledged flight into which further formations and combat groups of various divisions were drawn whole units cease to exist in this confusion in the sector of our neighbor to our left this fate also put an end to a whole division that had long been

under our command and in the end had burned out like a slag heap I saw it’s distraught general now a commander without troops wandering around in a bunker desperately seeking a new assignment so he just lost 20,000 men he’s walking around saying what am I supposed to do now back to the book and this desperate withdrawal was being carried out in icy cold weather and pitiless snowstorms at 30 degrees centigrade below zero that’s negative 22 at 30 degrees below zero the remnant of the regiments that had shrunk to combat groups and the suffering hordes of their shed of other shattered units moved over the empty white steppe staggering crowds dragging dragging crowds of lost lightly wounded and frostbitten soldiers with them how many of those that so far had been spared enemy fire succumbed there to exhaustion and over exertion to the strains of hunger and to the cold innumerable men fell by the wayside and were soon mercifully covered over by the snow and this was no longer an authorized withdrawal the recoil of the front was now taking place despite standing orders to hold and maintain position at all costs and despite the line of resistance laid down by the okh so they finally did break they finally said you know what survival this is about survival and we’re not staying here anymore I’m gonna try and get back fall back the cycle the psychological ability of the troops to resist had now also been eroded there could no longer be any doubt about our fate after the enemy had begun his decisive attack bent on destruction and our dissolution was in full progress it was too late for a last departure attempt to break out to the west help from outside could no longer be considered more devastating even than the enemy’s weapons were hunger exhaustion cold an illness of all kinds among the soldiers who had not been adequately fed for so many long weeks with the advent of the in credit indescribable strains of daily retreats the situation had deteriorated catastrophic ly we were lacking in food weapons rest warmth hope in short we were lacking in all the vital conditions for fighting since the long rejection of the surrender proposal the troops had again survived a long terrible week of tenacious defensive fighting retreat and flight thereby tying down superior and enemy forces in their area now after the loss of our life support base Potomac airfield On January 16th the time really seemed to have come to stop fighting the airlift temporarily ceased altogether no more food and ammunition came in the wounded and sick could no longer be flown out and so that’s where they’re getting their supplies into Potomac airfield and that’s actually where this guy was for a large chunk of this battle it’s now gone so now they even you know before they were they were only getting one-fifth of what they needed well now they’re getting zero by now every day that the fighting was prolonged was costing thousands of human lives there was no more time to be lost and we waited for something to happen like me innumerable comrades and brothers and fate probably clung to the same secret hope but nothing happened and tragedy took its course the Russians by using their storm troops during the initial days of the offensive it would probably have been very easy for them to make a further effort and liquidate the pocket relatively quickly but they no longer needed to make such a highly costly attempt time was on their side by bearing down on our tenacious defense with a crushing attack our enemy had won its penetration into the pocket now he was no longer in a hurry and no longer appeared to consider his victim to be very dangerous the battle that had begun in the meantime was merely a question of finishing off wounded game already marked for death for some time already the Russians had dictated the course of events the date of our final end depended on their will alone the Stations of the Cross of an army of 200,000 soldiers particularly because of the slow helpless death of such a vast number of human beings made anything

seen before with the exception of Verdun pale by comparison a part of the entire German nation was sentenced to death here and by this it’s vital substance was dangerously under attack the moral effect of these events touched the whole nation in the midst of the general destruction of the army there were thousands of individual tragedies whose localities of horror were the numerous collection points for the sick and wounded whole convoys of mostly open trucks overloaded they’re pitiable Freight of freezing wounded groaning sick and dying move deeper into the pocket from the second half of January until the bitter end the harsh suffering of the fighting soldiers continued by day and night after eight evil weeks of indescribable torture and deprivation they were now plunged into a veritable hell of hopelessness and destruction time and again it was fight resist hold to the end then disengage withdraw turn back and digging again for defense and the snow and stonily hard frozen earth time and again there were heavy losses panic and flight and the neverending useless struggler struggle against hunger and cold among the staffs there was an unending tension perplexity and despair and feverish activity leadership was still to be seen from the higher hat commands came continual orders directives questions admonitions threats criticism opposition and misgivings were not lacking at the lower levels but for the time being the mechanisms of command still function so despite all this and even though they’re having this this hasty withdrawal that’s going against orders there’s still our direction coming out there’s still people being disciplined in the midst of the general suffering and dying we helplessly watch the catastrophe and of destruction approaching us mercilessly and inexorably the terrible human tragedy that was nearing its climax was finally commented commented upon by the war news broadcast at home in the pretty and spirited words it quote in Stalingrad 6th army is attaching immortal honor to its banners by its heroic and self-sacrificing battle against crushing odds many of my comrades had mentally written themselves off intentions to commit suicide were voiced with increasing frequency others had given their valuables and wedding rings to be to the wounded being flown out I myself had been had so far been at pains to prepare my relatives for the catastrophe by means of sparse hints now I felt the need to send home open word of farewell and gratitude the letter was hard to write in my ears once more rang rang the last goodbye my wife had imploringly and beseechingly called down the telephone line to Kiev on a spring evening of last year before the seemingly endless space of Russian planes had swallowed me up now all would soon be over when I sealed the letter I was gripped by especially deep despair I felt as though I were suddenly looking into an abyss of suffering and hopelessness towards which our whole nation was reeling as if the events in Stalingrad were a preview of an immeasurable disaster that was to break upon Germany the general of this division division had a nervous breakdown it was no longer fit for command his hopes of being flown out what the badly wounded and sick had not been for full fulfilled he now had to share the fate of his soldiers to the bitter end this general who a short time before was a commander of a division had carried the responsibility for many thousands of men was once more a mere human being trembling for his life then did his questions not reveal the same fear that secretly tormented all of us we made one another realize that the impending military catastrophe was also a political catastrophe the result of presumptuous beliefs and actions that had long shaken the healthy foundations of our intellectual cultural and national life had the power that we served as citizens and soldiers bent its

knee before the law that was rooted in the code of ethics or rather had not a new gospel of violence been proclaimed and introduced that in a fatal reversal of all values had ceased to differentiate between right and wrong so these guys are realizing what’s coming around what’s coming around he’s realizing that the path that they went down as a country was wrong back to the book by means of destructive battle against the universal educational and cultural powers of classic antiquity humanism and Christianity and anti intellectual political religion of power had successively extracted the German people from the best of the commonly held european body of human thought and thereby also out of any commitment to the objective concepts of truth compassion and justice is that is that his conclusion like during this events or yes during these events he’s realizing what what’s happening yeah is that they were wrong and they went I mean the thing that’s crazy about Nazi Germany is how fast that transition took place like took in ten years what the rise of the not to rise the Nazis are there and their their influence in that yeah the rise of the Nazi straight up 1933 they started now 1943 so or ten years and you have a completely different viewpoint of the world yeah I mean starts they’re going against they see what like they’re going against the traditional values they’re going against hey you know they’re going against the Christian values they’re going against the cultural values they’re going against the national values they’re going against them yeah and it’s I wonder how much of it is you know like the soldiers and that even the people in the Nazi Party I wonder how much of it is like denial you know you know where it’s a you know how like you’re signed on to like some leading during the during the time being yeah are you saying right now how much does this denial no no during terms you know what I remember Rape of Nanking you remember that there is one of the nicest guys one of the guys who made the biggest sacrifice was this was a straight-up actual Nazi and he made massive sacrifice and took huge risk to save as many people as he could by the way not white people not Aryans but but Chinese yeah so so there’s a guy that you know was more related to the traditional Christian intellectual values right and yet okay the the people that in charge of the country is Nazi so I guess that makes me a Nazi yeah and here we go and so and these guys worse situation because they’re soldiers so now they’re fighting for that evil force and like you said there’s some denial you also get caught up and clearly the Germans got caught up in the nationalism they got caught up a Hitler was a great orator and a very moving speaker and they got caught up in that and they were in a very depressed economy so those things all kind of came to that they’d been in their mind screwed over in World War one and you know defeated and then treated badly and you know there’s this whole thing about Hitler’s mustache you know Hitler’s got the funny mustache sure and there’s some debate on on how much of this is actually true but whether it’s true or not is a little bit it doesn’t really matter but because of what it represents so that the deal was that Hitler’s mustache if you wanted to have a mustache during World War one because of wearing a gas mask you had to cut your mustache like that Hitler still wore his mustache like that it was like a constant symbol that he remembered mmm he remember cuz he was in World War one and he was wounded in World War one and through the even despite all that insane sacrifice they didn’t win and they didn’t like the way they got treated by the Treaty of Versailles and so they had that angst they had the economic Hank’s they had all those angst built up and Hitler came along is ready to let them focus on something else and and now what what we der is realizing here is like yeah he had us focus on something else all right and what he had his focus on wasn’t good it was evil this is a crude analogy you are training day I have watched training day that’s kind of the same thing when you watch cuz Jean what way cuz the new use the trainee by the way when I see a movie I see it like one time in an airplane and I’m not I’m not gonna be fully familiar with so hearing the rise of Nazi journalist and millions of people to the

