In the Kitchen with Mary | December 30, 2018

his shoes because right now it’s time for in the kitchen with David well we hope you had a wonderful holiday and today we continue on with our final day of holiday casseroles because it’s a tradition in my house and in so many of our homes to have black-eyed peas on the first day of the new year it helps promote prosperity and so we are going to be making David’s recipe for black-eyed peas ham and rice casserole oh I cannot wait for you to see all the beautiful fresh ingredients and the supermarket shortcuts that we’re using to make it now let’s give you a little sneak peek of some of the items in the show because we are jam-packed in this for hours with value today we’ve got free shipping we’ve got Easy Pay and we’ve got the food saver it’s a hot pick in the show the fresh savor with fresh containers and zipper bags is now a clearance price of less than $40 now all of our clearance items that keep you see today are on six easy payments this one is as well it’s the first day presented at that new low price you’re saving almost $30 by picking up the Tower of Power and this is the food saver for your frequently used items so we’ll talk to you all about it how to use it how easy it is to leave out when we come to that full presentation of our hot pick now we also have a big one-day only in the show it is from Temptations when I say big this is the largest set currently from temptations that we have available this is one of the largest sets that they’ve ever done and it’s disclosed there’s no reorder and you are getting it for two dollars and 61 cents apiece what the one-day only price is 54 96 for 21 pieces of bakeware from temptations and again all of those limits are deep dish I’m so excited okay there’s no reorder feel free to order early by using K for eight three three eight I had an extra cup of coffee this morning because I knew that this was going to be a jam-packed four hours and then I came in and put on a sweater so two cups of coffee was not my smartest decision but talking about David’s food is always a preferred way to spend a day and today we’re going to be talking about his delish recipe to celebrate the new year you know black eyed peas are a way to celebrate prosperity okay so this is how you get started the bacon is already crisping in our new wave that’s still to come I’m putting in the bell pepper red and green for festive and fun colors putting in the onion putting in your celery so that it can all brown up in that bacon fat which means you’re not losing any of the flavor now I’m putting in the garlic which always in my kitchen you save a little bit to put behind each ear cuz that’s friendly and then I’m gonna put in all of the seasoning I want you all to see look how sweet they are lined up so beautifully this is the time this is your salt and pepper and then there’s your Cayenne s’ I’m gonna dump all that in I just wanted you to see how lovely it was arranged then giving that a stir so once all of the heat is letting the juices out the water the liquid all meshing together with the bacon to make all of the flavor oh my gosh that smells so good that smells incredible remember you can find all of David’s recipes on by searching Davey’s recipes that’s step 1 and we’re going to talk about step 2 still to come later on in the show that’s what the black-eyed pea ham and rice casserole looks like when it’s all done in that beautiful Scoville but also still to come in the show we have Eric theis in the house he’s bringing us the power airfryer elite and this is the five and a half quart six in one digital airfryer with the cake pan now it’s the first day presented at that sale price you are now officially saving more than your spending on our airfryer from power and the sale price and the six easy payments go away at the end of the day if you love the taste of fried food but not the extra calories or the cleanup this is how you enjoy all of that crispness at a low low price and 1800 watts on that machine is an incredible amount of power which not only the size but the power gives you versatility as well so Eric thisis still to come with a big hot pick in the show and feel free to continue to join us on social media you can go to Facebook look for david venable QVC and you can chat along with other viewers there now we also want to wish a belated happy birthday to Stacey Stouffer who is enjoying some lovely time off this week as well but don’t worry David’s on vacation he’s gonna be back on January 6th in the meantime I have these giant shoes to fill and I will do my best

let’s get off to the races and talk about an item that we had on Wednesdays in the kitchen with David that lifted the roof as the big guy would say hey thank you hello everybody this is temptations oven safe gloves with a silicone accents they those are the larger back absolutely on the small sizes yeah to sizes which was a huge request from all of you so thank you especially for me because I do have small hands so these are perfect but a couple of things why I design these the way that I did first of all this there’s silicone on the front and the back why so that you don’t have a right hand or left hand because who needs to be figuring that out when you’re over at a 500 degree oven you got pulling something out but the silicone also works as a non-slip grip so when you’re opening jars in the kitchen when you’re going to and from the oven when you’re using your Oh stirrer you will have the right tool in the kitchen and these gloves are absolutely fantastic and thank you for just doing that Mary because we talk about extreme demos clearly it’s not something you would do at home necessarily is take that boiling tea kettle off and put it on your hand but miss Mary’s gonna do that cuz she’s uh she’s ready and raring to go it’s not it’s not my first temptations are do well so we can hear it boiling and it is boiling it’ll whistle in just a minute but to save time I’m gonna actually take that right off and put it right on your hands and what do you feel nothing nothing it’s not even warm amazing yeah it really is that’s where that silicone barrier really comes in absolutely and of course that great fabric that knit linen that use a fabric that you see there keeps the heat away and disperses it all start to feel warm it’s probably feeling warm now but this is what’s great about reaching in and out of the ovens we have all of these great colors and you don’t have to pick your pattern Mary why because we put your old-world and your floral lace together now that run through yes okay so we have seven colors remaining we’ve already lost three colors just in a few days and the size I think in our black suede so here we have our green we still have our small and our large available then we have our blue love that red and I love that no matter what color you collect no matter what pattern these coordinate perfectly there’s your cranberry look how gorgeous that eggplant is at the end we have our chocolate and then in the black we have the large left in the black very limited in the tuna remember small is now limited in every color the featured price is $18 and 24 cents I love to that this has the wrist protection that great so love it another reason why of course I’m holding onto that rack here’s another thing a lot of times you grab the tongs you pull out the rack not safe here you can physically reach that rack you can reach inside bump into the walls which I do all the time because I have burns all over my wrists which was part of why I designed it so how nice to be able to reach and take out your temptations remember 500° I feel absolutely no heat I love the fact that again I can use it as a trivet if I wanted to or I can just bring it right to the table the non-slip grip helps me with those jars so again a lot of people with dexterity now you don’t have to go find a special tool your mitt is gonna do just that 500 have now been ordered please go to and your mobile applications with QVC to place your order immediately because we just got real wild crazy busy can we show the colors again oh I wouldn’t throw so I’ll point and then we have a green remember in all the colors you get floral lace and the old world I love that I’m being your Vanna heads I love them so we have small and large in the green we have small and large in the blue new year new blue then we have small and large in the red small and large in the cranberry yes small and large in the eggplant I love that eye opal isn’t it gorgeous it’s so super vibrant then we have the small enlarge in the brown and we have the large only in the black there are 300 left though in that black so do not wait to pick those up $18 and 24 cents is a featured price a thousand have now been picked up you very very busy on our phone lines please go to QVC comm and your mobile applications to secure your pair in your size and preferred color because it’s not just for getting things out of the oven that’s right and here’s this is my mom’s idea and this was brilliant so as she says as she gets older she’s lost a lot of strength in wrists so she loves the fact that she can take something boiling right off the stove and notice lie to her hand directly under here which gives her so much support so when she’s going over and she’s gonna strain that pasta now she doesn’t have to worry about it so this is of course our enamel on steel you could of course use your cooks essentials anything you’re gonna be taking on and off the oven and the stove you never have to worry about remember that boiling teakettle I can literally put on my hand and feel absolutely no heat which is what I love so whether you’re taking it out to the grill Mary oh you have your Traeger here I love the fact that you can read is going in small Oh which wealth or when it’s gone in small cranberries gone in small 1800 if now a big it’s time so here’s what I love I love the fact I could reach in I could turn my baked potatoes if I wanted to I have my steaks I have my vegetables again being able to reach my hand directly in here and not have to worry

about being burned when we talk about the right tool whether it’s a sharp knife in the kitchen whether it’s your gloves these are those pieces that you’re going to want to use whether you have the Oh stir oven whether you have your air fryers or your insta pots all of your temptations can work in all of these pieces so this is the perfect complement to it 20200 have now been picked up I also like to call out I wear a big stainless steel watch and when I reach out my arm into the oven boy that’s a conductor for sure and so when you wear a glove that actually covers the jewelry that you have on – you’re also protecting that as well so let’s go down to front talk colors okay let’s do it Tamiya 100 have now been picked up this is k47 973 we have two sizes we have both greens left both greens still available blue both still available but 500 and small what did you say we lost small red I believe we did small red is gone we have large in the red and small cranberry is also gone goodness eggplant small we have 300 and large is still available in the brown we have small and large available in the black gone oh that’s all I heard my ear remember 18.54 cents you get two to be very clear you’re getting two of the oven mitts and here’s the thing – these have been something that we have been looking for we have been for them to come back the fact that now we have the small to fit all small and average hands but then the large mitts big mitts like David exactly very comfortably and again here’s what I love the fact that they have silicone on the front in the back the fact that they have that long cuff gives you the flexibility this is an extreme demo obviously where we’re taking something directly off the stovetop and holding it and while I’m talking to you I’m just starting to feel a little heat as we speak so think about that when you’re taking big pots off your stove when you’re reaching into the oven Mary and I always love to show this this too because this oven right now is 350 degrees I can put my arm in here my wrist never have to worry about touching any of the sides I feel completely confident that this glove will protect me and gives me the flexibility and the and the support in the kitchen that I need 3,500 have now been picked up just with David and this is an item that we have things in the kitchen that are fun we have things in the kitchen that are essential protecting your hands is an essential piece of kitchen equipment and we have it for a featured price of $18 and 24 cents but these do so much more now 4,000 have been picked up on in the kitchen with David these help you open up the jars because the silicone gives you a little grip let’s rip love that right in a pinch I use them as trivets oh I use it all the time as a trivet because it’s easy to take it right off my hand put it right on the table put my temptations right on top of it again and if I get a little splatter on there yeah put them right in the washing machine whoo you’re just gonna want to air dry them of course because of that silicone but they can go right in your washing machine when you want to go ahead and wash them and as Mary mentioned the multiple layers of that fabric on the inside is what protects you and then the silicone just is like the icing on the cake it’s a great fit okay so I’m going to show you the colors one more time we’ve got green in small and large small we have 500 remaining in the blue only large available there and then in the red we still have large in Cranberry we still have large 800 remaining in the cranberry and large then in the eggplant we have large only the small has sold out and then in the brown we have small and large in the brown so 18 dollars and 24 cents 5,000 have now been picked up this Sunday afternoon big for our in the kitchen with David Tara speaking of amazing news today yes you’re going to be bringing us a one-day home here just a little bit 21 I cannot believe this price it’s incredible it’s absolutely ridiculous so if you are looking for an incredible gift if you’re looking to replace for the new year that’s one of your resolutions still to come in the show oh I hate to take these off because they’re so comfy so you can see all of our hot picks on they are the items on the day that share the spotlight with our best value of the day also you can check out our today’s special values on as well so you can check out all the superstars of the day right there on I’m actually wearing tomorrow’s today’s special value from Isaac Mizrahi it’s a beautiful turnout sweater for less than $25 just throwing that in there me too the bell-sleeve is so pretty and we like to refer to it as the Tower of Power we would also love to take your phone calls at eight hundred three nine five one six zero one this is the food saver fresh saver with the fresh containers and the zipper bags fits beautifully on your countertop this is the one that you’re going to be able to use for frequent use items and it is now a clearance price of thirty nine ninety eight which absolutely blows my mind because at retail it’s almost $70 for the food saver for the three cup fresh

container the five cup fresh container the two one quart sipper bags and the two one gallon zipper bags there are more pieces to add to your collection on but to get you started doesn’t get much better than this right here Lisa Brady is here with us how not only do I love the bell-sleeve but I love the little cut out little scallop II know my friend Isaac we love him and we love Lisa too because he always bring us these innovative items burger kitchen and this is the one that if someone’s never tried food saver before what a great day to you know and you know what it’s all about not only saving your food and extending the shelf life five times longer but saving money yeah because you’re not throwing your food out because it ends up looking like this after two three four days you what vacuum seal it and it will extend the shelf life these strawberries will last two weeks in your refrigerator wide because we’ve removed the air so that these are gonna extend the shelf life and actually get to them without their first sweaters on which is a problem very busy on the phones as soon as I said food saver and less than $40 we got all busy again please go to QVC comm please go to your mobile apps if you would like to shop for your order immediately use k4 8 7 oh is that a whisper no I’m sorry that’s the sound of freshness but that’s what I did is I vacuum sealed off all the air so I’m gonna show you you want to make sure you put the lid on nice and tight okay there’s a little square on the bottom here you’re gonna match it up with a square here you’ll see there’s a little bullseye the bullseye right yes so just put it on it kind of just sits right there you literally lower the head and as you’ll see as soon as I turn it on up top here this little button here sucks right in why because it’s removing all the air why because air is the enemy of food for short air is what makes your food go bad it creates that mold and everything so now you can vacuum seal it that’s how simple it was now I lift it up and again if I want to get into this right now I can all I have to do is release the air I can open it up eat some strawberries then reseal it put it back down and I can actually vacuum seal it again here’s the thing you can do this a hundred times in a day so you don’t have to worry about cutting bags and having to you know go through your bags that way that’s how quick and easy it 200 have already been picked up just in those last couple of minutes and Lisa I would love your help and explaining sure exactly in a little bit more detail of what folks are getting okay this phenomenal value no I can’t believe that we don’t tell me that I’m like there is no I thought that was like maybe two payments of that yeah all right so you’re getting your food saver fresh labor this is what we call the Tower of Power why because it’s a small compact design you can see how small it is but guess what it is powerful I actually crushed a can and I’ll show you that you’re also getting two containers you’re getting a three cup and you’re getting a five cup container then you’re gonna vacuum seal these then you can vacuum seal your reusable zipper bags you’re getting two one quart bags and two one gallon bags super easy to use quick question how do we know when to use the bags versus the container okay so if you want to do soups or stews or something liquid or you want to put these in your freezer these are freezer safe okay okay they can also go in your microwave so I have leftover mac and cheese I took the lid off just turned to the side I put it in my microwave when you want to do these you can put these in simmering water but these are free to like your cheese your lunchtime bacon you can do anything that you want in them but they’re so quick and easy and convenient now 400 gone this is a clearance actually 600 now this is a clearance price of thirty nine ninety eight everything Lisa just showed you but it’s the first day presented at this low price guess what all of our clearance is on six easy payments including the food saver Wow so it’s on six easy payments of brace yourselves six dollars and sixty six cents free shipping and handling to oh my god seriously just saw the nominal this is to your point it’s about the ease of use but also about the money we’re saving let’s talk about let’s absolutely talk about that that’s one of the most important things so what I did here is I just did muffins but let’s talk about what you’re saving so in one week if you went to the local grocery store you would spend a hundred and ninety four dollars if you bought those same groceries but you bought them in the warehouse or a club pack you would actually only spend a hundred and thirty dollars what does that mean 33% savings which equates to $64 in one week got it and how much is this machine 39 yeah so you’re actually making money so in that first week in one month you would save two hundred and seventy eight dollars and in one year $3,300 you know I hear David say and already over a thousand have been ordered I’ve heard David say before and it stops me in my tracks every time imagine if in 2019 you had an extra thirty three hundred dollars what could you do with an extra thirty three hundred dollars I mean it

could help with college tuition it could help with that dream vacation that you’ve been talking about for years and years this is that kind of huge savings that is impactful on the lives of everybody around you if you use it on a regular basis and if you are bulk shopping this is one of those moves when we talk about new year new you and all about making fresh starts in 2019 this is one of those easy steps that you can make that makes it so so much better in the long run especially when it’s less than $40 now 1500 have been ordered and just to say – we also have more containers because it’s soup even I don’t think that’s down there oh good so we have a ten-piece container set it’s a separate purchase it’s K 480 721 available on it’s thirty nine ninety eight but if you are looking for more of those sure because I see little poaching trays in there – which would be amazing yes but for now thirty nine ninety eight for this new flavor is pronounced like that’s crazy it’s crazy okay so I wanted to tell you I did the muffins because some people are like wow am I gonna crush everything no just hit the stop button up at the top and you can take out so I took out a muffin because how many times do you buy maybe half a dozen muffins and there’s just me and my husband and by the time we get to the last one or two they’re in the trash because otherwise I’m picking little bits of mold off it that’s kind of gross you know what don’t do that anymore vacuum seal them in your food saver fresh saver bags and then when you want one all you have to do is open it back up take it out and then you literally put put the circle over the bullseye lower it down hit your button and it starts to vacuum seal and you stop it by hitting this button right at the top up here so you’re not crushing anything and you can do that day in and day out over and over in one day 2200 have now been in the kitchen with David I have to tell you if you have never seen the FoodSaver before I want you to know this is how you take the oxygen out of your food so that it stays fresher longer so you don’t have to throw food away as laufen right the other thing about this one this is the one that’s for frequent use you can leave it on your countertop and it’s such a small footprint that’s why we designed it that way it was that your request she said this is kind of what we’re looking for something that is super strong and durable that’s going to really vacuum seal and that we can get in and out of these bags all day long that’s why we have this unit for you so I want to show you microwaves safe what we did is we did mac and cheese in here all right I was totally able to put this entire container right in the microwave and again when I’m done eating it I can put it on the table because that’s kind of pretty – right but then after it’s gone I can put this right in the dishwasher if I want it’s no problem whatsoever instead of you know using something like this to reheat your food because look at the look at the sauce that’s leached into the into the plastic so is the plastic leaching into your food this did not so no pink it did not just leave it yeah so that’s what you can do is you know what put it right in there just turn the lid when you want to do it lovely alright I have to tell you now I never used to use a marinade because I don’t have 4 or 5 hours to marinate and just don’t and 3000 have already been picked up so folks are right thank you you’re getting it I’m so happy you’re getting it ok so what I did is I marinated my meat but because I can’t show you the fibers of the meat pulling apart I’m going to show you how that works with marshmallows so again here’s the bottom square container on the bottom square I’m going to put it right over here alright simply put it down now if it’s not stealing just make sure you’ve pushed that lid on nice and tight lower the head down as soon as you lower the head down you’re gonna see right up top here there’s a little button it’s gonna suck right in okay so that sucked in now if you want to watch my marshmallows down in the front you’re gonna see how they’re expanding so we’re gonna get all the way down and look at it like that now watch how it expands and stay with that shot because what’s happening is when you do this with your for your chicken it’s pulling the fibers apart so in the marinate all that marinate is going to go into the meat now watch what happens when I let go of this button so you would do this for 15 minutes let’s keep the camera down here so we can see what’s going to happen when I push this watch what happens to the marshmallows you see how they all shrink back down that’s what happens to your meat so it’s trapping all those flavors and those herbs and those spices so this is what you get why do you and I that can I remind everybody of the offer and then I want to I can have a bite of steak okay so I showed up hungry my fright I’m so happy so you know what this is the food saver and this is the fresh saver with fresh containers and zipper bags you are getting the two containers along with it let me be very clear the three cup fresh container and the five cup fresh container you’re also getting the two one quart sipper bags and the two one gallon zipper bags for the first day presented at this low price of $39.98 that’s a clearance price typically here at QVC that means there is no reorder planned but for almost $70 at retail versus a little shy of $40 here that’s 29 dollars and 85 cents less

