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Today on Safety First Troubles you face while living alone Life secrets all Korean singles need! The guide to living alone What’s the worst tasting cola in the world? Flat cola What’s the number one way to keep your cola fizzy? Something that happens to you in an instant Keep your eyes healthy as you look at your smart phone safely! Stay safe and protect your body! This is Korea’s center of safety! Safety First! (Excited Sungkwang) You won the quiz battle, so you won appearance rights I watched the broadcast with my entire family It was so funny Sungkwang is lying According to my research, Sungkwang is living alone So he couldn’t have watched it with his family – What’s this? / – Who did you watch TV with? A woman that’s like family? Is her name Family? Do you really live alone? – Yes, I do. / – Are you ever sad? – When you’re hungry. / – Sad? When I can’t share my pain or joy When you see something funny on TV but nobody is there (Why am I the only one laughing?) It’s sadder when you need to apply a pain relief patch but you can’t reach If you do this And you slap the floor “Why do I live like this?” Spread it on the floor Then you lie down on it You lie down on it like this That’s the only way That’s amazing I want to order food but I can’t eat an entire fried chicken No, you can if you want to – You can. / – It’s possible Ah, yeah. Safety First! What’s up? Yeah Let’s get it Your safety and your life We need all sorts of things for that Great tips or great secrets We’ll tell you them here so stay tuned The Korean word for “living alone” means to cook and eat for yourself My mouth is killing me (“Gag Concert” comedian Kim Taewon) He’s been living alone for 10 years Talented comedian Kim Taewon has some great tips for people that live alone Hello, I’m the charming guy that lives alone, Kim Taewon The hardest part about living alone is eating leftovers When you live alone, you have a small fridge, you open it often raising the temperature It can be very hard to store food But don’t worry, everyone I’ll teach you all how to cook leftovers again so they’re just like new Step one. Fried chicken It’s the treat that every Korean person loves The divine bird Fried chicken As for me, I always order two birds One with sauce and one without Sometimes when I eat, I get some leftover chicken without sauce It’s not much left I’ll teach you how to enjoy the fried chicken when you have leftovers You all have a coated pot at home, right? Use this pot Put the leftover chicken in the pot No oil? Heat on a low flame Now you close the lid over the chicken The heat will revive the cold chicken Like I’m a doctor Look forward to it, chicken I’ll save you Please Doctor, is it possible? Scalpel Crispy like before Is that possible? Looks like enough time has passed I can hear it sizzle It’s done It doesn’t look crispy Look at that Remember the cold fried chicken from before? It just came out of the fridge This looks totally different like the delivery guy just brought it I’ll taste some now It should make a sound The batter is really important Amazing It makes a sound

The batter is crispy But look at this Juices I’m salivating This juicy meat All you need is a pot and scooper at home, and you can enjoy yesterday’s fried chicken like new I didn’t know that Step two. Pork hocks The Won Bin of late night snacks Pork hocks and boiled pork Sometimes you get leftovers and they’re kept in your fridge Leftover pork hocks What happens when they’re kept in the fridge? Look The sheen really disappears It looks dried out Now I’ll teach you how to revive these pork hocks and make them tasty The collagen becomes like pudding This is a very simple method All you need is hot water There’s some in this coffee pot Careful because it’s hot These dried and leftover pork hocks go in a plastic bag And dip them in this hot water Now place another small bowl on top Now this is important If water gets on the pork hocks, they’re ruined Careful you don’t get them wet Just wait 10 minutes 10 minutes and they’ll be like new So we’ll wait 10 minutes now This is nerve-racking It’s a long time You have to wait 30 minutes when you order food Just a 20-minute difference You can do something else You can have tasty pork hocks in 10 minutes Reusing and eliminating food waste This is a very convenient tip for those that live alone So… 1… Done! 10 minutes – Already? / – Let’s see It’s been 10 minutes. So let’s check out the pork hocks to see what happened I’ll show you all They smell great like they were freshly delivered See that? They should be soft What do you think? It’s glistening! The dried out pork hocks from the fridge became moist and tasty again in just 10 minutes The pork hocks are like they were