movie training yeah well in this total the speculation is just what we’re talking about as far as like you know people they’re signed on hey I’m German you know that’s cool and you know we’re all German weren’t you know solidarity word your and then kind of the Nazi Party starts rising starts giving these sort of it sort of certain types of influence and they’re like oh alright cool I mean I wasn’t really thinking that but all right we’re still Germans we’re cool and it starts escalating and slowly it’s like okay so you can’t you can’t turn back it doesn’t happen a training day right yeah like he’s signed on little sign nothing and he’s like dang he’s like I don’t know about all this but all right hey I’m signed on to the cause and after a while which is the same point that this guy got got to where it’s like man okay you guys pushed it too much man I can’t sign onto this and then you reflect back on all the violations you know like and you start to slip you start to slip when you don’t hold the line yes yeah that’s what happens yeah and that’s what makes leadership hard that’s what makes life hard yeah it’s really easy to get tempted to go down these trails these paths that are not what you should be doing right okay you gotta kind of in MIT MIT and it’s hard because in the in the beginning like you know you’re going down the path you’re already signed on right and you see one teeny tiny violation and it’s like what am I going to do like make this big stink about this teeny-tiny violation yeah all right then you keep going and then you had already made that exception time goes on is what do you do bring together psychologically but Denzel Washington he’s he’s in his introduced he’s not go straight to level eight violation right he just he just gives little yeah little violations tip anything down the pay a little bit abuse there but hey we fighting back that gals good and then like a little like what you know yeah exactly right that’s that’s what that’s what Hitler did yeah that’s what Hillary started with like hey you know we don’t want to have this happening yeah can we got to keep these things in check yeah yeah look we’re gonna at least we’re gonna we’re gonna put the Jews in a neighborhood right we’ll put them in a separate neighborhood that way they’re not amongst us right put them over there you know and that’s okay you know what we’re actually not going to moving somewhere else what would want to work camp okay and then you just write you slowly escalating yeah for your murdering to six million people yeah all of a sudden what you’re not signed on all of a sudden yeah and the thing in your thing in your head you’re like the anchor signed on to some stuff earlier but I’d let it go I’m trapped you know yeah you’re trapped and that’s where he is right now and he’s trapped facing his death by recognizing yeah recognizing that yeah successively extracted the German people from the best of the commonly held European body of human thought like you saying exactly what you just said success successively it’s just a little bit at a time back to the book all of us who wore a uniform were entangled in a fabric of developments and circumstances that we certainly had not sought or desired now well let’s not make any excuses let’s not make any excuses but we see how it kind of happened as you just said we surely could not believe that our employment here in Stalingrad was part of a noble legitimate battle for German infor interests painfully we felt that the soldierly virtues of bravery commitment loyalty and obedience to duty in their objective sense were being despicably misused this deepened the tragedy of cruel events in which we now would have to atone for much that we had never wanted so yeah that’s you know I’ve heard that argument sometimes if you well you’re gonna kill let there’s a bad regime and you’re gonna go and you’re gonna attack the regime and then some of the people that are just there by chance you know you hear that argument well they’re allowing that regime to exist now that’s a tough argument to have because you’ve got somebody for them to rebel could mean death and so they don’t get they don’t Rebelle and so they and then they in a bad situation that’s a tough one you know fully but somebody asked me the other day so yeah it’s along those lines you know some long-winded question on Twitter about what would you do if you were in you know inside of a state that was Bob all you know repressive and etc etc knows like a one-word answer rebellion now would I have the mentality that I have right now is my growing up in one of those repressive States probably not if I just want to survive and get some more bread yeah right I might not just be thinking hey there’s there’s something more important than me and that’s freedom and then maybe I wouldn’t think that maybe I’d just be thinking hey I want some maybe I can get

an extra 20 grams of bread nope all right back to the book in this is good in the proximity of death things appeared in their true light and proper order in such a situation the Bible speaks to us with an insistence in clarity the like of which we had never felt or understood before the fear and misery at the edge of our existence had given us a religious experience whose strength giving power bound us together so he’s starting to see relate you there’s no atheist in a foxhole guess what according to wieder that’s a very accurate statement among my favorite books in the little private library I had taken with me to the Eastern Front was a copy of Marcus Aurelius self observations – had often found support and comfort in it it had contributed markedly to completing my equipment for war by serving me as a suit of armor that protected me from all-too-frequent woundings by events and giving me an inner equi nominee now this book – like several others had become meaningless the wisdom of the world the wisdom of the world with its merely human temporal comfort had failed it did not penetrate into the ultimate and most profound and could no longer stand firm in the terrible shock and helplessness whose mercy I felt myself to be in in extreme distress with the ground shaking under foot and a menacing abyss of nothingness seeming to open before me there was only one last support the comforting strength of the Christian belief perhaps we could pass some of this comfort and support on to other comrades who bewildered were reeling toward the abyss in their desperation faced with the destruction of a whole world of concepts and in a view of the senseless senselessness of the catastrophe many a soldier on the staffs as well as within the fighting troops had reached for his pistol to put an end to his life there was no way back and no escape other disguised their secret fear and inner feelings of emptiness behind a contrived soldierly stance or even deliberately assumed to the cast of mind of a languished necked which is like these guys were these old-school German mercenaries that were super hardcore if they themselves were doomed to go under they would at least sell their skin so dearly to the end and take as many Russians with them as they could now that’s interesting he’s he’s projecting on these soldiers that you know that they’re disguising their secret fear do you know what I’m telling you right now that some of those Nazi German soldiers they were they were getting after right they weren’t they weren’t to hiding their their secret fear by acting tough they were ready to die for the Fuhrer mm-hmm so let’s not just paint with a broad brush there in my opinion if we agreed that suicide was out of the question for religious and ethical reasons as normal weak human beings caught up an error and guilt there was nothing left to to us but to drink the cup of suffering to the last bitter dregs you know in the meantime something unbelievable happened and made quickly made the rounds our quartermaster a still young general staff officer suddenly disappeared his driver who had taken to the gun rack airbase had waited in vain for his return the Lieutenant Colonel was missing he had silently left Stalingrad left the Stalingrad pocket the zone of death and destruction on his own initiative probably it was a mixture of nerves fear cowardice and the vain hope than in the general confusion he might be able to fly out and save his life that had tempted him to desert the commanding general had made inquiries by radio the deserting staff officer had shown up an army group claiming the flown out unofficial assignment from the Corps on matters of supply our general was wild with indignation and rage declared that he would have the criminal flown back into the pocket and shot before our eyes we were all deeply depressed and into with an anticipated with horror the terrible scene that had been announced and which we were spared to our relief our quartermaster was shot outside the pocket on the spot where in his fatal weakness he had hoped to find a door to freedom in life so again even though I just talked about some of the