I’m so okay all right at stake so yen and and you’re gonna see its moist its tender its juicy but best of all it’s the flavor that is enhanced 15 minutes marinating not four or five hours in your refrigerator 15 minutes I gotta wait for your home you’re so wonderful she’s love to share 3800 have now been picked up let’s say hi to Miri who’s calling us from Florida under Oh Mary my name is Mary – this is Lisa Brady how are you hello how are you doing so so well thank you Mary King with us and so are you familiar with the FoodSaver oh my goodness I I had the big food saver but this one I absolutely love love love how come because you know you do cheese’s I can’t tell you I use this thing every single day and I’ve given two of my friends forgive and they absolutely love it mm-hmm that’s awesome I bet I bought my aunt Helen a food saver for Christmas this year because she wraps things like a hundred times and puts them in her freezer and then she puts foil around and everything I said you need a food saver she’s old school but she’s gonna use it and she’s gonna love it she’s gonna think of me every time she uses it so good for you yeah well you know I just bought one today because when you said it was clearance I was afraid maybe they were discontinuing it happened to mine I’m not sure what I would do you bought it back up Mary aren’t you dear you know food saver is continuing to innovate for us but this item number is definitely on a no reorder situation so good eye on your part Mary good thumbing thank you for speaking with us live on the air may I please pass on your love to david venable when he returns oh I love David but I love you too Mary I’m telling you anybody that does Jesus and I mean this this little thing I use every single day favors you know when I go to the big market stores and I buy stuff that’s one thing but it makes it a success happy to hear Merriman you’re putting money in your pockets right Mary we’re so thrilled you got yours enjoy the rest of the show we have a busy four hours still to go and thank you so much for speaking with us live on the air thank you thank you but by now so much as we walk over 5,000 have now been picked up I want to show again okay the graphic of CBS because this is an impactful amount of numbers here it really is for week month and year I love how this is broken down yes yes so if you went to the grocery store and you bought just regular food it would be a hundred ninety four dollars now by the same quantity of food but buy it in the family packs or the larger packs you would still only spend a hundred and thirty dollars what does that equate to 33% savings or sixty-four dollars in your pocket in one week that’s phenomenal it’s crazy and then one month two hundred and seventy eight dollars and in one year three thousand three hundred Mary those are conservative numbers I promise you if you do the math yourself with what you say it will be more exactly it this is everything you’re getting the FoodSaver fresh saver but you’re also getting the three cup container the five cup container the two one quart super bags in the two one gallon zipper bags I have to say it one more time cuz it feels so good clearance price $39.98 you’re saving twenty nine eighty six here 2985 rather um and we have it on six easy payments at six sixty Thank You Reggie thank you QVC for doing this it’s all about QVC giving you the deal and fifty two hundred folks picked them up thank you see you in a minute we have corrupt still to come but we also have a big one day only still to come in the show hey tear tester brought us some squabbles one quart half quart your ten ounce rama’s your myths and recipes it’s everything you could possibly need in a brand new shape all the deep dish limits make my heart sing Monte okay so we have more to talk about in the kitchen with David today see that’s David he’s on vacation I promise he’s coming back we miss him dearly but our so I am so thrilled that he is able to put his feet up for a few days he deserves it he worked off his tuchus in 2018 and so very happy to be filling in for him he will be back with you on January 6 let’s talk about some lock and lock because I know David would want to know all about this adorable bag this is the lock and lock dual function insulated cooler tote this is a beautiful heathered material it also has

an insulated interior and a leak proof lining but this has two storage layers to it and we get to spend time with Patty Kramer so tell us all about this great bag okay so this is our bags and I’ll kind of just show you here you want to see that well yeah so perfect so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna get the little talk the questions right here so you go ahead and go put it on your shoulder you can see if easy to put on the shoulder it’s nice it’s cushion so it’s no worries and what I love about this bag is a little peek through is you can see right here you give you the nice big a zipper so if you problems with your hands no worries and right down in here you can do like our 9 by 13 casserole dish in here you can put the plastic ones in here no worries you can take something hot with you to go and it down in the bottom it’s hot and up on the top it’s cold and like you said it’s a nice Heather material so you just wipe it clean with a warm cloth or and just good spot it and then inside is the material that keeps it hot or cold to up on top you can see I’m keeping my food nice and cold to go okay and we have a lot of fun colors we don’t even get to colors yet and we’re already slammed on the phones I know because please go to QVC clearance price it’s crazy it’s phenomenal please go to QVC calm please go to your mobile apps let’s first show you this heathered color in front of me this one is olive and that’s why I put that one right next to you because it’s kind of competing this one right here is teal so you can see the difference this is like a solid and this is the teal so this is olive mm-hm this is teal who’s next and the next right here is we’ve got the red and then next to the red we’ve got the blue okay and then right now down front we’ve got the plum and then we have the raspberry right next to that so pretty then we have the blue again there yet now clearance price sixteen dollars and thirty cents remember all of our clearance at QVC right now is on six easy payments including the bag now that’s great exceeds payments of two dollars and seventy two cents to get this home it’s less than three dollars by the way two colors that are most limited plum and teal or the Tennessee okay but what we’re loving what we saw you do at the beginning was this has two layers two layers of steel layers of storage and the reason why I’m showing this one right here look here and you can see this is bulging right out and this is what we love about our bags so they have the nice gusseted top so it can stretch so when I go ahead and unzip this I quick stopped at the grocery store and you can see it’s my milk and orange juice right on top and you don’t have to worry and you’re like okay really what that it and we love about this so here I’m just picking up my dairy stuffer there on time and I just you know you just need a couple things at the store and this is cold because there’s a lot of room in this bag and you’re not gonna put the bacon I’ll take this one and I’ll put it in my lock and lock set that I picked up that’s coming up later yes exactly so this is just the top like milk juice or whatever I’m going to like a little coffee bar and then right down below I use this 700 have now been picked up and you can see I made a little coffee cake to go in here now does a 9 by 13 fit down yep this is the 9 by 13 and our 9 by 13 classic fits in here too in case you’re the soccer mom awesome let’s make sure to show the colors again because these beautiful heathered colors I think are so pretty for year-round 1200 have now been picked up this olive is gorgeous I cannot wait for you to get the olive home when you see it in person yes it has that lovely heathering to it but there’s a lovely brassy green represented here too woven in and amongst that beautiful array this is the teal and I love that you have them side by side so we can see the difference then who’s next then we have red right in front of me that you just saw me unload and then we have the blue right here and then right down in front we have the plum okay and then right next to that we have the raspberry okay and the blue again okay clearance price is 16 dollars and 30 cents six easy payments of two dollars and 72 cents mm have now been picked up on in the kitchen with David insulated interior and a leak-proof lining but because there’s a zipper you just want to make sure you’re not tipping it over on its face yes exactly got it and then I just want to show you this down front so you’re going to the beach the swimming or whatever you’re doing you can pack one with all that sand stuff hmm and then the bottom if you look I just did the water in the soda so this can you don’t have to use a 9 by 13 in here you can use your soda cans and here your water bottles in here instead of putting the 9 by 13 in the 2500 have now been ordered and that plum that you see on your screen right now is the most limited at this time so do not wait they all have the same heathered grey accent mm-hmm all other grace accent and here I just want to show you that we have our plastic 9 by 13 in here in the soccer mom you’ve got the oranges in here and it’s perfect and then on top what about if you’re going last night I went to the shopping club and I load it

up and you can look right down in front I don’t have this fully loaded so if you want to put ice ice pack in here no worries you can see I have lots of room in there to add all the extra stuff yeah and I ain’t comfortable on there I just you know if you’re the one that always is toting the items for your family’s like me I wanted to give you the dimensions of this bag 21 and three-quarter inches long 11 inches wide twelve and a half inches high but look at that strap drop yep that’s what we know is going to be comfortable on your shoulder because we have to be able to hold a lot I have to be able to wear it comfortably if I’m gonna be toting it around and this bag has everything going for right for a thousand have now been ordered it oh there oh my gosh okay wait let me go through the colors this is olive okay we have eleven hundred in the olive so it’s time then we have the teal mm-hmm eleven hundred in the teal then we have this beautiful red the red and then we have the beautiful blue okay right here the plum um seven hundred remaining in the plum goodness then we have the raspberry so first day presented at this low price of $16.95 you saw I started unloading for the clubs we went to the club’s last night me my daughter and I’m like okay let me just load it up and you can see inside the bag there’s a lots of room and I didn’t even fill it and that’s what I love you can just have it in your car load it right up and you don’t have to worry about it yes you just wipe it clean with warm water soapy water no worries 5500 have now been picked up one more time I’ll show you the olive the teal the red the blue the plum there are 300 remaining in that plum and like that they are going we have the raspberry remaining two so clearance priced 1630 5600 have now been ordered and we have six easy payments of 272 pati I will see you a little later on David’s gonna come running back here early so please join us on social media and please keep in mind also that David is on vacation he is giving updates on Facebook whose hide back here Facebook Twitter and Instagram thank you but you can follow along with david venable you can follow along with stacy Stauffer you can follow along with Tera t-shirt and me on facebook twitter and instagram but right now we have a Twitter poll question for you on David’s Twitter you can vote there for your answer hello foodies he said that New Year’s Day is just around the corner and we want to know what is what are your new year’s traditions sorry I got sideways and then you can vote watching the ball drop signature meal you make a signature dish like we are today on in the kitchen with David you like to party we like to party okay I’ll stop it and then New Year’s is this week so if you’re saying I’m not even planning it yet I’m just gonna see what happens you can vote for that one too so this is in the kitchen with David use the hashtag itk WD also I know he created a new hashtag of cheese and thank you so you can join in on that too but it is time for a one day only you saw me breeze right by I’m like wow she is heaven it’s so good to see you back Tara is the designer behind temptations and a dear friend to all of us already 500 of our one-day-only are gone well I mean incredible I can’t even believe this is the 21 piece bakeware set these shapes are called scovilles we will talk about it temptations has been here for this is starting the 17th yeah we have close to 18 million sets of temptations already out the door and already fulfilling lives at home but this set is a one day only 21 pieces of temptations for since there is no reorder on this set the price goes up at the end of the period the price is gone at the end of the day by the way and it’s the lowest price it’ll be for the next six months that easy pay is gone at the end of the day as well it is two dollars and 61 cents per piece which is incredible so first of all if you’re new to temptations.its stoneware which is fantastic right it replaces all of those steps and stages in your kitchen because you can prep in here you can take your KitchenAid hand mixer you can mix in here you can put it in the oven up to 500 degrees you can put them in the fridge in the freezer and the best part you can put them in the dishwasher when you want to go ahead and clean them this is our swivel it’s an elongated soft-cornered square which I

love so ask oval and what’s nice about that is that you have the great capacity here as well this is our 3 quart this is the largest one you’re gonna receive but you have no sharp corners in there so when you’re mixing things up with your KitchenAid or you’re using that spatula it’s just gorgeous you have the the ribbon that’s gonna run around the edges if you’re picking up old world you’ll have the beading if you’re picking up floral lace 3-quart gonna drop down inside it’s wrought iron rack and then as Marian was mentioning our deep dish lit it so this is your cookie sheet your cutting board your serving platter it’s your trivet for underneath and then look how brilliant this is it’s the lid for on top so now if you’re doing your lasagna and your garlic knots you’re taking up less space in the oven you have those beautiful handles and the scoville itself takes up less space which is great all 21 pieces will fit in the oven side-by-side then let’s talk about your 2 quart again that also has a wire rack so when you’re bringing things to and from the table how perfect we also included your 1 quart and we included your 1/2 quart all with deep dish lid it’s all in that beautiful Scoville design but we kept on going I love the I I kind of want to scream a little bit these are said so aren’t they so cute a little squealing is happening inside just know look how cute these are 10 ounces in capacity so I love these are your ramekins they’re your individual sizes I heard you talking about new year new you maybe you’re you want to eat less portion control now you have four of these I love individual dessert as we talked about portion control individual desserts individual salad soups I love the fact that they have the great lid it so it actually acts as your trivet or it acts as the lid every single baking people come and snap on storage covers and Mary we gave you a ton of recipes to get you started breakfast lunch dinner appetizers desserts many of you have been collecting these they’re fantastic as well the mitts the mini mitts you guys love you asked for silicon dots to make it non-slip I love that it’s that terry fabric which is so nice and again those you can wash by just putting those in the washing machine as well so everything you could possibly need we introduced the scoville this year as Mary mentioned we’re going on our 17th year here at QVC and this is a brand new shape but we will never ever do this set again and Green is gone look at the other colors and I’ll swap this out busy okay so just read an old world this yes okay one day all right we’re gonna come down and do all the colors I will point yeah and what we have seasonal we have two we have shamrock and we have egg hunts look at that I love that shamrock yes shamrock we have 500 and then this is the floral lace green yes and Mary can we just brag on floral lace real quick it’s not bad for that carved pattern detail that you see there with of course the beading that runs around the top love the floral absolutely beautiful thank you for that sure floral lace in the eggplant gone floral lace and eggplant is gone then we have floral lace in light blue 350 we have floral lace in spice color 800 then we have floral lace in chocolates so available then we have old-world old-world spice 150 remaining old-world brown it’s still available then we have old-world red 900 remaining we have old-world cranberry 500 remaining there’s the egg hunt 500 remaining in that beautiful egg hunt and remember this set is no reorder so it is time we also have the old world in that beautiful gray pea melted ice pop what we’re than a hundred to go around in the eggplant these are squabbles the these were new this summer now they are flying and one of the largest sets that we’ve ever done in temptations I think currently it’s the biggest set we have in the element but nearly 18 million sets of temptations have sold here at keV you see because of the versatility because of the timeless design because of their versatility in the kitchen and the price goes up at the end of the day 54 dollars and 96 cents for all 21 pieces 1,200 have now been incredible the easy pay is gone at the end of the day as well this is temptation stone whereas at 2 dollars and 61 cents a piece I mean if I found the ramekin lit it for 261 the pump of course what if you found this side yes temptations Baker yes for 2 dollars and 60 we have a 3 quart a 2 quart a 1 quart a half quart and here’s what I love I love the fact that you can come out of the oven 305 hundred degrees this in this case we made our mac and cheese at 350 but i love the fact that nothing’s gonna stick to the side so I can pull that right away look at that gooey gooey cheese what I love about cooking with temptations is 900 now the heat hugs your food so you get that beautiful even heating you get that gorgeous color and

that carmelization on the top but here’s the best part the tote is also available it is yes purchase a flat 7 5 5 – you can snap that lid right on there Mary and now take it on the go so you don’t have to wait for that dish to cool down you have you marry it up here and then where you get to where you’re going you take it out and what are you not asking someone to do to heat up their oven it’s perfection if you’ve never tried temptations before this is the set to try and if you have we have lots of squabbles planned for 2019 we will never do these sizes in this configuration again eggplant in old world is sold out all right let me remind everybody can we show the colors yeah and I can also show you what you get thank you also I want to just kind of drop a thought into your shopping moment if I could if you pick up a cute card today yes we have a $40 account credit offer going on so if you are a new cue card applier and then you get approved and you to make a purchase you get a $40.00 account credit to use on a future purchase here at QVC now with the cue card we always have things going on you can pick up Easy Pay depending on the offer happening at the time but today if you are a new cute card customer you get approved and you use it to make a purchase $40 credit for your account to use in the future so just keep that in mind if you’re looking to budget things out that’s after the holiday and we’re trying to do that but this temptation set is a one day only a one day only means this is the lowest price that will be for the next six months this price goes up at the end of the day and the EZ pay on your screen goes away at the end of the day five easy payments of 1099 this price as a one-day only breaks down for 21 pieces two dollars and 61 cents per piece including the big one yes so let’s take a look at the color choices that you have for me okay it’s wildly pop do we want to start over here maybe with old world and do we still have the egg hunt 300 so I love that so this has a the adorable spring palette that you see there with the egg and that eggplant is going everybody running okay thank you here’s our red so if you’re picking up the old world that has that braided detail that runs around the edges we’re just showing you the one core and 700 in the red here’s your cranberry little softer more muted in tone 250 popular then I know someone likes the spikes does it oh wait I’m not the only one no you’re not and we will never do this set again there’s your brown underneath there 900 and David’s brown so there’s those are your only old-world options left then we move over to floral lace this is engraved carved into the side color saturation around it beating around the edges there’s that gorgeous spice as well chocolate 650 in the spice chocolate is still available okay gorgeous love the light can’t stop touching it apparently then we have the floral lace and that gorgeous light blue and because I’m filling in for David he would say this is Carolina blue some might say he says some might say but still available we have a hundred-fifty waiting and then do we still have the Shamrock so in my lovely hats on that remember too there are 250 sets remaining in that shamrock now there is no reorder on this set now the floral lace green up top here is the whole show you everything okay so I love the fact that you have the versatility in the sizes a brand new shape which we’ve never done before so the squirrel Ville and elongated oval takes up less space in your oven so all the pieces that you see here other than the wire racks can go right in your oven and fill that oven perfectly so your 3 quart with our deep dish lit and can I show you a couple things also I designed this so that your deep wait marry your minds gonna be blown your deep dish lid can hold all four of course of your ramekins I’m screamin so if you had four individual French onion soups you could of course take this right out of the oven maybe you had four different condiments that you were certainly if you wanted are fill all of them pickle bar I mean who doesn’t have that I love the fact that all of these pieces work together or they work separately yet they set a beautiful table every single time a party at Julie’s house until the olive and pickle bars out its 3,200 have now been picked up of our winning temptations spice in old-world has sold out also this one day only price is $54.90 the comparable retail is 117 you are paying 62 dollars and four cents less by putting it up as a one-day only I also want you to know it breaks down to 2 dollars and 61 cents per piece now this one day only this the lowest price this set will be for the next six months but the price goes away at the end of the day the easy pay goes away at the end of the day and Rhonda please help me Rhonda coming here and my name is Mary please meet Tara tesha Rhonda how are you oh my gosh it’s great to talk to you

Mary I love you and I love Tara and I just wanted to say I cook with your temptations a lot Tara I bought this set back when it was the TSV in the old world black and boy I’ll tell you it was three payments of $21 off it was it’s I’ve just enjoyed it immensely I have been blind since birth and I cook and bake with a lot of your products I have your baking set your meat loaf pans your many Christmas loaf pans many many many things your pie plates and I just wanted to tell you that the 10 10 ounce ramekins are fabulous Oh Thank You Rhonda I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the pieces and that they’ve been making life a little easier for you in the kitchen for sure well I’ll tell ya like I said I’ve been cooking forever and my relatives have been gone a long time but I think they’d be proud I do a lot of baking on your Christmas things and I make a lot of cookies than a Christmas I sell and bake cookies and caramels and all these things and a little extra money so I just wanted to say a great Mary to talk to you I have always wanted to sing and Tara congratulations on your marriage and I hope you had a good vacation I did thank you very much wonderful Thank You Rhonda friend you know what to we we talk about temptations being a family of color we talk about temptations being so many different things I love the fact that they are textural as well have you noticed that they’re carved and the bead I love that in the meeting of course around the edge but of course I have no concept of colors when I order I held the customer rep help me out a lot I’ll say when I’m giving something as a gift what is a beautiful color because I have no concept of color I love it ever will of course if I respect I just am in awe the stuff is wonderful everything just flips right out and any of us that have it love it Rhonda and thank you for enjoying all the pieces Merry Christmas you Happy New Year and hopefully we’ll get to spend some time in 2019 together okay oh I hope so and I I would order way more if I had the room I live in a person I don’t have as much room as I’d like oh boy you’re all thank you sending love right back to you Rhonda so thank you for speaking with us live on the air you made our day they really think they’re very lovable much less on YouTube bye-bye nice oh I hear that forty five hundred nine hundred oh my good okay so starting over here with the floral lace we still have the shamrock shamrock it’s gone we’re like oh my gosh light blues gone oh okay didn’t you think Jill thank you David floral lace in the spice 500 remaining floral lace in chocolate available floral lace in the green up top also available then we dive over I know she just got it all set up then we have the old world in the brown we have four colors left an old girl that looks like thank you for that Oh world brown we have 800 then in the red 450 cranberry under that cranberries gone oh and any icon 150 remaining in that egg now let me review this is a one-day only here at QVC the item number is K for 8 3 3 8 this is Temptations this is also the Scoville shape this is a 21 piece bakeware set I would like to point back yet because I want to give you a little perspective on gift-giving so yes Monaco’s over christmas is over but take a look what I could walk in the door with a gift that cost you two dollars and 61 cents but now it’s personal because now you’re giving the gift of temptations this is 16 separate gifts Terry’s yes we made sixteen gifts at 16 different gifts out of this 21 piece set so this could be a set even if you already have it that you have at home ready to give as individual gifts so I love the fact that we have the gift getting ready to go all of the liditz in this set are the dish and this is one of the largest set that Temptations has ever done but the price and the ezk go away at the end of the day the one-day only price is $54.90 that easy pay is five of them of $10.99 and remember this is the lowest price this set will be for the next six months oh my gosh I love what you do this is what I wanted to show you when you think about the fact that you have what do we have here eight serving platters because our deep dish Lititz are just that you can cook on here it becomes your cookie sheet and your cutting board I love these for maybe you make individual breads and these are your little olive oils with some of your spices and seasoning in it but here is what you’re making some of your breads and your cookies and all of those different pieces they also work at the lids for all the Baker’s so you’re gonna receive four of the 10 ounce ramekins which we love and our brand new silhouette that we’ve never done before

we debuted in August then you have your half quart 1 quart 2 quart 3 quart Baker’s you have the recipes you have wire racks you have our upgraded mitts that have the silicone dots on them and every single baking piece Mary comes with a snap-on storage cover which is just perfection this floral lace green is still available we have 700 remaining oh my goodness okay buckle up kids in the floral a spice we have 400 remaining floral lace chocolates still available sorry I will keep myself out then we have the old-world brown 750 remaining old-world cranberry 202 80s that’s the red I think this is the Red Room excuse me old world red forgive me I said cranberries are gonna go old world red we have 280 remaining and then the egg hunt look at how juicy that thing doesn’t this is a one-day only of $54 96 cents lowest price it’ll be for the next 6 months it is flying out the door thank you every how many gone you say 5000 what now go kicked up Tara my incredible extraordinary New Year everybody look forward to seeing you in 2019 happy belated birthday to Stacey Dawber Stacey’s Facebook page and just leave her a little love to Tara how you doing hey what a better way to start the new year then with fried food right I know it sounds a little weird but it’s not because we do it with the airfryer so when you do fried food with an air fryer you save up to 70% of calories from fat so if you only did it for your french fries telling you be worth the price of admission but it doesn’t mean we only have to do french fries and look what I did here for Mary I did a little bacon-wrapped tato tater puffs right can I say tater tots a big graphic tater tops look how beautiful these are and you know what all the fat and grease drift down to the bottom clean ups a joke one touch operation turns on and off by itself 7 presets start the new year off with fried food the only mistake is when you say tatertot you have to sing it straight or Todd it’s time for a kitchen quick tape we are gonna take a very fast look at an item that is going to give and give this is Krupps this is the 1800 watt precision grill with nonstick removable plates if you’re looking to make smarter choices for this time of year you can drain fat away and it’s way too cold to be grilling outside yes it is Lisa Brady is back yeah not to tell us all about this great machine yes yes yes so this is crepes crepes has been around for a hundred and seventy plus years they’re all about making quality kitchen products to make your life easier this Krupps indoor grill is the perfect example of that so look I’m just gonna show you here I did these perfect steaks I can do chicken on here I can grill from frozen if I want I did my vegetables also fast quick and easy die-cast nonstick aluminum plates why is that important I can take these off put them right in the dishwasher for I want but like you said you’re not getting the smoke you’re not getting you know all that have to go out in the cold and the snow to get these perfect results and because we look at that and you you know what you eat with your eyes so you want to see those perfect grill marks on top because that’s what’s gonna entice you to want to eat that right it’s having that look of a of it being grilled oh my gosh yes now the comparable retail value on this machine you’re getting the precision precision grill easy to say to non-stick plates and that juice tray that catches all the drippings in the front so you’re not eating them you can just toss them right um the comparable retail value is 149 95 our price is a sale price of $79.90 and you’re saving 6997 now there are only a thousand of these to go around that’s why we’re taking a quick look but this is an 1800 watt machine it is we wanted to make sure that whatever you wanted to grill you were gonna have more than enough power to handle that and I’ll just show you real quick on the frontier you’re getting six preset programs you also have a manual override so you can do you know anything from 250 up to 500 degrees you also have a frozen button so you can cook from frozen it’s so super easy press a button select whatever it is you want to make and then just hit that okay and you are good to go what is automatic sensor cooking okay that is not as a patented process that we have oops I’m going to open this up and they’re over done because they literally take 30 seconds and I didn’t open the girl I stood in front of it yeah that’s okay but so precision grilling what that means is what I put my food in there’s an sensor inside that detects how thick your food is which then tells the Machine how long to cook it and what temperature to cook it at that’s the beauty of Krupps but look at these three large paninis that I did in here again you’re getting those precision grill marks if you wanted to look at the plates these are die cast aluminum plates they pop right off all

