Hi everyone I’m Birol Basyigit We are in Sivas We are with Truva Farm, with Cahit Akgul + Cahit brother hi – Hi welcome + Thanks + Friends, I think we will shoot the most informative video about Kangals so far In this video, we will explain how the Kangal dog should look and how it should be There are many dogs here with the correct Kangal look You have the chance to see many right Kangal at Truva Kangal Farm I have a request from the audience Meanwhile, Yusuf Erkin helps us shoot the camera Yusuf will also make a beautiful rap song. On October 3 He made a good song We will share his song too Yusuf, I want this from you without distracting the subject Spend time in front of each dog and go all the way to the end Let people see what the Kangal dog looks like, what its body and skull should be c: Okay + We will continue the conversation when you finish the tour + Shoot the video from the side profile as much as possible Come to me, Cahit brother + Does it attack people? – No + Now, friends, Yusuf just recorded over 10 dogs for you I wanted to explain that in this video: There is a question about what is a Kangal dog There is a situation with the Kangal dog, brother, every big showy dog ​​is thought to be a Kangal Our community has learned this, but those outside the community do not have much of an idea I want people to learn visually what Kangal dog is It is one thing to tell, another to show A moment ago … Btw sorry brother I will give a say to you. I got excited when I saw so many Kangals I’m really excited Yusuf just showed you You’ve seen the hue of these dogs You saw the head shapes You saw the body shapes You saw their approximate length After watching this video, you should have a filter in your eyes that will distinguish Kangal

Because these dogs are different from Malaklı, Akbaş, Anatolian Shepherds, dogs in Salt Lake, and dogs in Eskişehir, Nevşehir Its tail, head, pelt and body are different Now, we’ve shown these dogs visually I showed a little bit of the cynology and anatomy of these dogs Could you tell us about the character of Kangal dog? – One of the biggest features of Kangal is its character + no problem + If you don’t switch the phone to airplane mode, they’ll call you a lot, brother z: It would be great if you talk a little loud, Cahit brother + Yes, because we don’t use microphone right now Look at that beauty really amazing You can continue – In fact, one of the biggest features of the Kangal dog is its character Of course, you can see this more comfortably in nature in herd They are clever Special animals What makes them special is their character. It’s wild or something + They are telling things like that If the Kangal dog came when he was an adult, it takes time, but if he has grown up in his garden since he was young, they say he will own the goose, chicken or even the cat there and will not harm other animals in garden? As long as they grow together, it doesn’t hurt There is a leadership struggle among them, even if it is a brother but he does not touch anything that he grew up with and does not hurt him Look, friends Cahit brother’s farm here is 30 acres in size, I guess How big brother? Approximately 20 acres of land is a serious size + and the cages for dogs are around 35 square meters, am I right? – Yes big field There are prejudiced people who talk like dogs are caged for a commercial facility Friends, if these dogs are not bred here, their lineage will disappear Everyone in Sivas is a potential dog seller I go into the barber to shave, the man says I have a puppy if you want + This is the case am I right ? – Exactly Here, animals are consciously bred, reclamated and given to herds per mission We also want every dog ​​to work in nature and their puppies grow in herd But there is no such animal husbandry potential neither – There is no such potential, and it is more risky for them to grow up there – At least here we can check their status + Well done, I congratulate you brother Most breeders have 1-2 Kangal dogs, some of them are good and some have a cross They are angry if they want. But you are the only name with so many good Kangal dogs – We have 35 Kangal dogs that we can call perfect + The useful part of this video is that we are not telling the Kangal dog over a single dog like the others, there are many examples I want other dogs to be seen again while chatting – You just recorded all the dogs, right? When you look around their eyes, It may look different due to the mask on the mouth and so on, but, They all have wolf-like eyes and all have dark eyes + And all of them have kohl on their eyes Come this way, Yusuf Show me the kohls on this man, brother + Doesn’t attack people, right? – No he doesn’t + Look how it goes on this line, it’s a very characteristic Kangal And I wanna ask something + Even if the dog has a beautiful image, can the puppies come in the image you do not want, is this possible?

