Let's Play – The Stanley Parable (2013) #02 [Abenteuer vorraus!!]

hello to the concert sued the Stanley parable angane yaris Pierre hospital good and diesel engines began to tune buses art ocean was pursued gone what could it mean which wisest man I decided to go to the meeting room really mr memo yeah for shiny shells lung Alta text converter vallavan fairly intense it as soon as a tubular but when Stanley came to a set of to open doors he entered the door on his left nope is carrots this was not the correct way to the meeting room and standing you it perfectly well perhaps he wanted to stop by the employee lounge first just to admire it yeah Clyde familiar lunch on each at least 43 expression oz dishes truly a room worth admiring it had really been worth the detour after all just to spend a few moments here in this immaculate beautifully constructed room Stanley’s simply stood here drinking it all in ah wonder shin and fan hwa hal eager to get back to business Stanley took the first open door on his left hmm yeah Stanley was so bad at following directions it’s incredible he wasn’t five years ago a few marks the Amish I’m not sudershan facilities feat GLaDOS laughs I’m thousand of them in here on the screen and Stevan looks Danny I think perhaps we’ve got enough on the ropes but in his eagerness to prove that he is in control of the story and no one gets to tell him what to do sternly lip from the platform and plunged to his death good job Stanley everyone thinks you are very powerful uh-huh sure that’s not mine on my yeah yeah Oh workers were gone yeah I didn’t mean to diminish standing room perhaps he had simply missed a memo line alice cook mackinac was this to answer sadness doesn’t the last efforts how I felt along with the correct way to the me a broom and standing you it perfectly well perhaps he wanted to stop by the employee lounge first just to admire it nope issue another check Wow yes this room but eager to get back to business Stanley took the first open door on his left nope za he was so bad at following directions it’s incredible he wasn’t five years ago za niche stock looks Danny I think perhaps we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot I’m not your enemy really am I realize that invested in your trust in someone else can be difficult but the fact is that the story has been about nothing but you all this time there’s someone you’ve been neglecting stabbing someone you’ve forgotten about please stop trying to make every decision by yourself nope on asking for me I’m asking further huh this is it’s standing your chance to redeem yourself to put your work aside to let her back into your life this team waiting any hun plan ah bean GLaDOS let’s dunk it whoa that’s her Stanley you need to be the one to do this to reach out if you can truly place your faith in another then pick up the phone so it’s tuna Jimmy thank you that’s not just hideous is that you hold on sweetie sighs you’d be waiting I’m just pulling the bread out of the oven oh ok ok there we go all right now I want you to come in and tell me all about your do gotcha oh come did you actually think you had a loving wife they want to commit their life to you I’m trying to make a point here Stanley I’m trying to get you to see something come inside let me show you what’s really going on here uh-huh this is a very sad story about the death of a man

named Stanley is quite a boring fellow he has a job that demands nothing of him and every button that he pushes is a reminder of the inconsequential nature of his existence it’s been 30 verse and buttons doing exactly what he’s told to do now he’s pushing a button now he’s eating lunch now he’s going home now he’s coming back to work one might even feel sorry for him except that he’s chosen this life he’s very nice but in his mind ah in his mind he can go on fantastic adventures from behind his desk Stanley dreamed of wild expeditions into the unknown fantastic discoveries of new lands it was wonderful and each day that he returned to work was a reminder that none of it would ever happen to him to whist esli fancy so he began to fantasize about his own job first he imagined that one day while at work he stepped out from his desk to realize that all of his co-workers his boss everyone in the building had suddenly vanished off the face of the earth the thought excited him terribly so he went further he imagined that he came to to open doors and that he could go through either at last choice it barely even mattered what lay behind each door the mere thought that his decisions would mean something was almost too wonderful to behold oh my god and he wandered through this fantasy world he began to fill it with many possible paths and destinations down one pathway an enormous round room with monitors and mind controls and down another was a yellow line that weaved in many directions and down another was a game with a baby and he called it the stanley parable it was such a wonderful fantasy and so in his head he relived it again and then again and again over and over wishing beyond hope that it would never end that he might always feel this free surely there’s an answer down some new path must nippy perhaps if he played just one more time miss little stroke but there is no answer how could there possibly be velocity of all he’s doing is pushing the same buttons he always has nothing has changed the longer he spends here the more invested he gets the more he forgets which life is the real one stands bet okay and I’m trying to tell him yes but in this world he can never be anything but an observer that as long as he remains here he’s slowly killing himself but he won’t listen to me he won’t stop here what’s this Stanley the next time the screen asks you to push a button do not do it okay the martini condition with Angeles soon Chuck Boyk kind of irony me can you see can he just not hear me later way that he’ll understand that every second he remains here he’s elected to kill himself how can I get him to see what I see how can I make him look at himself who suppose I can’t not in the way I want him to but I don’t make the rules I simply played my intended purpose the same as Stanley we’re not so different i suppose i’ll try once more to come vale this to him I’m compelled to I must perhaps well maybe this time you’ll see maybe this time and I tried again and standing pushed a button and I tried again and Stanley pushed a button and I I die as happy about it that’s how cool ah that’s so cool I saw it is good ikno that’s the fishpond smart girl what could you bottom if he’s gonna hurl ready to go to the meeting room recibiste to study mr. memo the saasy

