Asla Vazgeçmem 1.Bölüm (English Subtitles) ᴴᴰ

the tongue only describes a little pain, but deep pains are speechless I’m also speechless since left me to go to my mom’s last place,dad you wanted so I’m leaving for you guys to be in peaceful in heaven I packed up everything I have,to go Istanbul…to be quiet Aunt? I have arrived whoa! ah! husband Tayyar,didn’t you go to the is she gonna find our home all the way from Harem we have left her alone in terminal we already opened our home doors for her to stay with us I’m not gonna welcome someone that I don’t want to stay in my home she should have come with us long time ago Tayyar!her father was sick she cant leave her father alone..what can she do Listen,all she has now is us.being unwilling is not nice look at me! I don’t want you to give her indulgence you don’t want her to be spoil in the first day of her over here,okay say repentance Tayyar why are you saying like she is just a people she is my nephew don’t even start saying that she is your nephew crap shame on you are you giving me answer?! I wanna beat you up! Tayyar

I accidently hit the bowl with my hand Ms Aytul cleaning up right away make Mr. Yigit’s car ready Tayyar will do it now! Ms. Aytul look at me now! I’m already doing favor that chick by letting her stay here.she will be thankful and quiet,get it? Kozan,Kozan farm is still ahead? we passed like 2 km miss I told you to let me know why didn’t you?stop let me out then her father passed away why he keep hating on him I don’t understand he calls her people like she is someone else she is a trust from my older brother after he passed away of course I want her to be near me oh! my dear I’m cleaning up the table,you ate already right? I did I did don’t be like your dad on her okay? please don’t let her feel alone her okay?she is your uncle’s daughter mom please don’t start in the morning also I have very important meeting with my boss Yigit don’t keep me busy I still have to organize files I’m worried Mr. Yigit drives car too fast that’s his hobby look! bro are we dreaming? an angel without wings in the middle of the forest! did you get lost? did you swallow your tongue? let me give you a ride or you didn’t like us? get lost! bro she is aggressive i told you guys go away what if we not leave? keep driving come here don’t be scared where are you going to? help!!! please help!! don’t get close! oh we scared a lot now come on stop doing affecttation whats going on here? its not your business abi thats Mr yigit they are running away do something about it call police please i will press charge them oh so you hero game is till here huh? you let them run away what kind of place i came to?what kind of sick people are you guys is this how you say thank you? you want me to thank you for the game you played with your friend? my friends?? are you paranoiac ? really? 2 minutes ago i was attacked by those bandits now the leader of the group let them run away but after all I’m still paranoiac right? the leader of bandits? these bandits are my friends? i thought i helped you out yeah right you Istanbul people are so helpful anyway wherever you are are so sweet talker…you okay? don’t approach do whatever you want then you look like lost,where are you trying to go? not your business I’m trying to help you out i don’t want you help stop dragging this this is forest

don’t approach look! there is no car,taxi or bus passing by on this road you cant find anything over here few km ahead starts picnic area if you are lucky you can probably find drunk people partying cant you ever stop? cant you ever listen? look last call where are you going? im going to God damn Kozan’s farm,okay! you are going to wrong way,wrong did i ask you to navigate me? please stop arguing i will take you there what is you problem? what do you want from me?? i don’t need any help you cant find the farm like this,hop in are you maniac? crazy? no need help! what are you doing you crazy maniac help! stop the car! now what? we are going to God damn Kozan’s farm you psychopath i wan to get out let me out are you sick?why don’t you let me go? enjoy the meal anything else Ms Aytul? no thanks I already prepared the ground beef for the little man,should i cook pasty or meatballs? he keep saying beatballs since in the morning,you make her meatballs he can eat pastry with us in the dinner with us okay where did we come to? whats going on Hafize? its Mr yigit’s car he has someone next to him but oh my god Nur! Hafize whats the hell is going on? slow down! you crazy! whoa! i will sue you!! you kidnapped me! aunt!? Elmas?! welcome to god damn Kozan’s farm how did you get here? welcome Yigit what’s going on? ha Elmas your cousin has arrived you are off today but there was a meeting, i can see her in the evening Nur? alright you are off oh Tayyar her luggage in on the side of the our road could you let someone get it? sure! right now! i kept being in panic how she will get here.i mean,i i was figuring out how she would get here for 40 years i would never knew you would get here with Mr yigit car aunt? the person you were always telling me about that guy name Yigit Kozan was this guy?he is like bandit! ssshh keep silent girl how can you call him bandit? we make money for living from him said everything bad stuff to him i should have done more!