– The mother’s genes also play a role in this The dominant derives a good breed of dogs, but one must know the mother’s lineage well The puppies of the two Kangal dogs are not always the same, that’s natural We have no such control chance But we get 80 percent the same efficiency from previously tested dogs we trust For example, let’s say you mated this male with this female.Btw By the way, this females ears are the uncut shape of Kangal’s ears But the Kangal face on his face is so clear that the ears do not prevent it It actually changes the image of the dog but, Can you tilt the ears of this back if I ask you? Now look, The same head in the dog is also in this It doesn’t matter whether it is with or without ears Peltyr structures are also obvious, Kangals have a characteristic peltry structure They are not thin hairy like the Malaklı type Their tails have a certain thickness Their bodies have a certain line Can you touch on these issues a little? – Yes, it is a very important issue The thick coat of Kangal dog gives him an advantage It protects the dog against heat and cold The straight forehead makes his chin strong – Its body line provides a stronger waist + It makes it go fast in nature – Exactly + When we look at fast-running animals such as cheetahs and greyhounds, they have the same body line The area from the back line to the coccyx indicates that this dog has a solid spinal cord These are very important, the features in this Kangal all have a meaning Let’s get aside, Cahit brother + Is this the dark gray Kangal? – Yes + Look, this dog also has the same face, body and bone structure but the color is different For example, because the head of this is black, the under eyes are not white, but the point is the shape of the head Except for the skull, the bodies are the same and tails too They all complement each other This one is perfect too They all have the same cheeks – not different + let’s continue – By the way, I must say that + Look, amazing dog – now is not the best time for dogs. A time when dogs change their fur + Yes, summer is ending, they are starting to winter They are in a transitional period, transitioning from summer feather to winter feather It is also important that the dog be in one color. If it is gray, it will only be gray Can you come right here, I want you to go into that issue Kangal dog has grizzly color, light gray and dark gray colors They say that either white or black Kangal can be As a society, we like to talk about extremes Okay, it may be genetically possible But if the colors of these dogs are 99 percent like this, isn’t that the right color? – Of course it is, but the color doesn’t matter much if it has the properties we mentioned – It should not be forgotten that it is a natural race not a pure race They may misunderstand what you say, what we mean by saying not pure race is, These dogs are not a designated breed that has been selected for 200 years, such as the Doberman or Rottweiler – This is a natural race, a breeding dog in nature.Their types and physics are the same, but there is no rule that their colors will be the same + Actually, when you look at them, they are all different dogs but at the same time they are all the same dog This is what makes our shepherd dogs beautiful All the same when you look at the Rottweiler am I right Yakup brother? Come on, Yakup, why are you standing there? Although the general lines of the shepherd dog are the same, they are all different dogs – Exactly + Okay, Let’s keep moving – For example, the tail is not good in this + Isn’t it a young dog? – Yes

+ It is evident from his face and his actions That female is messing up again z: Great ambiance! + Brother God bless you If you ask me without getting into the technical part of this job if someone does not understand what Kangal dog is after watching this video I don’t think this is another style of expression. Do you think? y: Now you are a man who worked hard on this job Cahit is also someone who has worked hard on behalf of Kangals in Sivas Instead of producers, the wrong people are promoting Kangal dogs It is necessary to explain Kangal not with a single feature, but the shape of the head and all of its features as you have done The videos you make about the natural lifestyle of these dogs will inform many people We do it thanks to Cahit brother, you cannot find so many Kangas together y: I’ve heard people saying the Kangal dog is not a race the same people trade using the name Kangal I want to warn them, this is wrong behavior It is wrong to make money from Kangal dog and then say that Kangal is not a race + This race was registered in 2006 by the Republic of Turkey This is the best answer to be given The state has registered this race Let’s continue This one is young too They say that the Kangal dog is like wine, it gets more beautiful with age do you agreee? – Yes, I agree + When that dog is 4.5 or 6 years old, his facial expression will change and he will be incredibly handsome Next to him is a slightly more middle-aged dog Am I right, How old is He? – He is 5 + Ok, what about this one? -He is 2.5 + Here is the facial expression difference between the young dog and the old dog – But their systems are always the same + We saw the difference, as dogs get older they become pretentious like antiques Let’s show the dog Emrah bought z: I got this + Best wishes how beautiful Emrah brother, can you bring him here, so that the bushes don’t cover the dog’s face If you have noticed, Kangal dog seems to have a beard right here Thank you for everything show there too Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to record Yusuf, one last time show the dogs one more tour, and we say goodbye at the end Come brother, now let’s say goodbye Let’s do the closing with him If you happen to be in Sivas, definitely contact the Truva Dog Farm Their Social media name is Truva Kangal Facebook: Cahit Akgul Instagram: Truva Kangal It is a place where you can easily reach when you say Truva Kangal in the center of Sivas I hope it was the answer to the question of what is the Kangal dog Thank you brother – thank you the main

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