Nazis being committed to the end there was many of them that were just trying to get the hell out of there back to the book our commanding general spoke openly of the impending collapse accusingly with bitterness and secret anger he pointed out that it was not our fault we had gotten into this devilís situation of a catastrophe from which there was no longer a means of escape okay here he is the commanding general is now saying hey look this is not our fault so he he so clearly he’s obviously not taking any ownership of this but okay so it’s only ask you this okay Jocko what would how would it help him if he was to take ownership of it right now right if he was to say hey this is my fault would it help him could if you say hey look this is my fault this is why this happened would that help him right now no you’re right it wouldn’t help them would it have helped him a month or two months ago if he said to himself look we’re in this situation I need to take ownership of it and get it fixed would it have helped then you’re damn right it would’ve he said you know what Hitler might in that town might be telling us not to break out guess what Hitler’s not here we’re gonna break out I’ll go get shot for defying his orders that’s fine I’ll save all of you that’s that’s where ownership would have come in but what he said was look what we’re assigned to our fate I talk about this all the time just because the boss tells you or doesn’t give you the support that you need or gives you a bad order that doesn’t give you the excuse you can’t put the ownership on the boss you’re the one in charge you take ownership of it you get the problem solved he didn’t do that so he he’s no I don’t want to say allowed to say it’s not our fault but he okay him saying it’s not our fault is a kind of a different circumstance why because they’re past the point of no return because they’re doomed already yes because they don’t have any you know you take responsibility and then take responsibility for the fixing the mistakes there is no fixing mistakes anymore that’s why if I was him yeah I would have said hey guys it’s not your fault that you’re here this is my fault I should have made a maneuver I should have stood up to the boss I didn’t here’s what we’re gonna do now to defend ourselves the best of our ability right right so then that would still give the guys some breathing room right some psychological breathing room yeah they fought hard they did their best it’s my fault I should have I should have held you guys do something different and I didn’t here’s what we’re gonna do now the fact that he that these that he wasn’t taking ownership earlier yeah the fact that he’s able to blame now means he was able to blame earlier and if you’re but the minute you start blaming you’re not solving anything you’re not getting things done there you go yeah back to the book but he left no doubt that together we still had a task to perform named eater namely to fulfill our soldierly duty duty to the last moment in obedience to the orders from above we would defend our perimeter fighting shoulder to shoulder with our carbines to the last bullet from his words we could surmise that he was staunchly determined to go down like a captain with his ship and not to survive the downfall of his troops unequivocally he pointed out that the commandments of the traditional ethical code of the soldier now demanded our ultimate sacrifice without Damir now at this point he’s supposed to go out and do a do like a reconnaissance of the lines and see what’s going on and when he’s up there here’s what he sees in freezing cold and wild snow for your flurries I rode across the desolate battlefield on a motorcycle together with a sergeant of the military police we soon reached a road of catastrophic we soon reached the road of catastrophe arising dark gray against the backdrop of a snowbound steppe marked by all kinds of abandoned rubbish half covered cadavers of horses and wrecked vehicles scattered pieces of equipment crates destroyed weapons that dispersed the starving the freezing the sick but all those still fit for fighting had only one objective to which they were attaching their last glimmerings of hope and this objective was Stalingrad in the protective walls of the cellars of the ruins they might still be able to find some warmth food rest sleep and salvation and so they streamed by the remains of the shattered and decimated formation trains and rear echelon services with vehicles that were slowly being dragged and pushed by wounded sick and frostbitten men there were emaciated figures among them muffled and coats rags pitiful wrecks painfully dragging themselves forward leaning on sticks and hobbling all along the fro on frozen feet than wisps of straw and strips of blankets drifting along through the snowstorm this was the wreck of the sixth army that had advanced to the Volga during

the summer so confident of victory men from all over Germany doomed to destruction in a far-off land newly enduring their suffering tottered and pitiful drove droves through the murderous eastern winter these were the same soldiers who had formerly marched through the large parts of Europe’s as proud conquerors now the enemy was at their backs and death lurked everywhere there’s a interesting piece that I don’t go into too much but this guy had written a paper and presented it up the chain of command with talking about what happened to Napoleon and he got kind of told like hey that’s not gonna happen to us back to the book the events of 1812 seem to be repeating themselves after all once again the uncanny Russian space was swallowing many tens of thousands of human beings despite Napoleon’s experience the basic elements of geography and meteorology had again been ignored to a frightening degree on top of that the modern superstition that with the help of machines and motors the impossible could be accomplished and the dangers of space overcome had also contributed to our downfall and in a fatal pact with the overestimation of mechanized means of war had stood the misapprehension of the limits of human strength and possibilities yeah repeat yeah that was another one of those classic lines that’s not gonna happen us oh yeah I mean it feels like yeah you know that’s a classic mistake it’s called ego called lack of humility mmm don’t worry that won’t happen to us it happened to Napoleon one of the greatest you know military leaders of all time but it won’t happen us cuz we have some cars we got some tanks or whatever but by the way tanks tank fuel where’s that fuel gonna come from I mean at least a horse can eat a piece of hay right sure you know there there’s no Exxon station out there on the steps back to the book together with several wounded we dragged ourselves onwards until exhausted and shattered we finally reached the ruins of rubble of northern Stalingrad City area so now he’s actually was retreating back to Stalingrad itself what travails did fate still hold in store for us death who might faced more often and closely in recent days than ever before was still refusing me but his trusted companion for many weeks hunger was tormenting me with tenacious power slowly making me ripe for the end and frost the third murderer and the trio had also bitten me by now as the constant stabbing pains and some of my limbs warned me separated from our staff our group of officers found shelter in a dark dirty cellar while our men went to ground in a neighboring pile of rubber rubble this was to be the end of our flight and our last quarters the army had once again addressed itself to okay H and pointing adamantly to the catastrophic situation had asked for immediate permission to surrender which might possibly prevent still complete disillusion dissolution and total disaster Hitler’s answer had been a steely no forbid surrender Hitler and radiodns in the pocket on 25 January the army will hold its position to the last man and bullet imagine being that freezing hungry tortured by the enemy at your back and you got some guy in a bit a nice ridiculous it’s one thing to be like yeah we’re going to the last one the last bullet and it’s this big war but it lasts me you know I don’t know a week not even a week you know like that one big last stand we’re gonna fight to the death that’s one thing and I dig it and that’s you know but just weeks and weeks and weeks of just slowly dying of starvation and sickness and that’s way different it’s way different to try to fight till the last man and the last bullet in that scenario yeah especially because they they all kind of know that there’s no strategic advantage on what they’re doing even worse back to the book colonel-general Paulus and his chief of staff who’s fanatical will to hold out was well known among the staffs relentlessly held on to their fatal decision from their part many generals and their staffs remain the executioner’s of the orders of destruction under these sorry