gusta para Stanley came to a set of geographically well boys perhaps he wanted to stop by the employee lounge no I admire it lamento city’s blue deploy a large shine a work of art what was it about this room that called sued but eager to get back to business Stanley took the first open door on his left ok vicious maha specifically detoured through the maintenance section walk straight ahead to the opposite door and got back on track thanglish smelter oh my god sis coaches of you up soon thank you hundreds love shall astonish spice on loading loading loading loading loading loading loading loading rate but Stanley didn’t want to go back to the office he wanted to wonder about and get even further off track so now in order to get back he needed to go home from here it’s some left that’s gonna vest kidding okay kinetics MLS’s axed I’ll go no it’s to the master you are shocked the right why would I have ever said it was to the right what was I thinking it’s clearly oh dear would you hold on for a minute please well is gonna spill so cool see we went down right left down left right yep yep okay okay yes I’ve got it knob this story is absolutely definitely this way okay into a son oh my god that’s the silk will appear it’s full of me here no no no no no no no no this isn’t right at all you’re not supposed to be here this is all a spoiler quick Stanley close your eyes okay okay we just we just had to get back to him Oh Who am I kidding it’s a rubbish now the whole story completely unusable Paula Bob rather than waste my time trying to salvage this nonsense we’ll just restart the game from the beginning and this time suppose we don’t wander so far off track okay from the top oh my ah ok I’ll various young ones the SWAT co-workers were gone look the staff time listen Anna Desai girls get a 2 perhaps he had simply missed a memo each offers kicker man-copter squadron is you Allison whoa wait wait what no no I restarted I swear I definitely restarted the game over completely fresh it wrong what did something change Stanley did you change anything when we were back in that room with all the monitors did you move the story somewhere or a hold on why am I asking you I’m the one who wrote the story was right here just a minute ago I know for sure that it’s here somewhere ok then it’s an adventure come Stanley let’s find the story yes so do you hope he’s getting it okay okay should be lost good chef trust me oh my god oh my god Oh fat dumb too it’s me llaman the scanner da da da missin this is the worst adventure I’ve ever been on I can promise you there definitely was a story here before do we just do we need to restart the game again what I find it unlikely that we’ll ever progress by starting over and over again but it’s got to be better than this okay let’s give it a shot why not oh it does people I get bad hit with his path okay all of his co-workers were gone what could it mean Stanley decided to go to the meeting room perhaps he had simply missed a memo this is fiction st-arnaud started as a man or inflation loop this isn’t going to okay okay yeah it’s worse remembering this wrong it’s possible the story is back where we just came from why don’t we go back the other direction and see if we missed anything oh it’s another cool Oh Sheamus Lopez Oh

