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well thank you dr ceputro for your introduction and hello greetings from new york city and i hope all of you are staying safe and doing well in this time of covid and it is my honor and privilege to be invited here to speak about aic therapy now aic therapy stands for anti-orbital ionic calcium therapy and this is the world’s first ionic calcium-based therapy and today we’re going to be talking about the science behind aic its physiological effects and some of the clinical results what kind of effect aic ionic calcium therapy can bring the natural healing power of our body so let’s get started it’s amazing how we know so little about calcium calcium is actually the most studied and yet still the most difficult and misunderstood nutrient why because if you are vitamin a deficient via vitamin a you’re okay vitamin c deficient give vitamin c but calcium deficiency if you give calcium you may end up with more problems that’s why it is most difficult and misunderstood nutrient because we know that as we age we see that our bone is emptying out and then we think just putting calcium in our system and resolve it but that’s not so as we all know ready calcium plays many important roles in our body muscle and heart contraction bone and teeth of course and blood clotting stem cell regulation that’s a biggie there uh neurotransmitter it’s a second messenger hormone secretion depends on calcium homeostasis enzyme activation our immune system how correctly responds also is a calcium dependent process cell membrane stability all the cell functions and dna replication requires precise level of ionic calcium level now this is what ionic calcium does in our body right it regulates the hormone in our system as well as all these cellular processes require precise regulation of calcium concentration that’s why we have four parathyroid glands right it’s redundant system to to maintain precise level of extracellular and intracellular level of calcium calcium iron also plays significant and leading role in regulating other mineral functions in our body so if a calcium level is off we can kind of expect that other minerals not going to be working perfectly as we desire that’s why our body tries to maintain the good amount of calcium in ionic form all right now you can see that i’ve been using ca2 plus this is ionic calcium and this is the only physiologically active form of calcium our body uses right but then it’s about 50 in our blood serum about 45 is protein-bound calcium and 5 inorganic calcium protein calcium inorganic calcium has to be converted into ionic form for our body to use it but when our body is actually experiencing calcium deficiency it is not feeling deficient for protein calcium or inorganic calcium but it’s actually feeling deficient of ionic calcium but then not all the calcium they’re putting in your system goes in an ionic form in fact all the calcium whether you’re taking from it doesn’t matter what kind of supplement you’re getting right absorption rate may be different but whether you’re getting from your diet with broccoli or spinach doesn’t matter all the calcium has to be digested in a strong stomach acid with the help of peptides and vitamin d it is imported into our body as protein bond calcium as you can see here now protein bond calcium is physiologically inactive right it cannot just go in and trigger our body a certain condition has to be met in our body in order for us to utilize this protein bond calcium turn it into ionic calcium so that our body can utilize it right so it is ionic calcium that’s the key right but there is a huge calcium paradox why because all calcium enters our body in protein bond form but calcium must be in ionic form to be physiologically active okay so here is a good example space astronauts they go into space station and stay there for about six months and they come down with 14 to 30 percent their bone strength lost why because not because their diet is lacking calcium they’re getting plenty of calcium in their system but in space there is no gravity so their bone is not as challenged when your

bone is not as challenged then we cannot fully utilize this protein-bound calcium so body still needs that ionic calcium and reaches out to your bones to break down your bones to get that ionic calcium so it is not how much calcium you’re putting in your system is whether you are able to utilize it or not our body is deficient for ionic calcium right but then as we grow older we know that not only our stomach gas is getting weaker so we’re not really getting the calcium in our system but then even if you do because of lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle uh we cannot really utilize the calcium that well plus with stress and fear and and all this uncertainty that’s going on right now and putting processed food in that makes our body more acidic we’re actually using up too much ionic calcium and we are constantly in ionic calcium deficiency and that’s why we’re breaking down our bones even more so should we take calcium supplements well it actually comes with a lot of uh side effects too acid rebound kidney damage vascular calcification mineral imbalance not only that are we able to really utilize this all the calcium are pumping in in fact there has been many studies that shows that if you’ve been taking calcium supplements faithfully then you actually increase the risk of heart attack and also as we age we have this declining not just a sedentary lifestyle but declining of hormones whether it’s sex hormones astral calcium production growth hormone production combustion production all of that related protein related to calcium is declining that’s why we’re starting to lose more calcium from our bones so calcium paradox is that all right we need the ionic calcium so we get it from our bone but as we age our parathyroid hormone becomes inefficient in its action and it actually takes too