circumstances for fighting suffering and dying continued torturing Lee and terribly after the splitting of the pocket the death agony of the army continued for a further week in the general dissolution and catastrophe it was every man for himself more and more order and discipline broke down here and there in the cellars the still able-bodied in combat worthy hid among the sick and wounded cases of uncle rod early conduct theft of provisions refusal to obey orders and open mutiny mounted filleted the elementary drive of self-preservation no longer allowed the question of right or wrong to be raised and in the same way that the differences between the front line and rear line Ashland the rear echelon were being erased so were the differences in rank and the in the final days summary law was imposed in Stalingrad with drastic punishments for any crime looters were to be shot within 24 hours hundreds of German soldiers who had become weak in their misery thus became victims of German bullets one could no longer generally speak of courageous and heroic fighting certainly here and there there were individual deeds of courage personal initiative and noble self self-sacrifice but by and large only a mute submission to the inescapable fate remained to the bitter end it was rather the silent heroism of acceptance of suffering and submitting not the picture that gets painted very often now at this point at this point right now in this battle is when they hear that speech that Goering said talking about this great sacrifice and how they fought so well and how they’ll be remembered forever and compared him to Leonidas and the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae it’s just that here’s what these guys thought with over exaggerated feverish pathos the speaker recalled the heroic example of the last of the Goths and in the end the historical so famous sacrifice of the Spartan heroes at Thermopylae who had not fought faltered or given ground until the last fighter had fallen and so it was at Stalingrad just like Leonidas and his loyal men in the Greek defile so with the German heroes lie on the Volga as the law of Honor and conduct in war commanded them to do for Germany during this speech full of empty phrases and lies that outdid itself in hysterical glorification and praises the demeanor of the deeply delusion and incensed audience became more and more hostile the glances gestures and words all around unmistakably showed the rage that was growing people’s souls whoever might still have trusted in the promise of help from the outside now had to recognize with growing horror that at home we’re relatives still hope for a union the Warriors of Stalingrad had finally been written off we felt that we had heard our own funeral oration before its time the disgusting adulation of the torturers dying of our army and the deceitful glorification of conditions that were against all laws of humanity filled me with indignation and revulsion must not going warnings words have pierced the hearts of our loved ones at home like daggers and robbed them of all hope now that they had been thrown into the most anxious fears of art for our lives at home we had been declared dead the hero is a ssin and mythical glorification of our Stalingrad army was supposed to conceal the sad truth for a long time now the heroic tale of the German soldier on the Volga had become an irresponsible mass dying ordered from on high the pathetic propaganda of glorification was obviously intended to distract from the catastrophic consequences of a criminally amateur ously der ship of war and to prevent the question of blame from even arising so you pretty much see how these guys felt at the end and now you might think you might think that there’s a disconnect between Hitler like heip

we’re proud we’re fighting to the end and this is the way that Germans are and this is the way that we are we’re superior and that the guys on the ground now they’re just beat down and so maybe they’re just maybe they’re just weak right and they’re just giving up you might think that you might think that here’s this will give you a little indication that that that’s the wrong thought on the one February the news spread among us that Paulus had capitulated with his staff and the two southern segments of the pocket and gone into captivity so of a leader just surrendered at the last moment he’d been promoted to Field Marshal this promotion in the hour of the final catastrophe was grotesque it was simply a gesture of thanks from above and a goodbye so Hitler thought Paulus was gonna die well he didn’t Paulus surrendered but the unhappy Field Marshal Marshall did not set the example of heroism expected of him from the top the German papers broadcasts later broadcasts later tried to spread the impression the style of Goering speech that in the face of overwhelming superiority the field marshal had burned his secret papers and that the generals lying behind their machine guns had fought to the end furthermore after the catastrophe German magazines lied to the German people with faked pictures so showing such heroic scenes but the truth of the matter was something quite else we calculated that more than 15 generals and their staffs had gone into captivity from the southern and central pockets soon Moscow soon the Moscow radio gave details of numbers and names I was only to learn later that some of these generals had gone into captivity with neatly packed suitcases and plentiful baggage they simply stop fighting and gave themselves up to the victor without any further consider for the fate of the remaining battlegroups the last request of the Field Marshal had been that the Russians should treat him as a private citizen with this he had resigned the official role he had formerly played in the military political interests of the Supreme Commander and as a broken man laid down his martial ship he was driven away in a closed car and no longer needed to see the appalling misery of his sacrificed army so there’s no disconnect the troops on the ground were right these leaders were liars weak and they had no problem pursuing glory with someone else’s ass but they weren’t ready to deal with their own deep down inside I had increasingly begun to oppose certain military concepts of obedience honor and discipline like those that had been manifesting themselves to the end in the measures taken by our command was this only the so this is this is weak he went through all this and he’s like only now he’s starting to oppose some of some of his his military concepts of obedience if this is was an American the Americans are rebellious by nature like we don’t we don’t you know if you if you’re leading us down the wrong path we stand up and say like no you’re not gonna do that stop no he’s you know here going well they’ve done all this and only now am I starting to question these things and he even questions his question back to the book was this only the revolt of my selfish instinct for self-preservation was an only an unsold early stance fear or cowardice at a time when things had become bitterly serious precisely at this point I again remembered the awkward deeply penetrating thoughts and feelings with which I had asked myself at the beginning of the war why and for whom must you make this sacrifice the same questions that had never really taken root rose again before me gigantic ly and applicable to the whole army was there really a noble high holy objective at stake here insulin grad in our and in our battle an ethically justified goal which could be served by ultimate human human test of giving one’s life did soldierly honor and obedience to orders really justify this demand so casually made of us that we hold out for this lost cause this excess of suffering and dying was this immeasurable sacrifice really decisive for the outcome of the war and could it serve our country and our people this is what this is you wanna know why we talk about the why all

the time there it is yeah now he should have been asking that question a long time ago hmm and he said he started to in the beginning he started to ask that question but he didn’t go through with it you know why cuz they were winning they were winning it’s easy don’t really need to know why whenever you go out there you know beat this country beat that country roll through that country it’s pretty easy not getting tested back to the book a foreboding I had long held grew into a terrible certainty what was happening here in Stalingrad was a tragic senseless self-sacrifice a scarcely credible betrayal of the final commitment and devotion of brave soldiers our our innocent trust had been misused in the most despicable manner by those responsible for the catastrophe we had been betrayed led astray and condemned the men of Stalingrad were dying in betrayed belief and in betrayed trust in my heart the bitter feeling of and all for nothing became ever more torturing in my soul arose again the whole abysmal disaster of the war itself more clearly than ever I appreciated the full measure of misery and wretchedness of the other countries in Europe to which German soldiers and German arms had brought boundless misfortune so he’s reflecting and he’s looking around saying look what we did these other countries had we not so far the victors been all too prone to close our eyes and our hearts and to forget that always and everywhere the issues were living human beings their possessions and their happiness so like you said he turned a blind eye he rolled through all these countries he did all that evil probably only a few among us had entertained the fault of the sufferer of the thought that the suffering and dying being caused by our sorry profession of war would one day be inflicted upon us we had carried our total war into one region of Europe after another and thereby destructively interfered with the destinies of foreign nations far too little we had asked the reason why the necessities and justifications for what was happening or reflected on the immeasurable ‘ti of our political responsibility that these entailed misery and death had been initiated by us and now we were inexorably coming home to roost they were inexorably coming home to roost the step on the dawn and the volca had drunks streams of precious human blood the Russians were certainly also making cruelly high blood sacrifices in the murderous battle of stalingrad but they who were defending their country against a foreign aggressor knew better than we why they were risking their lives so yeah the Russians they’re fighting they’re dying for sure but they know that they’re defending their homeland it’s a lot easier for them to understand many officers and commanders now began to oppose the insane orders and emanating from the Fuhrer headquarters and being passed on by army command by this they they began to reject the long eroded military concepts of honor and discipline to which the army leadership had clung until the end in the unconditional obedience such such as was fatally being upheld here in Stalingrad there was no longer a soldierly stance but rather a lack of responsibility so I say that one more time this idea that unconditional obedience was was was not seen right now as a soldierly stance but a lack of responsibility because you are responsible to do something if if you’re getting batterers you’re responsible for not obeying them and you know I get asked this question all the time not all the time but you know sometimes people say what if you got you know what did you do if you ever got told something that you didn’t believe it was like well we were on the same page like it’s not like we were getting told to do things that were immoral unethical you know they weren’t saying hey go burn this village with women and children it we weren’t getting those orders you know what I mean we weren’t getting told to do things that that weren’t that I didn’t agree with that my guys didn’t agree with and and that’s the way the Milich are there are there pockets where things happen yeah absolutely that’s what that’s the horrors of war but if we got told to do things that we didn’t think we should do we would’ve said no not doing it hmm this was open mutiny so they’ve gotten to the point now finally since there were no more orders from the center towards the end many responsible commanders and unit leaders on the line acted on their own initiative in an endeavor to stop the senseless shedding