aha I knew we’d miss something the story here it comes okay nevermind not the story okay let’s head back the other way and retrace our steps dude constantly yea my lord since I didn’t company gonzaga shift in one hole from the earthen oh my god now this well I’ll be honest I don’t recognize this place at all is this the story I don’t think so I can’t quite recall but I believe my story took place in an office building it is that correct do you remember Stanley what you shall jane addams I’ve completely forgotten what we were supposed to be doing how about this you win I know you put in a lot of hard work and it really paid off so good job yay oh no no i don’t feel right about this at all we both know you didn’t put in any actual work for that win some people win fair and square and this was not one of those situations okay I’m getting weirded out by whatever this place is I don’t care what might happen this time I have to restart oh my god this is so cool it’s been an excuse my master not a defined sukham business ah he leave as I josefina this time to make sure we don’t get lost I’ve employed the help of the Stanley parable adventure line just follow the line how simple is that so its a math person okay can you get my small one but shot she’ll be shunned a you see the line knows where the story is it’s over in this direction on what Stanley to destiny this is she BES estimate wouldn’t wherever we end up be our destination even if there’s no story there or to put it another way is the story of no destination still a story simply by the act of moving forward are we implying a journey such that a destination is inevitably conjured into being by the very manifestation of the nature of life itself wherever we will hang on I’ve got a bit weird back there well I’d like to apologize not sure where I was going with all that you know what I think what we need right now is a bit of music to lighten the mood yeah sabetha official journey haha oh this is a guy No slalom whoop-de-doo the music is so haha hey chef got some fish possum hissing spear oh my god music go back and look at that fern Stanley this phone will be very important later in the story make sure you study it closely and remember it carefully you won’t want to miss anything ok ok here let me son i’m goona baha bush you should desist you a check wait what we’re back at the office no no no lime you do know we’re looking for the stanley parable right the story is any of this ringing a bell ah Oh kids near slowness is feeling at kaplan daughter oman no no not again nine how could you have done this to us and after we trusted you after everything we’ve been through you well I can’t take this anymore to hell with it restart yay look ma oh that’s all since I’m Stefan ozawa you know what Stan here I say forget the adventure line what’s it ever done for us we’re intelligent people right well then we make up our

own story something exciting daring mysterious all this war sounds perfectly doable why don’t we simply start wandering him well I don’t know how about this direction Alice la Shema Alice this is cool yeah yes this is exciting just me and Stanley forging a new path a new story well it could be anything what do you want our story to be go wild use your imagination whatever it might be Stanley I’m ready for it well Sonny’s know I met a biting fetish oh no not you again Stanley I’d also like to veto the line from having any role in our awesome news story no lines or monitor rooms just don’t acknowledge it we should be fine okay as you know here is a linear no smok business with splenda pins clock there smartest Linda reversal pop giggling so oh man yeah choice we get to make a decision from here the story is in our control how important we mustn’t squander the opportunity in fact I believe I need a minute to think here just walk in circles for a minute i ah ok so I know that each door has to lead somewhere which means that somewhere the place where we’re trying to go there must be a reversed or that leaves here and that in turn means that our destination corresponds with the counter inverted reversed doors origin so starting from the right let us ask will taking the right door lead us to where we’re going and since the answer is Kelly yes then by all accounts the door on the right is the correct one another victory for logic come Stanley our destiny awaits off some 6i what’s this hmm ending you’re telling me that’s what this is it’s all one giant ending and we’re supposed to restart the game of 88 times that’s really how all this goes it’s all determined so now according to the schedule i restart again then what am I just supposed to forget well what if I don’t want to forget my mind goes blank simply because it’s written here on this miss thing wall well who consulted me where do I get to decide I don’t I get a say in all of this is it really no it can’t be I’d I don’t want it to be a I don’t want the game to keep restarting I don’t want to forget what’s going on I don’t want to be trapped like this I won’t restart the game I won’t do it I won’t do it I won’t do it does that mean them to beat to it did we break the cycle the UM whatever it is that made this schedule how would we even know well someone come for us well something happened so okay I guess now we just wait you know I suppose in some way that this is a kind of story wouldn’t you agree I’m not quite sure if we’re in the destination or the journey there they’re always saying that life is about the journey and not the destination so I hope that’s where we are right now we’ll find out won’t we eventually well in the meantime whoa hater Benny Imura favilla Nintendo duh all of his co-workers were gone what could it mean Stanley decided to go to the meeting room perhaps he had simply missed a memo yeah Oh money spends a tough effort okay I was in a mind to a set of open doors he entered on his land yeah hi to gosh if it’s also perfect for your understanding / abel mine Hancock’s peasants are looking for webassign bye bye