how are we gonna look Ms Aytul’s face? anyways get ready and lets go to thank them for letting you to stay here i didn’t even get a chance to hug you did my brother said god damn kozan’s farm? she got a big mouth but she is beautiful you are letting her stay in out home but hopefully she wont make is regret Ms aytul this is Kozan’s farm everyone should know their level if not they will learn to know that be good my girl okay? be very nice and polite to her she is the boss of the house she is also Yigit’s half mom,also his aunt,also also? that’s all you just be nice to her Ms aytul my nephew Nur we so regretful that she has arrived here with a big noise but she would like to kiss your hand if you would let her go ahead my girl that’s fine welcome thank you Hafize giver her some clothes so she doesn’t walk around with her chest open i apologize my bottons was broken when i was trying to escape from your nephew why are you giving her answer are you gonna get me in trouble? lets go to the kitchen you happy i am but I’m late gotta go now looks like you will be busy should we wait you for a dinner? no don’t wait for me i will come late all day you gonna be at the office? yes i was thinking maybe if you get a chance we can go to visit but where is Mert? in his room he is punished he should already be a good kid since he is in the first grade of school he had a report for half semester he didn’t go to school since that he became more perky,everyday different problems he makes don’t indulgence on him once you do,he get more agressive okay i will talk to him okay grandma i have a surprise can you come to my room please? mert? look at him what was that noise? dad were you here? yeah iam what happened? out little Mr is set a trap for us obviously son.didn’t you get over your grandma’s punishments? even i did but you haven’t i did but but what? you did but you are keep doing it come here look my good okay? I’m getting mad im not doing these stuff to make you guys mad,im doing it to make my mom mad at me if she sees that i’m being bad boy so she can see it to come get mad at me why do you say like this look look at me no pranking in house okay? be a grown man and next time don’t say stuff like this about your mom give me a man word? man word stop! you didn’t take my drawing today this big guy is you in here the one is an angel is mom her wings are so big she clapped her wings and came to see us you gave me a man word don’t forget there is a pond you see it?

and then behind there is ranch we have everything here including cows and sheep as you understand very nice just like our village my dad would have been happy to see it yeah just like our place in Istanbul but away from the town anyways,once weekend arrive we can take you to real istanbul if you ever get stuck in this farm like my mom,you cant say that you live in stanbul you look like bored of being here to be honest if Mr yigit wasn’t existing if would probably blasted in here i work with him as you know at Kozan’s in a huge plaza in the middle of town called Levent in the belly of civilization as you understand i will drive what an aggressive man he looks like he is upset of something i feel bad for must be tough for you to work with this guy i cant really say that Mr Yigit is the easiest person in the world but he is the biggest chance in my live the only chance to work with him he is very nice guy he looks like he think himself only with his money you shouldn’t think that he was born with the money he was created his own luck ripped off his luck by himself step by step he went to target by himself he was never surrender to anyone he was grown without mother and father in huge Istanbul who knows the money he has probably nothing comparing the sweat back then he is big man, very big…obviously if a person get big as him gets tough as well of course but his inside is different macho tough and as like you said sometimes he is unpolite but his inside is very different with his son he is completely different person he has son? i wish his wife patience then his wife was the one in curly hair?? no way! that witch is a wife of his brother Cahit stop gossiping girl Nur my dear you are tired after long way,take a bath and rest and since you are off change your clothes and help me out auntie i can help you out no my dear you are tired you go ahead alright look at me what were you guys talking about? Mr yigit up and down huh? i hope you didn’t tell her about that mom.for the love of the god take a breath of course i didn’t please my daughter don’t get us in a trouble, if Mr yigit finds out will find ourself at the outdoor really? because i never learned what to say and what not to say also i know more what Mr. Yigit is sensitive about from any of your guys unbelievable ah my dear you are should have Elmas serve for us you think she will be tired from morning till evening Hafize? of course she will do it.she wont just sleep in this house also let her help you in the kitchen tomorrow and talk to Ms Aytul let put her as stooge i can always hep my aunt and you don’t need to ask anyone to help me find a job i will search for a job tomorrow hmm,hehehe you will search for a job? girl! this is Istanbul not Adana over here,the bread is in the lion’s stomach not in the mouth especially person like you never seen university oh if you think to make money in a different way,then i don’t know incase if you didn’t come to earn your money with the right way incase if you think you will make money with your young and beauty,that i don’t know forgive the god,what kind of conversation are you talking about Mr Tayyar i just wanted to warn her in the beginning so i don’t get in trouble…look me me girl