freshly delivered I’ll enjoy some now I bet that’s good Look at this face From his face, it must taste amazing Step 3. Pizza Now, I’ll open the fridge – Here we go. / – Pizza Pizza This is a ridiculous situation How can there be 2 slices leftover when I can finish an entire pizza by myself? Two slices… This is a lot He’s putting them in the microwave Let’s see what happens In the microwave That’s basic information You have to give up on the edges that way That’s very common Very nice. Now I’ll taste it now The cheese looks all melted The cheese won’t stretch out like that It only looks half good The cheese is stretchy, but the problem is the dough All the moisture is gone. Look See? It becomes tough Right See that? The dough has become hard But that’s not how this pizza tasted last night The dough should be moist to taste like how it did last night I’ll teach you how to reheat pizza the right way Fill a paper cup one-third full with water Put the water in with the pizza I’ll heat this again That’s a good method for reheating rice cakes too What will happen? You’re all about to see a new world (Just like how it was last night) So reliable Taewon seems so cool Done! The pizza we were waiting for You have to get a look inside It’s like it came out of the oven Really? The microwave becomes like a steam oven The dough looks moist The hardened cheese and dough got moisture from the water and become moist and chewy The dough looks good The cheese looks moist too The tough sponge-like crust tears well now

I’ll taste it now Does it taste like from last night? My single apartment became Italy today Step 4 Dumplings All guys that live alone need these They’re Frozen dumplings They’re always in your freezer at home Add them to instant noodles or any other dish People usually reheat just enough for one Adding water makes those taste a lot better too They’re ready See? I’ll eat a freshly heated dumpling I bet that’s good It’s good It’s good but the problem is that the edges are hard. Women and picky eaters don’t eat the ends Right, they don’t eat the ends Totally relatable Anyone can relate to this People throw this part out like pizza crusts That looks good I’ll teach you all how to heat these so they’re like freshly steamed dumplings Pour water in a bowl And dip the dumplings in the water Dip them (Revive them to make them good!) (I have to revive them!) (Become moist) See that? I’ll heat them again They’re ready! As expected As you can see, they’re different from when I first heated them Check out the top of the dumplings Can you see there’s plenty of moisture? They’re glistening They’re like The filling is nicely wrapped with the wrapper, so it’s tasty They’re similar But the end The end of the dumpling This one is soft, but this one is really hard This is the difference Can you see the difference now that the dumpling wrapper is pressed down on? That could happen so Remember that when you want to enjoy your dumplings, just dip them in water and heat in the microwave They’ll be like you bought them from a restaurant! Everyone, try it out Let’s learn a few tips from pretty comedian Kim Nahee who’s been living alone for 3 years Hello, I’ve been living alone for 3 years I’m comedian Kim Nahee Everyone, there are many inconveniences about living by yourself I’ll solve those tricky situations people living alone face Step 1 Opening a bottle of wine without a cork screw You really want to drink the wine you got as a gift, but you can’t because you don’t have a cork screw or bottle opener That happens to me too I didn’t know how to open a wine bottle so I stuck a chopstick in the wine cork But if I had known about this method That method is A towel! Spread out a towel on the bottom and wrap up the wine bottle Now you pound it on a firm surface – It won’t break? / – You have to hit it pretty hard The bottle will break – It’s coming out. / – No, it won’t break It popped out So it comes out from the pressure Look It already popped out this much

One more time As the bottom is pounded on a firm surface, the wine cork comes out You’d better make the towel wrapping thick Everyone, look how much came out I think one last time should do it Did something happen? What is she doing? She should be careful or it might pop out Look how much the cork popped up I’ll pull it out with my hand now Once the cork is high enough to grab it, twist to remove It came out so easily That’s a great idea since women can do it alone Step 2 Moving heavy furniture alone This is a hard one You may not have much furniture but you want things to look nice and make good use of your space But the furniture is too heavy to move by yourself There’s a way to move that furniture like it’s light as a feather With Ta-da! Glass cleaner This cleaner isn’t as