you have to do if you wanted to is just do a quick little wipe or you can put them right in the dishwasher after they cool isn’t that nice look at those little tough start on that plate yes looks so good and you know what you know this is a little taste of summer in the wintertime but remember the sale price in the Easy Pay are gone at the end of the day now that measurements quickly twelve and five-eighths by eight and three-quarters by about a half inch tall so really nice to leave out on your countertop doesn’t think up but look at that result look at these paninis and nice and crispy on the outside but yet the cheese and the ham it’s all melted and nice and gooey and gooey so you’re getting perfect results it’s that precision cooking every single time and when we say quick look we were not kidding we were $79.98 is the sale price six easy payments of 1333 the sale price and the EZ pay goes way at the end of the day again we are so busy on the phones thank you for being patient with us if you want to secure your order go to QVC com go to your mobile apps Lisa breathe thank you darling q my friend looking for the many more days yes you know what I’m keeping hydrated with my QVC – big deal from mana vogue but right now we’re gonna take a very short break and you’re gonna get a little peek behind the scenes but we’ll be right back this is in the kitchen with David we have lots more fun to go thanks Mary bring in the new year with savings of up to 50% off and six easy payments during our winter clearance sale begins Monday on QVC + select hours on QVC to there’s even more to love with the cue cards open a new cue card and make a purchase by December 31st and we’ll treat you to a $40 QVC account credit for more details go to QVC comm / cue card shape classic and a wardrobe staple under $25 yes please this modern take on the classic turtleneck will be your new go-to be there Monday at midnight on QVC everybody welcome back into in the kitchen with David clearly I am NOT david venable my name is Mary DeAngelis and I am so proud to be filling in for the hard-working david venable today he is on vacation and he is loving every minute of it because it is so well-deserved he wrote a cookbook this year he has worked so hard in 2018 and so I hope he is enjoying a little toes up time and maybe a little adult beverage but you can follow along leave him your well wishes on Facebook Twitter and Instagram happy belated birthday to stacy Stauffer she’s enjoying some time off with her family and I am lucky to be filling in for this big for our show Rob pelourinho oh how was your holiday oh it was great so good house full of people loved it they finally all left so I’m good um you know what Ralph is an amazing chef and he is here representing the Kansas City State company and this is brand-new today so if you’re looking to make smarter choices you’re looking to get higher quality protein in your diet you can stop right here you have your choice of 3 or 6 1 pound packages of tenderloin tips this is filet mignon yeah this is this is a filet offer it just so happens that we made this especially for QVC 3 pounds or 6 pounds of filet on behalf of QVC thank you no problem so take a look at this amazing presentation in front of me now one of these marble slabs represents your first choice the 3 pounds for $49 on a featured price free shipping and handling and we have 3 easy payments of $16 and 33 cents both of these marble slabs is where I recommend you go that’s the 6 pound option at a Featured price of $79 for you of $26.33 and you’re stocking up and saving we didn’t double the price of the three pound option we brought the 6 pound option down $19 but if you want that 3 pound option we have how many 1500 oh my gosh so what did you say if you want the six we have 900 and we oh my gosh we have no auto delivery one bullet bad news so the three-pound option is about 16 dollars 33 cents per pound for filet mignon and the six pound option is thirteen dollars and 16 cents per pound that is a fancy so this is a Kansas City steak offer let’s talk about why that’s so special yeah so you know normally we talk about filet which let’s just look at it while we talk because I think it’s important this is ultra lean

this is filet so when you talk about that center-cut filet this is on the other end because the filet itself tapers off at the end and you still get this filet I mean look it out look at that perfect look how juicy that there’s no waste no there’s no waste and look how lean that is look at the trays no look at that no weird bite look at that that’s all filet and look how it usually filets don’t have that much juice and because of that corn-fed Kansas City meat it still has a robust flavor even for a filet and mean you’ve talked about this this is restaurant quality it is that’s going you know me yeah go in what he knows me he’s already got a cut over your side this is that restaurant quality steak that you can’t get in the grocery store and I was thinking about this before first of all I’ll let you to tell me how much I love this so much this is an offer that when we had it in a different assortment I I have in my freezer I keep it I mean I just keep it closed because when you want that perfect bite of steak this is what you want because it’s filet mignon yes which tell us about water so we see tenderloin tips right what are the tips sure so a fillet usually starts something like this and those big expensive center cut fillets or cut here and what happens is the flakes of tapers right here tips right here still filet but because they’re a little smaller and they’re mismatched and I hate to use the word mismatched but they are but it’s like if you have a full cut of steak like a filet and you start cutting it up yeah that’s what these are right and I was thinking about this like my family go to the grocery store every day because we have small kids and we’re usually for protein chicken fish whatever it is right having these in your freezer is so convenient I mean I gotta show you this is that one pound this is one pound about 16 pieces now let me show you what that looks like if you were to do family stuff would you hold this for me absolutely okay this is one package look at that now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go and put some sauteed onions on here okay I’m still in you’re still in right yeah and then we pour some blue cheese dressing oh okay there you go look at that that is 1 pound that’s a salad that’s a salad no no if you want to get even more healthy look at this oh that’s ok now we have greens now it’s better now look at this 500 have already been picked up look at this oh that’s gorgeous put that on the table family of four right here yeah yeah cut that in half maybe two people so these are just so much fun to have in your freezer you take out and let’s go back to these these are filet okay look at this now these have been grilling for I don’t know like three or four minutes this look at that three or four minutes on a griddle pan and this is what you get look at that makes it always tender it’s always juicy look at that that Kansas City steaks difference how long is Kansas City steaks been around 1930 to come on you got to be takes over the top of your game because this is what you could go to the restaurant for pay a mint for but now you get the Kansas these steaks delivered right to your front door yeah oh my gosh do you think Jack I mean decadent right it’s it’s rich this is what Kansas City’s all about it’s the perfect mouth it’s the perfect bite it’s the perfect tenderness and flavor oh my gosh it’s juicy it’s so good okay let me just remind everybody if you want the 3 1 pound packages of tenderloin chips we have 1200 to go around that’s it and if you like the six pound option today we have 450 we’re may need to go around now we didn’t double the price of that 3 pound option which by the way are three one pound package option because the 3 count is $49 the six count is $79 so you see we didn’t double it we brought it down $19 so you’re actually stocking up and saving when you get that 6 pound off now there’s no auto delivery available today this is brand-new because you get your choice of the three or the six but if you are looking to make smarter choices you’re looking to go a little lower carve you’re looking to get a higher quality protein in your diet for 2019 let’s take a look at some options how about a nice steak salad okay yes okay I mean I know like my wife she definitely hit the diet come next week saying having these in the freezer anything you do it chicken you can use these the fat contents very very similar that’s a great thought actually yeah I mean think about that yeah they defrost in literally 30 to 40 minutes so you don’t they think it could be five o’clock at night you’re like what am I gonna do well how about some Flay tips this is filet I have to repeat yeah it’s what so recommend to us how do we cook them what are the different ways like can we can we obviously cook them in a skillet what else can we go kill it air fryer Steve seven minutes in an air fryer that’s seven minutes that’s that’s record-breaking what if I forget to take them out of the freezer in the morning when I get home from work what can I do

put them in water okay look at that we this is I mean this is flash-frozen at the peak of its freshness so when you put this in water all it does is just literally opens up I love it so thirty minutes in warm water we have some kabobs right here yes please again instead of chicken go with the Plato’s this up here is your three count option you’re getting three one pound packages we have 1000 remaining it is $49 on a featured price and we have three easy payments of 1633 as an option this both marble slabs is your six count that is your six one pound packages of tenderloin tips we have four dozen left it’s last call so that easy pay there is $26.33 for the six count option and as we wrap up on m62 – for Ralph Palomino yes a little something special for in the kitchen with David I have some trivia for you oh boy you’re ready your stretches yes hydrate she’s ready to go today we’re making black-eyed peas ham and rice casserole because you have black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day to help promote prosperity for the new year so in honor of the black-eyed peas ah that’s a turn I didn’t know we were taking um which is not one of the Black Eyed Peas hit songs don’t stop the party boom boom pow I’m a bee the fact that I pronounce that right it’s kind of hitting itself or glamorous the first one you got it okay Ferguson’s parts of or all of the above songs the only song that did not include the rest of the Black Eyed Peas oh wait we got it wrong wait hold on come here the only part that did not include the rest of the Black Eyed Peas is glamorous a trick question trick question which became a hit during Fergie’s solo career okay I never thought I would ever be talking about Fergie on an in the kitchen show here at QVC let alone with you Ralph ballerina um but I dig it alright thank you my friend see you continue to place your orders for the amazing Kansas City stakes still to come on a great clearance price is the Lenox butterfly meadow 16-piece dinnerware set I believe this one is such a good value that you may want to order early you’re savoring savoring you’re saving well over $200 that got Rick Roman and I’m savoring on this Lenox dinnerware set so might want to place your order early if you are in the market for some beautiful butterfly meadow but here on in the kitchen with David we don’t stop the party as we mentioned a moment ago with black-eyed peas like that black on me Reverend Nero’s already dancin it’s time for a hot pick here on in the kitchen with David and this is the power airfryer and this is the elite five and a half quart six and one digital airfryer with the cake pan now if you love the flavor of fried food but because of this time of year and because of well I’ll only speak for myself some bad choices around the holiday time you’re looking to cut a few calories you’re looking to make some smarter choices may we recommend an airfryer but not just any airfryer this is how you can get some great flavor some great texture and you can do it with less oil and so this one too 1800 watts of power means that you’re going to have versatility not just in size but in the power of this individual appliance in your kitchen as well okay four eight eight to nine is the item number but the man that brings us the power today in the kitchen is Eric thieves hello my friend I got my New Year’s Eve service how was your holiday great how’s it going yes did you get to eat lots I always do good for you this one is one that the brand is so well name because it’s called hundred watts kind of stops me in my tracks and it should it should because you know this time you’re you know around the holidays there’s lots of good deals going on out there I’m hearing everywhere right yeah and when you see them sometimes you think it’s too good to be true and a lot of times guys it is I hate to tell you that now if you have five and a half quart air fryer you better make sure you have enough power to run that baby and this is a lot of fries you can’t do that if you only have 1,100 watts or 1,200 watts or even 1500 watts for an air fryer this size we went up to 1800 watts we’re the power air fryer XL right mm-hmm one of the originals crispy crunchy and guess what I want to show you guys how much oil I used now you don’t have to have one of these but I recommend it this little evo air air spray this is how much oil I went I did one two that’s all the oil I used in fact I used a half a teaspoon a lot of times the recipe calls for a tablespoon I found out you don’t even need that much so hater theis yes 500 are already gone

well I mean you know you don’t have to do it when you show french fries people just buy stuff we could just drop them you know what we have colors for you too so up top we have this beautiful black which is always a great choice if you’re looking to keep your kitchen sleek we do still have the black available and the black is most popular today matches Eric’s shirt I’m just saying then we also have exclusive colors here to QVC we have the cinnamon yes ma’am we also have the beautiful red then we have the white then last but not least we have the exclusive eggplant as well most limited in that eggplant but if sold separately because the digital airfryer itself could be 139 98 now we have accessories tuned will show you those next the cake pan one of the accessories that comes along with it could cost you separately almost $20 so now you’re looking at a price tag of 159 97 so we haven’t even gotten into the price of what we have it here for and all the accessories we have it for 7990 six on a sale price and we have six easy payments of 1333 you get this home for less than $14 so the sale price and the EZ pay go away at the end of the day first day on that great sale price can you kind of walk us through everything that we’re getting here yeah and in fact you get to see that nice little cake pan that we give you because I baked the cake that’s the one that I was just talking about this could be a separate $20 bill of you yeah and it is on our website yeah so I know that it’s true now this is a nonstick cake pan you get that you get the divider okay I’ll show you how to use that in a second okay this way if you want to do chicken and fries or fish and chips so you turn your air fryer into a two and one yeah it’s a two in one sometimes you want to separate things we give you 27 recipes in the book with pictures I love pictures I always make sure that our our books that are included you know a lot of times you get the book at home it’s like black and white right he cared we care we put some work into those especially and then of course you have your five and a half quart cavity here this is where you’re gonna do all of your fries your stay your onion rings not just for fried food guys you’re gonna see the breadth of food that I take you through of course with power we always give you presets we have seven presets so out of the box look at the QuickStart guide that we give you and you’re gonna be cooking literally with the touch of a button without even trying just get some frozen fries touch our frozen fry button it’s right here it’s easiest place to start it is right make the fries you’re gonna see there and it come out just like that if you don’t have an oil sprayer you just toss them in oil in a bowl or not yeah I’ve done without it yeah 300 I’ve now been picked up but here’s a little animation to show you what’s happening on the inside of the machine this is the magic close-up right so people often say to me isn’t it just a convection oven no does it get hot yes and does it blow air yes but that’s where the similarity ends we have a huge coil a powerful heating coil look at it it’s 1,800 watts then we have a giant fan right on top of it that shoots down superheated set we call it cyclonic superheated cyclonic air so it’s going all the way around your food up and around and down and what that does it envelops your food in the superheated air instead of oil so instead of making these french fries in five quarts of oil and then figuring out where I’m going to put it I did it with a teaspoon of oil and I did it was superheated air it’s really simple but it works really great I mean if you’re gonna talk about steak I’m just because well we’re gonna do steak and fries well it was Stacey’s birthday this week it’s happy belated birthday to Stacey Stauffer so I’m having an extra fry for her which is really for her this Stacey might run in here if she sees French I know I’ve seen her devour some fries let me cut the steak open because I use this when I make frozen burgers I make this when I make steaks it works absolutely fantastic as a steak cooker as a porkchop maker everything you can imagine you can cook in the airfryer and then an amazing when I tell you the steak comes out so perfect in here now these I did six minutes on each side I do flip the steaks okay there’s some things that you flip and some things that you don’t there’s some things that you shake like fries and there’s some things that you don’t so let me go over here and show you one of everybody’s favorites this is 400 have now been picked up on in the kitchen with David you got it yeah it’s hot okay so here’s my wings the wings they come out in about 15 minutes you can do them from frozen or not look at the color of these beautiful wings perfectly crisp and then look at my pan while I dress them my pan is practically nil as far as cleanup goes but you can absolutely throw it in the dishwasher or you can wipe it out with a wet did you add a spray of oil in there or you did it don’t need to because chicken wings

are oily you know the skin of the chit’s got oil in it so if something has oil in it already there is absolutely no need to put extra oil on it like chicken breasts even or chicken thighs or steak the steak didn’t need oil I put it on because I thought it I liked the color that the oil gives and and listen for me I think olive oil is healthy so speaking of not adding extra oil yes ma’am we have a chart that shows and calories so I would love to pop that up and talk about that for a moment yeah look so this is telling you how fast it is it’s fast because it’s efficient it’s fast because there’s no heat up time your oven takes 12 to 15 minutes just to get the temperature so while your ovens getting up to temperature we already start cooking so frozen chicken tenders are 60% faster in this air fryer with the 1800 watts and five and a half quarts you can make a lot frozen chicken wings 42% imagine if you could say 42 percent of your time every day would be amazing right frozen french fries 51 percent faster now think about that it’s twice as fast so I’m almost eating my fries before your conventional oven heats up burgers 60 60 I mean guys I take a frozen burger out of the freezer for my son I throw it in the air fryer I don’t even flip it in about seven or eight minutes it’s done and it’s cooked perfectly pizza forget about 71 percent faster you’re done eating the pizza before you even heat it up your regular oven you’re done eating exactly I wanted to show everybody the color choices that we do have we do still have the white which is exclusive to QVC a popular choice in the kitchens nowadays next door we are limited but we do still have the eggplant purple which is exclusive to QVC we have the cinnamon exclusive to QVC we also have the beautiful black which is popular and in the kitchen with David today and we also have the exclusive red now this is an expiring offer that sale price is 7990 6 but the sale price and the six easy payments go away at the end of the day it’s the first day presented on that sale price you’re now saving more than your spending because you’re saving more than your spending because the other up separately other retailers could charge you 115 $9.97 we have it for 79 96 that means you’re saving $80 in one penny you’re saving more than your spending here at QVC pretty awesome you guys 14 inches high these are the dimensions and 13 inches in diameter so this is a lovely machine to leave out but here’s what I want you to think about too as you watch the rest of the few minutes of this presentation a lot of times our diets and our food changes fail because we give up taste what if you could give up calories what if you could give up extra oil all of those bad things without giving up flavor you’d probably stay on that meal change plan a little bit longer you know that that’s perfectly said and I tell people don’t try to start a diet that you’re gonna fail at just make some really healthy changes and airfryer listen you can cook as healthy as you want in here but the difference is you can make those fried type foods that you know you’re gonna eat throughout the year but if you need to save some some calories from fat especially this is the way to go so you can make unhealthy stuff in here too trust me yeah look what I did here these are big giant peppers I just wanted to show you this four capacity I have five in here I could have easily done six or seven these are big these are the Jumbo peppers they come out amazing in the in the airfryer I have your if you need them oh no I’m just gonna actually yeah I like them look how pretty they are in the wait can I ask you to this says digital touchscreen you want me to show you that now I would love to see that all right guys excuse my back this this units a little big for me to get over okay you can’t leap frog tape right there okay so you just hit the on button right there okay oops then we have the M button that’s the memory button okay that’s where we have the seven presets now if you see the little late going by up top the only reason I’m going fast is because if I stop it’ll turn on so there i have french fries i have roads i have seafood i can bake a cake I have a chicken I have steak and I have fish now like I said you could take it out of the box hit our french fry button hit the on button it turns on it sets it for three hundred ninety degrees and 20 minutes because we did the research we went to the supermarket we bought frozen fries just like you guys did we dumped them in here we use that program we came up with that amount of time in that temperature comes out perfect a little shake halfway through that’s all you need to do now in between let’s just say well Eric I’m not doing fries how what do I do okay if you want to change the temperature maybe you want to take it to

350 you want to bake a meatloaf then I can take the take it up to a half-hour because I know it takes a half hour okay so pretty much any time in temperature can be changed at the touch of a button if you open it up and you say uh you know what I think I need a couple more minutes justin is the button add a couple of minutes take a couple minutes away it’ll turn off by itself and then if you open it as I just did like this it turns off by itself you can check your food as soon as you put it back in it uh it starts it starts up again over a thousand have already been picked up please keep in mind oh hello remember when you see tater tots you after seeing a little bit six easy payments of 13:33 that sale price Wow that sale price and those six easy payments are gone at the end of the day please tell us the name of these magical little these are just bacon wrap tater tots just frozen tater tots fresh bacon wrap toothpick 15 minutes shakin between all the fat trips down to the bottom you get the the wonderfulness of what they taste like fried chicken guys come on do it without the oil save 70% from fat and calories look at that that’s some delicious looking fried chicken right there and I have so much more to show you but unfortunately I know they’re giving me the now what is that the king the axe whatever we’re white we have eggplant we have cinnamon we have black and we have red on a sale price first day presented at this sale price of 7990 six you’re saving more than your spending saving more than your spending happy new year thank you Eric always good to see you my friend now David is going to be back on January 6th but still to come and in the kitchen with David today we have Tina Farrelly here with one of our hot picks on the day this is the kitchen a three and a half cup food chopper and this has two speeds one finger operation the thumb not the pointer but you also get the extra bowl along with it so Tina is still to come in the show and we have it at an incredible price and an incredible savings and an incredible Easy Pay plan I have bacon breath you know what those bacon-wrapped tater tots it’s hard to focus once those make an appearance Tina we’ll see you in just a moment but a moment ago speaking of bacon we were talking about there was going to be a set from lock and lock where patty Cramer from the lock and lock team was going to be bringing us more bacon and Patty it’s good to see you back too not just because of the bacon always lovely to spend time with you I know jeez I really dropped the ball on that one this is a lock and lock three-piece bread bacon and 12 eggs storage set well over 40,000 of them have been sold why patty why because bread bacon and egg is a staple in a household but you’re gonna use every single day and I least acted this way Mary to show you so you don’t have to worry you can stack on top of it like I mentioned I forgot my milk when I came in my happy one so you don’t have to worry about when you’re in the refrigerator it can go this way or it can go that way in the refrigerators so it’s nice and narrow so you know it’s it’s these are pieces that you’re gonna use every day whether you think bacon and egg I love it so you get the bread container you get the baking container and you get that sturdy 12 egg container will it hold jumbo size it goes from small to jumbo and this just chart this is 21 cups for the red Wow this one right here is about 8 cups okay and then you’re right there behind it you have the eggs and just to show you now this time of the year we’re gonna be healthier so some people like to do the hard-boiled eggs and the pickled eggs and that’s what I have in here so if you boil them up ahead of time you’re going to use them and you’re like okay what’s so great about that so same features of lock and lock inside every sill lid is a silicone seal and this is what makes it airtight and watertight so wouldn’t that find your container you have no worries it’s going to keep your food fresher longer I know we have six color choice we do everybody now all of the bases are see-through yep they’re that clear the top is where we’re getting our yellow um so the stack in front of me this is that beautiful cinnamon with the speck Lee’s there are 800 remaining in this cinnamon color then next door I have them down front I think yes I do I didn’t even do that this is crystal blue three dozen then we have the copper then we have is this plum that’s plumb plumb the cinnamon cinnamon and the bread Begley yep bright red then we have that beautiful black with the speck leaves at the end as well there are about a hundred remaining in that black now nineteen dollars and twenty three cents is your featured price but the fact that this is one I remember when I was chatting on this very show with everybody at home years ago and when this set would sell out we