much calcium more than needed from our bones and guess what all that excess calcium coming out ionic calcium some of that is going to be excreted but then a lot of that it’s also being deposited in our body in many different forms whether it’s calcification of joints cartilage other tissues bone spurs plaque in the blood vessels right it causes metabolic syndrome and even is known to cause gingivitis colon cancer even alzheimer’s disease why because calcification happens in cellular level that’s where the most important the calcium homeostasis is right because our cells communicate through what’s called calcium signaling it’s calcium oscillation that’s responsible for precise regulation of of all the cellular processes but if you get too much calcium deposited in the cellular reservoirs right like endoplasmic reticulum and also mitochondria then everything starts to break down because communication breaks down and that’s where our focus is because that is actually considered to be the leading cause of aging even cancer right and all the age related designative diseases so let’s kind of focus on cellular calcification and diseases this is where we need to look at what happens in cellular level when we start to lose our bone mass right dr thomas levy in his book death by calcium he says that all chronic degenerative diseases feature increased extracellular and intracellular levels of calcium and he said it is precisely the chronic loss of calcium from its large bony reservoirs that continually feeds the excess presence of calcium elsewhere in the body so when our bone density goes down right when you’re in osteopenia and osteoporosis don’t just look at fracture risk all that calcium is actually being deposited in the wrong places especially in cellular level right that causes mitochondrial dysfunction increases oxidative stress and most importantly it disrupts calcium signaling and when communication breaks down it becomes the major cause of over 150 degenerative diseases that we are familiar with here’s one research it says a wide range of calcium signaling systems that control specific functions of different cell types and also this ongoing transcriptional process is happening in the cell right needs to maintain the integrity and stability of this cell specific signaling system so calcium ion is all about signaling right however it says these

homeostatic systems are highly plastic and can undergo a process of phenotypic remodeling right and such subtle dysregulation of calcium signals have been linked to some of the major diseases in humans such as cardiac disease schizophrenia bipolar alzheimer’s disease and i can add all this other like arrhythmia and health palpitation metabolic syndrome whether it’s parkinson’s als autoimmune disease i mean the list goes on and on and right now there’s so many research that is focusing on actually drawing in you know what this may be the cost initial cost that could cause all the design of diseases as we age and there was really nothing that could reverse this imagine you’re 50 or 60 and then you get this bone scan and you find yourself to be oh wow already an osteopenia and osteoporosis don’t just look at fracture risk it’s about all the displaced calcium the cellular level that’s causing this kind of a havoc so this is what we need to look at when cellular calcification happens and this happens with osteoporosis osteopenia plus h35 at age 35 already starts to happen you’re going to get oxidative stress calcium signaling breaking breakdown mitochondrial dysfunction and cellular inflammation that leads to degenerative diseases which accompany chronic inflammation and also autoimmune response as well all right mitochondria free radical theory says a large accumulation of calcium ion inside of mitochondrial membranes induce the production of reactive oxygen species all the free radicals that causes damage to dna rna and proteins which result in cell mutation as the main driving force for aging and cancer and guess what more research shows that if this starts to happen our cells lose the capacity even to repair right so mutation will go on because you lose the ability to repair right dr robert heaney said of course all of these diseases may have many causes but they also all have one thing in common calcium deficiencies ironic how you may still have enough protein calcium in your system but your body still experiences ionic calcium deficiency and still break down your bones and get that all the calcium deposited in your cellular level disrupts calcium signaling causes oxidative stress mitochondrial dysfunction and there’s another research shows how that if you’re a woman with low bone density you’re more than twice likely to develop alzheimer’s disease look at this research and basically it says collectively the available data show that perturbed cellular calcium homeostasis plays a prominent role in the pathogenesis of alzheimer’s disease and this is how ionic calcium signaling looks like you see amplitude modulation frequency modulation am fm you know how we the old radio used to use it this is how our body communicates very precise signaling very complex system it’s incredible how this is happening in cellular level right this is how our cells know how to make with proteins and then how to fold it all of that and way to ascend it all these processes are is regulated by this signaling right electrical signaling that’s what it is this is what calcium is all about it’s all about communication but this breaks down as we age because of cellular calcification so i’d like to introduce to you anti-orbital ionic calcium called aic it looks same as regular calcium carbonate but we incorporated what’s called weak antibonding or anti-orbital bonding it took 10 years of intense research and development for this but then usually this weak bonding where the calcium atom is loosely attached to the carbonic group right because of the weak bonding the calcium ion can be easily knocked off and be absorbed in our system in ionic form this weak bonding is very difficult to maintain but we had a technical technological breakthrough actually to keep it stable in room temperature no other molecule on earth naturally can have this weak bonding stable this is what anti-orbital bonding is this is when the atomic orbitals come in a way that leads to predominantly destructive interference so they don’t want to stay together