of blood many desperate Stalingrad warriors in the end sought a way out by suicide or by voluntary by a voluntary soldiers death we learned of two generals who extremes whose extreme resolution had been shattering one the commander of a division from Dresden had shot himself after having ordered his son a young lieutenant to report to him the safe farewell the other the commander of a division from lower saxony whose tactical emblem was a four-leaf clover and was known therefore as the lucky division who did not want to survive the downfall of his men had been killed on the front line while standing erect and firing his weapon the last pockets of resistance what was left of about six shattered divisions and the remnant of other formations that had meanwhile been left to their fate by the resignation of the Army Command now had to bear the whole burden of the concentrated air attacks artillery and mortar fire it was not only the fear of the coming end the hunger clawing at my intestines and the pain from my frozen limbs that turned the last seemingly endless hours in the Stalingrad pocket into the tortures of hell for me the proximity of death toward the last obscuring vales from my eyes and brought fruits of long years of individual experiences observations tormenting feelings and thoughts into an instant maturity now on the very edge of being war in its for us most terrible form became the inexorable revealer of all things he’s going through like spiritual awakening as he faces death in my mind’s eye the horrible experiences and pictures of destruction that would not leave me in peace by day or night were strung together in a bloody chain experience as an impression stretching far into the past that suddenly awoke in my sharpened memory I discovered to be logically connected links of this fatal chain when it formerly always caused me to have nasty premonitions and apprehensions what had always disquieted me I now suddenly had a recognized as having been the warning of a fatal fundamental evil the dimensions of which I had thought not thought possible now faced with the eminently impending catastrophe the question about the sense of what was happening it plagued me so often during the war seized me again with cruel force hundreds of thousands of flowering human lives were suddenly being census Li stuffed out here in Stalingrad what an immeasurable wealth of human happiness human plans hopes talents fertile possibilities for the future were thereby being destroyed forever the criminal insanity of an irresponsible war management with its superstitious belief in technology and its utter lack of feeling for the life value and dignity of man and here prepared for us a hell on earth how could the long eroded concepts of Honor duty obedience soldierly heroism figure any longer into our feelings thoughts and actions to stay alive to be reunited once again with our loved ones at home this burning desire was now the drive behind all thoughts and actions gradually we had a custom that ourselves to the to the idea of surrendering at the first opportunity and going into Russian captivity in the end I basically had only one wish to stay alive and healthy and go into captivity unwounded so that’s it goes into captivity you know after going through a I don’t know if you want to call it a spiritual awakening of recognizing that his whole life had been doing something evil yeah in the is it’s pretty anti-climatic how it happens how they get how they end up in captivity back to the book in the early minutes of captivity I felt an easing tension and and in the end the insecurity of our situation between life and death had weighed down on all of us like led what

first attracted my attention so now they’re captured what first attracted my attention imagine this was the fresh healthy appearance of the victors their simple enviable winter clothing and good weapons Sun submachine guns everywhere and the uniform picture of sheep skins padded jackets felt boots and fur caps with broad earmuffs swinging up and down the warmly bundled up well nourished and splendidly equipped men of the Red Army with their chunky mostly red cheek faces formed a stark contrast to our deathly pale filthy bearded and freezing figures of misery who hung exhausted and sick and their makeshift winter clothing consisting of all kinds of furs blankets scarfs filled grey headgear wounds an inadequate foot gear this sudden meeting and comparison at once showed me how low we had sunk and how little we had been prepared for this murderous battle then the Soviets kind of the Russians kind of have their shots Adam fritzy fascist Hitler kaput they alternated threats and obviously dreadful Kurt curses and contemptuous spit like raging Wolf’s vengeful soldiers from the rear echelon fell on the helpless victims time and time again to steal personal baggage and to vent their spleen so now they’re captured in the the Russians start to kind of sing and dance and and singing old folk songs back to the book all the noise and exuberance surrounding me formed a shrieking contrast to the inner and outer state which I found myself torn from my circle of comrades left to myself and my emotions in the midst of the joyful dancing and singing victors with whom no contact could be established in my inner heart I felt abandoned and without hope totally depressed uprooted cut off from home sunk far away subjugated to a foreign will pit asleep piteously thrown to the mercy of an unknown powers to be dependent on the whim of the victor constantly watched menacingly surrounded by barbed wire guns forced to relinquished any kind of external freedom captivity meant on an unknown form of human submission and humiliation it is a bounty for us human beings that a merciful hand covers the future from our eyes with an impenetrable veil that’s a really great line had I known then that I was destined for more than seven comfortless years devoid of love and filled with previously unknown mental and physical tortures and fearful uncertainties on the borderline of life I never would have found the strength to say stand the sufferings of the initial hard months of captivity he’s saying if you would have known what the future held seven years he’s about to be in captivity for he would have even made it through he would have given up and he doesn’t talk in this book about what that imprisonment was like but he does give what I think is a combination of how he survived it and what he learned from it going back to the book time and again I was soothingly distracted from my tormenting thoughts and dark visions by the wonders of the brightly shining star filled winter sky that appeared to be so close to the touch that constantly drew my eyes upwards as if by magical force what it so far appeared to me as the downfall of a world come loose at the seams and a catastrophe without bounds suddenly took on measurable dimensions I regained my equilibrium and found my way back to myself where I had felt earlier that chaos was swallowing me up now calm and peace was flowing into my disquieted heart the reconciling effect came from the vast order and harmony that the sparkling mass of bright stars with their eternal laws of the universe brought back to my attention anew the consolation that the Stars sank into my

