your father has land your father has a land a client of yours has a land friend my friend has come to the conclusion that you have land and you have to sell it for the commission whatever money you have to sell it so today I’m going to show you how sell a land remember if you have any product and you want to learn how to sell it, leave it to me in the comments and here in the high-caliber sales series I will answer it for you then I will tell you in the video I will teach you the 5 steps that if or if you are to help sell that land in a way that is infallible and infallible 99 percent of the time you are going to sell that land and it is going to increase your chances of selling by one hundred percent ok the straw double I prepared you a fairly simple power point So what do you think if we are going to see it now and watch out, I invite you to stay until the end of the video because I literally have a voucher and a gift for you to help you sell that land so come on let’s sell that land started Masters, as you well know, friend, friend, today you are going to learn how to sell an easy land fast and for free because I want to improve dotcom I invite you to join ok step number 1 you have done your homework many people do not do it anymore most of them pass because they believe that Selling a land or any type of real estate property is as easy as taking a photo a photo and uploading it, putting the price that you want and then at the end in the video that I am going to give you an example of a poorly done ad and this It is perfectly clear that he has not done his homework so the first thing you have to do is research the customer product market ok of everything you have to investigate everything so as not to make mistakes when we rent a property we want good tenants when we sell it we also want good buyers them they want good sellers and a good seller always gives them the best product at the best price in the best possible way ok that’s why you have to investigate to know what the average price of the square meter in your area to find out what are the typical complaints of clients in that type of real estate product in this case land get into forums get into real estate portals that allow people to speak their minds anywhere ask people who know that in recent years they have bought a land or people you know who have sold it from real estate agencies and talk to the advisers tell them what are the main reasons why people do not decide to buy a land because you want to know this because when you know what people complain about and what makes most people not buy when you know this you use it to your advantage so that you can resolve that objection, put it aside and make customers decide your product for you then who is going to earn the money once you research the product market the types of buyers of sellers in your area and your target market the price per square meter is clear to you and the typical complaints If you have them clearly learned and resolved, you also have to learn the typical aspirations just as you have to know what makes people not buy, you have to know what makes people buy to be able to use for two and increase by two your possibilities to sell let’s give a quick example ok let’s go to the next slide let’s say that for example most of the people who are looking to buy a land and build their house there and start their home their home do not decide to buy a land when they They realize that they are very close to, for example, a park since they think there is going to be a lot of noise.You have done your research online physically, you have spoken with people and you have realized that this is one of the reasons that make people not decide to buy from the other side, you realize that most of the people who decide to buy land to build their house their home and blah blah blah is because those people see that close It has hospitals, pharmacies, leisure centers, schools, but not very close, so when you already know what it is that makes these people not buy and what it is that they do if they buy in the descriptions of your products in the videos in the advertising that you do or that in your sales pitch they will know what you have to focus on, therefore in your field you will say, for example, you do not have a nearby park that will bother you because everyone wants to be shared but not so close because it suits them to bother that is the objection that you have discovered that there is an example but that surely exists and then you solve it ok you say for example you have parks nearby but they will not bother you and also has health centers nearby, hospitals and leisure centers nearby So that you can enjoy your perfect day to day with 10 friends, we go to the next slide number 2, step number 2, what possibilities does the terrain have on your terrain and this is extremely important for not telling you true Furthermore, what happens most when someone is going to buy a piece of land or any real estate, people do not go with the same mentality that they are going to buy a candy, what I go to is when you go to buy the candy they sell you more impulsively and when you go To buy something with much more capital has a higher opportunity cost, so if you make a mistake, you are screwed, then people not only buy for emotions but they also look for characteristics a lot, although emotions are important because I tell you on the subject of characteristics it is always always you always have to be clear about the paperwork you have to say that if your paperwork is in order you have to say what you have to say you