slippery as other cleaners but it’s more slippery than water Now I’ll spray some on the bottom Really? This works? Spraying that will move furniture? I’ll try moving this now (Can she move the furniture alone?) Can you see it move slightly? See that? I’m not a strong person, yet I can move this Should I move it forward? Forward You can push it in any direction What do you all think? Convenient, right? Evenly spray glass cleaner on the bottom of heavy furniture you can’t move by yourself The glass cleaners makes it smooth between the floor and furniture support so you can easily move it around yourself It acts as a lubricant Step 3 Changing out your covers in one go For women that live alone it feels really different depending on what blanket you use This needs to be washed Better change the cover Nahee starts to change the covers but things get messy I bet all of you have gotten fed up and given up The Safety Man will show you Flip your cover inside out and line up the cotton comforter on top Then tie the sides together to fix in place Then roll it all up from one end Next you just need to unflip the cover Now you can easily change your covers It must roll back out Step 4 Zipping up a dress easily Oh, right! There’s a problem you can’t solve alone I’ll show you by putting on this dress I look nice and changed, right? But It’s always that much left The zipper didn’t go up You can’t reach it (Come on, joints!) (Harder for those watching) When you try to force that zipper up yourself, you get all hot, sweaty, your makeup comes off and your shoulders get cramped I bet you’ve wanted a solution for this problem Well, there is a way Tie a string to a safety pin and fasten it on your dress zipper Alright, everyone I’m wearing a dress with the safety pin I’ll zip up using the string and safety pin Grab it (The zipper goes up easily without any help!) (That was easy!) Really convenient, right? And you need an accessory with a dress A necklace It’s so hard to put on a bracelet by yourself

Your fingers get cramped It keeps sliding off You put your wrist against the blanket It keeps slipping off It slips off when you think you’ve got it This will give me a cramp! I bet you want to know if there’s a way Why wouldn’t there be? There’s a way Does it work? Just stick one end of the bracelet to your wrist with tape Just fix it like this Very simple Why didn’t I think of that? It’s like someone’s holding it for me What a simple method It sure is Ta-da! I put on the bracelet so easily Now that I have a pretty dress and bracelet on, I’m going out! Bye, everyone! Men and women of Korea that live alone Please remember these great tips For living alone! Taeho, you’ve lived alone for a long time Any special tips? Sometimes you buy bananas You can’t eat all of these at once They’ll get black spots And you try to pick one and the entire bunch falls off They all fall off You didn’t mean to but you end up eating them all! I’ll teach you a way to store bananas for a long time – You all have plastic wrap at home. / – Right Just wrap the end of the banana – The part that’s split up? / – Yes Wrap it twice two or three times with plastic wrap Just that part? That works? Bananas are quite kind and innocent If you do this, they think they’re still hanging in a tree – Goodness! / – They think that? I heard too that if you hang them on a clothes hanger they think they’re hanging on a tree You forget you hung them up I like chips Sometimes they get stale Is there a special way to fold the bag? So they don’t get stale Like this Fold the other side the same way so it overlaps So this side and this side overlap Intersecting Leave this part – Leave it? / – I did Then you flip it over – Flip it over? / – Flip it over Fold this end down Fold it Fold it a few times Roll it up Leave this much Now you turn out the corners – The corners… / – It works – Right? / – Oh, my God Try shaking it upside down Awesome This is all you need to do These could be sold again – They could be sold again… / – I know, I know No air gets in at all – This is useful. / – Not bad Last time we did an experiment to see what effect staring at smart phones has on a moving train or bus 8 out of 9 subjects suddenly got blurry vision or saw a temporary drop in vision These are signs of false myopia What happens to our eyes when we look at a small smart phone screen? We’ll find out through a vision monitor When you put on the vision monitors that look like glasses, they monitor the movements in your eyes so it can see where you’re looking This used to be a famous experiment A boy and girl in their teens A man in women in their 20s We put the vision monitors on 4 subjects Then we had them read a book, watch TV and use a smart phone for 5 minutes each How do our eyes change depending on the situation? First, we’ll check how the eyes move when you’re not doing anything This is the view of the teenage boy His eyes move here and there He appears to be looking at the objects (5 minutes of how his eyes normally move) – He keeps looking at objects. / – Nothing to do These are his eye movements over 5 minutes represented in dots. Many of the dots seem gathered in the middle This is the view of a man in his 20s He looks at the objects in front of him as well as the production staff These are his eye movements over 5 minutes represented in dots The dots are spread out above, below, left and right of all the big objects