were a low panicky is it coming is it here can you give me a date of when it’s coming well it’s here now and let me tell you it is difficult for us to keep in stock it’s crystal blue is now gone crystal blue is gone okay I’m glad blow up on top but we want to kind of talk about it okay so what do you do after the holidays I’m showing the bread baked bacon but the kids toys all those little pieces what do you do with them they start the sets and then they don’t they don’t finish them right this can go right underneath the bed just slide it right in there so you don’t have to worry about it smart war the same thing we talk about with the lock/unlock you go to the story you want to bring something fancy to the you’re going to a New Year’s Day party Freddie you know you go you just put it right here and you put it facedown and you don’t have to worry about from getting crushed and keep the top from going crush Cermak and we love about that and then like you said Mary we can stack on these so no worries but what I do love about these the most is the odors oh ok so easy to open one-handed no worries again it’s BPA free it’s microwave safe it’s freezer safe so in here I have sausage and peppers and you would have smelled the peppers when I open that up but you know you don’t want that smell in your refrigerator you can put these in the freezer too this piece I love because Chris is a camper and this is like a great piece it slides right there in the camper and they fit on your camper door and we love you know we don’t want you just think about doing the bacon with it do other things with it too and where’s my yeah I have fruit too did it oh yeah Boop this time of year you know we are paying premium in this area for the fruit that’s true this keeps your fruit so much fresher longer don’t wash your berries until you’re ready to use them make sure you’re dry if you’re not sure to dry just put a little paper towel in there and that’s why so that doesn’t the water can drip down there and it’s not sitting on this what that’s what we love about law 900 have now been picked up you know the featured price is $19.25 torrid set the colors that we have remaining are down in front I would love to show you all of those because we’ve already lost one in this presentation we have five still to go so we have the beautiful copper that has that opaque almost a jewel tone on the top then this is the plum where we have little speck Lee’s there in the top to next door is that beautiful cinnamon and you have little speck Lee’s there too there are 500 remaining in that cinnamon then we have the red 700 in the red and we also have the black now the black has a little speck Lee’s in it also and I think it looks like a little night sky it’s so pretty but it’s sturdy for stacking as you can see we all know the egg containers that we get from the store functional yes but they are not great for putting things on top of what happens when you go to the store they put your eggs in a whole separate bag I know so sometimes I forget to do that at home trouble but now you can put your eggs in the refrigerator and you can stack your other pieces on top of it know that you’re not doing any harm to your eggs but you’re also utilizing just like in our cabinets where we want to take advantage of the vertical space in your refrigerator you want to take advantage of that space in the back and this set allows you to do just that I think it’s brilliant on this still dishwasher safe this dishwasher safe microwave-safe freezer safe and bpa-free exil and then I’m kind of just showing you I went yesterday to the store picked up some lettuces but this is three different lettuces in one so you’re not using the lettuce all the time so I just throw it in here and you don’t have to worry about it that just shows you how big this isn’t this one is 21 comes and then another thing that I’d like to talk about and when you’re saying what are those little trays they’re for so the little trays are say I don’t get asparagus and I want to steam it so put a little bit of water in here just open up your lock and lock like this tilts your lid and put it in the microwave steam your asparagus and you’re all set to go so smart oh my goodness what a brilliant idea a lock and lock as we know always brings us those versatile pieces in the kitchen and this one is I don’t even think beloved is a strong enough word because when this has been sold out in the past we get on social media and we panic a little bit because what do we always need in the refrigerator we need to have bread in the house we need to have bacon always and then we need to have eggs because if you’re making smarter choices in the new year and you’re cutting out carbs you’re increasing your proteins this is a set that’s going to help you keep that incorporated into your diet so smarter choices sometimes require smarter tools so 2,000 have now been ordered to add to the 40,000 sets that made their way out the door we do have the copper we have the plum we have the cinnamon 300 in the cinnamon we have red five hundred in the red and we have the black and it is $19 and twenty-three

cents patty creamer thank you thank you thank you oh thank you and now it is time as we continue on to have another hot pick and in the kitchen with David and share the spotlight with it’s today’s special value and this one is one that I’ve heard David’s say he uses every day I use ours in our house at least three times a week and I know Tina Morelli uses hers every day too this is the KitchenAid 3 and 1/2 cup OneTouch two-speed chopper with an extra bowl and we get to spend time with Tina today which is heaven but well over 130,000 have been sold because it’s easy its powerful its compact and it’s KitchenAid and here to tell us all about it is our sweet friend Tina how was your holiday so good your snout oh it was wonderful all the chickens were home oh but fresh Parmesan cheese does not have to be something we just read about it does not and it is so much more economical and fresh to grind it yourself so you go and you buy that wedge and it’s gonna cost less per pound break it up into about 1 1 and a half inch chunks pop it in that chopper and instantly you have fresh Parmesan cheese I would put this in like my luck and lock container pop it in the fridge and then I have it for the week and then when I need more I just grind it and just look at the beautiful even texture that you get it just does such a great job and like you said the whole making smarter choices you know it’s time for the new year we’re gonna be in the kitchen more cooking for ourselves and what a great tool to have to help you to do that it’s lightweight it’s easy to use and guess what it goes right in the dishwasher that when you’re done and you get a bonus Bowl – I was just gonna show mom because take a look down here at the end of the table you don’t just get the one right you get 2 3 and 1/2 cup bowls with new chopper this is great for smaller kitchen this is great for people just learning to cook or maybe have downsized or they just want that KitchenAid tool to use everyday 2 3 and 1/2 cup bowls I know it’s hard to see I’ll hold it right there 2 2 K 4 5 7 8 6 is your item number if sold separately you could be spending seventy one dollars and sixty-five cents we have it for thirty six dollars and 67 cents less Wow our total price is a sale price of thirty four ninety eight I know haven’t heard that price before it’s pretty fancy and like it and it’s also on four easy payments of eight dollars and 74 cents remember I was just talking about the cue card if you use your cue card you could put this on six easy payments if you would like to but let’s take a look at the colors down in front because we have a lovely assortment for you this right here is your crystal blue correct most limited in a crystal blue then we have the white next door we have tangerine yes then we’ve got cranberry which is that lovely saturated fuchsia it is then we have majestic yellow that’s the color you saw up top and we’re showing you the two bowls we have boysenberry which is your beautiful purple yes then we have green apple which is my go-to and my fave then we have the contour silver mm-hmm the black and then we have the beautiful red yeah now four easy payments of eight dollars and 74 cents sounds pretty good but that sale price and that easy pay goes away at the end of the day also 300 have now been picked up it’s easy to do and I also want to highlight to KitchenAid they’ve been around since 1918 but this is also an award-winning brand because recently I saw that the NPD group has rated you all number one the number one selling chopper brand in the US that’s incredible that’s great it’s absolutely incredible so back to this versatile tool yes how do we use it how do we get started so let me take you through so this is the base and the whole unit is just a little over 2 pounds so I love this cord wrap we were talking about that earlier it’s the smartest cord wrap the court just kind of slides into this channel so it’s not like trying to feed the cord into a labyrinth maze there to figure out it’s just so easy to use so when you get it home gonna see some icons on this piece that you might find hard to see on camera but let me just walk you through how it’s going to work this is the unit where we added the pour spout and the handle so what I do is I take the handle put it toward the front of the unit where you have the speed lever because you’re gonna have two speeds there turn it to the right righty-tighty and you’re gonna feel it lock into place it’s gonna be over that tab so righty-tighty locked into place then you have your locking blade I was showing before that when you pour the sharp blade does not come tumbling out I unleash it by just kind of pressing up from the bottom smart okay so now you have your bowl on you have your blade locked in now you just add your ingredients we’re making a

chimichurri so lots of parsley cilantro we’re gonna pour this over some zoodles it’s also great over meats so maybe Kansas City’s yeah exactly what I was thinking lemon yum Tim yes Oh that’d be so good some garlic some spices some vinegar that’s what makes this a little different from a pesto is the vinegar and no nuts and no cheese okay so I’m going to pour a little oil in and then we’re gonna turn it on now the lid goes right in front of the handle and you just lock that into place all right so everything’s locked into the right and then there’s a little divot here that’s where you’re gonna press and it’s super easy one touch operation down here you can adjust your speed so you’ll have a topping speed and if you listen you can hear very steps you’re a speed yes more power of thousand now wrong and then there’s a very smart drizzle basin so this is when you want to add oil at a slow rate so that it starts to emulsify emulsifying is when you’re combining things that don’t like to be combined like vinegar and oil and it’s going to make them into an emotion so this is great for all your dressings you can make a Oly you can make your own mayonnaise in here beautiful job it goes popping it’s not mushing those herbs it’s really missing them into perfect little beautiful bits so in the new year what a great way of buying those chard I know dressings and sauces make it yourself with just a touch of your finger so I just move it to the front to unlock it lift okay I just pushed that lid to the front and look at that beautiful sauce so I use that handle and that core spout and pour that down and that blade is not gonna come tumbling out because it is locked in there so look at what a beautiful job beautiful results so so easy easier than even going getting in the car and going to buy it for yourself this looks so good oh my gosh that’s the kind of smarter choice that I can get behind 1:19 right number two sometimes smarter choices means smarter tools and so this is such a smart one to have it’s the three and a half cup OneTouch two-speed chopper with the extra Bowl you get 2 3 and 1/2 cup bowls with your purchase today and you’re getting it at a sale price of $34.98 that is phenomenal when you’re looking at everything you’re getting from KitchenAid here if sold separately this offer and other retailers could cost you 70 $1.65 we have it for $36 and spending here on in the kitchen with David today which is why I love watching the show you get the best stuff and you get the best prices it’s so good but we have four easy payments as well to help you because we know that just we just had the holiday season we’re trying to make it a little more budget-friendly for you if you need that option it is there if you want to use six easy payments use your cute card down in front the crystal blue is the first color that we’re going to show to you today it is our most limited color choice next door we have the white which is gorgeous in a modern kitchen there’s tangerine which if Chris Prime were here she’d be shouting that’s my color and then we have the cranberry for those of you that love that saturated pop of fuchsia we have it available for you we have majestic yellow we also have boysenberry which is that rich purple we have green apple for you which is my go to in the KitchenAid family contour silver which is always a popular tonight I have at home we have black and then the red red is most popular though because we’re still feeling a little festive yes but this is easy its powerful its compact and it’s from KitchenAid since 1919 KitchenAid has been bringing us appliances in the kitchen and they haven’t gone into any other room in the house because when it comes to reliability they wanted to keep their focus on the power and the innovation in our kitchen because everybody in the now see and you can make sure that that food is the best that we can make that’s right and it’s so great so we showed you Parmesan cheese the chimichurri those savory items but it is also great when you’re going to make so in here I have cream cheese and some milk and some vanilla and powdered sugar which tends to be lumpy so if you try to make a glaze by hand oh you know what I’m gonna add even a little bit more milk to that let’s loosen that up a little bit and you can wait in because I can’t so just pop that lid on and watch this there we go right through that drizzle Basin if you notice and then you are good to go so I love it for glazes

oh my goodness this is just perfect y’all need to see this yeah if you are out of the room and you can’t see your television right now please hustle back in to where you can but don’t hurt yourself because this is heaven look at that yummyness it’s like the crowning glory on that bundt cake so this is a red velvet bundt cake and this is a cream cheese frosting so it’s just a little bit easier do you know what I mean and it’s a smaller bundt cake so it’s a great way to kind of keep your portion sizes I’m sorry my ears fuzzed out for a second that looks amazing oh how pretty yeah it’s so easy so festive and you know sometimes it’s a little easier to make a glaze and committing to a whole frosting now is this up here to show ya a capability of our three and a half cup chocolate it is so if we take a look right here all these little mini ramekins show that we can get I mean if you wanted to make a cookie crust yes whether it’s graham or the sandwich but then if we wanted to chop up some nuts yes you can actually who’s this so those are finely ground nuts like you might use in a Russian Tea Cake cookie and that’s tedious to chop the nuts perfectly finely by hand little melt away – yeah what about this it’s just so much power right here just with the press of your thumb that one operation around in the bowl it’s a stainless steel very strong blade and I did I mention that it’s dishwasher safe so the bowls are BPA free top rack dishwasher safe the blade goes right in the dishwasher so it’s super easy to clean up especially when you have you know the chimmichurri with the oil right and look at the beautiful even results those ground nuts imagine trying to chop them that finally by you know at home by hand with a knife that would take forever it would be frustrated and you know what this is such an amazing day because we have it at a sale price of $34 and continue to place your orders because we want to see what you’re making next so these are just all those great little tips so you know we’re headed into the cold weather season we talked about cooking for yourself but sometimes just chopping up your carrot celery and onion for your soups and your stews is tedious I take it right to my chopper pop them in there and use the chopper to do the work and the beauty is with the touch of your thumb you can get any texture that you want so this is a little chunkier my daughters don’t like to detect any chinks okay so I take it almost to a puree for the meatballs and the meatloaf and it’s just so easy because with the touch of a thumb remember release that blade down from the bottom and that all goes right in the dishwasher it just could not be easy see you’ve inspired me with this to make kimchi he’s so good in the chopper and as soon as you said chunks is like no I’m the opposite the more texture the better you know what this is KitchenAid and it’s a three and a half cup one touch to speed chopper with the extra three and a half cup bowl 3,200 have now been picked up and let me show you the color choices that we have for you down in front that crystal blue is our most limited color choice 800 meaning we have the white the tangerine the cranberry then we have the majestic yellow the boysenberry the green apple the contour silver the black and then the very popular red now if sold separately $71 65 cents at other retailers not us we have it for $34.98 but that sale price and the easy pay are gone at the end of the day today for easy payments of $8.75 Tina Morelli thank you my friends just making breadcrumbs you know as you do I’m so ready because I can’t wait to blend in about 10 minutes oh my goodness wait until you see the value on the incredible item that we have from KitchenAid coming up but actually coming up in 10 minutes rather we have the Lenox butterfly meadow 16-piece dinnerware set this is a clearance price of $69.99 saan this one this one you’re also saving more than $200 than what you would pick up this same set for at Lenox calm we have two color choices for you but that butterfly meadow is beautiful year-round and it’s the number one pattern from Lenox and we have it at a huge huge price so actually a huge low price a huge savings is what I meant to say I mean you can caffeinate her and you can feed her but you can’t control

her lips you know this is in the kitchen with David and David is on a much-deserved vacation my name is Mary DeAngelis I’m thrilled to be here with you on this Sunday we are almost halfway through our big for our show and it’s time to dive into the germ ACK and so this particular assortment is called the peanut butter lovers mix now I told our dear friend Kristy Fletcher from germ at that when I was a little girl I couldn’t say peanut butter so I call it P but Nutter because I was a kid I didn’t intend it bad this is the assortment that is the customer choice food award winner in 2018 for the best nut mix and the best nut choice here at QVC Thank You this is for them it’s amazing because we have a lot to choose from and this is M five seven zero five eight sold-out the last day it was present this one tends to do that it is always so good to see you my friend you know somehow we always manage to get the purple memo together we’re the same height same color hair the same size shoe size and we love the same snack mixes this is not just pee but Nutter this is also a favorite of ours now we have single shipment available we have auto delivery available as well because remember this has chocolate in it but we’ll talk about auto delivery in a minute because it’s all about the ingredients on the inside yes it is okay let’s go if you help me not down front the best way to show you we separate them all out for you just to show you these are many peanut butter cups and we sliced one open just to show you the thickness of the peanut butter in there this is kind of a little demo to show you just to get the whole studio smells like peanut butter now I can’t imagine why and of course we have our batch roasted peanuts in there right there George a runner peanuts I’m a Georgia girl I love me peanuts and then we go to mini peanut butter drops and so that’s an adds more creaminess to it so this is a very creamy nutty mix and then Mary and I do this for you this is Mary’s raisin fan these are jumbo flame raisins and look at that it’s good that that’s your jets your grape jelly and that’s the only fruit that’s in here because that’s the fruit that really matches up with peanut butter I love what you say those raisins forgot that they were they way right yeah they they still think they’re grapes they’re very arrogant but it is so good and then we have something that we don’t have in any other mix and that is a cinnamon praline peanut in there and that’s bit candy ish just a little bit cinnamon a mini not so much to where it’s gonna make you sneeze it’s just but cinnamon and peanut butter go very well together so a cinnamon praline peanut David does backflips over those yeah he’s like put those in another mix we want more of those and then we have our batch roasted cashews that we are so well known for you’re looking for that golden color and what don’t you see as I pointed through all this mix is too much salt look how clean and pretty that is just a little bit of canola oil so little breeze of it and that’s it you are getting three of the 17 ounce jars right here and these are gonna go fast so I highly recommend that you place your order now and five seven zero five eight now have to say again auto deliveries available now you’ll get three total shipments on auto delivery and they will arrive every 60 days now we can’t ship out chocolate once it gets hot outside yeah so that’s why that auto deliveries three total shipments we have to stop once it gets too warm but German is not just about combining some things because they felt like being mad scientist that day no no this is all about a gourmet flavor and textural experience everything is gourmet even and all the way down to the chocolate and the peanut butter drops we get those there’s people those many peanut butter cups are made from a gourmet chocolate here and you can smell the aroma of them when I open the jar everything is gourmet and this is right here for you at the QVC these three jars all together and we layer the flavors you know that you can buy cinnamon flavored peanut butter at very special tea today have you ever seen that I have a body so it makes it makes sense so you’ve got your cinnamon praline peanuts in here all the things that make sense for peanuts and then you have your cashew which is a different textured nothing the peanut and but a nice buttery texture so to say – I mean the size of those cashews I know they’re they’re gorgeous those are big cashews and I have to say cashews they can be a rather expensive nut very expensive but take a look okay so you thought the cashews were big take a look at that razor jelly and the reason I’m and praline peanut bit of these ingredients are so so good now delicious well over 200 already been ordered it’s thirty nine dollars and ninety six cents 400 have now been ordered if you want to use your cue card and utilize those six easy payments and pick up more than one highly suggest

that you do so auto delivery is a popular choice and remember you can control all the aspects of auto delivery you can adjust the shipment date if you want to you can cancel at any time so auto delivery is a great way to lock it a great thing because what happens if you get this home and you say this is my favorite go-to snack now and you go back to QVC comm there’s none they’re gone Auto deliveries a way to keep a great thing coming but let’s say you get it home and you think okay I like it but I’m gonna cancel it you absolutely can do that so full flexibility with auto delivery but this is a snack mix that you have to get here at QVC because this assortment in particular with the 317 ounce jars this is one I can only get this much of it here at the Q that’s right that’s right only this three jar set is only so right here at the Q and again you voted on it and thank you again as our customer choice you’d Award winner 2018 for best nut if it’s written kind of best nut slash nut mix something like that and so the best nut and I’m kind of nutty so it’s sort of off but you know it’s sort of I thought I recognized you from the meetings I love this mix because it’s all whole pieces it’s all rich flavors so if you want to have just a little ramekin on its own you can if you wanted actually I have to control portion if I take the whole jar in there it’s all over but the nap because I will eat that whole thing and you know what I’ve seen Rachel boasting turn this up like it’s all ugly she takes shots of she takes shots of jamak yeah but you know what this is about the all-american peanut and this is a flavor that we are proud very proud of I know you were born in Georgia I was born in Georgia too and down in Dothan Alabama where my folks are we have a peanut festival oh yeah we don’t mess around now we ain’t playing when it comes when it comes to peanuts and flavors like that this sold out the last day that it was presented now 800 have been picked up and in the kitchen with David this is M five seven zero five eight remember you are getting 317 ounce jars of the customer choice food award winner for best nut mix and you are getting it at $39 and 90 six cents so feel free to continue to place your orders and pick up that auto delivery which is three total shipments that you’re gonna get every 60 days remember once it gets hot out we can’t ship the chocolate but one more pass can you show us in the throat ingredients low peanut butter cops oh yeah is where you get your chocolate that’s and that’s gourmet that’s from a gourmet chocolatier and we sliced a little one open that to show you the peanut butter on the inside then we have our bachelors to Georgia runner peanuts and then we have peanut butter drops in there then we have these massive massive raisins okay that’s your jelly right there but look how big that guy is he still thinks he’s a grape cinnamon praline peanuts the only assortment that we had that in and then we had those big beautiful golden batch roasted cashews that germ ACK is known so very well for full-sized big pieces and enjoyed that featured price while we have it Kristy is so good oh I love a pee but Nutter Cheers another Cheers but no speaking of which over a thousand have now been picked up Thank You Kristy I’m gonna head over and talk about David’s recipe so you can go to and you can search David’s recipes to get there today we’re making his New Year’s Day recipe for black eyed pea ham and rice casserole as we know right here you can see on the table we’ve got the Black Eyed Peas David loves a supermarket shortcut so for step two of the recipe we’re actually going to use the canned black eye piece so you don’t have to soak them but you eat Black Eyed Peas I know in my family a lot of families tradition eat black eyed peas on New Year’s Day to put out the good vibes for prosperity coming up in the new year so I’m just gonna delicately place those in there I’m also going to put the ham that’s already been diced up in there and remember we already did the first step where we got all of the veggies sauteed in that bacon then I’m going to put in the stock I’m assuming this is the one that is oh yeah the condensed cream of chicken soup then we have the uncooked rice then I’m putting in which one is this oh this is the chicken stock itself got it so this is the condensed soup so we put in the stock we got the condensed soup then give it all the mix I know it’s not so pretty but once you get done it will be because you get the Black Eyed Peas in there you get the ham in there you get the diced green for an onion in there and all of those delicious chicken flavors we’ve got just a tiny bit of cayenne in here too so it’s got just a little bit of heat on the backend now look wait David raised me better than this back up your bowls and keep it tidy there we go I could be taught things take the bowl