soul was strange and hardly to be grasped by the intellect it seemed to me as if my personal fate within the framework of events on earth was secretly included within the vast all-embracing order of the cosmos for the mass of survivors who had escaped from the hell of stalingrad the aftermath of the tragedy lasted only for a short while they died in their tens of thousands during the early months of captivity hunger and deprivation frost and sickness had already made them a sure pray for death even before the fighting stopped with the columns of prisoners death also came to the various camps of reception where terrible epidemics raged everywhere an exact accounting of the victims of stalingrad according to numbers dates and individual fates will never be made the few that were allowed to begin a new life at home and in freedom after long years of captivity will always have to ask themselves how they can justify the deaths of the others by their own existence how they can uphold and fulfill the legacy of their dead comrades but all Germany must also loyally remember its many many sons that lie at rest in the distant Russian steppe and try today and in the future to understand their unforgettable sacrifice the innumerable mounds of soldiers graves in Stalingrad have long disappeared the cemeteries were leveled soon after the battle and partially converted to soccer fields nothing is left of the army of simple grey crosses but it is as if a great invisible cross were rising there on the Volga casting its shadow over our nation and addressing penetrating admonishing words to all of our hearts and that closes out this book with with some penetrating in admonishing words for us because there’s a lot of warnings in this book warnings that we must pay attention to and if we don’t pay attention to them then who will the warnings the lessons here first of all as a nation as a culture we have to look at the way things fell apart in Germany or maybe you look at the way things came together slowly like we talked about the traditional values were were move designed and they were replaced with these new values values that allegedly protected the German citizens they were values that were going to make the world a better place and it uses this term this political religion that’s a powerful thought political religion took hold and then he used that term presumptuous beliefs that countered the foundation of their existing cultures and beliefs so there’s some arrogance involved there we have people that aren’t even listening to the counter-arguments I think we have to be careful not to abandon the structures of the past in some kind of a race to move to the future because the future it hasn’t been tested by thousands and thousands of years of human evolution and I understand that we I’m not saying we don’t progress but I’m not saying we don’t evolve but I’m saying you don’t bow down and you don’t submit you gotta think about the direction that we’re heading and as citizens as people we have to have the courage to stand up before we reach the event horizon from

which there’s no return so now on a smaller level lessons from this book as a as a person in business or in the military or in any team as a subordinate and we’re also born to someone we have to question our leaders and and I say that all the time if we don’t agree with that plan or don’t agree with the tactic you you got to question your leadership and you got to raise your hand but if we know that the intent of our leadership is malevolent or it’s gonna cause suffering human suffering on a grand scale or on a minor scale you have to we have to say no and do what is right no matter the consequence no matter the consequence and you know finally for us as individuals we gotta remember that we are in charge of our own lives we are leading our own lives and where are you leading yourself what are you doing that you know you shouldn’t be doing why are you doing that what attached Rafi are you heading toward you don’t have to be heading towards that catastrophe you have the opportunity to prevent catastrophe in your own life but in order to do that once again you have to stand up you have to do the right thing you have to be uncomfortable you have to impose the discipline on your own life so you don’t have something else imposed something bad imposed so you don’t have a catastrophe imposed on your own life because when we avoid the discomfort and when we avoid the discipline and when we avoid doing what we know is the right thing to do that’s when you end up in a personal catastrophe in your own personal hell in your own personal stalingrad you have to do the hard thing the thing you know is right and you know what is right and you know what you are supposed to do so do it and avoid going down a path that leads to your own personal hell and instead get on the path that leads to freedom and I think that’s all I’ve got for tonight so echo speaking of doing the right thing sure maybe you could give us some ideas on how we can you know continue down the right path doing what we know we’re supposed to do the part where you said you know you’re less likely to raise any questions or you’re more likely to turn a blind eye when you’re winning roaming set up I decided today like on the new year’s the boiler room am I wrong no no you’re right oh yeah yeah so the guys there’s a part where he’s in there waiting to go to a party something you know they’re selling stocks yeah right and they’re they’re like garbage stocks or whatever inflating them yes they’re like yeah all this pump and dump yeah and so they’re in the car going to some party in these like hey it was it Giovanni whatever that his names are they he’s like hey he goes do you ever wonder how we get these big Commission’s on these you know sigh and he’s like that’s the wrong question to ask you know he’s like wait what do you mean he’s like he’s like just just don’t ask that question basics she said don’t ask that question goes don’t you like the way things are going he’s like yeah but I do I do but don’t you ever wonder he’s like no I like being a millionaire same exact thing when you’re winning it’s easy to turn

the blind eye you know good point yeah man so I mean I guess that kind of plan well yeah you know it’s interesting that you point that out and I think that like on a personal level right let’s say you’re doing really good yeah it’s then it can be tricky for people that the right thing yes you because that’s why we see like these uh celebrity like movie stars or celebrity athletes or whatever man they do some dumb stuff right the new some dumpster because they’re winning they’re thinking they’re good you do whatever they want yeah they make the wrong choice yeah they’re on the evening news doing dumb stuff yeah that ruins them yeah and them in their own personal stalingrad put in hell you know yeah even yeah with money too you know you know like and celebrity types and you know athletes who even just people people yeah yeah what a good job in store their business blows up or whatever yeah I guess yeah I guess any type of winning we could look at yeah it doesn’t mean you’re necessarily doing the right thing yeah harder my point is and I think you’re saying the same thing if it can be harder yeah to do the right thing when you’re winning cuz you just think you’re ya good to go you get arrogant yeah yeah let’s not let’s not put brakes on this train here just let it all fly kind of thing yeah and then when the Train kind of loses momentum meanwhile all those those things that you’ve been ignoring they’re still there hey you know look at your empty bank account you spent all that money you’re supposed to keep before you made my get you our money you were budgeting you’re budgeting your survive you’re budgeting you’re doing good you started making all this money started spending all this money well the money stopped coming in your budget it’s gone saying that’s what happens sometimes we can’t happen yeah also pay now or pay later I remember that one that was a good one that you said yeah did I say that yeah pay now or pay later I think we’re talking about like working out or something oh yeah are seriously I didn’t say it today though no no pay now or pay later for sure nonetheless support yeah for sure 100% good way to avoid going down your personal uh it doesn’t maybe it doesn’t nonetheless if you’re in the mood to support you don’t end up in your own personal stalingrad yeah right but I don’t know why supporting would like prevent that you know no you know no we could reach in creative deeper but nonetheless you don’t have any aversions to reduce you were reaching deep today to a solid rod training gay no those are conceptually they were the same they were I know the compare it’s you know most of these world most of these like lessons I think I feel like they’re kind of everywhere yeah of course and you know you talk about these heavy wars yeah and heavy like events and then you know in my mind I’m thinking to training it you know what the you know the idea still hates the same there’s I think there’s people out there in various states of mind sure and I think that you know your perspective helps them maybe get maybe see some what I’m saying because maybe I’m hitting them from the wrong angle so yeah you’re coming in from training day movies yeah hey man yeah actually and come to think about it these concepts right here today when you’re saying you know you know what it’s going to take for example when it’s going good it’s easy to turn the blind eye isn’t that kind of a lot of movies how it is it’s like the guy does real good and he’s just kind of going and it he messes up in one way or another but I think there’s a talk by Kurt Vonnegut and I’ve seen it on YouTube I think it’s Kurt Vonnegut music teaching a class you know Kurt Vonnegut is yeah yeah he’s teaching some class like he just guest teaching in some clothes pretty awesome but he’s talking about like there’s four plot lines and they’re all pretty much this yeah yeah yeah it’s pretty cool I think but that’s what you’re you you have nothing and then you get everything yeah they kind of abuse it kind of in there’s then there’s you have nothing you get everything you lose everything and then you get everything back he just got this it’s like I forget them all but make sense their common common story tonight yeah and they must be kind of but I mean it must be right based on real life like like term like scenarios that you go through well I think it’s why there’s things like comeback story yeah Ellis story comeback kid I mean those things really exert dog still underdog yeah triumphant yeah yeah that’s how nonetheless of you here in the mood to support and you know between your movie watching escapades is that the correct word escapades yeah yeah yeah yeah I don’t recommend it I recommend you read yeah whatever you training day maybe we’ll get you there yeah that’s a good one I thought anyway nonetheless origin mean isn’t it weird that like training day is this movie that caught how much the cost to make training day I don’t know 50 million dollars and like you go to the library and get Stalin grab the book yeah for nothing really nothing yeah where you can buy it you can buy it on Amazon for I think this book cost