if you came here to make money with your beauty then i will have serious business,just to let you know i didn’t come here to believe my beauty,came here to believe my knowledgement you don’t worry speaking of that Nur,what happened your school? first i will find a job to make enough money for myself and then i will continue my university hopefully hopefully you would probably want to move out your own place in the future too right? hopefully that will happen too i don’t want to be a weight for you guys you see what happened your officer income father? he became a dirt his daughter became a shelter of Tayyar’s home that never liked me enjoy the meal guys i will get some fresh air please don’t play with your food,come on finish your plate i don’t want to eat my dad still haven’t arrived home he left himself hungry tonight too of course he ate,he probably eating outside your dad is works for you too i have everything why he still working? what do you have a lion of his uncle? huh? because your dad works right? can my dad get anything by working? of course he can if he can get anything,why doesn’t he get back here my mom from the heaven? lets go little boy since you don’t eat lets go brush teeth and go to the bed looks like we wont be able to send this kid to school for this semester too yigit will need to get another report what are you talking you Nazan? you probably didn’t realized Ms aytul but your grandson is still expecting his mother from heaven you thing that yigit wont be worried if he still talks weird stuff like this? if he gets someone’s attention,or i don’t know what if someone tells him the truth Nazan you mind you own business i hope yigit wont come home in the morning did you talk to him after you left the office Cahit? i knocked his door but he didn’t respond you didn’t get respond but you didn’t think to open his door right Cahit? you little brother didn’t let you in? i didn’t want to disturb him Nazan it get cold overe here at night

you can catch the cold by the way my name is Yigit i know your name we are talking polite after calling me names i know your name too but we haven’t met yet right? i thought i met you in the car im Nur get inside if you like its cold don’t catch cold have a good night and the you will be brother,without getting permission to enter into you own brother’s room you can only knock to door to your own brothers door you are the older one Cahit where is Mert? here? i just put him in the bed brother aunt,is Mert with you in downstairs? girl,you saying you out him in to bed,where is this kid? what happened Yigit? Mert isn’t in his room,have you seen ? what happened? or he run run mom? mom? im here mommy mommy im here come to me come on im here Mert!! where are you at? be calm Yigit calm for what? all of you guys adult cant even watch for a little kid i told you to lock him in his room but you never listen mert mert? how did you get up there? don’t be scared okay im coming up there dont even move i want my mom come to me brother he is here where Mert ehat are you doin up there? dont let my dad come here he will bring me down stop stop his dad we will go down now dont even move im coming im not scared my mom will come now im not scared dont even move there

come on Mert bring me your hand no i want to hold my mom’s hand come on okay okay come to me hug me tight now hold on daddy we coming down okay pass him to me come here what do you think you are doing? ha! what do you think you are doing? you wont do this again,understand me? you wont i will,untill my mom comes here you mom wont come understand you mom aint come back you are liar,my mom will come back you told me that she will come back from the clouds,stars,and heaven no she wont! stop it! stop yelling at him give me my grandson come here my boy he will not get out of his room heard me all? Yigit please calm down brother you stop please what is this doing in here?who put this up here i was gonna trim the tree but we forgot it here dont event start and bring me to saw,now! ok Nur? im coming aunt let me take some fresh air first seems like he is missing his mom so much,why you are not being understanding? Tayyar where is the saw coming sir here you go what are you doing you are crazy or what? move on you punished you son already,now you wanna punish the tree? told you to move dont get in if you think you fear will go away like this? you locked him to his room,now your fear is gone? you are afraid instead of understanding you son you are punishing him you will still be scared i hate my dad why does he says that my mom wont come back? why heaven isn’t giving us back to my mom?why?? its like the kid will be in my dream tonight saying mom mom while reaching out the tree it doesn’t go away front of my eyes what happened to his mom? traffic accident 3 years ago he misses his mom a lot he doesn’t accept that his mom is dead he this she will be back feel bad about him why you dont want to understand Iclal,why? it doesn’t work out and it wont work out you know that we started with a mistake everything was set by my aunt i love you Yigit iclal,you love me.then why our life is a hell for us,why? why are we waking up every morning with a fight? look Iclal,i wan to divorce from you understand? you want to divorce me right?