put it into your voll do it gently try not to wear it because I’m wearing Isaac Mizrahi’s today’s special value for tomorrow and I can’t get any chicken or black-eyed peas on it get it into your squabble spread it all out and then you’re ready to put it in the oven now the directions say that we put this in the oven for 30 minutes looks like at about 350 but I’ll leave that alone so they even come over here and see what it looks like when it’s all done like a bowl with a little bit do you like Black Eyed Peas Justin saying no I do not Justin actually said Mary thanks for coming you can have mine um but I love Black Eyed Peas you put ham and anything and I’m in but go to that’s David’s recipe for today’s show you can find all of David’s recipes on by searching David’s recipes and while you’re on your computer I would recommend that you go by David’s Facebook page Twitter and Instagram to leave him a hello and tell him that he is hoping you’re hoping that he’s enjoying his vacation and wish Stacey Stauffer a belated happy birthday oh yeah hi Ellie King to see you I’m coming in for the hug and I’m grabbing her because I love Ellie King and she’s here to talk to us today about Lennox this is my pick of the show and we were pretty excited before the show started today because 250 are already gone folks know that this value is out of this world this is a Lennox butterfly meadow 16-piece dinnerware set now butterfly meadow is their number one pattern at Lennox and this is the first day presented on this clearance price this is for 4-piece place settings for $69.98 let me put a little definition on that for you because at Lenox calm this identical set was 299 dollars true that means it was $74.75 per place setting right we have it for $17.50 per place setting we say that again 1750 per place setting here at QVC versus $74.75 per place setting at Lenox that means in total you’re spending two hundred and twenty nine dollars and two cents less the clearance price means there’s no reorder on this set each one is individual each one is a keepsake and each one has its own artistic representation three hundred and fifty have now been picked up but Ellie we have two colors to show everybody today – yes we do just lovely so up top here this is our classic this is the one that most of us are familiar with this is where butterfly Meadows started okay so you’re getting all the different colors of the rainbow you can see that no two plates are the same you’re getting butterflies dragonflies bumblebees ladybugs all different kinds of flowers but I love this because you can match anybody’s kitchen anybody’s dining room because every color is representative so we get the four dinner plates right the four salad / dessert / party plates well right here’s our part those are the party plate this is your salad dessert plate and there’s your party plate in the front then we have the four 16-ounce bowls all coming to you for 69 98 now that’s the original up top that’s where you get your lighter blues and your lighter greens and yellows now down in front we have all red I gotta be i le I am nuts about the red how pretty this red is so gorgeous this is the color that we came out with this year so even if you have the lavender the blue no matter which butterfly meadow you may already have at home you can mix and match this new red choice in with that but what I love Mary is notice all the different shades of red you’re getting and how beautifully they pop on this white porcelain and the same with the red as with a classic no two plates are the same so when you look at them side by side you’ll see the same colors and the same theme but you’re gonna get something a little different on each plate and on each Bowl 500 have now been picked up and if you want the red there are 1700 remaining in the classic up top there are 1900 remaining there are folks picking up more than one set and I think that is so smart because if you’re able and I understand this time of year budgets are a little bit tighter than maybe just 30 days ago but this is a set on a clearance price that we have at a 229 dollar markdown because at Lenox com this same set was $2.99 we have it for $69.98 by the way that’s not $2.99 that was $299 even at Lenox calm here the savings is huge and we have it

on six easy payments of $11 and 66 cents all of our clearance price items are on six easy payments right now and this one too there is a heritage to Lennox there is I’m so glad you brought that up so we’ve been trusted since 1889 and it’s because of our craftsmanship our quality our artistry we have six different presidential administrations that have chosen Linux China for the white house so if we were invited to a dinner we would be eating off of Lenox and my own family since my grandmother has been using Linux and you know why I love Linux and I love porcelain I’ve done this with you several times and I always say okay now hold on tight it’s gonna be okay I should take a deep breath watch what I do with this plate I don’t recommend it I’m banging it on the table the reason I do that is because I have several girlfriends with small children and they always say I can never use porcelain and my answer to them as oh yes you can it’s durable it’s chip resistant dishwasher microwave even oven and freezer safe this is meant to be used every day even though it has that Linux name even though it has the beautiful artwork it is very practical so 1200 have now been ordered and when I mentioned that each piece is individual you’ll see you get different artwork on each plate but they all marry together so beautifully and so this one in particular I love taking a look and showing you take a look at the back this one is called Eastern tailed blue is that what it says it is yo right and that’s the tide goes butterfly that you’re seeing on that dinner plate let me show you again on the other side isn’t that pretty okay so that’s the Easter – who do you have I have this Swallowtail so that yellow butterfly you see is this Swallowtail and i’ll turn it around and you can see on the back so you’re also gonna be learning a little bit about your butterflies aren’t you I know I love that you get a little lesson along with it there’s the bumblebee he’s so stout and you I know he’s great so the red he’s down in front we have 1200 now remaining in that red and then up top the classic we have 1500 remaining in the classic so this price you do not want to wait I’m holding the monarch butterfly and look on the back of the monarch butterfly you get a little extra ladybug isn’t that great you know this is one other thing I love about Lennox is you’re not just getting detail on the front but you’re getting it on the back and I think that’s what makes every piece of Lennox just so special is true I’m holding the red choice ball and I just wanted to spin it just so everybody can see that all the way around you’re seeing the beautiful shades of red you’re seeing the bumblebee we have the scalloped edges not only on the bowl but also on your plate marry those scalloped edges are there and I love to that notice it has a little lip up on your plate I know that’s what I was gonna show nice if you have a little sauce more if you have a little juicy steak it can catch it but then you get all of that pretty texture around the scalloped edge now this is the tiger swallowtail in the red yeah look how beautiful that is and I’ll show you the back too because it’s just fun to see look at all of the beautiful work work oh it’s just the berries on the back I just want y’all know you couldn’t see her but when Ellie said his neck work she danced oh you did a little dancing plays it was a girl a little excited so this is the bowl that goes with the plate that you just had Mary and I love cuz right inside there’s a little surprise inside of the ball and this is a great size Bowl because it’s 16 ounces you could use this as a serving bowl for your mashed potatoes your rice but it’s great for ice cream sundaes and a nice big bowl of cereal I love cereal especially at night before bed we have a thousand in the red and did you say 1200 in the classic goodness so let me remind you of what you’re getting here this is a 16-piece dinnerware set from Lennox you get four of the dinner plates you get four of the salad dessert plates four of the party plates which I love and then you get four of the 16-ounce bowls now this price tag is a clearance price of $69 and 90 eight cents I’m saying it with emphasis because that is a huge markdown we have this same set here at QVC that they sold at Lennox for two hundred and ninety nine dollars our price is two hundred and twenty nine dollars and two pennies less we also as an option for you have six easy payments of $11 and sixty six cents now I know I said it before but I need to say it again there is no reorder on this set we are now more than half gone with the quantity that we brought in for today if you want that beautiful red 800 to go around and in the classic we have only a thousand remaining this is something to with porcelain if I wanted to warm it up in

the oven could I yes this is good up to 275 okay you can stick these maybe you’re making something you want to freeze in the bowl you can put that in the freezer dishwasher microwave safe chip resistant very durable porcelain is known for being super super strong and what I love I’m so glad you’re holding the party plate so normally in a place setting when you buy a set you’re not gonna get the party plate so I love that we have the party plate included and what we do in our home with our party plates that’s my kids dinner plate oh they’ve gotten to this stage where they’ve actually asked me can we please not have the plastic mom we want to eat like you and dad so now I give them those party plates and it’s the perfect size for little ones they are so sweet and pretty okay I want everybody to get a good look at the red down in front too so if we could kind of take a shot across the front and show that each one is different each one is unique but it sounds like folks are picking up more than one set and so that is where you can get them all to match together if you are picking up more than one set don’t worry all of the pieces what’s the word that Jill Bauer used cohesive Oh cohesive all of the pieces are cohesive when she said that I was listening to her and I thought perfect that’s exactly what I get and so no matter where the play settings are you don’t have to have them be the same thing every single time everywhere you have these on the table it’s gonna marry beautifully whether you collect another dish we’re set with similar coloring these are meant to match in so beautifully together now $69.98 for the full 16-piece dinnerware set that breaks down to four dollars and 37 cents per piece Wow per piece okay so we started with 4,300 in the red we have 500 to go around in the classic we have 600 to go around so wow this is going fast so six easy payments of $11 to 66 cents it is moving fast please do not hesitate on picking up H two one seven two six seven it’s my pick of the show was so excited for you to see this value and spend some time with Ellie K so good to see you too so stick around David is on vacation I am very proud to be filling in for him today on in the kitchen with David he will be back next Sunday but we’re gonna take a very short break when we come back we’ve got Mamie spies coming up next so if you love a good pie stick around we got more to come ring in the New Year with savings of up to 50% off and six easy payments during our winter clearance sale begins Monday on QVC + select hours on QVC – it’s shaping up to be a celebration you’ll remember all year long it’s about being healthy and starting out the brand new year right look your best in the new year with fashion and accessories reboot your beauty routine my obsession and I’m never a day with Isis Malley duty this makeup that is going to last happy new you all day today on QVC oh shoot classic and a wardrobe staple under $25 yes please this modern take on the classic turtleneck will be your new go-to be there Monday at midnight on QVC its fashions night in on QVC January Aimee strand will be your host for p.m. styles then join shawn killinger from logo with laurie goldstein hi everybody welcome back into in the kitchen with David if the camera came up and you saw a lack of focus that’s because pies are within a 5-foot radius and it’s hard for me to concentrate but welcome back in we are gonna have a lot more fun here on in the kitchen with David together my name is Mary DeAngelis David we’ll be back next Sunday he’s on vacation and enjoying some very much deserved vacation time and Stacy will be back with us on Wednesday night so it’ll be great to have the whole gang back together but for now David I’m so sorry you’re missing this next moment because mamie’s pies are back in stock and I am so thrilled to meet this lovely lady next to me today now I have Cara romantic yes welcome back to in the kitchen thank you so good to see you this lovely lady has brought us mamie’s pies and you’re getting 12 4 and 1/2 ounce yeah fruit filled pocket knives can you tell us the flavors that we’re getting before we die no you get four cherry now this is a tart cherry okay you get four wild Maine blueberry yes absolutely delicious and our four McIntosh apples okay what I know to be true great pie is about the perfect filling it is and it’s about spectacular crust it has to be it doesn’t matter how good the filling is if the crust isn’t there nothing works can you tell everybody at home what is your story how did this come to be

started with a fundraiser with my grandmother’s classic New England apple pie and I was making her 9-inch pies and everybody loved them and then customers kept saying the the parents kept saying you know what I want something smaller I want something smaller I love your 9-inch pies but I’m not going to eat them all the time just at the holiday so I came up with the pocket pie individual servings and I don’t change anything from my grandmother’s recipes I had to hold these up and show you this is what’s coming to you now these come unbaked unbaked frozen and all-natural they’re good in the freezer at least a year old but they never last that long I never eat a pie never last that long but they’re individually packaged which is so important because you’re not opening a whole big box right where everything might get freezer burn they’re individually packaged so you can have them when you want them and the great part is they go freezer to oven no thaw okay and they go freezer to airfryer and freezer to deep-fry I’m dancing them back to the table because that’s exciting news um they’re not a lot of these to go around and there’s no auto delivery right so let me just remind everybody $59.98 is the featured price for all twelve and we have three easy payments of $19.99 which is lovely we have free shipping conditionally so you know what that comes out to it’s $4.99 for each pocket beautiful homemade dessert that’s all-natural non-gmo delicious for $4.99 now the easy pay here is gone at the end of the day so take a look again is this the main this is the wild Maine blueberry look at that look at that now the wild Maine blueberries are absolutely delicious they had less than half the sugar of cultivated blueberries and they’re full of antioxidants so it’s kind of win-win-win now Cara and I were talking before the show my mom and dad both grew up in the state of Maine yes mom’s Castine girl and she was lovely enough so that I could have some of the fillings because I flew tan free so I’m not able to chat down but let me tell you this the aroma in here is amazing but I had to try the filling thank you please try the filling so that’s the wild Maine blueberry and what’s so beautiful about it aash we use all natural ingredients so in our blueberry its wild Maine blueberry a little bit of sugar it’s perfect a little bit of lemon juice and just a little bit of corn starch as our thickener it’s that’s it effect this is child this is summer in my childhood right here it’s lovely I know and the one thing I wanted to point out to some please don’t use all the fillers we just used corn starch that your grandmother used or you use please notice that when you make a great pie without all the gelatin and the fillers they burst at the seams sometimes and it’s a good thing you can and you’ll see them when you’re a cookie sheet sometimes they don’t sometimes they do but it’s a sign of a really wonderful all-natural pie and it means we use a lot of filling so it’s great we only have 2200 to go around we do not have many if you want six easy payments you can absolutely use your cute card but we also have three easy payments of $19.99 now as we take a look at this cherry tell us folk what’s the importance of them being sour cherries well you know what everybody more people I’ve been coming across love a nice tart cherries and there are so many to that that one a little bit of sweetness so I have a solution before you put the pies in the oven the cherry you always want to brush all of our pies with milk if it gives it that rustic brown coloring but Wow before it goes in the oven sprinkle little sugar on the crust or when it’s baked and cooled all you need to do is put a little powdered sugar and it adds the touch of sweetness it just whispers right by dog-bone which is which sour cherries should do I know Colin was standing by Collin which flavor would you like to try sweetheart he wants to sure he said can I usually he’ll darn it he’s out like a powdered sugar garnish you invited sure yes please you are solid one of our team members on in the kitchen with David he is very kind to come in and have some of the crust when I cannot thank you enjoy tell us what you think after you have a bite g-eight a fork here both and I want to speak to the crust to lease trust is just as simple as the filling so our crusts are very very flaky and all that we use is unbleached flour sustainably sourced vegetable shortening water and salt that is it it’s like all the filling coming out everywhere I have to say just all that’s in that weight you have an apple I want to grab the right one because I want you to see you get it home full nutritional czar right there on the back of the packaging and it’s a larger font thank you so much we want to be transparent and we’re proud of the simple ingredients that we use how to

bake how to fry how to deep fries I mean do you even do you have air frying in strips yeah yeah um 375 in your air fryer and the neat thing about the air frying you pop them in and you don’t have to use any milk the airfryer just really Browns it beautifully you pop them in 375 for about 8 minutes and they’re perfect let me tell you something I know that if david has tuned in at this moment there might be a single here because to miss mamie’s pies I’m so sorry David that you’re missing them today we’ll try to tuck some aside for you if there’s any still here but let me remind everybody you are getting 12 of the 4 and a half ounce fruit filled pocket pies I love that they are a shareable size if we’re trying to watch a little portion roll 1800 now remain we have four in the sour cherry you’re getting four in that wild Maine blueberry which is just so good and then you’re getting four in the Apple now remember you can oven bake you can air fry you can deep-fry they arrive frozen and unbaked and individually wrapped so when you make a great pie crust you know every good Baker knows it’s ice cold shortening and ice cold water right and when you take that freshly made pie and you put it then in the freezer before you bake it that next level of cold really makes these deliciously flaky and then you get all that aroma in your house yes oh you get to eat with multiple senses which is have an EZ pay is gone here at the end of the day Cara thank you so Rick Roman is still to come in the show he’s gonna tell us a little bit about induction cooking that we’re gonna see in a little bit you know what with the new wave you’re gonna be able to get control in the kitchen that you just can’t get with gas or electric because with induction you’re able to control the precise temperature so whether you want to do something like use this as a warming station or if you want to do a nice gentle simmer or if you want to do a little steaming or if you want to do sauteing frying no matter what temperature all the way up to a maximum sear you’re gonna get incredible perfect results which is great about induction guess what the cooktop doesn’t get hot but the pan does so it’s incredibly efficient and safe I can put my hand on the cooktop but the pan is that’s hot we’re gonna show you how it works later Rick Roman this is in the kitchen with David and clearly I’m a little bit shorter actually I’m a good foot shorter but thrilled to be filling in for him while he enjoys some much-deserved time off and thank you for watching this Sunday afternoon we are already a little bit more than halfway through our big for our extravaganza today and it’s time to talk about another one of David and all of our favorites luck we say and the brand we’ve been trusting from France since 1925 now with a new team member happy new year new beginnings exciting so so excited its own an obviously is a friend of ours here at QVC but also I mean I’ve known her as one thing man I’ve seen her on television I know you as a food blogger but I know because we’ve chatted about how important it is to have great cookware this is don’t wear every luck for say we love the crew say this is not cast-iron but look how iconic a look at that shape how adorable this is stoneware you can hear that so what I love about this the durability of the stoneware you also get those wonderful colors that you get from liqueurs say the enameling so that gives you durability that gives you the gradient color scheme there you’ve also got that cute little lid on the top this is just iconic that shape is just precious so let’s make something you can’t you went from individual pies that’s right individual servings how about a little French onion soup you know what’s so cool about this is that it’s stoneware and you don’t want to put it on your stovetop okay but Mary you can do so much with it you can put it in your freezer you can put it in the under the broiler its broiler safe you can put it in the microwave you can put it in your oven like we’re going to do for this French onion soup okay would you like me to open the oven yes please are you going on top I’m going on top I’m gonna show everybody the colors while you do that and you don’t mind and remind everyone that I know we mentioned this earlier but this is the last day at the featured price so the price goes up at the end of the day this is the set of four in the serese now these are cook offs so this is a beautiful size too these are seven ounces per piece because I was asking nan before the show this little knob at the top is also stoneware so you do not have to worry these are all made the same thing this is the four in cerise this is that beautiful cherry red this is Caribbean we have that color available as well we have 450 in the Caribbean we have the white which is a rarity and we have 320 left and the white we also have the

flame which is the color that started at all at look who say and we have 430 left there then over here we have the Marseilles do you know I was in Marseilles this summer no jealous we have 330 we saved up forever and we were planning this trip forever but we got to see Marseille and it was amazing um but we have about 400 left in there so the Marseille is that rich beautiful blue that you see in that coastal town in France for 15-ounce cook hots with the lids and the free shipping and handling oh I said free shipping and handling yeah is gone at the end of the day and the EZ pay is gone at the end of the day but remember last day at the feature price so the price goes up at the end of the day to do lots happening at the end of the day today and all you need to remember don’t put this on your stovetop but pull it from the oven and reveal that beautiful French onion soup that I put in look at that bubble and look how delicious that is so merry individual servings of French onion soup I think David calls this God’s perfect food Oh God’s perfect soup mac and cheese is God’s perfect food and French onion soup is perfect you got it right so hi David hope you’re having a great vacation individual servings of lasagna okay so one thing I want to talk about too is the fact that let me go back to the oven because I’m pulling out some chicken pot pies my post-bac man my post Christmas meal with my mother-in-law who is the queen of all cooking and she’s watching hi miss Pat oh hey miss I made her and my family chicken pot pies individual chicken pot pies on a few days after Christmas look how beautiful that is now that’s a fancier crust than what I did but I pulled it out from the oven how great if you’re cooking for two you can pop these in your freezer you can have them for a few weeks later this is shepherd’s pie with that traditional mashed potato crust on it that’s lovely so if you’re cooking for two if you’re cooking for five or six or eight you want to do it at your dinner party you can prepare ahead of time because the holidays are crazy I don’t know about you but I ran my legs off telling you what if you can’t I dream I didn’t sit down and put my feet up if you can do individual servings put them in the fridge get them ready ahead of time then pop them on the table serve this how beautiful is this gonna be to come straight to your table for a pop of color and look for say you such a heritage you know if you have any of the love for say pans this is a beautiful match back to their cast-iron right this is stoneware I also have to say this set a for at luck crusade calm cross $150 we have it for $99.98 but that price goes up at the end of the day just to say again but we’re saving fifty seven dollars and 52 cents and I could also have free shipping you’re saving a little bit there are you thinking about Valentine’s Day already you can get a set of four of these pick your color you don’t have to go with this color that you collect put some homemade candies or put some store-bought candies in it wrap it up and you know whoever is going to receive this is getting something that they’re gonna use for a long time you could use this as a sugar bowl in your kitchen as you for your tea bag holders if you’re you know for your big game that’s coming up for chili if you’re doing your condiments you can serve it that way baked potato night or taco night with all the condiments how about this foolish eggs with the spinach so even if you’re doing something from your freezer or your refrigerator it looks great are you doing a spinach dip or artichoke dip because it is oven safe you can use these for so many different things very often safe – how many degrees is it 500 yes 500 and Brailler safe as which is a rarity – so over here I have the set of for free today in the cerise which is that beautiful cherry red and I’m not sure if you could see it or not so I’ll hold it up so you can see how it’s got that pretty ombre effect to it it goes from a lighter to a darker red as you go down the side just like your cast-iron Dutch oven another people at luck to say so each color does that here’s the serese that cherry red here’s your Caribbean down in front that’s the lighter blue shade and right in front we have the set of four in the flame which is that beautiful orange we have 400 remaining in the flame here is the very rare still here white this is the only one that doesn’t have the ombre down the side because it’s that beautiful solid white coming up 250 remaining there then in the beautiful cobalt blue luck Renee calls this Marseille you get the ombre back and you have 275 remaining here now the featured price is $99.98 here at QVC we have six easy payments of 1666 luck Crusades price per cook hot is 57 . nope it’s $37.50 here we have it for $24.99 a piece and here I have your own little personalized tuck but how great is that and look if easy cleanup on the inside you can also slice this add a little brown a little powdered sugar and you’ve got dessert remember your desserts are going to be great in this your tiramisu your chocolate mousse that we have out here or your cobblers or your casseroles whatever you want to cook in it may the sky’s the limit I like that a 7 ounce