it’s at a higher level of energy and it wants to come apart but we managed to keep it together just enough so that when you take it right we actually mix this with water 1 to 100 ratio and then you drink it when it comes to the stomach lining it just disintegrates and this is how the weak antibonding looks like compared to regular calcium chemical bonding that you find in any other substance on earth that’s why you need a strong stomach acid and to help a peptide and then vitamin d you bring this into your system in protein bound form this is how the chemical equation looks like it brings two calcium ions and oxygen and carbon dioxide is 200 times more soluble and three times faster in chemical reaction but look at this when it disintegrates it leaves stable oxygen stable carbon dioxide and two calcium ions right so it cannot recombine again so this two extra calcium ion is absorbed into our system through osmotic pressure and diffusion all right it’s very unique that’s why this is the only true ionic calcium supplement even though this is man-made in its application it just comes into system as oxygen carbon dioxide and calcium ion nothing unnatural about this and our body needs to maintain about 200 to 250 milligrams of calcium has to be in ionic form and we’re just adding five to eight milligram per dose very small amount right and it works together with water molecule in absorption and that’s why it has also very unique physical property that uh when you leave it out there it actually evaporates together with water because it’s kind of uh attached to water molecules right and it is absorbed in our system in ionic form right you don’t need uh energy so we call it passive transport right no atp required no uh stomach acid required no vitamin d required is not absorbed through small intestine but absorbed directly through stomach lining in ionic form enough for our body to pick it up and start physiological responses that could lead to building strong bone and clear calcification all throughout our body and these are calcium channels how the calcium ion is absorbed and so here is a summary aic passive transport is that it goes into stomach no digestion needed directly as ionic calcium and it triggers physiological responses regular calcium right it has to be digested with the help of peptides and vitamin d it is absorbed as protein calcium and it entered your system as inactive calcium more like a standby calcium and if you can utilize it well because of your lifestyle that’s great but a lot of people especially as we’re getting older it’s harder to utilize it so what is physiological effects of anti-orbital calcium it lasts about four hours in our system and then it triggers strong osteoblast it’s picked up by pituitary gland and uh it triggers a thyroid to release calcitonin and then it triggers osteoblast right so while this goes up and down strong bone building process is triggered so strong is like when we’re building bone when we’re younger as kids right and this is a natural process to build bone right we’re not tweaking with any of the metabolism here right we’re triggering the very natural process because uh we’re only putting very little it’s not going to cause hypercalcemia either 4.3 to 5.6 is the normal range we’re only adding 0.1 to 0.2 which our body can handle very well because up to 8 milligram is mild hypercalcemia so what’s adding 0.1 0.2 but our variety is very sensitive to the fluctuation of ionic calcium right by just triggering just tiny bit we can start this hormonal cascade to build strong bones so i’ve probably seen this in a medical textbook but then if calcium level rises then it increases calcium deposition in bones if calcium ion levels too low then parathyroid hormone is engaged to release calcium from bones but by putting ionic calcium from outside it inhibits overactive parasite warming and it triggers thyroid hormone and it can start bone building process so aic calcium not only activates protein calcium that we couldn’t use

it navigates calcium and also access phosphorus in our system and bring it all back to our bone to to build a strong bone but at the same time it actually clears all the displaced calcium in our system even in cellular level to restore cellular health as well so aic calcium it is uh it does this without any side effects it builds stronger bone but it also regulates the hormonal response right and it fulfills like it satisfies ionic calcium deficiency that happens with aging it’s important to know what is a calcification factor in our body is if you multiply concentration of calcium with phosphorus and if it is greater than 60 milligrams per deciliter then the calcification happens in your body as you grow older we constantly stay in calcification mode slowly we’re accumulating calcium all throughout our body but what happens if ionic calcium triggers the bone building process it takes all the excess calcium as well as access phosphorus back to your bone it brings this calcification factor down significantly so you can finally come out of calcification mode so that decalcification can happen right so most people fall under category a as they age your body has this perceived ionic calcium deficiency and parathyroid hormone that bone resorption leads to calcification and designated diseases if you’re a health conscious person you’re in category b where you get good calcium from diet you do exercise good vitamin d and vitamin k you utilize more protein bound calcium in your system so less