have to make it clear in the first sentence this is super powerful and to land sellers especially because in the houses also pass but the land is more important because the land is sought for future ok for future visions and a land without papers in order is an in useful or a land that should give a lot of head problems and although you think that not many buyers see it this way and it is that in order to think between two equal land of the same price, one that is in order and another that is not which one is going to Take the buyer and maybe both are in order but one says and the other will not buy the one that says it and if that is yours you are going to earn the money therefore what I am telling you to go one step Beyond your competition in your market and reach your client more as saying that you have all the papers in order if you do not have them in order p is the city council that is where you have to go and solve it yourself because if you are thinking or waiting for If the client does it, it will cost you much more time to sell that land you can sell it but it will cost you much more my recommendation do it yourself and include it in the description apart from the fact that surely you can raise the price a little more now the second part of the vision of the future that p You can have that land and that is why the city has something so important nearby and towards where it grows that people always forget I am passionate about real estate and the truth is that it drives me crazy how people are You can forget so many things but hey, nothing happens, you are here today working, you are here looking for the solution, something that the vast majority of your competitors do not do, so you are in luck returning to the subject the vision of the future that your buyer can do with that land can build up to three floors you already have the plan or the architect the paperwork remember if it is rustic rural whatever it is will become urban over the years if you have it clear if you have something that proves it and I say it because the vision of the future is what really makes the chat increase on the ground because as I told you people buy land for future issues for aspirations for future investments therefore the vision of the future is the axis the angle of sale of the land ok what can your buyer do with your 10 year land for example 5 years depends on the capital you have because many people buy land and build a 5 year old plot that is nearby you have to remember that it is close or that it will be close look my great-uncle bought a lot once it was a whole esplanade there was nothing it was all tomato growers and pierre and he bought a lot where there were very few houses he built his house and today they built a huge shopping center in front of him about ten years ago You know how much that house has been revalued I don’t know if when they sold the land they would have something clear they would have some little notion of what could happen there but if they had had that notion they could have given the price up a lot because that house It has literally been revalued a hundred times its price now we are going to see it in a final example of the video so remember your land when you sell the land do not sell it in 2020 sell it at 203 0 with notions, research and contacts of this land, the price is going to rise as a percentage because this is going to be built, the other may have so much, so I’ll put you in contact with the architect blablabla that is very important ok always remove problems to the client give them solutions and where the city grows this is super important and listen to me because we already moved on to topic number 3 where the city grows ok if you bought a piece of land on the outskirts of a city if the city the cities grow if the city grows towards the left more than to the right because the work is more to the left where there is another city and they will end up working and your land is in the middle do not sell that land as the rest of the land is being sold there in the middle maybe not because not it is a house that will be separate from the world does the opposite when the two cities to get together this area will have a house that will be in the center of the great new city sell Thus, looking at it in the future, sell it as a bridge between the two cities that in ten years will revalue an outrage ok towards where the city grows vision of the future friend then we move on to the next number 3 photos and videos something logical logical and what do I tell you That is, the redundancy of the example that I am going to give you at the end is worth what you expect if it is losing ground, surely you have done your research a bit and have seen that most of your competitors the photos they have leave a lot to be desired and videos almost they do not have then you have to realize that this is a huge failure people do not buy what they cannot see and even less what they cannot touch then when they decide on land for a house for whatever good drive people go to see it because because you can see it better and touch ok your work uploading photos and videos is to streamline the topic of the sale and the topic of the visit that you already know what you are going to find ok then when they go to take u na photo a video first of all is good light second of all is that you appear this nobody does it analyze in the necessary photo the video that is ashamed you have to realize that when you appear in a video in a photo to part of credibility and