All 4 subjects had similar results Then how about when they read a book? We’ll watch their eye movements for 5 minutes again through the vision monitor This is the view of the woman in her 20s Her view is focused on the book but it keeps moving left to right All 4 subjects had many left to right movements when they read a book Now we’ll have them watch TV This is the view of the teenage girl After 5 minutes we checked her eyes movements She stayed on the TV a lot, but she looked often around her too These are the 5 minutes of all 4 subjects with their views represented in dots How about when they use a smart phone? We had them look at SNS sites and news articles for the first 5 minutes and then a video clip for the following 5 minutes First, this is the view of a subject looking at SNS sites and news articles Her views stay on the smart phone, but her eyes move from top to bottom as she scrolls down How about watching a video clip? Small movements can be seen, but the view mostly stays in the center of the phone It never goes outside There’s a bit of a difference between looking at articles and watching a video clip, but the views in both cases are centered on the smart phone screen How the eyes usually move So that’s why the eyes hurt When reading a book When watching TV And when reading the news and watching video clips on your phone See the difference? The video clip is worse Focusing on a small screen like on a smart phone from up close tenses up the muscles that control the eyes causing the eyes to become more tired If this goes on a long time, the eye lens becomes thicker and surrounding muscles become numb causing false myopia Conversely, looking from afar like you normally do or when you watch TV, widens and frees up your view which doesn’t stress the eye muscles much So you shouldn’t use a smart phone for a long time and try looking at it from far away at times to prevent false myopia Looking at a smart phone can reduce your field of vision causing false myopia Is this the only effect a smart phone has on your eyes? We’ll find out through another method We put helmets with cameras on the subjects Just like the previous experiment, we had the subjects watch TV, read a book and use their smart phone for 5 minutes each. This time we’ll count the number of times they blink It’s normal to blink around 100 times every 5 minutes Let’s see what the subjects are like when they’re not looking at anything Let’s watch the teenagers 5 minutes is longer than you think 5 minutes later 82 blinks and 154 blinks There are personal differences Now let’s see the adults in their 20s You could blink less if you’re thinking about it The guy keeps looking around 5 minutes later 142 blinks and 128 blinks On average, the subjects blink 126.5 times which is a normal amount How about when they watch TV? Let’s compare the women in her 20s with how she normally is She’s smiling She must like the show It must be a good one Her expressions look different

5 minutes later, she blinked 107 times while watching TV She blinked 35 times less than she normally does After observing all 4 subjects, their average was 96.5 blinks which is around 30 blinks less than normal Then how about when they read a book? Let’s compare the teenage girl with how she normally is 5 minutes later She blinked 36 times That’s 46 times less than normal All 4 subjects blinked an average of 76 times when reading a book That’s 53 blinks less than normal But what is the reason why they blinked less when reading than when watching TV? According to the experiment, we could confirm that the closer the object is to the eyes the less the subject blinks Then what about a smart phone that you have to look at closer than a book? We’ll split the experiments up into reading articles and looking at SNS sites and watching a video clip We’ll compare the subject with how he normally is First, when the teenage boy looked at articles and SNS sites for 5 minutes He blinked 75 times How about when he watches a video clip? He blinked 59 times He blinked 16 fewer times than when he was reading internet articles Then how about the man in