parathyroid hormone and light bone resorption good health but you’re delaying this process 5 10 15 years right eventually it’s going to happen as we age but now a new category is created with aic therapy we can trigger thyroid hormone lead bone building and it balances calcium homeostasis and decalcification happens and even we could reverse designative diseases we’re currently doing uh a collaborative study with harlem university in south korea for post-menopausal osteoporosis this is human study and then we also are doing a study together with the winthrop rockefeller cancer institute in arkansas for multiple myeloma case and these are to be published within two years and we already have amazing results from them they’re sharing their results with us and then i guess uh it’s really important that i make a disclaimer and claim at the same time is that we only make one scientific claim that through aic we found a way to elevate ionic calcium level slightly right and this is from the rockefeller cancer institute and then everything else is actually our natural physiological response to the rise of ionic calcium and this is uh within very safe level right okay if you put uh vitamin c to vitamin c deficient person you’re gonna have some physiological response right same you’re putting ionic calcium into your system in a very safe level and we’re getting some physiological response and the following is kind of responses that we’ve been getting so it is really important that we still need to get enough calcium in our system that our body needs right but then by putting calcium in ionic form just enough to trigger the responses we can better utilize protein-bound calcium that we get from food and from other sources right and not only that as you are building strong bone we can decalcify our body even from cellular level that could actually enhance mitochondria function eliminate oxidative stress and cellular level and restore calcium signaling so let’s look at anti-orbital calcium and diseases i’m going to go straight to osteoporosis because that’s what we’ve been talking about right long-term study done in denmark shows that 35 000 people right if their bone was stronger in their 50s they actually lived 11.6 years longer but now even babies are born with calcium deficiency so that’s very serious we have published the animal study that shows that uh this aic calcium in bone building capacity it is 100 times more effective than regular calcium right we did a bone break test and also bone density test as well and as we remove the ovaries from the rats and

induced osteoporosis you can see here that ovary ectomized rats start to lose bone mass rapidly and you can see here that bone resorption protein c terminal ctx is increasing but by adding aic we can see here that let’s go back to normal bond density as well as it actually reduces a bone resorption indicator here even better than the control group okay you can see here this is how the human bone density looks like we reach the peak in age 30 to 35 and then from then on is downhill because osteoclastic activity supersedes eyeshare blast activity but then it’s actually worse for females because of the hormonal changes that they go through but here’s a one male had a pretty bad bone density here for his age he was way below the bottom bracket close to osteoporosis but within about six month period of time being able to climb up all the way to the median for his age which is normal bone density level right a jump like that hasn’t been really seen anywhere else you can see here this person was you can see by the graph of female that you see here that 67 year old from t-score all the way down to i guess ostopinia the lower bracket being able to bring it up all the way up there right and then this person was also always all the way down here severe osteoporosis this is a female as you can see by the shape of the graph but then able to bring it up close to osteopenia level in relatively very short period of time right between three and four month period of time so this is really good cases right and then you can see here about three months of taking aic from the red level which is osteoporosis going all the way to green level this kind of change hasn’t been really observed elsewhere and this person here i had multiple measurements started out as a median average for her age but then if you’re already 50 80 year old then you’re an osteopenia level but then it’s it’s climbing up and within five months way above top bracket level right here all right and then this is from counseling and bone health institute with the volunteers this is before and after the blue is before and green is after you can see the significant jumps that they had everyone has of course different period of time but then a lot of these tests were done within one year but you can see a significant uh the jump as you can see here minus one is actually uh the osteopenia threshold level but then like this person all the way down in osteoporosis to the positive level in green level and this kind of changed experienced by this many people is really incredible and female is you can see more people are down here below -1 right and then many of them just jumped uh back to the normal bone density level right this is uh for females let’s look at what happens in our mouth right uh this is a infected tooth that causes infection causes the loss of bones in the area but then after extraction and cleaning it just gets filled up within 10 months without born graft but not just this this person actually uh his bone density overall skeletal bone density increased within this uh a period of time so it’s not just filling up the cavitation but actually uh strengthening entire skeleton happens this girl aged tent recommended amputation because of a necrosis and after about one month taking aic therapy no amputation everything normalized here’s a bone fracture usually heals up twice as fast and this is stereo induced osteoporosis or without a fracture all of that is resolved uh just taking aic therapy okay osteoporosis strokes out there we do know that it comes with many uh side effects and then by trying to keep the calcium in our bones right and depriving actually our body uh from using this precious ionic calcium a lot of drugs out there just focusing on slowing down osteoclastic activity to keep the calcium in there but it actually becomes dead bone mass it actually uh compromises bone health these are the side effects um and aic therapy is not really focused on preventing fracture but it’s focused on restoring bone