like a dollar yeah it’s not used but it’s just kind of a strange dichotomy there it’s interesting for sure and yeah you know obviously we can go into line which one is another for you I’m gonna go ahead and say that Stalingrad is better for you than training day well depends on what you get out of it you know you know how like I’m actually people would ask me how do you read to get the most out of it out of a book do you well I read it while I’m reading it I highlighted oh yeah Jordan B Peterson I was watching something the others say don’t highlight anything yeah this is this I have a major disagreement with Jordan B Peterson I’m not highlight I’m highlighting fool but anyway so I go through I highlight what hits me and then I go back and reread it and then I have the red pen to circle the important really on the Kindle if you can choose your your color of highlighter so the yellow is general highlighting and then the orange yeah all right well how about this we’ll talk about some jujitsu keys because people ask me yeah what keys should I get you get origin geez that’s it in America from the threads from the cotton that’s always say as we all know being America to the shirt dirt to the shirt may be said that field to finish no I just was up there I was just up at the factory with Pete oh yeah I caught the Facebook line on my head on my monitor – this show is that – shame I think it might be just like yeah baby dirty shirt it might be filled to finish hands in daylight hands in daylight yeah but yeah make some good stuff especially geese in America like I said good in jiu-jitsu I you know I had I have a few geese I have a few keys I’d only use any of them except the origin ones gonna remain calm that’s where you can get your G for jujitsu they also have rash cards compression gear right and that’s for jiu-jitsu I think primarily but you can use it for other stuff of course yeah indeed big tent also chocolate some supplements good supplements krill oil I was talking to kids name is Josh from Virginia Tech net training seemed a couple times there and I think he was here for you know a few exhibitor train and you know so we talked about somethings young he’s 21 and he said oh yeah I take fish oil I was like ding that’s good I’m crude oil is better than fish oil I know this because my though I told you why are in my points dad told me all the benefits blah blah blah nonetheless but he’s taking joint supplements at 21 he said no I don’t have problems with my joints but I just want to maintain this joint situation as I get older I was like well you’re way ahead of me son so I give him some of your joint warfare yeah that’s good piete piete from origin he needs joint warfare he can feel it dissipate in the day and like when I was was with was with him he’d be you know at five o’clock in the afternoon to come back I hold on me right back everything takes enjoy warfare oh you that later he’s at the threshold yeah he’s like that guy needs it yeah it’s yeah and that’s actually it’s interesting because you know you can see what’s selling and what’s cool is you can see joint warfare krill oil like what’s awesome about is it 3p customers of people that order it then they order it again and then they ordered again yeah because you don’t want it if you’re not feeling it yeah that’s what I’m that’s how I am with the krill oil yeah 100% like if you like I’ll forget it’ll be like you know like oh I’ll take it later I don’t forget that yeah I know you know you’re just you have a more routine and whatever and that’s the thing that’s the thing doesn’t include just wake up boom-boom-boom from a medicine cabinet open all my stuff is right there no and it not to go too deep into my routine but during the week it’s you know wake up and then there’s like my daughter’s four and a half she has school so there’s that situation going on this is not my this does not interfere with you getting up and taking some pills for before you brush your teeth kind of not see that’s the thing the routine doesn’t allow for me to take them before I know it’s part it’s the routine man it’s the routine for the routine cuz from after you gotta you got it you gotta take the pills before you brush your teeth because when you brush your teeth you got that strong mint in there that makes the water like too cold and your teeth yeah see and I like that I think it’s more refreshing now see maybe I need to harden up a little bit maybe Jack probably nonetheless sometimes I forget 3/4 and you if you forget for like 4 days and you’re still working out or whatever you’ll feel it I will feel it so same thing Kroy I need it yeah I had leaf actually actually Jenna Jenna brought me krill oil you know I know that bro

that’s ok krill oil bring me some yeah you know I don’t want to do that but probably that’s important yeah another seven panic mode yeah nonetheless vector krill oil chakras krill oil super krill has a super it’s super krill it’s not normal cream super and there’s many reasons for that you find out on the website or if you want to know those exact reasons also joint warfare that’s for your joints maintain your your body structure while your work you know good call because it does uh dissipate I don’t want to use it or dissipate but what do you call degenerate did generate sure after time when you when you go hard in the paint mm-hmm unless like I said they got compressing your G’s rash guards oh stuff hoodies which may or may not be the most comfortable hoodies and pants by the way the sweat pants joggers apparently joggers yeah so the other day I’m like okay I’m exporting some special effect that I did so I’m like shoot when you export it’s like you can’t really use that program you know you can x-ray me it’s a long story but so I’m like okay I’m off my computer for you know it’s gonna take like 10 minutes a big effect so I gotta lay on the couch and have the whole origin on for whatever reason just kind of happened you i’ll and the couch I’m like dang I don’t think I’ve felt this comfortable in a long time but it was everything let’s come that’s that’s pretty bold statement level of comfort come I mean comfort seeker 100% and I evaluate you evaluate various comfort level levels I’ve been one of the highest I get it it was everything it was the couch it was the time of day it was the fact that he lay around we lived with one of my seal buddies for many years we were kind of just just young dumb wrong man we had this yellow couch that was like 14 feet long you get it was gonna tell it was like maybe five feet deep it’s like a bed no realistically it was like five feet deep what’s one you through the back cushions off it was five feet deep and it was probably 12 12 feet long and where was this in um in our parking your apartment yeah he was gold it was a gold felt yeah I mean we got it from some job yeah that’s the kind you have been like a lousy dollars we had one like that at you ate you know in the football lounge yeah it was like it wasn’t those bad cos you know you know that couch you were looking at tonight in my house you’re like yeah that’s a nice couch it this think that couch out there you’re all nice doesn’t even come close to the comfort of the old gold couch yeah it was the deal yet weirdo like ugly like couches will be the most functionally comfortable we had this one my wife forced us to give boy and because it was outside he got phased out slowly you know how you get a new couch and you know okay we’re gonna do there I’m not gonna give it away no because it’s too comfortable we’ve had it for so long and it’s like in good shape oh and then we get another couch for the you know for the side there or when we do this so so it ends up outside you know anyone’s can count couch outside it’s like it’s kind of you know doesn’t does it look good bah blah blah gave it away but it was the most comfortable couch I think we actually know the new I don’t know what I’m talking about nonetheless doctor Origen go to origin mean calm that’s it that’s where you get it and you can get the discipline there too yeah yeah yeah the discipline big time the pre-workout the pre-mission the pre-mission the pre-mission yeah shit it to me I take it before a workout see I don’t I take it before I do Jitsu yeah well I take it before I have to do a podcast or I take it before I have to do like a like a speaking event where I need to do it my brain has to be firing yeah yeah shake it before bed I mean I know it has a little bit caffeine but like I have and I think you can’t I don’t think I’d strongly recommend it especially if your caffeine sensitive like I am sensitive but you drink your 9:00 Monster energy drinks a day you can drink whatever you want from you taco white tea because there’s a lot less caffeine well that you figured that she saw a lot of you know a lot of people hit me have used jock white tea to wean off of a full-strength coffee yeah yeah guys they don’t want to be on that coffee but there’s enough you need caffeine ain’t it a little something to wean off it’s like methadone getting off heroin so you might want to try that but you know the jock awaiting you and have coffee breath anymore yeah cuz no one likes that yeah it’s really it’s really not like methadone but since the the pre-workout pre-mission has cognitive enhancers you figure you know when you sleep that’s like the best part of your brain is over best time for your brain to recover maybe that’s a little something I don’t recommend it because like I said but you never know could be could be something I wouldn’t drink it before I go to bed maybe when you wake up yeah but I don’t drink when I wake up I’ll drink it