his 20s? When he read internet articles and looked at SNS sites for 5 minutes, he blinked 66 times Now he’ll watch a video clip for 5 minutes He blinked 54 times We found that he blinked 12 fewer times when watching a video clip After observing all 4 subjects, they blinked around 7 fewer times when watching a video clip than when reading articles If you compare them with how they normally are, they blink at an average of 74 less blinks Compared to the 100 blinks they should be getting in 5 minutes, it’s only half So what effect does this habit of not blinking when looking at a smart phone have on our eyes? When focused on a small screen like a smart phone, you blink less times and you open your eyes wide causing tears to evaporate faster and your eyes getting dry And something luminous like a smart phone screen can raise the temperature of the cornea surface making your dry eyes get worse Smart phone can cause dry eyes? We’ll find out again through an experiment This paper can measure the amount of tears We’ll see the difference in the subjects when they’re not using a smart phone and when they do First, they sit like normal for 5 minutes and the measuring paper is applied They’ll keep their eyes closed for 3 minutes and the amount of tears will be measured Normally, the paper should absorb more than 10mm worth of tears The average amount of tears in the 4 subjects was 16.5mm which is a normal amount Let’s see what happens when they use a phone We’ll compare the two results of when they look at sites and watch a video clip again After using the smart phone for 5 minutes, the measuring paper is applied

and the amount of tears are measured for 3 minutes with the subjects keeping their eyes closed What is the amount of tears when looking at internet articles and SNS sites? An average of 10mm How about when they watch a video clip? Here’s the result 8.75mm Compared to the normal 16.5mm average, we could see that watching a video clip dries out the eyes the fastest When this dry state is maintained a long time, how does it affect your eyes? Dry eyes can feel like you have a piece of sand rolling around in your eye. It’s irritating and it hurts It can cause glare If this symptom is left alone, your eyes can bleed and hurt In severe cases it can cause corneal clouding causing reduced vision When using a smart phone or computer, you should blink often and take 10-minute breaks every 50 minutes to prevent dry eyes Over the last 10 years the number of patients with dry eyes has doubled What really should be noted is that every year there are more children under 10 with dry eyes Perhaps dry eyes have been on the rise because of our attachment to smart phones and tablet PCs Are you looking at your smart phone now? How about looking after your eyes as much as you look at your smart phone? My eyes feel dry from just focusing on watching the experiment We should do that now We learned it last time I was doing it while I was watching Jongkook We’ll start from the right 1, 2, 3! Left now. 1, 2, 3! Look down. 1, 2, 3! (The features gather) Lastly, look up. 1, 2, 3 (Wants to be funny) (Surprise) That feels great! – My vision got clearer. / – The fatigue melts away I can see more clearly You all should really try We weren’t trying to be funny We did it because it’s good for our eyes If you ever see someone on public transport do this… It’s for their eyes And if you see someone do that, you might go Everyone watching this is trying it now All 6 of us got healthier eyes, but uglier faces – It’s okay. / – I was never good looking Who’s that? Just my type She’s my type Who is our Safety First caster today? Hello! Safety First! I’m your safety caster Solar of MAMAMOO! I bet you want to know what today’s topic is It’s something I just can’t quit Carbonated beverages! A lot of people can’t live without it A carbonated beverage can lose carbonation after keeping for just 1 day How do you all store your beverages? There were many tips on the internet Do they work though? We’ll find out on Safety First How to store a carbonated beverage for a long time. Step 1 Store the bottle upside-down A lot of people do this In front of me are unopened 1.5L bottles of cola I’ll pour precisely 250ml That’s a lot of carbonation Isn’t the first glass the best? (This is the stuff) Now I’ll store the bottle in the fridge upside-down It could fall if you keep it upside-down, so use a cup to hold it up The upside-down bottle is contestant 1 So there’s a tip like that I’m really curious about how effective this is Now please show us the second method! How to store a carbonated beverage for a long time. Step 2 Dent the cola bottle So I have 3 bottles of unopened cola Just like before, I’ll pour exactly 250ml I just had some cola