being more natural close and friendly, which greatly favors the sale and to be able to close the sale with that buyer because he sees you more as a friend who wants to help him than as a seller who wants to sell him separately. tray to the client to the visitor to your website or to your ad that compares the measurements of the plot of land of the plot as they want to call it with you with a human being that is extremely important ok in the example that I put it later they can also put a car work but better than being a human person ok because it will help you close the sale ok to create it by that feeling with the client that he will like you better and remember we always buy from the people who improve r they fall to us even if they do n’t always have the best product and then it is better than missing this is super important in the example that I put later in the bad bad example because there is a little good and there is little good example not because there are few Professionals who do their job well but because the good ones sell very quickly then it is better than what is missing, I mean, do not put two photos, do not put three vouchers, a lot I know you may be asking yourself the question right now, but if A field that I make can only take a couple of photos and create a somewhat different video put the imagination creativity draws attention to the difference of ok because if your terrain is the same as all the others and your ads will be the same as the others, it will stay there stagnant and who it differs, it will sell it much earlier and at a higher price so remember do not keep a photo two or three the same with videos the videos the truth always do not want to do it there are many lazy in this in this market, that is, you literally have to differentiate if you have a good opportunity here to differentiate yourself from your competition, that’s why we turn to number 4 you use copyright ting if you use your photos your videos your descriptions topic well you have to use copyright in real estate copyright ting of goods Roots is something very important and that people literally pass, but not because they are lazy like the photos and videos well done but because many people do not even know it, they have not taken the time, the effort or the investment. investigate that real estate copyright can multiply your sales but a bone brutality can have a piece of land in less than a week in less than a week is real estate copyright copyright ting is to sell in writing ok is what a written commercial does ok then sell the feelings using the characteristics you do not just tell me that the land has 200 square meters and is in the center of the city tell me what can I do with those two hundred square meters in the city tell me that I can earn with 200 square meters in the center of the city in 10 years sell myself the feelings that I am going to earn more money selling myself than my children will not They will never have problems or go hungry because they will always be able to sell the house they sell security, peace of mind, money, take advantage now that you have their attention, look when you have a prospect who is looking at your ad, they are seeing it right now for eight seconds if in eight seconds you do not catch his attention you go to another you go to your competition and maybe he buys another land from other people and that person just has money for having written the description something that will attract his attention and hook him and convince him and sell more to his feelings friends take advantage now that you have all his attention and sell everything used if I had a person in front of you alone and told you sell me this x 5 second s sell me what will you say 200 square meters in the center of the city no do not tell him something else dilma write everything you can give increase the text do not put into words when you can use 500 or 1,000 eyes all quality in parentheses because it is that If you write a thousand words of pure garbage or 500 of pure quality, it is better to 500 of pure quality, but what I am going to do is to have 100 of pure quality, it is better to have 500 of pure quality, that is, do not score low in the descriptions, put muscles, put sales put sales in writing and finally when you finish your description do not finish like most people who are selling a 200 meter plot in the center of the city have all the papers in order but that’s it and there your description ends and to the right of the web page appears to me the call but you still have the web page you are reminded with your action call to action is what makes the person take action the prospect to become a client ok then add a 7 to your own description do not end your description saying good and good afternoon does not end by saying something like call me at bla bla bla bla or send an email to the wave where you want to receive the call or contact write it there with an act now call me Now and moving on to trick number 5 which is the penultimate because remember that you have the bonus and the example of the sale then five physical eggs portals is worth because let me tell you one thing if you are watching this video titled how to sell land online for free it is because you want sell the land online but let me tell you one thing the rest of the YouTube internet videos from all over my competition are doing the same thing and it is that they are always telling you

repeating repeating that by repeating they sell you the land online over the internet in the land if you can earn more money and reach more people if you are right but come physically when all your competition selling land in your area is selling online and no one is selling physically they neglect the physical guess you have a sales opportunity you have a market opportunity you have a more attended niche of people who only buy physical than people who are only looking physical friend sell take advantage of physical on the internet well taken care of the photos the video copyright real estate but please also take into account the physical because it can sell a lot out there theme of idealistic real estate portals thousand ads forget your house dotcom etc in the description as I tell you at the bottom of the slide you I leave a series a list of links where you can find several real