because I don’t drink it for I don’t drink any kind of pre workout for before I work out before I lift weights before I do a metcon I don’t maybe I should I don’t know and you know one of the reasons because I don’t like to have anything in my stomach when I’m working out yeah but those pre workouts is like yeah I know it’s like really anything right it’s just like water like why don’t ya yeah maybe I’ll try it tell me report back please okay will do yes sir also speaking of work you know I get my Kido kettlebells from on it and come / chocolates we can get them kettlebells the designer way you don’t have to get the designer ones I know I always say the designer ones get the designer ones and I’m still saying it mm Oh big time see you don’t have to but nonetheless on it they have cool other cool workout stuff you want your workout to be creative telling you like you know the you know the Mase right one of those I have I do yeah you’re done like a workout with a mace yeah yeah I incorporate them my name for I’ve got to mace exercises what one of them is called like can I have notes in my notebook on what my workout you’re gonna have like barbarian smash that’s the word no no that’s the movement oh okay I think made up there and then ones like a battle-axe swing sure so yeah yeah it’s like you can do is with the mace yeah and it mace is heavy though well my race is 20 pounds yeah that’s heavy oh yeah 20 pounds that’s almost a baseball bat way I don’t know I don’t know couple pounds yeah and then you can put I saw 16 ounce weight the other day for the end of your bat when you’re getting warmed up a mace is 20 pounds yes it’s really heavy and the to me really careful actually yeah beak time yeah be careful you don’t expect that much weight on a mound of mace with that weird cuz a 20 pound dumbbell you think oh that’s better 20 but that’s not even part of the workout I don’t warm up with 20 pounds in any exercise kind of attitude and then you’re like so light then you pick up that Mason you’re like this is like the heaviest stick I’ve ever beheld for sure yeah in stick form other stuff too it’s really cool so go on a duck on slash jaco and check it out get something also subscribe to the podcast itunes google play stitcher anywhere there were they broadcast a podcast broadcast podcasts yeah Spotify – confirmed boom do it also youtube if you want the video version of this podcast if you want to see what chocolate looks like you’re into that kind of stuff look on YouTube also have excerpts on there actually someone emailed me and said just for the excerpts it a thanks for putting excerpts on there that’s pretty cool that is pretty cool to be like yeah just a this is cool so obviously it’s a good thing there are excerpts on there that’s a good thing because sometimes the podcast goes a little long yeah this is specially this section no I think you’re two hours of reading that’s reading some book nonetheless YouTube some value there I think if you you know you watch certain people they play put in there you to your live some point yeah on the YouTube beyond our YouTube channel yeah even more value send you an alert right I think yeah yeah if you’re subscribed yeah if you allow the alert and you’re subscribed and you can yeah it’s good no less you do good way to support also Jaakko has a store it’s called Chacko store Jaakko that’s where you can get all the cool shirts they’re cool I think to cool all the shirts discipline equals freedom get after it there’s even the shirt that jockle wears every single day in his life the victory sure it’s available you can get it you can get it out on also rash guards on there some cool stuff women’s stuff on their hoodies patches hats you know what I’m gonna make this commitment right now I’m gonna put something new every single what you’re not like cause that committee I don’t know every month I’ll put something new can people have an IOU to tell you what they want no actually yes actually I like that or maybe the email yeah email through the store or Twitter or whatever the PM we do it everyone does for sure this lot of stuff is suggestions actually a lot of existing already exactly heavier-duty sweatshirts hats yep follow babies beneath you know they’re on the way yes oh yeah they’re in look like for sure hundred yeah that’s a suggestion yeah these are all people suggestions from the field yeah say that yeah so yeah it takes suggestions big I kind of I pull the trigger on the ones that have the most suggestions so sometimes I understand you know if you’re like hey I made a suggestion and I still have my suggestion you know you’re in the field too and I dig it but

if you’re the only one sorry I’m sorry no pull over here yeah not that much though unless anyway chuckle that’s a place also psychological warfare if you don’t know what that is here’s what it is it’s an album that you can buy on iTunes Amazon music Google Play anywhere where you can buy mp3 downloads it’s an album that you can buy with tracks chocolate tracks and is what it’s for it’s not means it’s not chalk with singing or playing guitar what else do you play ukulele now yeah you could later I bet you yeah they you can’t so jocks not playing that he’s he’s speaking to you pragmatic he’s giving us us pragmatic advice on why or how I would say how to overcome certain points of weakness in our campaigns against weakness that’s what it is so you know you want to skip the workout you want to cheat on the diet or it isn’t you’re compelled to one day because you’re feeling not enough tired if you run into little speed bumps your campaign listen to this to the track for everything trust me just look at it what if instead of somebody wanting to watch training day they want to read one of these books where could they get them and what’s the best way to shop for them while supporting this podcast go ahead you ask I got the solution right now this is what I did if you didn’t know already here’s what I did go to Chaco podcast calm chuckle podcast calm not the store podcast website they organized all the books by episode in section called books from the podcast click through there actually that’s a good way to support two takes and Amazon Amazon Prime get the book in like two days boom and it supports the podcast big-time good word things whatever you like man long lawnmowers duct tape what else rubber duckies if you have kids you know what else you can get on is you can get dark a white tea when you get it also order yourself some new weights because upon drinking Chaka white tea you will be able to deadlift 8,000 pounds certified you oh you got some new weights didn’t you yeah I did all right we’ll leave it at that it’s all good it happens you can also get some books some books from you know that I’ve kind of put together the one of them is called weigh the warrior kid that book teaches kids to do the right things in their lives study read work out eat clean help others work hard get tons of feedback on that book because it helps kids they relate to it speaking of related to it there’s a little warrior kid out there 12 years old the name is Aiden he reached out to me wanted he make soap from goat milk you hear the story yes makes any hear the whole story okay he makes so for goat milk you know why he makes soap from goat milk you can’t do anything with goat milk in California you can’t sell it to someone because it’s not edible or whatever they have a place right the regs in place what do you do with goat milk then he didn’t know what to do with it then he figured out I’ll make soap and then he wanted to make good soap yeah and so he said hey can I make some choco soap and I was like yeah dude you’re 12 years old get after it and he did Irish Oaks ranch comm link on yourself you can order yours on the link on the website yeah front page so you can support a young or your kid 12 years old business owner so legit way discipline equals freedom Field Manual that’s also about getting stronger smarter faster healthier and better the audio version of that is not on audible it’s on iTunes Amazon music Google Play it’s an album with tracks by the wacky sure actually it’s two albums with tracks on top of that we got extreme ownership the book written by myself and my brother Lafe babban it’s about combat leadership that’s what it’s about and if you want to learn how to lead you can check out that book also if your business team or your organization needs a little extra help you can utilize our leadership consulting company called esalaam front you hear a lot of talk tonight about the rear echelon that’s why we named national on for national on front the rear echelon of the people in the rear national on the front edge salon is the people in the front lines that’s why we named the organization national on front because there’s a lot of people that talk about leadership but they’re talking about it from the rear echelon from the back we’re talking about it from the front our experiences on the front lines we solve problems whatever

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