yes you want to life the life without me right? yes but for me there is no life without you Yigit.if you are not the one for me then no life for me what are you doing Iclal.let it go Iclal can open her eyes anytime,she can open her eyes now or after years or she will never wake up 3 years.3years the only thing you guys make me memorized is when a mother of my son will wake up when? time is ticking your wife would be always sleeping too we all get wound while living…big, small, deep we all have many wounds in our life time makes some of the wound become shell some of them hard to see,or cant feel it but some of them even though only scar left,it still can be bleeding time cant be a medicine on some of the wounds it hides from the eyes but not from the heart Yigit Kozan arrogant, rough, brutal man you have a big wound too like me dad!dad! balloon tree for you,son! Mert your feet are naked! dad? son you feet naked you will catch cold be carefull dont catch anything sharp under your feet good boy dad did you do this for me? yea of course for you aren’t you gonna get mad at me if i come up there? why would i son? come up here but you got mad at me last night? but now im here peace? peace listen me now,from now wherever you go, to the trees,to the clouds,to the sun where ever you go dont leave your dad’s hand,deal? deal good boy lets wave at my mom now daddy can we can a balloon to my mom? lets do it here wait lets do it together when i say 3 okay one two three say hi to my mom balloons good morning aunt morning my dear morning Elmas morning you seem very happy the wheather is really nice today

come on to the breakfast aunt? what happened you face nothing big he is beating you up! my skin is so sensitive so it leaves a mark aunt.its obvious he is beating you up be quiet.its okay im getting late i wont be able to eat oh nur this is my work car there is the address on it stop by after you look for a job okay?we can come to home together Elmas? are you blind? dont you see your mom’s face Nur dont make a big deal your dada beating up your mom im not seeing it…okay? im not seeing anything you know why? because i didn’t choose my mom and dad but i chose the life i want to live in that life there is not such a thing like being poor im not gonna waste my take what my dad doing on mom and cant deal mom’s drama im not gonna make my make up run in this hole im going to work you love ballons uh aunt did you see our ballon tree ? of course i did my little what a nice surprise from your dad we have send ballons to my mom together next time no running around with naked feet,lets go to change our clothes go to grandma now handsome boy so you asked him to forgive you huh Yigit? i dont know you did good or not after the roof now he is going on trees,hope he will not do it again i talked with him and did a deal with him where is Cahit he left early to not get yelled from his boss you dont think he run away from his wife’s big mouth huh? what do you think? dont forget Nazan the most that i cant stand of is being two faces a face smiling at dinner,cant argue after the doors closed…no one but no one can wear a mask in my home what did i say to yigit now huh? i just messed with him that’s all…did i say something bad he got upset because i said something about his son because inside of him he knows that he is spoiling too much he is trying to be mom and dad at the same time.what he should do his mom?really?since when Iclal was a mother of him oh no being pregnant messed up my body,if i dont feed him from my breast the will hang down.or he got away from me after i gave him a baby saying stuff like this what happened you became quiet?you cant say anything because im right you aunt is burned your brother’s head with her own daughter just because te goods wont go to someone else,she forced them to get marry you she she couldn’t enjoy the rich life,its karma anyways dont make me start now iclal wasn’t a good mother anyway my daughter isn’t dead Nazan My Iclal isn’t dead did you forget isn’t dead yet! no one saw you right? see that’s how much im sure auntie you dont have to close your eyes for this this guy can not do that to you

bring me a tea what kind of man are you ? Hafize,what is she talking about? look at my aunt face dont even try to raise your hand on her get that? dont !dont even try! Tayyar! im sorry about family stuff as you see she wasn’t polite to her elders what do you think you are doing huh in my land you cant raise your hand to a woman understand i get it Mr next time if see your hand in the air,you know what i would do right? yes i do Mr get lost okay Nur Nur wait you okay? i was okay till you came…i can manage my own problems you didn’t need to show off that wasn’t show off just talked to same language with him and i did that for me not for you by the way balloon tree idea was really good his laugh was all the way to my room thank you for the last night and for the balloon tree you are thanking me for balloon tree? you made that tree to survive to be alive my aunt wanted something from kitchen i need to get them you brother made me worse than kicking me out on top of that,i have been slapped by your aunt at this age nazan, be calm i will talk to her i wont let her if she raises her hand on you yeah right they need to get permission from you right? im done i wont even stay in this house another minute nazan, just me calk please lets talk about this when i get home you still want to talk to me after all that you come here be a man enough to protect your wife Cahit,you down worry whatever happened,its between us you keep up with work work dont get tired of our own problems my love got stuck between two witch? Elmas watch your mouth how many time i told you to not stay next time when i talk something private on the phone,please pardon me,Mr Cahit as your hubby,i passed the limit i think elmas i didn’t mean that okay i got it i didn’t come here to listen your phone you wanted me to remind you that little issue you said you were gonna buy the jewelry that you got for Nazan dont buy it from the same store okay? i love the way you get scared of your wife dont worry i will go to the other store im not a slave of this house Ms Aytul if you keep going with this mental you will get more slaps but not from me.from the life itself, next time,if you call my daughter’s name again from your mouth you wont even have a chance to pack up your luggage