cake serving is a single serving because that’s why we’re friends well this is 15 ounces so yeah you we can split this right down the mood to this is a lot bigger thank you man I love it thank you you know what this is will you come with us and taste the recipe oh is it a black-eyed pea it could be it could be each one is 15 ounces in size just to be clear because I think I said it three different ways but we’re gonna have Kelly okay good David wrote a recipe for us before he went on vacation and it is posted back here behind us on the wall it is black-eyed peas ham and rice casserole we knew you good luck for him little bacon in there oh wow you got it that little pinch of client’s nice heat in the back it’s not it just kind of deepens the flavor depths of flavor that’s what I say Happy New Year and you’re enjoying your vacation I love that he threw bacon in there just for good wow I love it I threw in bacon they both said well you know you can find David’s recipes on by so ting David’s recipes in the search box at the top of QVC calm man happy New Year to you too so now Robin and I are headed over here we’re over here I thought I’d get you a little snack first little sight listener sustenance is always good I have a little bagel sustenance is always good right now we’re diving into a one day only this is new wave and we love new wave in the kitchen this is the induction cooktop reflects with the four quart pan and a 3 quart grill pan let me tell you something if sold separately this would be $142 we have it for eighty nine ninety six it’s a one day only that means this is the lowest price this will be for the next six months and that price goes away at the end of the day and those easy payments go away at the end of the day five easy payments of $17.99 induction cooking Rick Romans because you are a trained short you’re a former restaurant owner why have we gone so gonzo for induction to think about when I had my restaurant even with the gas stove and as many years experience as I had cooking I still always had to fiddle with the knobs because there’s no temperature gauge on a dial it’s low which medium it’s high so it’s difficult to get the precise temperature with induction cooking you can get the exact temperature you want whether you’re simmering steaming frying searing your meats and know exactly what the temperatures so you don’t overcook or burn your food this gives you that control and precision and here’s a great example the other thing I love about induction cooking is instead of heating up a cooktop heating up the cooktop to heat your pan the cooktop doesn’t get hot it actually uses a magnetic coil to heat the pan up directly so you see my hand is directly on this cooktop the pan is piping hot you can see that water boiling and dancing around yet I can put my hand right here on the cooktop so what does that mean it’s safer there’s no open flame to cool down there’s no electric coil so let’s just say a lot of times if you’ve turned on an electric cooktop and you forget you’ve turned it on well that cooktop can be dangerous with induction it will only heat the pan up if the pan is on some absolutely love that and again just to show you here we’re gonna pour a little egg to show you how hot this pan is the pan is hot right so take a look at this I poured a raw egg here the egg is cooking on the pan but it’s not cooking on the cooktop that is the beauty of induction and efficiency why feed up a whole cooktop right if you don’t need to this heats the pan directly it’s my favorite way to cook and you know what one of my favorite things is frying okay so think about it what’s what what do most people do when they try to fry food they turn the burner on right it’s like is it highs at medium-high is it medium-low and they’re constantly taking out a temperature gauge to see what the oils out the beauty of the NuWave induction cooker is I can now set the temperature okay right up front here to whatever temperature I want so you know if you’re making something that’s a little bit more delicate like donuts or if you’re frying and you want to go to that 375 you can increase or decrease the temperature in 10 degree increments now what I want to show you here what doesn’t show you on the first unit is we have six presets which I love because this is the easiest induction burner I’ve ever seen to use okay you can start with a low setting now low is a hundred degrees if you just want to use it as a warmer something warm then you hit medium low 175 that’s like a gentle simmer gentle boil is two then you go to a medium setting of 275 that’s a little bit more of a steaming medium-high which is perfect 375 for trying then a high for sauteing and stir fries and all the way up to a max seer of almost 500 degrees so you can grill and sear off your meats gives you all that control

and you can do every temperature in between absolutely love that come on over here for a second Ric Robin because this is the NuWave induction cooktop this is a good shoe so I have to say the cooktop itself is 12 inches by 10 inches by 2 inches in depth so nice footprint on your countertop but great coverage for the pace that you’re gonna be using hmm I wonder if I have any pans that work you’re getting whoo so you’re getting this one right here is the covered four quart pan and we’re gonna talk about what forged aluminum is next right you get a nice saute helper handle on the other side which I love it you get that lovely glass tempered lid with it too now next or is where you’re getting the cupboard 3 quart pan with the little grill marks in the bottom room this one has two casserole handles this one saute handle on the other side so you’re getting a lot of versatility here and of course the grill marks in the bottom lovely for your proteins forged aluminum forged aluminum so less than just the induction cooker itself for me is worth the price of admission but now you’re getting what we’re talking forged aluminum excuse me Black Eyed Peas I did it it’s my fault look at the thickness of this is thick forged aluminum so what does that mean we’re gonna get that nice even heating the aluminum conducts the heat beautifully up through the entire pan so when you’re simmering like you just saw us front you get that even heat conductivity and I love it these are durable now a lot of people say well can I use other pans on it the only way you need the only thing you need to do to determine if you can use your other pans is take a magnet now I’m using a timer magnet if it sticks to the pan like this with a magnet so if you have a cast iron its induction friendly all-clad look Chris a cook’s essentials cast iron they are all induction friendly so you can use all your favorite cookware as long as a magnet will stick to the bottom of this is a one-day only price I’m saying that slowly because we don’t know when one day onlys are coming up we’re just thrilled to see them when they do because it’s the lowest price that that particular item will be for the next six months this price is $89 and 96 cents right now at QVC other retailers have this offer for a hundred and forty two dollars our price is fifty two dollars and four cents less we also are offering five easy payments of $17.99 both of those things go away at the end of the day the price and the EZ pay is gone at the end of the day but with induction I know I’m getting precise cooking correct I’m getting compact cooking and I’m getting more control yeah I’m gonna think about it this is a really narrow footprint so really portable and small size okay but it’s really powerful I’m using the seer function here that’s up to 500 degrees it could be your chicken your steaks in this case I’m doing salmon here’s another thing these aren’t just forged aluminum these are ceramic nonstick okay I don’t have any oil in the pan here look at how these salmon is literally gliding so you know you can have real easy cooking but again I’ll go back to the induction control here what I love about it is you can decide we’ve done all these presets because I’m searing the meat I put on the max i sear well I also love there’s a program function so once I’m done searing that first side okay we’re gonna take a look at here we can actually turn our fish over so one of my favorite things to do we’ve got a nice beautiful caramelize Asian I mean look at the grill marks on this alright we sear it off one side of the meat I can actually now go to the program setting okay so we’re gonna actually clear this out we’re gonna go to the program setting and I’m gonna actually program it because I know I want to cook it another three minutes on medium high on the other side so I’m gonna hit time press three three minutes I’m gonna hit start okay now I’m just gonna put in my vegetables okay my little bit of onions and tomatoes and some white wine and here’s what’s great about it that timer that timer now is gonna shut off in exactly three minutes when I know that’s done cooking okay we’re gonna watch ding all the wine we’re gonna throw our cooking look lid on so I don’t even have to worry I could be doing other things in the kitchen that program function which I don’t see on other induction burners it’s gonna allow me to walk away and let that keep going that’s so cool hello remember to when it comes to a one day only here at QVC we’re thrilled to see it when they show up because we know we’re getting a phenomenal value lowest price it will be for the next six months now this is the NuWave induction cooktop flex and you’re getting the two pans along with it for $89.90 we have those five easy payments of $17.99 for you you’re getting the grill pan with the two casserole handles and you’re getting the forged aluminum saute pan both have lids that’s right that’s included in the price tag that you see on your screen the price goes away in today the EZ pay goes away in two days just to get an example about the safety and efficiency I have my hand right here on the cooktop notice right next to it is a small cast iron again you can use cast iron boiling a hot water but the cooktop itself is not hot that’s what we’re talking about safety no open flame no exposed electrical coil to get your hand on it only heats up the pan and only will heat up the pan if it’s on the unit so if you take the pan off the unit will turn itself off now what I love

about growing up in Germany this is a method of fishing that was already there familiar with this is a very European way of cooking absolutely because you’re controlling so many different things it’s precision but it’s also a little bit more affordable for folks who are cooking in big households yes this takes up such a small footprint such a small footprint and it uses less energy let’s go because I want to talk about your you know baking is huge in your somebody whose baking if you’re working with chocolates Sugar’s caramels things like that well guess what so many people struggle on the stovetop dealing with things like chocolates and caramels because they can’t get the temperature right here we have it set at 120 degrees this has been on here for about 40 minutes I haven’t been watching your baby seeing it and notice how the chocolate is not separating it’s that perfect tempered result this is what you get when you have that precision in control so if you want to make those beautiful chocolate covered strawberries fruits make a fondue but you don’t have to sit there and go oh my gosh is a chocolate scalding no that is the control we have and again you can set this and let it sit at that perfect 120 degrees I don’t have to babysit it now the pans are dishwasher safe yes is what I was reading on the card which is magical what happens if I get a little splatter on my induction cooktop just wipes right off the top I mean this is what I love about no so I’m just gonna pull this off for one second because I want to come back here I just want to show you this this is my favorite thing about this unit the size of this unit it’s portable so it’s not just precise it’s portable you could take this to your camper you could put this on a buffet table and use it as a warming station or even put it on the center of a table if you want to cook right in the center and do a fondue that’s what’s great about it it gives you that extra burner to and this in the kitchen that you don’t have to your point about the size it’s 12 inches from the very front of the face to the very back of the machine and then side to side it is 10 inches wide my mother actually gave induction cooktops last Christmas to folks in our family and they have loved them you get precise control here in the front with the push button but then you also get pants so if you think I’m truly not sure if my cookware is induction friendly I don’t have a magnet in the house you’re getting two pants that you can use with them immediately sorry that’s my water but you get this four quart saute pan saute handle casserole help her hand on the other side with that tempered glass lid this is forged aluminum so it’s a little bit thicker but then you also have a nonstick on the inside now your grill pan is a casserole pan this is a 3 quart size you see how that lid just fits flush down in there so you get the tempered glass lid there those grill marks on the inside one two three four five pieces for the one day only price of $89.90 five easy payments of $17.99 the price and the EZ pay go away at the end of the day today but this is the lowest price this set will be for the next six months whose new wave why we you know we know them love no it has always been focused on give it give me a way to make it easy to cook in a kitchen to get healthier and better results and this is one of those things that because you have that precision you’re always gonna get that perfect result and you have been doing it for years to me this is one of their most amazing items because again as somebody who owned a restaurant was always challenging and I think it’s challenging for a lot of home chefs to get that right temperature here’s here’s another great example alright boil overs over boiling things just to show you precision control here I have some chicken stock simmering away but watch what happens when I hit pause and stop I want to show you how fast and precise this is as soon as I turn it off the unit it stops boiling that’s because it’s it’s heating the pan not the cooktop but when I hit max sear and start again help I hit the right button watch how it when less than five seconds okay that’s gonna bring it right back up to the boil because that’s the control and precision it’s not heating up a coil or you’re not turning on a gas flame it’s directly heating the pan and things about it you precise if you had heat coming out of either side that would just be wasted its wasted energy so you don’t have to do that now remember this what sorry I suppose Lily over here ooh chili I just wanted to get closer to the chocolaty honest so k47 544 from new wave you get the induction cooktop you get the sautee forged aluminum pan and you get the three quart grill pan for that one day only price of $89.90 phenomenal value lowest price that it will be for the next six months brick Roman we have more items together coming up soon you know what we have some good eats coming up but before then congratulations to those of you picked up my pick of the show the Lenox butterfly meadow 16-piece dinnerware it has sold out and so very very glad you were able to take advantage of that great value today but what kind of foods will you be serving on your Lennox dinnerware how about one that is a restaurant favorite that has now been made perfect for our home table this is perfect gourmet and it’s 2 and 3/4 pounds of shrimp scampi not just any shrimp scampi we’re talking

real butter we’re talking real garlic we’re talking real parmesan and we’re talking real good friends because Carroll islands here you look gorgeous thanking your New Year sparkle oh I think it was like new your theme kind of thing good idea thank you this is racial value tomorrow yeah I love it’s so good so Harold has been in the food industry for many years and is the co-owner of perfect gourmet but this is now back in stock I know so excited it because you were telling me before the show this is ten servings if we look at it this way exactly this is a great way to look at it ten servings of shrimp scampi approximately seven shrimps per serving as you see here out table before us less than six dollars a serving that way exactly that’s so really value friendly delicious dinner it is so think about this way and like I mentioned to you before if and if they come in here this is if you were having all ten at once okay so you do your pasta I did for you rice but you go ahead and it cooks from frozen and all you do is get your pasta done put all your shrimp in go ahead look how pretty that is I mean isn’t that for it’s a beauty it’s gorgeous I mean and then let’s just finish it off with a little bit of sprinkle wait it’s how much you want to cook do you want to cook for the whole group do you want to cook for your to test yourself or maybe two of you right right you always have that ready to go all right we only have 20 east of 2200 remaining 2600 remaining Wow the QVC price is 57 dollars and 20 cents three easy payments are available of 19 dollars and seven cents free shipping and handling but I love okay that the that the scampi part is in here so here’s the thing no oil to your skillet you’re taking it from frozen and I’m doing this to show you how fast you can make your dinner so do you see how I’m deciding how many I want to put in the skillet so seven shrimp for the serving you decide am I gonna put it over right am I gonna put over a pasta you’re gonna do it on a medium heat and the magic is the butter the wine the garlic the Parmesan cheese the nice spices that we do all start to form as it cooks and before we’re finished like doing our presentation we’ll be ready to serve that’s so cool so auto-delivery is available every 90 days take one year you can keep a great thing coming so you never have to wonder what’s for dinner if you want to go a little fancier scampi is flexible that way you can yeah if you wanted to just kind of wow everybody with some delicious seafood you have that – speaking of which I wanted to get in there yep here’s the whole thing so you’re tasting that the garlic’s nothing right that it’s not that bitter harsh garlic I mean the shrimp is delicious it’s got the butter it’s got the wine it’s got the seasoning it’s not over the top in the flavor of like too much spice right well you’d be hard-pressed to tell me this wasn’t fresh I mean this is all this didn’t come from a freezer exactly this is phenomenal flavor and that garlic is so many things you can do with it so you know if you like the idea for shrimp scampi for your dinner great go ahead and have at it but if you like the idea of maybe doing like an ass appetizer for like watching football you can do a little bruschetta so you can go ahead and do the shrimp and put them on top the sauce is delicious I love the idea of sort of a surf and turf do those filet medallions that we were on earlier the little tips a couple of those and do the shrimp because what is any steak with some garlic is so good anyway my gosh and then decide how you want to serve it a little portion control with your back away tips happened with your shrimp scampi no I have to say again you’re getting two and three-quarter pounds yes of the perfect gourmet shrimp scampi but take a look at this over here on the side I love this is how carol was explaining it to me before the show so if you broke this down into ten servings okay each serving would have approximately seven shrimp per serving approximately now that’s less than $6 purse per one of those ten servings that’s a great dinner right for that touch of lemon the garlic the Parmesan cheese the butter and we have auto-delivery available every 90 days from one year and we have three easy payments of $19.75 if you use your cue card you can do exactly that but perfect core mate this is what we have turned you for so many years the whole thing is everybody’s busy and everybody at the end of the day what am I going to fix so without messing up your kitchen you just make a salad you decide what starch you’re gonna serve with it from your freezer to your oven well excuse me to your skillet to your table you’re like six minutes for shrimp scampi and Italy can use that at seven shrimp to the serving you decide how many you want to

go ahead and do you cook up you know if it’s just for yourself to do that great but the whole idea is what is your life as far as time work you know when you’re we talk about things we talk about now let’s go to the grocery store let’s buy the shrimp oh let’s buy the garlic let’s buy the wine let’s buy the Parmesan cheese now I got to put it all together so this right here see how they’re almost cooked so as they’re curling up and that you know like I said it takes about six minutes but look how watch this right over here break all of that sauce is the best now you don’t eat bread but maybe gluten-free bread you could go ahead and get war but look at this it’s ready it’s totally ready right out of the skillet hello little parsley garnish now we did not bring in a whole lot of mass we weren’t able to get our hands on on a limitless amount here okay so keep in mind that if you’re ordering M six one eight seven one right now the good time to lock in auto delivery you’re locking in the easy pay you’re also locking in that you’re gonna have a great thing coming every 90 days for one year now on you can always control your auto delivery plans if you need to delay a shipment skip a shipment cancel at any time you can absolutely do just that free shipping and handling for a restaurant favorite made perfect right at our front door that’s a great shot of how you might break this down exactly so ten servings right there on your on your screen approximately six shrimp six to seven trips using about seven per serving correct great math I like that map you know the Texas toast yes so if you like the idea of Texas toast I love Texas resident love to do the scampi skip the pasta and just go ahead and cook your scampi and put it right over top of that tote that toast it’s delicious and you just you know what this is if you would like to save some of your leftovers from perform a we had the FoodSaver earlier in the show it’s the fresh savor with the fresh containers and zipper bags it was the first day at this incredible price $39.98 for a food saver now this food saver we refer to it as the Tower of Power but this is the one that you use on an everyday basis so you can leave it out on your countertop and you get the containers in the bags with it but we have more containers and bags on should you need them but we just wanted to remind you of the offer because it was earlier in the show and if you’re just joining us we didn’t want you to miss out on that free shipping and handling and those six easy payments of $6.65 okay buckle up I was a former flight attendant please know your exits are in both sides of the room please raise your tables and trays to the upright and locked position because we have another clearance price coming up right now this is K force K four seven zero six nine this is from KitchenAid and this is a machine that has a three horsepower motor it’s a high-performance blender with a flex edge tamper that you are saving a huge amount of money by picking it up today and Tina varelli is here to tell us all about it this isn’t we’ve been excited here this one good to see you again this is a customer top-rated item yeah Junaid and I totally understand why because this is gonna be my new year’s plan I love it so this is that high performance blender that can make all the hot soups the smoothies the ice creams we’re gonna show you at all first I’m gonna get this chicken tortilla soup started then I’m gonna talk all about the blender awesomeness I love it because you’re putting it in the box so that we can speak over because that’s a powerful motor so let me bring everybody down and show do we have to what you get is that debt down here got it oh it’s on its own little pedestal in and cloth um so here we go this is K four seven zero six nine this is the high performance machine this also you get the blender jar you get the Flex edge tamper which is right here in the front and this is the flexi part and we’ll show you why that’s important you’re getting the recipe book as well we’ll talk about how many recipes are in there I think they’re 6029 thank you my friend so this right here in the front is that beautiful matte black then we have the beautiful matte gray we have about 300 to go around in both color choices so 300 in the gray 300 in the black both that beautiful matte but here’s the big big story the comparable retail value for everything that we just discussed 513 dollars and 33 cents Wow you’re saving two hundred and eighty two dollars and 57 cents today with our

clearance price of $249.90 first day presented at this low price free shipping and handling and we have six easy payments of $41.66 it is 40% off for this amount of power this heritage and the capability of making smarter choices to get 2019 on the right foot so so true and I just wanted to show you the recipe for the soup is in the book this is what I’m making chicken tortilla soup so we’re going come back and visit that the blender will automatically turn off when it’s set to the max function down here on the dial after six minutes got it and that’s about how long it takes for the friction to heat up the soup so like I said this is gonna be my new year’s go to it really helps me to incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet so great and this is one of my favorite recipes to make so you’re gonna get a 16-ounce BP BPA free jar it’s super sturdy it can go right in your dishwasher this is diecast metal I just wanted to point that out this is a sturdy piece of equipment a base is 12 pounds it is if you have a KitchenAid stand mixer we’re talking this same sturdy construction and you want that when you’re dealing with three horsepowers of power so patented asymmetrical blade is gonna blend at four different planes to really do a great job so this is my go-to sometimes I use almond milk like I’m using here sometimes just water okay so a little ginger it’s supposed to be good for you chia seeds are full of fiber I sprinkle a little of those in I’m you could do a whole banana but the banana was humongous have an orange and this is called Dino kale or lacinato kale if I’m pronouncing that correctly or a black kale it’s also called it beautiful looks like this at the grocery store and you know I’m not typically eating enough salads in my diet I’m a big barb freak so this is a great way for me just to get more fruits and veggies in my diet because I can take it on the go with me so down here in front it’s so simple to use so you have a simple on/off do you see the light turned on there variable-speed maybe we couldn’t make a look in there everything and are you that motor I’ve never been up this close to it before that is a strong it is super strong and I just love to be able to drink my salads I’m busy I’m on the go and I never really liked you know kale smoothies before but with the pineapple and the ginger it does such a great job and just look at the smoothness that you’re able to get amazing just amazingly smooth no big chunks or lumps you’re not gonna be chewing the kale you’re just gonna be drinking the goodness and it’s really broken down into really the essence of all the nutrition that you’re drinking they’re so fresh and oh it’s so bright and lovely let me give you a couple measurements on the machine to notice I’m not putting this down I love it seventeen and a half inches high it’s about nine inches from side to side so really incredible here the cord is almost 4 feet long looks like it’s about 3.7 feet long I’m so you get a lot of versatility if the powers are defined in your kitchen diecast metal base this price is a clearance price our QVC price for this machine was 436 dollars and I get it because when we’re talking power we’re talking to heritage of KitchenAid and you’re saving more than your spending match I love to say amazing this is my quick little cleaning trick okay roll in my house I have two teenage daughters they love to use the blender you have to give it the quick rinse II just some water a little soap take it to the sink rinse it out and it’s all ready for the next person and your warranty here – ten years isn’t that amazing but the fact that and make sure that five what are you making so this is a desert so we talked about you know soups in the New Year smoothies in the New