metabolism healthy bone metabolism that’s why it’s able to grow bone naturally and strong at the same time i guess the added benefit is decalcification that’s actually uh my main focus declassification happening inside your level that’s what’s been really helping the patients here even for kids who could not really reach their full potential after taking aic some of these kids were able to really experience the the leap and be able to attain the uh the stature that they wanted and of course um you can find a lot of studies out there how ionic calcium is good for adhd and even autism spectrum disorder and all that and actually maratin is our strongest product that we recommend all the doctors to start out with us to actually uh reverse the disease momentum see the disease didn’t happen just one day it’s been accumulating that the momentum has been building up right and then all that momentum a lot of had to do with disrupting cellular signaling and mitochondrial dysfunction happens and then the oxidative stress happens because of that and we got to somehow stop that right so we want to go strong in the beginning right to reverse that that’s why aic therapy is not a symptom targeted therapy right i know there are a lot of patients out there just looking for relief from symptoms first but we cannot direct where ionic calcium to go right our body directs it right it’s working in the cellular level right and then it turns on certain uh physiological responses that brings in healing our body has amazing capacity to heal itself and aic therapy is really aiding uh and helping that healing process so this itself is not curing disease this is actually providing amazing environment for our body to heal itself so just looking at closely the dental uh aspect of it we had some cases where the doctors uh thought that your implant was impossible right but then the patient came back after taking ai’s therapy and then the dentist was kind of blown away and now the implant was possible because of aic and i’ve shown this before but then here even for the younger people you know how as we age our teeth get longer because the the bone underneath we sees but see there are a lot of very active stem cells in our jaw uh in alveolar bone uh all the the ligaments right and those stem cells once you’re able to trigger multiply it then it does wonders right so how is ionic calcium therapy related to stem cell believe it or not stem cell activation it’s all ionic calcium process it says calcium mediated signaling is essential for maintenance of stem cells and for promoting their development and differentiation right so if you actually have ionic calcium homeostasis is broken these stem cells are not maintained stem cells are not getting the proper signal to do its job so we do have dental pulp stem cells and periodontal ligament stem cells all these are very responsive to the concentration of ionic calcium and you can synthesize in through cementum and or osteoblasts to build alveolar bone look at this research it shows uh how active this period and ligament stem cells be when you actually maintain or adjust the ionic calcium level and then the conclusion says that you need to have two to one ratio from ionic calcium to phosphosion level that’s the optimal ratio if this is off forget about really activating these stem cells right so here’s our research shows that you can see here calcium level is way smaller than phosphate level while it has to be two to one the other way right so we cannot expect to have these stem cells become active when all this eraser is off and this happens to everybody as we age we have just too much calcium problems bucket is having all those expensive procedures done when you keep losing the bone aic calcium is great in actually eliminating the body white inflammation because all this disease has chronic inflammation as well and this is the test done and you can see how all these inflammation markers are dropping significantly this is actually a very serious viral infection that causes cytokine storm right very serious cases we had seven patients put on and then they all recovered and this is very recent that’s all i can say right and you can jump right into arthritis we had like patients with 15 years of

arthritis pain just disappearing under aic therapy and a lot of that had to do with first of all removes all the calcification around the joints and that’s i think the first step towards really being able to experience uh relief from pain right this is a calcific tendonitis case with aic all these classification in our body disappears simply disappears where do you think all this calcium is going it’s navigating back to your bone to build stronger bone that’s why we’re able to see the rise of bone mass happening rapidly and also corrects immune response i’m not going to go into how it affects the autoimmune response but we had amazing results doesn’t matter what kind of autoimmune disease whether it’s lupus celiac disease crohn’s disease whether it’s eczema or vitiligo multiple sclerosis amazing response because of ayani calcium’s role in correcting immune response and the tons of research out there this shows that before this autoimmune response comes there is breakdown of calcium homeostasis that causes calcium signaling disruption right so your t cell your b cell they are