So I’ll offer a glass to the director Director Two birds with one stone Enjoy a cool drink (That’s refreshing) Now I’ll dent the bottle A lot of people do that A lot of people do that So you close it while it’s dented? Right I’ll place this dented cola bottle right next to the upside-down one Keep that one right side up Contestant 2 is the dented bottle How to store a carbonated beverage for a long time. Step 3 Close the cap with a bottle opener You’ve all seen a bottle opener that looks like this Place the cap of the bottle in the hole and close it tight They say you can close a bottle of cola more tightly if you use a bottle opener I’ll place this over the bottle cap Now turn… You can close it a lot tighter than you do with your hands I used my teeth A lot of people hurt their teeth like that Contestant 3 is the bottle closed with a bottle opener and it’s placed in the fridge Those were the top 3 suggestions recommended by netizens on how to store cola To compare, we’ll store cola the most basic way by closing the cap with my hand We have to see if there’s a difference Contestant 4 is the bottle that was closed by hand Cola stored in 4 ways Which method will keep the cola fizzy for the longest? 48 hours later we’ll compare how much carbonation is in the 4 colas I wonder what the results will be What do you think the best tip is? I could really focus today It’s not good to drink carbonated beverages often, but that stinging in your throat is so memorable Sometimes you just crave that Like fried chicken and beer When you eat a lot, cola can really clear your pipes – Right. / – When you eat salty foods It’s good to clear the pipes Then let’s clear them again Give us beverages This is the best way and this is the normal way This is the cola that was stored normally I bet it’s really flat And this is the best way The best method among the 3 – Is that it? / – Yes Would you like to try drinking it to see how much carbonation is left? The regular one How is it? Is it the taste you were looking for? Look at her face She doesn’t like it – This is just sweet water. / – Sugar water? There’s no carbonation at all This is the best method How much carbonation is left? This one’s still got it – It does? / – Really? You can see it bubbling Right – Her throat… / – Her throat – It hit your neck. / – This is it! (A reaction from the carbonation she couldn’t help!) This one’s definitely got it So we heard about 3 ways to keep the carbonation Which method is the best way? What could it be? I think keeping the bottle upside-down will make the carbonation go up the other way If it’s upside-down, there’s no way to escape Not at all I say 2 Since nobody said 3, I say 3 Alright. 3 Because it blocks the air from escaping It could be a hassle but I say 2 I think pressure reducing the volume is most effective The best way would be to close the cap with the bottle opener and store it upside-down – And dent it. / – Dent it Close the cap and store it upside-down Is the answer all 3 combined? Then your throat would tear Because it becomes too strong How should you store a fizzy carbonated beverage? Contestant 1, storing the bottle upside-down Contestant 2, storing the bottle dented Contestant 3, closing the bottle tight with a bottle opener Contestant 4, closing the cap with your hand What’s the best method to keep your cola carbonated for longer? It’s been 48 hours since the experiment started

They look just like they did, when they were put in here 2 days ago I’ll take them out and check them You can kind of tell how much carbonation you lost by the sound the bottle makes when you open it Now I’ll open each bottle one at a time Focus on the sounds This was the normal method Contestant 4 was closed with the hand Did you hear that? Here it is again Remember that sound Now let’s see how the experimental bottles sound Contestant 1 is cola stored upside-down That was loud! Shall we hear that again? This is the sound This time let’s hear how the cola stored in the dented bottle sounds First, let’s hear the sound of the normally stored cola again – The sound… / – A listening test Time for contestant 2 The cola stored in a dented bottle Let’s listen to that again That was loud! It was I think it was louder than 1 Lastly, we’ll check the sound of the cola that’s been closed with a bottle opener Before that, we’ll let you all hear the sound of the normally stored cola again I hope you remember that This is the cola that was closed with a bottle opener Want to hear that again? That was a bit weak Stronger than I thought Lastly, we’ll let you hear all the bottles being opened That was loud 2, 2 2 was loud 2 What do you think? Did you hear a big difference? You still can’t tell? So we prepared a way to verify this Safety First’s cola high jump contest! We’ll