and you will be out lets see what you put in there look at these what ever we gave you in your wedding,you are taking them with you huh? what you doin i told you since you play the games between two brothers one day in this house if you gonna be out of the house, you will be out with nothing,just like how you got in this house Nazan this is my last warning,dont try to separate the nail from the finger be polite and remember that your are wife in to this house otherwise i will burn your life Cahit can you come to my room i need to talk with you i broke your heart when i was mad about that tree i did bad,forgive me but you know me too when i get mad i get black out no worries Yigit we know eachother you are right but farm, business,business,mert,hospital all that i forget everything but i need to remember sometimes what that we are siblings? look,its been so long that we haven’t went aout together do you have any plans this evening? lets go to the restaurant lets drink and talk good lets go see you in the evening the bus arrives at pass 30 right? you have go the town huh? okay then fine look for job will evening and then find Elmas to come together where is cacao? look at me,you dont even have cellphone dont make me wonder okay? okay aunt where is Betul his milk is getting cold that’s okay i will take it to him okay you do it then where are you going,you dont even know his room yet go upstairs the first room on front of you don hang around too much Ms Aytul hates when people around you okay? why are you crying i forgot the give my dad my drawing today my sweetie you shouldn’t cry for it listen what i will tell you.i will go to see Elmas today.if you like i can take it your your dad can you really do that? of course but one condition first wipe off your eyes also you need to drink you milk okay? give me 22 Mr yigit there are some hearings about our fleet our offer may be speculated it would be good to guard them let them do whatever they want no one can draw my route with those losers i also heard something too there is something serious franchising about fleet business they think they are discomforted by you what you want me to suggest? 24 i mean,we should watch out

watch out? huh just because of couple losers,we should watch out huh? if they think my arms are on all over,let them come front of me and we can arm wrestle if he stronger,he will win if not,this is my battle..i cant be watching out Muslum,crank it let me hear the motor Vural, what does the computer say now? the code has been one Mr Yigit see it wasn’t Transmission shot the motor down…the problem was only few bolts…call the owner tell him the car is ready his wife ate my brain last three days that’s all now,take it easy guys after 10 minutes,lets look up those new models okay? Mr yigit photoshoot has been started at the showroom that’s nice,you go there and let me know if anything goes wrong 10 minutes the models we were suppose to look? ah you are right totally forgot coming there in two minutes good afternoon,im ooking for Elmas her cousin,Nur one sec is Elmas there?her cousin is here okay she is gone okay thank you if i leave you something would you give it to Yigit Kozan? sure i can give it to his secretary thank you yes Mr yigit tell Nur to come my room pardon miss Mr Yigit want to see you see me?but i didn’t come her for him come in please have a seat he will be here shortly i..was hanging the drawing…he are forgot to get it from your son today

Mert sent it with me this door is always remains closed it was opened when i got here after i saw drawing on the wall im sorry alright lets go i dont get it aren’t you here to see elmas?to go home as you know Elmas isn’t here,and we are going to same home you are very polite Mr Yigit how do you know im going back to home? i cant go back home myself? im also turist in Istanbul.i was gonna ask her to be my tour guide today nice lets go out then i think you didn’t understand im not going home Mr Yigit pardon.i was gonna talk about tomorrow’s meeting tomorrow! Mr yigit the faxes you wanted sign them can i get my backpack? where are we going? didn’t you say that you are turist?let me show you istanbul now you are telling me to show you to show are Istanbul? seriously? serious it was my last trip with my family in the Istanbul evening after he came back,my mom got sick my dad wanted to come here after he got sick last month he didn’t say it loud but may be it was because of this was the last place to smile for us i found this in the garden this morning?