Year but what about dessert time so this is um coconut milk and some dates which are gonna give you that natural sugar and a little coconut oil I’m just showing you how that great flex edge tamper works so that same flex edge technology that we have with our stand mixers is included on the tamper for this blender as well so we’re gonna add in there throws and pineapple chunks so no added you know refined sugars and this you’re gonna get the sweetness from the dates from the pineapple and tons and tons of fiber and it’s just a great easy dessert so let’s take a look oh you can already see how thick and delicious it oh look at that it’s perfect you got the clover look it’s so thick you can turn it upside down so you’re just gonna scoop this out as you would your ice cream pop that in there and you have a delicious natural frozen treat for the new year to help you make your healthier choices you can garnish with a little toasted coconut and that is one of my favorite minutes I’m gonna dive in there while she goes to the back and grabs the soup and I’ll remind you of mmm oh my gosh that’s fresh oh my gosh where’s the sunshine I’m a sunscreen close by it feels like it should be you know what we have the matte black that’s this base here and the matte but they’re 275 left in that matte black way of the matte gray there are 245 left in this one now this price tag because you are getting so much here you’re getting the blender base you’re getting the jar of course you’re getting for a clearance price of two 4998 free shipping and handling 60 paintings in the $41.66 the fact that we’re saving more than we’re spending here on this incredible clearance price as you know clearance prices there’s no reorder plan this is the first day that we get to enjoy that incredible clearance price on this item three horsepower motor from KitchenAid and Wow look at that consistency look at that so great I love these suits I’m gonna stock up my pantry with all the ingredients from this recipe book to just be able to make those great choices eat more fruits and veggies and this is the right tool for the job it’s amazing and use it every day in my house is that good hanging out with you so good to see you continue to place your orders everybody now Tina we have a trivia question for everybody at home oh honey how about this check now which of the following is not considered not considered to be lucky if eaten on New Year’s Day your choices are black eyed peas lobster greens or cornbread we’ll have the answer when we come back from our quick break here on in the kitchen with David we’ll hear what you have to say to Tina when we come back we’ll see you all in just a moment think of your answer and we’ll check in with you in a second bring in the new year with savings of up to 50% off and six easy payments during our winter clearance sale begins Monday on QVC + select hours on QVC to there’s even more to love with the cue card open a new cue card and make a purchase by December 31st and will treat you to a $40 QVC account credit for more details go to QVC comm / cue card shape classic and a wardrobe staple under $25 yes please this modern take on the classic turtleneck will be your new go-to be there Monday at midnight on QVC we know you love QV c QV c – is that and so much more we have your favorite designers brands and shows watch for exclusive finds events and programs now with more hours than ever before QVC – it’s what you love and so much more in the kitchen with david everybody which of the following this is the question we left you with before the break which of the following is not considered to be lucky if eaten on New Year’s Day is it Black Eyed Peas is it lobster is it greens or is it cornbread Tina Borelli guest lobster before we went to break and she’s right so

according to the Spruce eats calm some believe that lobster could cause bad luck in the coming year because it moves in a backward direction and could mean setbacks in the year ahead justin is demonstrating while Black Eyed Peas greens and cornbread represent wealth in coins money and gold tell me that ten years ago it’s no wonder to you so nice to see Marie Louise Ludwig and this is in the kitchen with David we hung out together yesterday with Barry you’re bringing us something on david’s show today that is brand new and Betty Crocker Betty Crocker a name that is synonymous with baking and it’s one thing that I love to do and still a gal who loves to get into the oven for things like pies and pizzas but what do you do about the mess most especially when you make a pie and it starts to bubble and squeak and it just drips that syrupy fruity sugar all over your oven Oh like this that’s a lot of cleaning so what you end up doing then is you end up sitting your pie on to a half sheet tray and now you’re not getting even baking all the way around well how do we solve this problem Betty Crocker has solved this problem for us and they’re giving us to what racks – now that’s wild while so take a look here this is exactly what you’re getting you’re getting two pans two of the wire baking racks here’s the pan underneath you’re getting two of those and you’re getting two of the wire racks this is $23 and 97 cents on a featured price Wow so you get a set of two this is a pizza and I think worth the money you spend on oven cleaner and time for oven cleaner eight point how would you have to make that work well first of all you have to be able to heat your pie or whatever you’re cooking in the center you don’t want to set it like right on the oven rack because if you do then it’s all gonna spill all over the place so when you set your pie on here I’m the silicon ring it keeps it from sliding around pop it into the oven and now and the pie is baking and I’m going to show you all of the mess and there’s always mess no they’re all look I’m gonna put my temptation it’s about 12 and a half inches in diameter just to give you a size so if you’re made out eight inch pie nine inch pie you’ve got plenty aside and I got a really big pie wanna show you here let’s think about this now if you’re making two pies in the oven for example you would never put your pie right onto the rack and not put something underneath of it because one pie would drip right into the other now this large pie sits right on this rack right here just like this and below it is another pie but look this is what happens Mary this is what happens when the pie bakes it doesn’t mean you’re not a good Baker it just means that all of that delicious filling that you have in here in this case we have cherry gets very hot at 425 degrees and starts to bubble over now instead of all of that sugar bubbling over into your oven and it’s it starts to smoke and you have to scrape it out it catches this for you but at the same time it allows that pie to evenly baked all the way around because you have that big center opening and it’s so snake on the rack or baked without the rack now we also like the rack for pizza because we want the pizza to set up and heat there you go look at that beautiful pie in there and look you want to be able to get that heat all the way through and then you want to be able to clean up easiest way you can get your necklace caught on it and everybody will be fine Wow it wasn’t you today it was me so this little silicone ring protects the insert but you can remove that ring for cleaning if you want very easy but I love the fact that it stays open so that you’re still getting all of that cooking Center and you don’t want the pie to slide around either so it sits right up on top of that silicone ring and your pie is not gonna slide around it’s going to protect it but now the rack think about the rack the same thing with a pizza when you put a pizza I’m like a sheet tray or something then you have to heat the sheet tray up and everything else that goes along with it now it sits up on this rack all of that heat goes all the way around it and you have that big opening in the bottom so the bottom of the crust and the crust all the way around is getting nice and crispy and there’s no mess from drippy pepperoni or cheese grease I love there you go and this is how you show and I think Marie Louise knew it was just a matter of moments just to kind of this looks like an old Looney Tunes cartoon ending but this is just to showcase that yes it is indeed hollow in the center yeah so no I can’t fit my face through there not this face sorry but the fact that we have the little helper handles on either side to love that it’s really nice to one I mean this is a really simple solution great solution and if you don’t want to do pizzas or pies of course you can do

other things on here use that rack and you want to eat something up in the oven because perhaps you just want it to go low and slow and you’ve got a great thing of Meatballs on here but what happens is it starts to drip and splat and now on the bottom this is going to catch all of that sauce and maybe cheese it drips out and keep it from going in the bottom of your oven it can be like it’s not fun when your token you have a big mess to clean up our both pieces dishwashers say yeah you know but just knowing that they are feels so much better so remember you’re getting two of the wire racks two of the pans for that $23 97 cent price tag oh we both worked in kitchens we know I’m falling when you walk it so this is how you get those great professional results without having to spend a whole bunch of money I love what you said on cleaner yeah but the pie still has to have access to heat underneath to get the crust cooked on the bottom right right right right got it so it sounds that whole problem look at the size of this chicken pie this shows you how big you can go on here and by the way you can also go into the toaster oven most especially this hole this toaster French door that we have here look I’m gonna try to open it up from here completely fits will catch all the drips if you’re doing ZD or you’re doing a quick pizza in here so many of us still use our oven by the way real quick before we go check that out three pot pies on top of the rack as well how nice 600 have now been picked up a four eight zero nine zero the featured price is 2397 remember you can use your cute card put it on six easy payments and like to do that but this is brand-new today from Betty Crocker and Marie Louise it’s always so good happy new year happy oh I’m so on do I see you Wednesday I see ones that I’m lovely yes huh so remember you can head on over to Twitter and vote on David’s Twitter poll so this was his question New Year’s Day is just around the corner what are your new year’s traditions the choices were watching the ball drops signature meal party or New Year’s is this week which I love the fact that New Year’s this week is was the second most popular choice folks voted we have seven hundred and nine votes today during the show and 48% of you said you’re gonna be watching the ball drop I will be doing the same thing if I can stay awake that long but I also have to say that I was watching a representative from Waterford talk about how the ball is made fascinating those are all little individual triangles that Waterford makes little just especially for the New York City Louisville priceless talk about priceless my kids will keep me on that keep me awake will they yes oh my gosh they’re more energetic than I am at that time I’m out by 8:45 um Rick Roman is back with us here on in the kitchen with David and he has brought us one of our very favorite gadgets in the kitchen but this isn’t something that’s just a trend this is something that not only helps you keep your knives safe in the kitchen it also helps you save money in the long run because you don’t have to buy all new knives so this is the sharp shark set of three this is the scissor and knife sharpener with gift boxes very easy to use K for seven five nine one we have two options today now these come with beautiful gift boxes you can use it to store it if you want if you want to keep all of them you can because this is the one that we call metallics or metal so you’re getting one in the gunmetal one in the silver one in the gold what I see one in the kitchen one in the garage one at the grill all three I would keep for myself you might have to pick up another set for gifts but then down in front we have your set of essentials you get one in green one in blue one in red all with a color coordinating gift box free shipping and handling as part of the offer and more than 55,000 sets of sold and this is the last day at the featured price which is 26 dollars and 18 cents that price goes up at the end of the day we have six easy payments for you of four dollars and 36 cents if you want to pick up more than one set make it budget-friendly easy pay is a great way to do that with your debit credit or cute card but here’s the thing – there’s no reorder on this thing so that free shipping and handling and the EZ pay is gone at the end of the day today but sharpening you keeping your knives sharp never goes out of style no and this is our patent and suction cup technology this is really what separates sharp shark you know I owned a restaurant and sharpening knives was one of the toughest things you know if certain people were good at it so I guess what when you have sharp shark now you can secure this to any smooth countertop and now instead of Kevin your hand near the blade which is dangerous you can take one hand and take any knife any steel blade in your kitchen large chefs nights like this this is a ten inch chef’s like excuse me 12 inch chef’s knife from one of my old restaurants and catering businesses you can take serrated blades paring you name it with about six to eight passes what I’ve done is I’ve actually broken down the metal Andrey edge this knife you can see you see how that’s glistening it looks like a Razors Edge

so when you go into the kitchen the reason we say a sharp knife is a safe knife take a look at this I want to cut this tomato when the knife is sharp it literally I mean glides through the food I don’t need any pressure I don’t need to use any force every single cut is absolutely perfect so every knife now is like brand new out of the box razor sharp again david venable has been here at QVC for 25 years oh my game has been our resident foodie for many years here at QVC when he says this is a tool that I recommend for all of your kitchens it should perk our ears up and when I heard him say that I thought well I should give just a try we have given this as gifts and this is my husband’s very favorite item from QVC ever wow that when it comes to I know right at that stopped me in my tracks when he said it because he is not a dramatic person I am I like the fact that you are getting a knife sharpener and scissor sharpener is unique though to this offer yeah you know what it is first of all every knife in drawers can be like brand-new but you can take your craft scissors your fabric scissors their scissors that can cost upwards of $100 that special scissor sharpener lets you do it but here’s my favorite thing right that calls the sharp shark challenge I always love to do this because a lot of people try to sharpen their knives with different things in their kitchen one of them is a steel fast no and you know what a steel you hold in one hand and a knife in the other and just automatic there already looks dangerous to me you can slip and slide and cut you’re so nervous yeah thank you I’ve seen chefs in my kitchen cut themselves the other thing is if you don’t get it exactly right you will dull this plate so what we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna intentionally dull this plate I’m gonna run this the wrong way against the steel and this is what happens to your knife as you’re cutting and chopping on hard surfaces like glass hard cutting boards it flattens out the edge now I’m going to show you how tall this knife is we’re gonna try to cut the sponge right here so a lot of people they go to work in the kitchen they take a knife out of the drawer they saw they push they use pressure they can’t get through this is a useless and dangerous knife but if you have a sharp shark take any I don’t care how old or dull it is go to those tungsten carbide grooves when I pull this through it’s gonna actually break down the metal pull little metal shavings off tonight and what that’s doing is it’s riad it’s creating that angle I don’t think you’d see that there you can see little metal shavings coming off and that’s another important point after you sharpen your I’ve always clean it before you use it in the kitchen and at about eight to ten passes because this was a really dull knife we’re gonna take this back to that sponge I want to show you something okay a moment ago I couldn’t cut this check this out it goes through this sponge literally and I want to cut a really skinny piece here you ready look at this like a hot knife through butter I mean paper thin perfect slices that is now brand-new again I never saw a sliver of sponge before we were friends I never did I didn’t know it was possible now 800 have been picked up oh well please go to and your mobile apps that’s the best way to go to secure your order let me remind you of the offer it’s K for seven five nine one this is the shark shark set of three scissor and knife sharpeners with color-coordinated gift boxes this color assortment up top we call metal you’re getting one in that deep graphite or gunmetal color you’re getting one in that pretty silver and one in that gorgeous gold all with the accompanying gift boxes now down below we have your essentials one in green one in blue and one in red that one is our more limited color choice this is the last day at the featured price the price at the end of the day today easy for me to say new lips goes up tomorrow so please don’t hesitate on picking this up for the end of the day also 55000 sets have been picked up and there is no reorder at this time now the featured price that goes up at the end of the day is 26 dollars and 18 cents we have free shipping and handling on this offer today and it’s six easy payments of $4.99 is a sharpener I seen a lot of people’s drawers so look at the size of this thing it takes up so much space in your drawer but second of all you have to use one hand to hold it and guess what it’s not steady so imagine you’re trying to hold this steady while you have a sharp knife in your hand you don’t want that get rid of this super compact food suction cup design any blade and now because this is secure it’s safe but it’s also easier to use than any other sharpie you know what I said it in my restaurant hearing business I watched so many peep even seasoned chefs struggle to get that perfect edge now anybody can take any type of steel blade and when you go into the kitchen this is what I love a blade that sharp it literally glides and I mean glides I don’t use any pressure I just let the knife do the work for me because the edge is now razor sharp again every knife is now brand new when you get a sharp shark it’s like getting brand new knives mm have now been picked up remember we have the metal and the essentials we have 62 payments of 436 price goes up at the end of the day and free shipping and handling we have two more items together we’re gonna Rick Romans bringing us some good eats today okay I will see you soon speaking of good eats there’s a couple things that I want to remind everybody

as I walk over to join my sweater is tomorrow’s today’s special value from Isaac Mizrahi so you can already find it on the water bottle that I have been using throughout the show today is from manna vogue which this beautiful lady is bringing us today on QVC to as our big deal busy 24 hours for you what a great no no it’s your sweeties birthday yes I know I’m sorry I’m okay I’m back to business I will keep it I will talk like Walter Cronkite to the next eight minutes alone we’re gonna talk about yo Nana’s and in the kitchen with David today oh we love your Nana’s because this is a machine that gives us the opportunity to a zero point dessert if you are following that method also you are using frozen fruits to create sweet treats this is a classic frozen treat maker with recipes and this is a delicious way to celebrate dessert time without a whole lot of calories concern with our diets nowadays I am free of something that’s very I know it’s very important to my oldest daughter Kathy who’s turning 20 today happy birthday Kathy and then it’s really really important in terms of taking care of your Falcon taking so now all you need to do is you’re going to have your frozen bananas we’re gonna go ahead you’re gonna pull a some thank you so much for the help through the back I got your back baby you’re gonna place them into your young now mystery machine as we just did you’re gonna put them down the chute and then you can see right here they’ve turn them into the most amazing consistency and there you go you have got the most incredible we’ve got our bananas and then we also have our strawberries it’s almost like a sorbet that consistency it’s like a beautiful soft serve it is so delicious my children the adults in my family go bonkers for it we have had more fun over this Christmas break with our frozen fruit we set out our frozen fruit bars everybody is able to take what they want personalize it individualize it it is so fun and this is how easy it is to use we recommend that you use your speckled bananas that they have a little bit of a brown spot you’re gonna peel them you’re gonna place them in the freezer once they’re frozen and you want to use them you take them out you let them thaw for about seven to ten minutes so they’re that perfect consistency and then you go ahead you place them right down the chute but it’s not just about bananas it’s about strawberries it’s about mangoes and then here you go the whole apparatus it’s actually dishwasher safe top rack dishwasher safe simple and easy to use also great when you want to make those popsicles its new year new you time what better way to have these delicious ice cream type consistency desserts and also have those great frozen popsicles but without all of all of the concern that we have without the calorie issues without the preservatives without the cream without all the heaviness that we have to when we have our our our ice cream deliciousness it’s all fresh natural fruit you don’t to add anything else this is the perfect looking banana peel for your yo Nana’s they’ve got little leopard spots on them peel the banana don’t freeze the banana then peel it I’ll own that one the hard way the banana then put it in a lock and lock container keep it in the freezer then right before you use your yo Nana’s leave it on the counter in a bowl for about five minutes you want to get it a little bit pliable but still frozen get it right into the machine now here’s the thing half a cup of mashed bananas is about a hundred calories and if your the point starting in 2019 that’s a zero point desert house backing from your machine it’s easy it’s powerful all you have to use is frozen fruits now we have 44 recipes in the book that we’re gonna do and that featured prices 4447 al i like that back number we have three easy payments of $14 and 82 cents now it’s the first day presented on three easy payments and those easy payments are gone at the end of the day but you can get creative if you want to you know what you really find any type of fruit you can just go ahead and free that right now I’ve got our mango and I’ve got our raspberries I’m not doing any kind of banana in there he’s going to give you that gorgeous wonderful sorbet consistency so that you can really really enjoy it and again this was a treat for adults in four children in there it is I feel like I’m feel like I’m hollering at my kids at home to come to the table to dinner that’s come on I don’t have to yell twice I’ll be one of the first ones there I love it you know what – this is such a low profile on your countertop if you want to take it away it’s very easy to do so that’s right if you wanted to leave it out it’s about I mean it looks like it’s about 11 and a half inches tall right so it’s definitely gonna fit underneath your countertop door but also it’s about seven inches in width at its widest point so really easy to fit in and three easy payments is easy to fit into my budget – yeah when it comes to Eileen McHale brought this to us she sure does melissa is here presenting it to us but how okay so do we have to turn can you

show us kind of like from stem to stern how to do it absolutely okay first of all you’re going to make sure that you have all of your fruit frozen so you’re gonna take it out of the freezer you let it thaw for just about seven minutes you want to make sure that you can actually press a finger our food stylist Lisa gave me the great tip she said that if you can actually have a little bit of an indentation on the banana or on the fruit then you’re in a really good tone okay we call it that great you nanus zone so then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna turn on the go go that’s it we’re gonna go ahead how about we’re going to add some pears in here now we’re gonna do compare some raspberries and some Chardonnay ice cubes stop it because again it’s not just about the kids yeah it’s a great frozen treat but it’s also something for the adults as well I mean yours either tomorrow can you imagine what greater type of a treat that there would be at your dinner party then to really treat their depth in between courses prepare raspberry and Chardonnay ice cube oh my how fantastic is that and then of course we’re gonna add our banana so there’s gonna be something for everyone and again is if Sookie is so delicious and you’ll also notice I’m not adding any sugar I’m not adding any cream I’m not adding any type of preservative this is going to be made health-conscious life it’s going to be absolutely perfect and it’s gonna be a part of your dinner and it’s something that your guests would really really remember for a long time my reason for helping is twofold oh yeah you have to sample it right what do you think the Chardonnay ice cube they have your name on them don’t that’s really good you’ve got the little but almost like it’s sparkling it’s so good okay this is yo Nana’s this is a machine that has been incredibly popular here at QVC and QVC – first day presented on those three easy payments and the possibility of a zero point desert in 2019 thank you please price $44.40 free shipping and handling the EZ pay you see on your screen is gone at the end of the day if you I just froze my jaw um three easy payments out for teenage for me to say thank you now if you get hungry yeah we have ribs coming up with some sample but I know my girl Melissa likes to eat dessert first that’s why going to eat with Melissa is super fun because the first thing she asks at the restaurant is yes what do you have for dessert which I love but now it’s time to talk about the center of the plate and if you’re thinking well I guess I’ll just have to wait until summertime next year to get some good barbecue oh no no the Corky’s six one-pound barbecue ribs with sauce is back in stock this is a little taste of summer and this is Corky’s world renowned barbecue this is football games this is galentine’s day coming up in February but keep in mind we have three flavor profiles for you and Rick Roman is back with us to talk to us all about high reaches out to you and says hey can you go into Talk yes you know it you know I was just talking to Nick about this in the back here you know Corky’s has been at QC as long as I have been over 18 years and I think it’s even much longer than that and it’s a family-owned business for over 30 years doing the most amazing Memphis barbecue and you know what these ribs are no exception look at the fall off the bone I couldn’t I couldn’t wait for you to come over I’ll play more just tender beautiful slow smoked ribs that have just the amazing depth of flavor and you just said that there’s three different flavors this is our bourbon smoked which has a little bit fuller richer flavor from the oak barrels of the Bourbon absolutely delicious tender moist just I think she tastes it you know you think yeah I used to think eat for 4 hours because you get hungry all over again when you see all this gorgeous food in person now I know the issue so when you see right here in front of me this represents the 6-1 pound that’s a full rack of rib that you’re getting from Corky’s for that featured price free shipping and handling we have four easy payments of $20.50 and that easy pays gone at the end of the day now the original is back in stock today and we have 475 of those but those sold out the last day presented now if you want the Bourbon we have how many 540 and then if you want the honey we have fewer than 800 to go around where would you like me to start well you know what I’m gonna go right to the classic I’m going to bounce over here because I want you to see the smoke ring I mean you can just see you see that beautiful kind of pinkish hue that’s that gorgeous smoke ring from that slow smoking with the Hickory and the charcoal and then of course that beautiful classic kind of tomato sweet and tangy barbecue sauce I mean the moist fall-off-the-bone meat is incredible then you know what Memphis knows barbecue and Corky’s has been doing it for over 30 years I have multiple restaurants down there and this the flea see what you think I’m talking