estate portals depending on your country ok now advertising campaigns this is extremely important and people also spend another kilo néstor enough to do advertising campaigns to sell my land not really no but it will take much longer time ok when you are going to do an advertising campaign of 50 100 euros to sell a tea Rreno of 60 70 thousand euros in a week the truth is, you do not have to be a mathematician to realize that they are good mathematics, do not fear online advertising or physical campaigns, it is better to both and you are going to dedicate 100 euros to advertising campaigns mind 50 in physical 50 in online advertising and nestor what is the best online advertising that works to sell land google apps I’m not going to be giving you the barrage of online advertising issues for real estate if you want that video leave me in the comments but well google ok very easily 50 euros there and this one has a lot of lives on the internet to do it always reminds me of several so that it does not have you and the other 50 because they do it in brochures or topics like this for example you are seeing it if this is not a property but to What I am going to is a good brochure, it is not a brochure, it is a 4, but what he takes he does it put photos of the property copyright real estate as I told you and the mailboxes or he distributes them on the street and finally the number 5 to go to number 63 private or real estate you have to use different strategies because because if you are private, in my opinion you are not interested in having a real estate because many people despair in the sense of nestor I have land I cannot sell it and many people will He says he is looking for ton real estate, look, I’m not going to tell you that ever because I think you can make a good seller out of you, ok, then use all the techniques that I’m giving you in this video and you’re going to save the real estate commission and Earning your martinez which is for what you are seeing is fine but on the other hand if you are a real estate advisor and you are watching this video as a real estate agency you have to sell the service that the real estate agency gives to the buyer as a service that takes away all the problems ok so you’ll be able to take your commission is going to manage bla bla bla paperwork ok things you probably already know why you’re working real estate p Let’s go to number 6 ok the last one before the example, how do you close the sale, see if you get the prospect’s attention, you get the appointment, you meet him, you show him the land, he loves the land, you close the sale, there is no house, he does not pass the credit card. Nothing you have invested a lot of time in that client and you have wasted time because because the sale has not closed you have to close the sale of cesc make the day that gives you all the money costs the land continue to recap one thing because we have to be very clear that the closing of sales on the subject of real estate real estate almost always 99 as infinite percent is physical and is that whoever is going to buy a property only online is worth it, there are people who do it, it is worth almost Always physically understand we are talking about 60 70 80 thousand euros depending on the lot 120 thousand maybe it’s worth people want to see it people want to touch it even if it is land because it remembers when they are touching the land the lot the land of the plot is not touching the ground so touching their dreams their aspirations ok then you have to use techniques such as the background which is the fear of missing out fear of being left out fear of losing it ok this may be caused by urgency shortage because the price will rise over time now I give you an example you should also use the psychological light wing and also it as soon as possible as soon as possible that I buy as soon as possible ok then let me give you an example with everything how you can put the fund then using the agency the street or the price that is going to go up how you can put the urgency the shortage and the price that is going to go up listen I am selling land of 220 square meters in the center of the city ​​close to public services and medical care perfect and with the possibility to build up to three floors I put you in contact with the architect and he will give you a 50% discount I am selling it because I am leaving the country, I already have several interested parties but What are they thinking about it? If someone decides to buy it, I am going to sell it to him, you will not find another piece of land like this in this area and this is the only one of these square meters at this price and as the future forecasts of the city and the market say that the price is going to increase in six days I am going to increase the price twenty thousand euros postscript urge me now let’s put an example of the psychological windows let’s say you

want to sell the land 80 ok then you put it to sell at 90 it is worth and when people ask you for 60 or 70 you take he says no then you start to fight a little bit like this on the subject of pusán pool ok for the negotiation issue and then you the most you go to 80 and if you manage to sell it 90 give me a like a comment and some of that money But the most normal thing is that as always they will negotiate you so you can give down the price and win what you wanted to win at first then that person is going to believe that there was a wing and light that he won and that you lost and who laughed at t u face but truly you laughed in his face and now chance is one it is possible that they will buy you as soon as possible how you can do this because not depending on you do not stop do not waste time when you tell someone who is going to call in the afternoon call him in the afternoon when that person is going