i cant believe this,i tought i lost it thank you so much! no problem you look alike your mom i mean i did look at the photo inside want me to help you? you loved ones you loved ones…right here! we are not loved here you go express photo thank you but we are not loved what a nice what a nice look at me boy.if you ever see a girl gets red face like her when talking about love just take her dont miss her ok uncle you saying right but we are not in love did you come up with that? does it say on our foreheads? sonny this is may say on your forehead or it may brighten up in your eyes that brightness is the flash on your camera we are not like loved ones i didn’t say that you guys are found eachother,i just said that you guys are fall in love keep the change god bless you son take it easy uncle thanks here you go,a memory of istanbul we look ugly what if she got lost?what something happens her? in a big istanbul how did i let her go without cellphone you think she would stay if you wouldn’t let her go? please stop Tayyar when did she disrespect us? yesterday was the first against me and today is the second..she is out on the street at this time she is looking for a job?she came here to hang around you are so bad what do you think you are doing huh? im driving a car dont you see it! i..i apologize i was just joking im sorry i just dont like a joke behind the wheel…its very dangerous were you driving the car when you wife had a traffic accident? im sorry again forgive me ok ok Cahit,i get it do whatever you guys want to do i dont know since when two brothers wants to eat outside

its been so long that they haven’t been out for a while…probably they will have a melancholy night aunt.when am i gonna have melancholy night? you grow up first then you can have that too aunt you were quiet all day im a little tired Mert you dad wont come you know that,why are you looking out the window? im not waiting for my dad,im waiting for Nur who is Nur? that girl a nephew of Hafize she was gonna give my draw to my dad what is that mean she is out of every conversation We should talk to Hafize that she should not be around here i dont want foreign people in my home.she can only stay with hafize i want her to be around! i really like Nur she can come to my room look at him it was very nice day i really liked your Istanbul thank you Nur Istanbul is more beautiful with you look at me hafize sit down in home please dont stop me tayyar i can sit down at home and wandering of her girl!where have you been !? im sorry aunt look at me Miss Nur this is not your own house you cant come home whenever you want to my dear dont respond to him please is this a hotel? im sorry uncle there was a traffic this is Istanbul dont ever do this again.otherwise i wont let you again anyways let go to eat dinner let me take my backpackand then will be back take this too my dear everday fight everyday noise yigit you listening im listening,im sorry nazan,aunt my feet going backwards when ever i talk to Nazan something its on my tongue that i want to tell her to divorce but it doesn’t happen that easy also that evil thing i have done behind her evil? you? on Nazan? no way! i cant do that right? im always a good man right i cant do that right?.even tough every two words of my wife is that im not a man i wouldn’t listen evil right?even though i do,after all feeling regret what i did all my life look at me Cahit,whatever the sh*t you are eating tell me or divorce her like a man am i man? huh? dont make me start now im not gonna send her to her family after all time its hard of course its is Yigit,it is you can even divorce your wife that she is sleeping for last three years you didn’t even love her one day i did a love marriage.but yougot married,with my aunt’s force.just because your brother wasn’t the man enough to be in family

i think im better than you now i even accepted to love her after her screaming yelling look cahit.i never believed a love love,i its something created for romantic movies always thought that for people who has free time would you wait for something you that you dont know its there?you wouldn’t if i was believing that there is a love that exist before before? why before? before from the turist what turist? Russian turist? look Cahit imagine a pair of green eyes, on the same time you see the furious and love from the same eyes you see no giving up from the same eyes to fight its something like…she make you to be in a peace,when she argues with you for a tree Russian? we drunk too much,lets go excuse me! its like i put this huge city in my heart Yigit kozan is in my mind with his istanbul yigit his looks his smell his smile his words Yigit Kozan what did you do to me?! when did you do this ? wait Cahit for me i can go myself sure yeah love love is actually is a something you can hold in your hands in learned in your body in every every single cell that makes you to feel it the love that always said never exist.its now something real like a blood circulating in my vein betul so sick today maybe you should take upstairs the milk with cookies? Nur.talking to you okay i can take them to him my aunt look at me dont hang around too much like how you did yesterday okay? alright make me fly my horse