wrongly activated and presenting part of our body something to be destroyed and here you can see how extracellular acidosis and immune response calcium is probably the best asian out there to neutralize acidity in our system right so if your body is acidic ionic calcium can bring it down to ideal ph 7.4 better than anything else in order to control body ph right especially patients cancer patients their body appears very highly acidic and then ionic calcium can go and neutralize lactic acid right gout patients also benefits a lot because it comes with acidity and then ionic calcium can actually bring ideal ph well all these acid crystals can dissolve and also repairs cartilage because we talked about stem cells the chondrocytes it says here that cartilage formation requires a concerted action of numerous intracellular signal transduction molecules many of which are sensitive to the changes of intracellular calcium concentration it’s all about the mesenchymal stem cells in our body right including chondrocytes if you have the right environment you can actually trigger stem cells to multiply right and of course reduces pain because of alkalizing effect right 10 years of rheumatoid pen resolved with aic this this kind of thing happens because it corrects immune response right and clears calcification reduces pain reveals cartilage we had patients with crooked fingers able to live normal life right and it’s incredible how just triggering this response to clear calcification and really empower 60 trillion cells to function properly can do for our body swelling and pain of arthritis improved significantly with aic therapy swelling and pain gone play golf again right knee arthritis improved so much we have tons of these testimonies you can find on and this is the product that we use to control arthritis especially neurodegeneration autoimmunity right and infectious diseases right you know virus and bacteria and all the pathogens need phosphorus to multiply it’s their building block feeding phosphorus they cannot multiply right because that’s the building block to you know to grow right when you are building strong bone it takes not only calcium but also phosphorus back to your bone and also you know that when our bodies ph is ideal 7.4 pathogens have a difficulty in multiplying as well and ionic calcium also binds to certain places in rna and stops right the growth right it’s a heart disease my goodness we we had patients who were the head up scheduled actually to have the the pacemaker implant done but didn’t have to arrhythmia patients who got off their medications all these things happened diabetes you go to ada site american diabetes association site and you’ll see that insulin secretion and sensitivity is all about ionic calcium process right and there are several researches that shows how putting ionic calcium in our system right can really regulate diabetes right cancer my goodness let me just show you uh 80 year old

patient last stage multiple myeloma right the chemotherapy failed so her kidney was damaged so she came to us and then within one year of time you can see that her blood work everything normalizes she was declared cancer free but not only that you can see here right this is how she improved what happened to her bone density this is 80 year old woman november 20 2013 that’s when she measured minus 3.6 anything below minus 2.5 is osteoporosis and then back to normal level minus zero point not even osteopenia normal level her gfr kidney that’s destroyed so looking into dialysis 12 to 62 for recovery and all this happened under aic therapy right but you can see here this is how aic works she experienced improved energy the body temperature rises and but but it’s not always uphill right she experiences you can see that it’s going down and here it dips again right it seems like it’s going up it dips again right we cannot direct ayani calcium he goes into our system and he does his own work right you know what just keep going just keep going it’s working in there so one of the good measure is actually uh measuring bone density but you don’t want to really do that on the x-ray too often right for cancer patients bone density doesn’t really rise that much because there’s a bigger issue to resolve a lot of calcification too for cancer patients but then once your body is ready you can see that just stays up there this is how the ac therapy works not symptom targeted therapy but from cellular level right we’re helping ourselves to recover and then get rid of one of the major cause that led to these disease diseases so anti-orbital calcium products we have about six products you can all find this in and then some of the common conditions that we have treated right arrhythmia health palpitation mitral valve prolapse diabetes metabolic syndrome thrombosis hemolytic anemia right autism spectrum disorder adhd epilepsy amazing results for epilepsy asthma copd glaucoma cataract right chromosome 8 syndrome a chronic kidney disease a lot of ckd patients just like uh this lady with multiple myeloma her kidney function improved from gfr 12 to 62 of course it resolves kidney stones and all that but it also stirs up your own stem cells to go and repair a very strong stem cell action right mitochondrial disease arthritis gal cppd inflammations parkinson’s we have patients with tremors and it goes away als patients who could not move neck and arms and feet able to move again alzheimer’s patients we had a case where about three years of dementia could not remember anybody beginning to remember again hiv my goodness uh as you can see i mean the viral law just dips down to from four digits to two digits right audience and disease i mean we can go on all kinds of cancer well thank you for your attentiveness right after my presentation doctor with your money will continue to go deeper on aic therapy sharing with you many clinical cases based on her own experience thank you dr murnie the stage is all yours