add an equal amount of candy powder to each cola that’s been stored causing the carbonation to be amplified and compare how high the cola shoots up Since we don’t want to waste too much cola, we’ll decide the rankings through one test The fate of the colas rest on one test Contestant 1, cola stored upside-down Once candy powder is added in the bottle, it is shaken gently The cola shoots up! Which one is this? 1 It went over 2m Imagine if that was inside your house It shot up 2m in an instant The cola stored upside-down got to 210cm It’s currently 1st Contestant 2, cola stored in a dented bottle The bottle is shaken again after candy powder is added Let’s go, number 2! What will happen? The cola shoots up It greatly surpassed the record of the cola stored upside-down It got as high as 310cm Nice! Contestant 2 moves to 1st by breaking the record by 1m This time it’s contestant 3, cola closed with a bottle opener We’ll check how high the cola shoots up using the same method Will it surpass the previous record? The cola shoots up He should’ve let go sooner! He was startled Not quite as high as we thought It got to 240cm making it 2nd Cola stored upside-down is pushed down to 3rd How about the normal way? Contestant 4, cola bottle closed by hand I don’t think it’ll shoot up Candy powder is added to the cola bottle

and the bottle is shaken again What will happen? (The cola shoots up) That’s pitiful That’s pitiful Oh… It stopped at 70cm I can’t believe I drank that! The bottle closed by hand shot up 70cm making it 4th The upside-down bottle shot up 210cm making it 3rd The bottle closed with a bottle opener shot up to 240cm making it 2nd The dented bottle shot up 310cm in a landslide victory It’s 1st place! Why did this happen? Once the seal is broken in a carbonated beverage, the pressure in the bottle reduces causing the carbonation in the drink to escape by changing into carbon dioxide Denting the bottle to store the cola increases the pressure in the bottle making sure the carbonation in the beverage does not escape into the air Storing cola in an upside-down bottle or a bottle closed with a bottle opener can also prevent carbonation from escaping through the small space in the cap, so they are also good methods to keep your cola fizzy longer All 3 methods are effective, so from now on I’m going to dent the bottle, close it with a bottle opener and store it upside-down It’ll be a triple combo of carbonation preservation Hold it! But wait! What’s going on? You can’t dent a glass bottle of cola You can’t close it with a bottle opener either What do you do? This can keep the carbonation in the bottle? A carbonated beverage in a glass bottle can be kept fizzy a long time with a spoon They say that putting a spoon in upside-down preserves the carbonation This looks a bit familiar I feel like I should be singing But does this really work? We’ll find out through an experiment After preparing 2 glass bottles of cola, the first bottle was kept open and a spoon was placed upside-down in the other The handle of the spoon that goes in the bottle has to touch the drink We’ll store the bottles like this in the fridge for 12 hours and confirm the amount of carbonation in the bottles The beverages from the two bottles are poured into glasses Can you see a difference? We’ll use a pH concentration gauge for more accurate results The more carbonation left in the beverage, the lower the pH concentration First, let’s see the pH concentration in the bottle stored with the cap open 2.09 Then how about the pH concentration in the cola that has the spoon in it? The result is 1.94 The concentration was 0.15 less than the cola stored with the cap off That much more carbonation was preserved Why did this happen? The lower the temperature is, more carbonation can be preserved for a longer period of time Putting a metal spoon with a higher heat conductivity than a glass bottle inside the bottle will deliver the cold air in the fridge well, keeping the cola at a lower temperature. More carbon dioxide can melt causing the carbonation to be preserved for longer Try putting a spoon inside a carbonated beverage or beer in a glass bottle What did you think of the tips to preserve carbonation? Remember them well and use them in your leftover cola Time to say good-bye to flat cola! Everyone, bye! This is Safety First News This is news for owners of small businesses Over 80% of Korea’s industrial accidents, happen in businesses with less than 50 employees To prevent further accidents, businesses with less than 50 employees need a safety inspector too We have a reliable safety inspector on our show too It’s me! Just believe in Jongkook! That’s right! You’re so reliable! This has been Safety First News. Thank you (“Hide and Seek” by Astro)