good morning little man hey..why didn’t you come yesterday evening? i couldn’t make it but i kept my word and gave my draw to your dad yesterday the photo you are looking is belong to my mom she is very beautiful sky huh?you like clouds ? its not sky its heaven and i dont like clouds at all because they are hiding my mom from me…one day she will be back the clouds will let my mom go and then maybe i can be okay with them do you know how’s heaven look like you just said it like a sky limitless infinity blue color? i dont know may be or maybe the color we have never seen it im gonna find out anyways when my mom comes back promise i will tell you too do you know that my mom and dad in the heaven too together? dont be say my mom will bring them with her what are you doing in here? i brought him his milk and cookies but its not your job daddy grandma got mad at Nur what happened aunt this is not your home miss…you cant just walk the way you like to if you are talking about that Nur spending time with Mert then im very happy what is that mean Yigit? Yigit could you let me go?i have to go Mert,son go to the backyard with Nur and wait for me there run whats going on? you thought that she is nanny? Mert liked her a girl that two days has been asking to help her stay in our facility…we dont even know her she is safe or not also since yesterday she is walking around home in silence that what i always hated im very happy that Mert spends time with Nur.period look how im walking…hold my hand tight iam dont worry my mom would get mad at me if she see me like this what about your grandma? do you know who is my grandma? she is my dad’s aunt and also my grandma she is always angry dont be sad she cant get mad at my dad,you know?no one can why nobody can get mad at your dad? because he is super superman coming towards here daddy are we going to the fares? of course tell Nur to come with us im sorry little have fun but its not fun with my dad really now? why not? just because he doesn’t want to ruin his charisma he doesn’t get on carousel he always winnin me on bumper cars if you come we can be them against him and we can win him i really cant come,Mert daddy what she saying son,you go to the car wait for us Mr Yigit,i probably wasn’t clear enough you are still using ‘we’ saying that i have things to do dont you see that he want you to be with him dont make him sad this time im not accepting your force you mad at me? no im not i should have thank you for your one more time being a hero for me right? first you are not looking my face and then you being a lawyer of me against you aunt.right? i didn’t know that you did a marriage with your relative anyways im asking you…whats going on? are you always talking like this? yes nice.just like me…good

im gonna talk like you too then lets go you are coming with us what are you doing?are you sick in the head? didn’t you realized that im not sick yet what am i gonna say to my aunt? you gonna tell her that Yigit is with me im not getting order from you Mr Yigit everyone gets order by me but you dont get yet you just get order from this little guy okay? here we go another crazy person did you just get mad at my dad? no my dear who can get mad at superman i saw that you was successfully got mad at my dad you not coming right? he will lose the game by faking it im coming just because to win your dad ok son its over…did you like it? i did better for me too come on get ready sleep time now what happened son? i feel shame of my mom why? because i laughed so much today what if mom sees me from there and what if she is sad what if she thinks that i dont miss her anymore? what if she doesn’t back back because of this reason? mothers are never get mad to their kids,son mothers always want their kid to be happy they would want their kid to be sad okay? that’s great then…so my mom laughed as much as i did then of course she did im so thankful that Nur was there too she is my best friend from now she wouldn’t ever leave us right? she wouldnt promise what is this crazy guy doing on me? one days he show me around istanbul and then he changes his way after seeing me i couldn’t fall a sleep i ended up being here after walking around i come here to when i cant sleep

you doing good good night nur dont go what are you doing to me Yigit Kozan? what is your problem with me? what do you want from me? since i saw you one day you lifting up my feet other day you putting me in the ground one day when i look at your eyes,i see myself other day the eyes that was looking at me is blind what how i am one day i wouldn’t see anything but you other day i would look in to you face that’s me dont judge me the way iam from outside of me whatever i did in this world was with a single courage but when i come front of you afraid helpless person i become i need to run away from you Nur understand? brave is you,chicken is you two of them is you i accept both im fine with which ever runs away but let one stay with me something happened me first time…in my life when i saw you something happened me Yigit im afraid too more than being afraid freaking out whatever happened to you,happened to me too im fall in love with you im fall in love with you too are we gonna have to hide us from people? sometimes when i look at my aunt and elmas i get afraid..if they find out that i love you i wan to share my happiness with them and then my dad comes to my mind it didn’t even past 40 days since he is gone the happiness that lifts up my feet from the ground,that was not in a good time bad timing…you are right