too much let me tell you something I’ve said this a few times on my own show on QVC too but please just bear with me for a second my father is a barbecue judge okay so when he retired from the military he and his buddies thought that a really fun thing to do on the weekends would be to judge barbecue and it is but little did they know there’s a lot that goes into barbecue competitions as far as depth of flavor tenderness of the protein and the method that you’re using to smoke and baste and make the ribs and whatever protein you’re cooking the very best that it can be a lot of times in barbecue competitions when they see the Corky’s is in the house other competitors run okay this is Memphis barbecue done tender and juicy ribs and that sauce which one was that that I just ate that was the classic okay amazing you know that’s your class this is actually the honey and again I want you to see something look at how this bone literally slides right from the meat that’s when you know it’s been done low and slow the depth of flavor look at that beautiful and I mean beautiful smoke ring you could see it on the outside that’s where all that wonderful hickory and charcoal and again this follow heart I mean tender now the honey has a little bit more of a sweetness to it and people love honey barbecue look at how beautiful and juicy that meat is I mean yeah but it’s honey sweet honeysuckle so it’s not like sugar sugary sweet and – that’s good and then the difference and we talked about the Bourbon before if you like something with a fuller flavor from the oak barrels of the Bourbon I just have a little it’s not spicier it just has a richer what are your flavor than the other – kind of when you feel that yes I love about it you just said six one-pound rack so you can take one out yes and here’s you you and I talked about this before the sauce is actually in that bag so throw that bag away don’t throw that back without getting the salt take your racking make sure you get the sauce out of there if you want the original fewer than 400 if you want the Bourbon there are 500 remaining if you want the honey 750 there is no auto-delivery here boy help me in my tracks this is Corky’s world renowned barbecue in those barbecue ribs with sauce and let me tell you something ribs if you’ve ever gotten them from the store and you tried to make them yourself it is hard to get at that tender without drying it out no it really is dry out ribs real easy think about it it’s it’s one of those things that you love to eat but a lot of people don’t like to prepare and slow cooking but again this is this is what Corky’s is about look at how that bone just literally slides away and what you’re left with and part of my messy hands bourbon ribs we don’t we’re not look at that moist meat look at the beautiful smoke ring you know every time Jimmy’s on air I usually am just hanging around the table for the end of the cell so I can come and eat and now I get to actually not only present but you get to eat these so it’s just amazing this is my tip because I’ve made these ribs at home many many times when you take the ribs out of the freezer go ahead and get a sauce pan out mm-hmm get a little 1 quart or a little 2 quart saucepan out because what you’re gonna do you turn your oven on right you’re gonna preheat you’re gonna get the ribs into the oven then the bag that you’ve slipped the rib rack out of you’re gonna take that bag and you’re just going to ring get down all that sauce that’s in there you’re gonna get it down into the saucepan keep that at a low simmer so that then this is what I do I give them a little baste halfway through to get that crust just a little bit thicker on the outside oh yeah and then when it’s all said and done I have a little pot on the table when I’m serving the ribs so that you can add a little extra sauce like we’re doing right here on television you can do that on your own table at home so whether you’re picking up the original you can do it with all three methods because they all come with that extra sauce right there in the bag once they’re thought out so the original sold out last day presented it is now back in stock we have 300 remaining in the original we have the honey which again is that honeysuckle sweetness it’s not super sugary sweet it’s just a mellow sweetness there are fewer than 700 in that honey and then in the Bourbon the one that you can feel the flavor hitch in your chest we have about 450 remaining the first time I ever had a sip of bourbon was in Charleston South Carolina and every time I think of that flavor that depth that brown liquor it just it makes me think of Charleston and looking at the houses on the battery but just this is no whoo the fourth hour she’s gone but this is all about that depth of flavor yeah I’m just showing this side by side so look at what you’re not eating or wasting the bones this look how clean I’m just showing this here because the meat just literally falls off these bones I’ve always blown away at how ten I mean look at this bone is clean but you get this rich beautiful smoke ring that gorgeous depth of flavor you get from the Hickory the charcoal listen 30 years in Memphis barbecue Corky’s they know what they’re doing and there’s a reason they’ve been here since I’ve been in QC

and why everybody loves them Corky’s is the place where folks who know how to make great barbecue go stand in line to get a hold of some of this great barbecue and you know every region in the United States has its own way of barbecue that’s right and so you got a little sweet and just a tiny bit of Tang here absolutely so you get all of that sweet tender barbecue ribs and to your points if we get a full rack out of the freezer yes please recommend to us how we make them so my favorite way is like you just said you take them out of the bag put them on like a shallow sheet pan maybe even a little foil down if you don’t feel like clamp the sheet pan take that sauce out of the bag cover it lightly with foil I put him at about 275 I don’t like to heat him up too quickly low and slow low and slow just like they were made originally bring them up the temperature take him out on platter and they are absolutely beautiful my kids love these and you know what with the football season all the playoffs coming you want to talk about putting out and you know their heat neat they’re fully cooked so if people are coming over last-minute pop them in the oven they’re ready to go if you order it in the show today you could say that Corky’s is catering your football party that’s right so take a look in front of me here this is the six one-pound barbecue rib racks now I think easily met a couple girlfriends over we have a veggie side we have a little potato we got a little salad I could split one of these into three you easily but if you wanted to go big or go home too if you wanted a big old Memphis dinner oh yeah you could split one of these down the middle now if you are extremely hungry and you don’t plan on eating for the next three days maybe a whole rack but not judging no that’s okay but this is $81 98 cents for all six pounds of ribs and we have four easy payments of $20.50 now if you want the original they’re 150 and that sold out the last day they were presented these were presented if you want the Bourbon there are 400 remaining and if you want the honey there are 600 remaining so m58 624 is your item number continue to place your orders there is no auto delivery available here my hands we got that’s ribs let’s do alone one more item but in the kitchen with David continues this is a big for our episode and if you are missing david venable don’t worry we all are he’s on vacation he is enjoying a little bit of time off before he dives into 2019 he will be back with you on January 6th Stacey will be back with us next Wednesday and jerimae Parker he’s here with us now hey my friend how are you good to see you jeromy’s dear friend of ours in the kitchen you’ve been part of our family here in the kitchen at QVC for 18 years 2020 yeah I was 24 I was in college when I did my first airing and that was 20 years ago oh my gosh isn’t that crazy goes by like that I know it’s Jeremy’s dear friend and we have a lot of fun this is the set of two thermal hot and cold serving bowls with lids and these can help of course keep your hot food hotter longer your cold foods colder longer but we have a few ideas for you in this presentation that are timely for this portion of the year yes they’re a great clearance price because you’re getting two it’s less than $30 – awesome right clearance price of $29.90 what are we looking at okay this is one of them and it is going to keep like you said your food hot or your food cold it’s insulated its thermal lined and it has a stainless steel insert inside of there so it’s fine for hot foods and it has a locking lid so if you’re traveling and you’re taking that with you it’s not gonna spill yeah now it’s great so for hot foods you know if you’re cooking and the family might not be ready yet maybe you wait for the kids to get home put this in here it will keep this hot for hours not just like a half an hour so it’ll keep things hot the capacity inside of here is enough that I’ve just got some tube noodles there you could see almost fills up that entire platter there is that a professional kitchen term tube noodles muscle pasta truly if you like and and then of course you are getting two of these so you can put your sauce your meatballs in here ready to go it is going to be piping hot when you’re ready to serve it at the dinner table you could either scoop it out or you know what if you just want to do it the quick way just pour it this way balls for everybody yeah yo everybody gets a meatball I have colors for everybody down in front too so it looks like we have four choices for you the one closest to me look how pretty this purple is right in front we have 300 remaining in the purple in the set of two next door we have the set of two in green set of two in blue with a little sauce on the lid that’s fine yours is not gonna come that way and then we have a set of two in the red down at the very end now

20,000 of these have been sold already they are 20% off and we have them for a clearance price of $29 76 cents all of our clearance is on six easy payments 62 payments of $4.90 is available now these are each a nine cup capacity i’m cup capacity that’s right and hot or cold remember this so here’s some macaroni salad that we pulled out now we pulled these out of the refrigerator at exactly the same time and we have this one in here and this one in here now let me just turn on the thermometer actually I pull it out so you can see where we’re at here room temperature is about 64 degrees in here now in the kit our sorry 69 there you can see 69 degrees now when you doing mayonnaise if that’s a pasta salad or cole slaw or shrimp salad that’s in the danger zone there that’s when your mayonnaise is gonna go bad it’s gonna make you sick now over here let me just stick the same thermometer in and then you can see watch that temperature drop we’re at 50 75149 you know your temperature is right about are your refrigerators right about 32 degrees that’ll get right down in that now you’re in that safety zone there these remove 40 water duration at the same time yes at the same time they were pulled out of the refrigerator and that was probably at the beginning of the show a few hours ago you can see this is still at 38 degrees they’re puffing right it might even keep going down but you get the point now so we talked about the hot things but you know New Year’s is coming yes I’ve got one right here what a perfect way to keep your ice inside and keep that ice frozen so whether that’s a smart ours once you keep it inside of here they’re not gonna melt as quick and then of course this is just a nice classy way you serve your ice to your guests whether you’re sitting out on the porch on the patio and the deck in the summertime or New Year’s Eve parties fancy hello 500 have now been ordered and in the kitchen with David this afternoon I wanted to show you the colors because I feel like I am matching this color right now so to start with the purple yes 200 left in that purple and then that’s it because this is a clearance price that means there’s no reorder planned at this time now we’ve set up two in the green 850 remaining in the set of two in the blue we have 200 remaining and in the set of two in the red it’s most popular and still available at this time but six easy payments of $4.90 is available but remember clearance prices at QVC and QVC – traditionally mean that there’s no reorder planned at this time each one is a nine cup capacity but that stainless steel insulated lining is what’s helping us control the temperature that’s right now if you want to give that a little kickstart maybe you want to keep this hot a little bit longer if you’re driving a couple of hours you could put boiling water inside of there that way the inside is hot when you put the food in the food doesn’t heat it up does that make sense got it so peanuts again say it start that for okay let me say this again say here you know we have in here David David’s recipe so good have you tried it I haven’t I’m gonna have some of it with with the ribs that oh my gosh so what you could do is what I’m saying is the food will heat this up naturally but if you want to jumpstart it so you want to start with a hot serving bowl here you can put hot water in there boiling water pour it out and that’s gonna actually keep it hot even longer that way it’s not transferring the heat from the food to the bowls that make sense I’ve had a lot to eat today so we needed to hear it twice that’s okay because you know my brains getting fuzzy yeah but that is such a great thing to do do you have dogs and sauerkraut and sauerkraut New Year’s Day I’ll tell you what for the big game the big football game coming up how about that bring that to your tailgate party with you even just a pot full of sauerkraut and that will stay nice and hot for several hours it has that locking lid so when you put that on that’s not gonna tip if this falls over it’s not gonna spill it’s gonna keep it nice and safe if you’re doing cold things here’s some fruit salads for those of us that are trying to eat healthier in the new year you could say frying that too the big game with you and while everyone else is eating dogs you’re eating healthy make a few jokes yeah good for you you know we have more than a thousand already in the country with david today it’s k43 2:08 do you I know this isn’t what this is but do you like a Lowcountry boil absolutely a little country boy you know one couple folks that don’t like a look at oil lolly there’s I mean that’s fine ok I need to show colors in the front there you go so the purple we have four colors we have four dozen remaining in the purple then we have nope hold on start over we have four colors remaining the first color is purple yes the second color is green we have four dozen in the purple and we have 700 in the green I said that all jumbled up blue is now gone oh thank you okay and the red is very popular and in the kitchen with David but still available at this time purple has now gone too so the colors

are red and green the price tag is a clearance price of $29 and 76 cents then the New Year’s Eve party wouldn’t that be a nice awesome you’ll love it for ice you liver for hot foods you and I yes are going to come this way for a quick take okay I know let’s let’s go on over your tongs and hit Jabba to drop my targets we walk over this way so this is H 2 1 3 8 9 2 these are the marble or wood melamine 2-piece platter set one is large 16 inches by 10 inches one is small 14 inches by 8 and 3/4 inches can you tell us these are melamine melamine but they look like something else that’s right and they look like natural wood they are textured if you come in close this is not flat this is a textured surface even the marbled one has a nice little texture on it he’s a cool it’s a really nice classy way if you want to dress up your tabletop if you’re putting pastas or salads or baked goods on here it’s completely food grade safe you can cut on these and they’re safe to cut on as well and you’re getting the set of two of them so instead of having like an actual wood platter that’s gonna dry out chip we’re down ya know splinter eventually this is gonna last it’s a little bit stronger they’re nice and sturdy dark wood right this is the dark okay that’s right and then we have also the two marble the blue okay and the gray marble this is gray marble up top now if you want the blue there are 1400 remaining yes if you want the gray there are 800 remaining and if you want the dark wood there are 1100 remaining the price tag here is a clearance price of $16.24 it’s textured it’s natural-looking and it’s on six easy payments of two dollars and seventy one cents Wow so I think about presentation yes even though it has this blue and this white on there it’s melamine these aren’t gonna hold any of those colors so if you have tomato sauces your barbecue your Corky’s ribs that you just bought this will fit racks that rack of ribs on there nice it’s a great serving platter and they are also dishwasher safe top rack just love it yep take a look down here we had the filet mignon tips from Kansas City steaks earlier in the show on a bed of zoodles animals gorgeous hello right that is beautiful your caveman diet I’m so full I know and I would still eat that that’s the problem yeah but then a little bit of greenery on the smaller tray it’s a great serving platter sure for your greens and your salads this is kind of like a Southwestern where they actually seared these zucchinis and have some jalapenos on there this is now what you’re seeing this is the empty version this is the dark wood I love that shot too because you can see the texture to them this is the most popular this looks like a mahogany yeah but it’s melamine melamine extra thick melamine I mean this is a really sturdy construction that is dishwasher safe now then I’m gonna bring you back up to the top here and show you that we do have the gray marble it is melamine but it gives you the look of gray marble this is our most limited and then down in front I’m loving this blue marble I love it I don’t want to set up the large tray with some succulents to go on the ottoman in the living room naughty right right just as a display piece so I think it’s beautiful it’s a tabletop six easy payments of two dollars and seventy one cents remember the large is 16 inches long and 10 inches in diameter the small is 14 inches long and eight and three-quarter inches in diameter this is a harder melamine so I could cut on it if I wanted you can use a knife right on here so if you are slicing maybe if you have a pork loin you want to serve at the dinner table go ahead and slice on top of Lee it’s fine it’s not gonna hold any odors so if you’re serving fish here’s a great fish platter that you can put on there and that way it’s not gonna smell like fish tomorrow when you’re serving fruit salad gobble really nice and strong textured and they’re gorgeous set of set of two in the dark wood set of two great marble I love that um set of two in the blue marble to remember $16.24 on a clearance price means there’s no reorder here that was a kitchen quick take Jeremy Parker thank you good to see you thanks for being there on in the kitchen still to go oh it couldn’t have cut it hold a 40-ounce take I hope so yeah of course it could so om six two two four four we started with 2500 in our filet mignon tenderloin tips we only have the three one-pound choice remaining and we have fewer than 400 Sean correct me if I’m wrong I think that was a featured price of $49 in that three one pound oh my gosh so keep that going that was brand new for us today and the six pound choice is already gone but the three pound choice you can still pick up and enjoy delivered right to your front door well we are gonna finish in the kitchen with David today with one of my very favorite

folks bringing us one of our very favorite brands and at a sale price okay hold the phone buckle up seat backs up right cuz it’s all clad and this is the stainless steel 8 quart covered multi cooker with the insert and the basket Rick Rovin is back oh man you’re a jack-of-all-trades all plaid is that name that kind of makes you stand up a little straighter but we have the 8 quart start this is three layer potential of cooking yep stainless steel on a sale price of 7998 now hold on this could cost us 149 98 elsewhere but we have it on a sale price of 7998 you’re getting the 8 quart multi cooker the lid the perforated insert and the steamer basket on free and handling and six easy payments of 1333 I mean it’s soup season yes so ready I’m showing off plaid which has been since 1971 so you know over 45 years quality craftsmanship in the kitchen I mean it really inspired all the professional chefs and now all the home cooks solid stainless steel it has an impact bonded base so you can get that nice even heating I love the vertical design it’s 8 quart so it takes up a little less space on your stove and again never have to worry about metal utensils because there’s no coatings that are chipped and you’ve got like you said a large insert so you can do pastas shells then you can layer in the smaller steamer insert right on top so why do you have three layers three layers three liters three lamps the bottom the middle of the top put this all together and not only that it nests together I mean how much how much better can it be all you have to do is store this that’s right when it comes to an 8 quart stockpot easy for me to say 8 quart stuff that’s something that you know what if you have the space for it and it’s such a great piece to have because every single holiday season every time it gets just a little bit colder outside we wish that we had one and this one works on all stove tops that’s right induction gas electric you name it here those what I love about that 3 layer cooking that classic seafood boil so we have our shrimp and our sausage now talk about capacity Wow look at how much capacity and that’s just one of the inserts there now on the top what I did because it actually bathes the rest and I did my clams and my mussels so when those all opened up they dressed invade this other seafood and those wonderful juice so you get that marriage of flavor but I’m not done yet right on the bottom here we’re gonna grab a spoon over here I did the potatoes so I did this is what you talk about when you talk about a versatile vessel so I could boil the potatoes on the bottom cook the shrimp and sausage in the middle and then steam the clams and mussels on top I mean look at this capacity if you want to talk about cooking for a crowd you can do it all in one vessel and look at this come on that’s my hat are you ready right there are we ready that’s my happy place all that seafood and all clad ok so I want you to know this is capable 7:04 – we don’t have a whole lot of these to go around we have 1400 remaining you’re getting the lid you’re getting the steamer insert with a little helpful handle you’re getting the second layer of cooking which is a great weight but then the lid fits on this so if you want to use it solo you absolutely can the sale price is 7998 it’s the first day presented at that sale price and the sale price is gone at the end of the day all clad is what prestigious home cooks use it’s what folks who are just learning use I leaned over the wall at my favorite restaurant and they’re using all clad in the kitchen I mean yes they have a half wall in the restaurant it’s true I leaned over the wall sometimes and that’s actually not good manners but this is classic styling with that extraordinary culinary performance that this for a lot of us is a pie in the sky brand you know it is for a lot of people and it’s just to me is what inspires you to cook more in the kitchen here we’re doing a beautifully wine and lemon poached salmon we did our asparagus we did a nice bed of asparagus here with the salmon and then on that top shelf again because we have that third layer we were able to do some beautiful steamed rice so what do you have here you have an entire meal everything cooking at a different time that you were able to do all in this one beautiful dish I mean look we are now down to 1200 remaining just a heads up okay I do that as a customer service because I don’t want you to miss out on being able to get yours but because it’s stainless steel you’re seeing it on our gas stove top you’re also seeing it on our – induction burners yeah we were just on the air before with a NuWave induction burner yeah perfect fit so don’t be fooled you can actually put this whole pot on the new way but this is what I love about it that insert isn’t just for those seafood boils now so many people okay struggle when it comes to streaming pasta you go to pour that hot boiling water you’re nervous you’re scared it’s dangerous well guess what instead of having to pour that boiling water how about lifting the pasta right out of

that boiling water let it strain off and now you can just simply pour your pasta right into your favorite dish Oh some pasta there’s just a little possibly a bit of pasta from the eastern seaboard now we have 1100 remaining remember this sale price is a huge representation of savings because elsewhere it could cost you 149 98 our sale price is 7998 that means you’re saving 77 dollars and 50 cents today on the 8 quart stainless steel multicooker the lid the perforated insert and that steamer basket remember this is all clad so if you’ve ever made a recipe whether it’s from a book or whether it’s from online and you think what the recipe wasn’t written right you might have just been using the wrong tools that’s right this is the one oh my gosh so think about this the second most important thing first you gotta cook the pasta right yes the sauce if you don’t have the right pot what happens you scald the bottom of the sauce you actually burn it overcook the tomatoes that impact bonded base allows you to get that perfect even heating you can see here we’re using this induction so it’s got that nice slow gentle simmer you never have to worry about some of those lesser quality pots they overheat on the bottom you want to ruining your sauce this case you get those perfect results each and every time down to the final 900 I actually used a pot like this as a drum when I was a little bit like that and this one can take it that’s right the one I had did not and so keep in mind I mean this is stainless steel this is a sturdy pot David would be knocking on this with his knuckles I don’t have my hands can’t take it and go that this is such a sturdy sturdy piece of cookware and watch this if you ever can you hug a stockpot traditionally you can this is really well made solid stainless steel handles riveted on you never have to worry about any oxidation you never have to worry about hurting this stainless steel this is one year ten year forty years passed it down with somebody you’re gonna have that same stockpot how do you recommend we clean all the pieces listen these are dishwasher safe but I never put my big pots in because they take up too much room in the dishwasher I do but you can put this in on warm soapy water and if you’re somebody who likes that brand new out of the box look yeah a little of the what’s the cleaner you by Oakley mile clean and keep in mind just want to show you one more time we have 700 left this is the 8 quart stockpot this is the ins the first insert that I’m going to show you because remember this is 3 layers of potential cooking here this is your perforated insert has handles also this is your steamer basket with the helper handle at the top that also fits there there are your three layers of potential cooking and then the lid fits on each individual piece should you need it huge savings here it’s nearly half off when you see the representation of seventy seven dollars and fifty cents less than the price you would be getting elsewhere we started with fifteen hundred we have 500 remaining we’ll enjoy the sale price because it goes away at the end of the day and we have six easy payments of 1333 Ric Roman believe me I know thanks for making a mountain a food boy see you Wednesday I am here Wednesday that’s right Wednesday it’ll be a new year you know what in the kitchen with David continues on David is on vacation we want to welcome the 517 new customers that shop with us during in the kitchen with David Wednesday is 8 p.m. Eastern Time it’s a two hour show I just want you to know that justin is a sweetheart he wrote on the board you will be hosting that’s amazing David still on vacation he very much deserves this time off and look I will be hosting David is back next Sunday Wednesday what does that say oh we have a new theme winter warm-ups and Stacey will be back with us too so follow david venable follow Stacey stopper if you want to have some fun you can follow me too on social media but thank you for a fun for our show today and for taking such good care of each other happy new year I will see you all on Wednesday and Kirsten looks adorable happy new you weekend Kirsten link what’s good to see you happy new year my friend and happy new you weekend what better time than today to start thinking about how you’re gonna feel better in the new year and that’s what the next three hours are about really really super simple solutions to help you feel your best as we move into 2019 it is the happy new you weekend I’m Kirsten leap with I’ll be your program house for the next few hours this first hour though is all about one of my favorite products here at QVC it is fda-cleared more than 150,000 of these have been picked up over the last six years I have been using it legislate at entire time and it works it’s toning its tightening it’s working that core which is so so important for many different reasons it is our today’s special value with