to ask you about the property today tell him that he can make the visit today or tomorrow as soon as possible so that he does not lose the hype of wanting that land when someone has spoken to you it is because he has moved the ass because he has had that desire that motivation to ask you about the land then you have to take advantage of that energy he has to ask to sell it to him ok because we human beings are to allocate things and because because we have them he takes it fucked up now finally I’m going to To give the example of an advertisement for a land that is being sold where I live, which is quite bad, I find it quite bad to order, beat why and then I’ll give you gifts, ok, it seems it’s all at christmas ok let’s open it ok this is the ad we are in the ad ok redundancy it is a website where you can advertise any type of ad hence the name and there are also real estate issues ok ok from the solar the land is worth selling for 120 thousand euros no one has contacted it and it has been on the list since today but I tell you that this ad is going to stay much longer if it has not been for longer and what it has done now is renew it because because you look at all the times it has been listed and the few times they have spoken to you ok why because you look at the price 120 thousand euros is selling me 120 thousand euros a piece of land that is worth these photos I also know exactly where it has passed through here Every day this fatal photo but well the first one is fine, you leave me two photos, you do not record a video, you do not go out, I do not know who you are, I do not know if you are a person that I trust anza ok also that he is a private person not a real estate so if he does not come out and also that he does not have profile photos because it gives me a bad feeling then the bad video photos do not have real estate copyright nor does it say picasso I have to assume that this is the street because I do not believe that I am selling a Picasso painting with the land for sale a 200 meter plot located between Picasso and Bilbao streets in the municipality let me tell you one thing the site does not put you the municipality this is in the neighborhood ok inside from the municipality of Santa Lucia on the island of Gran Canaria you have to specify all that because you cannot assume that everyone knows it and this I am giving the example of an area in my area but you have to do the same with the You can not put two streets and even the municipality does not specify and more if you are an individual because the real estate companies hide the issue of the streets more but you do not care that you do not care you are interested in them talking With you and you you have to give trust for that and this is how you build trust by being transparent here it is not doing anything transparent 200 meter solar is worth very well solar than urban rustic urban but because you do not put it I have it I can assume you understand me or for the price and for the area or it will not be rustic there is 600 euros per square meter of 200 square meters the table puts the map on you it is fatal it is fatal look at the photos leave much to be desired there is no video it does not come out he does not even have A photo of the area does not really tell me where the municipality tells me, in very large municipalities, it can be anywhere, it can be the streets, but because I have to make an extra effort or click on the map instead of putting on your thing, specify it for me. with words and sell me with words look at this description it is very little if you someone you sell a plot of 200 meters to 120 thousand euros in two sentences for God let’s join your religion this does not work this does not work like that and also this man has not done his homework in the sense of eyes that he does not have me with him, that is, we have all made a mistake and it is to improve it to cover the real estate but look at this is a plot, it is not a plot because it has already been built A basement is worth more than a roof of 222 square meters useful area and the land is 275 square meters in Santa Lucia also in the same place you know how much this plot of 275 is sold for not 200 as you are seeing on the screen you know how much this is sold What brings you has built a basement and a roof when it is not bringing you anything this is sold for 55 thousand ok and it is half of real estate so who

am I going to buy from this one that has it at less than half the price or this that it has more than double when it has less than half of what it has this fact what I am going to is you are a private person use your face and remember to investigate investigate and investigate because I feel it is selling 55 is perhaps a bargain and you can sell or n a little more expensive for whatever it is but do not put more than double it because if I as a good buyer do my research and I find this price and yours is, I will believe that you are laughing at me and that you want to scam me And if you think that I really will renew 120 thousand euros tell me why it sells it justifies me less and now passing the topic because you know what you do not have to do because that is fatal remember the gifts in the description you have all the links to all the sites that can help you sell your land ok the last gifts are if you have difficult clients you do not know how to close the sale and you have problems selling that land and learn how to sell to those difficult clients once and for all and get that money how much do you need and even learn how to sell any product to anyone click here and I don’t know what you are waiting for so good friends I hope you liked the video I hope you can learn that field I hope you join the community and a pleasure to have you here and see you next video I want to improve