the love has arrived in a very bad time it got us very quick suddenly we dont want anyone find out one day everyone will find out ah! silly you! come here! look at me,Yigit Kozan he became lamb chaser are you complaining? sweetie. you have left without your mommy? i love you! i love you too! lets go our little kid is gonna get crazy after seeing this our? i mean,yours…Mert our kid…you really love Mert of course i do…i wish i can do more for him i haven’t asked you before but very curious did you ever take Mert to pedagogue? reason? reason? you son still waiting his dead mom to be back he is confused about being a death he thinks people will come back after they are dead isn’t this enough reason? Mert is still little not so little to not understand death also why he isn’t in the school?why you guys getting report for him? lookyour son should not live like this i wouldn’t want to make you sad but you sould realize this this is too much for a little kid how are you gonna know what is a heavy stuff for my kid?im doing everthing to take all the waights on him get it? no i really try to but i cant understand you where is his mom’s rest? did he ever go to her rest? no right? i knew this look im not a psychologist but all he needs is that a real parting with her if you give him this, enough! my his dad understand im his dad who are you?huh? i can only know th best for my son his mom and her rest are nothing your business god damn me! you animal! daddy look i brought you a new friend did you get this for me? yeah i did,so you can stop playing with chickens that’s the only thing we needed dad she didn’t like my sheep at all

i love you more than myself Yigit even though i know that you never did love me i want to live th rest of my love even for one day you would love me there is no such as chance Iclal i dont believe the love you have you dont believe love Yigit? i believe the logic,and realistics thing Iclal like my aunt says its good to be together two right good to be together you dont love me you don see me im driying out with you love in this home im disappearing more everyday you dont love me,dont you see it? i never gave you hope for love you killing me by not loving me look iclal i want to divorce with you im sorry Iclal that i didn’t love you that i couldn’t love you for everyday Mr ihsan hello! i have very important thing that we need to get it done i would like to diverce from my wife that has been in a vegetable life for 3 years its more painful for you than being her over here she is just sleeping with seeinf dreams i hope she doesn’t have kid…her husband is not coming to visit too often im ordering you to change Iclal’s nurse did anything go wrong ? im not happy with her service im at the hospital where did you say? oh okay im nearby,coming there

i was thinking you would be in the office i had to get things done are you stressed? something happened? no,nothing you just have to sign some paperwork what are those? some partnership paperwork at work you need to sign them too let me get my glasses,you know that i cant see close you dont need to read aunt.its about the procedures at work just sign it yeah?fine here? this one too here you go you brought me here for only few papers? im sorry that i took your time we are in rush,thats why we will go the greeting for Emre,can you make it? of course move away where to? going to town i have things to do ok fine let me take you what why did you react like this?im just telling you take you to there you dont understang i have things to do would you get in or should i make you to? okay im listening im sorry Nur i apologize you borught me here just to say sorry?if i dont accept your sorry? you broke my heart and will fit it now? yes whatever i said to you wasn’t inside me because of my fear helpless? you the one helpless? what did i do to you? what did i do to make you fear from me you make me love you im afraid my love is rough because there are fear inside of it i promise your life will be safe when you are with me

look at myself im sad of you but i have no one else to complain you look Nur right here and right now im gonna say this and just say yes okay? marry me this is crazy yes this is crazy because you are the craziest thing i can ever have in this world you still have chance to escape but if you ever say yes, yes!yes! i have no other option to get away from you Yigit i love you like a man can you his woman in most i love you everytime i look at you did he sleep? yes he did first he kept wanting his lamb but after reading him a story he slept i have been noticing that you phone down go down from you hand? come on brother let her be she is young where is Yigit i dont like the was he is these days is everything is good at work Cahit? i dont think something is wrong aunt d you sign those paperwork too?

what paperwork? i dont know what paperwork,he said something about small yigit,yigit stop how didn’t we think about nothing to get it like this what we gonna tell people right now eveone will be shocked what about Mert? what if he starts to have more? okay relax i dont have anyone else to explain this in this house brother Yaren tell us what happened.dont scare us he got married brother what did you do? after my wife kisses my aunt hand,i will explain to you guys what wife? shame on you aunt i will talk to you guys shut up if i die over here you will be the reason come nur let me take you to the room sit down my love its my fault i should have talk to them first i will talk to them and then i will talk to you i need you to know something very important trust me im trusting you

brother did you lose your mind? weren’t you married already you be quiet i would want it to be like this but it happened i have no other option now listen me guys you you fooled me you made me to sign that paperwork to divorce her you divorced my daughter with my opportunity i wasn’t only a half mother for you,i was a full of mother foryou i was a father for you too but what you did? you divorced my daughter with a maid of this house i have nothing else to tell you shame on you! enough!! i loved her and married her nur is my wife my wife either you guys freak out or break things up do whatever you guys want she will be my wife you guys will need to accept this mr yigit? surprise! your wife opened her eyes! can you hear me? hello?